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Legal Aspects of Sales, Lease and Mortgage/ Family Code/ Property

1. When the deceased registered owner is survived as a sole heir, the estate of the former
maybe transferred to a latter with the execution of a document is known as:

a. Principle of Infiltration
b. Extra-Judicial Settlement of Estate
c. Will
d. Declaration of Ownership
e. Affidavit of Adjudication

2. Refers to a group of people or homogenous societies identified by self-ascription and

ascription by other, who have continuously lived as organized community:

a. Indigenous Peoples
b. Ancestral Peoples
c. Native Peoples
d. None of the above

3. The Statute of Frauds applies only to:

a. Partial fulfilled contract

b. Completely fulfilled contract
c. Executory contracts
d. None of the above

4. A lease contract providing that the lessee can stay in the premises for as long as he wants
and for as long as he can pay the rentals and its increases:

a. Perpetual Lease
b. Sublease
c. Long term lease
d. None of the above

5. Finance is the of science of__________________.

a. Collection of money
b. Income
c. Management of money
d. Giving of money

6. All are on-site activities in a Compliance Audit except:

a. Conducting an opening meeting

b. Collecting audit evidence through gathering information, observations and interviews, and sampling
c. Evaluating audit evidence
d. Conducting a closing meeting

7. Select which are the obligations of a lessee:

a. To pay the price of the lease

b. To stipulate or make an agreements
c. To pay the expenses for the deed of the lease
d. All of the above

8. In the mode of acquiring ownership, actual possession of land in opposition to all other
claimants is called:

a. Accretion
b. Prescription
c. Adverse possession
d. All of the above

9. Which of the following is the correct definition of Compliance Audit:

a. it is process of verifying whether the money of an institution is properly used

b. a systematic, independent and documented verification process of objectively obtaining and
evaluating audit evidence to determine whether specified criteria are met
c. a systematic and unbiased verification whether the terms of the brokerage contract are met
d. the governments inspection of compliance with legal requirements

10. Notice that intended to constructively advise, or warn all people who deal with the property
that they so deal with it at their own risk:

a. Notice of Lis Pendens

b. Notice of lawsuit
c. Caveat
d. None of the above

11. In the phrase save in cases of hereditary succession in Sec. 7, Art. XII (National Economy
and patrimony), Phil. Charter, What kind of transferee of private land does it refer to?

a. The National Government

b. An heir in Phil. Law on succession and inheritance
c. A humanitarian institution
d. The estate of deceased
e. A charitable, religious and education institution

12. Juan and Maria are live-in partners. Maria donated a parcel of land to Juan. What is the
status of the contract?

a. Voidable
b. Void
c. Unenforceable
d. Valid

13. Spouses have the freedom to choose the regime that will govern their properties by
marriage settlement or pre-nuptial agreement, such as, but not include:

a. Absolute community
b. Conjugal partnership
c. Absolute separation
d. Agent

14. In a defective contracts, the defect is caused by lack of form, authority, or capacity of both
parties not caused by prescription is:

a. Unenforceable
b. Rescissible
c. Voidable
d. None of the above

15. Property exclusively owned by the husband is called:

a. Chattel c. Succession
b. Paraphernal d. Capital Property

16. All are special formalities of a notarial will except:

a. Subscription
b. Attestation Clause
c. Jurat
d. Acknowledgment

17. Ecology is covers the study of ___________.

a. population, community, ecosystem c. ecosystem, organism, inhabitants

b. ecosystem, population, inhabitants d. inhabitants, population, community

18. Lists of all the activities, processes and discharges to be addressed during the audit
including a lists of elements to be audited and the type of observations to be made to assess

a. Master list
b. Shortlist
c. Enlist
d. Checklist

19. Instruments issued to an auditee pursuant to the legislation. These include approvals,
licenses, notices, permits and certificates of registration:

a. Legislative instruments
b. Legal instruments
c. Statutory instruments
d. Audit instruments

20. Purchaser of the thing leased can terminate the lease except in the following conditions:

a. Lease is recorded in the Registry of Deeds

b. There is stipulation in the contract of sale that purchaser shall respect the lease
c. Purchaser knows the existence of the lease
d. a and b

21. The following occupations are required by law to be registered with the Professional
Regulations Commission, except:

a. real estate consultant

b. real estate broker
c. real estate appraiser
d. property manager

22. Refers to a title formally recognizing the right of possession and ownership of Indigenous
Peoples over their Ancestral Domains identified and delineated:

a. Native Title
b. Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title
c. Certificate of Ancestral Lands Title
d. None of the above

23. Choose which are the characteristics of a mortgage contract:

a. Real d. Unilateral e. All of the above

b. Accessory c. Subsidiary

24. Stipulation whereby the thing mortgaged, shall automatically become the property of the
creditor in the event of non-payment of the debt within the term fixed:

a. Pactum Non Aliendo

b. Pactum Commissorium
c. Pactum de Aliendo
d. None of the above

25. What is functional share of the surviving spouse that will appear in the new title if the
descendant(decedent) left three (3) legitimate children and one (1) (il)legitimate child:

a. 4.5/9
b. 5.5/9
c. 1/9
d. 1/ 4.5
e. 3.25/9

26. In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, the following are excluded from the community
property except:

a. Gratuitous title by other spouse; unless otherwise provided by donor

b. Fruits as well as income of properties mentioned in choice (a); unless otherwise provided by donor
c. Property for personal and exclusive use of either spouse
d. Jewelry for personal and exclusive use of either spouse
e. Property acquired before the marriage and the fruits as well as the income, if any of such property

27. Husband and wife cannot sell property to each other except when a separation of property
is agreed upon in the ante-nuptial contract and:

a. When their property relationship is one absolute community of property

b. When one of the spouses is still a minor
c. When there is a pending annulment of their marriage
d. When one of the spouses is accused of infidelity
e. When there is a judicial separation of property

28. In a defective contracts, the defect is caused by lack of essential elements or illegality is:

a. Decree of legal separation

b. Annulment or declaration of nullity of marriage
c. Death of either spouses
d. Extra-judicial separation of property

29. In a defective contracts, the defect is caused by lack of essential elements or illegality is:

a. Voidable
b. Unenforceable
c. Void
d. None of the above

30. An act allowing illegitimate children to use the surname of their Father, amending for the
purpose Article 176 of EO No.209, otherwise known as the FAMILY CODE OF THE

a. RA 9775
b. RA 9255
c. RA 9335
d. RA 9252

31. The vendor is liable to the vendee for any hidden faults or defects in the thing sold is

a. Adverse claim
b. None of the above
c. Caveat Venditor
d. Caveat Emptor
32. It is a contract entered into by the future spouses fixing the matrimonial property regime
that should govern during the existence.

a. Marriage Contract
b. Marriage Ceremony
c. Marriage Settlement
d. Marriage License

33. What is Legitime?

a. An inherited property
b. An acknowledged heir
c. Reserved property for compulsory heirs
d. Child born out of wedlock
e. A process of Legimitation

34. What is not an effect of legal separation?

a. The spouses shall be entitled to live separately from each other

b. The absolute community or conjugal partnership shall be dissolved and liquidated
c. The offending spouse shall be disqualified from inheriting from the innocent spouse by intestate
succession and the provisions in favor of the offending spouse made in the will of the innocent
spouse shall be revoked by operation of law.
d. The spouses are not considered married anymore

35. An act whereby a person is permitted, with the formalities prescribed by law, to control to a
certain degree the disposition of his estate to take effect after his death.

a. Holographic will
b. Notarial will
c. Will
d. Succession

36. After the lapse of said period, the annotation of adverse claim may be cancelled upon filing
of a:

a. Appeal
b. Plea
c. Verified petition
d. None of the above

37. A law that provides that certain contracts/agreements must be in writing in order to be

a. Statute of Frauds
b. Obligation Contracts
c. Statue of Obligation
d. None of the above

38. Omission in the testators will of one, some, or all of the compulsory heirs in the direct
line, whether living of the execution of the will or born after the death of the testator.

a. Preteriton
b. Preterition
c. Pretereton
d. Pretenton

39. Today property management emerged as a _________________science.

a. financial
b. multi-disciplinary
c. real estate
d. managerial

40. Which of the following does not form part of on-site activities in a Compliance Audit:

a. Planning and preparing for the audit

b. Collecting background information
c. Compiling checklists
d. All of the above

41. Which is the essential requisites of a contract?

a. Consent of the contracting parties

b. Object certain w/c is the subject matter of the contract
c. Cause or consideration of the obligations
d. of the above

42. Date of effectivity of Family Code:

a. 3 August 1988
b. 3 August 1998
c. 3 August 1978
d. 3 August 1980

44. A special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in
accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. Its nature,
consequences and incidents are fixed by law and cannot be the subject of stipulation.

a. Void contract
b. Voidable contract
c. Marriage contract
d. Marriage Ceremony