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December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 3 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
The Dharma of the Supreme Court
The major highlight of the Dharma Sansad held recently at Udipi was the expression that
Government should have no role in Hindu Religious Institutions. In the matter a case is before
the Supreme Court filed by Swamy Dayanand Saraswathi. The expectations of Justice are large
in the past. the Supreme Court protected Chilkur Balaji temple from take over in 2006.
A brief history of what happened in 2006 is needed here...A retired endowments official
approached the Andhra Pradesh High Court in the year 2005 asking for a direction for the
takeover of Chilkur Balaji temple and the Constitution of a Trust Board.
The AP High Court heard the matter and delivered a Judgment in February 2006 mentioning
in its operative part of the order that a decision be taken on constitution of a Board of Trustees
under Section 15 of the Act within three months.
The writ petition was accordingly disposed of. While moves were being thus made to
take over the temple under the guise of High Court order, it was decided to approach the
Supreme Court through an SLP for suitable relief in the circumstances. The SLP 5211 of
2006 was listed for admission hearing on March 31st 2006 before the Supreme Court Bench
of Justice Ruma Pal and Justice Dalveer Bhandari.
The matter was listed as item no 33. At the very beginning of the arguments itself
Justice Ruma Pal mentioned to a lawyer who had filed a caveat whether he had any objection
if the petition was dismissed. On 31st morning the Deccan Chronicle reported the statement
made by the Endowments Minister that the Chilkur temple would be taken over and a Hundi
would be installed soon. Our Counsel brought to the notice of the Court this statement given
by the Endowments Minister.
The Counsel briefed the Court that this is a temple which does not have Hundi at all
and is now a takeover target. Is there no Hundi in this temple?!? asked Justice Ruma Pal
in surprise. Is there a temple of this nature in this Country? she continued. Justice Dalveer
Bhandari sitting by her side was going through our updated filing and showing much interest
in this case. The Judges who were very much interested in preserving this unique system
of worship decided not to dismiss the case and to provide relief. The Judges after due consultation
on the matter and allowing time for the Government counsel to be present in the Court gave
an historic but crisp disposal order clarifying that there was no such direction to the AP Endowments
Department to constitute a trust board for the temple. The Supreme Court also clarified that
the contention that there was no question of appointment of a Board of Trustees was not
dealt with by the High Court. This historic order paved the way for constitution of the committee
headed by Late Shri P.V.R.K Prasad which strongly recommended exemption from trust board
and executive officer appointment for the temple and continuation of the unique practice of
worship forever.
How the Supreme Court Bench of Justice Ruma Pal and Justice Dalveer Bhandari
ensured that the principle of justice oz | ooz \ : was upheld in the Chilkur Balaji Temple
case on March 31 st 2006 will forever remain a cherished moment in the history of Chilkur
Balaji Temples Protection Movement. Justice Dalveer Bhandaris recent historic re-election
to International Court of Justice against tremendous odds makes us remember once again
the eternal principle z | quo uqo: (If we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us). Also
the very recent Madras High Court Order on need to maintain equality in the location of
darshan between paid and unpaid devotees is the first major step for all temples to adopt
the Chilkur System of Worship. Remembering this ordeal and relief let us resolve to pray to
Lord Chilkur Balaji that Hindu temples be soon relieved of the secular Government control.
There should be no regional boundaries for temples.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 4 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 201


Sri V.S.Karunakaran, Chennai
Vriddhakshatra was the ruler of the Sindhu penance towards Lord Shiva.
Kingdom. His son was Jayadratha. Jayadratha was When Shiva appeared before him, Jayadratha
the husband of Dusshala, the only sister of Duryodhana asked for the ability to defeat all the Pandavas. Shiva
and the ninety nine brothers of his. In fact she was said that such a boon was impossible as the Pandavas
also the only cousin sister of the five mighty Pandavas. were too mighty because of the support to them by
Once an astrologer told Vriddhakshatra that his son Lord Krishna. Moreover he had already given a boon
would die in the epic battle of Mahabharata. to Arjuna that none but only Krishna could conquer
Taken aback by his words, Vriddhakshatra did him .However he gave Jayadratha the ability to check
rigorous penance towards Lord Shiva. Shiva appeared the advances of all the Pandavas except Arjuna for
before him and offered to grant him a boon. one whole day.
Vriddhakshatra said, My Lord! The head of the The boon was executed in the Mahabharata war.
person who flings my sons head to the ground should On the thirteenth day of the war, Dronacharya launched
burst into pieces! the Chakra also called Padma Vyuha. Young
Shiva agreed and granted the boon. Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna, had the knowledge of
Vriddhakshatra published this news in all sorts entering the chakra vyuha but he didnt know the
of media and made the entire world aware of it so that way of coming out. Intending that the Pandava forces
from then on people would be afraid to kill his son. will follow him into the vyuha and smash it from inside,
However, Jayadratha got supercilious thinking he entered the chakra vyuha.
that nobody could kill him thereafter. In conjunction But Jayadratha moved to close the gap and
with such arrogance, he went to the extent of kidnapping managed to hold all the Pandava brothers and their
Draupadi during the Pandavas exile. forces at bay. As a part of Dronas strategy, Arjuna
One day when the Pandavas went to gather holy and Krishna were busy fighting with the Samstapaka
grass for their daily rituals, they left Draupadi alone army elsewhere.
in their cottage. At that juncture, Jayadratha entered Abhimanyu was trapped and brutally killed
the cottage. Draupadi welcomed him as he was the breaking the norms and codes of conduct of war by
brother-in-law of the Pandavas. the Kaurava warriors in a combined attack.
Jayadratha, despite knowing that she was married The Pandavas got startled on finding that
to the Pandavas, went near Draupadi and proposed Jayadratha was able to hold the worlds most powerful
to marry her. warriors at bay. Draupadi, Dharmaraja and Bheema
Draupadi vehemently refused the proposal. felt very guilty for not killing Jayadratha when they
An infuriated Jayadratha abducted Draupadi and had the chance earlier.
started moving towards his kingdom. When Arjuna returned to the camp after defeating
As the Pandavas returned, they found that the Samstapakas, a pale of darkness descended
Draupadi was missing. They learnt about the events on him as he heard the news of the death of his
that had unfolded from Draupadis friend Dhaatreyika, beloved valiant son Abhimanyu.
who had witnessed Jayadratha forcefully carrying He took a vow that he would kill Jayadratha
Draupadi away. the very next day before sunset, failing which he would
Dharmaraja ordered Bheema and Arjuna to rescue set himself to fire.
Draupadi. Both of them chased him, caught him and On learning about this vow, Jayadratha started
brought him before Dharmaraja. back home. But Duryodhana assured that he would
Forgetting the boon which Jayadrathas father protect him from Arjuna. Sakuni also said that if they
had obtained from Shiva, Bheema went to kill succeeded in protecting Jayadratha from Arjuna till
Jayadratha. But Draupadi and Dharmaraja stopped sunset, then Arjuna would fall into fire and victory
him saying that they didnt want Dusshala their only would be assured for the Kauravas.
Cousin sister to become a widow. Later Duryodhana secretly asked Sakuni, What
So, Bheema shaved Jayadrathas head, leaving will happen if Arjuna kills Jayadratha?
him with just five locks of hair on his head, before Sakuni consoled him, Dont worry. My dear
setting him free. Nephew! Dont forget the fact that Jayadrathas father
Humiliated by this, he wanted to take a perfect has obtained a boon from Shiva that the head of the
revenge on the Pandavas and went to perform rigorous person who sends his sons head to the ground will

D HO ~ O_ K H+" # # =<~. XH\ ~ O^_O , WOH\ ^x x@H=_O.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
break into pieces. Arjuna will die even if he kills and came back saying that they were unable to match
Jayadratha! up with the speed of the flying head.
So, either way, whether Arjuna kills Jayadratha or Finally the head fell on the hands of Jayadrathas
not, Arjuna is going to die tomorrow! father Vriddhakshatra, who was doing Arghya-pradana
Duryodhana was stunned at the knowledge of his in Kashi during the sun set . He was shocked to
maternal uncle and felt he was an embodiment of see the head of a dead body falling on his hand while
wisdom in all the fields concerned doing the sacred oblation. He pushed the head down.
The next day, i.e., the fourteenth day of the war, Vriddhakshatras head burst into hundred pieces as
Drona arranged his army in three formations Chakra, per the boon of Shiva for it was he who had felled
Sakata and Suchimukha to stop Arjuna from reaching the head of his beloved Sun on Earth. Thus the
the hiding Jayadratha. Drona stood in front of his wicked one himself became the victim of the boon
army. Duryodhana was elated on seeing the way the he got from Shiva.
army was aligned in order to protect Jayadratha. Duryodhana wept relentlessly as Sakunis ploy,
Jayadratha promptly moved himself as far as Shivas boon and his own plans had all gone in vain.
possible on the battlefield. Arjuna was driven by a You were boasting of your maternal uncles
fathers grief and a single-minded goal of killing all-round wisdom and Vision Drona told him, But
Jayadratha. it is no match for the al-round vision Arjunas maternal
But before Arjuna could defeat all the warriors uncles son. The Lord sees one and all, He sees
who came by the way and reach his target Jayadratha, everybody and everything! You may listen to Sakunis
the sun had set. Arjuna asked Krishna what to do. ideas or somebody elses ideas but He is listening
Krishna replied, No other go! You have to fulfill your to every single word of these. He contemplates to
promise. Light up the fire and fall into it! save His devotees from such ulterior plans of people
Krishna asked Arjuna to circumambulate the like you and your so called visionaries.
fire three times before falling into it. He also advised Lord Nrusimha is called SARVADRIK as He
him that since Arjuna is a valiant warrior, he should looks at the whole world and everything within it.
fall into the fire along with his bow and arrow. Arjuna He looked at each and every boon granted to
started to circumambulate the fire with his bow and Hiranyakashipu by Lord Brahma and killed him
arrow. satisfying all the boons.
Meanwhile, the hiding Jayadratha came out to Similarly, Lord Krishna also looked at the whole
see and enjoy the scene of his enemy Arjuna falling world and saved His devotees. Hence Krishna is
into the fire. By the time Arjuna had completed his referred to as Yadhusimha a combination of Yadhava
first circumambulation, he was able to see Jayadratha and Nrusimha.
among the crowd. Now Krishna told Arjuna, There Nrusimha is also called VIROOPAAKSHA
is your man. Please listen! You should shoot your Differently eyed, since His eyes can see through
arrow in such a way that it chops off Jayadrathas all 360 degrees. For human beings, the ears can
head and drops it in the hands of his father hear from all directions but eyes can see only in
Vriddhakshatra who is in Kashi! front and cannot see the things which are behind
Arjuna did the same and his arrow chopped off them. But the Lords eyes can see in all directions
the head of Jayadratha. and hence He is called SARVADRIK the watcher
Duryodhana and his men insisted that Arjuna could of the whole world.
not escape from falling into the fire as the sun had Nirukti puts this in short when it says
already set and Arjunas vow was to kill Jayadratha EN obs uoNu @
before sunset.
Krishna smiled and said that the sun had not uo szS : uo |N @@
yet set. So saying he withdrew His Sudarsana chakra Those who want to get the protection of the
whose mighty glow of Crores of Suns had hidden Lord from all directions and the capacity to analyze
the sun like the suns glow hides the glow of lesser an issue from all the directions with vista, will do
lights in day time. When the Sudarshana chakra came better to meditate on the form of VISA Baalaajee
back to the hand of Krishna, people were able to of Chilkoor and chant
see that the sun was still in the sky. Sarvadruse namaha
Duryodhana was lamenting at the death of his Dear Devoted Readers of VAK! Come on! Let
sisters husband. Sakuni consoled him saying that us Chant
Arjuna was going to die at the very moment the head |z :
of Jayadratha lands on the earth.
Sakuni also sent some men to chase the head And become visionaries by His Grace!
and see where it fell. They chased it to some distance !
=` ix Ok#"~ QQ Pz~ . `Q K~ . J^` $+ ~ .
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Madhura Vijayam - 74 Sri Ranganatha Travel Part II

Tamil Manuscript : Sree Venugopalan, Chennai English Translation : CSL Narasimhan

Story so far: The story based on the 14th century Kannanore fort along with him with gifts including a
incidents, was written by Sri Venugopalan which is devadasi girl. After visiting Kannanore and studying
based on the historic facts elucidated in Madhura Sultans weeknesses, Dutta came out with a plan that
Vijayam composed by Maharani Ganga Devi, Chief somehow sultan has be to infected with sexual disease
Queen of King Kampanaraya. Two young men Vallabha as he gets easily to beautiful ladies. The plan was
and Dutta set out on an expedition to locate the idol accepted by all and Thirumanathoon Nambi requested
of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, which was saved Tara for help. She influenced the Sultan and made
by four Kodavas from being ransacked by Muslim him move to Madurai. Taking the advantage of the
invaders. After several adventures the two boys, found situation the Vijayanagar armies started moving towards
the idol along with one Kodava who protected the idol Madurai. They entered the Sultans kingdom and started
for more than eighteen years deep inside the forest marching towards Kannanoor. Enroute, many villagers
of Chandragiri. Lord Ranganatha was brought to Tirumala in Tamil speaking land joined to the Army to fight for
and King Ranganatha Yadavaraya the ruler of that place their freedom from Sultan. Vijayanagar army launched
patronized the upkeep of the idol with daily pujas. a two prong attack on Kannanoor fort which surprised
Coincidentally Sri Gopanna, commander-in-chief of the the Sultans army. The Sultans army outside the fort
Vijayanagaras mulvoy province reaches Tirumala in was defeated with a sound military strategy. A siege
search of Lord Ranganatha and he promises Vallabha was laid on the fort.
to restore Lord Ranganatha to Sri Rangam with the
help of Vijayanagara king. Meanwhile, as a first step
It was day break when the Siege began. Gopanna
the Vijayanagar army mission was undertaken to was very careful and tactful. He put all nook and
conquer Sambuvaraya of Rajagambhira. Kanchee corner of the fort under surveillance. Suspecting
puram was conquered and Kampana Rayas army an eventuality that Sultans army from Madurai can
advanced to Rajagambhira mountain conquered it and come and surprise them, he had stationed an army
killed the Raja Gambhira king. The Madurai princess
was rescued. Vallabha who was on a mission to
of 5000 men on the banks of Cauvery to deal with
safeguard Pandya princess Makaravizhiyaal to pandya them. Because Sultans false command was given
kingdom fell in love with her but promised to marry to the European commander inside the fort, they
her only after completing his mission. Meanwhile, Lord would not come out and attack. Gopanna felt that
Ranganatha has been brought to Chenghee by Gopanna this was quite supporting to him in strategy because
the commander of Vijayanagar army belonging to
Mulvoy province. Vallabha, Datta and Vallabhas mother
if the food supplies to the fort are cut then people
Vasanthika meet Gopanna to find out about the plans inside will be weakened by hunger. The European
of restoring Lord Ranganatha to Sri Rangam. It was army men are meat eaters and if they dont get
10 years since the Rajagambhira Kingdom became meat, they will become weak. After they have
part of Vijayanagar and still no further advancement sufficiently been weakened, if the fort is attacked
action was taken against Madurai Sultan due to trouble
from Bahamani sultans. Gopanna takes up on him and
then the fort can be captured without much resistance.
vows to take up the expedition now and reaches Kanchi, The Siege extended for two weeks.
the capital of King Kampana Raya. Kampana who was One day after two weeks of Siege, the captured
having fever at that time was feeling guilty that he did commanders approached Gopanna and suggested
not take any action to restore Lord Ranganatha. In
his dream, he felt that Goddess Parvathi herself comes Oh! Lord! Please permit us. We will climb the fort
and blesses him to continue the mission. Later walls and go inside. Since they know us, the
Vasanthika briefs her son that she is the one who spoke Europeans will allow us to get inside the fort. Once
as Parvathi to Kampana and she has also left the dagger a major number had gone inside we will attack them
with Kampana which was presented by Makaravizhiyal from inside and open the fort doors. Gopanna began
to Vallabha. Meanwhile Gopanna meets Kampana, and
the King with all others has an extensive meeting with to think.
ministers regarding an attack on Sultan. As per the Should the captured enemy commanders be
discussion they all decided to send Vallabha and Dutta believed? asked Gopanna to himself.
to study the Mughal army, their strengths and
weaknesses. Vallbha and Dutta set on this expedition Ok, under one condition said Gopanna.
and went through different villages and finally decided What? asked the commanders.
to go to Srirangam. On the way to Srirangam they reached
Azhagiya Manavalam village. There they met We will retain half of the people here. If we sense
Thriumanathoon Nambi, the son of Singapiran and that people who have gone inside are playing treachery
was surprised to know many things including the secret with us we will decapitate the rest of the people
pooja being done for idol of Ranganatha. On suggestion here without any kindness to them! said Gopanna.
of Tirumana thoon Nambi every one plans to go to
This is acceptable my Lord! said the rest of the

=` XH xq+" # # =~= Q Q_ ~ .
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 7 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Commanders with valor in the voice. The Kannanore battle was a great retaliation to the
With care the Commanders and their soldiers have treacherous battle that was done before by the Sultans
been sent towards fort walls in small batches. They army. The Parithapi year vaikashi month was a red
also went on to the fort, identified them and said letter day (May/June of 1371 A.D.) when the retaliation
we tactically escaped. Based on this information to a previous act happened 29 years ago (1342) A.D.
and request, the soldiers on the fort wall extended Yes, it was a great retaliation to the treachery done
rope ladder to them and they were brought inside. by the Islamic soldiers in the army of Hoyasala king
This whole operation kept on happening for the entire Veera Bhallala II. When the battle was happening,
night. suddenly they joined the Sultan army and treacherously
defeated the Hoyasalas. Veera Bhallala II was also
Next day morning, Gopanna was awaiting activities
captured and killed.
inside the fort. He was having a keen watch.
After this worst treachery for the last 29 years many
There was no activity during first two hours after
Kannada, Telugu and Tamil speaking people were
sun rise. He was wondering whether people who
forcibly converted into Muslims. Even today many
went inside are showing treachery. But immediately
of them are living that kind of a converted life. One
he convinced himself that their transformation and
can see that closely in their lifestyles. Some of
change to Hindu religion was emotional and did
them, when they saw the Vijayanagar army changed
not believe that they would become treacherous.
their mind and also came back into the original
After over half an hour, he saw smoke emanating religious fold. Because of this they acted with
from various portions of the fort. They soon became treachery to their master Sultans army. They joined
big and filled the whole sky around. the Vijayanagara army and strived for its victory.
After this soon he heard faint voices of turmoil from It was these people who took permission from
inside the fort. He realized soon that something Gopanna and jumped inside the Kannanore fort
is happening inside the fort. In another half an climbing the fort walls. The soldiers on the fort walls
hour he saw flames erupting up. He also saw the were duped as they were thinking that their men
warriors on the fort wall running helter-skelter and returned escaping from the Vijayanagara army. Once
calling people here and there. they entered the fort they secretly assembled,
Soon, the neighing of horses and trumpets of strategized, split into two. They went into the two
elephants joined along with these noises. The main roads of the fort and suddenly attacked the
Vijayanagar army was watching all this with surprise. sultans army making them on the roads as walls.
Soon the eastern gate opened wide and the bridge This did not allow any scope for escape for Sultans
over the water barrier of the fort was also dropped. army who were surprised.
The Eurpoean soldiers came out crying treachery. The Eurpoean forces tried to penetrate through them
They were quite afraid. The next moment Gopanna to the city centre but in vain. The converted army
signaled. The war drums were beaten. The Eurpoean men lit fire across all the roads making it impossible
soldiers were ferociously attacked by the Vijayanagar for the Army men to go to city centre. They not only
forces. Heads of people coming out were rolling burnt the roads but also the houses and palaces
and falling in the water around and also the land of the European men. It was fire on one side and
banks. Some headless bodies ran for some distance the attack of converted army men on the other side.
and then fell. The Eurpoeans inside climbed out They finally opened the eastern gates and ran outside.
from the Fort using rope ladders. The moment they When they ran outside the ready Vijayanagara Army
landed down they became targets of Vijayanagar men stationed outside attacked and killed them. In
Archers. this way a revenge was taken to the previous treachery
It took over 7 hours for the entire army inside the and Kannore fort came under Vijayanagars control.
fort to get out. Half of them got killed and the rest The Victory march and Victory noises were made
were badly injured and fighting for life. The war by the Vijayanagar army. They had put the flag of
was over before dusk. Lord Vishnu as Boar called Varaha flag which is their
national flag at every place in the fort. One portion
Vijayanagar army blew victory trumpets. With lots
of the army fought with the fires and put them off.
of satisfaction and happiness the Vijayanagar army
The other portion of the army searched for, captured
entered the Kannanore fort. Kannanore became part
remaining Eurpoean soldiers inside the fort.
of Vijayanagar empire.
(to be continued)

=[= H=Ok O^ H^.... L^~ $^ O.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 8 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
J`#` <#O H ^~O!
W\= L_ ^~ O^ ="O ~ ` ^"# x~OK_x ~k`
UHHO~O` =u~HOK~. D q+O# q ^#O^ ~u H OH~ L#k. H\k
OH~# #=HO L#k. =# WQ z~ ^"x _ OH~ H_Ok.
k<O_<\ =K@. z~ ^"x `O n#O KH"h, ^~H~ =O_e XH\
U~@Kx... P"~ `x P^tOKx ^"^Y KOk# i>~ L^y XH~ 2005 H~
XH H "~. nx qK~} HiOz# <#O 2006 f~KOk. K@Ox 15= JkH~} HO^ =_
<Q ^~H~ =O_e U~@ q+O XH x~O fH"x P^tOzOk.
WOHO !!! ^~O ^iHOk. HO_ H@_xH O`OQO ^==`#k. nx` J=`"# =#O
OH~ + b" \+ < (ZZ 5211) "O. =i31, 2006# Wk qK~} =zOk. P<\ ^~ #O
<=~ ~=, ^b~ O_s.
'D "*x u~ i gH=< J O`~= ? Jx H qK~} HiOK =O^ H q\ "# <"kx
^~#O <=i ~= tOzOk. P =O< _H< HxH uH F "~ =zOk. Jk ^"^
=OuQi H@#. z~ r ^"x n#O KO@<=x, O_x _ `~ _`=x
P# JO^ H\ OK~. k` HOQ =# <"k D H@## H~ ^$+H `K~. P O^~O< =#
<"k q"^x q=i ''J = ^"O O_ LO_^O_. u"^ H O>H=~ J<~.
XHi P~~# ^~#O <=i ~= 'UO\ ! D ^"O O_ ^ !!! JO@,
''J =#^O W@=O\ ^"O =~\ LO^ ? Jx J_Q~. H< L# =~ <=i ^b~
O _sH PH iyOk. H fx K L`H`` u~Q _O "^\~ . #O_ _| QO[O_
[ [i D qt+ ==# H_#<~ U" Qh H# H>O_ "~ qK~} HiOK~.
P `~` nxg^ =^#OQ "^"^ q# `~ "` O Q Ki``H f~ WK~. D ^"xH
^~H~=O_e U~@ KeOkQ ^"^ Y P^ W"e# J=~O ^x +O K~. D f~
H~}OQ D ==~x ijeOK_xH SZZ JkHi qP~H ^ J^H`# XH Hq\ "_O [iyOk.
^~ H~ =O_e x=HO#O_, Zy \" JkHi x=HO#O_ z~ r ^"x q#~OKx,
O_x P qt+ ==# H#yOKx D Hq\ K Q\ Q ~ KOk.
J=$` =K#O O\ D f~ z~ r ^" i~H} L^= Ki` z~ ~}
OQ LO_`Ok.
'`^~`[: Jx ^~#Ox W^~ <=~ x~OK~. JQ '^~~Hu ~H`: (^~x h=
~H x# ^~O ~HOk) J#k _ O_sQi q+O ~A=~Ok. J<H u` =^ P#
JO`~f <<xH UHw=OQ uiy ZxH~. z=~Q =~ =Y"# q+OQ_ ^=_ ^~#O
^Q~ JO^s =#OQ K_h, _az# "# XHQ, ^~^~#O "# =~~HOQ K_=^x W\=
K< H~ P^tOzOk. JO> z~ \OK qt+ O^xH H"} JO^~ "QK`<~.
Jx ^" #OQ OkOK_xH `eJ_Q WH_ __ O =#O^iH Q~ H~}O. D q+ x =#
LOKHx ^"x\H ~ ` [=#O `y"x rx i^O. !

=#O ZO` O`OQ LO>, =# x JO` L`= OQ =O@Ok.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 9 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

q+<= Q^=o 201

~^$ #=
POQ=O : N q.. ~}H~< J#"^O : _II =<`
=$^ H ` _ O ^ ^ ~A. P # ` _ J< ^k `~. P", [^^_ |=O`OQ
[^^_, ^~^#_, J`x 99 =Ok ^~ UHH ^kx JiOz# q+x `e*Ok.
^i# ^ ~! ^~xH |=O`# O_=, ^ ~ ~A, c = ~ # # ^ k x ~ H O K = x
_ ^ XH` ^i Jx K=K. JO^H H~= P*OK_. "O@< "i^~ [^^_x "O@\
O_=O^iH ^ XH` ^i. @x ^~~A Z^@ x\~.
XHi XH *u+_ =$^H`xH, J`x `_ [ ^ ^ _ ` O _ t=x =# Ok# =~x
Ki``H"# =~` ^O =~}_x *O =i~# c=_, J`_x =kOKx PQ O` =O^
K_. =K_. J~` `=O^iH XH~ ^i # ^ "^ = O
D *x q# =$^H`_, ~=t=x Qi ~ HeyOK@O J@ ^~~A W+O ^, W@ ^n
` K_. P`x H~~ ` "z# t=_ "K^.
`H=~ =~O k# H~H J<_. JO^H c=_ [^^ _H t~=O_#O K H =O
=$^H`_, ''F ^"! Z=~~` < =~_ t~# S^ tY# =`O LOz, J`_x q_^ K_.
YO_Oz < g^ _~ =~H}O "i t~ =H D O @#` J==# ~ O Oy~#
=H"# =~x kOK! Jx H~<_. [ ^ ^ _ ~ " ~ _ =~ Ok O_ = #
~=t=_ ~#x =~O kOK_. ~l`# K # PK#` H~ ~ ` #<_.
"O@< =$^H`_ D =K~x < <Q" t=_ `H=~ =~x H~H=<_. J~`
K~O K~OK_. D =~x `# "~=~~< NH$+x JO_^O_# O_=#O^ih ~l`e
`# =~_x KO\xH _`~x P# =O. K _ O J#k J O = O Q # H P =~x =` O
J~` [ ^ ^ _ =` O ` # < = ~ K O ~ # kOK#x t=_ `e*_. JO`HH, J\H `#
JOH~x <uHHOK<_. J`_ Q~O U ~H NH$+_ ` "~=~ F_OK~# =~x J~#xH
"oO^O>, O_= =#" =O ^k< Z` kOK#x _ t=_ [^^xH `e*_. S`
@O` ^O K~OK@O`! XH J~#_ q# `H# O_=# =`O XH~A
XH<_ O_= XO@iQ ^kx `= \~O "`O P LOKQeQ Hx kOK_ t=_.
=ke, ` = x` H ~ J= ~ = q ^ # D =~x [^^_ =~` ^ =O
`K<O^ "@O Q=xOz# [^^_ \~OH L yOK <_ . ^ O ^ = _ = ~A#
"tOK_. O_= _ =Q~ =~=`_ H^ ^}K~_ ^=x <_. J~#_ =~_~#
J# ^=O` ^k, [^^ _x ^~O Q PxOzOk. Ja=#xH ^ =OH "t OK@" `Qx, @
J@=O\ =# O_= ~ Jx `e _ ~=_O `e^. S` ZQ O_= #O `## "#O>
[ ^ ^ _ ^ k ` ` # # q" O K H=x =Ok H^ J# ^~O` Ja=#_ ^=OH
qOK_. "tOK_. `H#"~ =O x# F_Oz `##
^k x+~Q P =## u~iOzOk. ^x` ~HOKQ~x #=HO.
PQOz# [^^_ ^kx JiOz |=O`OQ S` D =O [^^_ =O =^ `H#
`# ~[O " ~^x LiHOK_. O_ = #, "i ## e H " t OK O_
\ ~ xH =z# O_ = ^ k ^ x J_<_. ^}K~"i ^HO H~O NH$~#
QOK<~. [iy# O@# `H H ^`~H ZH_ ^~OQ 'OH #` `_`<~.
H ~# O H #O` =Ok J#" #, PK## `e* O k.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 10 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
^ = OH " t Oz# Ja = #_ x H~ = "_. J~#_ `_`# `$$^O` [^^x
g~k g ~ O` ^~ }OQ Jx~ H ^ h u =kOK_" H OQ @x ~ `<_. J~`
x=# LOOz ==_Q =@\~. K `## J_yOz# ^# =@\ `# =kOKx
^~}OQ P g~ =_x =kOK~. H O K# [^^x =^ K~< iH ~_
[^^_ `==O\ g~kg~# =OH JqOK_. Wk K# J~#_, H$+x` ''WC_O
"tOKO_ J_H=@O K# O_= P~ Ke? Jx tOK_. ''=~ =~O ^ h u[#
~. ^k`@, ^~~A, c=_ _ Q`O #= <~"if~e. JO^H Jyx [eOK JO^
`=K` zH# [^^_x =kOKO_ Xk ~@ ^H@" #= K=# x! Jx H$+_ =^#
x K=x =^ KO^~. qK_.
O# ~l`# K =z ta~OH Jy"O K=O^ JyH =_~ ^H}
"tOKQ< `# g~`_ Ja=#x =$`"~ q# K =x H $ + _ J~ # _ x P^ t OK_ . J~ # _
J~#_ q^O^H~O XHiQ =xy_. ~ H = =O` _ Q # H ` # ^ # ~}` Jy
" O @< , =~\ ~ = OQ `# "tOK=x _ H$+_ xK_. J^ q^OQ
[^^_x JO`"Ok#x, x HO `< JyH J~#_ `# ^#~}` JyH ^H} K<_.
Pu J=`#x J~#_ c+} u[ K_. `# `"# J~#_ JyH Pu J=`# ^$x
D u[ OQu `# [^^_ `# ~[O K P#Ok^=# L`O` JO`=~H "#H"#H #H
" #O z`yOK_. Hx, ^~^#_ J`_x P, ^# [^^_ @ =K_. "^\ i ^H}
`= ~H=x =@ WK_. W^ =O x _, KQ< J~#_ JH_ QO [^^_x K_@O
ZQ< [^^x ~=O =~ }` ~H, [iyOk. WC_ H$+_ J~#x` W J<_ ''J^Q
J@# J~#_ ZQ Jy_ Pu J=`_ Q#H h `=. *Q`Q q#. WC_ #= }x Qi\
q[O `H H~=H ^`O^x g WK_. Z [^^_ t~# YO_OKO>, Jk "o u#Q
UHO`O ^~^#_ xx ''==! XH" Hj L# J`_ `O_ =$^H`x K` _e!
J~#_ Q#H [^^_x =k Z? Jx PO^#Q H$+x K## `.K. `O_ \, J~#_
tOK_. [^^x t~# YO_OK_.
x J` x F^~ , '' _ J _ ! Wk K# ^~^#_, J`x K~ =`O
[^^_ `O_ ~=t=x =^ #O_ Ok# =~x J~#_ ~=xH =O^ [^^x =k##
Q~` K H! Z=~~` `# `_ t~ # YO_Oz <g^ u [ O Q O H e yOk Q # H J` _ JyH P u
_~ "i t~ =H=`O^# =~=O =# J==O^#x @|\~.
J~#_ [^^x t~# YO_OKH Jk qx `H# NH$+_ z~#=` WOH ~=O H^x
=~H}O J~#_ =~}_. JO^=# U^q^OQ<< K H\ ~ "Q# "^[`# `# ^~#
J~#_ ~ =~}OKH `^! KHx "#~OK_. Uq^OQ<` ~HOu fH}`
Jx q+#, ~OQ# `# "#==# `= "`~ xK == Hx ="O^ J^
i*<xH ^~^#_ P~_. q^OQ ^~# KH HO ~_ "Q# =
=~_ , JO> ^ O 14= ~A# ^}_ "Ok. ^~# KHO NH$+x KuH uiy =z# `~"`
KH=O`@ H@, p=Y =# ~zOK_. JH_ "~O^~ PHO Ht# ~_ aOx
ZH_ "#H ^# [^^x =^ J~#_ K~O_ K~.
LO_@@ `O K# ^}_ OQ `< <xH ^~^#_ `# Ke ~ =~}xH ^dOK_.
=O^ x<_. [^^x ~HOKO^ J=`OQ JC_ _ x, [^^x t~ <# `HQ<
L# <x K# ^~^#_ O`+O` Oy_. J~#_ =~}OKH `^x J`_x F^~_.
[^^_ ^q ^"#O` ^~OQ D t~ ZH_ _`O^ K_=x x, `#
J<k g `# H =O O`+ >k Q H^, _k Q =O_e.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 11 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
x# "O@ OOK_ _! x HOKO ^~O OK#O`\ h, ^x LO_ u J}=# K
"O|_OKH, ^x "Qx `= JO^HH =x LO_@" H~}O. P# ~} HxH | Wz#
K =~e =K~. f =~x Q=xOz, P =~# g~O_< =kOK_.
[^^x t~, Hj Jq# ~xH J^q^OQ NH$+~=` q#O`\ h Q=x
J~^# =i# =$^H`x ^\ _Ok. `# # ~HOK_. JO^H NH$+_x '^O_
q`OQ O O^ KO@# =O W Jx Ok~. P# ^= #~O H~H.
=~}Oz# "x t~ ^\ _@O` HOQ~_# #~OqH 'q~_ J# <=O LOk. JO>
=$^H`_ ^xx "O@< <g^ _@O, `# t=x (=_=O^ J~"_w) Jx" Jx H}
#O_ Ok# =~O H~}OQ< `# `x t~, K_QeQ H Q"_x J~O. =#= K= Jx
<# `H# "O@< J`_ t~ _ =O^ =H=@O H}#O_ ^## q#Q= Qx, H =`O =O^H
[iy~. Pq^OQ `# Ok# =~xH, P ^~~_ K_Q= ` `= "#H L#"\x K_=. Hx
|_. Q=O`_ Jx H}#O_ K_Q_ Q#H P#
x <Q Qx t=x =~OQx, `# }oH '~^$H J# <=O HeyOk. JO> q#O`\ h /
Qx, Ug `# =# ~HOKHx J~O K# O K#O`\ h Q=xOK "_. x~H H~O
^~^#_ f=OQ ^dOK_. EN obs uoNu @
^d# ^~^#_x K# ^}_ W J<_ uo szS : uo |N @@
''#= h "#== `eq`@# K `Q =i=. Z=~~` Q=O`_ `=x Jx k#O_ ~H
Hx J~#_ "#`H_# ~[`=O^ W"g LO_x, `= U^< XH q+x Jx H} }OQ
\~=. Q=O`_ JO^ih, Jx\h K_Q_. #= q+OKx H~O\~, "~ z~ "# r
x =@<, "~=i =@< qO@ LO_=K QH! ~x =#~ ^x '~ ^$#= Jx H ` [~
P# g\x f =@# qO@ LO\_. #=, h "~ `H e`x O^`~.
a+#|_"_ K u ^~~ PK##O_, '"H ~~! ~O_ H ^` [^O
^~#O_ `# # ZC_ H_` LO_\xH 'FO ~^$ #=
Q=x< LO\_. D <=x [ Jx q^Q ~HOK|_ Jx
Q = O`_# #~O qx '~ ^$H J#\xH P# k#O_ q+OKQeQ Hx O^^O! !
All slokas Chant 108 times

FO <~O =+ #= FO H`* #= FO *uO` #=

G u z : G qz r : G [z u o oz :
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
For good eye - sight.

P^ L#C_ iOKO_. O`OQ @, WO_ H<## "iH. +"# K H~.

Chant 28 times

No| y| \ | z \ @ o mz m To b Y oz @ @
H~g~~< <= ~* "< I ` ~} =`} Q`O #+O K ` II
Karthaveeryarjuno nama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Thasya Smarana Maathrena Gatham Nashtam cha Labhyathe||
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`~# =, == uiy aOK@ D Hx H` iOKO_.

OkOK_O JO^iH `. Hh Y~ K #k =`O H

XHiH `.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 12 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

=^~q[O ^~"H...74 =^~ q[O - 11

Q` OzH `~"~ QO.... J#"^O : N=u ^ ~OQ~[<
[iy# H^ : Z< Ki``H x* `# O^~K# D ~x ~["# HOzH K~ O\_. ~A# H"x J#O\_. Hh
=^ ~q[O, =~A HO#~x @= + =~} QOQ^qK HO#_ [~ f=` =# J_ Q L<_x `O\_. ~OQ<^ x
~zO|_#k. q[#Q~ =*n _# N |H~x ^ =~_ N~OQxH uiy K~_xH `# Z@=O\ K~ K@^x HO#_
=~HO#~_. H^~OQ q[O^ = =i ^`_ J< ^ _ `O\_. J`x H H` =^ ~ g<H^ q =z, `~Q P
W^~ = N~OQOx N~OQ<^x qQx "^H_xH OHx i K =x P^tOz " O k. `~ "` "OuH, `< g<HQ
|^~`~. # #O #O_ D qQx #Q~ H_=~ HO#x` =\_O^x, =H~qo =xH |=uQ Wz#
H_ ~ ^O ^z_~. Z< Hi, ZO^i< K ~Hu x `# HO#xH WK#x = xH K|`Ok. Wk q# = _
tOz# ^ , KOK`Q "i O` W^~ = N~OQ<^ x `_`_. WO` Q# HO#x HO\_. ~A W`~
qQO =i 18 UQ qQx }kHOQ H_`# PYi =O`` He #x ZkiOK_xH =O`< K Q_. =
H_=~x _ KO^yi J_= H#HQQ`~. ^` _ HO`=Ok ^` N~OQxH |^~~. ^i Z< Q=# ^\~. Jy
"@Q O` P ^< ~*# N~OQ<^ ^=~xH =#" Q=xH K~<~. N~OQxH " ^i "~ Jy
O^x K~"_. ~A \\# #O` H^e=_. ..... =#" Q=xH "` ~, JH_ OQ ~< =~_# u~=}`}
WO` q[#Q~ # O, |OkOK|_# O =~ H@# K~ x #Oax HO\~. H@ ~ `H<O^ u~=}`}
=@_O zOk. = _ =i ~=i =^ ~Oyx H@ [~Q`# #Oa "~ J<H ~H=# H#H =i ^=^` He
^x Z`# ^ O #O_ PHQ K_Q~. .... = ~*x H##~ |^i "~. H##~x # |#`#
K~# `~"`, O=~ Pn#O L# Hx z# ~* ijeOz ^`_ XH ^HO "_. ^x H~O U^ XH q^OQ
q[#Q~~ *xH `= =^` x H\ O Kx, JO^ `# =`$ q # Y"kx XH JO^"# ^~ OHqOKe. W
` =OQO _ LO^x = _ `O\_. H=# ` =OQxH Q P# ^H x = _ JOwHiOz, u~=#`# OaH `= ^H x
"o `ex K ~"#O\_. =^` |$O^O = ~[O q=iOK_. ^H O H~O u~=#`< #Oa, # =^ `# \#
K~ O\~. O =~ Jn#Ox HO^~ ~A `=# q[#Q~ ^=^x, Q=xH uiy f=z P" "k HOz uiy #
~*xH Jn#=x H\ ~ . JO^ =^ ` Q=O ` =OQO =^ kO =K_. # "k H, P~QO H} O KyOk. "^ xH
"o = x `e "OuH^qx He [iy#=x P" q=iOz P"` =^ ~ "=x #H #KK }O H\O zOk `~ Jx =|_
W~ ~A LO_ uiy =K~. ^H} O_ ^xH `= }x P ^=^. D iux J=HOQ Kx q[#Q~#O =^~
H#y =#~ ` =~# =K# =O =^" H# U#Q " }O K_O "^ \~. # ~[OxH "tOz
= ^` |$O^x =@_O KQ, =~}x ~HO K `O W^~ H##~ }OKQ~. (=~ =^ Q J<H `q ~*
He HO_ #O_ HO^ ^~` _ HO^Q ^@"# J_qH [, # #O_ K# kOK_xH) D # O ~" `O`
_`~. JH_"~ =^" `Q KOk# XH [O@# H~. P K~Q~. q[#Q~ #O H##~ H@# ~O_ ~HQ
`Q"i qO` PK~ QiOz =~} =x` Hk =O =@_OK_O # <x P~~zOk. H@ |\ <x
O+Ok..... "~ Hk ~A JQ }Oz ^~ ~l`OK "\ x# <k# |OnQ K~. q[#Q~
K~ O\~. `# \# ^ xH K~ <#< L`O` =^ ~ Jx #O H##~ H@# ~O_ ~HQ =@_OK_O # <x
~\Oz# "QO` ~QuOk. =^~Oy}x `e^O_ =^ Ki P~~zOk. =~\ ~A L^< q[#Q~ # H##~
=^ ` u~Q }O H\~ . =~= ^ O |K # K@ ~u" H@ =@_ "^~Ok. WH K^=O_...
=_ =^~ T F_`O_Q =_ JH_H =z J`x
= `= H ^# P@OHO HQ^x Ki_. =^~ =m Q#Q~ }oH|^_ ZO` *Q`Q L<~. H@
=m *H O ~=_O =# = _ `q^~ O q_~# ^ xH uiy Jx H `# <x LOK_. `## P~~ =^~
"_. JH_ =^~# HO\_. W~=~ "i =# =H #O_ # #O H#H =, "ix Z^~#_xH H"s#k
~KO\~. =^~ `## o KH=#Q N~OQO ~OQ<^x X_# 5000 x # ^O Q LOK_. H@ "iH #
# u+O z# `~ "` K O^=x JO\_. Wk W [~Q`O_Q H `C _ P[ Ki#O^=# e"~ |@ =z `=#
q[#Q~ =[ <ku NQ#Q~ N~OQ<^x = Z^~#~. ^O [~OK_O `= Z` ^HO
~*Ox yOw O`xH fx =K_. =H~ qi `## O_ J=`O^x Q# `$ __. H@eH " P~ ~"}x
KH=x J_QQ, ~OQ<^x N~OQO # u+Oz# `~"` xe" L#"~ PHe` #H#H_~ |#_` ~.
O_ K O^=x JO\_ = _. q[#Q~ ~[ ~ < ku S~ x =OH, =OO aOKH` "~
Q# N~OQ<^ x *OlH fx =K_. = _ `# `e =i LO_~. s~HOQ =#HOQ |#`~. P x
^`x` He Q## H=_xH =_.. Q# `# =^`
` H _` #x "Q#O K, # O` |^i, =~HO # `y#O` |#_H "i ^_ K OQ Oy`~.
W H@ =@_ ~O_ "~ =~ H#yOk.

rq`O XH J~ =~O. ^x Ki`~O K H"e.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 13 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
~O_ "~ Q_z# `~"u ~A Q#Q~ |OkOz L# #O |@ ~=_xH 7 QO@ \ Ok.
xe# `$ # ^O_< Q## He ''J! = ^ K QO =Ok KxQ qQ` QO f=OQ Q_ K= |`
J#=u W=O_, "= H@Q_<H eH "`=. S~ =^ ~_Q~. OHO pH\ _" ^O =yOk.
x "= ` H=# ==e eH ~x~. XHi q[#Q~ # O q[s "yOzOk. `$` O`+O`
= H=#O` =Ok eH K~HQ<, "=O` XHi q[#Q~ # O H##~ H@xH "t OzOk. z=~ H##~
"i ^_K, e#O_ H@ ` `~= J<~. q[#Q~ =[O XH Q"#k. D ~A [iy# ^O
Q# PzOKQ_. XHC_ # #O K# ^xH =^#OQ Ki`
''D ^O_<# #==K? J#<_. xez~Ok. i` O=`~O "Y =O (1371 U._.
''~! XH +~` q=e O`# J<_. "/E<) Ki` Z~\ JH~` edOK|_# ~A, 29
''Uq\ +~` ? J_Q~. O=`~ H`O [iy# J=#+ H$`xH n># ["| K#
''g QO WH_ LO\~. XH" eH "o# QO ~A.
=Ok = @<~# O^ O = Hey# =~H} O, WH_# J=#. ~A ~ O_= g~ x WO x
"i ` x~H}OQ #iH "|_`~. Q~OKHO_ Jx K# @, ^Qi` ^xH [iy# HH kO K~ D
H~OQ eH_ Q#. q[O. ^O [~Q`# =O WO #O JH`Q
''JQ ! Jx P << ~O xO_# HO~O ` # # O` He, x # F_OzOk. g~ _
eH~. `$= ^iH~ KO|__.
`$ << "i # O` z# z# |$O^Q # W @`, q[x O^H, 29 O=`~
H@Q_ =^ O | _ ~ . " =O` ` $ =#O_ HO H#_, `Q, `q O` [ |=O`OQ WO
` OK<=x H@ H"iH KC <~. "~ gix #q, =`OH =~|_~. D~A _ "~ =~|_# O<
H@ Q_ #O_ ` xK # kO JO^ i h e H L<~ . HO` = Ok =` O , q[ #Q ~ < x K
~ OK<~. O^=`OxH uiy =K~. =# =`O ~ O_ =~<~.
JO^~ eH " `O P ~`O` [iyOk. =~\ nx =# "~ # <x "O KQeQ~. "~O`
~A ^# H@ HO ZC_ [~Q`O^ Jx Q# q[#Q~ #O He ~, "~ q[O O^_xH H$+
Z^~K_Q_. ~^O `~"` ~O_ QO@ =~ K~. W@=O\ "~, HO^~ Q# J#=u` H##~ H@
Z@=O\ =~ [~Q^. "o# x `## ^H eH "~. q[#Q~ x H Q, `OK
"O K~ Jx Q# O^O "^Ok. Hh "~ =K~x # x =_~. J eH "tOz#
O^=`OxH =~_O, "i "^QO Q~ =z "~ g~, "o# "O@< ~ OQ Hx }oH` ~ O_ QQ
"O K~x #=_. pe~. J "o#"~, H@x ~ O_ ^ # ~ ^~
J~QO@ `~"` H@ K@ #O_ Q~yOk. "o ^OQ x S~ x# Q_Q K@ =\~. D
Jk H" Z" PH=O` xO_~Ok. ^_x Z^~ K_x # #O a`~~Ok. "iH
H@ "Q H=~O "^Ok. Q_= [~Q`#@ `OK< ^i_ ^.
e #O_ H H qxOKQ~. WOHH J~QO @ e#O_ S~ #O gix `OKx ~[OxH "o"x
=O@ H Zy _~. H@Q_ #O_ x _=_Q `q ^ uOz F_~Ok. ~[O eH S~ x
HH _` J@ W@ ~Q`_O Q# HxOzOk. "O_, =`O =~# x Jx ~^~ xC
JO`< D QO``@ Q~ HeO, U#Q ~. ~^~< H^ "~ S~ x W =<
OH~ qxOK~. W^O` q[#Q~ x P~O` Jh H~. XH" Jy H =~ " =`O =~#
K L<~. x S~ x H~= O `K^ . J^ =O `~
KO_Q<, `~# H@ ` `~KOk, " H@ ` `~KOk. JO^~ |` r=_ Jx J@
H@K@ ~`# h\ =O`# "|_Ok. S~ x ~ Q `~ . J ~ Q u |@ =z# "ix q[#Q~ x
e#O_ "O.... "O... ^Q!?! JO@ O` J~ TKH` H~. W Q`O `= [iy# "xH "~
|@ =K~. =~H}O, Q# `# <xH K# WK_. Qf~<~. H##~ H@# H=O K<~. [[
^ s "Q~. "eH =z# S~ x # q[#Q~ ^#, q[` Q~#` q[#Q~ #O H@xH
x J_<~. H@ e#O_ =# x ` `y "t OzOk. =~ =`~O Hey# q+= i [`H H@
h\, X_# |O` _ `<~. Hx ` x "O_, JxK\ ~~_Ok. Hk QO x Zy_`#
S~ x HO^~ H@ Q_#O_ ` O` kQQ~. =O@# P~Q~. WOHH QO x, |OnQ L#
"~ < kw kQQ< q[#Q~ qH Ku `=Q~. S~ x HO QeOKQ~. (+O)
|#_ Z\H Hq OK_ . H= Q}O |=O` H}

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 14 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
tNy ...
z| N |.....
y N z Ggy z | t ut Nz zM N Nz Ey Yz N z uozN uN@
F u y tt \y N Nz <y Nzb|> Ny oyq z @ O \ gy Gyt zN uN
GNz s zT@ uYN \y ut N y Go LN { u\z zT Ny
E Ny gy @ | Ny y N o Yo {@ 2006 \z NZ E s GN
LN uqo Fuo o ENo { uN LN zuwj | EuNy z | 2005 E tz G
z N| N uYN \y ut Nz EuTm E{ LN b~b zg| N Te Nz Nz uL utz|
T@ E tz zb z z Nz E{ y 2006 FNz LN um| ut@
EXZzt 15 Nz Euu Nz oo u Nz LN zg| Nz Te um| zz Nz utz|N T oy yz
Nz yo ot ub uYN N ub uN \zT@ \uN ut Nz EuTm Nz uL Nt GeL TL sz
G Nz Etz Ny Eg , LN LLy Nz z y Nzb| Ny m \z N um| u
T s@ uusuo GO o Y| 2006 tzoz L z Ny F| Nz uL 2006 Ny LLy 5211
Nz Yy uN T s@ z | 2006 y Nzb| Nz uo| E{ uo| ty gy Ny
ye E@ F z Nz EFb 33 Nz Yy uN T s@ oNz| Ny Eo z
y uo| z LN Ny N GzQ uN { u\z LN Yzoy tuQ Ny sy uN NzF| Euj z,
oz M uYN Nz Qu\ N ut \ No {@ 31 ut gz NzuN z | y utL TL
o T uN uYN ut N\ N u \LT E{ LN gy \t y suo Ny \zTy@ z
Ny z | y utL TL F Ns Nz Ny oz L Nz o uN tz
N LN Lz ut { u\ gy E{ E GN EuTm uN \ {@
uo| z E| Nb Noz L N, <<M F ut NzF| gy {?>> <<M F N
N LN ut tz {? \ub ty gy GNz y {ez sz E{ y z Nz Egzb Noz L F
o uY utQF|@ G y z o uY Qoz L F Euoy \ uo Nz uqo Nz N {
uN E{ o tzz Nz uL um| u@ y z F z Guo | Nz t N Nz Ny Nz
Guso zz Nz uL Ny Euo Eto z ty@ LN LzuouN o {, zuN yV ub
N Etz b N ut s uN Ly Nz Lz NzF| utz| s@>>
| uT z ut Nz uL LN b~b zg| N Te uN@ y Nzb| z y b uN { uN
y uuto { FuL zg| E} b~by Ny uuO N NzF| y Geo G Nz F LzuouN
Etz z Ty| y y.y.E.Nz. t Nz zown uuo Nz Te Nz uL T| o uN y.y.E.Nz.
t z \z tzN b~b zg| E{ N|Ny EuNy z Zb o Nz Ny uu Ny TF|@ ut Nz uL
uuO E{ \ Nz Eez E Ny uoo z Nz uL \y Q \z@ uo| E{ \ub
ty gy Nz y Nzb| Nz ye z N{z uuo N u uN Nz uo oz|ooz\:
Nz 31 Y| 2006 Nz uYN \y ut z GuYo e uN uYN \y ut N qm
Etz N Fuo z Nz uL LN \yuo tT zT@ uo| ty gy Nz u LzuouN
\by Nz uQ Eob~y Nz uL u z Yy L LN u z Eo uo Ny t
uto zT@
z|quo uqo: (ET | Ny q Noz , | y q NzT)@ FNz E, y
G Nz Etz Nz z L Qz Ny ENo {@ To E{ E{ouN Moz Nz
yY t| N s uYN \ my y ut Nz Ez Nz uL z g E{ Nt {@ F
u Nz Q N T \y z s| N Ny z ut zM N Nz
um z O tz@ !

q[O kOK= x =O^Q< XH x~

xH =K"~ Z#_ U h K ~ .
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 15 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

um y Ts - 201

|z :
-y.L. NmN EtN : g} . o
u tz Nz \ wq N <\s> z \s Nz uo Nz T N z o Nz
os GNz 99 zt Ny LN <t> N uo TL y z Nz Nz z GN N Y@ uNo N{
{@ Y N \ oz y lg Ny y LN E{ lg Ny FN{oy t Nz u oz tzQ,
{ t@ FyuL N{ E{ lgz N zF| { uue z Y E{ y {ty z @ Eo:
[s@ N ut@ \s Y T@
LN LN [zuoy z wq Nz \s Ny Nlgy y z uoz Nz \s N g N GNz
tzQN N uN o o Nz ym T u Y uQL Q Zzg ut@
wn o NzT@ F Vb z Euo \s z zY uN u\y Nz
F umy Nz N wq z T N Nz uL Nue o N TT@
uL Nez o Ny@ zN Nb L u\y z GNy o z u\y Nb L@ \s z lg
Y Tz Ny Euo ty@ Nz u\o Nz N T@ u\y z b N ut uN
wq z, <<z ! \z uMo zz Nz u Nz yNwm Ny m| Nw E{ zT o lg Nz u\o
wy QugoN gzT, oo G uO N u Qlg - N E {@ Fo y Gz y uYo uN
Qlg z \z N ETyo Nz@>> N@ uN z E\| Nz ut s uN yNwm Nz E Gz
u\y z t N ut@ NzF| E{ No {@ Eo: F Nz E NZ E{
oo wq z F Nz z Y wy Nz uto N No @ u\y z \s Nz F z ETyo
Y Ez { ut@ Gz y zY uN \z y F uN uN LN ut Nz uL, E\| Nz E E lg
Nz z \Tz z Ny y \s N Nz N E Nz \s zN No {@
NTz@ G \s oz F Nz Nm ENy F N GzT \s z o Nz Nz
T uN ^z NzF| N No@ GN EN uN@ o Nz oz ut zmY| z YN Nz
Fo YjT uN lg Nz Nz {ty Nz m Y s@ E\| Nz Eu Nz YN z Nz
Nz N t y N {e@ Ny \Ny {, o Ez Ny @ u y, F
LN ut lg, {ty Nz Ez Nby ZzgN Ez zz Nz s Eu z Et z N zz Nz N
un Nz Nz uL EN o LNuo Nz uNz@ Fz u uN Ez yZz E y lg Ny uMo y z,
tzQ, \s Nby Y@ YuN oz \s lg N N{ Ny z Nz o N, Ey q NzTy@
y zF| o {, FuL {ty z Gz t Et Euo uNo F E \s z E lg E Nz
uN@ s GNy z Nz y YN Nz Qtz y zN
\oz L uN {ty, lg Ny ny {, uy g@ zmY| \y Ny my Nz E Nwm E{ E\|
\s z GNz q u N o Qz N t Nz t N <oN> z Nz s gz o
uN@ {ty z F o Nz gz oy z Qulgo uN@ g@
Fz Nuo \s z o z {ty N Em N YN z N YNz Eu z N{ zE
s Nz Ez [ Ny Ez t{g@ z uN m Nz z yuo-u N GV Noz L Eno
EL lg Nz {ty Nby utQy@ Vubo ut|o z LN s N, G y N N N
VbE Ny nq qy y zuN N {ty Ny zy g@
z z ut@ Gz ro E uN {ty Nz \s lg EY\ g TL uN Ez \{z y Nz
o z Em N z T@ \s z YN z Nz g@ {ty Nz
oo uue z y E{ E\| Nz Etz ut uN s-s y E{ uue Nz y Yj zz T uN
{ty Ny q N@ z tz y, \s N yZ Noz u\ ut \s z s E s, Gy ut F yY
TL@ {ty Nz YN G Ey Nz uue Nz q uO N Eo N ut zo oz E\ z uL t:Q
oo uN@ zo@

JO`~ HQ`# Hn OHx ^$_O K O@ "e.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 16 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
oNz Nz u\o N EL E\| Nz Ez uu Gz Ez E{ m Nz s En |m N zT@
z Noz y ro E uN y Eu Ny wn N{y yNwm Nz F Etz N Noz L E\| Ez
No Nz s F|@ Fz oz y E\| utN g E{ m Nz s EuS Ny uN Nz T@
T@ Ez E\| Nz EuS goz L tzQN Et
oo E\| z m uN uN ETz ut |o z | Gez Nz uL Ey oN N yZz-yZz uZ \s, gz
y \s N N gT@ ET F E Gn Nz s ETz E T@ Ey y uN Noz-
oz EuS Ny uYo gN Ez m N nT N Noz E\| Ny ub ^lg Qgz \s gy@ E Nwm
gT@ z E\| z yz z N - << oz @
F ym uor Nz z ro zoz y \s Ez zN z@ E o \s Nz u Nz g z ET Nz
[ Ny Ez Nz T@ uNo z z Ez Nz uL Ez m N zT N YuL@ o oy Lzy
zF| \s Nz zN N E ut uN oz No z Yy zTy uN \s N u, g z ET
m Ny q NTz@ Nu z y Eo uN uN uNy zN y Ny N z GNz uo wq Nz
N z ET \s Nz |o oN uqo Q LTz s uT zT@>>
oz t E\|, Ez E EuS Nt N, mnT N Nwm Ny YE N gz z Noz L
y zT@ E\| z \s Nz u Nz Qulgo N g@
o LNo z z Nu Nz z Ey N Fz tzQ z z os GNz Y z T Ny uN
Qy uN - <ET E\| z \s N Ng oz?> E\| z |o z | y \s N Nz N m
GNz Vb sy@ uN s@ uNo E G m N T zz Nz Nm, E\|
Nu z Gz n tzoz L N - <<gz Ny NzF| Nz EuS Ez m Nz u|o N y zT@
o \z! m Qz uN \s Nz uo z N yNwm z Noz L N uN <Ey |o
T z o uN s uN u\ uO Nz s zz E {@> Fy Nz s Gz Ez t| YN Nz
N u Qulgo zN wy uTz, oo G Qulgo u \z <<Nzub| >> Nz N Nz
Nz z N u Qlg-Qlg z \L@ F Nz z uQz {@ u\ N z | Nz uNm Nz N N
\s N u wy goz y E\| N y Eo z\LT@ N oL yNy g \oy , eyN Gy N z
Es|o N uNy uNy jT z E\| Ny wn o y {@ Nzgz z Ny E Nz uQzz z t| YN Nz ETz
^z?>> | y yN g T@ MuN t| YN Ny Ez
N z Nz g EY| E uN z ~ Nz t N g s@ t| YN yNwm Nz s
oz g zy {@ y qz G Ny Ty zY E{ Ng Ez Nz t Guso z zT z EN
{@ \TToz | Nz tzQ@
tz ut, Es|o Nz Y{t ut zmY| z YN z Ez zF| Ny wn t:Qy E@ Lzz
Nz s-s Nb E{ Yy Q Ny y Y Ny@ y Nu z z Nz Eo uN uN \s
yZz N uZz \s oN E\| Nz \z z zNz Nz uL N u wy goz y E\| Ny y wn Eu| z
Ez N zmY| y z Nz ETz Qgz L@ Ez zTy@
zF| Nz m Ny q Nz z Nz tzQ z Nu z Ez {uN Nz, G u N yZ N,
ob E@ N uT {- FNy Y tzz t{g y@ o {uN
\s mT Ny t oN yZz b T@ uso szgy t oN GN yZ N ETL uN GNy
uow t z E\|, \s Nz Eo Nz N LN Tuo Nz Ng Nz@
zN ym N s@ uNo \s oN Yz Ez \s N u Ny Eo z z | Nz EU|-
z y Nz N, GNy Ez Yoz - Yoz u|o N z wq Ny E\u g@ u
y |o zT@ Fz tzQ o E\| z Nwm z Noz Lzz woN N u Ey E\y goz y
uN - <<E M N?>> Nwm z Gj ut uN - <<E VL wq z Gz oo wy N ut@ u\y z
oz z EuS z Nz Nz E NzF| t T| o Ez y Nz Nm Ez u N u Ez y
{@ o Ez m Nz u zT@ Eo: EuS Nz s z wy gz Nz wq N u y
[uo N o G Nt y zT@>> Qlg-Qlg z T@ Ez y Nz Nm G tn Ny
EuS gz z | oy GNy uN Nz N wn z TF|@
Etz y Nwm z ut@ YuN E\|, |y {, Eo: Ez Nu Ny z\L, y Ey my
=#O P#O^O O^_O H<, W`~ P#O^x OK_O < Z= P#O^O a O k.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 17 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
E{ y u\y z o - F z LN Nz y Nm E T u y Nz <uq> Nz z y
zF| Y@ Fz zY z b-b N zz T@ zuo uN \o {@ MuN y Nz z y Ez (3600
t:Qy z z zmY|\y z N - <<o Ez ugTy) tzQ Nz Ny uMo G {@ Nz N y
Ny z gz z z sz@ uNo E\| Nz zz Ez Ny u Nz Noz @ o EQ oz Nz ETz
F| Ny |ro Nz q F z NzF| ubN No@ Ny Ez y tzQ Noz uNo yZz Ny Ez @ n
n Nz tzQ No { E{ NZ tzQ No {@ oz y Ez tzQ No {@ Fy uMo Nz Nm G <|N>
z y o Nu Ny uNy E{ Ny o z zTz@ g - Es|o F m| u Nz, z Nz tzQ
uNo n oz F z t Nz o {@ ^z? o Nz Ny qo Qz @
E{ oz uo{y Nz z zT Ny y z\E z uuO Nz E
Ez Mo Ny uo q Nz Nz uL t{ on EN obs uoNu @
o {@>> uo szS : uo |N @@
n uy Nz <|N> gz N y \z Yoz uN n Y Ez z y q Nz
Nm { uN z z Nz E{ GNz nzN Em Nz E{ uNy y Nz Y Ez z Q N GN
uo tzQoz oz y @ m z uN Gz ulN uzm N N, z zT uYN u\ T \y
N Nz Nz uL, z tj z N EzN Nz N Noz L, y uO E{ Nz
N, G N Noz L y uN s@ s <|z :> N \ NTz oz E G uZo
Fy N z n yNwm y z N |zqm Ny uo zTy@
Noz L Ez Mo Ny q Nz S oz @ FyuL <N> Nz u eNTm! EFL y uO E{
yNwm Nz <tu> Nz z zuo Noz @ MuN z Nz s \
t E{ u Nz uuo @ <<H | z :>> !
=[O O\ s~xH....... j y Nz uL Chant 28 times

FO #" <~O =[^O =l}I =[^ =* #" =[ #MKII

H z u \ t b~ u\~ m z @ \~ t z \~ z \~ Q Y @@
All slokas Chant 28 times
FO ~=`< #= G nz :
FO $+H #= For self employed people, for promotions and
G J yNz : success in games.
For overcoming bad habits H_H~, O Lk L# "iH, L#`
^~"@#O_ q=H O^_xH. ^= PtOK "iH.
FO =+\~ #= G bN : FO ` =< #= G o :
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
For better health. =Oz P~QxH.
Interviews, building relationship
"~a=$kH, WO@~ O FO ``< #= G onz :
To remove mental stress and for mental
H=_xH iOKO_.
FO N=` #= G yoz : =# H P~QxH =# H Xu _ #O_
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
s~ O^~xH, O^.
FO JH~ #= G Eq : FO ~} #= G |mz :
For Job Satisfaction
For Education and better Financial strength. L^QO, K x JOH` "xH, `$H.
q^a=$kH =i S~a=$kH.

Oz U `= K x H~# =`" Z@=O\ ~@, ` ^ K ~.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 18 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

uN LzuouN G << u\>> u\ - 74

EtN : g}.L. T
E oN Ez j.... Ny 14 y ty Nz VbE Ez Nz YNz Nz uL ET t{ z y o Ny
Euo u\T Ny y TWtzy uuYo u\
N N Euo yzmT z \y Nz G N uty Et z Nz EL oz GN Nz Nz uL
uN @ uty o t u oTN N tuqm o Nz Nzy ty Nz ob y 5000 {uN Nz o{o uN@
ENm z NF| ut ut Eo-o z Tz@ yW y Y uNz Nz yo Nz {uN Nz o N To Etz
y @ y Ws\y Nz Gn uo| Nz {uN z Yoz L 15 Yz Nz Nm, z EN NTz@
z tuqm o m N Eoo: Y Nzg Mo YuTu Nz \T
zTL@ Gz oy {uN z TL@ LN Nzg Ws \y Nz Yz Tz owo L uN u\y zz Nz uL y
z L@ 18 t y Ws Nz uo| Nz jj oz L E{ tj Y zTy@ ET uNz Nz yo \z z Q
N tz N uN gz@ E{ tj Gz jj uNz Nz t N zN tTz oz yo Nz {uN Q Nz z ogN
yWs \y Nz YuTu \ Nz z uo suo Noz @ t| z \LTz@ zy {uN qN zz Nz Nm
uo yWs \y Nz GNz \ u E \ Nz N
Nz \ Noz @..... T z tj sy L tj Nz uz Gz \o@ yuN E{
ENm Noz @ \Ny Ny q Nz n E{ uN z t| z \oz @ GNz E{ EuN
\Ny tz u g z yYz Ny Ez jNoz yYz Nz Vz \T N\z z\z Nz t y E tzQ N G
uT \oz @ z t { \uo Ny LN \zg y z uoz @ G \uo Nz Nz z gy Ey z N E\LTz@ Fy my
uuY EY Nz z \Ny NZ oN uooy {@ {b N
Ez Nz z u zYz o@ z Gy N Nz E uNz tz o oN Yo @
N t Y \oz @ Ez \ s Y z Nz Gn z Vzg z tz o Nz t, Tz \y z ty N zNz
Nz ty Tuo z t{goy {@ uTy Nz o-uo Nz N TL z Nz t z Gz N - <<E Er
E{ tj Ez T Ny Ez Y g@z T| \ Fz o uoF| tyu\L, uNz Ny ty Nz tN yo YTz@
sy, Nz uY Qz T s@ Fy tj E@ tj
z Ez u Nz Yzoy ty uN GN z -uo Nb YuN zy {uN Yoz , z Et Ez
zT - t E y sy@ G s u \o {@ tTz@ LN z uL EN {uN Et Yoz
z uo {@ tz Ez - Ez z Nz Mo Noz @ y, LN s uN G N, yo
\ u Ny o Geoy {, o b No { uN u z uNz Nz bN Nz Qz tTz@>> Tz Ez y
yTs Ny : s Nz t y zT@ ..... Nlm Nz o Ny
N\zy Nz Q N tjz LN z\ F|@ GNz E uNy o F t Nz Ns uY Nz Tz@
o Nz Q-uTo N E Gz Yo s@ Gz zY uN M F t u N
GNy z\ Nz tj z yN uN, uomnmy Nz Ey No ? Ny s Nz t Gz N - <<eyN {@
z\ N F|@ Ey | uuo z\ Nz E uoj LN o| ENz z\T@>>
y, o Nz T E{ tzty Nz T N Gz u
To NN o Nz Zzg E@ Fz o uTo zN <<N{y o|? NuL N@>>
yz-yz N\z gz T@ G tzty o z o Nz { \z <<E z Ez zT T@z ET N z
Nz uL N, \z Ny o{y Nz y F|@ Ez j uN \L uN Et TL Ez zT z g Y, oz
{N tzQN u\T Ny z Ny Ez NY N TF|@ o Nz Nz zT Nz u gy ut|o z g z ETN utL \LT@z
[ z N N Ny Ez Y gy@ T| Nz yY EzN ou
[ Ny \o o z Mo zz Nz uL F z Eno Gn Fz m Q@>> Tz Nz Nezo sy@
z uuo zz Ty@ u\T z E{ N z uso tT| Nz G zuo Nz GNz {uN Nz s Zzbz-Zzbz
o Ny z z V E@ o u\T Nz ty ^lg uNz Ny ty Nz z\ T@ Gz zt
z z Nz zown z Y@ N Nz uNz tz N z z N uN z z YN uN EL @
ENm N y u\T Ny z Nz tzQ, o Ny z EYz FNy o u N, Gz uNz Ny ty z y
g TF|@ uNz Nz Ny z o zTF|@ o Nz {uN Ny uzu Nz bN E{ y Nz yo Go uL@
tz Nz ty u T@ ETz ut o: N z y u\T o z Nz z Et \z N \y Qz@
Nz {uN z N Nz uNz N E N ut@... E ETz ut \ Nz uNz Nz t z Tz gy oyq
ETz ujL... N z sz uN uNz Nz Et Qy N YzTy@ uNo
Tz\y y z\ N gz y \TN @ tz Vlb oN b y s@ uNy N Nz Y Nz
uNz Nz Y Ez Gz Ey z Nz o{o Q@ N GNz tz Ge uN Et Yz

=# rq`# H=O`O K H=Kx =` rq` Q~ K~.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 19 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
{uN z z s oz uN? uNo Gz uoz E\ N @ Yoz EYN
m uN uN z zT ut | : uuo|o zoz Fy uu z o Nz uu z s uN
L N{z N TL sz@ T uN z zT z s z Ny z Nz u\o uN s@ y Nz
Nb NTz@ E z Ng N, N g@
Ez Vlbz Nz t uNz Nz yo Nz NF| tz F N Nz Z-Nb Nz s \yoz Nz t 29
E Ggo utQ@ yz-yz joz L z E Z z oN Ng, ozT E{ ou tz Ny \o Nz
T@ o z F uo| Nz Tz@ E\ y z
uNz Nz Et yz-yz Qy Yz Ty@ Et z uuo|o \o y \y z @ o NZ zT z u\T
E\ z Ez Tz@ LN Ez Vlbz Nz t uNz Ny z Nz tzQ, u z ut | ETL@ E{
Nz Et z ET Ny bz Geoy utQy@ uNz Nz ty | tz Nz t@ FuL z o Ny z Nz
{uN Nz YyQoz - uYoz F-G t{goz - Toz N Nz@ G z u\T Ny z Nz s uN,
Tz z tzQ@ GNz u\y zz zTt ut@ Lzz y zT z
F YyQ Nz s E N uu E{ us NZ zT Tz z Euo N N uNz Nz Et
N uYVg y \z-\z z z E s@ F Yz@ ut t N EL F tzQN o Nz uy
Nz u\T Nz {uN, gz EY| Nz s tzQoz z@ uo L uN z zT u\T Ny z YN EL
tzQoz - tzQoz Ny Ez N bN Q@ uNz @ Et EL zT, To my YN tz ^lgz
Nz Y Ez z y gy TF|@ zy bTL@ uNz Nz tz Nz o{o zy
{uN Et z <tT - Z > Noz YyQoz g Nz z uu Nz Vz g@ MuN z Y{N sz@ Fz
t{goz - oz Ez Tz@ oo Tz z Ey tzQ o Ny z LNt z YN TF|@ uNo G Y
z Nz Etz ut E{ Nz Tgz \z Tz@ uNz N NzF| o y s@
EL zy uu Nz u\T Ny z z zN zy z z F ENmNu z Y uN
u@ yo z E z uu Nz u, g z ET N [ T uNz Ny N Nzu Nz Nz
zN y Nz Et E{ Tt Nz GZz \t z L@ | uo| N YNz uu
Tz@ G NZ g y sz@ szgz z zy uy uNz z zy uu Nz Et \z z zNz Nz uL
Ny ty z u Nz z Goz Tz@ Gooz y z y \Tz ET Nz uZ ut@ zy uu
u\T Nz oyt\ Nz s zz Tz@ Nz V E{ Nz y \ g@ LN Ez ET Ny
Et Ny z Nz Ez o Vlbz Tz@ b E{ ty Ez | uo| N YNz uy@ zy
Ez zT z TL E{ Ny Nz Ez V zN \y uu Nz NZ ^ @ Gy y| ut Ny
E{ wn Nz yY bNoz utQz@ N Nz EN Zoz- bN Q TF|@ z zT o Ny zN G
Zoz y o E@ T uNz@ GNz Eoz y u\T Nz uu
u\T Ny z z u\ tty \F|@ oub E{ z GN Nn N g@ uTo Ez s L
o Nz s u\T Ny z z N Nz N uoz F uu z N u@
Nt Q@ Eo N u\T [ N LN u N Nz uNz Nz Ez N u@ \\N
T@ E\ N , Ny o Ny z z uNL E{ u\ Nz Gn z y t E\ Nz s
TL Nz \ Nz Fuo us z T@ | u\T Ny z z uNz z uN@ Eo
<uoy> N {Q N Fuo Eq z EuNo T um N \ Nzo uNz Nz Et Nz
z uQ T {@ 29 | | Vubo E N| N y z tz z T@
Gj, y jT z ut T ut { @ NZ uu z EuS Ny Nz ^@ NZ E{
@ z Nz \ y uoy Fy uy, ty N z zy uu Nz uL Z
uu z uN T g E{ Z z z N z Tz@ (N:)
y z u o z z z z @ oj z @@
N~= ~= ~"u ~" ~" =<~" I <= ``O ~= <= =~#< II
s~O O\^< Q_^ < ^ =H^, PK# O\" Q_" J~`< =.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 20 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Sri Srinivasacharya told his preceptor about this dream, and opposite to that there is the statue of Sri Adi
took his permission and blessings and set out for Van Satakopa Jeer in both Kanchi and Ahobilam
Ahobilam. There Lord Lakshmi Narasimha appeared which provides a strong proof for this historical event.
to him on the banks of Bhavanashani in the form of Here you can also see the scene of Sri Adi Van
a Vaishnava sanyasi and gave the Presha Satakopa Jeer getting the Kashaayam from an old
manthropadesha and Sanyasa ashrama to Sanyaasi who is none other than Lord Narasimha
Srinivasacharya Swamy. He also ordained him to take himself in disguise. Before completion of this
the Malola Lakshmi Narasimha along with him to be
Mantapa, the king expired and this mantapa remained
worshipped during his travel. Learning about this
incomplete. There is an interesting fact to be noted
incident the then Vijaya Nagara King Devaraya-II under
whose rule was this Kshetra came and became a here which I learnt post this article. The Jeer also
disciple of this Swamy. He entrusted the dharma must have desired a 1000 pillar mantapam to be
paripalana (trusteeship) of the Kshetra to this Jeer built in Tirumala which was fulfilled later during the
who was known by then as Adi Van Satakopa period of his disciple Sri Annamacharya through
Yatheendra Mahadeshikan. From then till now this Saluva Narasimha Raya, another powerful king of
kshetra has been under the hereditary trusteeship of the Vijayanagara dynasty. Unfortunately due to high
Ahobila Mutt. Since as said in Guruparampara Ezuz handedness of the State Government of A.P, this
building in Tirumala was completely erased by TTD.
ywu: z tt{ that this lineage is the lineage Madhuraalaapa carefully listened to Valgubhaashana
where Lord Lakshmi Narasimha himself did the Presha and was happy to learn the facts. Later they had
mantra upadesha this lineage has been accepted the darshan of the Samprokshana and the Garuda
as a great Vaishnava Lineage by all Vaishnavaites vahana seva after that. They slept there for the night
right from those days. Many Jeers have been illustrious and early morning they had desire to take darshan
of Nava narasimhas (9 Narasimha moorthies of Sri
and powerful personalities. Said Madhuraalaapa. Ahobilam ) and climed their Vimana. Madhuraalapa
So far we have been enlightening ourselves with showed to Valgubhaashana the aerial sights. Oh!
the greatness of Ahobilam. We are continuing this Friend! See this tank here in the westerly direction.
journey and will now change the course to understand This is known as Alwaar Koneru. The strange looking
this holy place even deeper with the eyes of two construction well with steps to the East is known
celestal beings Gandharvas who keep wandering as Lakshmi theertham. The water body in the Easterly
to various holy places. These Gandharvas have direction to Lak theertham is known as Hanumath
been imagined by a writer to have visited Ahobilam theertham. See, there are lots of Sri Vaishnavas
during the period of 41 Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt and walking in this direction. Lets go along with them.
it has been brought out in form of a fiction anecdote There in 2 miles from here, we have the Bhargava
linking with various events during 1916-17 and is Narasimha temple.
published in Vedanta Deepikai. The writer is It is said:
anonymous and he had performed the holy journey
to Ahobilam. The coverage is titled as Ahobilam T|P qz l-T|T|t@ o{ q oys qN Y@@
and the two Gandharvas. VAK will be presenting ooz T {z utz wNzy @@
this to the readers: And
Vedants Deepikai, Vol 7, No 3p 115 T|z oys|z| o oz Nzy @@
After hearing about the installation of Sri Ahobila (meaning : There is a great place called Bhargava
Mutt by Lord Lakshmi Narasimha himself and about where we have the great Akshaya theertha (the water
illustrious lineage of the Ahobila Mutt Jeers, the that never ends) and the protector of the World.
two Gandharvas Valgubhashana and Madhuraalaapa On the mountain exists Bhargava Narasimha)
were conducting pradakshina (circumambulation) Lets go there on the Vimana and have the Darshan
to the Lord Prahladavaradas temple . At that time of the Lord from the Vimana itself.
Madhuralaapa enquired Valgubhaashana Oh! Look down in the Agneya Direction of Lower Ahobilam.
Valgubhaashana, the 100 pillar mantapa seems to Here is Lord Narasimha in Yoga posture. This is
be here. Who built this mantapa?. Look at the beautiful the Lord who taught Yogabhyasa to the devout
sculptures in the mantapa! This Mantapa and the Prahlada. From then on he is known as Yogananda.
Mantapa in Kancheepuram Varadarajaswamy temple Purana slokas are as under:
was built by Praudha Deva Raya or famously known ztz: uzTz yso yo: @
as Deva Raya II, one of their greatest emperor of
Vijayagara dynasty upon the ordainment of Sri Adi tuqmuQz tzz zTtwNzy @@
Van Satakopa Yatheendra Mahadesikan, the first zT o Nwo t n: @
Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt. The king was his disciple. otwuo zNo zTt Fuo @@
There is Lord Lakshmi Narasimha in one of the pillars
(To be continued....)

H+" < kOKQ

##<"_ J# q*`.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 21 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

~=#A - Hj~x ~^~ }O

^~"H 4= QO.... `Q J#"^O : N=u ^ ~OQ~[<
^ y ix H# W\H ~u"@` Hx O k. ^x K@ K _ H _ . K i ` Z =i uiy " |_ O ^
H@Q_ z<a#=Q H#Ok. ^yi H@# ~-O* `H=_xH N O.q.P~. Q~ `Q "# ''Uk
~ `}H L`~ `~ XH tY~O g^ " #k. a~#~ Ki` #= K^"e. `# HO Q~ ~f#k QiOz
#kH 60 J_Q Z` #k D tY~= z~#~ #k q+}`HOQ "~. |Q^O, A~^ ~} W`^
~=K J# HH~H J##kH XH Y Q#. D ~A D #kH Z< LO_=x +OQ K~. XHC_ D
nxx Hj~" |^~Jx Q[~ c[i Jx #k XH\ J^ " =Oz QOQ =i =#`
~ Wk ^` QO" 20 H.g. ^H} _=~ _< HeOk. nx< OQ=O JO\~. qQ` ^ h Hj~
~ `=# 1 H.g. L`~ O 9387 J_Q Z` Hj~x ^O QO_ =Oz =# qH `~ Hx J~a
~ O`O L#k D M^y iH ^"Q O" # O_ " ~ ==^O H`~. ^ =i q^ O< D
`~"` H~ ^iQ "o K~H=K. #kH "qH` =i JO`~#O QiOz x*x*
"^\ #O_, K D <Q ~A [O^# `H=_xH =i Q~ i^# < x~OK~.
^ = ` 19= ` | JO` O = + O `~ "`, \@ , =i i^# , ~ f#k XHC _
=~ Q # _ ~Ok. J|-L - [ , S< - U-JH sx D q =Oz#^h, =# ^H} # =OK^h , ~<,
q~le P Hj~ D q^OQ K~. H~ XH z# O* =i ~[< O` QO_ }Oz Q P
HO_, ^x Q [`O O=`~O "`O =O^x Jk HK =^ Q~O He^x `eOk. P #k 6-7 H.g. "_`
^ `=<_. WH_ =OK ~=^h, 194 LO_k Hh K ^ 14 H.g "_` _ LO_k.
`| z=~OHO =~ WH_H K ` H HO q+O Q Jk P#k Q^#O. "`=~} =~ =# <\ <\H #k
=K "~x K |_Ok. Hh, |"# f="^O, "kO =i "_ `Q` =z, 2000 a. q# O~OQ
=^xH 9000 J_Q Z`# L# H~}OQ }O ZO_~Ok. D q+O J"iH< \_ O_\
(Amercian Satellite Landsat) =i OK \ \\
Z^~ H H~}OQ u OY `y ~Ok. `~ "`
q~ ZO.Z. " J< a\+ KOk# =H uiy D H`x ( French spot satellites ) "~ f # \ O`
"QxH `z< JO^~ D H`x iQ =i~. `H|_Ok. (Wakankar) i^# Q`O ~f#k
Y \z oys| t|@ uoXZ: N X_# Z< <QiH` LO_#@ +OQ zOK~. <# D
o@@ q+ N H . <+ Q i` KiOz#_ P# (Nature.coms)
" =_ # ( Scientific Reports 7, Article number:
P `~"` P# # "=<_. WH_H " ^i 5476(2017) ) PiH QiOz K~. xfMO_ (Nitish
ZO` H+` ~ " # k. WH_ `=~ O^ ~O LO\~. Khonde Qi i^#. D# i^# J=HGO
n \ En Y oz@ oz oze wo {Nuo|N (Sedimentology) P^~OQ [iyOk. P# "O ~
t@@ (Tracing the Vedic Saraswati River in the Great Rann of
ooz TXZzo \z T zNuo@ n l Nz Kachchh) JO^x ~OO H~O (~< P HK =^
oz@@ J~a< =^O (XH" ~f#k rqOz L# HO)
<~} ~=~xH t=O ~f OQ=O LO@O^x He LO_k Jx. H$u ^OQ ^~ H~ O`O aOK
K|_Ok. Wk H=# (<~}x WOH~) ZO` x _ q " ( Niodimium (Nd) ) =i x "
q`^=x =~`O ~#|_Ok. (Strontium (Nd)) L# ~u J= JH_ XH<H HO
tz tz: Joz:@ EuTXZo \z Y{MYot| @@ = #k (| ~ f#k) 10000a.. =~ =^O
^H} ~f#k, L`~# ^$+^u Q ~H`O x=OK_O He^x K|_#k.
~O x"O L#> Jx K |_Ok.(tuqmz n njzm 2016 JH|~ =O, ll, Pil,
Y@ z uo Nqzz oz uo uubz@@) =i _l ` _# H .Z. "^ x} Hq\, ~`
` HO ~f#k HxOKH =_O =# J\ `xH ~f#k LxH XHC_ LO_O^x i~ WzOk
Ki`H~ HO^~ P #k XH H# Jx J#<~. JQ 2= =i :
`|O JQO_~`@ }Oz# eq _ D #kx (+O)

Zx =^ ~ < ^$_z
`O `, P`~ O` Z^~"e.
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Ramanujas Journey to Sharada Peeth Kashmir

Serial - 4 CSL Narasimhan
It is said that the Tirtha of Gangodbheda also Alexander the Great. To know more about how History
known as Bhedadevi and Bhedagiri comprising a stone was twisted it is interesting to Read Sri M.V.Sastri
lined tank with stone steps for getting into water and Treatise in Telugu on Eedi Charithra?. In his book
remains of the surrounding wall, is situated on a Sri Sastry analyses the issue of River Saraswathi
flattened portion of a North Easterly radiating spur which is our topic and where Rigveda, Yajurveda and
of Pir Panjal Range about 60 feet above the bed of Puranas have clearly mentioned that it has several
Birnai Streams a tributary of Romchu or Kakpura kol, streams. One of the streams flow towards Allahabad
flowing in a north easterly direction at present called and meets Ganga and Yamuna which is known as
Budbrar by Kashmiris and Bijabrari by Gujjars. It is Sangam. The other major stream flows through Kashmir
about 20 kms south-west of the hamlet of Drabgom into the Arabian sea on the western side of the land.
and one kilometre north of Pudan hill 9387 feet in There has been a great scientific and geological effort
Sukru Area of Kashmir. The Shrine is approachable undertaken by national and international bodies to
from Drabgom via hill villages of Mospur and Kilar. discover the truth behind the great river and its
Ever since the beginning the Goddess has received disappearance. However, later, satellite imagery
worship on these four days till it was force faded and scientific studies showed that Indeed Saraswathi
from memory of all the devotees by the end of the river existed and was flowing north of Yamuna via
nineteenth Century. Abu-UI-Fazal in the Mirabillia of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and finally meet the sea
Kashmir in Ain-I-Akbari states that near Sukhroh is at Gulf of Kutch. The width of the river was always
a low hill, on the summit of which is a fountain, which 6-7 km and in many places it was even 14 kms.
flows throughout the year and is a pilgrimage for the Such was the greatness of the River. This river due
devout. Snow does not fall on this Spu. It is said to environmental changes became thinner and thinner
that there were pilgrimages to this Thirtha till early and at some point of time in the history has dried
19th century where people were thronging the area above the ground much before 2000 B.C. This was
for Chaitra Shukla paksha. But due to strong militancy detected from pictures taken from Amercian Satellite
and harassments and also the piligrimage is tough Landsat and French spot satellites. Wakankar studies
due to trekkingof over 9000 ft above the sea level it clearly indicated civilizations along the bank of River
had declined and it is now practically forgotten inspite Saraswathi in the past. In some parts people reported
of the fact that Mr. M.S.Stein, a british explorer to have discovered water flow deep underground. When
rediscovered this shrine.. I was discussing this matter with Shri K.Senesh he
Y \z oys| t|@ uoXZ: N mentioned about an article which appeared in
Nature.coms Scientific Reports 7, Article number:
o@@ 5476(2017). This was a study published recently by
He then suggests to go to Shashayana although difficult Nitish Khonde The Study is more based on
to visit where there are lotuses in the form of Rabbits. Sedimentology They said in their article titled Tracing
n \ En Y oz@ oz oze wo {Nuo|N t@@ the Vedic Saraswati River in the Great Rann of Kachchh
ooz TXZzo \z T zNuo@ n l Nz oz@@ that we drilled in the Great Rann of Kachchh (Kutch),
Saraswati-sangama is traditionally said to the west an infilled gulf of the Arabian Sea, which must have
of Narayana Sarovar, another pilgrim place which in received input from the Saraswati, if active. The
Mahabharata said to be sacred to Keshava (another naturally occuring Niodimium (Nd) and Strontium (Nd)
name of Narayana). isotopic composition of sediments from our Dhordo
tz tz: Joz:@ EuTXZo \z Y{MYot| @@ core site in the Great Rann of Kachchh(GRK) suggests
that a large Himalayan or Sub-Himalayan river (may
He then states that with Saraswathi river on south
be Saraswathi) may have discharged into the Arabian
and Drushadvathi on North one who lives in Kurukshetra
Sea until 10000 BC.
is like living in Swarga.(tuqmz n njzm Y@ During October 2016, K.S.Vaidya expert committee
z uo Nqzz oz uo uubz@@) comprising of Geologists, Archeologists and
In the past some historians were thinking that hydrologists reported to Government of India that
Saraswathi rivers existence was a fiction because Saraswathi river existed and :
it is not seen today and it was also not seen by
Ptolemy in 2nd century B.C who travelled with (to be continued)

XH =@ =\_@
C_ J=~" # ^xHO> Z= =\_ _^ .
December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 23 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
NEWS Government must have no role in temple "`=~}O` Kx H$u` q`# D PO =iO`
admin, says Dharma Sansad
MANGALURU: The Dharma Sansad on Saturday passed # O`iOKO\Ok. J@g MkH~ _ ` HOQ
a resolution asking the governments to stay away from D "H O~H} ^`# f<~.
the affairs of temples, mutts and other religious
institutions after sadhus and sants from across the =Y=Ou <\# OOQ "H ^~ =~`#
country severely condemned governments in various ` N"i [ qxyOK_O `= Q
states that were trying to meddle with its affairs and
attempts to take over them.
J#uxO^x P ^# J~ ~OQ~[< ~<~.
VHPs international joint general secretary Dr Surendra ZO <\# "H \Q~ U~@ K=x, u~A h\x
Kumar Jain, who disclosed the resolution to reporters, < =x K~. =Y=Ou <\# "H# K J<H= Ok
said religious heads condemned governments capturing
temples and attempts to capture them mainly in states iO^`<~x P# "_OK~. ZO HP~
like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and even BJP-ruled ` K ^" W`~ ~< =Ok~ sQ
Haryana. He said temples are being targeted and key
posts in them are being given to politicians as a matter "H# <\~x, Wk i}==x P# Ja=iOK~.
of political rehabilitation. Sadhus even questioned why z~ r PO ~Q`# "H [ Qq
only temples are being targeted and not mosques and H=_O`@ "# "^[e D OQ}x =iO`
churches as unethical events take place even there.
This is done to weaken Hindu religion by taking advantage QO^i`O KO^x P# K~. W^ iQ Jx
of undivided Hindu community, he asserted. Further, ^" "H <\x P# H~~. uH~} k` K#
echoing the feelings of sadhus and sants, Jain said once
the temples are taken over by any government, they lose
=#= `xH ^" #Q O ` H LO@O^#_xH `OQ}
their sanctity and become tourist spots or recreation i`~OQ Q x^~#=x ~OQ~[< D O^~OQ
centres. Dharma Sansad has directed governments not Ja_~. (PO^ 5.10.2017)
to take over any more temples or mutts. Sadhus will
discuss with various governments the future course of ^n <"^ =~^~H
those already taken over by governments, he said.
^~^, #=O|~ 9 : `OQ} ^" ^ n <" ^ O,
(Express News Service 26th November 2017 ) J~ Q~= "`< xH O|OkOz ~R `O =~^ ~ H`
N"i = ZO <\# OOQ _# r"# |^"~O *s KOk. nxH O|OkOz x~t`
`OQ} i`~xH =K`#H - z~ r ^~M ~O# _ r" [`iK~.
PO QO^i`O `OQ} Ki@| @, O^=` O K@O
^ ~ ^ : qH~ O`@ H~ O < ~ " i Ok. 30/87 HO^ ^"# #"^K LO_e. 15 O=`~
~ [<a=$kxHOH =Y=Ou H P~ =k Ti# H`O ^"x xiOz LO_e. D ^"O
=`~"# i`~O <_ `e`#OkOk. ~O_ x` ^~ #O K O@ LO_e. J~_ *kH x~
=O^ =Y=Ou HP~ K` g^Q <\# "H <_ LO_e. p# ^" ^#` W~ . ^"O Q=O,
==$H" "OH> ~q [ J=~" # , `x =xe\ ik LO_e. D ^"xH Z@=O\ P
`iOk. `OQ} i`~O H~H=O ~RO K^<x LO_~^. D ^" Z@=O\ P^ =#~ LO_ _^ .
OK_O`@ ~=~} i~H} ^^_`Ok. D Hx ^ n <" ^ O O HO^ XH ^"xH ~ O_#~ ZH~
H~H=O ^~ J@g O`< HO_ [<", =^ , =Q} ^ S^ ZH~ "@q LO_, b< P^O
Ki, P `k`~ OQ} "H OKx OHO ~.50 " Jx ~H =#~ ^~ =< _ P ^"x
k#k# =~=#OQ ~Q` =Ok. D k< 2015 A D O HO^ iQ}~. ~O_Hi *`~ [iQ Q=
3# =Y=Ou HP~ =`~"# D H~H=x `# K` ^=` D O =iOK^.
g^Q ~OaOK~. D O^~OQ P# <_ f"`OQ yi[# O` x`O *kH [iQ ^"#
z~ r ^"O [ x~Oz ^" _ ^n <"^ O HO^ iQ}~. *~O\ HH~,
OQ}O "^\ "HQ OOQ# <\~. WC_ P "H l ^"^ ^~ ^ Y JO \ Hg+#~, J~H =Y
iy ^^ <_ N"OH>~q"i x`[ P, KOk# W^~ ux^ , = H , "+ = ^ ^ # J~_x
# JOkOk. Hq\ xq~. D Hq\ =z# ^~M# ijeOz#
D "H# <\#O_ <\ =~ P *~ h~ `~` ^"# O^iOk. =~^~H |_
O ~ H =K~ . J~` , W^ OQ } O ^" L< ^ J< q+x Hq\ ijeOk.
=Y=Ou`@ =O`, W`~ =Y <\# "Hh _l@ \Q#, J~_ \Q# Hq\ fx D
_ U^ q^OQ PxH LQ_`<~. `^~ _x ^" HO\sH~} qQxH Jy~. D Hq\
Q_ OQ}=O` L^#=#OQ ~k^Ok. J^H~ WK x"kH# ^"^ ^~^ Y Hg+#~ \h K

O`O` Hx, q#O` Q~x [~OKe.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
x"kH# ~R`xH W~. `O 1805 ^" Z~_ HO^ `O 50 H@ ~ WO^<~. ^n
^ n <" ^ O O J==`Ok. =~ =_" ^"# <"^O (__Z<) ^HO HO^ `O 1805 ^" PiH
D O ik HO^ f~#<~. `Q O^~z# O K<=x, J~ WK i`+Hx P~"
^" J~x q=~, P^~ <O|~# O^~Kx ~ OK=<~. `O D ^HO L# 1805
r" H~~. (PO^q 10.11.2017) ^"`@ =~ 3000 ^" D H~O
`~< ^iH i+` =iOK=<~. ^"^ ^~^ K@=~} a
-H~ P^ "~ = qxQO - J~, P UHw=OQ P"^O `eOk.
|OkH "`#O O - QO\-W<-Z~_Q 50 H@ q_^ HH x=HxH Hq\ : HH LHH
- ^"^ =Ou WO^H~}~_ "_ x=H HO L#`~ Hq\x xqOKO^ gQ
^~^, #=O|~ 16 : `OQ} ^iH i+` `~< ` HH K@O =~ K~. D "~ =Y=Ou
U~@ K=x ~R ^"^Y=Ou Z. WO^H~}~_ g `~ # ~_ = <Y =Ou `= <Q~~= " \#
WK~. J~, P L^Q "`< O# a P"^O `eOk. H` K@O H~O D Hq\
O|OkOz# ^"^, ^~ ^, K@O K# =~} a =Y=Ou, H~, # uH< , #=O_e K~ <,
# Q~"~O K~ [iyOk. D O^~OQ =Ou #=O_e uH <_x Q xqKO^ D K@O
=\_`, ^"^ Y i# *=Q QO^ gHeOk. HH, LHH ^= XH ~O
^iHi+`# U~@ Ke LO^<~. ZO_"O\ Y ZOH # "ix uiy xqOKO^ _ D K@O =~}
Jn#Ox ^" J~, L^Q "`< KeOKO^ K~. `O J= L# K@O H~O JqhuH _" ix
` H xkx U~@ K=x `e~. ` L^Q "`< =`" tHO KO^ HH, LHH JkH~O LO_^x ,
W# q^O Q< u< XH\`kH J~, P L^Q WH #O_ q^ H=OQ x~iOKx "i K~ f< J=HO
"`< KeOK U~@ K=<~. WO^HO QO\-W<- HeyO^x =Ouq=iOK~. (PO^ q 17.11.17)
Chant 28 times
Nz N N Nuz @ D Hx iOKO_.
: Nu N Y@@ = o [iy# Hx << P#` q_ fH"x
H"~ H= H= Hq< I x~~ Oz# =O Hx z~ q#_O [iyOk.
#= H=q~ H=~^~ K II ~E i< L<#. P~H~"# su = =^
Kaameshwaraya Kaamaya Kaamapalaya Kamine J=Q# iy K J<#OQ LO@<=.
Namaha Kaamavihaaraya Kaamarupa dharaayacha
Marriages get finalised by Chanting this Sloka. Also XH ~, =OQyi
this sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and = J=~H 38 U. Z< O|O^ =z< o
trust between couples.
q" , ~ ~ #_= u, SH=`xH ^~^. J~` D HO K# Hx ~A =Oz
=~_` o kiOk. XH ~,
We at VAK are blessed to bring out the second volume in the series of books
on Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama authored by Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy.
Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy started this mammoth never before project of explaining
the significance of the 1000 names. Since the English meaning of this hymn is
given in this work, many in this country and those living abroad, will welcome it.
Every name is a mantra by itself, some with two and some ranging up to eight
words. The hymn is an antidote for all ills.
As the author mentioned the benefits which will accrue by reciting the various
name of Vishnu, it has been practically experienced by Devotees at Chilkur Balaji
temple who are the regular readers of VAK in which these Anecdotes have been
serialised. There is immortal ecstasy that can be experienced by chanting these
names individually.
The second Volume has been released on 6th September 2017, as a part of
the Saptatipoorthi celebrations of the Author Sri V S Karunakaran. You can find
the devotees chanting these names endlessly at the Balaji Temple Chilkur. The
benefit of chanting individual names for particular needs to be granted by Almighty
is being practiced and is yielding expected results. Books available at : Manager 'VAK', 2-2-647/77/D, Srinivasanagar
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Price : Rs.500/- (Exclusive of postage)

Hx =$^ K"_ HO =$^ J=`_.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chant 108 times
FO q #= FO +~H #=
G sue : G Nq :
To keep Evil forces at bay. For overcoming bad times.
^+ #O_ H_H#@. H #O_ q=H O^_xH.

|} q"K# #$O `O Chant one time

1. ^=` H~ ^~O O =^=O 6. ^ =~^O NO ^`~ q^i}O

N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
2. H eOy` "=OQO H<O =~^HO 7. ~Q _`<O, H<=^O
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
8. "^ "^O` *O |~^k =Ok`O
3. PO` =^~O OY KH^ ^i}O
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
9. W^O ~` x`O |}"K# Ol`O
4. ~}` ~O H^[q+<#O J#$}*` ` ^#O j="`
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
D `x Jx Ji, ^, PiH W|O^`
5. O<^# =` kQOu <#" L#" O =O XHi i KHx
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H e`O aOk.
FO `^ #= G otz : FO ^` #= G z :
Chant this name to amend soured friendship For issueless couple. O`# H~
or any personal relationship FO q^` #= G uz :
q`` =O OKH=_xH, ^O` Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
J<#`. P~QH~"# t= H~
Chant one time
Runa Vimochana Nrisimha Stotram
Devataakaarya-siddhyartham Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
sabhaastambha-samudbhavam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
namaami runamuktaye
Lakshmyaalingita-vaamaangam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
kadrooja visha naasanam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
namaami runamuktaye
mochana samjnitam
Simhanaadena Mahataa Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam sheeghram avaapnuyaat

z#~> H^ Jx x~H O `Q^ , ^ F_# =OK _xH z# ~O^O K.

December'17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 26 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 158 z~ r J#Q O 158
Devotee J#= O
I came to Chilkur when I was in 3rd year
Engineering. I used to get stressed during
<# WO[hiOQ 3= O=`~O L#C_ z~
exams and was slowly getting disinterested " ^ \ i =K#. s H = O f= =u _ H
in Studies. I started chanting Aksharaya #"_x. K^= "Q PH `Q` =zOk. sH
Namaha even during exams. Now I am = O q"i JH ~ #= J< ~ #
about to complete my M.Tech. It is all Lord's iOK<#. WC_ M.Tech . i K`<#.
grace. JO` q J#Q".
A Devotee, XH _, OQ~
q=#"or=# "^O Q=n`, =H qHxH *#~O Q=n`, H~"x kOK `~H=O`O Q=n`,
H = i~ `O Q=n` HH<~O Q"#x q*#^# w`O Q=n`.
JO^H... Q=n`*<x q=O`\ u ^xOK =HHO~O` P^O! PH^O!!
N z~ r k= Pj`
^~O# =i ~ ~u x~}
O $uH Y, `OQ} ~R `O H~O`
N=` Q=n` [Ou - "O~ UH^t ~k#= O^~=Q
^==Q ~RO XH "kH 1800 Ow`K
Q=n`Q# |$`~ H~H== `Q |H P iH~ #"^H##k.
J^ ` ~ - Q=n` *<~ ~i Online
`k: 25-12-2017 II 4 QOII #O_ ~u 8.30 QOII =~
"kH : `Q e` H`~}=, aH Q~<, <Oe, ^~^.
^"## }^ #~ I - =H < H< ` }H~}" II
U =#A_ ^` JO_ D w`G=# q#< J\"~ =_ }H~=# K#"~ O^
H=# O^# 18:71
D *#[= x Q=` J#Q=K h`=Q~x Px<=.
Q=n` ~}# - _x PH L# x`~}, Ow` L, Q #"^ KHQ~.
Online Registration in
^~O# J^ : ~q H~ ~~u J^ : _. < "#~= _e
Register soon, Singers limited to 1800 only
All Singers will be awarded with QO^~ O^ |=<
1. H=^# ~~= Kaamadhenu Memento, 2. O `= Certificate
3. =H` qH tH}xO\H P^~"# '`^#-H ^# H=
Empowerment through SELF education Book - "Essence of The Gita"
4. Q XH < tH} One Month Online Training for Registered Singers
5. Q '2 i~ 2 Rehearsal tainings for Singers with Lunch
(on Rehearsals only One Guardian / Parent allowed)

Ph : 905 955 9545 email :

i` C _ J#OQ LO_x PtOK=^. D O KO h "H_ H~H U~_^ .

Date of Posting 6th & 7th 28 Date of Publication 1st of every month
Registered as a News Paper RNI. No. AP/BIL/2000/2474 Title Code : TELMUL00053
Vol.18 VAK / DECEMBER / 2017 Postal Registration No. HSE/738/2017-19 No.12
uo uouo W o | : O golden Paduke! some people consider either the forehand of
NuouYo Nt N z l @ Sriranganatha that includes His abhayamudra, or His lotus-feet
EuouT N respectfully carried above yourself by you, in fact both of them as
their refuge. (Paduka Sahasram)
oyz Q uo t \ @@
k` O uOu ~OQ~ F @H ^H! QO_` HO^~ N~OQx J=^`
Huz`OK# ^H ~} " I _# _Ku<<, ^ h= t~+}OQ ^iOz# ^H=
x` =y=OH~O " Q#~<, D ~O_O\h ~HHOQ #=`<~.
=fYi`O ^O|[O " II (^HO)
z~ r ^"xH xk.... ''_~b * O_^~ =~O_.
D O_H kQ= zOK|_# O KeO HiOK|_#.
1) SB A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of Hyderabad, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) (\ OH P ^~^, "~<^ Y,
~OQ~_ l) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated in any part of the Country.
2) SB A/c No. 091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Andhra
Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch PO^ OH, ^=OQ~O ("~<^ Y)) (R.R. Dist.) from any
branch of Andhra Bank situated in any part of the World. OKOx U O`O #O_< [= K=K.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara Bank,
113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. H#~ OH, 113, "~< ~_, =`#Q~, "~<^
=O_, ~OQ~_ l, from any branch of Canara Bank situated in any part of India. (=#^O x U O`O #O_< [= K =K.)
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with UCO
Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. H OH, z~ Oz, "~<^ =O_, ~OQ~_ l,
from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India. (=#^O x U O`O #O_< [= K =K.)
~.100/- Hh KeO Q D xkH [= K =K.
D ` xkx =~_xH O^ih HiOK=#kQ i<=. J HiOz H=~x OOkOK
qH}"# z~ * q^<x PKO^~O xeK `__#O^ P r H$ `=`~.
The Fund donations can be remitted in the Following Banks with the following Particulars:-
1) SB A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of Hyderabad, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad
situated in any part of the Country. IFSC Code 'SBIN0020637'.
2) SB A/c No.091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained
with Andhra Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch) (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of Andhra
Bank situated in any part of the World. IFSC Code 'ANDB0000911'.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara
Bank, 113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of Canara Bank situated in
India. IFSC Code 'CNRB0003063'.
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
UCO Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India.
IFSC Code 'UCBA0002473'.
Devotees can remit their contributions with a minimum of Rs.100/- to this Fund.
The Devotees who contribute to this Fund will have the blessings of the Lord Balaji for participating
in the continuation of this unique way of worship which inculcates Pure Devotion in the Temple system..
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