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8/27/2017 (1) Mili Dhanki's answer to What should one do a day before your ielts exam?

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What should one do a day before your ielts

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Mili Dhanki, overall 8 band. L, R -8.5, S-8, W-7

Answered Jun 15, 2016

Thanks for A2A.

This is based on my personal experience. I hope it helps.


My speaking test was schedule a day before the LWR. A day before speaking test, I
practiced mock tests with a friend. I pulled up some sample interviews on YouTube,
mostly 89 band interviews. We kept a pen and pencil handy, just like they do in
exams. I had my friend pause every question, I would answer and then the answer
would be played so I could know how I could have answered better. Mocks helped me
calm my nerves too. I felt more condent later.

In my actual test, in round 2, where you are asked to speak for 12 mins, I ran out of
things to say and told the examiner That is all I have to speak on the subject after 1
min only while she kept prompting me to speak more. I felt I have screwed the test
however, like others might have mentioned, they look into your vocabulary, grammar,
cohesion etc. So DO NOT WORRY, if you content is not as good, just speak about it in
good grammar, try not to use llers like like, wish them good morning, how are you
doing today.

Here are some of the tests I took : ielts speaking test samples band 8


For listening, it is all dependent on 2 things

1. How well you can understand accents. Improving this area just a day before
exam is near to impossible.

2. How quick you can grab the information required and put it down on paper
before it moves on. Since the recording is played only one!

A day before exam, solve mock tests. Here is the trick I used - when you are given time
to look at the questions, I used to mark and underline all important words of the
questions like this so I know what to listen to with concentration when the recording is
being played.

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8/27/2017 (1) Mili Dhanki's answer to What should one do a day before your ielts exam? - Quora

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Also, before recording three, do not forget to read all ten questions!

Incase of map based questions, here is what I did. Instead of remembering what all I
need to listen to, I simply look at the map and hear what the recording is saying, write
down what is located where as it is being said and then when recording is over, look
over to the side and write down the letters next to what is required. If you keep
looking for suppose marketing, the instructions are so fast, you might lose track of
what is where, it is simply said this is to the left and right of so and so, miss one
direction and chances are you are done! 2/4
8/27/2017 (1) Mili Dhanki's answer to What should one do a day before your ielts exam? - Quora

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As you can see, I wrote down what is where, as it was being played and then when it
was done, I wrote down the alphabet against the requirement.


Reading is quite simple. It is something we have all done in school before.

Comprehensions. Have a look at the questions once, not for too long, so you can
remember what to look for. Like listening, mark and underline in the questions. Do
not spend too much time on test 1 as test 3 tends to be more techincal and hence
boring too read and takes up more time.

A day before your exam, just take 12 mock tests to gain condence.


I looked up the writing section just a day before my exam, not before. For writing I
would recommend you read IELTS Lizs tips. It helped me a great deal and I read
about it only a day before. After you are done, have a look at some samples.

I recommend you going through all the links and videos given here. They are of a
great help.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Lessons, Tips & Information

IELTS Writing Task 2: Tips, Lessons & Models

Other tips:

1. Try to write 160170 words in Essay 1 and about 300 words in Essay 2 in

2. Keep 23 pencils sharpened during listening, you can not waste time looking
for your pencil or sharpening it.

3. While transferring answers, write all your answers in CAPITAL. You may lose
marks if you write Mrs. Jane as mrs. Jane , so to be on the safe side, write all
your answers in reading and listening only in CAPITAL letters.

4. In case while listening if you feel that that was the answer and then no no
this is the answer, write it besides the previous one, you later have ten mins
to transfer your answers and at the time you can recollect which one was
more appropriate.

5. For other writing tips, IELTS LIZ links should help. 3/4
8/27/2017 (1) Mili Dhanki's answer to What should one do a day before your ielts exam? - Quora
6. During speaking, when asked name, dont just say your name, say my name
is .. , while adding sentences, use in my opinion, consequently etc.

I hope it helps :) Good luck!

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