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Standard Element Source of Evidence that demonstrates the standard

1.1 Using knowledge of students Student Self- *Teacher uses a self-assessment to learn students
to engage them in learning Assessment knowledge of 5 soccer skills (Passing, Dribbling,
Trapping, Kicking and Safety).
Level: Exploring Class Profile
*Teachers utilizes students first rank to learn
October 2017
about the level of soccer skills.

*Teacher utilizes students second rank on how

much they would like improve to determine
students interest in the soccer skills.

*Teacher reflects on how students rank how they

actually perform the skill to reteach skills for some

*Students complete the assessment ranking

themselves (1-3 Stars) before the lesson.

*Students create a goal and rank (1-3 Stars) on how

much they would like to learn about the skill and

*Students reflect and rank (1-3 Stars) how they

actually performed the soccer skills.
1.2 Connecting learning to Reflective *Teacher builds on prior knowledge
students prior knowledge, Conversation *Teacher I stay in communication with parents
backgrounds, life experiences, & Lesson Plan through email, and communication on campus as it
and interests helps me relate activities and lessons to students
interests, cultures, and prior knowledge.
Level: Emerging/Applying

October 2017----++
*Student are provided with opportunities to pair

*Students are allowed some choices to develop and

explore his/her own ideas
1.3 Connecting subject matter to Reflective *Teacher talks with students about past alumni
meaningful, real-life contexts Conversation from their school who have gone on to play soccer
in college or professionally
Level: Emerging/Exploring Student pair *Teacher has group discussion on students who
share have played soccer outside of school and what are
October 2017
some of the skills needed
*Students pair share about another activity or sport
where ball control and body control are important
*Teacher walks around observing and providing
feedback then asks for volunteers to discuss what
they talked about with a classmate
1.4 Using a variety of Class profile *Teacher provides students with written self-
instructional strategies, assessment to obtain data on each students
resources, and technologies to Lesson Plan proficiency level
meet students diverse learning *Teacher provides students with a visual aid of
Student academic language terms with word and definition
Level: Integrating
Activity *Students pair share and collaborate on their
experience with the learning goal
October 2017 Student Self- *Teacher and students discuss as a group the
Assessment/ connections with body control and ball control and
Documentation how they relate to other activities/sports
*Students take part in moderate to vigorous
physical activity (MVPA) during activity
1.5 Promoting critical thinking
through inquiry, problem
solving, and reflection

Level: Exploring/Applying

October 2017
1.6 Monitoring student learning
and adjusting instruction while

Level: Exploring/Applying

October 2017