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Hello Doctor Claus, thanks for coming to our Radio program Who knows it all?

Thank you for having me here.

Doctor Claus as we all know, you are an expert on technology, what do you think is going to
happen with transportation in 10 years?

Well I think in 10 years there are going to be flying cars everywhere, as the current cars are not
going to be enough for the growing population.

What about the airplanes though?

Well probably helicopters are going to be quite cheap; its going to be like buying a new car.

That sounds great, what other advances in technology shall we expect.

Well I think that in a few years there are going to be intelligent robots that are going to do all
the house chores, so well just sit around and relax while they clean the house. Also new
technologies will be invented to reduce global warming, such as eco-friendly alternatives for
transportation and for the industry.

Thank you Doctor, its been quite interesting for all the audience, we hope to have you here
again in 10 years.

Thank you, of course it would be a pleasure.

Hola Doctor Claus, gracias por venir a nuestro programa de radio "Quin lo sabe todo"?

Gracias por tenerme aqu.

Doctor Claus como todos sabemos, usted es un experto en tecnologa, qu crees que va a
pasar con el transporte en 10 aos?

Bueno, creo que en 10 aos van a estar volando coches por todas partes, ya que los coches
actuales no van a ser suficientes para la creciente poblacin.

Y los aviones?

Bueno, probablemente los helicpteros van a ser bastante baratos; Va a ser como comprar un
coche nuevo.

Eso suena muy bien, qu otros avances en tecnologa esperamos.

Bueno, creo que dentro de unos aos van a haber robots inteligentes que van a hacer todas las
tareas domsticas, as que simplemente nos sentaremos y nos relajaremos mientras limpien la
casa. Tambin se inventarn nuevas tecnologas para reducir el calentamiento global, como
alternativas ecolgicas para el transporte y para la industria.

Gracias Doctor, ha sido muy interesante para toda la audiencia, esperamos tenerte aqu de
nuevo en 10 aos.

Gracias, por supuesto, sera un placer.

In my opinion, in 10 years there are not going to be flying cars I think this is going to be
sooner because the technology is going so fast, besides, I consider people are not going to
have helicopters that easy because they are so expensive. However, I really think rich
people are going to be able to travel to Mars on vacations. Finally, I think that the rich
countries such us United States are not going to have water because they dont take care
about the natural resources.

En mi opinin, en 10 aos no van a ser los coches voladores creo que esto va a ser antes
porque la tecnologa va tan rpido, adems, considero que la gente no va a tener
helicpteros que fcil porque son tan caros. Sin embargo, realmente creo que la gente rica
va a poder viajar a Marte en vacaciones. Por ltimo, creo que los pases ricos como
nosotros Estados Unidos no van a tener agua porque no se preocupan por los recursos

In my opinion, in 10 years there are going to be intelligent robots that are going to do all the
house chores, so well just sit around and relax while they clean the house, also new robots
will be invented for painting the house, pruning the garden and water the flowers.

I think the transportation advances because the industry is demanding every day.

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