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Austin Malcolm

PPE 310

Presentation Curriculum Map

November 20, 2017


Physical Health

Physical Health Regular exercise and movement is important for

ensuring that muscles stay fit, its easier to stay awake and pay
attention, and provides a whole-body sense of satisfaction.

Implementation of Holistic Where/When/Who? Activity Overview

Health Topic
Using a visual cues and Speaker will tell a story
storytelling strategies, accompanied by pictures such as a
participants of the meeting 2nd Wednesday of windmill, a robot with stiff arms,
the month @ hula hoops, etc.
will practice gentle
3:00pm in
exercises and stretches that
Conference Room A Speaker will ask participants to join
they can do at work.
Used as ice- along and perform exercises
breaker/warm-up connected to the pictures, such as
exercise to begin windmills for arm rotations, robot
meeting for proper box-lifting posture, hula
General educational hoop for hip-rotations, etc.
staff and
administrators Speaker will connect exercises to
work and illustrate value and
importance of physical health in all
areas of life.

Emotional Health

Emotional Health Positive outlooks and attitudes are an essential

component to any successful workplace. Each person should feel
capable of stress management and have healthy strategies to cope.

Implementation of Where/When/Who? Activity Overview

Holistic Health Topic
Speaker will gain attention of audience
Participants will come and speak briefly on the importance of
together as pairs or groups 2nd Wednesday of emotional health. Audience will then
and share what causes the month @ be instructed to either pair up or group
them stress in their lives, 3:00pm in together, depending on time and
how theyve tried to cope Conference Room A number of attendees.
with stress before and Used as ice-
what has worked best for breaker/warm-up Speaker will instruct participants to
them so far. exercise to begin initiate in small group discussion and
meeting take turns sharing what causes them
General stress in their personal or professional
educational staff lives. After a few minutes of
and administrators discussion, participants will be asked
to share their history of coping
methods and what has been the most
successful stress management system
for them so far.

Social Health

Social Health The ability to initiate and maintain interpersonal

connections provides for a healthier mental state and makes
personal networks larger and stronger with each contact.

Implementation of Holistic Where/When/Who? Activity Overview

Health Topic
Participants will take a first- Depending on size of audience,
hand approach at learning speaker will have audience split into
the value of social health by 2nd Wednesday of groups of 4-6 people and find
the month @ different areas of the room for this
taking part in an activity
3:00pm in activity.
designed to propel
Conference Room
conversation, initiate A
questions and strengthen Participants will be instructed on
Used as ice- the game, two truths and a lie,
relationships regardless of breaker/warm-up and be given 3-5 minutes to write
how long theyve already exercise to begin corresponding responses. After the
known each other. meeting planning phase is over, each person
General will take 90 seconds to 2 minutes to
educational staff stand in front of their group, read
and administrators. their two truths and a lie, and have
the rest of the group pick out the lie.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health The freedom in belief is a foundational tool of

empowerment in our country, and every member of the workplace
should feel that their personal beliefs are either shared or respected.

Implementation of Holistic Where/When/Who? Activity Overview

Health Topic
Participants will demonstrate Speaker will introduce topic of
their current level of spiritual spiritual health and initiate a
health by sharing their 2nd Wednesday of whole group discussion on
the month @ personal beliefs in and out of the
personal beliefs and the origin
3:00pm in workplace.
of those beliefs in order to
Conference Room A
widen the perspective and
Used as ice- Audience will then split in to pairs
show how diverse the breaker/warm-up or groups of 4 at random and
workplace is. exercise to begin share their beliefs and the origin
meeting of those beliefs with their group
General educational members. Tolerance and respect
staff and will be mentioned repeatedly
administrators throughout the entire process.

Nutritional Health

Nutritional Health Our diets and eating habits play a large role in
our overall well-being. Eating well and smart can mean the
difference between an energizing, productive workday or a sluggish
professional nightmare.

Implementation of Where/When/Who? Activity Overview

Holistic Health Topic
Speaker will introduce topic with
Participants will share pictures of commonly desired foods
their diets or eating 2nd Wednesday of like fast food burgers and doughnuts,
habits and examine the month @ then show pictures of their nutritional
positive alternatives to 3:00pm in equivalent, like a brick of lard or a bag
improve their life through Conference Room A of sugar.
food. Used as ice-
breaker/warm-up Audience will be asked to share their
exercise to begin diets, both their proudest meals and
meeting their guilty pleasures, and discuss what
General educational drives them towards those foods when
staff and they want them most. End with
administrators suggestions towards practical eating

Intellectual Health

Intellectual Health Being intellectually stimulated on a regular basis

can help keep boredom at bay and provide an overall positive
influence to daily outlook on life.

Implementation of Where/When/Who? Activity Overview

Holistic Health Topic
Participants will share Using a whiteboard or projector with
what interests or hobbies drawing application, speaker will
they like to do in they 2nd Wednesday of introduce topic of intellectual health,
the month @ ask the audience for what it means to
spare-time and why it
3:00pm in them and share different examples of
provides a positive sense
Conference Room A how they achieve intellectual
of intellectual
Used as ice- stimulation.
stimulation. breaker/warm-up
exercise to begin Speaker will help audience to break
meeting into groups based on shared or
General educational somewhat similar intellectual interests,
staff and such as books, puzzles, news, writing
administrators and have them share what they are
currently interested in regarding that
topic, like book recommendations or
sharing blogs on writing tips.


The Autism Academy for Education and Development has consistently demonstrated

excellence in the ability for both administrators and educational staff to connect with each and

every student in the academy on a personal, first-name basis. It has been addressed recently,

however, that the work relationships between coworkers across different classrooms, offices and

buildings. In order to address this issue with the intent to educate and mediate barriers between

professional peers, the lead contact regarding professional development has allowed me the

chance to use the first ten minutes of each regularly scheduled all-staff meeting every month to

educate and illustrate the importance and relevancy of holistic health elements that relate to

spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, social and nutritional well-being.

At the beginning of each meeting, I will introduce myself and the topic of the month to

explain its importance and how every employee can benefit from incorporating these healthier

living standards into their life. After introductions, the audience will become participants by

breaking into pairs or groups and take part in an activity directly related to the holistic health

topic at-hand. All exercises will be tied to methods that employees can implement practically

into their daily work schedules. Activities, such as stretches, peer-to-peer book

clubs/recommendations, and understanding cultural diversity in their workplace can all help to

reduce stress and anxiety that can occur within the workplace. By reducing stress in these six

different elements of life, employees can achieve more work satisfaction, increase their chances

of long-term retention, and naturally contribute to a positive, productive and enriching work