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Early BRD

Early Bombing Radar Detection, Early-BRD

is the solution to the problem plaguing our
city. Early-BRD is a high-tech Electronically
Scanned Array Radar, (E.S.A.) that is
capable of detecting and tracking multiple
targets at a time. Unmanned Arial Vehicles,
(U.A.V.s) have been bombing our city
relentlessly, Early-BRD will give us the
upper hand allowing us to monitor the skies,
track any threats and provide an early
warning, allowing our civilians to take cover
and our military to take action. Early-BRD watches the skies 24/7 so you
dont have to. With a probability of detection
of 99% and a probibillity of false alarm of 1%
this early bird always gets the drone.

Early-BRD at a glance
Radar Type: E.S.A.
Early-BRD will be located to the west of our Max Range: 150 miles
city, at the base of the local mountain range.
Detection to Arrival Time: 90 minuets
This location insures that the entire city is
under the watchful eye of Early-BRD. Size: 130 square feet
Electroniclly scanning the skies in half a second, Peak Power: 3 MW
have peace of mind knowing that, you will Average Power: 77 KW
never be taken by supprise. Early-BRD Probability of detection: 99%
provides 90 minuets of warning before a
Probability of false alarm 1%
threat is within bombing range of our city.
Early BRD
Radar Type: ESA
Drones cannot fly over the mountain
Number of arrays: 2
Drones have a RCS of 0.5m2
Azimuth anlge: 100o
Drones have a max speed of 22 m/s
Elavation angle: 3o
Drones cannot fly in the rain
Azmiuth search angle: 2
One way atmospheric loss of 0.04db/km
Elavation search angle: 3o
Search angle of 1000 azimuth (each array)
Number of Beam positions: 50
Search angle of 30 elevation (each array)
Dwell time: 8.9 ms
Range: 240 km
Antenta Size: 12m2 Calculations
(Rmax dcity )
Band: S Band (3.3Ghz) T = = 98.121
Wave legth 8.6-9.7cm 4
= = 40.4
Instantaneous Badwidth: 10 Mhz

o o = = 50
Beamwidth: 1.7 x 1.7 3 3

ln( )
Peak Power: 3 MW = 1 = 457.211
ln( )
Avarage Power: 77 kw
= 2 = 625

Angular scan rate (per array): 0.455 sec

= = 15
Range Resolution: 15 m 2

Pulse Width: 0.1s

PRF: 625 Hz