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Celeb Cook-in Deepika Padukone's

Tomato rasam
Deepika Padukone

MY FAVOURITE DISH I "I can't resist South Indian INGREDIENTS I Vegetable oil: 30ml I Mustard seeds: 1 tsp I
cuisine, particularly what is prepared at home. My Curry leaves: 25 I Chopped tomato: 500gm I Green chillis: 2
mom is my favourite cook. She can cook a variety of I Red chillis (whole): 2 I /m//water: 60 ml I Salt: to taste
cuisines. I savour her cooking at home and she's DRY POWDER I Jeera: 25gm I Black pepper: 20 gm I Garlic:
undoubtedly the best." 25gm I Drinking water: 1 litre 1 Lemon wedges: 11 Jaggery:
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I love to eat at CTR in 5gm
Bangalore; I like their butter masala dosa, meddu METHOD I Mix jeera, black pepper and dry gar-
vada and Mangalore bhajji." lic together and make fine powder in a
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I 'Thai and South blender.
Indian." I Heat oil, add mustard seeds, red chilli
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "My latest passion (whole) and curry leaves and saute till
is skydiving. I was in Mauritius, shooting for mustard seeds crackle.
Break Ke Baad, and I went for skydiving. It I Add chopped tomato and saute
was a life-changing experience. Travelling, till tomatoes are soft. Then
dancing and reading are my other add sliced green chillis
pastimes." and add water. Boil for
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "All the meals I five minutes.
have with my family, I love to sit I Then add imli water,
with my dad Prakash salt, dry powder and
Padukone and enjoy my jaggery. Boil for two
meal." more minutes. Finish
MY FAVOURITE RECIPE I with lemon juice.
"Tomato rasam." Strain and serve with
(As told to Richa Barua)

Chief Rakesh Sethi of Ramada Plaza, New Del

serves Deepika Padukone's Tomato rasam)
Celeb Cook-in Prachi Desai's
Prachi Desai
Actor Angoori paneer tikka
MY FAVOURITE DISH I "My mom is the best cook in the world Ingredients
and I love all the dishes prepared by her, especially paneer i Cottage cheese: 300 gm I Green grapes: 100 gm i Black grapes:
tikka." 100 gm i Red grapes: 100 gm I Hung curd: 50 gm i Ginger paste:
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I enjoy eating at Vi tsp i Garlic paste: Vi tsp I Gram flour: 30 gm I Butter: 2 tbsp i
Bukhara. Its ambience is too good and Turmeric powder: 'A tsp I Yellow chilly powder: tsp I Dhariiya pow-
the food is awesome. Whenever I visit der: Vt tsp i Cream: 2 tbsp I Salt: to taste
Grape chutney
Delhi, I make it a point to eat here.
There's nothing like having comfort Grapes green, black, red: 200 gm each I Ghee: Vi tbsp I Onion
seeds: Vi tsp i Lemon juice: 10 ml I Chat masala: to taste.
food it's tasty and easy to digest."
Grape chutney: i Heat oil in a pan and add
I "I love eating homemade food,
onion seeds and saute i Add diced grapes and
especially Indian, because it's
cook till consistency is thick i Remove from
extremely varied. I love
flame and add lemon juice and chat masala.
Gujarati food the best." Angoori paneer tikka. I Heat butter in a pan
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS and roast gram flour in it till light brown i Add
I "I enjoy dancing, travelling, roasted gram flour in hung curd and add all
singing and reading, the remaining spices and cream together
whenever possible. I want to making a smooth mixture I Cut the cottage
learn classical music." cheese in cylindrical shape and put slits in
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD it i Fill the slits with prepared grape chutney
I "With my sister Esha and and marinate in the prepared marinade I Place
my family in Sydney. We had the paneer tikka on a skewer and
a blast. I also enjoy eating roast in tan-
out in Hong Kong, my ctoortill light
favourite destination." brown from
I "It's Angoori paneer tikka, the Serve with "mom
way my mother makes it. It's grape chut-
very spicy, creamy and yummy. ney and
This dish is served with grape crunchy sal-
ad on the
chutney and crunchy salad."
(.As told to Richa Barua)

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to (Tarun Kapoor, executive sous chef, The
the lesser-known foodie hidden Metropolitan Hotel, New
in our better-known faces Prachi Desai's Angoori paneer tikka)
Celeb Cook-in Geetanjali Kirloskar's
Tofu Teriyaki
Geetaniali Kirloskar

M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "I just can't resist Tofu Teriyaki. INGREDIENTS I Tofu (bean curd): 100 gms I Bean sprout: 40 gms I Lettuce iceberg:
It's a Japanese dish." 80 gms I White sesame: 2 gms. SOBA NOODLE SALAD I Soya Kikkoman: 20 ml I
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "Harima in Bangalore and Wasabi Plum sauce: 30 ml I Soba noodles: 60 gms I Carrot Julienne: 10 gms I Lime juice:
at the Taj in Delhi, because the food is light, healthy, 20 gms I Salt: 5 gms I Sesame oil: 10 ml I Chopped green onions: 5 gms
flavoured differently to Western and Italian food, with a TERIYAKI SAUCE I Brown sugar: 120 gms i Soya Kikkoman: 100 ml I Garlic
sufficiently large vegetarian (chopped): 5 gms I Mirin: 10 ml
variety." METHOD I Cut the stem of the iceberg lettuce. I Remove a leaf of the iceberg let-
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I tuce to form a cup. I Slice the tofu and marinate with teriyaki sauce and grill for 2-
"Vegetarian Japanese food." 3 minutes. I Set aside for one minute. I Cut the tofu in small dices, place the beans
MY NON-FOOD PASSIONS I sprout on the base of the lettuce cup and top it up with the tofu mix. I Serve the
"Mostly, outdoor sports soba noodle salad with the lettuce wrap. TERIYAKI SAUCE I On a sauce pan, put
rafting, driving expeditions, brown sugar, Kikkoman soy sauce, Mirin and garlic, l Cook this over medium heat,
tennis and golf. I love stir continuously, allow the sugar to dissolve. I Do this until it forms a sauce-like
theatre, acting and consistency. SOBA NOODLE SALAD I In a pan, bring 3 quarter water to
writing." a boil. I Add soba noodles and cook for 5 to 6 minutes. I Drain noo-
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER dles and rinse under cold running water. I To prepare dressing, add
HAD I "Japanese Kikkoman soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, plum sauce and salt
dinner with my and blend until it emulsifies. I Dress the soba noodles and blend
husband Vikram and with half the dressin. I Refrig-
Kiran Majumdar erate the noodles for 15 min-
Shaw. It was Diakon utes. I Before serving, add
salad, Tempura, Soba reserved dressing to the
noodles, served hot noodles, mix well. I
and garlic fried rice with Sprinkle salad with
vegetables." chop green onions
M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I and julienne carrots.
"Tofu Teriyaki."
" >

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known (Chef Jai Ram of The Westin Mumbai Garden
foodie hidden in our better-known faces City, serves Geetanjali Kirloskar's Tofu Teriya,
Celeb Cook-in Roshini Chopra's
Roshini Chopra
Actor/TV presenter
I Burrito roti (Well cooked): 60 gms I Capsicum (sliced): 15 gms I Mexican rice
M Y FAVOURITE DISH "Dimsum. I love (from Baine Marie): 60 gms I Pepper red (sliced): 15 gms I Pepper yellow (sliced):
Chinese cuisine and the dimsum is an 15 gms I Zuccini (half moon): 20 gms I Squash (half moon): 20 gms I Garlic
ideal healthy, tasty dish that I can (chopped): 3 gms I Onion (sliced): 20 gms I Cottage cheese (in rectangles):
have anytime." 100 gms I Fajita seasoning: 3 gms I Oil: 50 gms I Monterey Jack cheese
I LIKE TO EAT AT " I love eating at (shredded): 30 gms I Enchilada sauce: 50 ml I Queso sauce:
Royal China, Cellinis and Pali 50 ml I Chipotle base: 30 ml.
Village Cafe." Method
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE "I ! Heat oil. Add onion and cook until translucent.
like Chinese and Mexican. I Season with garlic, cumin, salt and pepper.
I'm fond of spicy food and I Stir in the chilies and black beans until well
therefore love all South- blended. Turn off heat, but keep warm.
East Asian cuisines too." I In a saucepan, combine the chili,
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS salsa and enchilada sauce.
"Cinema, travel and definitely I Mix well and cook over medium
fashion." heat until heated through. Turn off
BEST MEAL I ' V E EVER HAD 1 "I h a d heat and keep warm.
my best meal in New York at a I Place a warmed tortilla on a plate and spoon
restaurant called Buddakan with a generous portion of the sour cream, Mexican rice,
my friends. The decor was sublime dices of cottage cheese and bean mixture onto the
and the food was to die for." centre. Top with lettuce and tomato.
M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I Roll up tortilla over the filling. Repeat for remaining tortillas and filling.
"A Mexican dish called Burritos." I Spoon a generous amount of Queso cheese sauce and enchillada sauce over
(As told to Ravneet Kaur) the wrap.

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known

foodie hidden in our better-known faces
Celeb Cook-in Tanushree's
Tanushree Dutta
Fish Curry
MY FAVOURITE DISH I "I can't resist spicy INGREDIENTS I Fish (washed and sliced): 250 gms I Coriander
chilly chicken. I enjoy it with both fried rice leaves (chopped): 1 cup I Tomatoes (finely chopped): 2 I Garlic: 8
and noodles. But when I'm very hungry, I cloves I Green chillies (chopped): 2 I Methi seeds: 1 tsp I
relish it as a starter too." Coriander powder: 1 tsp I Turmeric powder: a pinch I Salt to taste
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I hardly get I Oil as required.
disappointed with Chinese restaurants, I METHOD I Marinate the fish in salt and
love China Gate in Bandra. I'm rather turmeric powder for 15 minutes.
choosy about other cuisines as I have to I Shallow fry the fish pieces, drain and keep
be careful about the spices they use." aside.
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "It would I Grind the coriander leaves, garlic and
have to be the fusion Japanese sushi I had green chillies.
on a recent trip to the US. It was splendid 1 I Heat oil, add masala paste and fry till the
and since I am a Bengali, I anyway love / oil separates out.
fish, but this was really done well." j I Add tomatoes, methi seeds and
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "Currently, it's I powder masalas and fry till the oil begins
Chinese, because it's light, unlike Indian j to float on top.
food which makes you feel stuffed." I Add about 1 cup water. Bring
MY NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "I can't stop the gravy to a boil.
shopping. I really feel good after a I Add the fish slices and cook for 10
shopping spree. But mostly I love minutes.
shopping in London or New York." I Serve fish
M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I "Fish curry. f curry hot.
(As told to Ravneet Kaur)

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the

lesser-krtown foodie hidden in our
better-known faces
Celeb Cook-in Neha's Greek
Neha Dhupia
Actor Country Salad
M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "There's INGREDIENTS I Cherry tomatoes, cut in half: 61 Lebanese cu-
nothing more tempting than cumber, cut in square: 11 Bell peppers (red and yellow), cut
Caribbean fish chowder, I can't in squares: 2 I Red onion, cut in rings:
resist it." 1 I Olive oil:1/2 cup i Kalamata
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "There are olives: 8 I Feta cheese: 100 gms
a few places where I unwind ! White wine vinegar: 2 tbsp I Lemon
when I eat out Royal China, juice: 2 tbsp I Oregano leaves:1tbsp I
Wasabi and Nobu. They not Black pepper, cracked:1/2 tsp i Salt: 1
only serve great food but the tsp.
experience is enjoyable." METHOD I Add Lebanese cucumber, cher-
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "Japanese ry tomato, Kalamata
and macrobiotic organic food. I'm
olives, feta
discovering both these cuisines as
cheese, red
futuristic and healthy."
onion, ro-
me, travelling is about having
fun and seeking adventure lettuce
and yoga is about pleasing a n d
the mind." b e l l
l"It's got to be Nobu in to a large
London with my parents. It serving
was a wonderful experience." bowl. \
MY FAVOURITE RECIPE I I Make the dressing
"Greek country salad." with white wine vinegar,
(As told to Ravneet Kaur) lemon juice over the salad and
toss in the bowl and serve.
Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known (Chef Saby of Olive Delhi, serves
foodie hidden in our better-known faces Neha Dhupia's Greek salad) SAMIK SEN
Celeb Cook-in Raveena Tandon's
Chicken dhansak
Raveena Tandon


I love tandoori chicken. I just can't say no 1 Vegetable oil or ghee: 4 tbs I Mixed lentils: 1 cup I Chicken pieces (skinned):
to well-made tandoori chicken." 500 gms I Chicken stock: 1/2 litre I Cinnamon: 1 piece I Cloves: 6 Cumin
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I enjoy eating both seeds: 1/2 tbsp I Coriander seeds: 1/2 tbsp i Peppercorns: 7 I
at home and outside, I like Urban Tadka Bay leaves: 3 I Star anise: 11 Sesame seeds: 1/2 tsp I Grated
in Mumbai." nutmeg: 1/4 tsp I Turmeric powder: 1 tsp I Dried red chilies:
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "I can't resist 2 l Fenugreek seeds: 1/2 tsp I Mint leaves: 50 gms Fresh
Chinese and Thai, especially Thai coriander leaves: 70 gms I Fresh fenugreek leaves: 60 gms
as they use exotic ingredients." Ginger paste: 1 tbsp I Tamarind paste:1 tbsp I Garlic
M Y NON-FOOD PASSION paste:1 tbsp I Salt to taste.
I "I relax by reading and METHOD
listening to music. Dancing is I Wash the lentils and soak in cold water. Add salt and
my passion. I have written turmeric. Add chicken stock. Whisk the lentils. I Dry
short stories and poems, roast all the spices. Grind to a fine powder and mix
both in English and Bengali." in the turmeric and nutmeg.
B E S T MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I Fry the chicken pieces. Set aside.
I "My most memorable I Stir-fry fresh coriander, fenugreek and mint
meal was with my husband leaves. Heat a pan. Add the whole chilies and fry.
at a highway dhaba in Add a cup of water, the lentils,
Udaipur. I can still recall the taste the chicken pieces and
of the veggies and chhole. I think salt. Simmer for 25-
Rajasthani people use spices in the
most amazing manner."
I "Chicken dhansak."

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known

foodie hidden in our better-known faces SAATISH JAISWAL
Celeb Cook-in Rituparna's Thai
Chilli Prawns!
M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "I simply can't resist grilled fish and prawns I Prawns:1/2 kg I Shitake mushrooms, (sliced):
with garlic butter sauce. The combination of garlic and butter with 200gms I Garlic, minced: 6 cloves I Thai chili
fish is simply irresistible." paste: 2 tbsp I Oyster sauce: 4 tbsp I Oil for
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I enjoy eating out, few of my favourite places are sauteing | Pinch of salt I Spring onion: 1 sprig
- Barbeque Nation and Italian at The Hyatt, Trishna at Lokhandwala I Red chilli: 4 iPokchoy: 1 bunch
and Mainland China." METHOD
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "Chinese is my favourite I Mix oyster sauce and roasted red chili paste.
cuisine because it is light. I find Dim I Heat pan. Saute garlic.
Sums, soup, mushrooms and babycorn I When half cooked, add mushrooms
absolutely irresistible." and prawns. Cover and let prawns cook.
M Y NON-FOOD PASSION I "I I Lower the fire once the sauce from prawns
relax by reading, listening to music, starts to boil. I When the shell is rich orange,
dancing is my passion. I have written add in the chilli and oyster mix. I Stir to make sure
short stories and poems in both English all the prawns are covered
al!d Bengali." with the chili-oyster mix.l Turn off the
fire l
B E S T MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "It w a s in
l Serve with sauteed Pokchoy.
Sydney, I had a wonderful sushi dinner
by the harbor. It was an exotic meal
of fresh crabs and fish cakes and the
ambience was breathtaking. This
was my honeymoon trip and will
always remain close to my heart."
I Thai Chilli Prawn.

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known

foodie hidden in our better-known faces
Celeb Cook-in Dipannita Sharma's
Chocolate fudge
Dipannita Sharma

MY FAVOURITE DISH I "I can't resist fish curry and rice. It is because being an INGREDIENTS I Condensed milk: 400 gmsl brown sugar:
Assamese, I've grown up eating this food. I also enjoy butter chicken and naan. 180 gms I butter: 100 gms I dark chocolate: 200 gms
It reminds me of my Delhi University days." METHOD
I LIKE TO EAT AT "I love to eat at the quaint sidewalk I Combine sugar, butter and condensed milk in a heavy
cafes in Europe. In Mumbai, I really enjoy eating at bottom pan and heat till the butter melts and sugar
Indigo cafe. The all-day breakfast menu there is dissolves to form a homogenous mixture.
something I really enjoy." I Add chopped dark chocolate to the
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "I was visiting Guwahati, above mixture and stir, allowing the
my hometown, and I had the most awesome fish- chocolate to melt.
curry rice at home. It was extremely satisfying." I Pour the above mixture in a
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "My first choice would be parchment paper-lined tin and let
Indian, because it is extremely varied. There's no one cool for 2-3 hours.
particular kind of Indian food as different parts of I Cut into desired pieces

India provide their own distinct flavours and styles and serve.
of cooking, which makes the cuisine so
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS i "It's music. I love old
classics (mostly Hindi and some English) and
instrumental music. I also enjoy lounge as it's
soothing. I find semi-classical music (both filmi and
non-filmi) a perfect balance between intense and light."
M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I "It's actually my secret
chocolate fudge recipe, which I had learnt way back
in school."
(As told to Kalpana Sharma)

4 JL
Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known (Chef Neeraj Tyagi 3TThe Claridges, New
foodie hidden iflk>ur better-known faces Delhi, jrauf<^ipannita's Chocolate fudge)
Celeb Cook-in Mona Singh's
Mona Singh
Actor Tomato Couscous
MY FAVOURITE DISH I "I like Punjabi food like kadhi chawal, Ingredients
rajma chawal, etc. Earlier, I used to like Butter Chicken also, I Vegetable broth: 50ml I Couscous: 40gm I Piquant peppers: 30gm
but now I've turned vegetarian." I Tomato puree: 20gm I Extra virgin olive oil: 3 tbs I Cherry toma-
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "Whenever we go out, I enjoy eating at toes: 40gm i Finely chopped fresh basil leaves: 10gm i Parsley: 10gm
Mumbai's Urban Tadka, Masala Mantar and Salt Water i Salt: to taste i Pepper: to taste i Roast-
Cafe." ed walnuts: 20gm i Roasted almonds:
20gm i Caper berries: 5gm I Kalamata
olives: 20gm.
relish Continental food."
I "I love singing and I In a small pot, bring the broth to a
usually I sing while I'm boil with tomato puree. Stir in cous-
cooking, so that cous. Remove from heat and cover. Let
nobody comes in the it cool. Fluff with fork; set aside.
kitchen!" I In a large bowl, combine cooked cous
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER cous, piquant peppers, cherry
HAD I "The most tomatoes, basil, parsley and
memorable meal extra virgin olive oil.
was with my Toss to combine,
friends at Salt i Divide into four
Water Cafe, small portions,
where we i Toss one portion
ordered almost with almonds,
everything." second with
walnuts, third
with kalama-
ta olives and
"Tomato the fourth
Couscous." with just extra
virgin olive oil.
(As told to Pallavi
i Serve warm or
at room tempera


Celeb Cook-in Chef Saby, of Olive Beach,

foodie hidden in our b serves Mona Singh's Tomato
Celeb Cook-in Ravi Bajaj's
Ravi Bajaj
Lobster Linguine
M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "Although I am a hhardcore non- INGREDIENTS i Linguini pasta: 250 gm I Green peas: 30 gm Bacon bits:
vegetarian, there is a vegetarian dish I atbsolutely relish. The 20 gm I Parmesan cream sauce: 200 ml I Butter: 10 ml Shredded Parme-
Pumpkin Ravioli at La Piazza in Hyatt Reegency. New Delhi, is san cheese: 15 gm I Parsley: as per requirement I Garlic bread: 1. FOR
a delicacy I love." PARMESAN CREAM SAUCE ! Lemon juice: 5 ml I Cream: 100 ml Butter: 20
I LIKE TO EAT AT I 'Apart from my own c;:afe. Soak, I enjoy my gm l Flour: 10 gm I Salt: 2 gm I White pepper: 1 gm I Onion: 20 gm Gar-
meal at Oberoi's Travertino and lic: 5 gm i Tabasco: 2 ml I Parmesan cheese: 30 gm I Cheddar cheese: 20
Threesixty for the lovely Sushi prepared gm i Milk: 20 ml
by Chef Augusto. I also enjoy eating at METHOD I Boil the pasta in salted water for 12 minutes. In a pan, heat
Setz in DLF Emporio."
butter and saute the lobster meat. Add Parmesan
cream sauce and heat. I Add green peas and dice
Italian! The variety available in Italian
crispy bacon while stirring constantly, i Add the
cuisine is so wide and besides, it retains
boiled linguini to the sauce. I Using a fork, pour the
the originality of the ingredients."
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "It is music linguini on a plate and garnish with shredded
for me! I find solace in Indian Parmesan cream.
classical music. I also love For Parmesan c r e a m sauce
listening to thumri, ghazals agd , i Heat the butter and saute chopped
qawwali." onion and garlic till translucent, add the
B E S T MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I A flour. I Add the cream and milk to
mini-burger I had at L'Atelier de the mixture and boil while con-
Joel Robuchon in Tokyo. The stantly whisking with a wire
burger had a pattie of foie gras whip. I Boil the sauce till it
and Kobe beef stuffed with gets thick and reduce the
exotic fruits and vegetables. A flame. I Add cheese. Tabas-
bite into it was orgasmic." co, salt, pepper and lemon
M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I "Lobster juice and mix well. I Finally,
Linguine." add the chopped parsley and
(As told to Anwesha Mittra) remove from the range.

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known (Corporate Chef Shirish Singh of Ruby Tuesday,
foodie hidden in our better-known faces New Delhi, serves Ravi Bajaj's Lobster Linguine)
Celeb Cook-in Minisha Lamba's
Minisha Lamba
Actor Tandoori chicken
MY FAVOURITE DISH I "I love South INGREDIENTS I Chicken leg and breast: 300 gms I
Indian food, especially idli sambar, I Deghi mirch: 10 gms I Ginger garlic paste: 1 tsp I Ka-
can't resist them, I can eat it suri methi: 1 tsp I Hung curd: 25 ml I Salt: to taste I
anytime, anywhere." Pepper: to taste I Mustard oil: 10 ml I Garam masala:
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I love to eat 10 gms.
at home. My mom is the best cook,
she knows what I want and how METHOD I Prepare the chicken by making cuts on
much. I'm a homely person. I spend thigh and breast.
my time at home when not
I Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic paste, salt
and keep aside.
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "It's I Cream the hung curd, add ginger garlic paste,
definitely Indian Tandoori seasoning deghi mirch, oil, garam masala.
chicken, I basically like hard- I Pour cream and smoothen the marina-
core Punjabi food, with lots tion, however check seasoning.
of masala and mirch. ISkewer the chicken and put in the
Hyderabadi and South tandoor at 200-250 degree C.
Indian cuisines are other
love exploring new places. My
favourite pastime is singing."
"It would be with my best
friend Ashi."
"Tandoori chicken." (As told to
Richa Barua)

Celeb Cook-in introduces you Chef Anurudh Khanna, of The Park

foodie hidden in our Minisha Lamba's Tandoori chicken
Celeb Cook-in Bruna Abdullah's
Bruna Abdullah
Chicken Steak
M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "I simply can't INGREDIENTS I Chicken steak: 220 gms I Lettuce:
resist my mom's recipes. She makes the 11 Roasted vegetable: 100 gms I Mushroom sauce:
best Lasagna with homemade bread." 20 gms I Chopped parsley: 5 gms I Mashed
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "Don Giovane potatoes: 150 gms
at Juhu, Mumbai." METHOD I Coat chicken steak in flour and put on
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "I'm a the griddle. I On the other hand, heat mashed
foodie, I make sure I eat well potatoes and vegetables.l When chicken steak is
everyday! Last time I ate a great cooked, place it with vegetables, lettuce and mash
meal was at Indigo at the potatoes. I Pour sauce on top of the chicken
Palladium in Delhi." steak and sprinkle some parsley on it and serve.
usually have a craving for ROASTED VEGETABLES
Italian and Indian food. INGREDIENTS
I'm always tempted to I Chopped garlic: 20 gms I Chopped
eat Italian as it is rosemary: 10 gms I Crushed black pepper:
light." 10 gms I Olive oil: 50 ml I Three peppers I
MY NON-FOOD Yellow and green zucchini I Salt to taste.
and surfing for i Place vegetables in a tray
new songs and put all the ingredients
online." on top and mix well. I
MY FAVOURITE Roast in the oven at 350
RECIPE I degree C for five
"Chicken minutes or until it gets
Steak." light brown colour.

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known (Chef Manoj Kumar of (fctel Siddharth.J
foodie hidden iflk>ur better-known faces New Delhi, serves Bruna's Chicken Steak)
Celeb Cook-in Prathibha Prahlad's
Rava idli
Prathibha Prahlad
i t
assical dancer

M Y FAVOURITE DISH "Rava idli is one of my favourite dishes." INGREDIENTS I Rava: 1kg 1 Refined oil: 3-4 tbs I Mustard seeds: 1/2
I LIKE TO EAT AT 'At Mavalli Tiffin Room, popularly known as tsp I ginger (chopped): 1 tsp I green chillies (chopped): 2 tsp I curry
Mill, in Bangalore. Here, you get idlis in silver plates; served neat leaves (chopped): 25 gms I cashew nuts: as desired I Gram dal\
and clean. The taste of the dish has not changed 100 years!" approx 50 gms I curd: 1 1/2 Itr I soda: a pinch I coriander leaves: a
BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "A huge bunch l salt to taste.
banquet of Pan Asian cuisine a wide METHOD I In a kadai, heat about 3-4 tablespoons of
range of entrees, seafood platters, oil. I Add mustard seeds, gram dal, cashew nuts,
salads, beautifully carved fruits, exotic green chillies, ginger and curry leaves in that order.
desserts in the poolside of the Hyatt Fry all the above ingredients for a minute or two. I
Bali Hotel, Indonesia, in celebration Then add the semolina (rava) and toss till
of my 35 th birthday, with ingredients are mixed. Continue to cook until the
Ramakrishna Hegde, Ram rava changes colour and emits a light roasted
Jethmalani and other friends." aroma. I Remove from fire and allow the mixture to
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE i "North cool. I A couple of minutes before steaming the
Karnataka cuisine j o w a r rotis, idlis, place the cooled mixture in a vessel.
eggplant 'gojju, korigassi with Add curd, a pinch of soda, salt to taste
crisp rotis, all the spice powders and a bunch of coriander leaves and mix
and the home-made pickles well. Take care to see that no lumps
that are part of the meal." remain. I Fill the idli cups/moulds with
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS I the batter and cook the idlis in an idli
"Classical dance cooker for about 10 minutes. I The
(bharatanatyam), spending time idlis are ready to serve. Served
with my kids and dog, listening best with coriander .. ^
to music, reading, writing, chutney and potato
travelling to new places." sagoo (sabji). "^"v ^ f

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known (Janardhan Maiya of MTR

foodie hidden iflk>ur better-known faces serves Prathibha Prahlad's Rava
Celeb Cook-in Anna Singh's
Hyderabadi Biryani
Anna Singh
Fashion designer
M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "I simply love eating coastal I Basmati rice: 1kg i Green cardamom: 5i Bayleaf: 2 i Mace:2
seafood. My favourite is prawn curry, stuffed pomfret i Oil: 30 ml i Onion: 80 gms i Cauliflower: 100 gms I Carrot:
and prawns gassi." 100 gms I Beans: 100 gms I Green peas: 50 gms I Coriander:
I LIKE TO EAT AT I "In Mumbai, I love eating at Olive, 20 gmsi Mint: 10 gms I Curd: 50 gms I Red chilli powder: 10
Gajalee, Mahesh Lunch Home, Indigo and Signor Sas- gms i Turmeric powder: 5 gms I Garam masala: 5 gms i Saffron:
si, Zuma, Hakasan and Pattara in London and Kude- 1 pinch i Ghee: 20 gms i Butter: 10 gms i Cream: 10 ml i Rose
ta in Bali and Martin's Corner in Goa, they water: 2 ml i Salt (to taste) 11 lemon squeezed i Water (for boil-
have this dish named after Sachin ing rice) I Shredded green chilli: 5 I Juliennes ginger: 3 gms.
dulkar as 'Sachin Special crab masala' METHOD
which is fantastic." I Blanch cut vegetables, i Soak rice in water for 30-40 minutes,
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "Italian and i Take oil in a pan and crackle cardamom, bayleaf, mace and
Indian coastal seafood and Hyderabadi saute onion till brown in colour.
food. I love vegetarian food because i Now add all vegetables, red chilli and turmeric powder, salt,
I was a vegetarian till I was 13 and garam masala, green chilli, ginger, mint, coriander, whip curd
then got introduced to seafood by and cream, i Take a pot and add water, mint
my close friends." leaves, coriander leaves, lemon, mace, salt
and boil it. Add rice and cook it. I When
rice is cooked, strain it and layer it with
I "Hyderabadi food from
marinated vegetables, i Finish with
Pinky Reddy's home and my |
ghee, saffron, butter, rose water, mint
cook's fish curry and parsi H leaves, coriander leaves and green car-
style Pattaro Na Machi." * damom powder. I Seal the pot and cook
NON-FOOD PASSIONS I \ it on slow
"Shopping. travelling, flame.
reading and playing games
with my pets." Mr
derabadi biryani."

Celeb Cook-in introduces y o u t o Chef Bhairav Singh Rajput of

the lesser-known f o o d i e h i d d e n ourtyard by Marriott, Mumbai,
in our b e t t e r - k n o w n faces
erves Anna's Hyderabadi biryani)
Celeb Cook-in Payal Rohatgi's
Kaeng keaw waan pha
i Green curry paste: 30 gm i Coconut milk: 100 ml
I "I love Paneer butter
i Vegetable stock: 25 ml
masala with tandoori
i Pea aubergine: 20 gm i Fresh red chilli: 1 gm
i Basil: 2 gm i Broccoli: 20 gm
i Zucchini: 20 gm i Baby corn: 20 gm i Asparagus: 20 gm
I "I enjoy eating out at
Mumbai's Urban Tadka i Cherry tomato: 20 gm i Light soya: 2 ml i Lemon juice: 1
and Bade Miya." ml i Galangal: 5 gm i Kaffir lime leaf: 1 gm.
I "I love to eat Indian and Saute curry paste with little oil till the raw flavour is
Thai food." gone. Add the vegetables and continue
BEST MEAL I EVER HAD cooking till vegetables are half done.
I "Home is the place Add coconut milk and vegetable stock, continue
where I enjoy home cooking till all the vegetables are done.
cooked food with Check for seasoning and add light soya.
my family." Finish with basil leaves and
M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS lemon juice.
I "Travelling, reading Serve with a
and watching movies." bowl of
I "I can never resist Veg- jasmine
etables in Thai green rice.
(As told to Ravneet Kaur)

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known Chef Piyawat of Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon,
foodie hidden in our better-known faces serves Payal Rohatgi's Kaeng keaw waan phak
Celeb Cook-in Udita Goswami's
Chicken Siew Mai
Udita Goswami


momos. When it comes to Indian I Chicken mince: 180 gms i Spring onion: 20
food, I enjoy Bhindi aloo fry as it's my gms i Ginger: 10 gms i Cornflour: 5 gms i Salt: 2
weakness." gms i Chicken powder: 3 gms i Sugar: 3 gms i
I LOVE TO EAT AT I "Out of the Blue in Light Soya: 5 ml i White pepper: 2 gms i Sesame
Bandra, Mumbai. The ambience there oil: 3 ml i Onion oil: 3 ml i Egg: 11 Yellow Won-
is excellent and I love to choose ton sheets (available in shops): 6 i Green peas:
from the variety of pasta dishes." 6.
nothing like Indian food, it's my Take chicken mince, add egg, light soya
comfort food, but I also savour and cornflour in a mixer-grinder.
Italian and Thai dishes as well." * Mix it nicely, using a mixer-grinder.
MY NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "I love * Add other seasonings such as salt,
to explore interesting websites
chicken powder, sugar and pep-
and play games on my Black-
* Add onion and sesame
oil and mix till soft.
"When you are really hungry, the
* Stuff the mixture in
intense craving can change the
taste of the food you eat. The the yellow Wonton
best meal I ever had was at Out sheet.
of the Blue in Bandra, where I * Garnish it with
sampled Chicken Paparika green peas.
Pasta with my best friend." * Arrange the dim-
M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE sums in a basket
I "Chicken Siew Mai." and steam for
(As told to Richa Barua) 8 minutes.

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to th Chef Dong Long, of The

foodie hidden in our better-known Delhi, serves Udita Goswami's
food made by my mother
and grandmother, whatev-
Celeb Cook-in
Palash Sen
Palash Sen's
Aloo jhinge posto
er, whenever."
healthy, hygienic, value
for money - with the INGREDIENTS I Green chilies (slit); 2 i paste, stir and mix in half cup of water, cov-
world's best chef in atten- Medium potatoes: 5 - 6 i Sugar: 1/2 tsp i er and stir fry on low heat till the potatoes
dance, my mother." Mustard oil: 2 tbsp i Medium onion are almost done. *Take off the lid, mix in
M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I (sliced): 1 i Panch phoron (fenugreek salt and sugar. Continue to stir fry till po-
"Dogra and Bengali cui- seeds+ kalonji+ mustard +fennel seeds tatoes are completely cooked. 'Serve hot.
sine. It's my genetic predis- +cumin seeds): 1 tsp i Poppy seeds (khus TIPS Aloo jhinga posto is
position." khus): 4 tbsp i Peeled jhinga: Vi. kg i a Bengali dish, normally
B E S T MEAL I ' V E EVER HAD I Turmeric powder: 1 tsp i Salt to taste. eaten as a dry accompa-
"Every meal I've had METHOD niment to a meal of rice
with my band after a and curries. *Cut the
Peel and cut the potatoes into one-inch
concert is deli-
sized pieces, keep in water. "Soak poppy potatoes in uniform
cious and happy.
seeds in one cup warm water for 15-20 sizes to cook them
It's the love we
minutes. Drain and grind to a fine paste, equally. *You can
share that makes the
Meanwhile, marinate jhinga using half tsp also add lemon juice
meal happen. A band
of turmeric powder. Heat up mustard oil before serving,
that eats together,
in a pot till it reaches a smoking point, which will add to
rocks forever!"
Mix in panch phoron and allow it to crack- delicacy to this
le. Add slit green chillies. Now, add sliced dish.
SIONS I "Medicine,
onion and allow it to cook till
music, cricket,
light golden brown
sleeping not
colour. Mix in pota-
necessarily in
to pieces and stir fry
that order."
on medium heat
for five minutes,
RECIPE I "Aloo ka
stirring frequently.
madraa and Aloo
Add marinated jhin-
jhinge posto, either
ga and cook it for fur-
ther two minutes, j j
Mix in the poppy seeds
Celeb Cook-in
introduces you to the Chef Ranjan Anurag, of Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai,
foodie hidden in our better-known faces serves Palash Sen's Aloo ihinqe posto
Celeb Cook-in Cyrus Sahukar's
Cyrus Sahukar
VJ/Actor Murgh Jhalfrezi
M Y FAVOURITE DISH I "It depends o n t h e
climate conditions, though my all-time
i Chicken tikka (cooked): 150 gm i Red bell pepper triangles: 15 gm
favourite is dal chawal, capsicum stuffed spicy
i Yellow bell pepper triangles: 15 gm i Green capsicum triangles: 15 gm
potato with salad and pickle." i Tomato triangles: 15 gm i Onion triangles: 15 gm
I LOVE TO EAT AT I "I like home food as most of i Salt to taste i Red chilly powder: 20 gm
the time I'm travelling. So, I usually invite i Turmeric: 15 gm i Cumin seeds: 10 gm
people or get myself invited!" i Garam masala powder: 10 gm i Jeera powder: 10
M Y FAVOURITE CUISINE I "It's definitely I n d i a n gmi Kasoorimethipowder: 5 gm i Oil: 120 ml
food, but I also enjoy Thai and Japanese." i Chopped ginger: 10 gm i Chopped garlic: 10 gm
MY N O N - F O O D PASSIONS I " I love i Chopped green chilli: 15 gm
camping in the jungle, which in- i Chopped cilantro: 15 gm
cludes spotting tigers, trekking, i Lemon juice: 20 ml
meeting random people on the Method
road and doing adventurous R.I) UJSW?,.
Take oil and then add cumin seeds. When they start
sports. Besides this, I also
crackling, add chopped green chillies, ginger, garlic.
love to try my hand at gar-
Cook till the garlic is golden brown.
dening." Add the red, green, yellow, tomato and onion tri-
angles arid stir fry for some time.
"When I was 15 years old, I Then add the chicken dices and add all the pow-
went to Saat Taal (Naini- dered spices and stir-fry.
tal) with my friends, I Check the seasoning
poured 5 kgs of potato, 3 and finish the dish
kgs of rice, 1 kg of dal with chopped cilantro
some chicken, green chillies and lemon juice. *
and 300 gm of butter in a pot
and the result was the best meal
I've ever had."
"Murgh Jhalfrezi."
As told to Pallavi Bansal)

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to

the lesser-known foodie hidden Chef Yogender Pal, of The Claridges Surajkund,
in our better-known faces serves Cyrus Sahukar's Murgh Jhalfraizi
Celeb Cook-in
Riya Sen Riya Sen's
Mexican chicken
Actor m


I "I simply can't resist eating Black cod fish." i Chicken thigh: 21 Corn kernels: 'A cup i Retried
I LOVE TO EAT AT beans:'/i cup i Olive oil: 1 tbsp i Onion, chop: 1 tbsp
I "Nobu is my favourite eating joint." Tomato dices: Vi cup i Bell peppers (red, yellow): 1 i
MY FAVOURITE CUISINE Jalapeno peppers: 1i Gherkins: 2 i Salt: to taste i
I "I relish Thai food." Pepper: to taste.
I "Black cod fish at Heat oil in a pan and saute garlic and chopped
Nobu with friends." onion.
M Y NON-FOOD Add chicken dices and cook for five minutes. Also,
PASSIONS add corn kernels, diced tomato and refried beans.
i "I love swim- Stir gently and add stock if required, mix diced bell
ming, doing peppers and sliced gherkin.
yoga, listening to Simmer for five more
music and minutes till chicken is
Adjust the season-
ing and add cream to
I "Mexican
Serve hot with
(As told to
tossed rice
on the


Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser- ChefTarun Kapoor, of The Metropolitan Hotel,
known foodie hidden in our better-known faces New Delhi, serves Riya Sen's Mexican chicken
Celeb Cook-in Pankaj Udhas'
Hyderabadi murgh biryan
Pankaj Udhas
G h a z a l maestro

MY FAVOURITE DISH I "Tcindoori chicken is Ingredients

my favourite dish as it has no oil and i Chicken: 1 kg i Rice (Basmati): 1kg i Brown onion:250 gms i Curd: 250 gms
cooked on tandoor. It is well-marinated i Whole garam masala (elaychi, dalchini, kali mirch, javitri): 50 gms i Garam
and I like its smoky flavour. Anything masala powder: 10 gms l Ghee: 150 gms i Salt to taste i Yellow mirch pow-
cooked in tandoor is what I prefer actual- der: 10 gms i Kewda to taste i Cream: 350 ml i Saffron: 2 gms i Mint leaf:
ly." 50 gms i Green chilli: 5-61 Chicken stock: 1 lit i Ginger garlic paste: 50 gms
I LOVE TO EAT AT I "Since I am a traveller, I i Lemon juice: 50 ml
eat a lot at restaurants in the hotels. My
personal favourite is Nelson Wang's Method
China Garden in Mumbai. The; COOKING OF CHICKEN I Wash the chicken pieces and put in a han-
have the best presentation, and di. Add curd, brown onion, whole garam masala, salt, ghee, ginger
flavour is immaculate." garlic paste. Saute chicken until it leaves ghee on side. Add yellow
MY FAVOURITE CUISINE "I love chili powder and chicken stock. Then add kewda cream, garam
to eat Indian food." masala and lemon juice. Keep on simmer flame until chicken is
"Parkside in Queens, New COOKING OF RICE I Keep water for boiling of rice by adding
York, has the best Italian food. salt, cardamom and ghee. Add rice.
They specialise in homemade PROCESS OF DUM TO BIRYANI I The parboiled .
pasta. The dishes one needs flavoured rice is spread on cooked chicken. Pour some
to look out for apart from ghee, saffron and add mint
pastas are Black cod, Chicken leaf, green chili (slit into
Sea bass cooked in garlic and half) on top of rice and
butter sauce." cover tightly with silver
My non-food passions "Horse I or lid. Put on 'dum' on
racing. I have a beautiful filly full flame. Once steam comes
named Alliana." out, keep on slow flame for 5-10
My favourite recipe "Chicken minutes. Then remove it from flame,
biryani. It's very complex. It is an in- garnish with brown onion and corian-
teresting recipe and an all-day meal." der chopped, and serve.

Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known Chef Laveen Mathur, of Hotel Royal Orchid,
foodie hidden in our better-known faces Bangalore, serves Pankaj Udhas' Hyderabadi murgh biryani
Sauteed Water Chestnuts
and Baby Corn with fresh
Chillies in BBQ sauce
Li Peng, head chef, Jaypee Vasant,
New Delhi

I n g r e d i e n t s : Water chestnuts -
1 0 0 gms; baby corn (boiled) - 1 0 0
gms: corn flour - 1 0 0 gms; oil - to fry;
garlic (chopped) - 1 tablespoon; onion

(diced) - 2 0 gms; capsicum (diced) - 2 0
gms; chillies (slice) - 2; hoisin sauce - 1
tablespoon; soya sauce (light) - 1 table-
spoon; soya sauce (dark) -1 teaspoon;
salt-to taste; sugar - % teaspoon; spring *
onion - 2 0 gms
M e t h o d : Dust the water chestnuts with
corn flour. Deep fry till crisp & golden brown. Heat oil in a
Expat chefs get creative as the festive season nears. wok. Saute garlic, onion, capsicum, chillies, hoisin sauce,
light and dark Soya sauce, sugar, salt & stir. Add fried wa-
Rupali Dean puts together a varied palate ter chestnuts, baby corn, spring onion and toss well.

NDIANS are getting more experimental with eating. Most foodies

I are globe trotters and know their food well, which perhaps is the
reason many hotels and standalone restaurants hire expatriate
chefs from across the world. For these chefs, too, coming to India
proves to be a unique experience and inspires them creatively!

Ceviche of Hamachi with Wild Organic

Rocket and Orange Salad,
Jalapeno Salsa
Chef Augosto 0 Cabrera, sushi chef, 360 Degree,
The Oberoi's, New Delhi

I n g r e d i e n t s : (Makes 5 portions)
Hamachi (yellow tail) - 2 2 0 gms; wild organic rocket - 50
gms; fresh orange segments - 1 0 0 gms; cucumber - 50 gms.
For the Ceviche marinade: Lemon juice - 60 ml; ginger - 2 0 Artichoke Ravioli in
gms; garlic - 5 gms; coriander - 2 0 gms; Mitsukan vinegar -
150 ml; light soya sauce - 1 0 ml; sea salt - to taste; crushed
Tomato Basil Sauce
Giancarlo Francesco, executive chef, Four
pepper - to taste
Seasons, Mumbai
For the Jalapeno salsa: Jalapeno - 3 0 gms; chopped onions -
2 0 gms; tomato - 2 0 gms; olive oil - 50 ml; lemon juice - 2 0 Ingredients: (Serves two)
ml; sea salt - to taste For pasta: Flour - 1 1/2 cups; eggs - 2;
M e t h o d : Fillet a Hamachi; keep aside chilled. Prepare the mar- O salt -1/2 teaspoon; water - 2 tablespoons
ination by mixing all the ingredients of the marinade in a bowl For stuffing: Artichoke - 8 0 0 gms; white
with finely chopped coriander stems, garlic puree and ginger juice. wine - 3 tablespoons; crushed garlic - 5
Leave the marinade in a chiller cloves; basil-1 tablespoon; chopped parsley -
for an hour. To prepare the sal- Vt cup; salt; olive oil - as desired; ricotta and
sa, finely chop the jalapeno parmesan cheese - 25 gms each; cracked pep-
chillies, onions and tomato; per; butter.
add sea salt, olive oil and lemon For sauce: Tomato - 1; potato - 1 ; leek - 1
juice. Keep aside chilled. M e t h o d : Dough preparation: Mix all filling in-
Assembly: Thinly slice the gredients until it's creamy. Mix ingredients in a
Hamachi and lay it down on a mixer. Hand knead for 2 minutes and let rest for
plate. Whisk the marinade 20 minutes with a wet paper towel over it. Use in
and add two tablespoons the pasta machine; roll out strips and make
evenly on the Hamachi 2 T mounds of cheese about 2 inch-
slices. You will find es apart. Cover with another
the Hamachi turn- dough strip and cut and
ing pale showing crimp to form ravioli. Let it
the acid in the
marinade cook- Stuffing: Cook artichoke
ing the fish. Add with white wine, crushed
the salsa on top. garlic, basil, parsley, salt
Before serving the and olive oil. Stuff the pas-
Ceviche, mix the ta with the filling. Mix puree,
rockets leaves with juli- ricotta, parmesan, basil, salt and
ennes of cucumber and or- cook and braise it in butter sauce.
ange segments and lightly Sauce: Grate tomato in olive oil and pecorino sauce.
dress it with the Ceviche mari- For pecorino sauce, cook potato and leek till soft and then blend
nade. Serve chilled. it with cheese. Add the stuffed artichoke pasta.
Chorizo Horizo Stuffed Confit Duck Leg
Shaun Kenworthy, The Blue Potato
I n g r e d i e n t s : Duck legs - 8; apple - 1; Chorizo - 4 0 0 gms;
onion -1; garlic - 4 cloves; bread - 4 slices; cooking oil - 1.5
litre; cloves - 8; black peppercorns - teaspoon; star anise - 4
salt-to taste; pepper - to taste.

M e t h o d : Season partially boned duck legs, (or chicken if you must)

with salt pepper and set aside. Either mince, place into a food proces-
sor or finely chop peeled and roughly chopped apple, chorizo, rough-
ly chopped onion, peeled garlic, and the slices of bread that have been
quickly dipped into water. At the opening of each of the legs, fill the
cavity with some of the mixture and stitch up the flap so that the stuff-
ing stays in place. Repeat eight times. In a large saucepan, fill it with
around 1.5 litres of
cooking oil. Throw
in cloves, black
peppercorns and
star anise. Careful-
ly place in the duck
legs and simmer
on the lowest pos-
sible heat for
around 2-3 hours,
until the legs are
moist and tender.
Set aside and allow
to cool. Once cool,
carefully lift out
the legs and retain
the luscious, porky,
duckey cooking oil for making more of the same or using it else where. When you're
ready to serve, pan fry, bake or heat through under a grill until crisp. Serve with fondant
potatoes, crisp rocket leaves and harissa dressing, or with a nice salad, some crusty bread
and a glass red wine.
There's nothing like a crunchy, VlJAY ARORA
quick garden fresh salad. Ingredients 11 cup rocket leaves
1 cup Iceburg lettuce
Ravneet Kaur gets celebs to 1 orange
Cherry tomatoes
give their healthy salad recipes! Pinenuts or walnuts
i Lime juice
! *3 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
Method I Wash the the s a l - ^ g
ad leaves and tear
the leaves with
hands. Add or- I
ange slices, |
pinenuts and
KUSUM cherry tomatoes. *
Next, add salt and
SAHWNEY, r l lr; l S ln* >rec
ents 1
^AKKAR' pepper, olive oil, lime
Br iB 9 '' juice and toss the salad.
Medium-sized grapefruit
jjvi^jp packet Chinese beans sprout

Pomegranate TANISHA M O H A N
Dressing I
1 Balsamic vinegar
Salt Ingredients I
Sugar 1 1/2 green papaya
Lemon juice 1/4 cup peanuts
Olive oil 3 garlic cloves
Ingredients I Method ( Use your fingers to pulp out the 1 tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp fish

flesh of the grapefruit. Use a sharp and
strawberries 'Dinesh Bhatt PB. x A sauce
1 diced tomato
tomatoes 0PBllUj|PH Asparagus (option
Salad leaves
Balsamic medium-sized knife and shred the flesh Some crushed
vinegar I k Mix all ingredients and toss the salad red chillies
Extra virgin olive oil M t f i n the dressing just before serving.
Feta cheese f Garnish it with sliced tomatoes. Method I Peel, N l
Almonds or walnuts de-seed and grate ... J P
Salt and pepper to taste papaya. Mix lemon
Method I Slice the strawberries juice, fish sauce, sugar
and cherry tomatoes in half. and tomatoes in a bowl. Alfr-Jfi
Wash salad leaves and toss Add chopped garlic and
together with balsamic vinegar, peanuts. To this, add the grat-
olive oil and almonds. Garnish ed papaya and toss the mixture
with feta cheese. You can use just before serving. Add some more
Stilton or Gorgonzola cheese roasted peanuts and crushed chillies on top.
for a strong taste.