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Top  Tips  Advent  Calendar  2017  

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  Time  to  wrap  your  presents  –   Is  the  weather  outside  
do  you  know  their  story?   frightening?  Check  the  
  Check  out  supply  chains  at   local  weather  on  
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Too  cold  for  fieldwork?   Wrap  up  warm  and   Batteries  not  included?   ‘Yule’  love  this  –  it’s  a  free   Three  wise  men?  Make   Chestnuts  roasting  on  an   Make  your  own  Sunday  
Not  a  chance.  Book  a   #GetOutside  –  you’ll  need 1Tb  of  space  to  upload  all   sure  you  have  copies  of  a   open  fire?  They’re  all  Food   snowflakes  here:  
course  here:   an  Ordnance  Survey  map   grammes/p04whgbh  -­‐  one   your  images   very  wise  woman’s   for  Free.  Volunteer  at  your    
http://www.field-­‐studies-­‐ of  course:   of  the  50  things  that  made     books:   local  FoodCycle  project:­‐with-­‐ https://osmaps.ordnances the  World  economy
us.aspx     books/     k    
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Getting  a  new  phone  for   Hoping  for  a  box  set?  How   A  pet  is  for  life  and  not  just   Eating  to  excess  this   Let  it  snow,  and  if  it  does   It’s  time  to  renew  your   Need  an  idea  for  exploring  
Christmas?  Where  would   about  a  Landscape  in  a   for  Christmas.  Keep  an  eye   festive  season?  Explore   add  it  to  the  #uksnow   Geographical  Association   your  local  area  in  a  
that  put  you  on  Dollar   Box  activity.  Order  boxes   on  their  footprint  (or   the  water  that  you  ‘eat’  at   map  via  the  Twitter   membership  for  another   weather  window?  You  
Street?   here:  http://small-­‐ pawprint)  which  can  be   the  same  time  here:   hashtag   year  –  the  GA’s  125   need  to  check  out  
https://www.gapminder.or     larger  than  a  car. @MissionExplore    
g/dollar-­‐street     uk/login_join.asp    
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Pulling  a  Christmas   Mince  pies?  How  about   Two  snowmen  in  a  field.   Christmas  rapping…  Some   He’s  making  a  list…  or  is   Cold?  Pick  up  a  copy  of   Need  a  gift  idea?  Why  not  
cracker?  Buy  ones  without   keeping  an  eye  on  the   One  said  to  the  other  “can   Geography  raps  can  be   it  an  infographic?  Make   Ranuph  Fiennes  ‘Cold’  or   give  them  RGS-­‐IBG  
plastic  toys  –  there’s   atmosphere  with   you  smell  carrots”?     made  with  AutoRap  app…   your  own  with   ‘Colder’  books   membership?  
enough  around What’s  your  favourite   Straight  out  of…   http://www.piktochart.c http://www.ranulphfiennes.c
https://www.plasticoceans t/     geography  joke?   om  with  free  or  PRO     Page.htm    
.org/     options.  
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Track  Santa’s  progress   Have  a  day  off…     Boxing  Day.  Time  to   How  about  making  a  New   How  would  you  describe   Happy  54  birthday  to  Alan   Blue  Planet  II  is  out  on  
with  NORAD:   Only  kidding,  Geography   #GetOutside.  Measure  the   Years’  resolution  to  help   today?  Follow  Robert   Parkinson.  Send  him  good   DVD.  Make  2018  the  year  
https://www.noradsanta.o never  stops!   wind  speed  with  a   the  world  reach  the  Global   MacFarlane  for  Word  of   wishes  via  Twitter  on   you  do  your  bit  for  the  
rg/     Goals:   the  Day   @GeoBlogs  and  follow  for   oceans  
http://www.globalgoals.or daily  geography  goodness  in
g/     GMacfarlane     2018     grammes/p04tjbtx    
Happy  New  Year.  Don’t    
forget  to  order  your  Global  
Dimension  yearly  planner  
with  key  days  and  events  
marked  on  for  2018  

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