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A Directory of the General Conference,

World Divisions, Union and Local Conferences and Missions,

Educational Institutions, Food Industries, Healthcare Institutions,
Media Centers, Publishing Houses and Periodicals, Radio and TV Stations,
Risk Management, and the Index of Institutional Employees and the Directory
of Credentialed Employees.

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Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook 2008

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The Yearbook is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the organizations and institutions
associated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The information here presented has been submitted by these organiza-
tions and institutions through their respective division offices (union offices for the North American Division). No attempt is
made by the Office of Archives and Statistics to verify the accuracy of the information submitted.

As compiled, arranged, and edited by Rowena J. Moore, Assistant Director, Archives and Statistics, the material in this publi-
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Preface and Statistics ........................................................................................................4
Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists .................................................................5
Mission Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church ...................................................8
Constitution and Bylaws ...................................................................................................9
General Conference Officers (1863 to present) ...............................................................16
MapWorld Time Zones................................................................................................17
MapWorld Divisions ...................................................................................................18
General Conference........................................................................................................19
East-Central Africa DivisionECD..................................................................................39
Euro-Africa DivisionEUD ............................................................................................67
Euro-Asia DivisionESD ................................................................................................89
Inter-American DivisionIAD ......................................................................................109
North American DivisionNAD ..................................................................................165
Postal Abbreviations ..............................................................................................226
Healthcare Corporations....................................................................................... 227
Northern Asia-Pacific DivisionNSD .......................................................................... 231
South American DivisionSAD .................................................................................. 245
South Pacific DivisionSPD........................................................................................ 291
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean DivisionSID ...............................................................313
Southern Asia DivisionSUD ......................................................................................335
Southern Asia-Pacific DivisionSSD ............................................................................357
Trans-European DivisionTED.....................................................................................401
West-Central Africa DivisionWAD ............................................................................423
Educational Institutions.................................................................................................443
Secondary Schools ................................................................................................495
Food Industries .............................................................................................................589
Healthcare Institutions ..................................................................................................595
Clinics and Dispensaries .......................................................................................617
Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers ................................................................625
Orphanages and Childrens Homes .......................................................................633
Media Centers ..............................................................................................................637
Publishing Houses ........................................................................................................641
Radio and TV Stations...................................................................................................669
Risk Management .........................................................................................................679
Index of Institutional Employees ...................................................................................681
Directory of Credentialed Employees............................................................................755
List of Countries With Their Organizational Locations.................................................1095
General Index.............................................................................................................1099
Trademarks .................................................................................................................1131


Preface to the 2008 Edition

Scope of the Yearbook Francisco, California, and was soon engaged in carrying mis-
A world directory of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is sionaries to the Pacific islands. Seventh-day Adventist workers
given in the following pages. It includes the General first entered non-Christian countries in 1894Gold Coast
Conference and its international divisions, union and local (Ghana), West Africa, and Matabeleland, South Africa. The
conferences and missions, and related institutions. same year saw missionaries entering South America, and in
Institutions that are managed but not fully owned and operat- 1896 there were representatives in Japan. The Church now
ed by church entities are not included. The information has has established work in 203 countries.
been furnished by the organizations themselves, but in cases The publication and distribution of literature were major
where current reports have not been received, the most recent factors in the growth of the Advent Movement. The Adventist
previous records have been retained or adjusted. This publi- Review and Sabbath Herald (now the Adventist Review), gen-
cation does not define church structure or describe legal rela- eral church paper, was launched in Paris, Maine in 1850; the
tionships among church entities. No listed entity assumes any Youths Instructor in Rochester, New York, in 1852; and the
responsibility for the liabilities, debts, or alleged acts or omis- Signs of the Times in Oakland, California, in 1874. The first
sions of any other church entity simply because of its inclu- denominational publishing house at Battle Creek, Michigan,
sion in this Yearbook. Persons with grievances or claims began operating in 1855 and was duly incorporated in 1861
against a listed entity must directly address the entity involved under the name of Seventh-day Adventist Publishing
and not any other entity or organization. Association.
In the division/union/conference/mission sections, The Health Reform Institute, later known as the Battle
employees are listed as follows: ordained ministers holding Creek Sanitarium, opened in 1866, and missionary society
ministerial credentials, credentialed commissioned ministers, work organized on a state-wide basis in 1870. The first of the
credentialed commissioned teachers, and credentialed mis- Churchs worldwide network of schools was established in
sionaries. The Directory of Credentialed Employees gives the 1872, and 1877 saw the formation of state-wide Sabbath
names and addresses of these individuals. Institutional school associations. In 1903, denominational headquarters
employees are listed separately in the Index of Institutional moved from Battle Creek, Michigan, to Washington, D.C.,
Employees. and in 1989 to Silver Spring, Maryland, where it continues to
The data that appears below has been summarized largely form the nerve center of an ever-expanding work.
from the 2006 Annual Statistical Report, while the figures for The distinctive Seventh-day Adventist message may be
the number of churches and for church membership through- summarized as the everlasting gospel, the basic Christian
out the Yearbook are drawn from official reports rendered for message of salvation through faith in Christ, in the special set-
June 30, 2007. ting of the threefold message of Revelation 14:6-12, the call
Denominational History to worship the Creator, for the hour of his judgment is
Seventh-day Adventists are, doctrinally, heirs of the come. This message is epitomized in the phrase, the com-
Millerite Movement of the 1840s. Although the name mandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.ter of an ever-
Seventh-day Adventist was chosen in 1860, the denomina- expanding work.
tion was not officially organized until May 21, 1863, when The distinctive Seventh-day Adventist message may be
the movement included some 125 churches and 3,500 mem- summarized as the everlasting gospel, the basic Christian
bers. Work was largely confined to North America until 1874 message of salvation through faith in Christ, in the special
when the Churchs first missionary, J. N. Andrews, was sent to setting of the threefold message of Revelation 14:6-12, the
Switzerland. The first non-Protestant Christian country entered call to worship the Creator, for the hour of his judgment is
was Russia, where an Adventist minister went in 1886. On come. This message is epitomized in the phrase, the com-
October 20, 1890, the schooner Pitcairn was launched at San mandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

World Statistics for 2006

(except as noted)

MEMBERSHIP AND EMPLOYEES Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers . . . . . . . . . . . 138

Churches (June 30, 2007). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62,716 Orphanages and Childrens Homes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Church Membership (June 30, 2007) . . . . . . . 15,435,470 Outpatient Visits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,371,479
Baptisms and Professions of Faith . . . . . . . . . . . 1,107,425 HUMANITARIAN WORK
Ordained Ministers, Active . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,813 Countries/Areas Where ADRA is Involved . . . . . . . . . . 112
Total Employees, Active . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201,646 Number of Projects Funded . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,421
MISSION WORK Number of Direct Beneficiaries. . . . . . . . . . . . 36,228,592
Countries and Areas as Recognized Value of Assistance Provided . . . . . . . . . . . $286,012,003
by the United Nations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 229 MEDIA CENTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Countries/Areas in Which SDA Work is Established . . . 203 PUBLISHING WORK
Divisions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Publishing Houses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Unions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Languages and Dialects Used in Publications . . . . . . . 361
Conferences, Missions, and Fields . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 566 Languages and Dialects Used in Publications
International Deployment of Personnel . . . . . . . . . . . . 720 and Oral Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 886
Adventist Volunteer and Youth Service . . . . . . . . . . . 1,604 Literature Evangelists, Credentialed and Licensed . . . . . 6,193
Schools Operated by Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,284 Sabbath Schools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131,892
Colleges and Universities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Sabbath School Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19,199,944
Worker Training Institutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Secondary Schools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,470 CONTRIBUTIONS
Primary Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,666 TitheWorld . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,617,800,560
Total Enrollment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,436,290 North America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $861,581,967
Sabbath School MissionsWorld . . . . . . . . . $53,327,823
FOOD INDUSTRIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 North America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $22,142,933
HEALTH MINISTRY Ingathering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,034,443
Hospitals and Sanitariums. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 168 Total Tithe and OfferingsWorld. . . . . . . $2,383,690,238
Clinics and Dispensaries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 442 North America. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,382,468,392

(As amended at the 58th session held in St. Louis, Scriptures leads it into all truth. (Gen. 1:1, 2; Luke 1:35;
Missouri, June 29 to July 9, 2005.) 4:18; Acts 10:38; 2 Peter 1:21; 2 Cor. 3:18; Eph. 4:11, 12;
Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only Acts 1:8; John 14:16-18, 26; 15:26, 27; 16:7-13.)
creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teach-
ing of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, as set forth here, 6. Creation
constitute the churchs understanding and expression of the God is Creator of all things, and has revealed in
teaching of Scripture. Revision of these statements may be Scripture the authentic account of His creative activity. In
expected at a General Conference session when the church six days the Lord made the heaven and the earth and all
is led by the Holy Spirit to a fuller understanding of Bible living things upon the earth, and rested on the seventh day
truth or finds better language in which to express the teach- of that first week. Thus He established the Sabbath as a per-
ings of Gods Holy Word. petual memorial of His completed creative work. The first
man and woman were made in the image of God as the
1. Holy Scriptures crowning work of Creation, given dominion over the world,
The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, are the and charged with responsibility to care for it. When the
written Word of God, given by divine inspiration through world was finished it was very good, declaring the glory
holy men of God who spoke and wrote as they were of God. (Gen. 1; 2; Ex. 20:8-11; Ps. 19:1-6; 33:6, 9; 104;
moved by the Holy Spirit. In this Word, God has committed Heb. 11:3.)
to man the knowledge necessary for salvation. The Holy
Scriptures are the infallible revelation of His will. They are 7. Nature of Man
the standard of character, the test of experience, the author- Man and woman were made in the image of God with
itative revealer of doctrines, and the trustworthy record of individuality, the power and freedom to think and to do.
Gods acts in history. (2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Tim. 3:16, 17; Ps. Though created free beings, each is an indivisible unity of
119:105; Prov. 30:5, 6; Isa. 8:20; John 17:17; 1 Thess. 2:13; body, mind, and spirit, dependent upon God for life and
Heb. 4:12.) breath and all else. When our first parents disobeyed God,
they denied their dependence upon Him and fell from their
2. Trinity high position under God. The image of God in them was
There is one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, a unity of marred and they became subject to death. Their descen-
three co-eternal Persons. God is immortal, all-powerful, all- dants share this fallen nature and its consequences. They
knowing, above all, and ever present. He is infinite and are born with weaknesses and tendencies to evil. But God
beyond human comprehension, yet known through His self- in Christ reconciled the world to Himself and by His Spirit
revelation. He is forever worthy of worship, adoration, and restores in penitent mortals the image of their Maker.
service by the whole creation. (Deut. 6:4; Matt. 28:19; Created for the glory of God, they are called to love Him
2 Cor. 13:14; Eph. 4:4-6; 1 Peter 1:2; 1 Tim. 1:17; Rev. 14:7.) and one another, and to care for their environment. (Gen.
1:26-28; 2:7; Ps. 8:4-8; Acts 17:24-28; Gen. 3; Ps. 51:5;
3. Father Rom. 5:12-17; 2 Cor. 5:19, 20; Ps. 51:10; 1 John 4:7, 8, 11,
God the eternal Father is the Creator, Source, Sustainer, 20; Gen. 2:15.)
and Sovereign of all creation. He is just and holy, merciful
and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast 8. Great Controversy
love and faithfulness. The qualities and powers exhibited in All humanity is now involved in a great controversy
the Son and the Holy Spirit are also revelations of the between Christ and Satan regarding the character of God,
Father. (Gen. 1:1; Rev. 4:11; 1 Cor. 15:28; John 3:16; 1 John His law, and His sovereignty over the universe. This conflict
4:8; 1 Tim. 1:17; Ex. 34:6, 7; John 14:9.) originated in heaven when a created being, endowed with
freedom of choice, in self-exaltation became Satan, Gods
4. Son adversary, and led into rebellion a portion of the angels. He
God the eternal Son became incarnate in Jesus Christ. introduced the spirit of rebellion into this world when he
Through Him all things were created, the character of God led Adam and Eve into sin. This human sin resulted in the
is revealed, the salvation of humanity is accomplished, and distortion of the image of God in humanity, the disordering
the world is judged. Forever truly God, He became also of the created world, and its eventual devastation at the
truly man, Jesus the Christ. He was conceived of the Holy time of the worldwide flood. Observed by the whole cre-
Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He lived and experi- ation, this world became the arena of the universal conflict,
enced temptation as a human being, but perfectly exempli- out of which the God of love will ultimately be vindicated.
fied the righteousness and love of God. By His miracles He To assist His people in this controversy, Christ sends the
manifested Gods power and was attested as Gods Holy Spirit and the loyal angels to guide, protect, and sus-
promised Messiah. He suffered and died voluntarily on the tain them in the way of salvation. (Rev. 12:4-9; Isa. 14:12-
cross for our sins and in our place, was raised from the 14; Eze. 28:12-18; Gen. 3; Rom. 1:19-32; 5:12-21; 8:19
dead, and ascended to minister in the heavenly sanctuary 22; Gen. 6-8; 2 Peter 3:6; 1 Cor. 4:9; Heb. 1:14.)
in our behalf. He will come again in glory for the final
deliverance of His people and the restoration of all things. 9. Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ
(John 1:1-3, 14; Col. 1:15-19; John 10:30; 14:9; Rom. 6:23; In Christs life of perfect obedience to Gods will, His
2 Cor. 5:17-19; John 5:22; Luke 1:35; Phil. 2:5-11; Heb. suffering, death, and resurrection, God provided the only
2:9-18; 1 Cor. 15:3, 4; Heb. 8:1, 2; John 14:13.) means of atonement for human sin, so that those who by
faith accept this atonement may have eternal life, and the
5. Holy Spirit whole creation may better understand the infinite and holy
God the eternal Spirit was active with the Father and the love of the Creator. This perfect atonement vindicates the
Son in Creation, incarnation, and redemption. He inspired righteousness of Gods law and the graciousness of His
the writers of Scripture. He filled Christs life with power. character; for it both condemns our sin and provides for our
He draws and convicts human beings; and those who forgiveness. The death of Christ is substitutionary and expia-
respond He renews and transforms into the image of God. tory, reconciling and transforming. The resurrection of
Sent by the Father and the Son to be always with His chil- Christ proclaims Gods triumph over the forces of evil, and
dren, He extends spiritual gifts to the church, empowers it for those who accept the atonement assures their final vic-
to bear witness to Christ, and in harmony with the tory over sin and death. It declares the Lordship of Jesus

Christ, before whom every knee in heaven and on earth vation through Christ, and heralds the approach of His sec-
will bow. (John 3:16; Isa. 53; 1 Peter 2:21, 22; 1 Cor. 15:3, ond advent. This proclamation is symbolized by the three
4, 20-22; 2 Cor. 5:14, 15, 19-21; Rom. 1:4; 3:25; 4:25; 8:3, angels of Revelation 14; it coincides with the work of judg-
4; 1 John 2:2; 4:10; Col. 2:15; Phil. 2:611.) ment in heaven and results in a work of repentance and
reform on earth. Every believer is called to have a personal
10. Experience of Salvation part in this worldwide witness. (Rev. 12:17; 14:6-12; 18:1-
In infinite love and mercy God made Christ, who knew 4; 2 Cor. 5:10; Jude 3, 14; 1 Peter 1:16-19; 2 Peter 3:10-14;
no sin, to be sin for us, so that in Him we might be made Rev. 21:1-14.)
the righteousness of God. Led by the Holy Spirit we sense
our need, acknowledge our sinfulness, repent of our trans- 14. Unity in the Body of Christ
gressions, and exercise faith in Jesus as Lord and Christ, as The church is one body with many members, called
Substitute and Example. This faith which receives salvation from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. In Christ
comes through the divine power of the Word and is the gift we are a new creation; distinctions of race, culture, learn-
of Gods grace. Through Christ we are justified, adopted as ing, and nationality, and differences between high and low,
Gods sons and daughters, and delivered from the lordship rich and poor, male and female, must not be divisive
of sin. Through the Spirit we are born again and sanctified; among us. We are all equal in Christ, who by one Spirit has
the Spirit renews our minds, writes Gods law of love in our bonded us into one fellowship with Him and with one
hearts, and we are given the power to live a holy life. another; we are to serve and be served without partiality or
Abiding in Him we become partakers of the divine nature reservation. Through the revelation of Jesus Christ in the
and have the assurance of salvation now and in the judg-
Scriptures we share the same faith and hope, and reach out
ment. (2 Cor. 5:17-21; John 3:16; Gal. 1:4; 4:4-7; Titus 3:3-
7; John 16:8; Gal. 3:13, 14; 1 Peter 2:21, 22; Rom. 10:17; in one witness to all. This unity has its source in the one-
Luke 17:5; Mark 9:23, 24; Eph. 2:5-10; Rom. 3:21-26; Col. ness of the triune God, who has adopted us as His children.
1:13, 14; Rom. 8:14-17; Gal. 3:26; John 3:3-8; 1 Peter (Rom. 12:4, 5; 1 Cor. 12:12-14; Matt. 28:19, 20; Ps. 133:1;
1:23; Rom. 12:2; Heb. 8:7-12; Eze. 36:25-27; 2 Peter 1:3, 2 Cor. 5:16, 17; Acts 17:26, 27; Gal. 3:27, 29; Col. 3:10
4; Rom. 8:1-4; 5:6-10.) 15; Eph. 4:14-16; 4:1-6; John 17:20-23.)

11. Growing in Christ 15. Baptism

By His death on the cross Jesus triumphed over the By baptism we confess our faith in the death and resur-
forces of evil. He who subjugated the demonic spirits dur- rection of Jesus Christ, and testify of our death to sin and of
ing His earthly ministry has broken their power and made our purpose to walk in newness of life. Thus we acknowl-
certain their ultimate doom. Jesus victory gives us victory edge Christ as Lord and Saviour, become His people, and
over the evil forces that still seek to control us, as we walk are received as members by His church. Baptism is a sym-
with Him in peace, joy, and assurance of His love. Now the bol of our union with Christ, the forgiveness of our sins,
Holy Spirit dwells within us and empowers us. Continually and our reception of the Holy Spirit. It is by immersion in
committed to Jesus as our Saviour and Lord, we are set free water and is contingent on an affirmation of faith in Jesus
from the burden of our past deeds. No longer do we live in and evidence of repentance of sin. It follows instruction in
the darkness, fear of evil powers, ignorance, and meaning- the Holy Scriptures and acceptance of their teachings.
lessness of our former way of life. In this new freedom in (Rom. 6:6; Col. 2:12, 13; Acts 16:30-33; 22:16; 2:38; Matt.
Jesus, we are called to grow into the likeness of His charac- 28:19, 20.)
ter, communing with Him daily in prayer, feeding on His
Word, meditating on it and on His providence, singing His 16. Lords Supper
praises, gathering together for worship, and participating in The Lords Supper is a participation in the emblems of
the mission of the Church. As we give ourselves in loving the body and blood of Jesus as an expression of faith in
service to those around us and in witnessing to His salva- Him, our Lord and Saviour. In this experience of commu-
tion, His constant presence with us through the Spirit trans- nion Christ is present to meet and strengthen His people.
forms every moment and every task into a spiritual experi- As we partake, we joyfully proclaim the Lords death until
ence. (Ps 1:1, 2; 23:4; 77:11, 12; Col 1:13, 14; 2:6, 14, 15; He comes again. Preparation for the Supper includes self
Luke 10:17-20; Eph 5:19, 20; 6:12-18; 1 Thess 5:23; 2 examination, repentance, and confession. The Master
Peter 2:9; 3:18; 2 Cor. 3:17, 18; Phil 3:7-14; 1 Thess 5:16- ordained the service of foot- washing to signify renewed
18; Matt 20:25-28; John 20:21; Gal 5:22-25; Rom 8:38, 39; cleansing, to express a willingness to serve one another in
1 John 4:4; Heb 10:25.) Christlike humility, and to unite our hearts in love. The
12. Church communion service is open to all believing Christians.
(1 Cor. 10:16, 17; 11:23-30; Matt. 26:17-30; Rev. 3:20;
The church is the community of believers who confess John 6:48-63; 13:1-17.)
Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. In continuity with the peo-
ple of God in Old Testament times, we are called out from 17. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
the world; and we join together for worship, for fellowship,
for instruction in the Word, for the celebration of the Lords God bestows upon all members of His church in every
Supper, for service to all mankind, and for the worldwide age spiritual gifts which each member is to employ in lov-
proclamation of the gospel. The church derives its authority ing ministry for the common good of the church and of
from Christ, who is the incarnate Word, and from the humanity. Given by the agency of the Holy Spirit, who
Scriptures, which are the written Word. The church is Gods apportions to each member as He wills, the gifts provide all
family; adopted by Him as children, its members live on abilities and ministries needed by the church to fulfill its
the basis of the new covenant. The church is the body of divinely ordained functions. According to the Scriptures,
Christ, a community of faith of which Christ Himself is the these gifts include such ministries as faith, healing, prophe-
Head. The church is the bride for whom Christ died that He cy, proclamation, teaching, administration, reconciliation,
might sanctify and cleanse her. At His return in triumph, He compassion, and self-sacrificing service and charity for the
will present her to Himself a glorious church, the faithful of help and encouragement of people. Some members are
all the ages, the purchase of His blood, not having spot or called of God and endowed by the Spirit for functions rec-
wrinkle, but holy and without blemish. (Gen. 12:3; Acts ognized by the church in pastoral, evangelistic, apostolic,
7:38; Eph. 4:11-15; 3:8-11; Matt. 28:19, 20; 16:13-20; and teaching ministries particularly needed to equip the
18:18; Eph. 2:19-22; 1:22, 23; 5:23-27; Col. 1:17, 18.) members for service, to build up the church to spiritual
maturity, and to foster unity of the faith and knowledge of
13. Remnant and Its Mission God. When members employ these spiritual gifts as faithful
The universal church is composed of all who truly stewards of Gods varied grace, the church is protected
believe in Christ, but in the last days, a time of widespread from the destructive influence of false doctrine, grows with
apostasy, a remnant has been called out to keep the com- a growth that is from God, and is built up in faith and love.
mandments of God and the faith of Jesus. This remnant (Rom. 12:4-8; 1 Cor. 12:9-11, 27, 28; Eph. 4:8, 11-16; Acts
announces the arrival of the judgment hour, proclaims sal- 6:1-7; 1 Tim. 3:1-13; 1 Peter 4:10, 11.)

18. Gift of Prophecy alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and the irresponsible use of
One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy. This gift is drugs and narcotics are harmful to our bodies, we are to
an identifying mark of the remnant church and was mani- abstain from them as well. Instead, we are to engage in
fested in the ministry of Ellen G. White. As the Lords mes- whatever brings our thoughts and bodies into the discipline
senger, her writings are a continuing and authoritative of Christ, who desires our wholesomeness, joy, and good-
source of truth which provide for the church comfort, guid- ness. (Rom. 12:1, 2; 1 John 2:6; Eph. 5:1-21; Phil. 4:8;
ance, instruction, and correction. They also make clear that 2 Cor. 10:5; 6:14-7:1; 1 Peter 3:1-4; 1 Cor. 6:19, 20; 10:31;
the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experi- Lev. 11:1-47; 3 John 2.)
ence must be tested. (Joel 2:28, 29; Acts 2:14-21; Heb. 1:1- 23. Marriage and the Family
3; Rev. 12:17; 19:10.)
Marriage was divinely established in Eden and affirmed
19. Law of God by Jesus to be a lifelong union between a man and a
The great principles of Gods law are embodied in the woman in loving companionship. For the Christian a mar-
Ten Commandments and exemplified in the life of Christ. riage commitment is to God as well as to the spouse, and
They express Gods love, will, and purposes concerning should be entered into only between partners who share a
human conduct and relationships and are binding upon all common faith. Mutual love, honor, respect, and responsi-
people in every age. These precepts are the basis of Gods bility are the fabric of this relationship, which is to reflect
covenant with His people and the standard in Gods judg- the love, sanctity, closeness, and permanence of the rela-
ment. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit they point out tionship between Christ and His church. Regarding divorce,
sin and awaken a sense of need for a Saviour. Salvation is Jesus taught that the person who divorces a spouse, except
all of grace and not of works, but its fruitage is obedience for fornication, and marries another, commits adultery.
to the Commandments. This obedience develops Christian Although some family relationships may fall short of the
character and results in a sense of well-being. It is an evi- ideal, marriage partners who fully commit themselves to
dence of our love for the Lord and our concern for our fel- each other in Christ may achieve loving unity through the
low men. The obedience of faith demonstrates the power of guidance of the Spirit and the nurture of the church. God
Christ to transform lives, and therefore strengthens Christian blesses the family and intends that its members shall assist
witness. (Ex. 20:1-17; Ps. 40:7, 8; Matt. 22:36-40; Deut. each other toward complete maturity. Parents are to bring
28:1-14; Matt. 5:17-20; Heb. 8:8-10; John 15:7-10; Eph. up their children to love and obey the Lord. By their exam-
2:8-10; 1 John 5:3; Rom. 8:3, 4; Ps. 19:7-14.) ple and their words they are to teach them that Christ is a
loving disciplinarian, ever tender and caring, who wants
20. Sabbath them to become members of His body, the family of God.
The beneficent Creator, after the six days of Creation, Increasing family closeness is one of the earmarks of the
rested on the seventh day and instituted the Sabbath for all final gospel message. (Gen. 2:18-25; Matt. 19:3-9; John
people as a memorial of Creation. The fourth commandment 2:1-11; 2 Cor. 6:14; Eph. 5:21-33; Matt. 5:31, 32; Mark
of Gods unchangeable law requires the observance of this 10:11, 12; Luke 16:18; 1 Cor. 7:10, 11; Ex. 20:12; Eph.
seventh-day Sabbath as the day of rest, worship, and min- 6:1-4; Deut. 6:5-9; Prov. 22:6; Mal. 4:5, 6.)
istry in harmony with the teaching and practice of Jesus, the 24. Christs Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary
Lord of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of delightful com-
munion with God and one another. It is a symbol of our There is a sanctuary in heaven, the true tabernacle
redemption in Christ, a sign of our sanctification, a token of which the Lord set up and not man. In it Christ ministers on
our allegiance, and a foretaste of our eternal future in Gods our behalf, making available to believers the benefits of His
kingdom. The Sabbath is Gods perpetual sign of His eternal atoning sacrifice offered once for all on the cross. He was
covenant between Him and His people. Joyful observance inaugurated as our great High Priest and began His inter-
of this holy time from evening to evening, sunset to sunset, cessory ministry at the time of His ascension. In 1844, at
is a celebration of Gods creative and redemptive acts. (Gen. the end of the prophetic period of 2300 days, He entered
2:1-3; Ex. 20:1-11; Luke 4:16; Isa. 56:5, 6; 58:13, 14; Matt. the second and last phase of His atoning ministry. It is a
12:1-12; Ex. 31:13-17; Eze. 20:12, 20; Deut. 5:12-15; Heb. work of investigative judgment which is part of the ultimate
4:1-11; Lev. 23:32; Mark 1:32.) disposition of all sin, typified by the cleansing of the
ancient Hebrew sanctuary on the Day of Atonement. In that
21. Stewardship typical service the sanctuary was cleansed with the blood
We are Gods stewards, entrusted by Him with time and of animal sacrifices, but the heavenly things are purified
opportunities, abilities and possessions, and the blessings of with the perfect sacrifice of the blood of Jesus. The inves-
the earth and its resources. We are responsible to Him for tigative judgment reveals to heavenly intelligences who
their proper use. We acknowledge Gods ownership by among the dead are asleep in Christ and therefore, in Him,
faithful service to Him and our fellow men, and by return- are deemed worthy to have part in the first resurrection. It
ing tithes and giving offerings for the proclamation of His also makes manifest who among the living are abiding in
gospel and the support and growth of His church. Christ, keeping the commandments of God and the faith of
Stewardship is a privilege given to us by God for nurture in Jesus, and in Him, therefore, are ready for translation into
love and the victory over selfishness and covetousness. The His everlasting kingdom. This judgment vindicates the jus-
steward rejoices in the blessings that come to others as a tice of God in saving those who believe in Jesus. It declares
result of his faithfulness. (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:15; 1 Chron. that those who have remained loyal to God shall receive
29:14; Haggai 1:3-11; Mal. 3:8-12; 1 Cor. 9:9-14; Matt. the kingdom. The completion of this ministry of Christ will
23:23; 2 Cor. 8:1-15; Rom. 15:26, 27.) mark the close of human probation before the Second
Advent. (Heb. 8:1-5; 4:14-16; 9:11-28; 10:19-22; 1:3; 2:16,
22. Christian Behavior 17; Dan. 7:9-27; 8:13, 14; 9:24-27; Num. 14:34; Eze. 4:6;
We are called to be a godly people who think, feel, and Lev. 16; Rev. 14:6, 7; 20:12; 14:12; 22:12.)
act in harmony with the principles of heaven. For the Spirit 25. Second Coming of Christ
to recreate in us the character of our Lord we involve our-
selves only in those things which will produce Christlike The second coming of Christ is the blessed hope of the
purity, health, and joy in our lives. This means that our church, the grand climax of the gospel. The Saviours com-
amusement and entertainment should meet the highest ing will be literal, personal, visible, and worldwide. When
standards of Christian taste and beauty. While recognizing He returns, the righteous dead will be resurrected, and
cultural differences, our dress is to be simple, modest, and together with the righteous living will be glorified and taken
neat, befitting those whose true beauty does not consist of to heaven, but the unrighteous will die. The almost complete
outward adornment but in the imperishable ornament of a fulfillment of most lines of prophecy, together with the pre-
gentle and quiet spirit. It also means that because our bod- sent condition of the world, indicates that Christs coming is
ies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, we are to care for imminent. The time of that event has not been revealed, and
them intelligently. Along with adequate exercise and rest, we are therefore exhorted to be ready at all times. (Titus
we are to adopt the most healthful diet possible and abstain 2:13; Heb. 9:28; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; Matt. 24:14; Rev.
from the unclean foods identified in the Scriptures. Since 1:7; Matt. 24:43, 44; 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-54;

2 Thess. 1:7-10; 2:8; Rev. 14:14-20; 19:11-21; Matt. 24; tants, but occupied by Satan and his angels. At its close
Mark 13; Luke 21; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; 1 Thess. 5:1-6.) Christ with His saints and the Holy City will descend from
heaven to earth. The unrighteous dead will then be resur-
26. Death and Resurrection
rected, and with Satan and his angels will surround the
The wages of sin is death. But God, who alone is city; but fire from God will consume them and cleanse the
immortal, will grant eternal life to His redeemed. Until that earth. The universe will thus be freed of sin and sinners for-
day death is an unconscious state for all people. When ever. (Rev. 20; 1 Cor. 6:2, 3; Jer. 4:23-26; Rev. 21:1-5; Mal.
Christ, who is our life, appears, the resurrected righteous 4:1; Eze. 28:18, 19.)
and the living righteous will be glorified and caught up to
meet their Lord. The second resurrection, the resurrection 28. New Earth
of the unrighteous, will take place a thousand years later.
(Rom. 6:23; 1 Tim. 6:15, 16; Eccl. 9:5, 6; Ps. 146:3, 4; On the new earth, in which righteousness dwells, God
John 11:11-14; Col. 3:4; 1 Cor. 15:51-54; 1 Thess. 4:13-17; will provide an eternal home for the redeemed and a per-
John 5:28, 29; Rev. 20:1-10.) fect environment for everlasting life, love, joy, and learning
in His presence. For here God Himself will dwell with His
27. Millennium and the End of Sin people, and suffering and death will have passed away. The
The millennium is the thousand-year reign of Christ with great controversy will be ended, and sin will be no more.
His saints in heaven between the first and second resurrec- All things, animate and inanimate, will declare that God is
tions. During this time the wicked dead will be judged; the love; and He shall reign forever. Amen. (2 Peter 3:13; Isa.
earth will be utterly desolate, without living human inhabi- 35; 65:1-25; Matt. 5:5; Rev. 21:1-7; 22:1-5; 11:15.)

of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Our MissionThe mission of the Seventh-day Adventist 2. TeachingAcknowledging that development of mind
Church is to proclaim to all peoples the everlasting gospel and character is essential to Gods redemptive plan, we
in the context of the three angels messages of Revelation promote the growth of a mature understanding of and rela-
14:6-12, leading them to accept Jesus as personal Saviour tionship to God, His Word, and the created universe.
and to unite with His church, and nurturing them in prepa-
ration for His soon return. 3. Healing Affirming the biblical emphasis on the
Our MethodWe pursue this mission under the guid- well-being of the whole person, we make the preservation
ance of the Holy Spirit through: of health and the healing of the sick a priority and
1. PreachingAccepting Christs commission (Matthew through our ministry to the poor and oppressed, cooper-
28:18-20), we proclaim to all the world the message of a ate with the Creator in His compassionate work of
loving God, most fully revealed in His Sons reconciling restoration.
ministry and atoning death. Recognizing the Bible to be
Gods infallible revelation of His will, we present its full Our VisionIn harmony with the great prophecies of
message, including the second advent of Christ and the the Scriptures, we see as the climax of Gods plan the
continuing authority of His Ten Commandment law with restoration of all His creation to full harmony with His per-
its reminder of the seventh-day Sabbath. fect will and righteousness.
of the
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists*
(As revised at the 58th session held in St Louis, United the delegates present.
States of America, June 29 to July 9, 2005.) Sec. 5. The delegates to a General Conference Session
shall be designated as follows:
ARTICLE INAME a. Regular delegates.
This organization shall be known as the General b. Delegates at large.
Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. c. In case of financial exigency or other major crisis within
the Church or in the international arena, the Executive
ARTICLE IIPURPOSE Committee may take an action to reduce the maximum num-
The purpose of the General Conference is to teach all ber of delegates to a particular General Conference Session.
nations the everlasting gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Such reduction shall then be applied to both regular delegates
Christ and the commandments of God. and delegates at large.
Sec. 6. Regular delegates shall represent the General
ARTICLE IIIDIVISIONS OF Conferences member union conferences, union missions,
THE GENERAL CONFERENCE member conferences, missions, and unions of churches as
The General Conference conducts much of its work defined in Article IV, as follows:
through its divisions, which in turn are comprised of union a. Delegates representing union conferences having divi-
conferences and union missions in specific areas of the sion affiliation shall be appointed by the respective union
world. Each division is an administrative unit of the General conference executive committee.
Conference with commensurate authority to carry out b. Delegates representing union missions and unions of
responsibilities in the territory assigned to it. It is not a sepa- churches having division affiliation shall be appointed by the
rate constituent level of organization. It shall act in full har- respective division executive committees in consultation with
mony with the General Conference Constitution and Bylaws, the organizations concerned.
the General Conference Working Policy, and actions of the c. Delegates representing conferences and missions having
Executive Committee. union conference affiliation shall be appointed by the respec-
tive union conference executive committees in consultation
In order to carry the authority of the General Conference, with the organizations concerned.
the actions of division committees shall, of necessity, be in d. Delegates representing conferences and missions having
harmony with and complementary to the decisions of the union mission affiliation shall be appointed by the respective
General Conference in session, and the actions of the division executive committees in consultation with the orga-
Executive Committee between sessions. nizations concerned.
e. Delegates representing conferences and missions direct-
ARTICLE IVMEMBERSHIP ly attached to divisions, shall be appointed by the respective
Sec. 1. The membership of the General Conference shall division executive committees in consultation with the orga-
consist of: nizations concerned.
a. All union conferences and union missions that have f. Delegates representing division institutions, the number
been or shall be properly organized and accepted by vote of of whom shall correspond to the number of division institu-
the General Conference in session. tions within each division, shall be appointed by the respec-
b. All of the following entities that are directly attached to tive division executive committees in consultation with the
the General Conference or a division: organizations concerned.
1) Union of churches g. Delegates representing union conferences directly
2) Local Conferences attached to the General Conference shall be appointed by the
3) Local mission and functional equivalents thereof pro- executive committees of the respective attached union con-
vided they have two or more officers and an executive com- ferences.
mittee, observe a schedule of regular constituency meetings h. Delegates representing union missions, conferences,
and have been properly organized. missions, and unions of churches directly attached to the
General Conference shall be appointed by the Executive
ARTICLE VGENERAL CONFERENCE SESSIONS Committee in consultation with the organizations concerned.
Sec. 1. The General Conference shall hold quinquennial Sec. 7. Regular delegates shall be allotted on the follow-
sessions at such time and place as the Executive Committee ing basis:
shall designate and announce by a notice published in the a. Each union conference shall be entitled to two delegates
Adventist Review in three consecutive issues at least four other than its president (who is a delegate at large) without
months before the date for the opening of the session. In regard to membership size.
case special world conditions make it imperative to postpone b. Each union mission shall be entitled to one delegate
the calling of the session, the Executive Committee, in regu- other than its president (who is a delegate at large) without
lar or special council, shall have authority to make such regard to membership size.
postponement, not to exceed two years, giving notice to all c. Each local conference shall be entitled to two delegates
constituent organizations. without regard to membership size.
Sec. 2. The Executive Committee may call special sessions d. Each local mission* shall be entitled to one delegate
of the General Conference at such time and place as it con- without regard to membership size.
siders proper, by means of a notice as provided for in Sec. 1., e. Each union of churches shall be entitled to two dele-
and the transactions of such special sessions shall have the gates without regard to membership size.
same force as those of the regular sessions. f. Each division shall be entitled to additional delegates
Sec. 3. At least one-third of the total delegates authorized based upon its membership as a proportion of the world
hereinafter under Sec. 5. of Article V, must be present at the Church membership. The total number of delegates from all
opening meeting of any regular or specially called General divisions under this provision shall not exceed 400.
Conference Session to constitute a quorum for the transaction g. Delegates from each division, provided for under Sec. 7.
of business. Once the Session is declared open, the delegates f., shall be allotted to the union conferences and union mis-
remaining present shall constitute a quorum. sions that are affiliated with that division, based on each
Sec. 4. The election of officers and the voting on all mat- unions proportion of the division membership. Any unallo-
ters of business shall be by viva-voce vote, or as designated cated delegate entitlements under this process shall be allo-
by the chairman, unless otherwise requested by a majority of cated at the discretion of the division executive committee.


h. Unused quotas of regular delegates allocated to unions Article VI, Sec. 1. except the director and associate directors
may be reallocated by the divisions. of the General Conference Auditing Service and the associ-
Sec. 8. Delegates at large shall represent the General ate directors/ secretaries of General Conference departments
Conference institutions, divisions of the General Conference, and associations.
and division institutions and shall be appointed on the follow- 2) Presidents of union conferences, presidents of union
ing basis: missions, presidents of attached unions, past presidents of the
a. All members of the Executive Committee. General Conference holding credentials from the General
b. Associate directors/secretaries of General Conference Conference, the president-executive director of Adventist
departments and associations. Development and Relief Agency International, the president
c. Twenty delegates from General Conference appointed of Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, the
staff. Such delegates shall be selected by the Executive editor of Adventist Review, the editor of Adult Sabbath School
Committee upon recommendation from the General Bible Study Guide , the president of Adventist Risk
Conference Administrative Committee. Management Incorporated, the president-executive director
d. Twenty delegates for each division. of Adventist World Radio, the president of Andrews Universi-
e. Each division shall be entitled to additional delegates ty, the director of Archives and Statistics, the director of
corresponding to the number of division institutions within Biblical Research Institute, the president of Christian Record
its territory. Services Incorporated, the president and the director of Ellen
f. Those representatives of the General Conference and G White Estate, the director of Geoscience Research Institute,
division institutions and other entities, and those employees, the president of Home Study International, the director of
field secretaries, laypersons, and pastors who are selected by International Health Food Association, the president of Loma
the Executive Committees of the General Conference and its Linda University, the president of Loma Linda University
divisions. The number of these delegates shall be 300. Medical Center, the editor of Ministry, the president of
Sec. 9. Division administrations shall consult with unions Oakwood College, the president of Pacific Press Publishing
to ensure that the entire division delegation shall be com- Association, and the president of Review and Herald
prised of Seventh-day Adventists in regular standing, at least Publishing Association.
50 percent of whom shall be laypersons, pastors, teachers, b. Elected Members1) Three laypersons and one church
and nonadministrative employees, of both genders, and rep- pastor from each division without regard to membership, and
resenting a range of age groups and nationalities. The majority one additional church pastor or other frontline denomination-
of the above 50 percent shall be laypersons. Delegate selec- al employee for each 500,000 members or major portion
tions from General Conference and division institutions, and thereof beyond the first 500,000 members. The above layper-
those selected under Sec. 8.d. above, shall not be required to sons, pastors, and other denominational employees shall be
satisfy the quota for laity. selected by each division executive committee from individu-
Sec. 10. Credentials to sessions shall be issued by the als recommended by the union executive committees.
General Conference to those appointed in harmony with the 2) Thirty additional members selected by the General
provisions of this article. Conference Executive Committee.
Sec. 11. Calculations for all delegate allotments, as pro-
vided for in this article, shall be based upon: ARTICLE IXOFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES
a. The membership as of December 31 of the second year Sec. 1. The officers of the General Conference shall be a
preceding the General Conference Session. president, vice presidents, a secretary, an undersecretary,
b. The number of denominational entities eligible for inclu- associate secretaries, a treasurer, an undertreasurer, and asso-
sion in determining quotas and which are in existence as of ciate treasurers. It is the duty of these officers, in consultation
December 31 of the second year preceding the General with one another, to carry forward the work according to
Conference Session. plans and programs voted by the General Conference in ses-
sion and according to plans and policies agreed upon by the
*It should be noted in this chapter that other terminology Executive Committee.
is used in some geographical areas for organizational units Sec. 2. Executive Officers: The president, secretary, and
such as fields, sections, regions, or delegations. treasurer are the executive officers, and shall carry forward
ARTICLE VIELECTION the work in consultation with one another.
Sec. 3. President: The president is the first officer of the
Sec. 1. The following shall be elected at each regular ses- General Conference, and shall report to the Executive
sion of the General Conference: Committee in consultation with the secretary and the treasur-
a. A president, vice presidents, a secretary, an undersecre- er. He or his designee shall preside at the sessions of the
tary, associate secretaries, division secretaries, a treasurer, an General Conference, act as chairperson of the Executive
undertreasurer, associate treasurers, division treasurers, gener- Committee, serve in the general interests of the General
al field secretaries, a director and associate directors of the Conference as the Executive Committee shall determine, and
General Conference Auditing Service, and a director/secretary perform such other duties as usually pertain to such office.
and associate director/secretary (directors/secretaries) of each The General Conference President shall be an ordained min-
duly organized General Conference department and associa- ister of experience.
tion as specified in Article X, Sec. 1. of the General Sec. 4. Vice Presidents: Each vice president shall assist the
Conference Bylaws. president in the general administrative work of the General
b. A General Conference Auditing Service Board as pro- Conference or preside over a division territory.
vided for in the General Conference Bylaws, Article VIII, Sec. 5. Secretary, undersecretary, and associate secre-
Sec. 2.-a. taries: The secretary, in the performance of the executive
Sec. 2. The following shall be approved by vote of the responsibilities, shall report to the Executive Committee after
Executive Committee at a subsequent meeting, following rec- consultation with the president. The secretary shall be respon-
ommendations from the divisions: sible for keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the
Other persons to serve as members of the Executive General Conference sessions and meetings of the Executive
Committee as provided for in Article VIII, Sec. 1.-b. Committee, for maintaining correspondence with church
organizations, and for the performance of such other duties as
ARTICLE VIIAPPOINTMENT usually pertain to such office. The undersecretary and associ-
The following shall be appointed at the first Annual ate secretaries shall assist the secretary in this work.
Council of the Executive Committee following a regular Sec. 6. Treasurer, undertreasurer, and associate treasurers:
Session: a director of Archives and Statistics, a director and The treasurer, in the performance of the executive responsibil-
associate directors of the Biblical Research Institute, and edi- ities, shall report to the Executive Committee after consulta-
tors and associate editors for the principal denominational tion with the president. The treasurer shall be responsible for
journals prepared at the General Conference. providing financial leadership to the General Conference
which will include, but not be limited to, receiving, safe-
ARTICLE VIIIEXECUTIVE COMMITTEE guarding, and disbursing all funds in harmony with the
Sec. 1. The Executive Committee of the General actions of the Executive Committee, for providing financial
Conference shall consist of: information to the president and to the Executive Committee,
a. Ex officio members1) Those elected as provided for in and for the performance of such other duties as usually per-

tain to such office. The undertreasurer and associate treasurers Conference Executive Committee.
shall assist the treasurer in this work. Sec. 2. The General Conference Corporation of Seventh-
day Adventists is a legal entity formed to serve the General
ARTICLE XTERM OF OFFICE Conference in carrying out its purposes.
Sec. 1. All officers of the General Conference and those Sec. 3. At each regular General Conference Session, the
whose election is provided for in Article VI, Sec 1. shall hold delegates shall elect the trustees of the General Conference
office from the time they take up their duties until the next Corporation.
regular session or until their successors are elected and take
up their duties. Their term of office, unless government ARTICLE XIIBYLAWS
requirements dictate otherwise, is not subject to division At any regular or special session of the General
retirement policies, which may determine specific ages for Conference, the delegates may enact, amend or repeal
mandatory retirements. bylaws. Such actions may embrace any provision not incon-
Sec. 2. Members of the Executive Committee provided for sistent with the Constitution.
in Article VIII shall serve from the time of their election until
the next regular session. ARTICLE XIIIDISSOLUTION
Sec. 3. All those who are appointed to serve the General
Conference as provided for in Article VII, shall serve from the In the event of the dissolution of the General Conference,
time they take up their appointment until their successors are any funds or assets remaining after all claims have been satis-
appointed and take up their duties, or until the position is ter- fied shall be transferred to a Seventh-day Adventist tax-
minated. The appointments provided for in Article VII shall be exempt religious entity recommended by the General
reviewed at the first Annual Council of the Executive Conference Executive Committee. The dissolution process
Committee following the General Conference session. shall be in harmony with the requirements of all applicable
Sec. 4. Service as outlined in Sec. 1. to Sec. 3. above may federal and state laws.
be terminated for cause as provided for in General
Conference Bylaws, Article XIII, Sec. 1. ARTICLE XIVAMENDMENTS
This Constitution or its Bylaws may be amended by a two-
ARTICLE XICORPORATIONS thirds vote of the delegates present and voting at any session
Sec. 1. The establishment of corporations to serve the provided that, if it is proposed to amend the Constitution at a
General Conference shall be authorized by either a General special session of the General Conference, notice of such pur-
Conference Session or by an Annual Council of the General pose shall be given in the call for that special session.

of the
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
ARTICLE ITERRITORIAL ADMINISTRATION b. Session Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Sec. 1. The General Conference of Seventh-day c. Session Nominating Committee
Adventists, hereinafter referred to as the General Conference, d. Session Plans Committee
normally shall conduct its worldwide work through its divi- Sec. 2. Church Manual Committee: The chairperson of the
sions, each division to operate within a specified territory in Church Manual Committee shall be an officer of the General
harmony with General Conference policies. Conference.
Sec. 2. The duly organized divisions are: East-Central Sec. 3. Constitution and Bylaws Committee: The chairper-
Africa Division, Euro-Africa Division, Euro-Asia Division, son of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall be an
Inter-American Division, North American Division, Northern officer of the General Conference.
Asia-Pacific Division, South American Division, South Pacific Sec. 4. Nominating Committee: a. The membership of the
Division, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, Southern Nominating Committee shall consist of the following:
Asia Division, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, Trans-European 1) Each division and each attached union shall be entitled
Division, and West-Central Africa Division. The boundaries of to select for membership on the Nominating Committee ten
these divisions shall be subject to adjustment only at Sessions percent of its delegation to the session, after excluding any
of the General Conference or at Annual Councils of the delegates at large employed by the General Conference or its
Executive Committee. institutions.
Sec. 3. If a territorial adjustment is made at an Annual 2) Delegates at large who are excluded under 1) above
Council, it shall be made only provided each division and shall be entitled to representation on the Nominating
other territory affected is represented at the council by at least Committee equal to eight percent of their total number.
one of its officers, or in the case of an unorganized territory, b. The members of the Nominating Committee shall be
by a senior church leader from that territory. An exception to chosen as follows:
the requirement of such representation shall be made in a 1) Each division delegation and each attached union dele-
condition of emergency. In such a case, the Executive gation shall act as a unit in selecting members to which it is
Committee shall make whatever adjustments are necessary entitled. Excluded from this process shall be any delegates at
for the conduct of the work in the territories affected. large employed by the General Conference or its institutions.
Sec. 4. Union conferences and union missions, together 2) The delegates at large employed by the General
with all other organizations and institutions within a divisions Conference or its institutions shall act as a unit in selecting
territory, shall be responsible to that divisions executive com- members to which they are entitled.
mittee, or in the case of General Conference institutions and 3) The election of the above representatives on the
fields without divisional affiliation, to the General Conference Nominating Committee shall be by the method of voting con-
Executive Committee. sidered by each delegation to be most convenient and effi-
cient, taking into consideration the size of the delegation and
Sec. 1. At each regular session of the General Conference, c. Each division delegation and attached union delegation
such committees as may be found necessary, including the shall select its representatives on the Nominating Committee
following, shall be elected for the duration of the session to to represent, as far as possible, the various geographical areas,
consider items of business that may be referred to them and to organizational segments, and types of activity of the territory.
bring in their reports and recommendations to the session: d. Those chosen as members of the Nominating Committee
a. Session Church Manual Committee must be duly accredited delegates in attendance at the

General Conference session. plans and programs voted by the General Conference in ses-
e. Delegates elected under the provisions of Article VI, Sec. sion and according to plans and policies agreed upon by the
1. of the Constitution shall not be members of the division executive committee. The secretary shall serve as
Nominating Committee. vice-chairperson of the executive committee, and shall report
f. No delegate shall nominate more than one person for to the executive committee after consultation with the presi-
election to the Nominating Committee. dent. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep the minutes
g. The Nominating Committee shall elect its own chairper- of the division executive committee meetings, to collect infor-
son and secretary under the temporary chairmanship of the mation and make such reports as may be required, and to do
president of the General Conference whose term is expiring. such other work as usually pertains to this office.
h. The Nominating Committee shall limit its nominations to Sec. 3. Division executive committees may appoint asso-
those positions for which budgetary provision has been made. ciate and assistant secretaries as may be required to carry on
i. In order to expedite the work of the Nominating the work.
Committee, the representatives from each division shall be
allowed a reasonable amount of time to meet and consider ARTICLE VIUNDERTREASURER
the personnel needs of their respective divisions and to make AND ASSOCIATE TREASURERS
recommendations to the full Nominating Committee. Sec. 1. An undertreasurer and associate treasurers shall
Decisions of these groups shall not be binding on the be elected to share with the treasurer the work of the office.
Nominating Committee as a whole, but shall be submitted as They shall perform such duties connected with the Treasury
recommendations which will be considered. The Nominating as may be assigned to them by the treasurer or by the
Committee shall also recommend that the following North Executive Committee. They may be authorized by the
American Division officers serve the General Conference as Administrative Committee to sign checks under the instruc-
listed below: tion of the treasurer.
North American Division secretary to serve as General Sec. 2. The treasurer of the North American Division, by
Conference associate secretary virtue of election to that responsibility, shall also be an associ-
North American Division treasurer to serve as General ate treasurer of the General Conference.
Conference associate treasurer Sec. 3. The role of the General Conference undertreasurer
ARTICLE IIIGENERAL CONFERENCE VICE and associate treasurers, in relationship with the divisions,
a. To provide financial counsel, information, and analysis.
Sec. 1. General vice presidents of the General Conference b. To assist in conducting financial surveys as requested.
shall be elected to assist the president with the general admin- c. To respond to special requests submitted by the division
istrative work of the General Conference. In addition a vice treasurers.
president shall be elected to serve as president of each divi- d. To invest the assets of the divisions as requested by the
sion of the General Conference. divisions.
Sec. 2. A general vice president of the General e. To assist in international banking arrangements.
Conference or the president of the North American Division
shall, in the absence of the president, chair meetings of the ARTICLE VIIDIVISION TREASURERS
Executive Committee. Sec. 1. A treasurer shall be elected for each division to be
Sec. 3. The role of the general vice presidents of the designated division treasurer.
General Conference, in relationship to the divisions, is as Sec. 2. Each division treasurer shall work according to
follows: plans and programs voted by the General Conference in ses-
a. To serve as liaisons between the General Conference
president and the divisions. sion and according to plans and policies agreed upon by the
b. To serve as administrative resource counselors. division executive committee and shall report to the executive
c. To strengthen the bond of the world Church. committee after consultation with the president. The treasurer
Sec. 4. The vice presidents of the General Conference shall be responsible for providing financial leadership to the
elected for the divisions shall serve as chairmen of the divi- division which will include, but shall not be limited to, receiv-
sion executive committees operating in their respective territo- ing, safeguarding, and disbursing all funds in harmony with
ries; shall have oversight of the work in those territories under the actions of the division executive committee, for remitting
the direction of the division executive committees; and shall all required funds to the General Conference in harmony with
be designated within their respective division territories as General Conference policy, and for providing financial infor-
presidents of the divisions over which they preside. mation to the president and to the executive committee. The
Sec. 5. Vice presidents of the divisions may be appointed treasurer shall also be responsible for furnishing copies of the
by the division executive committees, as necessary, to assist financial statements to the General Conference officers.
the division presidents in their administrative responsibilities. Sec. 3. Division executive committees may appoint an
undertreasurer, associate treasurers, and assistant treasurers as
ARTICLE IVUNDERSECRETARY may be required to carry on the work.
Sec. 1. An undersecretary and associate secretaries shall
be elected to share with the secretary the responsibilities of Sec. 1. At each regular General Conference Session, the
the office. They shall perform such duties connected with the General Conference shall elect a director of the General
Secretariat as may be assigned to them by the secretary or by Conference Auditing Service, whose duties shall be to:
the Executive Committee. a. Administer the conduct of audits that the General
Sec. 2. The secretary of the North American Division, by Conference Auditing Service performs for organizations of the
virtue of election to that responsibility, shall also be an associ- Church throughout the world.
ate secretary of the General Conference. b. Monitor the overall audit program throughout the
Sec. 3. The role of the General Conference undersecretary denomination.
and associate secretaries, in relationship to the divisions, c. Recommend to the General Conference Administrative
includes the following: Committee or division executive committee standards and/or
a. To serve as liaisons with division secretaries as assigned guidelines for use by divisions in the endorsement of external
by the General Conference secretary. auditors that may be engaged within the division territory, and
b. To facilitate the processing of calls for interdivision d. Report to the General Conference President, through the
employees. General Conference Auditing Service Board, on the overall
c. To recruit interdivision employees to fill the needs of the audit program in the Church and the trends/issues that appear
divisions. in the global picture of financial and policy administration.
d. To assist the divisions with personnel and policy matters. Associate directors shall also be elected at each regular
General Conference Session. The director and associate
ARTICLE VDIVISION SECRETARIES directors shall be recommended by the General Conference
Sec. 1. A secretary shall be elected for each division to be Auditing Service Board to the Session Nominating
designated division secretary. Committee after consultation with the administrations of the
Sec. 2. Each division secretary shall work according to respective divisions.

References to service directors and associate service direc- under the direction of their respective departmental, associa-
tors elsewhere in these Bylaws shall not apply to the director tion, agency, or service directors/secretaries, shall have the
and associate directors of the General Conference Auditing requisite experience, background, and expertise to facilitate
Service, except as provided for in Article XIII, Sec. 1.c. their work in carrying out the functions assigned to them not
Sec. 2. a. At each regular General Conference Session, the only at the General Conference headquarters but also
General Conference shall elect a General Conference throughout the world field. Certain specialized activities may
Auditing Service Board which shall be constituted as follows: be largely accomplished without extensive field activity.
General Conference president, a General Conference vice Sec. 4. The term assistant director/secretary shall be
president as subsequently assigned by the president, General used to designate those persons who are appointed as deter-
Conference secretary, General Conference treasurer, director mined by the Executive Committee to assist the director/secre-
of the General Conference Auditing Service, and one mem- tary and associates in any department, association, agency, or
ber from each division who is not employed denominational- service in carrying out the work of the General Conference,
ly, chosen from among qualified Seventh-day Adventist audi- usually in one or more special procedures or functions. Such
tors and/or other knowledgeable professionals in related persons, who shall work under the direction of their respec-
fields. The chairperson of the Board shall be a layperson tive departmental, association, agency, or service directors/
selected by the Board from among its members. The vice secretaries, shall fulfill these special assignments largely in the
chairperson shall be the vice president of the General office and serve to expedite the work of the departmental,
Conference who serves as a member of the Board. The secre- association, agency, or service staff. Field appointments for
tary of the Board shall be the director of the General assistants shall be of a very limited nature.
Conference Auditing Service. Sec. 5. Departmental and association directors/secretaries,
b. A quorum of the General Conference Auditing Service associates, and assistants shall assist the executive officers of
Board shall be 50 percent plus one, the majority of whom the General Conference in their leadership and nurture of the
shall be nondenominationally employed members. Church, by promoting the plans and programs of the Church
Sec. 3. The General Conference Auditing Service, ever as approved by the Executive Committee, and by facilitating
sensitive to the country-specific regulations governing the the involvement of the membership in the mission of the
audits of denominational entities in a particular country, Church. This will be accomplished through the production of
serves as the denominations preferred provider of auditing resources and through promotion, consultation, coordination,
services for world divisions; union conferences; union mis- and leadership development. Departmental plans and pro-
sions; conferences; missions; unions of churches; affiliated grams shall be developed and coordinated by the depart-
services, organizations, and institutions of the General ments under the direction of an administrative officer, be
Conference and every other administrative level; Adventist processed through administration, and receive Executive
Development and Relief Agency country and regional admin- Committee approval, whenever deemed advisable, before
istrations and projects (not audited by external auditors); and implementation and promotion in the field.
special funds. Exceptions to the above requirements shall be
by specific action of the Executive Committee. ARTICLE XIDIVISION DEPARTMENTS
FIELD SECRETARIES Divisions shall appoint departmental, association, agency,
Sec. 1. The term general field secretary shall be used to and service directors/secretaries who shall serve under the
designate general field leaders elected to assist the officers in direction of their respective division presidents and executive
carrying the field responsibilities of the General Conference. committees. They shall also appoint associate and assistant
Sec. 2. The general field secretaries shall work under the directors/secretaries as may be needed to serve in special
direction of the Executive Committee and the president, and capacities under the direction of their respective directors/
be assigned either to field service or to special projects or secretaries.
responsibilities that are approved by the Executive These appointments shall normally be made at the time of
Committee. the regular General Conference session, but in no event later
Sec. 3. The term division field secretary shall be used to than December 31 in the year of the regular General
designate field leaders appointed by divisions. They may be Conference session.
appointed as necessary to serve in the divisions under the
direction of the president and their respective division execu- ARTICLE XIIDIRECTOR OF ARCHIVES
tive committees. AND STATISTICS
At the first Annual Council of the Executive Committee fol-
ARTICLE XDEPARTMENTS AND ASSOCIATIONS lowing a regular session, the General Conference shall
DIRECTORS/SECRETARIES, appoint a director of Archives and Statistics whose duties shall
ASSOCIATES, AND ASSISTANTS be to administer the General Conference Archives and to
Sec. 1. Departmental and association directors/secretaries compile and report the statistics of the world work, and who
and associate directors/secretaries shall be elected by the shall serve under the direction of the General Conference sec-
General Conference Session and assistants shall be appointed retary and the Executive Committee.
as determined by the General Conference Executive
Committee to serve the world Church through the Ministerial ARTICLE XIIIEXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Association and the following departments: Adventist Sec. 1. a. During the intervals between Sessions of the
Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries, Communication, General Conference, the Executive Committee is delegated
Education, Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Public Affairs the authority to act on behalf of the General Conference in
and Religious Liberty, Publishing Ministries, Sabbath School session. The membership of the Executive Committee
and Personal Ministries, Stewardship, Trust Services, Womens includes representatives of all the divisions of the world field
Ministries, and Youth Ministries. and the presidents of all union conferences and union mis-
Should changes to the departmental structure of the sions, and therefore speaks for the world Church. Major items
General Conference be deemed necessary, such changes affecting the world Church are considered at the Annual
may be approved by action of the Executive Committee in Council meetings of the Executive Committee, when all the
Annual Council, subject to ratification at the next General members of the Committee are invited to be present. The
Conference Session. authority, therefore, of the Executive Committee is the authori-
Sec. 2. The departmental, association, agency, and service ty of the world Church.
directors/secretaries shall work under the direction of the b. The Executive Committee shall also have power to grant
president and the Executive Committee. Departmental, asso- or withdraw credentials or licenses, to appoint committees,
ciation, agency, and service personnel shall function in an such as an administrative committee, with their terms of refer-
advisory capacity to the field. ence, and to employ personnel that may be necessary to exe-
Sec. 3. The term associate director/secretary shall be cute its work effectively.
used to designate those persons who may be elected to asso- c. The Executive Committee shall have power to elect or
ciate with the director/secretary of any General Conference remove, for cause, officers, directors, and associate directors
department, association, agency, or service in carrying the of departments/associations/services and committee mem-
responsibilities of the office. Such persons, who shall work bers, and to fill for the current term any vacancies that may

occur in its offices, boards, committees, or agents due to to other entities previously established full responsibility for
death, resignation, or other reasons. The phrase for cause, property, governance or other functions provided such
when used in connection with removal from an elected or responsibility is exercised in harmony with denominational
appointed position, shall include but not be limited to 1) policies and values.
incompetence; 2) persistent failure to cooperate with duly Sec. 2. The ex-officio members of a division executive
constituted authority in substantive matters and with rele- committee shall be the division president, the division secre-
vant employment and denominational policies; and 3) tary, the division treasurer, other division officers, the division
actions which may be the subject of discipline under the vice presidents, and the division field secretaries; the heads of
Church Manual. division institutions; the presidents of union conferences; the
d. The Executive Committee shall have power to effect the presidents of union missions; the presidents of unions of
retirement, before the expiration of the term for which they churches; the presidents of attached conferences/missions/
have been elected, of persons elected under Article VI, Sec. 1 fields; the directors of division departments, associations and
of the Constitution who may develop a health condition that services; and any members of the General Conference
prevents them from properly discharging their duties. Executive Committee present. Other division executive com-
e. The removal from office by the Executive Committee of mittee members shall be appointed according to the policies
any person elected under Article VI, Sec. 1. of the of the division. Appointed members shall include representa-
Constitution or its withdrawal of credentials or licenses shall tion from denominational employees and from church mem-
be by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at bers in regular standing who are not denominationally
any regular meeting. employed. Denominational employee representation shall
f. The Executive Committee shall have the power to include some pastors and institutional personnel.
remove, for cause, members from the Executive Committee or Sec. 3. The actions taken by division executive commit-
any committee for which it is responsible by a two-thirds vote tees pertaining to the administration of affairs in division terri-
of the members present and voting at any regular meeting. tories shall be considered final, provided they are in harmony
Sec. 2. a. A meeting of the Executive Committee, known with the plans and policy of the General Conference as set
as the Annual Council, shall be held annually for the purpose forth in the Constitution and Bylaws and with its Executive
of considering budget requests and making appropriations, Committee actions at Annual Councils.
for the transaction of other business, and the adoption of Sec. 4. Five members of a division executive committee,
policies that may be necessary in the operation of the world- including the chairman, shall constitute a quorum for the
wide work. transaction of routine business. When the chairman is unable
b. A meeting of the Executive Committee, known as the to be present, the secretary may convene such a meeting at
Spring Meeting, shall be held annually for the purpose of division headquarters and shall serve as chairperson.
receiving the audited financial reports of the General Minority meetings of fewer than five members of the division
Conference and for transacting regular Executive Committee executive committee may be held for the transaction of neces-
business as provided for in the General Conference Working sary routine business, but actions taken at such meetings shall
Policy relating to Spring Meetings. not be final until the minutes of such meetings have been
Sec. 3. A majority of the full membership of the Executive approved in a meeting with a quorum present. A quorum of
Committee, including the president or a general vice presi- ten members or 25 percent of the committee membership,
dent, is empowered to transact denominational business of whichever is greater, is required for the disposition of nonrou-
any nature at any time and place. tine items such as major financial decisions, the dismissal of
Sec. 4. Any fifteen members of the Executive Committee, elected and appointed employees, and the appointment of
including an officer of the General Conference, shall, after union mission officers.
due notice to available members, constitute a quorum of the
Executive Committee for the disposition of routine items, and ARTICLE XVAUDIT OF THE GENERAL CONFERENCE
shall be empowered to transact business that is in harmony The Executive Committee shall have an audit of the finan-
with the general plans outlined by the Executive Committee at cial statements of the General Conference and of the General
the designated place of meeting of the Executive Committee Conference Corporation conducted by an external auditor at
as hereinafter provided. A quorum of forty members is least once each calendar year. The external auditor shall also
required for the disposition of nonroutine items such as major conduct an annual policy compliance audit of these organi-
financial decisions, the dismissal of elected and appointed zations, and shall report annually the results of these audits to
employees, and the election of presidents of divisions and of the Executive Committee and to the General Conference at its
general vice presidents. regular sessions.
Sec. 5. All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be
held at the General Conference headquarters, or at another ARTICLE XVIREMUNERATION AND EXPENSES
place that may be voted by the Executive Committee. Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall appoint annually a
Sec. 6. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be minimum of eight persons not in its employ who, with officers
called at any time by the ranking officer of the General of the General Conference and not less than seven presidents
Conference who may be present at headquarters, and this
of union conferences, shall constitute a committee to review
officer, or any member of the Committee appointed by him,
shall act as chairperson of the meeting. the remuneration, related allowances, and expenses of
Sec. 7. Local conference/mission/field presidents shall be employees.
invited to attend Annual Council meetings of the Executive Sec. 2. The Executive Committee shall have power to
Committee when it is held within the territory of their divi- make necessary adjustments from time to time in the remu-
sion. Such invitees shall be extended the privileges of full par- neration of employees.
ticipation in all discussion and decision-making processes of
Sec. 8. Divisions may send presidents of unions of churches
to attend Annual Council meetings of the Executive Sec. 1. The funds of the General Conference shall be as
Committee. Such invitees shall be extended the privileges of follows:
full participation in all discussion and decision-making a. A percentage of the tithe receipts of the local confer-
processes of the meeting. ence/mission/field shall be forwarded through the union and
division in accordance with the General Conference Working
Sec. 1. In each division, a division executive committee b. A percentage of the tithe receipts of the union of church-
shall be constituted, as hereinafter provided, for the transac- es shall be forwarded to the division in accordance with the
tion of business pertaining to the division. The division execu- General Conference Working Policy.
tive committee functions on behalf of the General Conference c. Regular mission offerings.
Executive Committee in the division, and its authority shall be d. Special gifts. Proceeds from the maturities of planned
recognized by union and local organizations in matters of giving designated for the General Conference.
division administration and counsel. A division may establish
for the use, benefit, and purpose of the church in countries of ARTICLE XVIIIDIVISION RETIREMENT PLANS
that division various legal entities and may entrust to these or Sec. 1. Divisions shall adopt a plan for the support of

retired and/or disabled employees and for dependent spouses agency, the General Conference Corporation, shall have
and dependents of such employees in harmony with the prin- power to make annuity contracts; but all moneys obtained in
ciples set forth in the General Conference Working Policy. this way shall be invested in securities and not be made avail-
Sec. 2. Such plans shall be funded by contributions from able for appropriations until the annuity contracts have
participating organizations as agreed upon by the respective matured.
division executive committees. Sec. 3. The tithes and mission offerings received by the
ARTICLE XIXAPPROPRIATIONS General Conference shall be appropriated for the work of the
Seventh-day Adventist denomination. It shall not be within the
Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall make its appropria- prerogative, therefore, of the Executive Committee, the
tions to the world field at Annual Councils. These appropria- Treasury, nor of any agent or agency of the denomination to
tions are to be based on budget requests from the fields. lend these funds to private individuals, to endorse notes, sign
Sec. 2. Appropriations shall be made subject to the receipt
of the full amount of funds estimated in the General bonds or other securities or in any other way to divert the
Conference budget. In case of a shortage, the distribution funds of the General Conference from their intended purpose.
shall usually be on a pro rata basis to all the interests repre- Sec. 4. The basis for computing goals and per capita funds
sented in the budget. shall be the membership on June 30 of the preceding year as
Sec. 3. Appropriations for major projects shall be held in officially recorded by the General Conference Office of
trust for the purpose for which the appropriation was desig- Archives and Statistics.
nated. In case the project is abandoned, the funds shall revert
to the General Conference. Other funds appropriated to divi- ARTICLE XXIINDEMNIFICATION
sions shall be administered by the respective division execu- Sec. 1. To the extent permitted by law, the General
tive committees. Conference shall indemnify any person who was or is a party
Sec. 4. All funds raised in divisions, except the regular or is threatened to be made a party to any threatened, pend-
funds belonging to the General Conference as indicated ing, or completed action, suit, or proceeding, whether civil,
under Article XVII, shall be used for the advancement of the criminal, administrative, or investigative, because he/she is or
work for which they were raised and are to be administered was a member of the General Conference Executive
by the respective church entity in harmony with denomina- Committee or an officer, employee, or agent of the General
tional policy.
Sec. 5. General Conference funds in all the world shall be Conference against expenses (including attorneys fees), judg-
made available to meet the annual appropriations of the ments, fines, and amounts paid in settlement actually and rea-
General Conference. sonably incurred by him/her in connection with such action,
suit, or proceeding if he/she acted in good faith and in a man-
ARTICLE XXFINANCE ner he/she reasonably believed to be in or not opposed to the
Sec. 1. To provide a working fund for regular operations best interests of the General Conference, and, with respect to
and to protect against a possible financial emergency or any criminal action or proceeding, had no reasonable cause
depression, the General Conference shall maintain an to believe his/her conduct was unlawful.
amount of working capital as defined and specified in the Sec. 2. This right of indemnification shall be in addition
Working Policy. to, and not exclusive of, all other rights to which such mem-
Sec. 2. The Executive Committee, acting through its legal ber of the Executive Committee or officer may be entitled.


Name Term of Service
1. John Byington ..............................................................................................May 20, 1863 to May 17, 1865
2. James White.................................................................................................May 17, 1865 to May 14, 1867
3. J. N. Andrews...............................................................................................May 14, 1867 to May 18, 1869
4. James White.................................................................................................May 18, 1869 to December 29, 1871
5. George I. Butler ...........................................................................................December 29, 1871 to August 10, 1874
6. James White.................................................................................................August 10, 1874 to October 6, 1880
7. George I. Butler ...........................................................................................October 6, 1880 to October 17, 1888
8. O. A. Olsen..................................................................................................October 17, 1888 to February 19, 1897
9. G. A. Irwin ...................................................................................................February 19, 1897 to April 2, 1901
10. A. G. Daniells ..............................................................................................April 2, 1901 to May 11, 1922
11. W. A. Spicer .................................................................................................May 11, 1922 to May 28, 1930
12. C. H. Watson ...............................................................................................May 28, 1930 to May 26, 1936
13. J. L. McElhany ..............................................................................................May 26, 1936 to July 10, 1950
14. W. H. Branson .............................................................................................July 10, 1950 to May 24, 1954
15. R. R. Figuhr ..................................................................................................May 24, 1954 to June 16, 1966
16. Robert H. Pierson.........................................................................................June 16, 1966 to January 3, 1979
17. Neal C. Wilson ............................................................................................January 3, 1979 to July 5, 1990
18. Robert S. Folkenberg ....................................................................................July 5, 1990 to March 1, 1999
19. Jan Paulsen...................................................................................................March 1, 1999 to _____________
Name Term of Service
1. Uriah Smith .................................................................................................May 20, 1863 to November 14, 1873
2. S. Brownsberger ...........................................................................................November 14, 1873 to August 10, 1874
3. Uriah Smith .................................................................................................August 10, 1874 to September 19, 1876
4. C. W. Stone ..................................................................................................September 19, 1876 to September 20, 1877
5. Uriah Smith .................................................................................................September 20, 1877 to December 1, 1881
6. A. B. Oyen ...................................................................................................December 1, 1881 to November 8, 1883
7. Uriah Smith .................................................................................................November 8, 1883 to October 17, 1888
8. Dan T. Jones .................................................................................................October 17, 1888 to March 5, 1891
9. W. A. Colcord ..............................................................................................March 5, 1891 to March 7, 1893
10. L. T. Nicola...................................................................................................March 7, 1893 to February 19, 1897
11. L. A. Hoopes ................................................................................................February 19, 1897 to April 2, 1901
12. H. E. Osborne ..............................................................................................April 2, 1901 to April 11, 1903
13. W. A. Spicer .................................................................................................April 11, 1903 to May 11, 1922
14. A. G. Daniells ..............................................................................................May 11, 1922 to May 27, 1926
15. C. K. Meyers ................................................................................................May 27, 1926 to October 17, 1933
16. M. E. Kern ....................................................................................................October 22, 1933 to May 26, 1936
17. E. D. Dick ....................................................................................................May 26, 1936 to September 19, 1952
18. D. E. Rebok..................................................................................................September 19, 1952 to May 24, 1954
19. W. R. Beach .................................................................................................May 24, 1954 to June 12, 1970
20. Clyde O. Franz.............................................................................................June 12, 1970 to April 17, 1980
21. G. Ralph Thompson .....................................................................................April 17, 1980 to June 30, 2000
22. Matthew A. Bediako.....................................................................................June 30, 2000 to ________________
Name Term of Service
1. E. S. Walker..................................................................................................May 20, 1863 to May 17, 1865
2. I. D. Van Horn..............................................................................................May 17, 1865 to May 12, 1868
3. J. N. Loughborough......................................................................................May 12, 1868 to May 18, 1869
4. E. S. Walker..................................................................................................May 18, 1869 to March 15, 1870
5. G. H. Bell ....................................................................................................May 15, 1870 to February 7, 1871
6. Mrs. A. P. Van Horn......................................................................................February 7, 1871 to March 11, 1873
7. E. B. Gaskill .................................................................................................March 11, 1873 to August 10, 1874
8. Harmon Lindsay...........................................................................................August 10, 1874 to August 15, 1875
9. Fredericka House .........................................................................................August 15, 1875 to September 19, 1876
10. Uriah Smith .................................................................................................September 19, 1876 to September 20, 1877
11. Mrs. M. J. Chapman .....................................................................................September 20, 1877 to November 8, 1883
12. A. R. Henry..................................................................................................November 8, 1883 to October 17, 1888
13. Harmon Lindsay...........................................................................................October 17, 1888 to February 17, 1893
14. W. H. Edwards .............................................................................................February 17, 1893 to February 19, 1897
15. A. G. Adams ................................................................................................February 19, 1897 to October 21, 1900
16. H. M. Mitchell .............................................................................................November 12, 1900 to March 27, 1903
17. I. H. Evans....................................................................................................March 27, 1903 to May 13, 1909
18. W. T. Knox ...................................................................................................May 13, 1909 to May 11, 1922
19. J. L. Shaw .....................................................................................................May 11, 1922 to May 26, 1936
20. W. E. Nelson ................................................................................................May 26, 1936 to July 10, 1950
21. C. L. Torrey ..................................................................................................July 10, 1950 to June 16, 1966
22. K. H. Emmerson...........................................................................................June 16, 1966 to April 17, 1980
23. L. L. Butler ...................................................................................................April 17, 1980 to June 27, 1985
24. Donald F. Gilbert .........................................................................................June 27, 1985 to June 30, 1995
25. Robert L. Rawson .........................................................................................June 30, 1995 to April 18, 2002
26. Robert E. Lemon ..........................................................................................April 18, 2002 to ______________

-5 -3


-9 -4 11 12
-7 7 9
-6 10
3 5
-5 -
0 1
2 4 6
3.5 4.5
5 5.75
-6 3
-10 4 5.5 6 6.5
1 2 7

12 8
-5 -4 3 9 10

2 9.5
1 8 10

Greenwich Meridian

+11 +10 +9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11



Organized May 21, 1863

Territory: The land area of the World; comprising the Telecommunications:

East-Central Africa, Euro-Africa, Euro-Asia, Inter- Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6000.
American, North American, Northern Asia-Pacific,
South American, South Pacific, Southern Africa-Indian Fax: 1 (301) 680-6090.
Ocean, Southern Asia, Southern Asia-Pacific, Trans- Website:
European, and West-Central Africa Divisions.
Statistics: Churches, 62,716; membership, 15,435,470; Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring,
population, 6,624,528,000. Maryland 20904-6600.

President, Jan Paulsen. Undersecretary, Larry R. Evans.
General Vice Presidents, Lowell C. Cooper, Mark A. Associate Secretaries, Rosa T. Banks, Agustin Galicia,
Finley, King-Yi Eugene Hsu, Gerry D. Karst, Roscoe J. Howard III, G. T. Ng, Vernon B.
Armando Miranda, Pardon K. Mwansa, Michael L. Parmenter, Claude Sabot; Assistant Secretary, Dian
Ryan, Ella S. Simmons, Ted N. C. Wilson. Lawrence.
Vice Presidents: Treasurer, Robert E. Lemon.
East-Central Africa Division, Geoffrey G. Mbwana. Undertreasurer, Juan R. Prestol.
Euro-Africa Division, Ulrich W. Frikart. Associate Treasurers, George O. Egwakhe, G. Thomas
Euro-Asia Division, Artur A. Stele. Evans, Jose R. Lizardo, Daisy J. F. Orion, Roy E.
Inter-American Division, Israel Leito. Ryan; Assistant Treasurer, W. Dean Rogers.
North American Division, Don C. Schneider. Controller, Verland V. Erntson.
Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Jairyong Lee. Associate Controller, Eugene A. Korff.
South American Division, Erton Carlos Kohler. Investment Manager, Roy E. Ryan; Associate, Kenneth
South Pacific Division, Barry D. Oliver. E. Rasmussen; Portfolio Manager, Linda K. Rogers;
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, Paul S. Money Fund Manager, Denise Greenough.
Ratsara. Special Assistant to the Treasurer, J. Raymond Wahlen
Southern Asia Division, D. Ronald Watts. II.
Southern Asia-Pacific Division, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr. Associate Meeting Planner, Sheri Clemmer.
Trans-European Division, Bertil A. Wiklander. General Field Secretaries, Gary D. Krause, Angel M.
West-Central Africa Division, Luka T. Daniel. Rodriguez, Charles C. Sandefur Jr., Benjamin D.
Administrative Assistant to the President, Orville D. Schoun, Brad Thorp.
Parchment. Director of Archives and Statistics, Bert B. Haloviak;
Center for Global Evangelism, Mark A. Finley. Assistant Directors, Peter Chiomenti, Rowena J.
Office of Program Impact and Appraisal, Paul S. Moore.
Brantley. Director of Human Resource Services, Ruth E. Parish;
Secretary, Matthew A. Bediako. Associate Director, Lori Yingling.

Executive Committee
Associate Secretaries, Rosa T. Banks, Agustin Galicia,
G. T. Ng, Vernon B. Parmenter, Claude Sabot.
Administration: Treasurer, Robert E. Lemon.
President, Jan Paulsen. Undertreasurer, Juan R. Prestol.
General Vice Presidents, Lowell C. Cooper, Mark A.
Associate Treasurers, George O. Egwakhe, Jose R.
Finley, King-Yi Eugene Hsu, Gerry D. Karst,
Armando Miranda, Pardon K. Mwansa, Michael L. Lizardo, Daisy J. F. Orion, Roy E. Ryan.
Ryan, Ella S. Simmons, Ted N. C. Wilson. General Field Secretaries, Gary D. Krause, Brad
Secretary, Matthew A. Bediako. Thorp. (Additional field secretaries as appointed by
Undersecretary, Larry R. Evans. the General Conference Committee.)


Departmental Directors: West Indies, Patrick L. Allen.

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Martin W. Feldbush.
Childrens Ministries, Linda Mei Lin Koh. North American
Communication, Rajmund Dabrowski. Administration:
Education, C. Garland Dulan. President, Don C. Schneider.
Family Ministries, Ronald M. Flowers. Secretary, Roscoe J. Howard III.
Health Ministries, Allan R. Handysides. Treasurer, G. Thomas Evans.
Ministerial Association, James A. Cress. Union Presidents:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, John Graz. Atlantic, Donald G. King.
Publishing Ministries, Howard F. Faigao. Canada, Seventh-day Adventist Church in, Daniel R.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Jonathan Jackson.
Kuntaraf. Columbia, David Weigley.
Stewardship, Erika F. Puni. Lake, Walter L. Wright.
Trust Services, Jeffrey K. Wilson. Mid-America, Dennis N. Carlson.
Womens Ministries, Heather-Dawn Small.
North Pacific, Jere D. Patzer.
Youth Ministries, Baraka G. Muganda.
Pacific, Ricardo Graham.
WORLD DIVISION MEMBERS Southern, Gordon L. Retzer.
Southwestern, Max A. Trevino.
East-Central Africa Division Northern Asia-Pacific
Administration: Administration:
President, Geoffrey G. Mbwana. President, Jairyong Lee.
Secretary, Blasious M. Ruguri. Secretary, Akeri Suzuki.
Treasurer, Philip Philipsen. Treasurer, Clyde M. Iverson Jr.
Union Presidents: Union Presidents:
East African, Musyoka Paul Muasya. Chinese, James S. F. Wu.
East Congo, Etzer Obas. Japan, Masaki Shoji.
Ethiopian, Alemu Haile Maruta. Korean, Myung Kwan Hong.
Rwanda, Hesron Byilingiro.
Tanzania, Joshua K. Kajula. South American
Uganda, John Luga Wani.
West Congo, August de Clerc M. Ngalamulume. Administration:
President, Erton Carlos Kohler.
Euro-Africa Secretary, Bolivar Alana.
Treasurer, Marino F. de Oliveira.
President, Ulrich W. Frikart. Union Presidents:
Secretary, Gabriel E. Maurer. Austral, Bruno Alberto Raso.
Treasurer, Peter R. Kunze. Bolivia, Roberto Gullon.
Central Brazil, Domingos de Souza.
Union Presidents:
Chile, Guido Rodolfo Quinteros.
Czecho-Slovakian, Pavel Simek.
Franco-Belgian, Jacques Trujillo. East Brazil, Maurico Pinto Lima.
North German, Klaus-Juergen van Treeck. Ecuador, Leonel Lozano.
Romanian, Teodor Hutanu. North Brazil, Marlinton Souza Lopes.
South German, Guenther Machel. North Peru, Orlando Ramos.
Swiss, Peter Joseit. Northeast Brazil, Geovani Souto de Queiroz.
South Brazil, Ignacio Luis Kalbermatter.
Euro-Asia South Peru, Samuel R. Sandoval.
West Central Brazil, Helder Roger C. Silva.
President, Artur A. Stele. South Pacific
Secretary, Michael F. Kaminsky.
Treasurer, Guillermo E. Biaggi. Administration:
President, Barry D. Oliver.
Union Presidents: Secretary, Lawrence P. Tanabose.
Caucasus, Pavel I. Liberanskiy. Treasurer, Rodney G. Brady.
East Russian, Victor A. Kozakov.
Moldova, Victor Alexeevich Lotka. Union Presidents:
Southern, Rubin R. Ott. Australian, Chester G. Stanley.
Ukrainian, Vladimir A. Krupsky. New Zealand Pacific, Jerome P. Matthews.
West Russian, Vassili D. Stoliar. Papua New Guinea, Thomas B. Davai.
Trans Pacific, Waisea Vuniwa.
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean
President, Israel Leito. Administration:
Secretary, Juan O. Perla. President, Paul S. Ratsara.
Treasurer, Filiberto M. Verduzco Avila. Secretary, Solomon Maphosa.
Treasurer, Jannie Bekker.
Union Presidents:
Caribbean, Eugene F. Daniel. Union Presidents:
Colombian, Eliseo Bustamante. Angola, Teodoro Elias.
Cuban, Daniel Fontaine Marquez. Botswana, Paminus Machamire.
Dominican, Cesario Acevedo del Villar. Indian Ocean, Samuel Ravonjiarivelo.
French Antilles-Guiana, Max-Rene Laurent. Malawi, Saustin Kazgeba Mfune.
Haitian, Theart St. Pierre. Mozambique, Zeca Xavier.
Inter-Oceanic Mexican, Cesar Gomez. Southern Africa, Francois Louw.
Mid-Central American, Jose Alfredo Argueta. Zambia, Cornelius Mulenga Matandiko.
North Central American, Mario Augusto Calderon. Zimbabwe, Evans Muvuti.
North Mexican, Abner de los Santos. Southern Asia
Puerto Rican, Jose Alberto Rodriguez.
South Central American, Wilfredo Ruiz. Administration:
South Mexican, David Javier Perez. President, D. Ronald Watts.
Venezuela-Antilles, Julio A. Palacio. Secretary, John Rathinaraj.

Treasurer, G. S. Robert Clive. Griggs University and International Academy: Donald R.

Union Presidents: Sahly, President.
East-Central India, Choudampalli John. International Health Food Association: Joel Zukovski,
Northeast India, Lalchansanga Colney. Director.
Northern India, Hidayat Masih. Loma Linda University: B. Lyn Behrens, President.
South-Central, Daniel Padmaraj.
Southeast India, S. Sundaram. Loma Linda University Medical Center: B. Lyn Behrens,
Southwest India, Samuel Stanley. President.
Western India, Gibeon Ebenezar Sharon. Ministry Magazine: Nikolaus Satelmajer, Editor.
Oakwood College: Delbert W. Baker, President.
Southern Asia-Pacific
Pacific Press Publishing Association: Dale Galusha,
Administration: President.
President, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr. Past President of the General Conference: Neal C. Wilson.
Secretary, Hendrik Sumendap. Review and Herald Publishing Association: Robert S. Smith,
Treasurer, Keith R. Heinrich.
Union Presidents:
Bangladesh, Eric P. Monnier. White Estate, Ellen G: Kenneth H. Wood, Chair; James R.
Central Philippine, Agapito J. Catane Jr. Nix, President.
East Indonesia, Noldy Sakul. ELECTED MEMBERS
Myanmar, Saw Muller Kyaw.
North Philippine, Abner S. Roque. Three lay persons from each division (without regard to
South Philippine, Wendell Serrano. membership):
Southeast Asia, Ronald W. Townend. East-Central Africa: L. Jeremiah Lima, Jeannette K. Matita,
West Indonesia, Johnny Lubis. Lorna G. Okotto.
Trans-European Euro-Africa: Rene Garcia, Carmen Ingeborg Schulz,
Marius C. Sturz.
Administration: Euro-Asia: Ella Grents, Olga Pervanchuk, Vasile Rotaru.
President, Bertil A. Wiklander. Inter-American: Joan Y. Clarke, Rolando M. Giron, Dennis
Secretary, Harald Wollan. Soto.
Treasurer, Johann E. Johannsson. North American: Shirley Chang, Carl P. Chin, Ruben
Union Presidents: Daniel Pechero.
Adriatic, Branko Bistrovic. Northern Asia-Pacific: Lisa Sangsook Choi, Joseph Hin-
Baltic, Valdis A. Zilgalvis. Chung Wong, Masao Yanaga.
British, Donald. W. McFarlane. South American: Milton S. Afonso, Jorge C. Echezarraga,
Finland, Atte Helminen. Nair Costa Lessa.
Hungarian, Andras Szilvasi.
Middle East, Kjell Aune. South Pacific: Carolyn M. Catton, Roger E. Marshall,
Netherlands, Wim Altink. Mesake T. Senibulu.
Norwegian, Tor Tjeransen. Southern Africa-Indian Ocean: Lorna Cedras, Jose Miudo,
Pakistan, Younis Masih. Edith Mkawa.
Polish, Pawel Lazar. Southern Asia: Mahesh D. Biloria, Michael N. A. Pedrin,
South-East European, Miodrag Zivanovic. Rita Salve.
Swedish, Robert Sjolander. Southern Asia-Pacific: Charles C. Ligan, Catharina S.
Nangoy, Alex Rajakumar Ponniah.
West-Central Africa Division Trans-European: Nevenka Cop, Nina K. H. Myrdal,
Administration: Frensly Panneflek.
President, Luka T. Daniel. West-Central Africa: Veronique M. Mbio, Emmanuel K.
Secretary, Gilbert Wari. Noudoda, Jael A. Yohanna.
Treasurer, Ceazar J. Hechanova. One pastor from each division (without regard to member-
Union Presidents ship):
Central African, Allah-Ridy Kone. East-Central Africa: Tatipanga San-me.
Eastern Nigeria, G. C. Nwaogwugwu. Euro-Africa: Ivan M. Nikolov.
Ghana, Samuel A. Larmie. Euro-Asia: Andrei Ten.
North-Western Nigeria, Joseph Adebisi Ola. Inter-American: Aymer Sarria.
Sahel, Guy Roger. North American: Ralph E. Shelton.
West African, Erkki Haapasalo. Northern Asia-Pacific: Bookwon Chun.
EX OFFICIO MEMBERS South American: Andre dos Santos Vieira.
South Pacific: David Kila Gairo.
Adventist Development and Relief Agency International: Southern Africa-Indian Ocean: Pedro D. Tatamelane.
Charles C. Sandefur Jr., President and Executive Director. Southern Asia: ___.
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies: Southern Asia-Pacific: Orlando S. Deocades.
Stephen R. Guptill, President. Trans-European: Ian Howard Sleeman.
Adventist Review: Bill Knott, Editor. West-Central Africa: Richard Asiedu Ntriakwah.
Adventist Risk Management, Incorporated: Robert L. One additional church pastor or other front-line denomina-
Sweezey, President and Executive Director. tional employee for every 500,000 members or major
Adventist University of Africa: Brempong Owusu-Antwi, fraction thereof beyond the first 500,000:
President. East-Central Africa: Jonathan Bizirema, Patrick M.
Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide: Clifford Goldstein, Mulindwa, Ilunga Wazenga.
Editor. Inter-American: Esaie Auguste, N. Nathaniel DeLima, Jose
Adventist World Radio: Benjamin D. Schoun, President and Dorismar, Juan Carlos Duran, Shurman R. Kook.
Executive Director. North American: David C. Smith.
Andrews University: Niels-Erik A. Andreasen, President. South American: Josias C. Almeida, Leonor Segunda
Archives and Statistics: Bert B. Haloviak, Director. Bustinza de Carbo, Walter Streithorst, Alberto R. Timm.
Biblical Research Institute: Angel M. Rodriguez, Director. Southern Africa-Indian Ocean: German H. Hlanze,
Christian Record Services, Incorporated: Larry J. Pitcher, Norman Maphosa, Bareng Moahi, Emmanuel Mwale.
President. Southern Asia: Swamidass Johnson.
Geoscience Research Institute: L. James Gibson, Director. Southern Asia-Pacific: Caroline V. K. Tobing.

Thirty members at large: G. Johnsson, Kevin L. Lang, Donna McNeilus, Lester P.

Harold W. Baptiste, Gordon Bietz, Barry C. Black, Gina S. Merklin Jr., Ruy H. Nagel, Don Noble, Richard Osborn,
Brown, Chester V. Clark III, Laurie J. Evans, Jimmy L. Orville D. Parchment, Ruth E. Parish, Calvin B. Rock,
Ferguson, Ruthita Fike, Shelton Green, Richard H. Hart, Alma D. Rodriguez-Banda, Evelyn Saravia, Halvard B.
Dan Houghton, George Ipi, Donald L. Jernigan, William Thomsen, Robert Hermann Vollmer, Debbie D. Young.

The Departments of the General Conference named below were organized on the dates mentioned,
although some were actually doing work as departments prior to such organization.

of Education. Ex Officio Members: General Conference

ADVENTIST CHAPLAINCY MINISTRIES President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and Division Presidents.
(Includes National Service Organization)
Established 1985 International Board of Ministerial and Theological
Telecommunications: Gerry D. Karst, Chair; Michael L. Ryan, Ella S. Simmons,
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6780. Vice Chairs; C. Garland Dulan, Secretary; James A. Cress,
E-mail: Associate Secretary; Lisa M. Beardsley, Richard Carlson,
Website: Jaime Castrejon, Ron Clouzet, Jo Ann M. Davidson, James
Doggette, Daniel Duda, Martin W. Feldbush, J. H. Denis
Administration: Fortin, John M. Fowler, Willie E. Hucks II, Gerald Klingbeil,
Director, ACM and NSO, Martin W. Feldbush. Jerry Lutz, Lester P. Merklin Jr., Baraka G. Muganda, Joel
Associate Director, ACM and NSO, Gary R. Councell. Musvosvi, Craig Newborn, Brempong Owusu-Antwi,
CHILDRENS MINISTRIES Gerhard Pfandl, Zdravko Plantak, Richard Rice, Angel M.
Organized 1995 Rodriguez, Roy E. Ryan, Agniel Samson, Duane M.
Schoonard, Kwang Soo Suh, David E. Thomas, Douglas A.
Telecommunications: Tilstra, Alberto R. Timm, and Division Presidents. Ex
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6142, 680-6144. Officio Members: General Conference President,
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155. Secretary, and Treasurer.
E-mail:; Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools,
Administration: Colleges, and Universities:
Director, Linda Mei Lin Koh. C. Garland Dulan, Chair; Ella S. Simmons, Vice Chair; Lisa
M. Beardsley, Executive Secretary; Joseph Allison, Roberto
COMMUNICATION Badenas, Rosa T. Banks, Larry D. Blackmer, Elfreda Blue,
Established 1972 Hamlet Canosa, Lowell C. Cooper, Myrna Costa, Daniel
Public Relations 1912; Radio-Television 1950 Duda, John M. Fowler, Emilio Garcia-Marenko, David
Geriguis, Gerald Grant, Edwin Hernandez, Barry Hill,
Telecommunications: Roscoe J. Howard III, Chiemela Ikonne, Ellah Kamwendo,
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6300. Hudson E. Kibuuka, Linda Mei Lin Koh, Mike M. Lekic,
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6312. Carlos A. Mesa, Branislav Mirilov, Check Yat Phoon,
Adventist News Network: Nageshwar G. Rao, Angel M. Rodriguez, Roy E. Ryan, Luis
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6306. Schulz, Charles Tidwell, Moises Velazquez, James Willis,
E-mail: Robert Young. Ex Officio Members: General Conference
Website: President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Director, and Media Relations, Rajmund Dabrowski Organized 1975; reorganized 1995
Associate Directors: Telecommunications:
Media Services, Williams S. Costa Jr. (E-mail: CostaW@ Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6175. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.
Public Relations, Reger C. Smith Jr. (E-mail: SmithR@ E-mail: Website:
Assistant Directors: Administration:
News and Information, Ansel Oliver (E-mail: OliverA@ Director, Ronald M. Flowers. Associate Director, Karen M. Flowers.
Webmaster, John R. Beckett (E-mail: BeckettJ@ HEALTH MINISTRIES
Reorganized 1980
Organized 1902 Telecommunications:
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6702.
Telecommunications: Fax: 1 (301) 680-6707.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5060. Administration:
Fax: 1 (301) 622-9627. Director, Allan R. Handysides.
Administration: Associate Directors, David Dyjack, Craig R. Jackson,
Director, C. Garland Dulan. Patricia S. Jones, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Peter N. Landless,
Associate Directors, Lisa M. Beardsley, John M. Fowler, Quintes P. Nicola, Stoy E. Proctor, Thomas J. Zirkle.
Luis Schulz. Assistant Directors, Gilbert Burnham, Gary L. Hopkins,
Editor, Journal of Adventist Education, Beverly J. Rumble. Lowell Meister, Antonio E. Robles.
International Board of Education: International Health and Temperance Association
Ella S. Simmons, Chair; King-Yi Eugene Hsu, Vice Chair; C. Organized 1946; reorganized 1982
Garland Dulan, Executive Secretary; Niels-Erik A.
Andreasen, Delbert W. Baker, Lisa M. Beardsley, John M. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6719.
Fowler, Stephen R. Guptill, Allan R. Handysides, Richard Board of Governors:
H. Hart, Brempong Owusu-Antwi, Juan R. Prestol, Claude The members of the Executive Committee of the General
Sabot, Donald R. Sahly, Luis Schulz, and Division Directors Conference, and the presidents and executive secretaries of

the societies that have been accepted into the membership News/Media, Deborah Knott.
of the International Health and Temperance Association. Executive Assistant, Carol E. Rasmussen.
President, Ted N. C. Wilson. PUBLISHING MINISTRIES
Vice President, Allan R. Handysides. Organized 1902
Executive Secretary, Peter N. Landless.
Associate Secretary, Stoy E. Proctor. Telecommunications:
Executive Council: Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6480.
Ted N. C. Wilson, Chair; Allan R. Handysides, Vice Chair; Fax: 1 (301) 622-9627.
Peter N. Landless, Executive Secretary; Elwin B. David, C. E-mail:
Garland Dulan, Gwendolyn Foster, Verna Karst, LuWana Administration:
Kumalae, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Baraka G. Muganda, Quintes Director, Howard F. Faigao.
P. Nicola, Juan R. Prestol, Stoy E. Proctor, Heather-Dawn Associate Director, Wilmar Hirle.
Small, Gary B. Swanson, DeWitt S. Williams.
MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Sabbath School Organized 1902
Organized 1922 Personal Ministries (Lay Activities) 1913
Reorganized 1985, 1995
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6500. Telecommunications:
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6502. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6177.
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.
Administration: E-mail:
Secretary, James A. Cress. Website:
Associate Secretaries, Jonas Arrais, Sharon M. Cress,
Anthony R. Kent, Peter J. Prime, Nikolaus Satelmajer. Administration:
Ministry Editor, Nikolaus Satelmajer; Associate Editor, Director, Jonathan Kuntaraf.
Willie E. Hucks II. Associate Director, Gary B. Swanson.
Resource Development, Catherine Payne. Assistant Directors, May-Ellen Colon, Kurt W. Johnson.
PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide:
Organized 1902 Standard Edition, Clifford Goldstein; Associate,
Soraya Parish.
Telecommunications: Easy Reading Edition, Soraya Parish.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6680.
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6695. Collegiate Bible Study Guide, Lyndelle Chiomenti.
Website: Cornerstone Connections, Bonita J. Shields.
United Nations Office, New York: 777 United Nations PowerPoints Bible Study, Real Time Faith Bible Study
Plaza; New York, New York 10017. Telephone: 1 (212) Guide, Bonita J. Shields.
687-6488 or 1 (301) 680-6683. Beginner, Kindergarten, and Primary Bible Study
Capitol Hill Office, Washington, DC: 110 Maryland Guides, Falvo Fowler.
Avenue N.E., Suite 208; Washington, DC 20002.
Administration: Organized 1967; reorganized 1995
Director, John Graz.
Associate Directors: Jonathan Gallagher, United Nations
Liaison; James D. Standish, United States Government Telecommunications:
Liaison. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6157.
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.
International Religious Liberty Association E-mail:
(A non-denominational association Website:
supported by the General Conference) Administration:
Founded 1893; reorganized 1946 Director, Erika F. Puni.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6686. Associate Director, Jean-Luc Lezeau.
Website: Assistant Director, Maria Ovando-Gibson.
Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, Maryland TRUST SERVICES
20904-6600. Organized 1968
President, Denton Lotz. Telecommunications:
Vice Presidents, Bert B. Beach, Matthew A. Bediako, Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5002.
Rajmund Dabrowski, Alberto de la Hera, King-Yi Fax: 1 (301) 680-5009.
Eugene Hsu, Robert E. Kyte, Robert Seiple. E-mail:
Secretary General, John Graz.
Deputy Secretary General, Jonathan Gallagher. Website:
Treasurer, Daisy Jane F. Orion. Administration:
Director for Development, James D. Standish. Director, Jeffrey K. Wilson.
Legal Advisor, Todd R. McFarland. Associate Directors, Charles B. Simpson, Wilfredo
Board of Directors: Sumagaysay.
The Officers, listed above, plus the following members: Lee
Boothby, Reinder Bruinsma, Raymond L. Coombe, Luka T.
Daniel, Rosa M. Martinez de Codes, W. Cole Durham, Organized 1990
Laurie J. Evans, Ulrich Frikart, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Erton
Carlos Kohler, Anatoly Krasikov, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Telecommunications:
Geoffrey Mbwana, Roland Minnerath, Jan Paulsen, Paul S. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6636.
Ratsara, Don C. Schneider, Gunnar Stalsett, Artur A. Stele, Fax: 1 (301) 680-6600.
Victor Vitko, D. Ronald Watts, Bertil A. Wiklander. E-mail:
Staff: Website:
Representative to the United Nations, Jonathan Gallagher. Administration:
Representative to the United States Government, James D. Director, Heather-Dawn Small.
Standish. Associate Director, Raquel Arrais.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.

Organized 1907; reorganized 1995 Website:
Telecommunications: Director, Baraka G. Muganda.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6140. Associate Directors, Hiskia I. Missah, Jonatan Tejel.

Human Resource Bureau:
INTERNATIONAL (ADRA) Bureau Chief, Derris O. Krause.
(Formerly SAWS; includes OFASA and ASA) Directors, Herbert Eisele, Greg Young.
Incorporated 1956; reorganized 1984 Associate Directors, Ailiasi Cruz-Fernandez, Tricia Hayes.
Marketing and Development Bureau:
Telecommunications: Bureau Chief (Acting), Julio C. Munoz.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6380; 1 (800) 424-2372. Assistant Directors, Karla K. Cole, Marie-Josee Guth,
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6370. Hearly Mayr, Kara Watkins.
Legal Name: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Planning Bureau:
International. Has own 501 (c) (3). Bureau Chief, Jennifer E. Schmidt.
Administration: Assistant Directors, Mabel Valdivia, Anne Woodworth.
President and Executive Director, Charles C. Sandefur Jr. Program Management Bureau:
Executive Vice President, Mario H. Ochoa. Bureau Chief, Mark Webster.
Vice President for Finance, Gideon M. Mutero. Directors, Robert F. Cooke, Rodolfo Monsalve, Martine
Board of Directors: Polycarpe.
Lowell C. Cooper, Chair; Pardon K. Mwansa, Vice Chair, Associate Directors, Edward E. Baber, Jonathan Beagles,
Robert E. Lemon, Treasurer; Charles C. Sandefur Jr., Matthew Gemeda, Imad Madanat, Nestor Mogollon.
Secretary; Matthew A. Bediako, B. Lyn Behrens, Priscilla Assistant Directors, Bridget Aidam, Seth Anu-Bonsrah,
Ben, Guillermo E. Biaggi, Gilbert Burnham, Luka T. Sonya Funna, Phil Galenkamp, J. Guillermo Lizarraga,
Daniel, Zenaida G. Delica-Willison, Laurie J. Evans, Ann Milton D. McHenry, Naomi Miller, Mekebeb Negerie,
Gibson, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Christine Hawkins, Erton Jozimo Santos, Geoffrey Thompson.
Carlos Kohler, Peter R. Kunze, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito,
Geir Olay Lisle, Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Elizabeth Nunez, Internal Audit and Compliance:
Jan Paulsen, Alex Ponniah, Paul S. Ratsara, Bill Robertson, Director, ___.
Guy F. Roger, Horst Rolly, Blasious M. Ruguri, Don C. A-133 Internal Audit:
Schneider, Ruben Urrejola, Filiberto M. Verduzco, D. Director, Elwin B. David.
Ronald Watts, Bertil A. Wiklander, Harald Wollan. Assistant Directors, Titus Biyete, Joseph Manuel.
Emergency Management Bureau: Regional and Division Offices and Directors
Bureau Chief, J. Frank Teeuwen.
Director, David Holdsworth. Africa Regional Office, Birgit Philipsen, Director.
Evaluation and Program Quality Support Bureau: Asia Regional Office, Ronald Kuhn, Director.
Bureau Chief, Kenneth D. Flemmer. Euro-Africa Division, Joerg Fehr, Director.
Director, Solomon Wako. Euro-Asia Division, Vitalie I. Zgherea, Director.
Assistant Director, Dawit Habtemariam. European Union Office, Mario Oliveira, Director.
Finance and Operations Bureau: Inter-American Division, Wallace L. Amundson, Director.
Bureau Chief, Olivier M. Guth. North American Division, Alvin M. Kibble, Director.
Director, Richard W. OFfill. South American Division, Gunther W. Wallauer, Director.
Assistant Directors, Rowena L. Boccheciamp, Ty South Pacific Division, David P. Jack, Director.
Gonzalez, Brea Mitchell, Rami M. Nashed. Trans-European Division, Raafat Kamal, Director.

Services, Corporations, and Other Organizations

Treasurer, Llewellyn L. Mowry Jr.
(Adventist Historic Properties, Inc.)
Telecommunications: Organized 1981; reorganized 1988
Telephone: 1 (909) 558-4540.
Fax: 1 (909) 558-0242. Telecommunications:
E-mail: Telephone: 1 (269) 965-3000.
Address: Magan Hall; Loma Linda University; Loma Linda, E-mail:
California 92350. Website:
Legal Name: Adventist Health International. Has own 501 Address:
(c) (3). Street: 411 Champion Street; Battle Creek, Michigan
Board of Directors: 49017.
Lowell C. Cooper, Chair; Richard H. Hart, Secretary; Mailing: P.O. Box 1414; Battle Creek, MI 49016-1414.
Matthew A. Bediako, B. Lyn Behrens, Robert Carmen, Board of Trustees Officers:
Maitland A. DiPinto, George O. Egwakhe, Ruthita J. Fike, James R. Nix, Chair; Donald F. Gilbert, Vice Chair;
Allan R. Handysides, Kevin J. Lang, Pardon K. Mwansa, Thomas R. Neslund, President; Geraldine T. Hess,
Claude Sabot, Charles C. Sandefur Jr., David Weigley. Womack H. Rucker Jr., Alice R. Voorheis, Vice Presidents;
Administration: William A. Fagal, Secretary; Michael Campbell, Associate
President, Richard H. Hart. Secretary; George O. Egwakhe, Treasurer; Garth Stoltz,
Secretary, Donn P. Gaede. Historic Adventist Village Director (Interim).

Historic Sites: Special Contributors, Luka T. Daniel, Ulrich W. Frikart,

Hiram Edson Farm. 780 Field Street; Clifton Springs, New Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Erton Carlos Kohler, Jairyong Lee,
York 14432-9736. Contact person, Robert Allen. Israel Leito, Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Barry D. Oliver, Paul
Telephone: 1 (315) 524-9190. S. Ratsara, Don C. Schneider, Artur A. Stele, D. Ronald
Historic Adventist Village. 411 Champion Street; Battle Watts, Bertil A. Wiklander.
Creek, Michigan 49017. Mailing Address: P.O. Box Periodicals Published:
1414; Battle Creek, MI 49016-1414. Welcome Center, Adventist Review.
same address. Contact person for tours: Garth Stoltz. Adventist World.
Telephone: 1 (269) 965-3000.
Joseph Bates Home. 191 Main Street; Fairhaven, ADVENTIST TELEVISION NETWORKHOPE CHANNEL
Massachusetts 02719. Telephone: 1 (508) 992-0523. Established 1997
Contact person: Chet Jordon. Telephone: 1 (774) 328-
8882. Telecommunications:
William Miller Farm. 1614 County Road 11; Whitehall, Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6689.
New York 12887-4217. Telephone: 1 (518) 282-9617. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6624, 680-5147.
Contact person: James Everhart. Telephone: 1 (802) E-mail:
442-4926. Website:;
World Technical Support. Telephone/Fax: 27 (11) 805-
ADVENTIST MISSION 2803. E-mail: (Errol van Eck,
Established 2005 South Africa).
(Includes Global Mission, established 1990) Administration:
Director, Brad Thorp. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6674.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6628. Associate Director, and Director, Marketing/Development,
Administration: Gary D. Gibbs. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6675.
Director, Gary D. Krause. Director, International Development and Scheduling,
Communication, Richard D. Kajiura. Kandus Thorp. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6799.
Editor, Mission, Charlotte Ishkanian. Associate Director, Marketing and Development, Viola R.
Projects Managers, Laurie Falvo, Hans Olson. Poey Hughes. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6629.
Video Producers/Editors, Andrew King, Daniel Weber. Administrative Assistant, Ivy Ng. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-
Marketing, Nancy Kyte. 6689.
Planning, Homer W. Trecartin. Administrative Assistant, Kirsten Palipane. Telephone:
Programs, Martha C. Schneider. 1 (250) 491-4934.
Research and Statistics, F. Donald Yost. Technical Information Coordinator, and Africa
Study Centers Director, A. Ganoune Diop. Representative, Errol van Eck. Telephone: 27 (11) 805-
Global Study Centers: 2803.
Buddhism Religious Study Center. P.O. Box 15; Nakhon East-Central Africa Representative, Enoch Mogusu.
Luang; Ayutthaya 13260; Thailand. Telephone: 66 (18) Telephone: 254 (20) 422-6000.
515-414. Fax: 66 (35) 359-655. Director, Scott Satellite Operations, Marcelo Vallado. Telephone: 1 (805)
Griswold. E-mail: 955-7612.
Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies. 119 St. Peters Assistant Directors:
Street; St. Albans, Herts AL1 3EY; United Kingdom. Latin America, Edson Rosa. Telephone: 55 (61) 3345-
Telephone: 44 (1727) 860-331. Fax: 44 (1727) 866- 1818.
312. Director, Miroslav Pujic. E-mail: Miroslav@ Technical, Warren Judd. Telephone: 1 (805) 955-7778. Adventist Television Network (ATN) Center:
Global Center for Adventist Muslim Relations. P.O. Box Operations Manager, H. Joe Sloan. Telephone: 1 (301)
1223; Loma Linda, CA 92354. Telephone: 1 (909) 558- 680-5111.
4563. Fax: 1 (909) 558-4845. Director, Jerald W. Producers:
Whitehouse. E-mail: Frenita Buddy. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5101.
Hinduism Religious Study Center. Southern Asia Division; Russell Moulder. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5110.
Post Box 2, HCF; Hosur 635 110, T.N.; India. Earley Simon. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5112.
Telephone: 91 (4344) 26-2170. Fax: 91 (4344) 26- Studio Manager, Tim Hofmann. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-
2090. Director, G. R. Mohan Roy. E-mail: mohanroy@ 5103. Esperanza TV (Spanish channel):
World Jewish Friendship Center. P.O. Box 592; 94186 P.O. Box 5303; Thousand Oaks, CA 91359. Telephone:
Jerusalem; Israel. Telephone: 972 (2) 625-1547. Fax: 1 (800) 803-7171. E-mail:
972 (2) 625-1319. Director, Richard Elofer. E-mail: Website: Operating Committee:
Mark A. Finley, Chair; Pardon K. Mwansa, Vice Chair;
ADVENTIST REVIEW Brad Thorp, Secretary; Frank Adjeleuwa, Milton S. Afonso,
Established 1849 Rosa T. Banks, Matthew A. Bediako, Rodney G. Brady,
Rajmund Dabrowski, Luka T. Daniel, Ulrich W. Frikart,
Telecommunications: Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Dan Houghton, Warren Judd,
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6560. Michael F. Kaminsky, Frederick M. Kinsey, Erton Carlos
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6638. Kohler, Gary D. Krause, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Robert
E-mail:; worldeditor@ E. Lemon, Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Jan Paulsen, Juan R. Prestol, Paul S. Ratsara, Edson Rosa, Michael L. Ryan,
Website:; www.adventistworld. Doreen Schmidt, Don C. Schneider, Benjamin D. Schoun,
org. Milton Sousa, Artur A. Stele, Gunawan Suliaman, D.
Editorial Staff: Ronald Watts, Bertil A. Wiklander.
Editor, and Executive Publisher, Bill Knott.
Associate Editors, Roy Adams, ___. ADVENTIST WORLD RADIO
Associate Publisher, Claude Richli. Established 1971
Managing Editor, Stephen Chavez.
Assistant Editors, Sandra Blackmer, Wilona Karimabadi, Telecommunications:
Mark Kellner, Kimberly L. Maran, Carlos G. Medley. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6304
Consulting Editors, Jan Paulsen, Matthew A. Bediako, Fax: 1 (301) 680-6303
Lowell C. Cooper, Mark A. Finley, King-Yi Eugene Hsu, Email:
Gerry D. Karst, Robert E. Lemon, Armando Miranda, Website:
Pardon K. Mwansa, Michael L. Ryan, Ella S. Simmons, Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland
Ted N. C. Wilson. 20904-6600

Administration Japanese, Kannada, Karen, Khmer, Korean,

President and Executive Director, Benjamin D. Schoun. Malayalam, Mandarin, Marathi, Mizo, Mongolian,
Senior Vice President, Greg Scott. Nepali, Punjabi, Sinhalese, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu,
Vice President for Advancement, Jim Ayers. Urdu, Uyghur, and Vietnamese.
Vice President for Finance, Dowell W. Chow. Europe Region (includes Euro-Africa, Euro-Asia, and
Assistant Treasurer, P. Jeff Cordray. Trans-European Divisions). 1 Milbanke Court; Milbanke
Communication Director, Shelley Nolan Freesland. Way; Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1RP; England.
Development Director, ___. Telephone: 44 (1344) 401-401. Fax: 44 (1344) 401-
Web Manager, Marvin King. 419. Region Director, Tihomir Zestic. Program Director,
Administrative Assistant, Jean Kellner. Yves Senty. Controller, Vasili Makarchuk.
Senior Office Assistant, Ginger Johnson. Transmitter sites: Moosbrunn, Austria; Juelich and
Donor Response Assistant, Frank Scheib. Wertachtal, Germany. Also national broadcasts in
Global Staff: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine,
Resource Engineer, Daryl Gungadoo; Training Director, and Uzbekistan; and a satellite distribution network
Ray Allen (based at the Europe Region office). 1 for Europe. Various frequencies.
Milbanke Court; Milbanke Way; Bracknell, Berkshire Languages transmitted: Arabic, Bari, Bulgarian, Dinka,
RG12 1RP; England. Telephone: 44 (1344) 401-401. English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Juba Arabic,
Fax 44 (1344) 401-419. Kabyle, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Moru, Panjabi, Pastho,
Frequency Engineer, Claudius Dedio; Associate Frequency Russian, Tachelhit, Tagalog, Tajiki, Turkish, Ukrainian,
Engineer, Giuseppe Cirillo (based at the Adventist Urdu, Uzbek, and Zande.
Media Center, Germany). Sandwiesenstrasse 35; D-
64665 Alsbach; Germany. Telephone: 49 (6257) 944-
Reorganized 1977, 1995
0969. Fax: 49 (6257) 944-0985.
Board of Directors (2005-2010): Telecommunications:
Ted N. C. Wilson, Chair; Pardon K. Mwansa, Vice Chair; Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5040.
Benjamin D. Schoun, Secretary; Vimala T. Abraham, Fax: 1 (301) 680-5054.
Milton Afonso, Matthew A. Bediako, Rodney G. Brady, G. E-mail:
S. Robert Clive, Rajmund Dabrowski, Charles Eusey, Board:
Ulrich W. Frikart, Clifford George, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Jack L. Krogstad, Chair; Lowell C. Cooper, Vice Chair;
Michael F. Kaminsky, Erton Carlos Kohler, Gary D. Krause, Paul H. Douglas, Secretary; Scilas Barbosa-Filho, Matthew
Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Robert E. Lemon, Jose Lizardo, A. Bediako, Gilles C. Beesoo, Joseph Fan, Hyden G. I.
Solomon Maphosa, Jan Paulsen, Paul Pelley, Dyane Gittens, Ella Grents, Anwar Hutabarat, Robert E. Lemon,
Pergerson, Juan R. Prestol, Blasious M. Ruguri, Neil Jeremiah Lima, Andreas Makowski, Kwame Manu-
Russell, Michael L. Ryan, Don C. Schneider, Al Sines, Debrah, Roger Marshall, Frensly R. Panneflek, Jan
Bruce Thorn, Brad Thorp, Gilbert Wari, Bertil A. Paulsen, John Stanley.
Administrative Committee:
Region Administration and Broadcast Facilities: Lowell C. Cooper, Paul H. Douglas, Robert E. Lemon, H.
Africa Region (includes East-Central Africa, Southern Melvin Ming, Gwen Platt; ex-officio Jack L. Krogstad.
Africa-Indian Ocean, and West-Central Africa
Divisions). 30 Peter Place; Bryanston 2021; Headquarters:
Johannesburg; South Africa. Mailing: P.O. Box 2522; Director, Paul H. Douglas.
Cramerview 2060; Johannesburg; South Africa. Associate Directors, Maxwell P. Blakeney, Daniel E.
Telephone: 27 (11) 706-9576. Fax: 27 (11) 706-8819. Herzel, Douglas D. Reeves.
Region Director, Samuel Misiani. Engineer, Kurt Assistant Directors, Paul W. Johnson, James E. Trude; Staff
Roberts. Auditors, John H. Adu, Ian L. Blair-Brown.
Transmitter sites: Moosbrunn, Austria; Talata/Volonondry, Area Offices
Madagascar; Meyerton, South Africa. Various
frequencies. Euro-Africa: Mantelfeldstrasse 9; Egglkofen; Germany.
Languages transmitted: Afar, Amharic, Arabic, Dyula, Associate Director, Norbert Zens.
English, French, Fulfulde, Hausa, Igbo, Kiswahili, 206 Route de la Combe; 74160 Collonges-Sous-Saleve;
Maasai, Malagasy, Oromifa, Somali,Tigrinya, and France. Staff Auditor, Jean-Paul Tribes.
Yoruba. Str. Mihai Veteazul No. 19; 5600 Piatra Neamt; Romania.
Americas Region (includes Inter-American and South Assistant Staff Auditor, Aruxandei Constantin.
American Divisions). 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Pahlbloeckensteg 4; 22143 Hamburg; Germany. Assistant
Spring, Maryland 20904-6600. Telephone: 1 (301) 680- Staff Auditor, Gesine Heger.
6304. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6303. Operated by the Inter-America: P.O. Box 830518; Miami, FL 33183; USA.
Adventist Media Center; Rodovia Euryale de Jesus Telephone: 1 (305) 403-4700. Associate Director, Felix
Zerbine, 5876; Jardim Sao Gabriel; 12340-010 Jacarei, Archbold; Staff Auditors, Ezra D. Fider, Gonzalo Prada,
SP; Brazil. Phone: 55 (12) 2127-3000. Fax: 55 (12) Perlina M. Sanchez, Jean Tastet; Assistant Staff Auditors,
2127-3001. Media Center Director, Milton Souza. Wiston E. Iglesias, Jean R. Julien, Luis E. Meza, Oscar A.
Region Director, Dowell W. Chow. Oliver, Misael Santiago, Sandra D. Thomas, Irma Atencio-
AWR broadcast by satellite from Brazil, serving numer- Vega.
ous local radio stations throughout the Americas. North America-Central: P.O. Box 310; Collegedale, TN
Language transmitted: Spanish. 37315. Telephone: 1 (423) 236-2687. Associate Director,
Asia-Pacific Region (includes Northern Asia-Pacific, Mark S. Hyder.
Southern Asia, and Southern Asia-Pacific Divisions). Cumberland District: P.O. Box 310; Collegedale, TN
798 Thomson Road; Singapore 298186; Republic of 37315. Telephone: 1 (423) 236-2660. District Director,
Singapore. Telephone: 65-355-2700. Region Director, Kevin L. Hallock; Staff Auditors, Neil S. Brady, Ana-
Jonathan Wagiran. Program Director, Anniston Carla Duarte, Rodney R. Schwark; Assistant Staff
Matthews. Assistant Program Director, Rhoen Catolico. Auditor, Rebecca M. Huey.
Guam transmitter site: P.O. Box 8990; Agat, Guam Mid-America District: P.O. Box 6464; Lincoln, NE 68506.
96928. Telephone: 1 (671) 565-2289. Fax: 1 (671) Telephone: 1 (402) 484-3023. District Director, Kris S.
565-2983. Site Manager and Controller, Victor Sisodia; Assistant Staff Auditors, JoJean M. Birth,
Shepherd. Chief Engineer, Brook Powers. Assistant Mitchell J. Merkel, Jennifer D. Paschal.
Chief Engineer, Fred Christensen. Engineer, Karl Southeast District: 375 Douglas Avenue, Suite 2100;
Forshee. Maintenance Director, Gordon Garner. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. Telephone: 1 (407) 599-
Other transmitter sites: Taiwan and Talata/Volonondry, 2111. District Director, Anita S. James; Senior Staff
Madagascar. Various frequencies. Auditor, Sandra C. Grice; Staff Auditor, Thomas A.
Languages transmitted: Arabic, Assamese, Bangla, Wuerstlin; Assistant Staff Auditors, Asamenew Alemu,
Burmese, Chin, English, Hindi, Ilocano, Indonesian, Roger W. Keaton.

Southern District: P.O. Box 432; Decatur, GA 30031. Central Brazil District: Av. Magdalena Sanseverino
Telephone: 1 (404) 501-9792. District Director, Grosso, 850; Jardim Rezek II; 13160-000 Artur
Michael S. Bond; Assistant Staff Auditors, Crystal S. Nogueira, SP; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (19) 3988-9000.
Alexander, Edouard M. Julien. Staff Auditor, Edemar Kattwinkel.
Southwestern District: P.O. Box 1177; Burleson, TX Central West District: Caixa Postal 101; 13160-000 Artur
76097. Telephone: 1 (817) 295-0476. District Director, Nogueira, SP; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (19) 3877-9000.
Michael S. Merrifield; Staff Auditors, Ralph Castro, Assistant Staff Auditor, Andre Pasini.
Roderick D. H. Cowley; Assistant Staff Auditor, Christa
Chile District: Casilla 71, Correo 34; Las Condes,
Santiago; Chile. Telephone: 56 (2) 245-4226. Assistant
North America-East: P.O. Box 732; Columbia, MD 21045.
Staff Auditor, Reginaldo Favaro.
Telephone: 1 (301) 596-0800. Associate Director, Robyn
W. Kajiura. East Brazil District: Caixa Postal 105053; 24231-970
Atlantic District: P.O. Box 1042; South Lancaster, MA Niteroi, RJ; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (21) 711-1062.
01561. Telephone: 1 (978) 368-8333. District Director, Assistant Staff Auditor, Genilson de Sousa.
Todd B. Mayer; Senior Staff Auditor, Christopher S. North Brazil District: Caixa Postal 9253 ACF Marco;
Garrity; Staff Auditors, Michael R. Daum, Allan S. 66095-970 Belem, PA; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (91) 235-
Willmott; Assistant Staff Auditor, Carlos R. Portanova. 0249. Staff Auditor, Walkirio D. Kettle.
Canada District: 1148 King Street East; Oshawa, Ontario Northeast Brazil District: Caixa Postal 4403; 51032-970
L1H 1H8; Canada. Telephone: 1 (905) 433-0011. Recife, PE; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (81) 462-1420.
District Director, Jeremy L. ODell; Staff Auditors, Rose Assistant Staff Auditor, Jose Osmar Alberto.
M. H. Jacinto, Alexis M. Luttrell, Mavis R. Page, Tamara Peru District: Casilla 4130; Miraflores, Lima; Peru.
L. Sittlinger. Telephone: 51 (1) 241-0694. District Director, Mario
Columbia District: P.O. Box 732; Columbia, MD 21045. Matencio; Assistant Staff Auditor, Ivan D. Utz.
Telephone: 1 (301) 596-0800. District Director, South Brazil District: Caixa Postal 16522; 81520-990
William. E. Shalaby; Staff Auditors, Delcy R. Gillen, Curitiba, PR; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (41) 217-7700.
Chyla N. Graham; Assistant Staff Auditors, Elisabeth J.
Barlow, Kimberly J. Westfall. District Director, Wilson Hanelt.
Lake District: P.O. Box 96; Berrien Springs, MI 49103. South Pacific: 148 Fox Valley Road; Wahroonga, N.S.W.
Telephone: 1 (269) 473-8258. District Director, Jon M. 2076; Australia. Telephone: 61 (2) 9847-3333. Associate
Butler; Senior Staff Auditor, Donald L. Lloyd Jr.; Staff Director, Mark R. Pannekoek; Assistant Director, E. Earle
Auditors, Brian (Bob) R. Murdock, Ronald (Bill) W. Robson; Senior Staff Auditor, James Kent; Staff Auditors,
Neish, Joseph N. Njau. Miller E. Apusae, Jonathan Hale, Shaun Lorentz; Assistant
North America-West: P.O. Box 5005; Westlake Village, CA Staff Auditors, Boris Cardenas, Karzal Chandar, Lenisiloti
91359. Telephone: 1 (805) 413-7138. Associate Director, (Leny) Tukia.
Jeremy T. Smith. Southern Africa-Indian Ocean: P.O. Box 22; Somerset West
North Pacific District: P.O. Box 871150; Vancouver, WA 7129, Cape; South Africa. Telephone: 27 (21) 855-3911.
98683. Telephone: 1 (360) 816-1400. District Director, Associate Director, Coenraad J. Haupt.
Paul J. Edwards; Senior Staff Auditor, Douglas G. Central District: P.O. Box 687; Heidelberg 1438; South
Dietrich II; Staff Auditors, Mark M. Gutman, Scott D.
Stewart; Assistant Staff Auditors, Sarah M. Montague, Africa. Telephone: 27 (16) 342-0308. Assistant Staff
Lawrence (Chris) C. Ramsey. Auditor, ___.
Northern California District: P.O. Box 23165; Pleasant Eastern District: Caixa Postal 1468; Maputo;
Hill, CA 94532. Telephone 1 (925) 685-4300. District Mozambique. Telephone: 258 (1) 427-200. Assistant
Director, Guillermo S. Leal; Staff Auditor, Kevin M. Staff Auditor, Emilio Cupua.
Nobriga; Assistant Staff Auditors, Justin A. Dailey, Northeastern District: P.O. Box 951; Blantyre; Malawi.
Daniel J. Ha, Trenton J. Schwartz. Telephone: 265 (1) 620-264. Assistant Staff Auditor,
Pacific District: P.O. Box 5005; Westlake Village, CA ___.
91359. Telephone: 1 (805) 413-7100. District Director, Northern District: P.O. Box H.G. 100; Harare; Zimbabwe.
Chad D. Giles; Senior Staff Auditor, L. Cecil Hazzard; Telephone: 264 (4) 776-786. Assistant Staff Auditor,
Staff Auditor, Carlos Ferrando. Canaan Bova.
Riverside District: P.O. Box 8050; Riverside, CA 92515. Northwestern District: P.O. Box 31309; Lusaka; Zambia.
Telephone: 1 (951) 509-2380. District Director, Telephone: 260 (1) 254-784. Assistant Staff Auditors,
Jeremias (Jerry) G. Gallego; Staff Auditors, Jane A. Oliver Masuku, George Zulu.
Cermak, Cheryl F. Peckham; Assistant Staff Auditor,
Judson H. E. Howe. Southern District: P.O. Box 22; Somerset West 7129,
Cape; South Africa. Telephone: 27 (21) 855-3911. Staff
Northern Asia-Pacific: Sam Hee Plaza (5th floor); 66 Juyeop-
dong, Ilsan-gu; Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do 411-370; Korea. Auditor, Rubert Swanepoel; Assistant Staff Auditor, ___.
Telephone: 82: (31) 910-1500. Associate Director, Tae Southwestern District: 41 Lawley Road; Suburbs;
Seung Ted Kim; Staff Auditor, Ik Jong Ike Choi. Bulawayo; Zimbabwe. Telephone: 263 (9) 250-681/2.
Chinese Union District: 12/F Citimark, 28 Yuen Shun Senior Staff Auditor, Joy Mliswa.
Circuit; Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin; Hong Kong. Telephone: Western District: PO Box 46326; Village, Gaborone;
852-2838-3991. District Director, ___. Botswana. Telephone: 267 (31) 70-907, 70-903.
Japan Union District: 846 Kamikawai-cho, Asahi-ku; Assistant Staff Auditor, Judia Sibanda.
Yokohama 241-8501; Japan. Telephone: 81 (45) 921- Southern Asia: P.O. Box 2, HCF; Hosur 635 110, T.N.; India.
1121. Staff Auditor, Norihisa Watanabe. Telephone: 91 (4344) 262-170. Associate Director,
Korean Union District: Cheongnyang P.O. Box 110; Seoul Michael Prasada Rao; Staff Auditors, Matthew
130-650; Korea. Telephone: 82 (2) 966-0071. District Devasahayam, Jeyaraj Thangavel.
Director, Jong Kyu Park; Senior Staff Auditor, Ho Sung Central India District: P.O. Box 1413; Marketyard, Pune
Choi; Staff Auditors, Seung Kyo Cho, Duk Su Yoon;
411 037; India. Telephone: 91 (20) 2427-1223. District
Assistant Staff Auditor, Il Goo Yi.
Director, P. Anthony Das; Assistant Staff Auditors,
South America: Caixa Postal 02600; 70279-970 Brasilia,
Samuel Chacko, Suresh Mishal, Roby Thomas.
DF; Brazil. Telephone: 55 (61) 3345-1818. Associate
Director, Lucas da Silva. Rua Luiz Waldvogel 263, Parque Northeast India District: Santana, Laitumkhrah; Shillong
Hortolandia; 13184-030 Hortolandia, Sao Paulo; Brazil. 793 003, Meghalaya; India. Telephone: 91 (364) 252-
Telephone: 55 (19) 3819-1083. Assistant Staff Auditor, 2471. District Director, N. Barnabas Sangma; Assistant
Denis Kurt de Oliveira Clajus. Staff Auditor, Sushil Ekka.
Austral District: Calle Echeverria 1452; 1602 Florida, Northern India District: 11 Hailey Road; New Delhi 110
Buenos Aires; Argentina. Telephone: 54 (11) 4760- 001; India. Telephone: 91 (11) 2331-4968. District
0236. District Director, Haroldo A. Martigani. Director, ___; Staff Auditor, Derald Bhengra.

Southern India District: 8 Spencer Road; Frazer Town;

Bangalore 560 005, Karnataka; India. Telephone: 91 BIBLICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE
(80) 530-5213. District Director, Samuel Thason; Staff Organized 1956; reorganized 1975
Auditor, Ramajeyam Perumal; Assistant Staff Auditors, Telecommunications:
Isaac K. Mariappan, Chandrasekar Moorthy, Samuel L. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6790.
Navamony, Job Philip, Srinivasagan Ramasamy, Fax: 1 (301) 680-6788.
Alexander Thangaraj, Manuel Thomas, Augustine E-mail:
Unnatharaj. Website:
Southern Asia-Pacific: San Miguel 11 Bypass; Silang, Cavite Administration:
4118; Philippines. Telephone: 63 (46) 9741-083. Director, Angel M. Rodriguez.
Associate Director, Ruel A. M. Baculanta; Assistant Associate Directors, Kwabena Donkor, Ekkehardt Mueller,
Directors, Wanci Purba, Rabi J. Velasco; Staff Gerhard Pfandl, Clinton Wahlen.
Auditor/Secretary, Sarah Jane Arengo-Deblois.
Central Philippine District: P.O. Box 3; 6000 Cebu City; Biblical Research Institute Committee:
Philippines. Telephone: 63 (32) 233-3543. District Gerry D. Karst, Chair; Angel M. Rodriguez, Vice Chair;
Director (Acting), Benedicto M. Morente; Assistant Staff Gerhard Pfandl, Secretary;
Auditor, Edgardo Torniado. General Conference Ex Officio Members: Matthew A.
East Indonesia District: P.O. Box 1303; Manado 85013, Bediako, Larry R. Evans, Robert E. Lemon, Jan Paulsen;
Sulawesi Utara; Indonesia. Telephone: 62 (431) 860- Members, General Conference: Kwabena Donkor,
William A. Fagal, Ekkehardt Mueller, Nikolaus
731. District Director, Rony Matindas; Staff Auditor,
Satelmajer, Clinton Wahlen, Ted N. C. Wilson;
Ventje B. Raranta.
Members, North America: Niels-Erik Andreasen, John T.
North Philippine District: P.O. Box 401; 1099 Manila;
Baldwin, Ivan T. Blazen, Lael O. Caesar, Gerard
Philippines. Telephone: 63 (2) 536-1083. District Damsteegt, Jo Ann M. Davidson, Richard Davidson, A.
Director, Frederick D. Tabelisma; Staff Auditors, Romeo Ganoune Diop, Gregory A. King, Miroslav Kis, Bill
P. Gines, Nedilyn Talasan; Assistant Staff Auditor, ___. Knott, Larry Lichtenwalter, John K. McVay, Jerry Moon,
South Philippine District: P.O. Box 208; 9000 Cagayan de Jon K. Paulien, John Reeve, Teresa Reeve, Richard Rice,
Oro City; Philippines. Telephone: 63 (88) 858-6389. Tom Shepherd, Woodrow Whidden, Randy W. Younker;
District Director, Absalom S. Fronteras; Assistant Staff Members, World Divisions: Radisa Antic, Robert Badenas,
Auditor, Edison Saguban. Jaime Castrejon, Gorden E. Christo, Martha Duah,
Southeast Asia District: c/o Thailand Mission; P.O. Box Gerald Klingbeil, Daegeuk Nam, Brempong Owusu-
234; Prakanong, Bangkok 10110; Thailand. Telephone: Antwi, Paul Pedersen, Galina Stele, Alberto R. Timm;
66 (2) 713-2455 or 2466. District Director, Romulo M. Lay Member, Edward Zinke.
Halasan; Staff Auditors, Wesley Doe, Francis C. Tion,
West Indonesia District: P.O. Box 1221; Jakarta 10012, Established 1989
Java; Indonesia. Telephone: 62 (21) 8379-4439. District
Director, Burman Aritonang; Staff Auditor, Johanson Telecommunications:
Hutapea; Assistant Staff Auditors, Allen J. Lumingkewas, Telephone: 1 (909) 478-9727.
Bouman Tambunan. Fax: 1 (909) 478-9727.
Trans-Africa Indian Ocean: P.O. Box 1016; Accra; Ghana. E-mail:
Telephone: 233 (21) 23-0954. Associate Director, Address: 11563 Murphy Street; Loma Linda, California
Emmanuel S. D. Manu (East Central and Indian Ocean 92354.
Districts). P.O. Box 71; Karen, Nairobi; Kenya. Telephone: Board of Directors:
254 (20) 891-873. Assistant Director, Donald M. Tom Chan, Chair; Caleb Chan, Vice Chair; Samuel C. S.
Pettibone (North East, North West, and West Central Young, Secretary; Donald F. Gilbert, Treasurer; D. L.
Districts). Johnson, Esther Liu, Roy E. Ryan.
East Central District (French): Private Bag; Mbagathi
00503; Nairobi; Kenya. Telephone: 254 (20) 660-3201. CHRISTIAN RECORD SERVICES, INC.
District Director, Philippe Agbovor; Staff Auditor, Established 1899
Geoffrey G. Mtike.
Indian Ocean District (French): Boite Postale 700; Telecommunications:
Antananarivo 101; Madagascar. Telephone: 261 (2) Telephone: 1 (402) 488-0981.
404-65. District Director, Furaha Mpozembizi; Assistant Fax: 1 (402) 488-7582, 488-1902 (Administration).
Staff Auditor, Tahinjanahary Ramandimbiarison. E-mail:
Northeast District: Private Bag; Mbagathi 00503; Nairobi; Website:
Kenya. Telephone: 254 (20) 660-3201. Staff Auditors, Address:
Jack N. Manongi, Delilah Mutai; Assistant Staff Auditor, Street: 4444 South 52nd Street; Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-
Benson Ondieki Nyangau. 1302.
P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. Telephone: 251 Mailing: P.O. Box 6097; Lincoln, NE 68506-0097.
(1) 511-199. Staff Auditor, Michael G. Demoz. Board of Trustees:
P.O. Box 1121; Arusha; Tanzania. Telephone: 255 (27) Ted N. C. Wilson, Chair; Dennis N. Carlson, Armando
7025 or 7027. Staff Auditor, Simeon N. Ombese. Miranda, Vice Chairs; Larry J. Pitcher, Secretary.
P.O. Box 6434; Kampala; Uganda. Telephone: 256 (41) Administration:
542-455. Staff Auditor, Eleazer I. Nizeyimana. President, Larry J. Pitcher (E-mail: larry.pitcher@
Northwest District: P.O. Box 1016; Accra; Ghana. or
Telephone: 233 (21) 23-0954. District Director, Vice President for Finance, Dwayne G. Bullock (E-mail:
Matthew Annoh-Appiah; Staff Auditors, Leonidas D.
Ayivi-Togbassa, Samuel Kanyandekwe; Assistant Staff Assistant Treasurer, Matthew Orian (E-mail:
Auditor, Richard B. Offeh.
West Central District: PMB 21244; Ikeja, Lagos State; Vice President for Canada, Patricia L. Page (E-mail:
Nigeria. Telephone: 234 (1) 934-877. District Director,
___; Staff Auditor, Josiah S. Bature; Assistant Staff Departments:
Auditors, O. John Eleweke, Esdras Ngayabatinya. Editorial Director, Bert Williams; Assistant Editor, Richard
Trans-European: 119 St. Peters Street; St. Albans, Herts. AL1 Clark.
3EY; England. Telephone: 44 (1727) 860-331. Associate Direct Mail Marketing, Janell Hurst.
Director, Terence de Villiers; Assistant Director, Alan Field Ministries, Keith Elliott.
Redfern; Staff Auditor, Rejoice T. Kampengele; Assistant Field District Directors, Tim Arner, Sherrick Hiscock II,
Staff Auditors, Francisca Anti, Thomas N. Gitau, Elvira Ronald L. Welch.
Grosu, Annalisa Halonen. Information Services, Aaron Rogge.

National Camps for Blind Children and Adults, Keith Personnel:

Elliott. L. James Gibson, Director; Katherine Ching, Benjamin L.
Personal Ministries for the Blind, and Bible Clausen, Raul Esperante, Roland Nalin, Carol Olmo,
Correspondence School Director, David Klinedinst. Timothy G. Standish.
Production, Russell Thomas; Assistant, Duane Fredregill. Branch Offices:
Trust Services and Deferred Giving, Dwayne G. Bullock. Europe: Saleve Adventist Institute; Boite Postale 74; 74165
Volunteer Services (various areas including blind camps, Collonges-sous-Saleve; France. Director, Jacques
recording studio, personal ministries, and field min- Sauvagnat.
istries). Korea: Sahmyook University; Cheonganyang P.O. Box
Services and Publications: 118; Seoul 130-650; Korea. Director, Choi Chong
Bible Correspondence School. Courses in Braille (5); in Geol.
large print (5); and on cassette (9). Mexico: Montemorelos University; Apartado 16;
Full-Vision Books (the latest title combines print with Montemorelos, N.L. 67500; Mexico. Director, ___.
illustrations, Braille text, and an audio recording). For South America: River Plate University; 25 de Mayo 99;
blind parents of sighted preschool and early school-age 3103 Villa Libertador San Martin, Entre Rios; Argentina.
children. Director, Roberto Biaggi.
Home Visits. By district representatives. Affiliates:
Lending Library. Braille (315 titles), and on cassette (2,020 Brazil Adventist University; Caixa Postal 12630; 04744-970
titles). Sao Paulo, SP; Brazil. Director, Marcia Oliveira de Paula.
Christian Record (English Braille). IN-HOUSE OPERATIONS
Connected (online: Established 1990
Encounter (audio cassette).
Lifeglow (large print). Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6080.
The Childrens Friend (English Braille). Administration:
The Student (English Sabbath School Bible Study Guide Director, Howard T. Karst.
in Braille, on audio cassette, and streamed as an Administrative and Employee Food Services:
online service at Manager, Gloria J. Mansfield.
Vantage Point (recorded audio cassette). Associate Manager, Angela Wickline.
Miscellaneous Services. Wills, annuities, and trust agree- Special Functions Coordinator, Jeanette Jump.
ments. Audio-Visual:
National Camps for Blind Children and Adults. Coordinator, Joseph E. Davis.
Conducted free for the blind and visually handicapped Facilities Services:
9-65 years of age. Twenty-one summer camps in the Manager, Chip Welsh.
United States; four summer camps in Canada; and two Associate Managers, David Messenger, Kolothu Soman.
winter camps.
Personal Counseling Service. Information Systems Services:
Referral Service. Director, Tom Taylor.
College Scholarship Assistance. To blind or visually- Associate Director, Gary Blood.
impaired youth. Security:
Sources of Funds. Contributions by individuals and orga- Manager, Eugene Reid.
nizations of the general public for nonsectarian ser-
vices. Contributions by churches and members of the INSTITUTE OF WORLD MISSION
Seventh-day Adventist Church for sectarian and nonsec- Established 1966
tarian services.
Spanish, large-print booklets (16). Telecommunications:
Note: CRS Inc. is affiliated with CRS/Canada (a sister insti- Telephone: 1 (269) 471-2522.
tution operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fax: 1 (269) 471-6252.
Canada). E-mail:
Address: Andrews University; Berrien Springs, Michigan
Incorporated 1904 Director, Lester P. Merklin Jr.
Associate Directors, Cheryl D. Doss, Wagner Kuhn.
Constituency: General Conference delegates. Administrative Council: Matthew A. Bediako, Chair; Lester
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6000. P. Merklin Jr., Secretary.
Board of Trustees: Adjunct Faculty:
Jan Paulsen, Chair; Daisy J. F. Orion, Secretary; Matthew Bruce L. Bauer, Gorden R. Doss, Patricia J. Gustin, Rudolf
A. Bediako, Lowell C. Cooper, George O. Egwakhe, G. Maier, Bruce C. Moyer, Russell L. Staples.
Thomas Evans, Larry R. Evans, Roscoe J. Howard III, King-
Yi Eugene Hsu, Robert E. Lemon, Vernon B. Parmenter, INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FOOD ASSOCIATION
Juan R. Prestol, Roy E. Ryan, Don C. Schneider, Charles B. Established 1967
Simpson, Robert L. Sweezey, Jeffrey K. Wilson, Ted N. C.
Wilson. Telecommunications:
Administration: Telephone: 1 (305) 403-4535.
President, Jan Paulsen. Fax: 1 (305) 403-4533.
Vice Presidents, Don C. Schneider, Ted N. C. Wilson. E-mail:
Secretary, Daisy J. F. Orion; Associate Secretaries, Larry R. Address: P.O. Box 830518; Miami, FL 33283-0518.
Evans, Jeffrey K. Wilson. Board of Management: Gerry D. Karst, Chair; Joel Zukovski,
Treasurer, Robert E. Lemon; Associate Treasurers, George Secretary; George O. Egwakhe, Treasurer.
O. Egwakhe, Juan R. Prestol. Administration:
Director, Joel Zukovski.
Telecommunications: Established 1982
Telephone: 1 (909) 558-4548.
Fax: 1 (909) 558-4314. Telecommunications:
Website: Telephone: 1 (909) 558-7570.
Address: 11060 Campus Street; Loma Linda, California Fax: 1 (909) 558-7929.
92350. Website:

Address: 11175 Campus Street; Loma Linda, California

92354. Established 1983
President and Chief Executive Officer, B. Lyn Behrens. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6496.
Executive Vice Presidents: Administration:
Finance and Administration, Kevin J. Lang. Director of Library, Alan Hecht.
Hospital Affairs, Ruthita J. Fike.
University Affairs, Richard H. Hart. PERSONNEL SERVICE (TRIPS)
Senior Vice Presidents: Established 1923
Clinical Faculty, Ricardo L. Peverini.
Educational Affairs, Ronald L. Carter. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6263.
Faculty Practice, David G. Wren. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6197.
Finance, Steven Mohr. E-mail:
Health Administration, Daniel Fontoura. Website:
Human Resource Management/Risk Management, Administration:
Mark L. Hubbard. Director, Jose R. Lizardo. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6215.
Managed Care, Zareh H. Sarrafian. E-mail:
Strategic Planning, Michael H. Jackson. Treasury Processing of Interdivision Employees:
Vice Presidents: East-Central Africa, Northern Asia-Pacific, Southern
Allied Health Professions Education, Craig Jackson. Africa-Indian Ocean, Southern Asia-Pacific, and West-
Community Development and Diversity, Leslie N. Central Africa Divisions; Adventist Institute of
Pollard. Advanced Studies, and Adventist University of Africa:
Dentistry, Charles J. Goodacre. Margarita Neyra. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6264. E-mail:
Finance, Verlon Strauss.
Graduate Medical Education, Daniel W. Giang. Euro-Africa, Euro-Asia, Inter-American, North American,
Graduate Studies Education, Anthony Zuccarelli. South American, South Pacific, Southern Asia, and
Healthcare Business Development/Government Trans-European Divisions, and General Conference:
Relations, Melvin D. Sauder. Winnie Sim. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6257. E-mail:
Information Systems for Academia, David P. Harris.
Information Systems for Healthcare Ministries, Richard Base Division Deposit/Expatriate Allowance/NAD/SSD
D. Hergert. Retirement Contributions:
Azanetta Vasmout. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6256. E-mail:
Nursing Education, Marilyn Herrmann.
Patient Care Services, Elizabeth J. Dickinson. Trudy Eide. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6265. E-mail:
Pharmacy Education, W. William Hughes.
Public Affairs, ___. Defined Benefit Retirement Contributions:
Public Health Education, David Dyjack. Rosalind Landless. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6268. E-mail:
Quality, James Pappas.
Religion Education, Jon Paulien. Extended Interdivision Service Allowance (EISA):
Science and Technology Education, Beverly J. Buckles. Rosalind Landless. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6268. E-mail:
Spiritual Life and Wholeness, Gerald R. Winslow.
Assistant Vice Presidents: Kenneth J. Breyer, Raul E. Alice Rich. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6261. E-mail:
Castillo Jr., Jerry E. Daly, Myrna Hanna, George E.
Johnston, Jesse Mock, Lizette O. Norton, Tamara L. Insurance for Interdivision Employees:
Thomas. Basic Life Premiums (USA only); Global Life Premiums
Corporate Secretary, Brian S. Bull. (Non-USA only); Long Term Disability Premiums
General Counsel, Kent A. Hansen. (USA/Canada); Medical Catastrophic (All Divisions);
Associate General Counsel, Dulce L. Pena. Workers Compensation (All Divisions):
Compliance Officer, Linda J. Mason. Katherine Walton. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6266.
Internal Auditor, Llewellyn L. Mowery Jr. E-mail:
Controller, L. Orlando Huggins. Supplemental Life Premiums - USA only; AD&D
Director, Foundation, Robert W. Frost. Supplemental - USA only; ARM Medical Expenses:
Trudy Eide. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6265. E-mail:
Member Institutions:
Loma Linda University. 11060 Anderson Street; Loma AD&D Premiums - Prior to Departure: Appointees
Linda, California 92350. Associates.
Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, Inc. AD&D Premiums - In Field: Host Division.
1710 Barton Road; Redlands, California 92373. Website/Database for Interdivision Employees:
Loma Linda University Medical Enterprises. 24873 Katherine Walton. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6266. E-mail:
Prospect Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.
Loma Linda University Health Services, Inc. 11175 Rosalind Landless. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6268. E-mail:
Campus Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.
Loma Linda University Medical Center, Inc. 11234 Education of Dependents/IDE Retirement Choice:
Anderson Street; Loma Linda, California 92354. Belkis Prestol. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6251. E-mail:
OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL Furloughs/Annual Leaves:
Established 1936 Lissy Park. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6255. E-mail: parkl@
Telecommunications: Permanent Returns:
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6320. Alice Rich. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6261. E-mail: richa@
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6329.
E-mail: Sponsored Students/J-1 Visas:
Administration: Lissy Park. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6255. E-mail: parkl@
General Counsel, Robert E. Kyte.
Associate Counsels, Lisa Saveikis Burrow, O. Richard Loan Amortization:
Caldwell, Todd R. McFarland, Dionne A. Parker, Laurie Wilson. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6259. E-mail:
Thomas E. Wetmore.

Transfers: Administration:
Margarita Neyra. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6264. E-mail: President/Director, James R. Nix. Vice Director, Timothy L. Poirier.
Winnie Sim. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6257. E-mail: Treasurer, Robert E. Lemon. Associate Directors, William A. Fagal, Cindy Tutsch, Ivan
Visas and Passports: Leigh Warden, ___.
Diana Jo Beeler (Supervisor). Telephone: 1 (301) 680- Branch Directors:
6258. E-mail: Andrews University, Merlin D. Burt.
Xavier Covarrubias. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6262. E-mail: Loma Linda University, ___; Associate Director, ___. Oakwood College, Jonathan Thompson.
Interdivision Employee Shipments: Division-level Ellen G. White - Seventh-day Adventist
General Conference Transportation; 12501 Old Columbia Research Center Directors:
Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6600. East-Central Africa Division, University of Eastern Africa
Marvin J. Robinson (IDE Shipment Specialist). Telephone: Baraton: Modupe Beatrice Idowu.
1 (301) 680-6036. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6290. E-mail: Euro-Africa Division, Saleve Adventist University: Jean- Luc Rolland.
Laurie Wilson (IDE Shipment Specialist). Telephone: Euro-Asia Division, Zaoksky Theological Seminary:
1 (301) 680-6259. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6197. E-mail: Vsevolod Andrusiak. Inter-American Division:
Montemorelos University: ___.
WHITE ESTATE, ELLEN G. Northern Caribbean University: Basil A. Reid.
INCORPORATED Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Sahmyook University:
Established 1915; Incorporated 1933 Han Bong John.
South American Division:
(An organization formed in harmony with the trust Brazil Adventist University: Renato Stencel.
created in the will of Ellen G. White to act as her agent River Plate University: Daniel Oscar Plenc.
in the custody of her writings and in the promotion South Pacific Division, Avondale College: John
of their continued publication in all lands.) Skrzypaszek.
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, Helderberg
Telecommunications: College: David Birkenstock.
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6540. Southern Asia Division, Spicer Memorial College:
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6559. Mohanraj Israel.
E-mail: Southern Asia-Pacific Division, Adventist International
Website: Institute of Advanced Studies: Reuel U. Almocera.
Board of Trustees: Trans-European Division, Newbold College: Radisa
Kenneth H. Wood, Chair; Don C. Schneider, Vice Chair; Antic.
James R. Nix, Secretary; Charles D. Brooks, William G. West-Central Africa Division, Babcock University:
Johnsson, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Harold L. Lee, Robert E. Philemon O. Amanze.
Lemon, Baraka G. Muganda, Jan Paulsen, George W. Union-level Ellen G. White - Seventh-day Adventist
Reid, Angel Rodriguez, Francis W. Wernick, Neal C. Research Center Directors:
Wilson, E. Edward Zinke. Southwestern Adventist University: Mary Ann Hadley.

Persons Holding Credentials From

The General Conference
General Conference Edwards, Paul H Eldridge, Clyde O Franz, R I Gainer, A
Edwin Gibbs, Donald F Gilbert, A Joseph Greig, C E
Ministerial Credential: Guenther, Mervyn G Hardinge, Tulio R Haylock, Roland R
Roy Adams, Jonas Arrais, Matthew A Bediako, Merlin D Hegstad, Delmer W Holbrook, Donald G Jacobsen, Harry
Burt, Stephen Chavez, Lowell C Cooper, Williams S Costa D Johnson, William G Johnsson, David E Johnston,
Jr, Gary R Councell, James A Cress, Rajmund Dabrowski, Theodore T Jones, Dennis C Keith Sr, Herbert Kiesler,
A Ganoune Diop, Kwabena Donkor, Larry R Evans, Robert J Kloosterhuis, George E Knowles, Eric A Korff,
William A Fagal, Howard F Faigao, Martin W Feldbush, Clarence M Laue, Roscoe S Lowry, Edwin Ludescher, J
Mark A Finley, Ronald M Flowers, John M Fowler, Agustin Wayne McFarland, Kenneth J Mittleider, Ruy H Nagel,
Galicia, Jonathan Gallagher, Gary Gibbs, Clifford Thomas R Neslund, Moyses S Nigri, Robert W Olson,
Goldstein, John Graz, Allan R Handysides, Wilmar Hirle, Arthur J Patzer, Raymond L Pelton, Howard F Rampton,
King-Yi Eugene Hsu, Willie E Hucks II, Gerry D Karst, Bill Leo S Ranzolin, Robert L Rawson, George W Reid,
Knott, Gary D Krause, Jonathan Kuntaraf, Peter N
Donald G Reynolds, Donald E Robinson, Calvin B Rock,
Landless, Robert E Lemon, Jean-Luc Lezeau, Jose R
Don A Roth, Joel Sarli, Arturo E Schmidt, V W Schoen, H
Lizardo, Armando Miranda, Hiskia I Missah, Ekkehardt
D Singleton Sr, Francis A Soper, John M Stephenson,
Mueller, Baraka G Muganda, Pardon K Mwansa, G T Ng,
Charles R Taylor, Fred G Thomas, G Ralph Thompson,
James R Nix, Orville D Parchment, Vernon B Parmenter,
Jan Paulsen, Gerhard Pfandl, Juan R Prestol, Peter J Prime, Mitchell A Tyner, Leo R Van Dolson, Juan C Viera, Charles
Stoy E Proctor, Erika F Puni, Angel M Rodriguez, Michael D Watson, Francis W Wernick, Bruce M Wickwire, C A
L Ryan, Roy E Ryan, Claude Sabot, Nikolaus Satelmajer, Williams, Richard W Wilmot, Neal C Wilson, Kenneth H
Luis Schulz, Charles B Simpson, Wilfredo Sumagaysay, Wood, Robert L Woodfork, F Donald Yost, Samuel C S
Gary Swanson, Jonatan Tejel, Jonathan Thompson, Brad Young, James W Zackrison.
Thorp, Homer Trecartin, Ivan Leigh Warden, Jerald W Commissioned Minister Credential:
Whitehouse, Jeffrey K Wilson, Ted N C Wilson, Gosnell Rosa T Banks, George O Egwakhe, Linda Mei Lin Koh,
Yorke. Timothy Poirier, Bonita J Shields, Heather-Dawn Small,
Honorary/Emeritus: Carlos E Aeschlimann, Ronald E Cindy Tutsch.
Appenzeller, Harold W Baptiste, Maurice T Bascom, Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Maurice T Battle, Bert B Beach, Enrique Becerra, Gilbert J C Garland Dulan.
Bertochini, Charles D Brooks, Robert H Brown, Jose Luis Administrative Ministries Credential:
Campos, G Tom Carter, Gerald J Christo, Pyung Duk Raquel Arrais, Kathleen Beagles, Lisa M Beardsley, Paul S
Chun, Winston T Clark, Wallace O Coe, Harold G Coffin, Brantley, Lisa Saveikis Burrow, O Richard Caldwell,
Larry R Colburn, Roger W Coon, Gary B DeBoer, Rex D Lyndelle Chiomenti, Peter J Chiomenti, May-Ellen Colon,

Sharon M Cress, Verland Erntson, Claire Eva, Karen M Missionary Credential:

Flowers, L James Gibson, Bert B Haloviak, Soraya Babloo Bannerjee, Ailiasi C Cruz-Fernandez, Jenifer
Homayouni, Richard D Kajiura, Howard Karst, Eugene A Dayak, Emily L Harding, Christina Hudgins, Joviah
Korff, Bettina Krause, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Nancy Kyte, Karemire, Chong S Curtis Lim, Imad Madanat, Rami M
Robert E Kyte, Dian Lawrence, Kimberly L Maran, Carlos Nashed, Silvia A Nestares, Michelle D Nudd, Lily Odera,
G Medley, Rowena J Moore, Daisy J F Orion, Ruth E Carlita N Stokenbury, Diane K Thomas.
Parish, Kenneth E Rasmussen, W Dean Rogers, Beverly J
Rumble, Martha Schneider, Dwight Scott, Ella S Simmons, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Reger C Smith Jr, James D Standish, Thomas D Taylor, Ministerial Credential:
Artour Vasmout, J Raymond Wahlen II, Thomas E Reuel U Almocera, Aecio Cairus, Samuel M Gaikwad,
Wetmore, Lori Yingling. Stephen R Guptill, Gerald A Klingbeil, Joel Musvosvi,
Missionary Credential: James H Park, Paoring L Ragui, Richard Sabuin, Praban B
Anees Abdelnour, Linda Alinsod, Josephine Anderson, Saputro, Kyung Ho Song, Clinton Wahlen, Woodrow W
Maria R Aquino, Marlene Bacchus, A Jerome Baldwin, Whidden II.
Karen Banner, Luciene Barrozo, Sheryl Beck, John R Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Beckett, Elizabeth Bediako, Diana Jo Beeler, Theresa Berry, Julna Alcantara, Evelyn Almocera, Melgie Balonzo, Eva
Sandra A Blackmer, Gary Blood, Faith Bosley, Tamara Cam, Premalatha Gaikwad, Dave Higgins, Klaus Irrgang,
Boward, Jonathan D Brauer, Gwendolyn Cameron, Fred Yoshitaka Kobayashi, Annie Magro, Fred Murillo, Eric
Cermak, Denise Chico, Rachel Child, Katherine Ching, Nasution, Frederick R Oberholster, Eustacio Penniecook,
Benjamin L Clausen, Sheri Clemmer, Jocelyn L Cosme, Myrtle Penniecook, Glenys M Perry, Graeme H Perry,
Naomi Coutsoumpos, Xavier Covarrubias, Velda Cox, Neda June Salazar, Gina S Siapco, Ishmael Siapco,
Larry Crews, Marcellus Crews, Sharon Crews, Gloria Cruz- Ronald E Vyhmeister, Shawna Vyhmeister, Gina R
Soto, David Curtis, Bettie A Dahlberg, Doris Davies, Mayra Wahlen, Margaret J Whidden.
del Villar-Malcolm, Rebecca DeVries, Barbara Dickey, Missionary Credential:
Ruth Dunbebin, Maria Dunchie, Victoria Egwakhe, Trudy Lina Almocera, Ivy Ambat, Meliton Barangan, Trofimo
Eide, Kazuko Ervin, Raul Esperante, Carolyn Evans, Shirley Barangan, Eliezer Berenguela, Eleanor F Brofas, Elmer
Chilson Evans, Stephen Filkoski, Brenda K Flemmer, Brofas, Maria Cairus, Leni T Casimiro, Grecia Custodio,
Johnetta Barmadia Flomo, Donald B Freesland, Carl F Elsie S dela Cruz, Joel Dollentes, Eric Ejercitado, Jaime
Friday, Eucaris M Galicia, Raquel Garcia, Chandra Goff, A Ejercitado, Ronelda Ejercitado, Godofredo Fetizanan,
E Peter Gray, Medina Graz, Denise P Greenough, Shirley Megumi Sol M Flores, Yvonne Higgins, Mark Tom Infante,
Ann Guthrie, Frank Hardy, Alan Hecht, Irving Heller, Nida Karuyan, Chantal Klingbeil, Jyn Lacierda, Max W
Nancy Heller, Norma D Hendrixson, Cleni B Hirle, Viola Langi, Hok Kwah Loa, Jose Magro, Mateo Magro, Micael
R Poey Hughes, Shirlee J Ingram, Charlotte Ishkanian, Magro, Sally Moises, Hons Musico, Angeline Musvosvi,
Kathleen Jones, Lillykutty Joseph, Jeanette Jump, Roland Pureza Nasution, Trevlynn J Oberholster, Rovelina Orate,
Karlman, Verna L Karst, Iris Kitching, Necy Korenko, Bernice Paras, Isaias Paras, Rafael Pareno, Purisima Ragui,
LuWana Kumalae, Andrew Kuntaraf, Rosalind Landless, Marife Salamante, Napthali Salazar, Bonifacia P Samarita,
Jamie Lemon, Phyllis Lemon, Sherry L Lemon, Eileen Antonio Sia, Elizabeth Siapco, Mi Hyang Song, Leslie
Lezeau, Candida V Lizardo, Shelley Lowe, Gloria Tanamal, Cineo Tapeceria, Jessie Villa, Noe Villanueva.
Mansfield, Joseph Marcellino, Edward H Martin, Juan
Martin, Gloria Massenburg, Lulleither Massiah, David Adventist Risk Management Inc.
Messenger, Ellen S Missah, Anne Muganda, Lulu Muze, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Raul Nestares, Margarita Neyra, Ivy Ng, Hans Olson, Arthur F Blinci, Robert L Sweezey.
Daniel D Orillosa, Jemima Orillosa, Oscar Osindo, John E
Pack, Lissy Park, Zelda Parmenter, Rosalia Pawluk, Administrative Ministries Credential:
Catherine Payne, Jerry Penner, Maria Peppel, Vanessa Karnik Doukmetzian, Michael R Jamieson, Byron L
Perla, Richard Peters, Elizabeth Pettit, Kathleen Pinnick, Scheuneman.
Silvio Pionatto, Lanny Pongilatan, Stanley Ponniah, Karen J Missionary Credential:
Porter, Belkis Prestol, Larry Prudente, Gregorio Ramirez, JoAnn I Abeyta, Patricia Adams, Elery W Albertson, John
Annabelle L Randall, Carol E Rasmussen, Bobby Ravenell, Alden, Lourdes Alvarenga, Monica Asberry, Gwendolyn
Eugene Reid, Candace Renk, Lois Rhoades, Alice Rich, Ashley, Darla Avendano, Ana L Barrientos, Teresa Bazan,
Marvin J Robinson, Carolyn R Rochester, Donna L Rodill, Elia Becerra, Julia Bell, Bonnie Bensink, Steven
Esther Rodriguez, Romel Rodriguez, Jeffrey L Rogers, Linda Blackburn, Faith Blair, Sansanee Boontaveekul, Lazarus D
K Rogers, Farida Sabot, Christopher J Sadanala, Weslynne Borge, Robert D Bretz, Pauline Brown, Janice Burch,
C Sahly, Reuel Santos, Sandra Sawtell, Harper Scheib I, Robert H Burrow, Nancy Cermak, Juliann Chunestudy,
Linda Schomburg, Susana Schulz, Marilyn Scott, Janalee Jean-Claude Daniel Citta, Janet R Clark, Nancy Coble,
Shaw, Sylvia Sicalo, Winnie Sim, Richard D Singer, Jaya Mary E Cross, Grazyna Dabrowska, Suzie Dallas, Kevin
Singh, H Joe Sloan, Jean Sloane, Kolothu Soman, Kathleen Davidson, Gideon Dayak, Vasti de Melo, Michael Dortch,
Sowards, Dorothy Spaulding, Timothy G Standish, Joanne John Dougan, Joanie Dreher-Smith, Ellen Eldridge, J Victor
Stango, Ruth A Stavenhagen, Thyra Sterner, Nimfa Elliott, Gayle Fell, Jaime Foronda, Marion Gamundoy,
Sumagaysay, Joel Swanson, Rochelle Swanson, John Szasz, Bernice H Goldsmith, John-Patterson Grant, Esther J
Mary Taylor, Frederick M Thomas, Stella Thomas, Rebecca Harter, Alice Hsu, Chandravilas J Issac, Entjik Jeffrie Jr,
J Timon, John Torres III, Rose Torres, Linda J Torske, Yvonne Patricia Jenkins, Irma Johnson, John Karley, Sarah L Kelly,
Vanderhorst, Azanetta Vasmout, James Vines Jr, Daniella Dallas Kindopp, Jean S Kingry, Roylan R Lacson, Corinne
Volf, Katherine Walton, Daniel Weber, J Meridith Webster, Lanquetuit, Audrey Levison, Carol Little, Snookie (Carol)
Charles Welsh, Mary White, Angela Wickline, Rebecca Liu, G Mamie Lorenz, Sharon Mabena, Levi Malangyaon,
Willhelm, Sharon L Williams, Laurie Wilson, Martha J Ana Martinez, Gertha Martinez, Rebecca M Martinez,
Witz, Susan Wolfe, J John Wycliffe. Carol Mastrapa, Pershawn Mattison, Cesar Medina,
Charles Mendoza, Donald Miller, Elsy M Munoz, Andrew
Adventist Development and Relief Agency Myaing, Joshua Nieblas, Tim Northrop, Goodwell Nthani,
William H Onuska Jr, Walter Pearson III, George H Pelote,
Ministerial Credential: Jennifer L Perez, Pamela Porton, Peggy M Prowant,
Derris O Krause, Charles C Sandefur Jr, J Frank Teeuwen. Sigfredo Rada Jr, Felicita Ramos, David Rawson, Terrill
Commissioned Minister Credential: Rawson, Dorothy Redmon, Vilma Reynolds, Valerie
Mario H Ochoa. Robbins, Alain Sanon, Mayda Santos, Richard A Schmid,
Administrative Ministries Credential: Kezia Singh, Judy Spindler, Kathleen Springer, Michael
Edward E Baber, Rowena L Boccheciamp, Karla K Cole, Stango, Ann-Marie Steward, Barbara Straw, Donna
Robert F Cooke, Elwin B David, Kenneth D Flemmer, Sturgill, Geena Sukumaran, Elizabeth Tenali, Michael
Matthew Gemeda, Marie-Josee Guth, Olivier M Guth, Thorman, Lisa Turpen, Cheryl Underwood, Michael
Milton D McHenry, Rodolfo Monsalve, Julio C Munoz, Upson, Rebecca Vicente, Warren L Walikonis, Daisy
Richard W OFfill, Jennifer E Schmidt, Mabel Valdivia, Watrous, Paula L Webber, Janice E Weber, Jack Wetmore,
Solomon Wako, Mark Webster, Anne Woodworth. Gordon Woerner, Rochelle Wright, Marlo Zeroth.

Adventist University of Africa Darchelle Worley, Janice Wrenn, Michael Wright, Robert
Zdor, Stephen P Zork.
Ministerial Credential:
Zacchaeus A Mathema, Brempong Owusu-Antwi. Administrative Ministries Credential:
Daniel Agnetta, Gordon Atkins, Merle Bascom, Marsha J
Missionary Credential:
Beal, Elynda Bedney, Verlyn R Benson, Lorena L Bidwell,
Nonceba Mathema, Mabel Owusu-Antwi.
Martin Bradfield, Jeanette Bryson, Sylvia Budd, Jennifer R
Adventist World Radio Burrill, Vernon L Byrd, Carey Carscallen, Spencer D
Carter, Janet Chase, Bennett D Chilson, Thomas Chittick,
Ministerial Credential: Bradley J Christensen, Iris Chuah, Rodrick A Church,
Ray Allen, Dowell W Chow, Samuel O Misiani, Benjamin Tamara Condon, Sharon J Dudgeon, Dawn I Dulhunty,
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Auditing Service Administrative Ministries Credential:

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Loma Linda University Medical Center Pacific Press Publishing Association

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Thomas, Mervyn Warren, Howard Weems, Jesse L Wilson, Chavez, Judith Chinchurreta, Cordelia Chrisman, Leonard
Larry D Word. Clauson, Robert K Congleton, Jackson A Crabtree, Harold
Commissioned Minister Credential: R Curtis, Deanna Davis, Donna Dewey, William Elmer,
Ifeoma I Kwesi, Roy Malcolm. Stephen Ertel, Frank Figueroa, Eucaris L Galicia, Rino
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Gaona, Wendy D Gates, Mariam Gevorkyan, Rena
Carol Allen, John D Anderson, Karen Anderson, Owen Glubay, Thomas L Graham, Gary L Guernsey, Joan
Gutierrez, Joe L Gutierrez, Phillip Hamilton, Jonathan
Ashley, Nigel Barham, Derek Bowe, Mavis Braxton, Hey, Aletha Highsmith, Rebecca Hilde, Todd Hood, Truoc
Wayne Bucknor, Audley Chambers, Cecily Daly, Oliver Huynh, Patricia Jameson, Jeanne B Jarnes, Richard A
Davis, Ruth Davis, Minneola Dixon, Kathleen Dobbins, Johnson, Shirley Juhl, Dennis Kendall, David Kijak, Dallas
Rosland Elliott, Helen Fischele, Flora Flood, Edith Fraser, Kulp, Bonnie M Laing, Donald R Laing, Steve Lanto,
Lela Gooding, Safawo Gullo, Ruth Gunn, Terry Hamilton, Donald D Lay, Judith Lay, Dan Lee, Bill Legg, Sharon A
Bobby Harrison, Kyna Hinson, Ramona Hyman, Paulette Lewis, Steve Manning, Alix Mansker, Wendy Marcum,
Johnson, Habtalem Kenea, Japheth Kessio, Sung-Jun Kim, Pamela McCoy, Patrick McCoy, Ilva Monsalvo, Joann
Lucille Lacy, Kenneth LaiHing, James Mbyirukira, Artie Nelson, Bede Neves, Virginia Parkhurst, Eric Petersen,
Melancon, Grace Monroe, Julie Moore-Foster, Elizabeth Terry Peterson, Charles Porter, Stuart Pottle, Terri Purvis,
Mosby, Eurydice Osterman, Onesimus Otieno, Dorothy Paul B Ricchiuti, Allan Ricketts, Warren L Riter, Jack H
Patterson, Anthony Paul, Don Rufus Ranatunga, Robinson, Terry Rusk, Robin Russell, Viola Sayles, Alan A
Alexandrine Randriamahefa, James Roddy, Everett Roper, Schneider, Anita Seymour, Steven W Shelly, Angelina
Londa Schmidt, David Sedlacek, Moges Selassie, Gloria Slade, Emery Smith, Darlene Snyder, Larry M Snyder,
Sepulveda, Howard Shaw, Anne Smith-Winbush, Marta James Stephens, Margaret Stephens, Laurie Stickle, Betty
Sovyanhadi, Yoedono Sovyanhadi, Karen Tucker, Barbara Stoffle, David Sturm, Muriel Stutheit, Sharon Threewit,
Warren, Tara Young. Terry D Threewit, Tonnata Tjhatra, Stanley Torske, Donald
Missionary Credential: Vietz, Clare Woods.
Marcia Adams-Burnette, Collins Alexander, Bennye W Review and Herald Publishing Association
Armstrong, Flore Aubry-Hamilton, Enoch Baker,
Gwendolyn Baker, Patricia Barnes, George Bartholomew, Ministerial Credential:
Carole Booth, Tanya Bowman, Compton Brathwaite, Oscar A Hernandez, Washington Johnson II, Tercio R
Gloria Brooks, Gretchen Brown, James Butler, Gail Marques, Mario P Martinelli, Howard G Scoggins, Robert
Caldwell, Leah R Caldwell, Roengsak Cartwright, S Smith, Dale Thomas, Samuel Thomas Jr.
Emmanuel Chester, William Cleveland, Alton Conwell, Administrative Ministries Credential:
Sabrina Cotton, Edna M Dailey, Joseph Dailey, Melissa Faith J Crumbly, Dwain N Esmond, Randall S Fishell,
Davis, Isadore DeSouza, Christopher DeWitt, Belita Cynthia A Ford, John L Gay, David L Griffiths, Stephen J
Hanson, Jeannette R Johnson, Kim W Peckham, Hepsiba S
Fleming-Newby, April Fortune, Sylvia A Germany, Waltie Singh, Harry C Starkey Jr, Mark B Thomas, Richard A
Getfield, Lillian Green, Ethel Griffin, Theodore Gunn, Tooley, William Vargas, Joan A Wasenmiller, Kenneth D
James Hamer, John Hill, Tracey Holiday, James Wasenmiller, Gerald W Wheeler, Penny E Wheeler, Lori E
Hutchinson, Kaven Ible, Regina Jacob, Derrick Jenkins, Williams.
Jeffery Johnson, Joanna Jones-Mack, Odessa Jordan, Esther Missionary Credential:
LaiHing, Henrietta Lathon, Rise Lowery, Florence Judith A Alexander, David L Anderson, Silvia R Bailey,
Marchand, Charles May, Debra Mayes, Savonia M David A Banfe, Jerrald R Banfe, William A Barr Jr, Carol J
McClellan, Juanita McClendon, Timothy McClure, Doris Barry, Gwendolyn K Bergey, Judith A Blodgett, Eugenia M
McCrary, Joan Mierez-Weekes, Wilson Miles, Victoria Blumenberg, Eileen W Boone, Jerry W Bowen, Ronald W
Miller, Hattie Mims, Janis Newborn, Brenell Newman, Brauer, Jeannette M Bullock, Dale G Burgess, Allen J
Margaret Nixon, Philip Nixon, James Parker, James E Carbaugh, Vernon L Cartwright, Ida J Cavil, James A Cavil,
Patterson, Sonia Paul, Beverly Preston, Jason Price, Liana Rhonda J Christiano, Dennis E Church, Ron E Clark, Rande
Price, Fred Pullins, Michelle Ramey, Raymond L Colburn, Philip A Crouch, Edward L Crumbly, Debra L
Randriamahefa, Benjamin Reaves Jr, Diane Rugless, Loty Dailey, Roger W Dailey, William M Dawson, Antonio
M J Samson, Lionel Scott, Shirley Scott, Genet Selassie, Delgado, Minerva Delgado, Brigitte DeLong, Douglas L
Joyce Smith, Cecil Spence, Deon Spencer, Maurice DeLong, Gary M Devor, Candace G DeVore, Kaye M
Staples, Sylvia Stapleton-Rochester, Ivy Starks, Vernon Emerick, Judye Beth Estes, Steven D Faver, Janet B Ford,
Strogia, Frank Thomas, Anthony Walker, Aaron Wildman, Frances J Freeman, Michael L Gamblin, Madelyn Gatz,
Joyce Williams, Cheri Wilson, Monica Wilson, Paula William D Geraci, Hope R Gipe, Noah T Godsey, Joel
Wilson, Arlene Wimbley, Brenda Wynn. Grullon, Robert C Gunder, Jerry Lyn Haines, Julie M
Haines, Stanford W Hannum, Gail B Hanson, Louvinia G
Pacific Press HHES Harris, Freddy Hernandez, Raymond H Hickman Jr,
Rosemary B Hickman, Randy A Huntzberry, Buster J
Ministerial Credential: Jackson, James R Kinney, William V Kirstein Jr, Constance
Felix Castro, Pedro H Novales. M Kline, Glenn W Kline, Jeremy J Kline, David K Latta,
Missionary Credential: Gary C Lee, Richard G Lee, Robin A Lee, Sandra L Lee,
Maritza Doherty, Robert Fournier. Fred L Lyles, Larry D Macomber, Mandy Mitchell, Shirley

A Mulkern, Hans D Niewiadomsky, Mark D OConnor, Linda G Starkey, Juanita A Stinchfield, Dennis J Strack,
Joey L Osborne, Brenda B Page, Robert E Peterson, Chris A Sharon K Strack, Barry L Strang, David E Swan, Glen R
Prindle, Jeffrey J Ramsey, Glenn S Rea Jr, Donald Swan, Joy Thomas, Dale E Tooley, Margaret J Tooley, Idania
Riedthaler, Edward Rockwell, Samuel Rodriguez, Laurie H M Torres, Trent M Truman, Andrea Tymeson, William R
Rolls, C Wendell Sayler Jr, Lisa A Sayler, Douglas A Sayles, Tymeson, Carroll Ray Wachter Jr, John Washington, Daniel
Virginia L Sayles, Jan L Schleifer, Kenneth P Schneider, R Wegh, Steven C Whitesides, Marilyn L Wilkinson, Paul R
Judith A Seeders, David L Shull, Iris C Shull, Mewa R Wilkinson, Wendy L Wilkinson, Donald R Williams,
Singh, Jerry L Smith, Jonathan D Smith, Kenneth N Smith, Melinda J Worden, Frederick K Wuerstlin, Jerry W Zepp.


Mailing: P.O. Box 4437; Silver Spring, MD 20914-4437.
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
(AIIAS) Griggs University
Telecommunications: Telecommunications:
Telephone: 63 (46) 414-4300. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6570.
Fax: 63 (46) 414-4310. Fax: 1 (301) 680-5157 (Administration); 680-6577
E-mail: (Enrollments); 680-6526 (Registrar).
Website: Website:
Street: AIIAS Lalaan I; 4118 Silang, Cavite; Philippines. Address:
Mailing: AIIAS P.O. Box 038; 4118 Silang, Cavite; Street: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland
Philippines. 20904-6601.
Mailing: P.O. Box 4437; Silver Spring, MD 20914-4437.
Adventist Risk Management, Inc.
Loma Linda University
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6800 (Refer to departments for Telecommunications:
direct telecommunication numbers). Telephone: 1 (909) 558-1000.
Fax: 1 (301) 680-6802. Fax: 1 (909) 558-0242.
Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland
20904-6600. Address: Loma Linda, California 92350.

Adventist University of Africa Loma Linda University Medical Center Incorporated

Telecommunications: Telecommunications:
Telephone: 254 (20) 660-3306, 660-3073, 660-3074. Telephone: 1 (909) 558-4000.
Fax: 254 (20) 660-3150. Website:
E-mail: Address: 11234 Anderson Street; Loma Linda, California
Street: Advent Hill, Magadi Road; Ongata Rongai; Oakwood College
Nairobi; Kenya.
Mailing: Private Bag; Mbagathi 00503; Nairobi; Kenya. Telecommunications:
Telephone: 1 (256) 726-7000.
Andrews Academy Fax: 1 (256) 726-8335.
(Affiliated with Andrews University)
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Website: 3193.
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Street: 100 Old US 31; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104.
Mailing: Berrien Springs, MI 49104. Review and Herald Publishing Association
Griggs International Academy Telecommunications:
(formerly Home Study International) Telephone: 1 (301) 393-3000.
Fax: 1 (301) 393-3222 (Book); 393-3131 (Book
Telecommunications: Operations); 393-3016 (Finance); 393-4026 (Human
Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6570. Resources); 393-5252 (Graphics); 393-4055
Fax: 1 (301) 680-5157 (Main); 680-6577 (Enrollments
only); 680-6526 (Registrar). (Periodical); 714-1743 (Presidential).
Website: E-mail:
Address: Website:
Street: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland Address: 55 West Oak Ridge Drive; Hagerstown, Maryland
20904-6601. 21740.

Unions Churches Membership Population
East African 3,657 595,431 46,033,000
East Congo 167 83,735 8,819,149
Ethiopian 657 157,679 77,960,000
Rwanda 1,415 414,710 9,347,000
Tanzania 1,652 368,163 38,738,000
Uganda 786 170,891 28,530,000
West Congo 513 297,178 35,865,374
Eritrea Mission Field 3 516 4,851,000
Burundi Association 213 100,464 8,508,000
North East Congo Attached Territory 843 144,655 17,951,477
Totals June 30, 2007 9,906 2,333,422 276,603,000






Organized 2003

Territory: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, HIV/AIDS Office (Tri-division office serving the East-
Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Central Africa, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean, and
Uganda, and United Republic of Tanzania; comprising West-Central Africa Divisions). 30 Peter Place; Lyme
the East African, East Congo, Ethiopian, Rwanda, Park, Randburg; Johannesburg; South Africa.
Tanzania, Uganda, and West Congo Union Missions, Mailing: P.O. Box 2522; Cramerview 2060; South
the Eritrea Mission Field, Burundi Association, and the Africa. Telephone: 27 (11) 463-1501. Regional
North East Congo Attached Territory. Director, Oscar Giordano (e-mail: ogiordano@
Statistics: Churches, 9,906; membership, 2,333,422;
population, 276,603,000. Satellite Evangelism, Steven M. Bina.
Telecommunications: Spirit of Prophecy and Voice of Prophecy, Kitambala K.
Telephone: 254 (20) 660-3000, 270-0690 to 270- Lumbu.
0696; 254-733-333-373, 254-722-203-149 (cell- Volunteer Services, Hudson E. Kibuuka.
phones). Ministerial Credential:
Fax: 254 (20) 660-3150 (reception), 660-3450 (Sec), Steven M Bina, O Dube, John Kakembo, Mithimbo
660-3750 (Pre), 660-3850 (Tre). Paul Kakule, Bisogho Kasay, Kavinywa Kasereka, Jules
E-mail: Kitambala K Lumbu, Geoffrey G Mbwana, Tshimanga
Website: Mulumba, Noah K Musema, Elam Musoni, Kasereka
Address: Mutavaly, Kigundu Ndwiga, Elijah E Njagi, Joel
Street: Advent Hill, Magadi Road; Ongata Rongai; Nyarangi, Nathan Ogeto, Mwendambio Paluku,
Nairobi; Kenya. Blasious M Ruguri, John Thomas, Lambert Baledi
Mailing: Private Bag; Mbagathi 00503; Nairobi; Tshibadingenda, Jean Pierre Mulumba Tshimanga,
Kenya. Nathaniel M Walemba.
Honorary/Emeritus: Kalead Kidane.
President, Geoffrey G. Mbwana. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Vice President, Noah K. Musema. Peter Ondari Bwana, Victor Kambale Cheleva, Tsegaye
Secretary, Blasious M. Ruguri; Associate, ___. Fesaha, Joy Gashaija, Jerome Habimana, Kasumbu wa
Treasurer, Philip Philipsen; Associate Treasurers, Vahamwiti Kasereka, Joseph I Masinda, Kambale
Jerome Habimana, Aurea A Pasamba, Adugnaw Muhongya.
Tegete. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Executive Committee: Amadi Alenga, James Ayiemba, Ezeza Balyage, Amir
Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Chair; Blasious M. Ruguri, Gulzar, Shabnam Kushi Gulzar, Denyis Katembo
Secretary; Hesron Byiringiro, Tsegaye Fesaha, Joy Kakule, Thaddee Katembo Kambere, Edeline
Gashaija, Alemu Haile, Joshua K. Kajula, Hudson Bayikereta Kasay, Kasereka Katswangene, Frederic
Kibuuka, Jules Kitambala K. Lumbu, J. Kakembo, S. Mumbere Kavughe, George Mumbere Kisumano,
Bina, Musasia Makulambizia, Samuel Misiani, Muhindo Luthegha, Wasukundi Mutemela Masika,
Osee Masivi Muhindo, Hellen Ondari, E Nancy
Musyoka Paul Muasya, Elam Musoni, Kigundu
Thomas, Norbert Paluku Vagheni.
Ndwiga, August de Ngalamulume, Jethron
Nsabiyaremye, Philip Philipsen, Birgit Philipsen, Joszef Missionary Credential:
Szilvasi, John Thomas, Jean Pierre Mulumba Joan Abura, Joshua Adeogun, Margaret Adeogun, Abra
Tshimanga, John L. Wani, Solomon Wolde-Endreas. C Tsowou Agbovor, Hulda Amenya, Gulzar Amir, Esther
Angira, Thomas Angira, Esther Angwenyi, Noah
Departments: Angwenyi, Dickson Anjenjo, Rose Anjenjo, Henry
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Joy Asuga, K Teresa Atika, M Vitsange Bahati, Yona Balyage,
Gashaija. Benedicto A Bayeta, Erlinda Bayeta, Barnabas Bor,
Communication, Steven M. Bina. Onyancha Bosire, Stanley Cheboiywo, Amon K
Education, Hudson E. Kibuuka. Chepkwony, Dorcas Cheruiyot, Samuel Cheruiyot,
Health Ministries, Fesaha Tsegaye. Jonathan Choti, William Chumba, Conrad Clausen,
Ministerial Association, John Kakembo. Venus Clausen, David Odondi Deya, Sakina Deya,
Publishing Ministries, Kitambala K. Lumbu. Robert Esige, Dinah T Goncalves, Carol Hartzell,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Elam Musoni. Douglas Hartzell, Paluku Hasivirwe, Abraham Idowu,
Stewardship, and Trust Services, Kigundu Ndwiga. Beatrice Idowu, Reuben Jumba, Aggrey Kagota,
Youth Ministries, Jean Pierre Mulumba Tshimanga. Muhindo Kahamba, Rose Kahenya, Alice Kahambu
Agency: Kanyere, Timothy Karonjo, William Katam, Constance
ADRA Africa Regional Office (Tri-division serving the Sivika Kavira, Geoffrey Kegode, Hudson E Kibuuka,
East-Central Africa, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean, Rosette Kibuuka, Elizabeth Kigongo, Zephaniah Killy,
and West-Central Africa Divisions). Advent Hill, Danson Kilonzo, Job Kimeto, Maria Kimeto, Mark
Magadi Road; Ongata Rongai; Nairobi; Kenya. Kipkosgei, Richard Kiplagat, Tot Kiprotich, Sofia
Mailing: Private Bag; Mbagathi 00503; Nairobi; Kirotwa, Keino Kirwa, Nathan Kisali, Evans Kitur, Joseph
Kenya. Telephone: 254 (20) 660-3602. E-mail: Koyo, Philip Lagat, Hillary Langat, Simeon Langat, Regional Director, Birgit Christopher Limo, R Tumaini Lisso, Nehemiah Maiyo,
Philipsen (E-mail: Richard O Mambo, Julius Manyinsa, Asaph Maradufu,
Ministries and Services: Sarah Maradufu, Moses Maritim, Wayirewavene
Adventist World Radio, Africa Region (Tri-division Masika, John Mativo, Vivian Mativo, Cosmus Maweu,
office serving the East-Central Africa, Southern George Mayeku, Muluhirwa Mbassome, Jacob Mbaya,
Africa-Indian Ocean, and West-Central Africa Nakku Mbwana, Franckson Mkandawire, James
Divisions). 30 Peter Place, Unit B; Bryanston 2021; Maroria Momanyi, Joseph Mose, Amos Mule, Paul
Johannesburg; South Africa. Mailing: P.O. Box 2522; Mulinge, Kahambu Mulondo, Benjamin Murei,
Cramerview 2060; Johannesburg; South Africa. Genevieve Musundi Musikwa, Stephen Mutinda, Dina
Telephone: 27 (11) 706-9576. Fax: 27 (11) 706- Mutsami, Simion Mutsami, Irene Mwangi, Wa-Githumo
8819. Region Director, Samuel Misiani (E-mail: Mwangi, Alfred Mwanzi, John Mwesa, Lilian Mwesa, Charles Ndege, Hellen Ndiku, Lazarus Makewa Ndiku,
Global Mission, Noah K. Musema. Moses Nganga, Anne Marie Ngendabanyikwa,


Jochabed Ngeny, Simeon Niyorugira, Hannah Njagi, Musa Tuguta, Kiptum Tuwei, Gary Versteeg, Meds Versteeg,
Madrine Njagi, Salome Njagi, James Nyachieo, Ruth Preston Walela, Esther Yalibanda, John Mwavu Yalibanda,
Nyachieo, Jack Nyajery, Stephen Nyambane, Elijah Elieza Yogo.
Nyangena, Kasereka Mukanirwa Nzuva, Joel Ochieng,
Lameek Ogeta, Milkah M Ogeto, Joel Odhiambo Ogot,
Patrick Ogutu, Millicent Ojwang, Philemon Oketch, Esther Education
Omoi, Isaac Omtoko, William Ondari, Dorothy Onyango,
Adventist University at Lukanga (Universite Adventiste de
Silas Orure, Monica Nyaboke Otieno, Lialian Oyieke, Ruth Lukanga). Boite Postal 180; Butembo, Nord Kivu;
Oyieke, Samuel Oyieke, Kyavu Mbayahi Paluku, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Mutembela Paluku, Aurea A Pasamba, Susan Pettibone, Adventist University of Central Africa (Universite
Boaz Pettu, Birgit Philipsen, Philip Philipsen, Arsenio Adventiste dAfrique Centrale). Boite Postale 2461;
Poblete Jr, Grace Poblete, Sally Rono, Stephen Rotich, Kigali; Rwanda.
Elizabeth Ruguri, Evelyn A Salibio, Roy M Salibio, William Maxwell Adventist Academy. Private Bag; Mbagathi
Sang, Kahindo Shingirwa, Miriam Ssemanda, Ezekiel Sugut, 00503; Nairobi; Kenya.
Kambale Syluvalwa, Rebecca T Tabaranza, Willie C University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. P.O. Box 2500;
Tabaranza, Adugnaw Tegete, Musa Tisa, Fesaha Tsegaye, Eldoret; Kenya.


Organized 1921; reorganized 1960, 1987, 1995

Territory: Kenya and Somalia; comprising the Central Kenya, Legal Association:
Nyamira, and South Kenya Conferences and the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church (East Africa) Limited.
Nyanza, Kenya Coast, Kenya Lake, Ranen, and Western Executive Director, Musyoka Paul Muasya; Secretary,
Kenya Fields. Samuel Makori; Treasurer, Kepha Pondi; Associate
Statistics: Churches, 3,657; membership, 595,431; popula- Treasurer, Brown K. Kitur.
tion, 46,033,000 (including 9,119,000 from Somalia). Ministerial Credential:
Telecommunications: Philip Gai, Samuel Lumwe, Samuel Makori, D Mmasi,
Telephone: 254 (20) 271-0255, 271-3961, 272-2718, 272- Musyoka Paul Muasya, F M Njagi, Nathan O Oirere, Joel
7939. Okindo Ndege.
Honorary/Emeritus: Paul Abala, J Achar, N Adero, Kilion
Fax: 254 (20) 272-8379.
Airo, Musa Akelo, Sospeter Amolo, Elisha Arunga, William
E-mail: Awuonda, F Awuor, Reuben Ayiemba, D Batura, W B
Website: Buruchara, S Chesimet, Stephen Diero, J Guto, Raphael
Address: Keno, E D Magak, D Magaki, D Maingi, P C Mairura, J
Street: Milimani Road; Nairobi; Kenya. Manani, Raphael Marwa, S Maturi, J Mwai, Azaria Ndege,
Mailing: P.O. Box 42276; 00100 Nairobi; Kenya. A Ngoni, S K Ngoroi, J N Nyaga, Samuel Nyaura, J Obare,
Administration: Henry Obat, S Wahonya Obuya, Joash Obwana, Jeremiah
Executive Director, Musyoka Paul Muasya. Odewa, Isaac Ojwang, J Okello, Samuel Okeyo, Johnson
Secretary, Samuel Makori. Okumu, L Okumu, Hezron Ologi, E G Oloo, P M Ombuyi,
Treasurer, Kepha Pondi. Phares Ombwayo, Samwel Omondi, J Omulo, Ephrahim
Executive Committee: Ongila, Ephraim Opuge, T Orina, T Otega, Joshua Ouma,
Musyoka Paul Muasya, Chair; Samuel Makori, Secretary; I Owere, Samwel Owich, Walter Oyieko, Daniel Oyugi, G
E. Aluoch, M. Asimba, G. Baiden, Stella Chienjo, Philip Rimberia, J Rono, F Roswe, A Stephen, R A Theuri, M
Gai, E. Genga, S. Kapario, Joseph Keino, Brown K. Kitur, S. Wandiga.
Lumwe, J. Maranya, J. O. Matwetwe, Christopher Misoi, D. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Mmasi, J. Mongare, G. Moochi, Jerusha Muga, Duncan M Christopher, Kepha Pondi.
Mumbo, Peter Ndeto, S. B. Ngoko, F. M. Njagi, N. Oirere, Honorary/Emeritus: Moses Otieno.
J. Okindo, L. Okotto, Samwel Omollo, Lewis Ondiek, Missionary Credential:
Elvinah Ongesa, L. Onono, E. Otadoh, J. Otewa, S. D Achuti, R Achuti, M Adede, F Adegu, A Aliamani, P
Kapario, J. Parklea, Kepha Pondi, E. Solis, M. Yaola. Amba, John Amenya, B Anyago, M Awino, J O Bwana, B
Ireri, J Kengere, Samwel Kiche, S N Kimani, Z Kimani, P
Departments: Kimwomi, G Kinuthia, Nehemiah Kinyanjui, F Kiongo,
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Public Affairs and Ruth Kiongo, E Kitavi, Brown K Kitur, Christine Lamon, A
Religious Liberty, and Youth Ministries, D. Mmasi. Magaria, Andrew Maina, H Marigi, J Marwa, E Matiangi,
Childrens Ministries, Sabbath School and Personal James O Matwetwe, Philip Mbega, J Mbera, Elmond
Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Jerusha Muga. Mbok, S Misare, Hannington Mnjama, M O Mochache, G
Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Philip Gai. Momanyi, Ezekiel Mosiori, E Moturi, R Muchiri, J A Muga,
Education, J. Otewa. E Mugeke, W Mugeke, G Murage, S Muroki, B Musyoka,
Health Ministries, Elvinah Ongesa. Jackson Muyonga, L Nato, P Nchogu, Matthew Ndirangu,
Ministerial Association, F. M. Njagi. J Ngiela, Mary Njaaga, Jacson Njoga, Helen Nunda,
Stewardship, J. Okindo. Catherine Nyameino, Yoanina Nyameino, C Nyantika, H
Trust Services, Kepha Pondi. Obegi, Joseph Ochieng, Rose Ochieng, Jessica Odira,
Agencies: Daudi Ogembo, E Ogetange, J Okero, Z Omagwa, B
ADRA (Kenya), George Baiden. Omoro, S Omutamba, T Omwando, E Omwenga, Z
ADRA (Somalia), ___. Onduru, Thomas Onduto, C Onguti, R Onguti, Joseph
Ministries and Services: Onyango, C Onyego, Callen Orina, L Osano, Benjamin
Saria, Wycliffe Terer, E Yaola, M Yaola, M Yugi.
Adventist Media Centre, Adventist World Radio, Global
Mission, Satellite Evangelism, and Spirit of Prophecy, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Philip Gai.
Adventist Volunteer Services, J. Otewa. Education
Global Mission, and Satellite Evangelism, Samuel Lumwe. Kamagambo High School and Teachers College. P.O. Box
Home Health Education Service, Nyabola Isaac. 591; Kisii; Kenya.
Literature Ministry Seminary, Joseph Keino. Kiriiria Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box
Voice of Prophecy, N. Oirere. 1410; Meru; Kenya.

Masii Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box Stanley Muchoki, D M Mugo, M Mugo, A M Muia, P M
44; Masii; Kenya. Munuhe, E M Muraya, Moses Muriithi, N Ngunjiri
Rift Valley Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box 14919; Muriithi, M Mutuma, D M Mutunga, K R Mutunga, M K
Molo; Kenya. Muturuchiu, N M Mwangangi, P N Mwangi, M P
Mwaniki, P M Mwaniki, S W Mwaniki, H S Namu, E O
Healthcare Ndar, Peter Ndeto, A Nganga, P N Nganga, W N Ngugi,
Hospitals and Sanitariums: F N Njau, P Njenga, J M Njuguna, K M Njuguna, N F
Kendu Adventist Hospital. P.O. Box 20; Kendu Bay; Kenya. Nyaga, J Nyagaka, M J Nyagaka, Solomon Nzaui, B M
Seventh-day Adventist Health Services. P.O. Box 48629; Nzioka, B M Omwansa, K K Onchana, O M Opany, L M
Nairobi; Kenya. Otwera, J M Rugendo, J W Wanderi, C W Wango, M J
Clinics and Dispensaries: Wanjema, M S Wanjohi, Geoffrey K Wanyoike, Franklin
Likoni Road Seventh-day Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box Wariba.
78138; Nairobi; Kenya. Commissioned Minister Credential:
S Isindu, D M Kateeti, L Lelengujiya, F Muasya, B M
Publishing Mutugi, J M Njagi.
Africa Herald Publishing House. P.O. Box 95; Kendu Bay; Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Kenya. H J Amboga, B E Chege, C M Chege, M K Damaris, N
Other Entities Florah, D Kaitho, S Kaitho, D A Karimbi, J M Kavoi, C
Keraita, D N Kinya, A Kombe, G Mbaka, M Mbogori, C
Bible Correspondence School: Mokaya, F C Muriu, D K Muriuki, P M Mutua, D M Ngitu,
Voice of Prophecy Correspondence School, Karura. A N Njoki, S M Njunga, E M Nyamweya, K M Obongo, M
Redhill Road; Nairobi; Kenya. Mailing: P.O. Box 43224; Sila, M D Simpson, G Wanyaga, Charles Waweru.
Nairobi; Kenya. Missionary Credential:
CENTRAL KENYA CONFERENCE K Abineah, Jadiel Ephantus, Enchacha Eunice, Ann Gatoru,
Organized 1906; reorganized 1953, 1981, 1986, 1989 Stephen Gichuru, N Annie Gitari, Gladys Ireri, Mary Job,
Susan Job, Grace Kagume, Gladys Kamau, Hane Kamau,
Territory: The Central, Eastern, and Nairobi Provinces, and Samuel Kamenju, Peter Karani, Samuel Karani, Leah
the Kajiado, Laikipia, Nakuru (except Olenguruone Katheu, Jane Kavesu, Violet Kibonge, Nancy Kinuthia,
Division), and Samburu Districts. Shadrack Kithaka, Reuben Kithinji, Jerusha Kwamboka,
Statistics: Churches, 754; membership, 88,850; population, Mary Maina, Doria Malkiah, Rachael Mambo, J Masimba,
15,503,880. Jane Mathenge, Hellen Mecha, Caren Michira, Gilbert
Telecommunications: Mogaka, Florence Moraa, Pauline Moraa, Monica Mosoti,
Telephone: 254 (20) 712-0201, 712-0202, 712-1388, 712- S Mueni, Janiffer Mugeke, Florence Muiruri, Miriam
1254. Mukiri, Elijah Musyoka, Ann Muthingani, B M Muthunga,
Fax: 254 (20) 712-2714. G Muthunga, J M Muthuvi, S Mutua, Anne Mutunga,
E-mail: Norah Muturi, Loise Mwangi, Ruth Mwangi, L Mwaniki,
Website: Nancy Mwaro, Lucy Mwihaki, Catherine Ndirangu, John
Address: Ngigi, Immaculate Ngunyi, Mary Njau, Charles Njenga,
Street: Karura (along Red Hill Road); Nairobi; Kenya. Eunice Njeri, Veronica Njeri, Mwangi Njuguna, I N
Mailing: P.O. Box 41352; Nairobi; Kenya. Nyangwara, Pricilla Okello, Joseph Omarimba, Samuel
Administration: Onchari, Robert Onduso, Elijah Opondo, Gilbert Orina, L
Executive Director, Peter Ndeto. Otieno, Christine Peter, Jane Peter, Sabina Ruo, Dishon
Secretary, Geoffrey K. Wanyoike. Ruth, Hellen Silla, Rachael Simon, Sarah Tito, Mary
Treasurer, J. Masimba. Wachira, Joseph Wainaina, Lydia Waitherero, M P
Waiyaki, Monicah Wambungua, Francis Wamugi,
Executive Committee:
Peter Ndeto, Chair; Geoffrey K. Wanyoike, Secretary; Rosemary Wanjiku, Joseph Wanjohi, Daniel Wanyoike.
Henry Athiri, S. Kamundi, T. Kisia, J. Marambi, J. Masimba, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
R. Museo, Daniel Mutero, P. Mwangi, M. Mwathi, E. O.
Ndar, J. Njuguna, J. Nyagaka, K. Onchana, E. Otadoh, Elly, Education
Otieno, L. Otwera, Franklin Wariba. Kagwathi Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box 43; Saba
Departments: Saba; Kenya.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Youth Ministries, J. Karura Church School. P.O. Box 63445; Nairobi; Kenya.
Marambi. Mutitu Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, R. Museo. 9; Kikima; Kenya.
Communication, and Education, S. Kamundi.
Family Ministries, and Ministerial Association, J. Njuguna. Healthcare
Health Ministries, M. Mwathi.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Peter Ndeto. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Publishing Ministries, P. Mwangi. Gatumbi Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 151;
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, R. Museo, E. Kianyaga; Kenya.
Ndar. Kagwathi Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 43;
Stewardship, J. Nyagaka. Saba Saba; Kenya.
Ministries and Services: Karura Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 41352;
AMR, Global Mission, and Satellite, E. Ndar. Nairobi; Kenya.
ASI, J. Nyagaka. Kitundu Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 65;
Spirit of Prophecy, P. Mwangi. Kikima; Kenya.
Ministerial Credential: Mutitu Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 9;
J Akali, A Ambuchi, S M Anjuri, A Bundi, Osugo Evans, J Kikima-Machakos; Kenya.
M Gichuiri, W K Githinji, D M Gitonga, R L Gitonga,
Henry Gori, T O Guto, P M Isika, R F Kaberia, S K Kabira, CENTRAL NYANZA FIELD
S Kagechu, J N Kamau, M S R Kamundi, F M Kariuki, J N Organized 1990
Kariuki, J N Kathuri, G K Kathurima, G Kayondo, S
Kiambati, P N Kihanya, B Kimuyu, R J Kinoti, J N Kinuthia, Territory: Bondo, Kisumu, Nyando, and Siaya Districts.
J M Kioko, S Kioko, K C Kirebeta, Isaac Kisia, M Koome, K Statistics: Churches, 188; membership, 25,044; population,
S Kyunguti, A D Macharia, M D Macharia, N S Machuma, 4,429,680.
J P Maiyua, G Z Makori, J Marambi, A G Marundu, Elias Telecommunications:
Maweu, Justin Mbogo, P M Mbugua, S K Mioro, Jesii Telephone: 254 (57) 202-5798.
Mitheka, J M Mkaibi, I J Motari, J K Muasya, S N Muchira, E-mail:

Address: Global Mission, Joseph Nyangwoka.

Street: Ramogi Rise Opp. Winam Court; Kondele, Kisumu; Ministerial Credential:
Kenya. Ishmael K Baya, Isaiah Chakaya, Fredrick Hangio, Joseph
Mailing: P.O. Box 4873; Kondele, Kisumu; Kenya. Kariuki, Benson Katuku, Japhet Kazungu, Solomon Keli,
Administration: Enosh Kitsao, Japhet Machuko, Zacharia M Marwa, Kepha
Executive Director, Lewis Ondiek. Mbela, Paul Mnene, Nyamawi Mwachiramba, Ishmael
Secretary, Tom Obuya. Nduke, Renson Nzaka, Stephen Safari, Harris Solomon,
Treasurer, Queentant Ochieng. Samson Tsuwi, Daniel K Yeri.
Executive Committee: Commissioned Minister Credential:
Lewis Ondiek, Chair; Tom Obuya, Secretary; Isaiah O. Rossen Akilimali, Reuben S Charo, Agnes K Gona, Stephen
Dete, Justus Ebondo, Felix Masongo, Jared Ndhine, Kombe, Everlyn Mwandime, Danson Ngoo, Joseph
Queentant Ochieng, Janet Ohaga, John Ojunga, C. Nyangwoka, Eliab Ombuoro, George O Rachuonyo, Mure
Okeyo, Margaret Okeyo, Lorna Okotto, Lucas Oluayo, Jonathan Yaa.
Nelson Olum, Simeon Ouko, Alice Ouma. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Departments: Nyaundi Cepha, Stephen Galuka, Elizabeth Katana,
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Education, John M. Leonard Kitsao, Daniel Matara, Rachel Mlonzi, Daniel
Yambo. Okiya, Edith Waithera.
Childrens Ministries, Publishing Ministries, and Womens Missionary Credential:
Ministries, Margaret Okeyo. Josephine Charo, Joseph Gitonga, Rosemary Imathiu,
Communication, Queentant Ochieng. Eunice James, Issac Kata, Emmanuel N Kiaro, Samuel
Health Ministries, Alice Ouma. Mwaruwa, Hassan Mweke, Christopher Nyanje, Fidelis
Ministerial Association, and Stewardship, John Ojunga. Odero, Leah Safari, Ndaro Zuma.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Youth
Ministries, Lucas Oluayo, Margaret Okeyo. INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Ministries and Services:
Adventist Book Center, Rose Ademba.
AMR, and Global Mission, Lucas Oluayo. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Church Development, John Ojunga. Changamwe Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box
Ministerial Credential: 89251; Mombasa; Kenya.
Joseph Abiero, Justus Abondo, Hezekiah Lajah, Meshack Port Reitz Dispensary. P.O. Box 89251; Mombasa; Kenya.
Ogembo, John Ojunga, Protus Okech, Lewis Ondiek, Watamu Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 222;
Joash Ooko, James Ouma, Shadrack Owino, Raphael Watamu; Kenya.
Missionary Credential: KENYA LAKE FIELD
Rose Ademba, Jane Aming, Julia Midega, Queentant Organized 1906; reorganized 1953, 1961, 1990
Ochieng, Jerry Ogalo, Benrick Omondi, John Opiyo, Alice
Ouma, David Sande. Territory: Rangwe Division of Homa Bay District; Muksero
sub-location of Kisii District; Bukiria location of Nyamira
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES District; Rachuonyo District; and Mfangano, Central, and
Mbita Divisions of Suba District.
Healthcare Statistics: Churches, 435; membership, 67,867; population,
Clinics and Dispensaries: 1,845,700.
Bukwalla Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 375; Telecommunications:
Yala; Kenya. Telephone: 254 (59) 22-436.
Kagwa Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 259; E-mail:
Bondo; Kenya. Website:
KENYA COAST FIELD Street: Off Oyugis, Kendu Bay Road; Kendu Bay; Kenya.
Organized 1986 Mailing: P.O. Box 43; 40301 Kendu Bay; Kenya.
Territory: Coast, part of Eastern Province, and Northeastern Executive Director, Duncan Mumbo.
Provinces. Secretary, Tom E. A. Ogal.
Statistics: Churches, 131; membership, 12,205; population, Treasurer, Killion Agalo.
4,798,820. Executive Committee:
Telephone: 254 (20) 209-8796. Duncan Mumbo, Chair; Tom E. A. Ogal, Secretary;
Address: P.O. Box 89251; Mombasa; Kenya. Lamech Achungo, Elijah Aduke, Killion Agalo, Kilion Airo,
Administration: Eric Aluoch, Esther O. Elisha, Oyieko James, Party
Executive Director, Zacharia M. Marwa. Magumba, Tom Mwombo, Nick Nyakado, Benson
Secretary, Reuben S. Charo. Nyangaya, Benson O. Ogayo, George A. Okeyo, Monica
Treasurer, George Opande. Omeny, Elphas Onduru, Lameck Onono, Pamela
Executive Committee: Onyango, Tobias Okeyo Panyako, Bernard Rari, Henry
Zacharia M. Marwa, Chair; Reuben S. Charo, Secretary; I. Wara.
Chakaya, J. Kazungu, K. Mbela, Paul Mnene, Evalyne Departments:
Mwadime, George Opande, S. Tsuwi. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Youth Ministries,
Departments: Tobias Okeyo Panyako.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Education, Reuben S. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Monica
Charo. Omeny.
Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, and Womens Family Ministries, Ministerial Association, and
Ministries, Agnes K. Gona. Stewardship, George A. Okeyo.
Communication, Joseph Nyangwoka. Health Ministries, Esther O. Elisha.
Health Ministries, Evalyne Mwadime. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Duncan Mumbo.
Ministerial Association, and Stewardship, Stephen Safari. Publishing Ministries, Tom Mwombo.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Zacharia M. Marwa. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Benson O.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Agnes K. Gona, Ogayo, Tom Mwombo.
Joseph Nyangwoka. Youth Ministries, Benson O. Ogayo.
Trust Services, George Opande. Ministries and Services:
Ministries and Services: AMR, and Global Mission, Benson O. Ogayo.
Church Development, and Voice of Prophecy, Stephen Church Development, George A. Okeyo.
Kombo, Joseph Nyangwoka. Gendia Adventist Book Center, Damar Akinyi Obonyo.

Oyugis Adventist Book Center, Joyce A. Omollo. Obongo, J Oindi, S Omete, T O Onchaga, C Onchwari, S
Spirit of Prophecy, Tom Mwombo. Onchwari, N M Ondiba, S Ondieki, D Ongiri, M M
Ministerial Credential: Rambeka, G M Riro, K Rubansi, L Sagini, E N Saisi.
Milton Odondi Agutu, James Arunga, M Raduk Awino, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Paul Bolo, Malaki Awuor Koko, Elphas Mbeche, Elijah C Angila, R Anyona, N Asuma, Z N Ayiera, Fredrick
Midigo, Duncan Mumbo, Moses Odongo Ngege, Mark Kibagendi, N Kibagendi, E Masongo, K Matena, E Mokua,
Ngonga, Meshack Oriko Njoga, Polycarp Otieno Nyonyi, S Mongare, S Monyoro, G O Morara, E Mosiere, J L
Musa Owuor Oduma, P Oguta, Timothy Oguta, Samuel Nyabuto, D Nyakwara, D O Nyambega, J N Nyamwanda,
Otieno Ojijo, George A Okeyo, Charles Owako Okoth, Z Nyanumba, K Obondi, C Ogendi, W Omwenga, E
Philemon Okull, Hesbon Juma Omune, Benjamin Ongidi, Ongaga, A M Rosasi.
Nicanor Onunda, Ashton Otieno Onyango, Samuel Missionary Credential:
Mbago Owiti, James Oyieko, Daniel Sidho. E Ariaga, V Memba, S Mogeni, E Mongare, H Nyachienga,
Commissioned Minister Credential: W Nyachieo, J Nyakeri, J Nyambane, A A Nyaribo, I
Jared Olima Abonyo, Micha Otieno Agalo, Josiah Abuor Okioga, D Omare, E R Omwenga, F Omwenga, W O
Mikingo, Elisha Achiando Mwai, Gibonce Achieng Ongaga, T Ototo, H Oyaro, J Rori.
Nyajwaya, Nick Boselle Nyakado, Walter Ochieng Odhier,
Tom E A Ogal, Benson O Ogayo, Buckingstock Otieno INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Ogoche, Tobias Joseph Ongili Odul, Ezra Okumu Opande, Healthcare
Phelix Opiyo, Johnson Owiti Opudo, John Okelo Ouso,
Tobias Okeyo Panyako, Michael Abonyo Saoke. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Missionary Credential: Eronge Dispensary. P.O. Box 652; Keroka; Kenya.
Killion Agalo, Atieno Balla Kerina, Esther O Elisha, Philip Gesusu Dispensary. P.O. Box 3; Gesusu, Keroka; Kenya.
Obongo Gunja, Daniel Ogutu Muluare, Damar Akinyi Itibo Dispensary. P.O. Itibo; Kenya.
Obonyo, Teresa L Okeyo, Lynette Ayoo Omanga, Carren Kemera Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 1194;
Atieno Omolo, Ezekiel O Omulo, Andrew Okeyo Osewe. Kisii; Kenya.
Kenyenya Dispensary. P.O. Box 38; Kebirigo; Kenya.
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Nyagesenda Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box
2477; Kisii; Kenya.
Healthcare Nyasore Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 22;
Clinics and Dispensaries: Kisii; Kenya.
Nyabola Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 12; Riakworo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 60;
Oyugis; Kenya. Gesima, via Kisii; Kenya.
Rangwe Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 140;
Rangwe; Kenya. RANEN FIELD
Wire Dispensary. P.O. Box 20; Oyugis; Kenya. Organized 1918; reorganized 1961

NYAMIRA CONFERENCE Territory: Kuria, Migori, Homa Bay, and parts of Suba and
Organized 1995 Rachuonyo Districts.
Statistics: Churches, 607; membership, 88,135; population,
Territory: Marani and Mosocho divisions of Kisii District; 738,280.
Borabu, Manga, and Rigoma divisions of Masaba District, Telecommunications:
and Nyamira District. Telephone: 254 (20) 203-1165, 203-1170.
Statistics: Churches, 394; membership, 102,619; population, Fax: 254 (20) 203-1170.
1,476,560. E-mail:
Telecommunications: Address:
Telephone: 254 (58) 614-4010. Street: Ranen Field; 25 miles from Kisii on the main
E-mail: Tanzania Road; Kenya.
Address: Mailing: P.O. Ranen; Sare-Awendo; Kenya.
Street: Nyamira Mission; Nyamira; Kenya. Administration:
Mailing: P.O. Box 285; Nyamira; Kenya. Executive Director, Samwel Ayugi.
Administration: Secretary, Kenneth O. Maena.
Executive Director, S. B. Ngoko. Treasurer, Dan Agwena.
Secretary, Z. N. Ayiera. Executive Committee:
Treasurer, L. O. Anyona. Samwel Ayugi, Chair; Kenneth O. Maena, Secretary; E.
Executive Committee: Adede, E. Abuka, Dan Agwena, Roselyn Ayayo, J. Chacha,
S. B. Ngoko, Chair; Z. N. Ayiera, Secretary; L. O. Anyona, J. Desai, Philip Gai, E. Genga, D. Msambi, Jared Z. Oyier,
T. Guto, C. M. Kerosi, N. Kibagendi, P. Mainga, S. N. Siro.
Monyoro, T. Nyabonyi, J. Nyakoe, D. Nyambega, N. Departments:
Nyambichu, H. Nyamwanda, E. Nyamwaro, H. Nyandika, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth
S. Ogega, H. Ogendo, S. Omete, D. M. Ongaga, E. Saisi. Ministries, P. Akech.
Departments: Childrens Ministries, Sabbath School and Personal
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Roselyn Ayayo.
Ministries, D. Nyambega. Communication, and Publishing Ministries, J. Obunga.
Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, Sabbath School Health Ministries, E. Otieno.
and Personal Ministries, and Womens Ministries, D. Ministerial Association, and Stewardship, John Odiango;
Nyambega, D. M. Ongaga. Evangelism, J. Obunga.
Communication, H. Nyamwanda. Ministries and Services:
Health Ministries, S. Ogega. Adventist Book Center, Arito Okuku.
Ministerial Association (and Evangelism), Z. N. Ayiera. Church Development, John Odiango.
Publishing Ministries, N. Nyambichu. Spirit of Prophecy, J. Obunga.
Stewardship, C. M. Kerosi. Ministerial Credential:
Ministries and Services: Kennedy Agwanda, Philip Akech, John Apiyo, Dalmas
Adventist Book Center, G. Nyanchienga, H. Oyaro. Ayieko, Samwel Ayugi, Jared Chacha, Paul Girimbe,
Church Development, C. M. Kerosi. Tukiko Jakech, Clement Juma, Philemon Kamba, Benjamin
Spirit of Prophecy, and Voice of Prophecy, N. Nyambichu. Kawasi, Matthew Kawasi, Emmanuel Keraka, Samson
Ministerial Credential: Kereka, Peter Kogada, John Magose, Zephania Ndiege,
M H Abuga, J O Charana, Y O Isoe, P Kerina, C M Kerosi, Peter Nguju, Benson Nyagaya, William Nyairo, Charles
P Mainga, P Mochache, J Mogambi, M Moinani, A Nyakure, Bilham Robi Nyamohanga, John Obunga,
Mongare, E O Mouko, S B Ngoko, S B Nyachienga, R M Richard Ochom, Sospeter Odero, Jacob Odhiambo, John
Nyakego, N Nyambichu, H Nyamwanda, R Obino, S Odiango, Bernard Oguta, Joseph Ojunju, Enosh Okomo,

Samuel Okope, Bernard Okoth, Samson Okwach, Evangelism, Jonathan Maangi.

Samweli Omollo, Dalmas Onjiko, Alfred Onyango, Global Mission, and Voice of Prophecy, Joseph Parmanyar.
Maurice Onyango, Moses Orue, Arphaxad Oyoo, Jack Ministerial Credential:
Oyungu, B Range, Moses Rewe, Samuel Rutto, Sospeter R Achoki, P Aranda, M Atemba, Richard O Ayako, N
Sabai, Zachariah Sawiga, Zacharia Songora, Joshua Ayunga, Z Chauro, S Enko, J Getange, D Kamanda, S
Wagunda, Nicholas Wantahe, Duncan Wawo, Charus Kengere, Paul Kiage, J Kidongoi, D Kikwai, J Kikwai, S
Were, Paul Owino Were. Kingoina, J Laboso, Jonathan Maangi, S Makori, J Marai,
Commissioned Minister Credential: D Mencheri, Tom Miyienda, B Mogaka, T Mogaka, R O
Caleb Akoto, Kenneth O Maena, Dickens Mico, Moses Motari, J Nairenke, S Nairenke, T Ngote, J Nyagwansa, B
Oloo Mise, Samson Mumbo, Dan Nyalele, Jeremiah Nyairo, S Nyakango, S Nyakundi, Obed Nyamache, C
Obonyo, Joshua Ochieng, Mark Odera, Elijah Ogembo, Nyasani, E Nyasende, M Nyoteyo, F O Ogoi, N Ogora, J
Tom Okeyo, Bernard Okoko, J Okore, Elisha Okuku, Oino, S Omwange, J M Ondieki, L Ondora, S Onenga, S
Hagai Okuku, Jared Omollo, Asoya Ondieki, Edward Oyioka, Joseph Parmanyar, D Sinkira, P Sinko, B Siocha.
Onduru, Tobias Ongondo, Patrick Owili, Joseph Oyola, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Isaiah Oyoo, Clement Oyula. Lameck Atika, S Miyienda, J Ngisa, N Omwenga, P Tipis.
Missionary Credential: Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Rose Adhiambo, Dan Agwena, Saline Akomo, Roselyn E Amboga, B Binyanya, K Getange, J Gichana, P Guto, M
Ayayo, Henry Ochari, Jared Z Oyier, Gordon Rabel, Isaboke, H Matoya, J Michomi, A Moindi, N Morwani, L
Stephen Wambura. Nyangwono, J Obiero, T Ogachi, H K Okero, C Omari, T
Missionary Credential:
Healthcare E Amenya, Thomas N Barongo, R Getwambu, P Maranga,
J Mochoge, P Mogire, G Nyagwaya, S Nyansekera, N
Clinics and Dispensaries: Nyantika, R Obino, F Omari, S Ondara, K Ondieki, W
Kamagambo Dispensary. P.O. Box 591; Kisii; Kenya. Ratemo, N Tirimba.
Manyatta Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 93;
Matare Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 237;
Kehancha; Kenya. Education
Nyabikaye Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 39; Nyanchwa Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box 1020;
Isebania; Kenya. 40200 Kisii; Kenya.
Oyani Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 613;
Suna, Migori; Kenya. Healthcare
Ranen Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Ranen;
Sare-Awendo; Kenya. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Nyamagwa Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box
Organized 1906; reorganized 1953, 1981 Nyanchwa Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 22;
Kisii; Kenya.
Territory: Central and South Kisii, Gucha, Masaba, Narok, Riokindo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box
and Trans-Mara. 3201; Kisii; Kenya.
Statistics: Churches, 481; membership, 134,227; population,
Organized 1981
Telephone: 254 (58) 30-703. Territory: Part of Rift Valley Province, Western Province, and
Fax: 254 (58) 30-524. Turkana District.
Address: Statistics: Churches, 667; membership, 76,484; population,
Street: Nyanchwa Mission; Kisii; Kenya. 4,798,820.
Mailing: P.O. Box 22; 40200 Kisii; Kenya.
Administration: Telephone: 254 (20) 202-9356.
Executive Director, Obed Nyamache. Fax: 254 (53) 203-0557.
Secretary, Jonathan Maangi.
Treasurer, Thomas N. Barongo. E-mail:
Executive Committee: Address:
Obed Nyamache, Chair; Jonathan Maangi, Secretary; L. Street: Rivertex Kipkaren Road; Eldoret; Kenya.
Atika, Thomas N. Barongo, S. Kapario, P. Kiage, D. Mailing: P.O. Box 3059; 30100 Eldoret; Kenya.
Kimaiywa, D. Mairura, S. Makori, J. Marai, D. Mencheri, S. Administration:
Miyienda, T. Miyienda, W. Mobogi, A. Momanyi, G. Executive Director, Christopher Misoi.
Morara, S. Nairenke, T. Ngote, J. Noraira, J. Obwogi, B. Secretary, Alex Malayi.
Ogega, N. Ogora, A. Onwonga, W. Oruta, J. Osoro, J. Treasurer, Peter Onchari Kereri.
Parmanyar, J. Ratemo, B. Siocha, P. Sinko. Executive Committee:
Departments: Christopher Misoi, Chair; Alex Malayi, Secretary; A.
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, S. Ekirapa, S. Galo, Peter Onchari Kereri, D. Kimoti, J. Kirui,
Miyienda. N. Komen, A. Lwandanyhi, L. Maiyo, S. Naibei, P. Ngachi,
Communication, Family Ministries, and Public Affairs and J. Nyabuti, K. Nyaundi, L. Omwoyo, J. Parklea, J. Tuwei, H.
Religious Liberty, Jonathan Maangi, Obed Nyamache. Wanjala.
Education, Lameck Atika. Departments:
Publishing Ministries, N. A. Onuonga; Associates, W. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth
Kiage, A. Nyambane, J. Nyangoto, S. Okari, K. Omboga. Ministries, ___.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, S. Miyienda, Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Sarah
Joseph Parmanyar. Maina.
Stewardship, Paul Kiage. Communication, and Publishing Ministries, D. Kimoti.
Trust Services, Thomas N. Barongo. Family Ministries, and Ministerial Association, A. Ekirapa.
Womens Ministries, S. Miyienda. Health Ministries, S. Galo.
Youth Ministries, W. Oruta. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Sarah Maina, A.
Ministries and Services: Ekirapa.
Adventist Book Center, A. Nyambane, R. Obare. Stewardship, L. Maiyo.
Adventist Volunteer Service, Lameck Atika. Ministries and Services:
Auditing, R. Obino. Adventist Muslim Relations, Global Mission, Satellite
Church Development, Paul Kiage. Evangelism, and Strategic Planning, A. Malayi.

Adventist Volunteer Services, Legal Services, and Trust Commissioned Minister Credential:
Services, Peter Onchari Kereri. Andrew Bett, Jackson Bett, J Boiyo, Zephaniah Bwambura,
Camp Coordination, A. Ekirapa. P Chebii, Paul Chempkwony, Zephania Chepkwony,
Church Development, and Voice of Prophecy, I. Maiyo. Christopher Chumo, E Kimorong, Alex Malayi, W Masava,
Music, S. Galo. J Namunyu, J Ngeiywo, Joseph Ocharo, Johana Sambu,
Spirit of Prophecy, D. Kimoti. Albert Sang, Jonah Sawe, Silas Tochim.
Ministerial Credential: Missionary Credential:
O Agunda, Sammy M Bakasa, Daniel K Bett, John Bilat, H Birech, L Inyangala, Peter Onchari Kereri, S Kipyego,
Wilson Chebochok, Sammy Cheluget, B Chemaket, A Sarah Maina, J Maiyo, A Ngeno, W Sambu, E Sitieney.
Ekirapa, Luke Ekron, John Ekwenye, P Galo, Joseph Keny, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
P Kesis, Wilson Kiprono, Ezekiel Kiptanui, O Kitur, Thomas
Kitur, R Korir, W Korir, Francis Kurgat, David Laboso, Jonah Healthcare
Lelei, Josephat Lomokel, I Luhazo, J Lumati, Abednego Clinics and Dispensaries:
Lwandanyi, I Maiyo, Luke Maiyo, David Manyulu, Chebwai Dispensary. P.O. Box 734; Webuye; Kenya.
Christopher Masinde, S Mbayi, Sammy Mbugua, Chepareria Seventh-day Adventist Health Centre. P.O. Box
Christopher Misoi, P Muchenje, J Mulati, John Murei, A 218; Kapenguria; Kenya.
Mutai, J Ndiema, Patrick Ngachi, Silas Ngeiywo, Wesley Kabokyek Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box
Ngerechi, William Ngisirei, John Njoroge, C Nyakego, 1712; Kericho; Kenya.
Philip Nyalilei, Elijah Nyaribo, Raphael Nyongesa, Japheth Kaigat Dispensary. P.O. Box 1611; Eldoret; Kenya.
Okware, L Omwoyo, Samson Onyango, R Rere, Vincent Kebeneti Dispensary. P.O. Box 556; Kericho; Kenya.
Rono, Job Rotich, Eliud Rutto, W Rutto, Joel Sang, S Segero Dispensary. P.O. Box 2514; Eldoret; Kenya.
Seroney, Davis Sifunjo, Benjamin Tanui, A Tum, John Sironoi Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 693;
Tuwei, Charles Wabwile, Remmy Wafula, H Wanjala. Kapsabet; Kenya.


Organized 1925; reorganized 1995, 2003

Territory: The southeast portion of Democratic Republic of Legal Affairs, I. Kabuya.

the Congo; comprising the North Katanga and South Spirit of Prophecy, Etzer Obas.
Katanga Fields. Legal Associations:
Statistics: Churches, 167; membership, 83,735; population, Seventh-day Adventist Church (East Congo Union
8,819,149. Mission). Executive Director, Etzer Obas; Secretary,
Telecommunications: Robert Muhune.
Telephone: 243-81-577-6802; 243-9-977-1374. Ministerial Credential:
E-mail:; Muteba Kabashi, Kabango K Mande, D Meza, Muzabazi
Cable: Adventiste, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Moyo, Alingunde Muhiya, M N Mukole, Mukole Ngoie,
the Congo, Africa. Etzer Obas.
Address: Honorary/Emeritus: Mutole Kahozi, Kandaila Kawinda,
Street: 765 avenue de la Revolution; Lubumbashi; Mwana-Kasongo Kijana, Mukena Mande, Yamba Mbayo,
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mugenzingili Mwehu, Mudasinda Rwamakuba, Upio
Mailing: P.O. Box 2099; Lubumbashi; Democratic Unen Wod.
Republic of the Congo, or P.O. Box 72253; Ndola; Missionary Credential:
Zambia. Bernard Chinyabuuma Dechy, Elmer W Delgado, Robert
Administration: Muhune.
President, Etzer Obas.
Treasurer, ___.
Executive Committee: Education
Etzer Obas, Chair; Robert Muhune, Secretary; Kasongo Songa Institute (Institut de Songa). D/S Kamina;
Banza, Mbayo Dibwe, I. Kabuya, Kasereka Kavis, Debbi Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Maloba, Kabango K. Mande, Mayenze Mateso, Chalwe
Mbolela, A. Muhiya, Mutombe Ngili Muloko, Swana Healthcare
Ndumba, Luhunga Sangwa, Mushimata Tshimwika.
Hospitals and Sanitariums:
Departments: Songa Adventist Hospital (Hopital de Songa et Leproserie).
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Sabbath School and
Personal Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Muzabazi D/S Kamina; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Moyo. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Debbi Bigobo Dispensary. Boite Postale 449; Kamina;
Maloba. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Communication, I. Kabuya. Divuma Dispensary. Boite Postale 1617; Lubumbashi,
Education, Chalwe Mbolela. Shaba; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Family Ministries, Robert Muhune. Kamina Dispensary. Boite Postale 449; Kamina;
Health Ministries, Reddy Mukimbi Monga. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Ministerial Association, and Publishing Ministries, Kasolo Dispensary. Boite Postale 26; Kilwa-Zone Pweto;
Kabango K. Mande; Evangelism, Alingunde Muhiya; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Shepherdess International, Marie Muhune. Kikamba Dispensary. Boite Postale 449; Kamina;
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, I. Kabuya, Kabango K. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Mande. Lubumbashi Health Center. Boite Postale 2099;
Stewardship, and Trust Services, Alingunde Muhiya. Lubumbashi; Democratic Republic of the Congo (or
Agency: P.O. Box 72253; Ndola; Zambia).
ADRA, ___. Lubumbashi Surgical Clinic. 114 Av. Maniema;
Ministries and Services: Lubumbashi, Katanga; Democratic Republic of the
AMR, and Global Mission, Alingunde Muhiya. Congo.
Adventist Volunteer Service, Chalwe Mbolela. Mokambo Dispensary. Boite Postale 1617; Lubumbashi;
Church Development, Bernard Dechy Chinyabuuma. Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Other Entities Mayenze, Dibwe Mbaye, Mpoyo Monga, Ilunga

Motombo, Mwamba Mpanga, Mutombe Ngili Muloko,
Radio-TV Production Center and Bible Correspondence Ilunga Mutentu, Mwanabute Mutombo, Ilunga Nday,
Voice of Hope (in French and Swahili). 765 avenue de la Muyenga Rashidi.
Revolution; Lubumbashi; Democratic Republic of the Missionary Credential:
Congo. Mailing: P.O. Box 2099; Lubumbashi; Kahite Mpungu, N Sangwa.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Telephone: 243-2- SOUTH KATANGA FIELD
2594. Organized 1974
Literature Ministry Seminary:
Lubumbashi Literature Ministry Seminary. Boite Postal Territory: Southern portion of Katanga Province (excluding
2099; Lubumbashi; Democratic Republic of the Congo. Tanganyika and Upper Lomami districts).
Office Address: 765 avenue de la Revolution;
Lumbumbashi; Democratic Republic of the Congo. Statistics: Churches, 78; membership, 42,202; population,
Telephone: 243-2-2594. Telex: 41096. 5,252,685.
NORTH KATANGA FIELD Telephone: 243-99-709-9742; 243-99-729-2006.
Organized 1954; reorganized 1974 E-mail:;
Territory: Kabambare, Kasongo, and Kindu territories in Street: Av. Du Marche; Lubumbashi; Democratic Republic
Maniema Province, and Tanganyika and Upper Lomami of the Congo.
districts in Katanga Province. Mailing: P.O. Box 2099; Lubumbashi; Democratic
Statistics: Churches, 89; membership, 41,533; population, Republic of the Congo.
3,566,464. Administration:
Telecommunications: President, Kasereka Kavis.
Telephone: 243-81-350-1964; 243-81-064-6885. Secretary, Lwambo Mukeya.
E-mail:; Treasurer, Faly Mbayo.
Address: Executive Committee:
Street: Av. De la Base; Kamina; Democratic Republic of the Kasereka Kavis, Chair; Lwambo Mukeya, Secretary;
Congo. Lubangi wa Lukaka, Faly Mbayo, Kayuba Musengwa.
Mailing: Boite Postale 449; Kamina; Democratic Republic
of the Congo. Departments:
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth
Administration: Ministries, Kayuba Musengwa.
President, Mutombe Ngili Muloko.
Secretary, Bulanda Mpyana. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Mevis.
Treasurer, Ngilira Midiburo. Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Lubandwe
Executive Committee: Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Lwambo Mukeya.
Mutombe Ngili Muloko, Chair; Bulanda Mpyana, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Muzaila Mujinga,
Secretary; Nshimba Bwana Banza, Numbi Bondo, K.
Monga wa Ilunga, Mutentu Ilunga, Kala Kabunda, Debbi Kasereka Kavis.
Maloba, L. Masuku, Mayenze Mateso, Ngilira Midiburo, Stewardship, and Trust Services, ___.
Monga Mpoyo, Bulanda Mpyana, Kantenga Ndala. Ministries and Services:
Departments: Auditing, Mukadi.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth Evangelism, and Global Mission, Lubangi wa Lukaka.
Ministries, Numbi Bondo. Legal Affairs, Lubandwe Matonge.
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Debbi Ministerial Credential:
Maloba. Kisapa Besa, Kimese Bwalya, Mwape Changwe, Mwitwa
Publishing Ministries, Nshimba Bwana Banza. Chembo, Muleka Kapambwe, Kasereka Kavis, wa Senga
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Kantenga Ndala. Kipemba, Lubangi wa Lukaka, Mukaze Miji, Mutombo
Stewardship, Mutentu Kalala. Monga, Twhiwena Monga, Kayombo Mushinda, Tundula
Womens Ministries, Debbi Maloba. Ngombe, Kima Tebulo, Mushimata Tshimwika, wa
Ministries and Services: Musanya Wundji.
Auditing, Nshimba Bwana Banza. Missionary Credential:
Evangelism, and Global Mission, Kantenga Ndala. Wahenga Dumba, wa Zenga Ilunga, Taisung Kambweji,
Fiduciary Fund, Mutentu Kalala. Lumbala Kampanda, Chimenya Kaputo, Naweji Katwala,
Ministerial Credential: Kibale Kibwe, Bupe Kishimba, wa Tshikaka Kunwiji, Daniel
Kasongo Banza, Nwanabute Kabamba, Kabunda Kalala, Lwambo Mukeya, Kalasa Manika, Musonda Mubanga,
Lomamba Kalenga, Mpasa Kayembe Koni, Mateso Mujinga Muzaila, Longa Naweji wa.


Organized 1923; reorganized 1945

Territory: Djibouti and Ethiopia; comprising the Central Administration:

Ethiopia, Northwest Ethiopia, South Ethiopia, and West President, Alemu Haile.
Ethiopia Fields and the Tigray Attached Mission. Secretary, Agegnehu Wondim.
Statistics: Churches, 657; membership, 157,679; population, Treasurer, Delbert B. Pearman.
77,960,000. Executive Committee:
Telecommunications: Alemu Haile, Chair; Agegnehu Wondim, Secretary; Lukas
Telephone: 251 (11) 551-1199, 551-1151, 551-1160. Adde, Leta Beddaso, Fanta Chaleabo, Worku Dereje,
Fax: 251 (11) 551-1319.
E-mail: Tessema Desslgne, Gemechu Fanta, Nemera Fufa, Bekele
Cable: Adventist, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Gebre, Tesfa Kano, Ruth Lawson, Addisu Mengistu, Bikila
Address: Merga, Delbert B. Pearman, Paul Smart, Abraham Teka.
Street: For DHL packages: Stadium Road, Opposite Departments:
Gandhi Hospital; Filwoha, Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries,
Mailing: P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. Education, and Publishing Ministries, Fanta Chaleabo.

Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Tadese, Birassa Tafesse, Martha Tamiru, Denberu Tassew,
Merga Bikila. Meskele Tefera, Tinsae Tefera, Meskele Tegegn, Tadesse
Family Ministries, Ministerial Association, and Temesgen, Workinesh Terefe, Adeba Tesema, Atsede
Stewardship, Bekele Gebre. Tesema, Solomon Tesema, Arega Tessema, Tamiru Tesso,
Health Ministries, Temesgen Bulti. Duguma Tiffo, Bekele Tihtina, Malkamu Tola, Yohannes
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Nemera Fufa. Tola, Sara Tolera, Marame Tolessa, Ferede Tseaynesh,
Womens Ministries, Aster Aneme. Yezabnesh Tsegaw, Tsegaye Umeta, Shumbure Wakgari,
Youth Ministries, Robel Gezahegne. Abraham Wanchiso, Alemnesh Wodadjo, Berhane
Ministries and Services: Wodadjo, Daniel Yadta, Bazeto Yalew, Umeta Yanki, Nigatu
Adventist World Radio, Merga Bikila. Yitbarek, Anane Yohannes, Sebro Yohannes, Tukiyo
Global Mission, Bekele Gebre. Zenebech, Abraham Zewde.
Satellite Evangelism, Agegnehu Wondim.
Ministerial Credential: Education
Bekele Gebre, Alemu Haile, Dale Haile, Desta Onthesho, Ethiopian Adventist College. P.O. Box 45; Shashamane;
Agegnehu Wondim. Ethiopia.
Honorary/Emeritus: Alene Abetew, Bekele Anulo, Kuyera Adventist Academy. P.O. Box 45; Shashamane;
Teshale Aymalo, Tesfaye Bekalo, Takele Bizuneh, Dana Ethiopia.
Chebo, Petros Chengero, Chemo Chenore, Dando Wollega Adventist Academy. P.O. Box 100; Gimbie,
Degaga, Tesemma Dubale, Samuel Gaye, Amado Wollega; Ethiopia.
Gelgalu, Tigro Genemo, Daniel Geraro, Toma Godana,
Yohannes Guddaye, Gelatu Kabato, Nephtalem Lencha, Healthcare
Shitaye Mamo, Mathewos Massene, Rede Mitiku, Deneke
More, Negari Muleta, Berhanu Negussie, Dana Sana, Hospitals and Sanitariums:
Getahun Sankura, Markos Shimelis, Yohannes Tumato, Gimbie Hospital. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West Wollega;
Alemu Wasihun. Ethiopia.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Clinics and Dispensaries:
Leta Bedasso, Fanta Chaleabo, Robel Gezahegne, Addis Ababa Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa;
Wondimagegn Zewdu. Ethiopia.
Honorary/Emeritus: Agaro Abite, Abraham Agiche, Akaki Adventist School Clinic. P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa;
Moges Alembo, Ayele Assele, Tadele Dangiso, Densa Gia, Ethiopia.
Petros Godebo, Daniel Haile, Abebe Kasa, Milkieas Mella, Amora Gadel Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 21; Debre Tabor;
Hirpato Robale, Gelaso Tito, Tadesse Tsige, Desta Wanore. Ethiopia.
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Chalia Bonja Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West
Adanech Gobena, Tadesse Hailu. Wollega; Ethiopia.
Daletti Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West
Missionary Credential: Wollega; Ethiopia.
Tolessa Abate, Degefe Abdeta, Merdassa Abdeta, Gurmesa Dongoro Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West
Abdi, Sara Abdisa, Alemitu Abebe, Wonchiso Abraham, Wollega; Ethiopia.
Bogale Adisalem, Mebrate Aga, Chemo Akalat, Ayalew Ethiopian Adventist College Clinic. P.O. Box 45;
Alango, Bekele Almetsehaye, Genet Amare, Chaltu Amenu, Shashamane; Ethiopia.
Yoseph Amenu, Merga Asefa, Ibrahim Ashune, Mekonnen Fessa Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa;
Assefa, Shumate Ayana, Martha Bacha, Aregash Badasa, Ethiopia.
Benti Baisa, Tihun Baisa, Boja Bake, Belaynesh Barana, Green Lake Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West Wollega;
Yalleaw Bazeto, Tedjitu Beka, Wollebo Bekele, Merry Benti, Ethiopia.
Habte Berhanu, Shewaye Berhanu, Kirkim Beyehu, Tedjitu Guliso Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, Wollega; Ethiopia.
Beyene, Gebre Yesus Beza, Merga Bikila, Azeb Biratu, Makale Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 54; Makale, Tigray;
Debela Biratu, Getachew Biratu, Sintayehu Birhanu, Ethiopia.
Geremu Biru, Wakgari Bobo, Wolde Amanuel Bogale, Mugy Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West
Hambissa Borru, Tudjube Bula, Kenessa Bulcha, Tsegaye Wollega; Ethiopia.
Bulti, Benti Chala, Fanta Chalebo, Masaye Chawaka, Sackie Adventist Clinic. P.O. Box 228; Gimbie, West
Demissie Daba, Kifilu Daka, Ayane Debisa, Gutu Debisa, Wollega; Ethiopia.
Tadewos Denu, Worku Dereje, Amenu Desalegn, Shashitu Wollega Adventist Academy Clinic. P.O. Box 101; Gimbie,
Dhuguma, Diribe Dinagde, Bobo Dinsa, Tsehaynesh Wollega; Ethiopia.
Dinsa, Bekele Disassa, Roba Dita, Solomon Djogora, Mobile Clinics:
Workinesh Djogora, Asefa Dufera, Tamiru Dufera, Gizaw Abonza Clinic. P.O. Box 24; Durame; Ethiopia.
Eba, Tone Edosa, Bizunesh Ejerso, Ashebir Emana, Kebede
Eshetu, Ebisa Eteffa, Safaw Fetene, Nemera Fufa, Lencho Publishing
Galu, Fekadu Gebre, Michael Gebre Mariam, Rossa
Geleta, Sadete Geleta, Erkiso Geleto, Kamiso Gemechu, Ethiopian Advent Press. P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa;
Tadesse Gemechu, Kuliche Gemtessa, Wagnesh Gina, Ethiopia.
Engidaye Gora, Bula Gudina, Shuma Gudina, Bobo Other Entities
Gurmessa, Tekalign Gurmessa, Tsegaye Guta, Adise
Gutema, Erango Haile, Birara Hailu, Edjigayehu Hawaze, Bible Correspondence School:
Bekele Heda, Malkamu Hundessa, Wakitole Irandufa, Bible Correspondence School. P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa;
Aregash Kajela, Denbele Kano, Tamer Kassew, Abebech Ethiopia.
Kebede, Tekalign Kebede, Yohannes Kebede, Ashime Kedir,
Ashemi Kitaw, Tadesse Kitaw, Girme Kitila, Tsegaye Kitila,
Established 1932
Gude Korso, Chaltu Kurkursa, Lolita Largosa, Zewde
Legesse, Fufa Lemessa, Teferi Mamo, Yute Mangesha, Territory: The Hararge and Kaffa Regions, the Shoa Region
Grangie Mathewos, Tumicha Mengesha, Abdeta Merga, north of Awash River, and parts of Arsi and Wollo Regions
Warkisa Merga, Alemtsehay Mersha, Feleke Messaye, in Ethiopia, and the country of Djibouti.
Sisaye Molla, Tesfaye Mosissa, Aster Mulatu, Ayantu
Mulatu, Berhane Mulatu, Yohannes Mulatu, Adugna Statistics: Churches, 90; membership, 14,176; population,
Mumecha, Shume Nagawo, Yadete Negari, Saitu Negassa, 32,455,070.
Yohanis Nigusse, Francis Nikuze, Josephine Niyonsaba, Telecommunications:
Amarech Olana, Shiferaw Olana, Belaynesh Oldjira, Telephone: 251 (1) 251-4319, 29-3876.
Delbert B Pearman, Berhane Petros, Adugna Regassa, E-mail:
Beyene Regassa, Firomsa Regassa, Fanaye Rikitu, Mary Address: P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa; Ethiopia.
Ross, Lemma Samson, Mesfin Shemelis, Beyene Sima, Administration:
Amalia Tabaranza, Jesse Tabaranza, Berhane Tadese, Fasil President, Lukas Adde.

Secretary-Treasurer, Taye Woltedji. Telephone: 251 (58) 41-00-47, 441-1395.

Executive Committee: Address: P.O. Box 21; Debre Tabor, Gondar; Ethiopia.
Lukas Adde, Chair; Taye Woltedji, Secretary; Temerat Administration:
Abose, Tadesse Adugna, Damena Ahadu, Mekete Alemu, President, Addisu Mengistu.
Zerihun Awano, Nigatu Horedoffa, Fekadu Olana, Desta Secretary-Treasurer, Abebe Alemu.
Ontoshe, Yoseph Soboka. Executive Committee:
Departments: Addisu Mengistu, Chair; Abebe Alemu, Secretary;
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Stewardship, Melak Mandefro Alamayehu, Waga Alemu, Asrat Ayalew, Legese
Alemayehu. Dessie, Tamrat Fekadu, Muluye Gete, Wondemagegn
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Aster Oli. Zewdu.
Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Yoseph Departments:
Soboka. Education, Tamrat Fekadu.
Education, and Family Ministries, Zerhiune Awono. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Demeke Wolde
Health Ministries, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Selassie, Addisu Mengistu.
and Youth Ministries, Tadesse Adugna. Stewardship, Mandefro Alemayehu.
Ministerial Association, Fekadu Olana. Womens Ministries, Muluye Gete.
Agency: Ministerial Credential:
ADRA, Yoseph Soboka. Tekeba Alemayehu.
Ministries and Services: Commissioned Minister Credential:
Adventist World Radio, and Development, Yoseph Soboka.
Global Mission, Tadesse Adugna. Aserat Ayalew, Yohannes Buruka, Germaw Cheloke,
Melese Markos, Addisu Mengistu, Yohas Mugere, Ayele
Ministerial Credential: Tirkasso.
Lukas Adde, Tadesse Adugna, Demena Ahadu, Mekete
Alemu, Assefa Bore, Temesgen Deressa, Tsegaw Dessie, Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Yohannes Felamo, Angaw Getahun, Deksisa Hirpa, Mesfin Bogale Desalgne, Flate Enanu, Minale Fasika, Yeshimebet
Mandefro, Fekadu Olana, Seyba Sana, Samuel Shanka, Goshe, Moges Mulusew, Asemu Sisay, Wobetu Wagaw,
Worku Tsegaw. Degu Worku, Mequane Yemer.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Missionary Credential:
Gebre Abadama, Daniel Alemu, Minwagaw Alemu, Bireka Alemu, Wubalech Alemu, Mesfin Molla, Kassew
Seyoum Alemu, Wondwosen Bekele, Yohannes Dagmawi, Tamet, Fekadu Tesema, Demeke Wolde Selassie, Addis
Nigatu Hordofa, Timma Husammo, Gebre Selassie Jarso, Yeshaw, Gettu Zerihun.
Alemayehu Kuma, Genet Lema, Esubalew Mehirete, Diro SOUTH ETHIOPIA FIELD
Nadi, Teklu Sakita, Yergalem Shewabeza, Tesfaye Shibru, Established 1947
Yoseph Soboka, Girmu Tamiru, Taye Woltedji, Eyob
Yoseph. Territory: Arsi, Bale, Borana, Gamu-Goffa, Hadiya, Kambata,
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Sidama, Wallayta, and Regions, and the Shoa Region south
Tsegaye Abose, Yoseph Abose, Kibret Adane, Molla Alemu, of Awash River.
Bezunesh Asefa, Getnet Aseffa, Wubalech Assefa, Statistics: Churches, 305; membership, 63,868; population,
Zeriyhun Awano, Tsehayneh Ayenew, Germame Biru, 25,451,910.
Alemayehu Butaye, Wondimu Gadissa, Negussie Gebre,
Zerfenesh Gebre Mariam, Melese Gebre Yohannes, Telecommunications:
Kebede Haibano, Sarah Haile Selassie, Thomas Hailu, Telephone: 251 (6) 20-04-83, 20-50-80.
Taina Kitla, Dereje Kurabachew, Degefa Makonnen, E-mail:
Tesfaw Mekonnen, Wale Mekuanint, Hulangersh Address: P.O. Box 45; Awasa; Ethiopia.
Melkamu, Tafete Melke, Mintwab Mengesha, Weneshet Administration:
Shiferaw, Arega Sima, Birahanu Sitotaw, Belete Solomon, President, Tessema Desslgne.
Markos Tadesse, Melke Tafete, Berhanu Takele, Menberish Secretary, Yohannes Demkasso.
Takele, Wuditu Tebedje, Sinishaw Tegegne, Mengistu Tene, Treasurer, Lintale Fanta.
Eshetu Tsegaye, Aster Tsehaye, Endayehu Worku, Ayalew Executive Committee:
Yimer, Yemisrach Yoseph, Abebe Zeryihun. Tessema Desslgne, Chair; Yohannes Demkasso, Secretary;
Missionary Credential: Temesgen Didebo, Dobaro Doyamo, Tadesse Erassa,
Sebelwongel Abebe, Desta Adnew, Bayechish Alemnew, Lintale Fanta, Dawit Gudii, Samuel Orshiso, Elsae Shibiru.
Atitegeb Alemu, Nigussie Aligaz, Alem Aschalew, Addis Departments:
Ayallew, Alemayehu Degefa, Gemechu Degefa, Tessema Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries, and
Degife, Ayalew Desalegn, Tsema Desalegn, Alemi Feyassa, Youth Ministries, Dawit Gudii.
Amete Gebre-Selassie, Bayush Kassa, Setotaw Legesse, Communication, Education, and Publishing Ministries,
Mekonnen Megerssa, Bezunesh Mekonnen, Kassaye Samuel Orshiso.
Muche, Tikunesh Reda, Abebaye Sahilu, Tsega Tasissa, Family Ministries, and Stewardship, Tadesse Erassa.
Girsha Telile, Tsehaye Tesema, Dereje Walte, Martha Health Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal
Wareti, Adanech Wolde, Zenebech Wolde, Bayech Wolde Ministries, Dobaro Doyamo.
Selassie, Yoseph Wolde Selassie, Wubit Wolde-Selassie, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Yohannes Demkasso.
Amenu Woyessa. Womens Ministries, Lintale Fanta.
Global Mission, Tadesse Erassa.
Education Satellite Evangelism, Samuel Orshiso.
Akaki Seventh-day Adventist School. P.O. Box 25; PC1230 Ministerial Credential:
Akaki; Ethiopia or P.O. Box 145; Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. Gebre Wolde Abate, Adra Abitie, Tine Abiye, Ayele Addisu,
Yohannes Adebo, Daniel Anito, Gebre Hana Badulo, Batri
Healthcare Belaineh, Bere Borema, Seta Bramo, Tessema Desslgne,
Getachew Digaso, Dobaro Doyamo, Elias Dubago, Abera
Clinics and Dispensaries: Elias, Tamiru Endashaw, Lebso Enjamo, Ermias Felate, Arja
Djibouti Adventist Health Centre. P.O. Box 2724; Djibouti. Gehegehu, Balcha Gejabo, Gemechu Herefa, Ambaye
Established 1929 Commissioned Minister Credential:
Shanko Albe, Wobet Bayuh, Balcha Gizaw, Samuel
Territory: Gojjam and Gonder Regions, and part of Wollo Orshiso, Daniel Wolebo.
Region. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Statistics: Churches, 15; membership, 2,413; population, Abebe Addisu, Abaynesh Akalu, Argeta Alambo, Tssema
10,797,780. Bekele, Workiye Bekele, Eliase Belay, Kasahun Gebre

Mariam, Ababe Gidore, Mengesha Haile, Tesfaye Commissioned Minister Credential:

Hailemariam, Daniel Lalago, Yoseph Mella, Engidaw Hika Aberra, Berhanu Daka, Sakata Fekede, Woltaji
Mogos, Terefe Selkebo, Tafesse Shomoro, Mrkos Tonu, Hunde, Belay Taye, Olana Yohannes.
Tesfaye Walano, Wotro Wanore. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Missionary Credential: Asaabu Biru, Girma Boshara, Terfasa Dubale, Gamachu
Beyene Baykedagne, Dawit Bonja, Birre Chuluke, Fanta.
Yohannes Demkasso, Mathewos Gerange, Tamru Guye, Missionary Credential:
Alemu Hirra, Shita Jalato, Mengistu Mada, Markos Madda, Edosa Agiti, Agere Awake, Gizaw Ayana, Bobo Barki,
Muse Nuto, Lema Shalamo, Tefera Siamo, Alemu Wakalto. Elsabet Beyene, Wakjira Bikiri, Wondimu Biru, Malaku
WEST ETHIOPIA FIELD Cibasa, Gari Daka, Birasa Daniel, Berhanu Deresa, Degefe
Established 1925 Disasa, Etenesh Ferede, Tinsae Frehiwot, Terfa Geleta,
Hailu Gemechu, Tafese Gemeda, Tamiru Gobena, Elfinesh
Territory: Illubabor and Wollega Regions, Gambela, and Gudina, Bekele Gutata, Alemi Haile, Lemi Hordofa,
Asosa. Degefa Hunde, Tesfa Leta, Diribe Terfasa, Gemtessa
Tollesa, Eseye Trefe, Ephream Urgesa, Tesfa Waktole,
Statistics: Churches, 245; membership, 76,856; population, Megersa Yadeta, Asfaw Yigezu.
Telephone: 251 (1) 71-00-07, 71-00-47. Established 1995
Address: P.O. Box 2; Gimbie, West Wollega; Ethiopia. Territory: Tigray.
Administration: Statistics: Churches, 2; membership, 366; population,
President, Tesfa Kano. 3,856,350.
Secretary, Tesfa Umeta. Telecommunications:
Treasurer, Olana Yohannes. Telephone: 251 (4) 40-81-76, 40-81-74.
Executive Committee: Fax: 251 (4) 40-26-50.
Tesfa Kano, Chair; Tesfa Umeta, Secretary; Idosa Agiti, E-mail:
Bobo Barki, Wondimu Biru, Sakata Daba, Yohannes Address: P.O. Box 54; Mekele; Ethiopia.
Deresa, Solomon Jogora, Mulugeta Gebre Yesus, Lijalem Administration:
Yigzu, Olana Yohannes. President, Abraham Teka.
Departments: Secretary-Treasurer, Chekol Kiros.
Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Solomon Executive Committee:
Jogora. Abraham Teka, Chair; Chekol Kiros, Secretary; Tegegn
Education, Wondimu Biru. Dejene, Girmay Fikiramariam, Aster Kalyu, Mary Melaku.
Ministerial Association, Tesfa Umeta.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Yohannes Olana. Departments:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Mulugeta Gebre Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Health Ministries, and
Yesus. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Mary Melaku.
Stewardship, and Youth Ministries, Lijalem Yigzu. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Aster Kalyu.
Womens Ministries, Sara Abdissa. Ministrial Association, and Stewardship, Abraham Teka.
Ministries and Services: Ministries and Services:
Global Mission, Mulugeta Gebre Yesus. Global Mission, Abraham Teka.
Ministerial Credential: Ministerial Credential:
Sakata Daba, Yohannis Derssa, Terfassa Esayas, Fromsa Abraham Teka.
Gadesa, Assefa Gangul, Retta Gebre Mariam, Mulugeta Commissioned Minister Credential:
Gebre Yesus, Ayele Habtamu, Tesfa Kano, Gemeda Kitessa, Abede Dejene, Fikiramariam Girmay.
Kebede Olijira, Bacha Sima, Etefa Tamane, Disassa Tamiru, Missionary Credential:
Tesfa Umeta, Ferede Yadeta. Nigist Gebre Hiwot, Kelen Legesse, Zewdinesh Mengistu.


Organized 1960; reorganized 1984

Territory: Rwanda; comprising the Central Rwanda, East Ndwaniye, Etienne Niyomugabo, Jean Baptiste
Rwanda, North Rwanda, South Rwanda, and West Niyonzima, Mariane Ottoni, Ezechiel Rudatinya, Abidan
Rwanda Associations. Ruhongeka, Jerome Rukanika, Josue Rusine, Jozsef
Statistics: Churches, 1,415; membership, 414,710; popula- Szilivasi, Consolata Uwantege.
tion, 9,347,000. Departments:
Telecommunications: Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Stewardship, Marc
Telephone: 250-573-238; 250-573-239; 250-573-019. Kabindigiri.
Fax: 250-572-506, 250-577-232. Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, and Womens
E-mail: Ministries, Consolata Uwantege.
Address: Communication, Jacques Nkinzingabo.
Street: Avenue de la Paix; Kigali; Rwanda. Education, Joyce Musabe.
Mailing: Boite Postale 367; Kigali; Rwanda. Ministerial Association (and Evangelism), Jean Baptiste
Administration: Niyonzima.
President, Hesron Byiringiro. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Hesron Byiringiro.
Secretary, Esdras Kayonga.
Treasurer, Abel Habiyambere. Publishing Ministries, Jonathan Bizirema.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Youth
Executive Committee:
Hesron Byiringiro, Chair; Esdras Kayonga, Secretary; Ministries, Abidan Ruhongeka.
Jonathan Bizirema, Daniel Pereira Dos Santos, Abel Trust Services, Abel Habiyambere.
Habiyambere, Marc Kabindigiri, Isabelle Liziki, Eliel Agency:
Makuza, Alexis Maniriho, Andre Mujyarugamba, Therese ADRA/Rwanda. Boite Postale 2; Kigali; Rwanda.
Mukanyangezi, Brigitte Mukarugambwa, Eliezer Telephone: 250-572-570 and 250-572-572. Fax: 250-
Munyakarama, Joyce Musabe, Semugeshi Musonera, Isaac 572-571. Director, Daniel Pereira Dos Santos.

Ministries and Services: Karora Dispensary. Boite Postale 65; Kibuye; Rwanda.
Adventist Volunteer Services, Joyce Musabe. Kigali Adventist Polyclinic (Polyclinique Adventiste de
Global Mission, and Spirit of Prophecy, Jonathan Bizirema. Kigali). Boite Postale 367; Kigali; Rwanda.
Loss Controller, Gapira Ngabo Uzziel. Kigali Dental Clinic (Cabinet Dentaire Adventiste de
Ministerial Credential: Kigali). Boite Postale 367; Kigali; Rwanda.
Jonathan Bizirema, Hesron Byiringiro, Marc Kabindigiri, Nyarwungo Dispensary. Boite Postale 279; Butare;
Esdras Kayonga, Eliel Makuza, Jean Baptiste Niyonzima, Rwanda.
Abidan Ruhongeka, Daniel Pereira dos Santos.
Honorary/Emeritus: Elasto Bakina, Simeon Bakwe, Joel Other Entities
Barikage, Eleazar Bimenyimana, Aminadab Bitotoli, Aaron
Radio-TV Production Center and Bible Correspondence
Byibeshyo, Gabriel Gaholiholi, Enock Gakumba, Sostene
Gatanazi, Nathan Gatarayiha, Nicodeme Gihamangabo, School:
Nathanael Girukubonye, Thomas Hakizimana, Yohana Voice of Hope. Boite Postale 367; Kigali; Rwanda.
Kabatsi, Samson Kadegede, Amiel Kagesera, Simeon Literature Ministry Seminary:
Kagoyera, Thomas Karane, Samuel Karemera, Aron Rwanda Literature Ministry Seminary. Boite Postale 367;
Kayishema, Etienne Kayonga, Manasse Kazimiri, Zacharie Kigali; Rwanda. Director, Dieudonne Murwanashyaka.
Madende, Manasse Makaka, Hesron Mbitsemunda, Elie N Home Health Education Service, Director, Stephen
Mbuguje, Samuel Mfashigihe, E R Mpysi, Assinapol Musonera.
Mubiligi, Yasoni Mugemanyi, Eliab Munyagihe, Leonard
Munyamanzi, Esdras Munyampanzi, Samuel CENTRAL RWANDA ASSOCIATION
Munyangango, Elkana Munyurangabo, Philemon Organized 1921; reorganized 1960, 1972, 1984, 1993
Murindanyi, Basa Musango, Andre Musayuka, Jeremie
Mutiganda, Simeon Muvunyi, Daniel Ndagije, Maharariel Territory: Southern province.
Ndayahose, Aristariko Ndikumana, Jeremie Ngabonzima, Statistics: Churches, 216; membership, 76,294; population,
Enos Ngendahayo, Hesron Ngendahimana, Eliakimu 1,121,640.
Ngwije, Elie Niboneyimpara, Jerome Niyibikora, Marc Telecommunications:
Nkiriyumwami, David Ntabajyana, Samuel Ntamashakiro, Telephone: 250-562-163.
Mathias Ntamukunzi, Silas Nyamubi, Jered Nyirishema, Cable: Adventiste, Gitwe, Rwanda, Africa.
Amiel Nzabihimana, Andre Ruboneka, Tadeyo
Rudasimbukanwa, Amon Rugelinyange, Ntwali Asiel Address: Boite Postale 100; Nyanza; Rwanda.
Ruhaya, Manzi Joel Rujangu, Barnabas Rukika, Aminadab Administration:
Rukirumurame, Issacar Rusatsi, Samuel Rutazihana, Simon President, Eliezer Munyakarama.
Ruvumba, Jered Rwamihigo, Salathiel Rwanamiza, Obed Secretary, Peday Ntihanabayo.
Rwibasira, Asiel R Sebatunzi, Antoni Sebikenyeri, Treasurer, Onesphore Ntabana.
Ferdinand Seburikoko, Stefano Sekabuze, Simeon Executive Committee:
Sekarusu, Ezechiel Semanori, Ephraim Sematama, Ezra Eliezer Munyakarama, Chair; Peday Ntihanabayo,
Semayira, Philippe Sembibe, Yoramu Seyomba, Jean Secretary; Elam Bayingana, John Kalima, Naphtal
Sezirahiga, Nahasson Sindayigaya. Karangwa, Oliver Kayiatare, Jacques Mbonimpa, Getruda
Commissioned Minister Credential: Mujawamaliya, Adeliphine Mukakalisa, Nicodeme
Dieudonne Murwanashyaka, Jacques Nkinzingabo. Mupagasi, Paul Ndagijimana, Elie Niyiragira, Jean Baptiste
Honorary/Emeritus: Ephaste Mberiyinka, Schadrack Niyonagize, Esdras Nkerabahizi, Onesphore Ntabana,
Ndahimana, Joel Ndekezi, Mayson Ntaganira, Asiel Marie Nyiramaliza, Samuel Rubayiza, Fausta Utetiwabo.
Nzabamwita, Efaste Rubyiruko, Asiel Rukeribuga, Eliezer Departments:
Rwampire. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Communication, and
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Education, Joseph Niyigena.
Prince Bahati, Faustin Karekezi, Albert Uhoraningoga. Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Esther
Honorary/Emeritus: Ephraim Gasamunyiga, Job Nyirahabimana.
Mbarubukeye, Josias Mbarubukeye. Health Ministries, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Missionary Credential: ___.
Eliphaz Bahizi, Dinah Dusabe, Uzziel Gapira Ngabo, Ministerial Association, ___.
Obed Gitore, Mark Habineza, Abel Habiyambere, Kalisa Publishing Ministries, Aphrodis Mpamyabigwi.
Kamali, Rosemary Karurenzi, Thomas Kayumba, Norah
Kirabo, Asinath Mbabazi, Deborah Mujawimana, Odette Trust Services, Onesphore Ntabana.
Mukabideli, Esther Mukamusoni, Evelyne Mukamwezi, Ministries and Services:
Joyce Musabe, Semugeshi Musonera, Joyce Nakimuri, Global Mission, and Voice of Prophecy, Naphtal
Faustin Niyonzima, Stephanie Nyirahabimana, Marguerite Karangwa.
Nyiransabimana, Esther Nzitonda, Jerome Rukanika, Ministerial Credential:
Venuste Twahirwa, Zilipa Ugilimana, Christine Amon Bucyanayandi, Alfred Habimana, Gerald Kagabo,
Umugiraneza, Ruth Umutesi, Consolata Uwantege, Jean Kalima, Aphrodis Mpamyabigwi, Eliezer
Ephraim Edson Wasswa, Rachel Wasswa. Munyakarama, Joseph Niyigena, Elie Niyiragira, Jean
Baptiste Niyonagize, Peday Ntihanabayo, Amon
Nzabamwita, Elaste Ugirashebuja.
Education Commissioned Minister Credential:
Gitwe Adventist Secondary School (College Adventiste de Samuel Gatare, Gerard Kayumba, Abel Mutuyimana, Paul
Gitwe). Boite Postale 85; Gitarama; Rwanda. Ndagijimana.
Mugonero School of Nursing (Ecole des Sciences Missionary Credential:
Infirmieres de Mugonero). Boite Postale 65; Kibuye; David Barute, Andre Gapyisi, Amon Habimana, Francois
Rwanda. Habimana, Asiel Kabera, Philippe Kasasira, Jacques
Rwankeri Adventist Secondary School (College Adventiste Mbonimpa, Ephrasie Mukamana, Marianne
de Rwankeri). Boite Postale 54; Ruhengeri; Rwanda. Mukamugema, Rose Mukamutagoma, Elaine
Mukandanga, Sophie Mukantwali, Antoinette
Healthcare Mukeshimana, Marie Claire Mukeshimana, Israel
Hospitals and Sanitariums: Musabimana, Athalie Mushimiyimana, Constance
Mugonero Hospital (Hopital de Mugonero). Boite Postale Mushimiyimana, Damaris Mushimiyimana, Esther
65; Kibuye; Rwanda. Nasabyimana, Thamar Niyonsaba, Amiel Nkurikiyinka,
Clinics and Dispensaries: Simeon Nsabimana, Esther Ntabana, Onesphore Ntabana,
ASSAR (Association des Services de Sante Adventistes au Asiel Nyandwi, Jacqueline Nyinawindinda, Jonas
Rwanda). Boite Postale 367; Kigali; Rwanda. Nzamwita, Jeanette Nzayisenga, Zablon Rwagatare, Esther
Gitwe Dispensary. Boite Postale 85; Gitarama; Rwanda. Yandereye.

Treasurer, Samuel Bikenyimana.

Organized 1965; reorganized 1984 Executive Committee:
Ezechiel Rudatinya, Chair; Sophonie Setako, Secretary;
Territory: Byumba, Kibungo, Kigali Ville, Kigali Rural, and Barnabas Ayiyingoma, Judith Batware, Samuel
Umutara. Bikenyimana, Jean Bizimungu, Belie Dukorerimana, Javan
Statistics: Churches, 372; membership, 115,253; population, Gasana, Gaspard Harerimana, Japhet Kaliwabo, Gerard
3,364,920. Karasira, Eliezer Karegeya, Jacqueline Mukarukundo,
Telecommunications: Rachel Muyoboke, Phoebe Nikuze, Shadrack Ntabumwe,
Telephone: 250-573-059; 250-575-506. Martin Ntakirutimana, Simeon Nzabandora, Eneas
Fax: 250-573-059. Nzabanita, Jerome Rukanika, Leonidas Rutaganewa,
Address: Faustin Samvura, Fidel Vuningoma.
Street: Avenue de la Justice; Kigali; Rwanda. Departments:
Mailing: Boite Postale 247; Kigali; Rwanda. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Communication,
Administration: Education, and Youth Ministries, Gerard Karasira.
President, Isaac Ndwaniye. Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Judith Batware.
Secretary, Issacar Ntakirutimana. Health Ministries, and Stewardship, Gaspard Harerimana.
Treasurer, Elly N. Kageruka. Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
Executive Committee: Liberty, Ezechiel Rudatinya.
Isaac Ndwaniye, Chair; Issacar Ntakirutimana, Secretary; Publishing Ministries, Barnabas Ayiyingoma.
Jacques Biziyaremye, Hesron Byilingiro, Simon Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Eleazar Karegeya.
Dusabimana, Vincent Gashugi, Edith Gerardine, Edson Trust Services, Samuel Bimunyimana.
Kabanda, Nicodeme Kabayiza, Elly N. Kageruka, Ministries and Services:
Francoise Mudahogora, Louise Mujawamaliya, Goreti Global Mission, Eleazar Karegeya.
Mukarurema, Mutuyemaliya, Emmanuel Nayigiziki, Isaac Voice of Prophecy, Barnabas Ayiyingoma.
Ndiwaniye, Dan Ngamije, Edouard Niyonzima, Edison Ministerial Credential:
Nsengiyumva, Thadee Nsengiyumva, Emmanuel Barnabas Ayiyingoma, Jean Bizimungu, Assiel Budasi,
Nsigayehe, John Ntigurirwa, Assiel Ruhaya Ntwali, Ephron Augustin Bunoti, Eliel Gaferege, Javan Gasana, Edison
Nyamaswa, Thomas Nzabanterura, Jean Nepo Rutikanga, Gasiringi, Isaac Harelimana, Gaspard Harerimana, Eleazar
Adele Sefuku, Jacques Sezibera, Emerita Ukuyemuye.
Hishamunda, Ferdinand Kamandi, Javan Kamanutsi, Elias
Departments: Kanyamutuzo, Gerard Karasira, Eleazar Karegeya, Elie
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth Karemera, Edouard Mbaraga, Elie Munyarukatire, Samuel
Ministries, Edouard Niyonzima.
Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, and Womens Nayigiziki, Prosper Ndanga, Thomas Ndisanze, Eliphaz
Ministries, Francoise Mudahogora. Ndolimana, Frodouard Niyonzima, Job Nsengiyumva,
Health Ministries, and Stewardship, Jacques Biziyaremye. Hezekia Ntabanganyijabo, Shadrack Ntabumwe, Martin
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Isaac Ndiwaniye. Ntakirutimana, Denis Nzamuye, Ezechiel Rudatinya,
Publishing Ministries, Jean Nepo Rutikanga. Justin Rutayisire, Faustin Samvura, Samuel Sebatunzi,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Edson Sophonie Setako.
Nsengiyumva. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Trust Services, Elly N. Kageruka. Prosper Gasambi, Eneas Habyarimana, William
Ministries and Services: Mukarane, Pheneas Munyamariza, Samuel Nilingiyimana,
Auditing, Eric Ndatsikira. Ephraim Nkerabigwi, Thomas Rugwiza.
Development Projects, Elly N. Kageruka. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Voice of Prophecy, Jean Nepo Rutikanga. Josee Kambabazi, Jacques Ndanguza, Rebeca
Ministerial Credential: Nyiragapasi.
Jacques Biziyaremye, Asiel Gaferesi, Godfrey Gapira,
Edson Kabanda, Seth Mbazabigwi, Eliphaz Mugiraneza, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Appolinaire Mwirane, Amiel Nayigiziki, Isaac Ndwaniye,
Danny Ngamije, Nahasson Nkeramugaba, Zablon Nsana, Healthcare
Edson Nsengiyumva, Issacar Ntakirutimana, Eric Clinics and Dispensaries:
Rutagarama, Jean Nepo Rutikanga, Francis Rwabuhanga, Kinunu Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. Boite Postale
Jacques Sezibera. 33; Ruhengeri; Rwanda.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Mudende Health Centre. Boite Postale 33; Ruhengeri;
Elie Hakizimana, Albert Hakuzimana, Dan Harubwira, Rwanda.
Lea Ingabireyamungu, Oscar Kamanzi, Fenias Kanyantore, Rwankeri Health Centre. Boite Postale 33; Ruhengeri;
Mathias Kanyeshamba, Samson Karanguza, Oreste Rwanda.
Karinijaba, Osee Kubwimana, Sylvestre Mugabo, John
Mugema, Ephron Nyamaswa, Pierre Segatashya, Julay Paul SOUTH RWANDA ASSOCIATION
Uwumuremyi. Organized 1921; reorganized 1984, 1993
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Elly N Kageruka, Matilde Mukagacinya, Odette Territory: Butare and Gikongoro Prefectures.
Mukakigeri, Tammy Mukamuhigirwa, Eric Ndatsikira, Statistics: Churches, 186; membership, 62,644; population,
Rachel Ndwaniye, Edouard Niyonzima, Isaac 1,588,990.
Nsanzamahoro. Telecommunications:
Missionary Credential: Telephone: 250-530-304.
Samuel Butera, Seth Ngarambe. Cable: Adventiste, Butare, Rwanda.
NORTH RWANDA ASSOCIATION Address: Boite Postale 279; Butare; Rwanda.
Organized 1956; reorganized 1960 Administration:
President, Andre Mujyarugamba.
Territory: Gisenyi and Ruhengeri Prefectures. Secretary-Treasurer, Javan Sebutimbiri.
Statistics: Churches, 393; membership, 105,526; population, Executive Committee:
1,962,870. Andre Mujyarugamba, Chair; Javan Sebutimbiri, Secretary;
Telephone: 250-546-630; 250-546-902; 250-546-903. Speciose Bamurange, Alexis Kalinda, Lea Mukangwije,
Address: Eglise Adventiste du Septieme Jour de Rwankeri; Peresi Mukantumwa, Felicien Mundanikure, Elie
Boite Postale 33; Ruhengeri; Rwanda. Munyentwali, Esperance Murerabana, Felicien
Administration: Nayigizente, Samuel Ngilinshuti, Antoine Nkwaya,
President, Ezechiel Rudatinya. Reuben Ntampaka, Paul Nyilimbwa, Isaie Rukundo,
Secretary, Sophonie Setako. Nahasson Twagirayesu.

Departments: Executive Committee:

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Communication, Josue Rusine, Chair; Jerome Gasasira, Secretary; Efaste
Education, and Youth Ministries, Reuben Ntampaka. Busharire, Emmanuel Kanyabuganza, Antoine Madende,
Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, and Womens Job Mbarubukeye, Joyeuse Mukarisasi, Benie
Ministries, Esperance Murerabana. Musanyimana, Uzziel Mvukahe, Daniel Ndagijimana,
Health Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, Isaie Sadock Ngabo, Protais Niyongira, Japhet Nsengayire, Jean
Rukundo. dAmour Ntihinyurwa, Ezechiel Nyandwi, Jaelle
Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious Nyiraneza, Joseph Rukirumurame, Thomas Rwambikana,
Liberty, Andre Mujyarugamba; Evangelism, Alexis Isacaar Semonyo.
Kalinda; Shepherdess International, Annonciate Departments:
Mukansoneye. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Alexis Kalinda. Ministries, Antoine Madende.
Stewardship, Samuel Nguincuti. Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, and Womens
Trust Services, Evan Sebutimbiri. Ministries, Benie Musabyimana.
Ministries and Services: Health Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, Emmanuel
Development, Samuel Nguincuti. Kanyabuganza.
Ministerial Credential: Ministerial Association, Josue Rusine; Evangelism, Sadock
Joseph Birinone, Jonathan Hasabwa, Alexis Kalinda, Ngabo.
Placide Kayumba, Daniel Kwitonda, Andre Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Sadock Ngabo.
Mujyarugamba, Samuel Musirikare, Felicien Nayigizente, Trust Services, Jerome Gasasira.
Esdras Ndayambaje, Reuben Ntampaka, Nahasson Ministries and Services:
Church Development, Job Mbarubukeyi.
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Javan Sebutimbiri. Ministerial Credential:
Efasto Busharire, Emmanuel Kanyabuganza, Assiel
Missionary Credential: Karutubusa, Andre Mugwiza, Emmanuel Munezero, Jean
Edson Kayijuka, Basile Mukabaranga, Annonciate Munyantwali, Abias Niyonshuti, Jean dAmour
Ntihinyurwa, Joseph Rukirumurame, Josue Rusine, Thomas
Organized 1921; reorganized 1960, 1972, 1984, 1993 Commissioned Minister Credential:
Theoneste Bakundukize, Assiel Bizimungu, Ezekiel
Territory: Cyangugu and Kibuye provinces. Gategege, Evariste Hakizimana, Hanganimana, Alfred
Statistics: Churches, 248; membership, 54,993; population, Katabarwa, Samuel Mugemangango, Uzziel Mvukahe,
1,308,580. Yohana Mvunabo, Esdras Ngendahayo, Pascal Ngirinshuti,
Telecommunications: Etienne Niyomugabo, Joel Nkurunziza, Japhet Nsengayire,
Telephone: 250-568-575. Israel Nzabonimpa, Elisee Rumashana, Josue Sezikeye,
Fax: 250-568-574. Nelson Uwimana.
Cable: Adventiste, Kibuye, Rwanda. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Address: Boite Postale 63; Kibuye; Rwanda. Issacar Muteziyaremye.
Administration: Missionary Credential:
President, Josue Rusine. Jerome Gasasira, Antoine Madende, Collette
Secretary-Treasurer, Jerome Gasasira. Mushimiyimana, Dinah Uwera.


Organized 1903; reorganized 1960

Territory: United Republic of Tanzania; comprising the East Education, E. Lusingu.

Tanzania, Mara, North-East Tanzania, and South Nyanza Health Ministries, G. Mabuba.
Conferences, and the South-West Tanzania and West Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal
Tanzania Fields. Ministries, Isaac Maiga; Evangelism, Hery Mhando.
Statistics: Churches, 1,652; membership, 368,163; popula- Stewardship, Jackob Ngusa.
tion, 38,738,000. Agency:
Telecommunications: ADRA, Max Church.
Telephone: 255 (27) 250-7025, 250-7027, 250-7030. Ministries and Services:
Fax: 255 (27) 250-8496. Adventist Book Center. P.O. Box 635; Morogoro; Tanzania.
Cable: Adventist, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. Seventh-day Adventist Health Services. P.O. Box 1121;
Address: Arusha; Tanzania. Director, G. Mabuba.
Street: Njiro Hill, Temi Road; Arusha; Tanzania. Legal Associations:
Mailing: P.O. Box 1121; Arusha; Tanzania. British Advent Missions, Limited, Seventh-day Adventist
Administration: Association of Southern Africa, and The Registered
President, Joshua K. Kajula. Trustees of Seventh-day Adventist Association of
Secretary, Bernard Mambwe. Tanzania.
Treasurer, Rabieth Zachariah. Ministerial Credential:
Executive Committee: S Butoke, Davis Fue, Joshua K Kajula, Isaac Maiga,
Joshua Kajula, Chair; Bernard Mambwe, Secretary; S. Bernard Mambwe, Hery Mhando, S M Mipawa, M Mutaki.
Chiwa, Max Church, Jacob Gagi, V. Goddard, Christina Honorary/Emeritus: Y Ahia, N Aron, G Elieneza, N
Ikanda, J. Izungo, Y. Kadogosa, J. Kajula, Mary Kajula, M. Gamaya, F Gara, F Kamba, Y Kihedu, J Kuyenga, D
Kiangi, K. Kitururu, Eselina Kuyenga, R. Mabihy, J. Marieta, H K Mashigani, D Mlavi, K J Moses, E Mukundi,
Machage, Isaac Maiga, Daud Makoye, B. Mambwe, T. H Nghomano, E Nyamwocha, D Ogillo, M Ogutu, E
Matiku, George Mayani, Ghuheni Mbwana, Hery Mhando, Okeyo, S D Otieno, J Salehe, E Singo, R A Tenga, S
S. M. Mipawa, Albano Mkadi, Aston Mmamba, Daniel Waryoba, M Yohana.
Mshola, Hevensia Msuya, E. Mulwambo, William Mutani, Missionary Credential:
R. Nkoko, Herbet Nziku, Alvin Rocero, Rabieth Zachariah. S W Adecto, M Chekingo, E Kabanza, P Kayanja, E N
Departments: Kuga, A Lukinga, E Lusingu, N Magubu, C Makondo, G
Childrens Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, Davis Fue. Makondo, S Manoko, E A Matekere, Ghuheni Mbwana, Z

Mkitunza, S Mwakayila, R Mziba, Charles Ndereka, A Publishing

Otieno, Zacharia Rabieth, E Shana. Tanzania Adventist Press. P.O. Box 635; Morogoro;
Education Other Entities
Ikizu Secondary School. P.O. Box 245; Musoma; Tanzania. Bible Correspondence School:
Parane Secondary School. P.O. Box 272; Same; Tanzania. Voice of Prophecy (Sauti ya Unabii). P.O. Box 172;
The University of Arusha (formerly Tanzania Adventist Morogoro; Tanzania.
College). P.O. Box 7; Usa River, via Arusha; Tanzania.
Healthcare Organized 1960; reorganized 1982, 1990, 2005
Hospitals and Sanitariums: Territory: Dodoma, Lindi, Morogoro, Mtwara, Pwani, and
Heri Adventist Hospital. P.O. Box 1056; Kigoma; Tanzania. Ruvuma Regions, and the islands of Pemba and Unguja.
Clinics and Dispensaries: Statistics: Churches, 154; membership, 50,269; population,
Arusha Adventist Seminary and College Dispensary. P.O. 12,163,732.
Box 7; Usa River; Tanzania.
Arusha Medical and Dental Clinic. P.O. Box 1121; Arusha; Telecommunications:
Tanzania. Telephone: 255 (223) 56-33-96.
Busegwe Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 26; E-mail:
Musoma; Tanzania. Address: P.O. Box 82; Morogoro; Tanzania.
Dar es Salaam Magomeni Seventh-day Adventist Administration:
Dispensary. P.O. Box 15083; Dar es Salaam; Tanzania. President, Jacob Gagi.
Dar es Salaam Temeke Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. Secretary, Elias Kasika.
P.O. Box 45319; Dar es Salaam; Tanzania. Treasurer, Zablon Masele.
Heru Juu Dispensary. P.O. Box 22; Kasulu, Kigoma; Executive Committee:
Tanzania. Jacob Gagi, Chair; Elias Kasika, Secretary; N. Essaba, R.
Ikizu Dispensary. P.O. Box 245; Musoma; Tanzania. Eyembe, M. Jackson, V. Kazumari, S. Kihengu, Toto
Kamageta Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box Kusaga, Zablon Masele, E. Mnguruta, Daniel Mshola,
126; Tarime; Tanzania. Hevensia Msuya, S. R. Munyuku, B. Ngoitanile, E. Timasi.
Kameya Dispensary. P.O. Box 186; Nansio, Ukerewe; Departments:
Tanzania. Education, Elias Kasika.
Kasamwa Dispensary. P.O. Box 53; Geita; Tanzania. Health Ministries, Livingston Kingu.
Kasulu Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Kasulu; Ministerial Association, Michael Twakaniki.
Tanzania. Publishing Ministries, Joram Bujeje.
Kisongo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 474; Stewardship, Toto Kusaga.
Arusha; Tanzania. Womens Ministries, R. Eyembe.
Makanya Dispensary. P.O. Box 42; Makanya; Tanzania.
Mbeya Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 99; Ministries and Services:
Mbeya; Tanzania. Global Mission, Joram Bujeje.
Morogoro Dispensary. P.O. Box 82; Morogoro; Tanzania. Ministerial Credential:
Mpanda Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 202; Jacob Gagi, A Juma, Elias Kasika, S F Katengu, N Kikiwa,
Rukwa; Tanzania. Kimbawala, P A Makimu, M Malekana, J Malongo, B
Mtwara Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 573; Malongoza, W Mshana, E Munguruta.
Mtwara; Tanzania.
Musoma Dispensary. P.O. Box 787; Musoma; Tanzania. MARA CONFERENCE
Mwakaleli Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 63; Organized 1909;
Tukuyu; Tanzania. reorganized 1912, 1960, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1990
Njiro Adventist Medical Clinic. P.O. Box 1121; Arusha;
Tanzania. Territory: Mara Region, and Ukerewe Island (in Lake
Njombe Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box Victoria).
Njombe; Tanzania. Statistics: Churches, 342; membership, 88,556; population,
Ntusu Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 24; 1,820,686.
Bariadi; Tanzania. Telephone: 255 (741) 30-67-50.
Olasiti Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 474; Address: P.O. Box 26; Musoma; Tanzania.
Arusha; Tanzania. Administration:
Parane Dispensary. P.O. Box 272; Same; Tanzania. President, J. Machage.
Pemba Seventh-day Adventist Health Service. P.O. Box Secretary, Elias Swita.
101; Pemba Wete; Tanzania. Treasurer, Julias Rulanyaga.
Rusaba Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. c/o Heri Executive Committee:
Mission Hospital; P.O. Box 1056; Kigoma; Tanzania. J. Machage, Chair; Elias Swita, Secretary; A. Bigambo, E.
Seventh-day Adventist Health Services. P.O. Box 1121; Bitta, J. Karara, W. Kasika, A. Magafu, Y. Makunja, D.
Arusha; Tanzania. Maseke, M. Matekere, B. Matofali, J. Matongo, S. Museti,
Suji Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 26; Suji,
B. Ndaro, E. E. Ochupe, F. Otieno, D. Oyuke, Enock
Same; Tanzania.
Sumbawanga Dispensary. P.O. Box 207; Rukwa; Tanzania. Sando, E. Songora, E. Tasinga, E. Wambura, L. Wawa.
Tabora Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 1282; Departments:
Tabora; Tanzania. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries,
Tarime Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 15; Education, and Youth Ministries, John Owino.
Tarime; Tanzania. Communication, Chacha Lameck.
Tutuo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Tutuo; via Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal
Tabora; Tanzania. Ministries, Ezekiel Ochupe.
Twing Memorial Dispensary. P.O. Box 552; Kigoma; Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Chacha Lameck, John
Tanzania. Owino.
Urambo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Urambo; Publishing Ministries, Shukrani Kasese.
Tabora; Tanzania. Stewardship, and Trust Services, Enock Sando.
Wanza Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 401; Womens Ministries, Elisheba Muganda.
Mwanza; Tanzania. Ministries and Services:
Zanzibar Seventh-day Adventist Health Services. P.O. Box Global Mission, and Voice of Prophecy, Shukrani Kasese.
110; Zanzibar; Tanzania. Satellite Evangelism, Chacha Lameck.

Ministerial Credential: Ministries and Services:

Z Ayugi, J Bijira, L Karuma, J Machage, D Maduhu, E Adventist Book Center, R. Kimune.
Mafuru, J Magai, E Manya, G Mataro, E Matenga, J Conference Development, Deogratius Mbambaganya.
Matongo, C Migombo, J Muharagi, J Mukirya, M O Voice of Prophecy, Daniel Onesmo.
Mundhe, S Musso, I Nyaimaga, J Nyakrere, I Nyasiri, J Ministerial Credential:
Onjiko, Y Otieno, J Sabai, E Sogha, J Sokia, H Tasinga, E J Apolo, Z Chikubule, Masalu Ephraim, E Kilyunguma, F
Zenge. Kulengwa, E Maduhu, Daud Makoye, S Mange, Y
Missionary Credential: Masunga, J Matulanya, E Mitanda, C Mkwabi, A Ndulu, E
J Ondiek, Julius Rulanyaga. Nzumbi.
Organized 1903; reorganized 1960, 1990 J Bagumhe, J Bomani, C Idama, Q Kanyika, Y Kisinza, S
Majenga, T Malima, S Masaganya, K Mwasomola, Daniel
Territory: Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, and Tanga Regions. Onesmo, E Sareya, R Tuvako.
Statistics: Churches, 286; membership, 75,688; population,
Organized 1960; reorganized 1982, 1990
Telephone: 255 (27) 275-8156. Territory: Iringa, Mbeya, and Rukwa Regions.
Address: P.O. Box 315; Same; Tanzania. Statistics: Churches, 180; membership, 25,349; population,
President, J. Izungo. Telephone: 255 (25) 250-2367.
Secretary, Z. Kajiru. Address: P.O. Box 99; Mbeya; Tanzania.
Treasurer, S. Bukuku. Administration:
Executive Committee: President, William Mutani.
J. Izungo, Chair; Z. Kajiru, Secretary; S. Bukuku, H. Secretary, Godleen Mangilima.
Chikira, Q. Fungo, Elias Ijiko, E. Kiariro, E. Mchome, B. Treasurer, Kossam Mwambeta.
Mngumi, S. Narri, Togolani Sefue, S. Tuvako. Executive Committee:
Departments: William Mutani, Chair; Godleen Mangilima, Secretary; A.
Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Elitabu Kajiru. Chiguru, F. Chilimila, E. Elam, N. Erasto, M. Mtenzi,
Education, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Z. Kossam Mwambeta, R. Ngoko, E. Reuben.
Mkitunda. Departments:
Family Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Youth Ministries,
Ministries, Elias Lomay. Hezekiah Chaboma.
Stewardship, and Trust Services, Elias Ijiko. Communication, and Publishing Ministries, J. Msembele.
Womens Ministries, Miriamu Samo. Education, E. Chaboma.
Ministries and Services: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Joseph Sorongai.
Adventist Book Center, J. Lusega. Stewardship, and Trust Services, Steven Ngussa.
Buildings, J. Kimbute. Womens Ministries, Hodia Mutani.
Global Mission, and Voice of Prophecy, Elitabu Kajiru.
Ministries and Services:
Ministerial Credential:
G Ahia, D Gidosi, J Izungo, Z Kajiru, J Kimbute, S Lehema, Adventist Book Center, T. Kiswaga.
Elias Lomay, A Mayo, R Mbonea, Elisante Mkiramweni, S Development, Steven Ngussa.
Munguruta, M Njake, S Panga, A Stefano, B Youze. Global Mission, and Spirit of Prophecy, J. Msembele.
Missionary Credential: Ministerial Credential:
S Bukuku, S Turoke. William Mutani, A Mwaipopo, H Mwasomola, E Range, E
SOUTH NYANZA CONFERENCE Missionary Credential:
Organized 1912; reorganized 1960, 1990 E Malongoza.
Territory: Mwanza (excluding Ukerewe Island) and WEST TANZANIA FIELD
Shinyanga Regions. Organized 1990
Statistics: Churches, 510; membership, 97,566; population,
6,159,342. Territory: Kagera, Kigoma, Singida, and Tabora Regions.
Telephone: 255 (28) 256-0947. Statistics: Churches, 180; membership, 30,735; population,
Address: P.O. Box 401; Mwanza; Tanzania. 7,321,482.
Administration: Telephone: 255 (28) 280-3292.
President, Daud Makoye. Address: P.O. Box 519; Kigoma; Tanzania.
Secretary, Yusufu Mharagi. Administration:
Treasurer, Queen Kanyika. President, E. Mulwambo.
Executive Committee: Secretary, Joseph Mngwabi.
Daud Makoye, Chair; Yusufu Mharagi, Secretary; A. Treasurer, Danis Wairaha.
Adriano, J. Apolo, H. Bwire, T. Buluba, Mugeta Chikere, Executive Committee:
W. Dotto, L. Ikanda, S. Kabele, Queen Kanyika, G. Katoya, E. Mulwambo, Chair; Joseph Mngwabi, Secretary; H.
R. Mabihya, L. Maganda, J. Magwelela, D. Masunga, E.
Chaboma, G. Dinda, H. Kuyenga, Beatus Mulozi, R.
Mitanda, D. Mjaya, E. Mtaki, Daniel Ndiegi, T. Ngeleje, S.
Onditi, D. Onesmo, C. Otieno, M. Sebastian. Nkoko, N. Nkwira, J. Nyamtara, L. Nzungu, C. Ruta, Danis
Wairaha, W. Waritu.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Departments:
Yusufu Juma. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Elias
Education, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Daniel Misungwi.
Masunga. Communication, Education, Stewardship, and Trust
Health Ministries, Silas Kabele. Services, Beatus Mulozi.
Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal Family Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, J. Nyaibago.
Ministries, Daniel Onesmo. Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal
Publishing Ministries, Daniel Ndiegi. Ministries, L. Nzungu.
Stewardship, Deogratius Mbambaganya. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, E. Mulwambo.
Womens Ministries, Agness Nhyama. Womens Ministries, Lucy Mulwambo.

Ministries and Services: Ministerial Credential:

Adventist Book Center, Ayubu Irigo. M Baravuga, T S Mamani, H Marubira, E Mulwambo.
Church Development, J. Nyaibago.
Global Mission and Satellite, L. Zungu. Missionary Credential:
Voice of Prophecy, J. Nyamtara. B Daudi, A Makulilo.


Organized 1987; reorganized 1989

Territory: Uganda; comprising the Northern Uganda Mission Erastus Mpanga, Zakayo Mpata, Anton Mpunyu, Daniel
and the Central Uganda, Eastern Uganda, Southwestern Mukasa, Zepheniah Mukirane, Yowasi Mukirania, Eldad
Uganda, and Western Uganda Fields. Mwesige, Wilson Pande, E Rwakisaija, Boazi Sekitto,
Statistics: Churches, 786; membership, 170,891; population, Ephraim Semakula, Sekikubo Sendawula, Elisha Ssanyu,
28,530,000. Sulemani Tinkasimire.
Telecommunications: Missionary Credential:
Telephone: 256 (41) 542-455. Deborah Aketikit, Isaiah Bagyenzi, C Bainomujuni, Grace
Fax: 256 (41) 345-597. Barugahare, Eldad Baryokwo, Paul Basoga, Bob Bayego,
E-mail:; Lumu Bbosa, David Byakuno, Kibura B Eliezer, Hulda
Website: Grace, Francis Kabanda, Roselyne Kabanda, Safari
Address: Kagurube, James Kakwenza, Joseph Kalungi, Richard
Street: Uganda Adventist Centre; Makerere Road (Opposite Kanyerezi, Teopista Kasumba, Paul Katamba, Musisi
Law Development Centre); Kampala; Uganda. Ssalongo Kato, Musoke Kato, Robert Kayiga, David
Mailing: P.O. Box 6434; Kampala; Uganda. Kayongo, Judith Kibirango, Moses Kibirango, Betty
Administration: Kibudde, Shadrack Kiiza, Sam Kirya, Diosdado Largosa,
Executive Director, John L. Wani. Miriam Lhuhaliro, Obadiah Lhuhaliro, Metuseera Maate,
Secretary, Joseph Twesigye. V Mboine, Godfrey Mbowa, A Mbyemeire, Yona Mtwanga,
Treasurer, Diosdado Largosa. Esther K Mugerwa, Mesusera Mugumya, Christine
Executive Committee: Muleme, George Mupaghasi, Zipporah Mupaghasi, Peter
John L. Wani, Chair; Joseph Twesigye, Secretary; Hilary Musisi, Rebecca Musisi, Getrude Mutanda, Asaph
Acaminok, Christian Aliddeki, William K. Bagambe, Mwesige, Ruth Nakimbugwe, Sarah Namakoola, K
Moses R. Bua, Samuel Bwami, James Kaggya, John B. Namirembe, Y Nashemeza, Sarah Ndawula, Bernard
Kamiza, John Kasaija, Fred Kazooba, Rosette Kibudde, Nkunda, Geoffrey Nyanzi, Tom Olinga, Jane Semakula-
Balam Kirya, Samuel Kizito, Isaiah Kyetunda, Diosdado Musoke, Alfred Senteza, David Senyonga, Dan
Largosa, Daniel Maate, Isagani Manuel, Esther K. Turyasingura, Victor D Valenzuela.
Mugerwa, Reuben T. Mugerwa, Tom Mugisa, Livingstone
Mukaabya, Paul Mumbere, James Musinguzi, Edward INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Muwanga, Samuel Mwebaza, Elisha Ndiwalana, Niels C. Education
Rasmussen, Hodge Semakula.
Departments: Bugema Adventist Secondary School. P.O. Box 7500;
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Communication, and Kampala; Uganda.
Youth Ministries, Samuel Mwebaza. Bugema University. P.O. Box 6529; Kampala; Uganda.
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Esther K. Healthcare
Family Ministries, Ministerial Association, and Publishing Hospitals and Sanitariums:
Ministries, Balam Kirya. Ishaka Adventist Hospital. P.O. Box 111; Bushenyi;
Health Ministries, Lorita Largosa. Uganda.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, John L. Wani. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Samuel Bwami. Bugema Dispensary. P.O. Box 6529; Kampala; Uganda.
Stewardship, William K. Bagambe. Bulago Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 122;
Agency: Mbale; Uganda.
ADRA. P.O. Box 9946; Kampala; Uganda. Telephone: 256 Bussi Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 177;
(41) 285-405. Director, Niels C. Rassmusen; Assistant Entebbe; Uganda.
Director, Wilson Nakibinge; Treasurer, Frank Kasaija. Buyanja Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 22;
Ministries and Services: Mbale; Uganda.
Church Development, William K. Bagambe. Kagorogoro Dispensary. P.O. Box 22; Fort Portal; Uganda.
Global Mission, Joseph Twesigye. Kakoro Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 49;
Satellite Evangelism, Samuel Mwebaza. Mbale; Uganda.
HIV/AIDS Desk, Samuel Kizito. Katikamu Dispensary. P.O. Box 53; Wobulenzi, via
Seventh-day Adventist Home Health Education Service. Kampala; Uganda.
P.O. Box 6434; Kampala; Uganda. Telephone: 256 (41) Katikamu Light Dispensary. P.O. Box 4103; Kampala;
540-783. ABC Manager, John Kalema; Treasurer, Annet Uganda.
Munobwa. Kigalama Dispensary. P.O. Box 58; Mityana; Uganda.
Spirit of Prophecy, and Voice of Prophecy, Balam Kirya. Kihembo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 209;
Legal Association: Fort Portal; Uganda.
Seventh-day Adventist Association of Uganda, Ltd. Kireka Dispensary. P.O. Box 22; Kampala; Uganda.
Ministerial Credential: Kyetume Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 22;
Christian S M Aliddeki, Simon Bwambale, Samuel Bwami, Kampala; Uganda.
Jimmy Emwaku, John Kalema, Balam Kirya, Reuben T Luzira Dispensary. P.O. Box 2295; Kampala; Uganda.
Mugerwa, Lameck Mwamukonda, Samuel Mwebaza, Mitandi Dispensary. P.O. Box 487; Fort Portal; Uganda.
Joseph Twesigye, John L Wani. Mughete-Kyarumba Seventh-day Adventist Clinic. P.O.
Honorary/Emeritus: Amos Ageru, Gershom W Awuye, Box 21; Kasese; Uganda.
Benezeri T Bageni, John Gamutambuli, Difasi I Isabirye, S Najjanankumbi Dispensary. P.O. Box 15034; Kampala;
Kaliisa, Yosam Kamya, O B Karemire, Erisamun Karire, Uganda.
George Kasujja, Yostas Kateeba, Henry Kintu, Azaria Rutoto Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary. P.O. Box 21;
Kumureeba, Stanley B Kyambadde, Johnson Masereka, Kasese; Uganda.

Publishing Address:
Upper Nile Press. P.O. Box 10740; Kampala; Uganda. Street: Tirinyi Highway; Mbale; Uganda.
Mailing: P.O. Box 122; Mbale; Uganda.
Organized 1927; reorganized 1982, 1989 Executive Director, Livingstone Mukaabya.
Secretary, Robert Amwana.
Territory: Political Districts of Kalangala, Kampala, Kayunga, Treasurer, Cornie Ndiwalana.
Kiboga, Luwero, Masaka, Mityana, Mpigi, Mubende, Executive Committee:
Mukono, Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Rakai, Sembabule, and Livingstone Mukaabya, Chair; Robert Amwana, Secretary;
Wakiso. Machese Charles, Bumali Kintu, Rose Mugaya, Patrick
Statistics: Churches, 222; membership, 90,684; population, Mulindwa, Paul Mumbere, Ambrose Nawita, Cornie
7,132,500. Ndiwalana, Eriya W. Ndiwalana, F. Ofwono, Cate
Telecommunications: Wabusa, George Wamalwa.
Telephone: 256 (41) 285-769. Departments:
Fax: 256 (41) 345-597. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Family Ministries, and
Address: Ministerial Association, Fredrick Ogwono.
Street: Kireka Hill, 6 miles East on Jinja Road; Kampala; Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Rose
Uganda. Mugaya.
Mailing: P.O. Box 22; Kampala; Uganda. Communication, Education, and Youth Ministries, Robert
Administration: Amwana.
Executive Director, James Kaggya. Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
Secretary, Yafesi Walugembe. Liberty, Livingstone Mukaabya.
Treasurer, Frank Kiggundu. Publishing Ministries, Sabbath School and Personal
Executive Committee: Ministries, and Stewardship, George Wamalwa.
James Kaggya, Chair; Yafesi Walugembe, Secretary; Agency:
Busuulwa Elkam, G. W. Kambugu, E. Kayizzi, Ruth ADRA, George Wamalwa.
Kibirige, Frank Kiggundu, Moses Kyayise, Godfrey Ministries and Services:
Lubwana, John Mafaabi, Juma Mahlon, Joshua Musoke, G. Church Development, George Wamalwa.
W. Ndawula, C. R. Nsereko, Jimmy Nyende, Kajoba Global Mission, Livingstone Mukaabya.
Samuel, Dalton Segawa, Elijah Sendegeya, Josiah Ministerial Credential:
Serunjogi, Musoke Solomon, Betty Tibaleka. Robert Amwana, Robert Mugweri, Livingstone Mukaabya,
Departments: Patrick Mulindwa, Dison Nanoka, Samuel Nsadha, Siira
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Juma Mahlon. Ogaro, Peter Wabuyi, George Wamalwa, Matayo
Childrens Ministries, Womens Ministries, and Youth Wamanga.
Ministries, John Mafaabi. Missionary Credential:
Communication, and Health Ministries, Elijah Sendegeya. Grace Makabayi, James Oriokot.
Education, Joshua Musoke.
Publishing Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal NORTHERN UGANDA MISSION
Ministries, Godfrey Lubwama. Organized 1992
Stewardship, Gaster W. Ndawula.
Womens Ministries, Ruth Kibirige. Territory: Political Districts of Adjumani, Apac, Arua, Gulu,
Kitgum, Lira, Maracha-Terego, Moyo, Nebbi, Pader, and
Agency: Yumbe.
ADRA, Gaster W. Ndawula.
Statistics: Churches, 47; membership, 7,242; population,
Ministries and Services: 4,564,800.
Church Development, and Land, Gaster W. Ndawula.
Human Resource Development, Yafesi Walugembe. Telecommunications:
Music, John Mafaabi. Telephone: 256 (41) 077-590-720.
Ministerial Credential:
Jeremiah Alisengawa, Moses Bogere, Paul Fulere, Samuel Address:
Kafero, James Kaggya, Gerald Kairanga, Samuel Kajoba, Street: Lira Kampala Road; 5 Km. from Lira; Uganda.
Godwin Kakonge, David Kalibbala Seyiga, George Mailing: P.O. Box 63; Lira; Uganda.
Kambugu, David Kasibante, Ezra Kayongo, Joel Kintu, Administration:
Patrick Kiweewa, John Happy Kule, Paul Kyeswa, Robert Director, John B. Kamiza.
Kyeyune, Dionysious Lukyamuzi, Juma Mahlon, Secretary, Moses Oyena.
Christopher Mugerwa, Paul Mukasa, Joel Musasizi, Saul Treasurer, Otto Ignatius.
Musisi, Suzan Nakaweesi, Gaster W Ndawula, Crizestom Executive Committee:
Nsereko, Peter Nsereko, Samuel Nsubuga, Ezekiel Origye, John B. Kamiza, Chair; Moses Oyena, Secretary; Hillary
Paul Rushesha, Joseph Sembuusi, Joshua Sentongo, Simon Acaminok, George Angulu, Ecamu Coelestine, Robert
Senyonga, Fred Ssonko, Josiah Usaba, Yafesi Walugembe, Dima, Ogang Francis, Otto Ignatius, Jimmy Omara, P.
Stephen Zikusooka, Crizestom Zziwa. Okwerra, Sam Ogwal.
Missionary Credential: Departments:
Barbara Katende, Alice Kibirango, Frank Kiggundu, Edith K Coordinator, Ongima Richard.
Kwagalakwe, Godfrey Lubwama, Joshua Musoke, Ministerial Credential:
Christopher Nsojje, Joyce Rubayiza, Elijah Sendegeya. Hillary Acaminok, George Angulu, John B Kamiza,
Johnson Okumu, Jimmy Omara.
EASTERN UGANDA FIELD Missionary Credential:
Organized 1989 James Eyit.
Territory: Political Districts of Abim, Budaka, Bududa, Bugiri, SOUTHWESTERN UGANDA FIELD
Bukedea, Busia, Iganga, Jinja, Kaberamaido, Kamuli, Organized 1927; reorganized 1982, 1989
Kapchorwa, Katakwi, Kotido, Kumi, Manafa, Mayuge,
Mbale, Moroto, Namutumba, Pallisa, Sironko, Soroti, and Territory: Political Districts of Bundibugyo and Kasese, and
Tororo. parts of Kabarole District.
Statistics: Churches, 108; membership, 15,398; population, Statistics: Churches, 313; membership, 42,394; population,
8,844,300. 4,564,800.
Telecommunications: Telecommunications:
Telephone: 256 (45) 34-411; (77) 780-168, 801-685. Telephone: 256 (77) 373-826.
Fax: 256 (45) 34-461. E-mail:

Street: Kamaiba, Kesiga Road; Kasese; Uganda. Organized 1989
Mailing: P.O. Box 21; Kasese; Uganda.
Administration: Territory: Political Districts of Hoima, Kabarole, Kamwenge,
Executive Director, Daniel Maate. Kibale, Kyenjojo, and Masindi.
Secretary, Ezekiel Mutwanga. Statistics: Churches, 96; membership, 15,173; population,
Treasurer, Mbasa Batalingaya. 3,423,600.
Executive Committee: Telecommunications:
Daniel Maate, Chair; Ezekiel Mutwanga, Secretary; Mbasa Telephone: 256 (48) 22-161.
Batalingaya, Erisa Bwambale, Kasasya Hezron, Mbakania E-mail:
Isaya, Kauli James, Erisa Kasajja, Katsirombyo, I. Kiiza, Address:
Andrew Kithokwa, Joseph Maate, James Sasu, Irumba Street: Plot 1, Moledina Street; Fort Portal; Uganda.
Semeki, Stephen Thembo, Kahinda Uzziah. Mailing: P.O. Box 22; Fort Portal; Uganda.
Departments: Administration:
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries, Executive Director, Fred Kazooba.
Secretary, Edson Kaahwa.
Communication, Education, and Youth Ministries, Treasurer, John Tumusiime.
Ezekiel Mutwanga.
Executive Committee:
Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Ministerial Fred Kazooba, Chair; Edson Kaahwa, Secretary; Julius
Association, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Aijuka, Kabeya, Newton Kalyegira, Florence Kandole,
Stewardship, Daniel Maate. John Kasaija, Jessy Kwebiiha, George Kyeyune, Amos
Publishing Ministries, Cyrus Jjita. Mugenyi, Samuel Mulisanganda, Peter Nyanduru, Flavia
Womens Ministries, Julia Kihuku. Rwabuhoro, Resty Timbigamba, John Tumusiime, Stuart
Agency: Wobusobozi.
ADRA, Ezekiel Mutwanga. Departments:
Ministerial Credential: Communication, Education, and Stewardship, Naphutali
Michael Ariho, Zephaniah Bagenda, Stephen Bagorogoza, Halerimana.
Samwiri Baluku, Enos Bankunda, Elisa Barere, Elisa Publishing Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal
Bwambale, Saverino Byaruhanga, Uziah Kahinda, James Ministries, Christopher Katana.
Youth Ministries, Newton Kalyegira.
Karemire, Erisa Kasajja, James Katunzi, Fenehasi Kisembo,
John B Kisembo, Andrew Kitokwa, John Kule, Yositasi Agency:
ADRA, Naphutali Halerimana.
Lubba, Joseph Maate, Nahshon B Magezi, Simon Peter
Ministries and Services:
Manimake, Gideon Matte, Finihas Mbusa, Sunday Church Development, Naphutali Halerimana.
Muhindo, Patrick Mukiga, Sadayo Mumbere, Atamba
Ministerial Credential:
Mushabe, James Musinguzi, Abel Natamba, Amos Wilson Asaba, Yeremiya Bitikoro, Wilfred Byaruhanga,
Ndarifite, James Sasu, Y Shibanza, Jonathan Tumwesigye, Edson Kaahwa, Stephen Kahiigwa, Edson Kaija, Fred
Stephen Tumwesigye, Isaac Turyamureeba, Obed Kazooba, Jessy Kwebiiha, Ham Tembo, Yobu
Turyatunga. Tinkamaliirwe.
Missionary Credential: Missionary Credential:
Francis Besigye, Edward Biddawo, Benard Kakuru, Benard Isaiah Kalumba, Margaret Kirungi, Godfrey M Mugisa,
Namanya, Rebeccah Owomujuni, Samuel Tsotso. John Tumusiime.


Organized 1925; reorganized 1995

Territory: Provinces of Bandundu, East Kasai, Equator, Departments:

Kinshasa, Lower Congo, and West Kasai in the West Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Family Ministries, B.
Congo area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Manani Mabatanga.
comprising the Congo Equatorial, Central Kasai, East Childrens Ministries, and Stewardship, J. Tshialu Lushiku.
Kasai, Lower Congo, West Congo, and West Kasai Fields. Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Statistics: Churches, 513; membership, 297,178; population, Mbwebwe Tshimanga.
35,865,374. Education, and Youth Ministries, Alphonse Pandi Bamue
Telecommunications: Kabasu.
Telephone: 243-1-539-7590. Health Ministries, Vincent R. Dionzon.
Ministerial Association, Auguste de Clerc M.
Ngalamulume; Evangelism, Kabongo Muembia;
Street: Route Matadi No. 10102; Commune de Ngaliema,
Kinshasa; Democratic Republic of the Congo. Shepherdess International, Bernadette N.
Mailing: Boite Postale 8802; Kinshasa I; Democratic Munakanuamba.
Republic of the Congo. Publishing Ministries, D. K. Muembia.
Administration: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Ambroise
President, August de Clerc M. Ngalamulume. Fumakwa Mfumu.
Secretary, Ambroise Fumakwa Mfumu. Womens Ministries, B. L. Kanku.
Treasurer, F. Tshika Kanda Kanda. Agency:
Executive Committee: ADRA. Telephone: 243-88-04-146. Fax: 243-88-46-462.
August de Clerc M. Ngalamulume, Chair; Ambroise Ministries and Services:
Fumakwa Mfumu, Secretary; V. R. Dionzon, Nsaka Adventist Book Center. Regional Manager, Arthur Ntumba.
Kabeya, F. Tshika Kanda Kanda, B. L. Kanku, M. T.
Global Mission, D. K. Muembia.
Kanumbi, Kalala Lubombo, J. Tshialu Lushiku, Kindemi
Luvusu, B. Manani Mabatanga, Luendu Malu Malu, Voice of Prophecy, Auguste de Clerc M. Ngalamulume.
Kasanji Mfunyi, Kabongo Muembia, Mulumba Munyoka, Legal Associations:
Lunganga Muzola, K. Mwepu, D. Bamu Kabasu Pandi, L. Mission Evangelique des Adventistes du Septieme Jour.
Bidimba A. Shamba, Mbwebwe Tshimanga. West Congo Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists.

Ministerial Credential: Womens Ministries, Ngalula.

Ambroise Fumakwa Mfumu, J Tshialu Lushiku, B Manani Youth Ministries, Mvita Wa Mvita.
Mabatanga, Auguste de Clerc M Ngalamulume, Bamu Agency:
Kabasu Pandi, Mbwebwe Tshimanga. ADRA, Mushidi Kamiyenda.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Ministries and Services:
Kabongo Muembia. Global Mission, and Voice of Prophecy, Luendu Malu
Missionary Credential: Malu.
Claudine Cilanda Ciamala, Bambembe Fumakwa, Ninfa C Satellite Evangelism, Andre Kasenda.
Gonzaga, F Tshika Kanda Kanda, Wahe Mukole, Boni Ministerial Credential:
Claude Mwepu Lumbala, Marie-Jeanne Ndundu Ntelo, B L T Kalala, Luendu Malu Malu, Mvita Wa Mvita, Mbuyi
Arthur Ntumba. Tshiendela, Lufu Tshiyoyo.
Healthcare Organized 1989
Clinics and Dispensaries: Territory: Equator Province.
Bakwa-Tombe Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga; Statistics: Churches, 4; membership, 2,543; population,
Democratic Republic of the Congo. 5,394,152.
Diboko Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga;
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Telephone: 243-987-30-513.
Gabinda Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga; Address:
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Street: Munji No. 49; Mbandaka; Democratic Republic of
Kamay Medical Center. D/S Kabongo; Katanga; the Congo.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mailing: Boite Postale 54; Mbandaka; Democratic
Katalayi Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga; Republic of the Congo.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Administration:
Kavimba Medical Center. D/S Kamina; Katanga; President, Kindemi Luvusu.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Secretary-Treasurer, Baniyungu Mbavu.
Kinshasa Adventist Dental Clinic. Boite Postale 8802; Executive Committee:
Kinshasa I; Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kindemi Luvusu, Chair; Baniyungu Mbavu, Secretary, J.
Kitenge Medical Center. D/S Kamina; Katanga; Basua, Camille Dianga, Jules Eale, Jean Kamunga, Brigitte
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ifengo, Kazembe Kondila, Alexis Kpalado, K. Zeyidio.
Lulengele Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga;
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Departments:
Muzamba Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga; Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jean Kamunga.
Ndumba Kakese Dispensary. Boite Postale 1359; Kananga; Childrens Ministries, Josephine Basua.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Education, Jules Eale.
Nkwanza Dispensary. Boite Postale 7983; Kinshasa II; Ministerial Association, Kindemi Luvusu; Evangelism,
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Joseph Kazembe; Shepherdess International, Zeyidio
Other Entities Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Stewardship,
Alexis Kpalado.
Literature Ministry Seminary:
Kinshasa Literature Ministry Seminary. 2212 Blvd. 30 Juin; Womens Ministries, Brigitte Ifengo.
Kinshasa I; Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mailing: Youth Ministries, Celestin Kondila.
Boite Postale 7255; Kinshasa I; Democratic Republic of Agency:
the Congo. Director, K. Muembia. ADRA, Jean Kamunga.
Ministries and Services:
CENTRAL KASAI FIELD Global Mission, Joseph Kazembe.
Organized 1981; reorganized 1993 Ministerial Credential:
Jean Paul Eoka, D V Kakabudia, Kindemi Luvusu, Ngoy M
Territory: Central Kasai Province. Tshilenge.
Statistics: Churches, 257; membership, 130,550; population, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Jean D Mapunzu.
Telephone: 243-81-604-1991. Missionary Credential:
E-mail: Jean Baniyungu.
Street: 2 Av Des Produits; Tshinsambi; Kananga, Kasai Organized 1993
Occidental; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Mailing: Boite Postale 1359; Kananga, Kasai Occidental; Territory: East Kasai Province.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Statistics: Churches, 57; membership, 20,277; population,
Administration: 4,472,412.
President, Luendu Malu Malu. Telephone: 243-81-606-1562; 243-61-606-6983.
Secretary, Kudikolesa Ngumbwe.
Treasurer, Mutodi Mulonga. Address:
Street: Lusambo No. 5; Mbuji-Mayi, Kasai-Oriental;
Executive Committee:
Luendu Malu Malu, Chair; Kudikolesa Ngumbwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Secretary; Mutodi Mulonga, Mvita Wa Mvita, D. Mailing: Boite Postale 397; Mbuji-Mayi, Kasai-Oriental;
Tshiangandu, Mbuyi Tshiendela. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Departments: Administration:
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Malumalu M. Luendu. President, Kasanji Mfunyi.
Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Secretary, Nkuna Kabamba.
Andre Kasenda. Treasurer, Kutshe Eseselo.
Education, K. Kambila. Executive Committee:
Health Ministries, Mushidi Kamiyenda. Mfunyi Kasanji, Chair; Nkuna Kabamba, Secretary;
Ministerial Association, Luendu Malu Malu. Ntumba Bialufu, Kutshe Eseselo, Tshiamala Kaja,
Publishing Ministries, Badikabendi Tshimanga. Nkongolo Kawe Kantanda, K. Malangu, K. Masengu,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Bamanayi Kalala. Bapende Nansha Nkale, Kabwe Mayi Nkongolo, Malaba
Trust Services, M. Kamba. E. Nsungula, Ilunga Nzeba Tshibumba.

Departments: Executive Committee:

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Public Affairs and Mulumba Munyoka, Chair; Munkuenga Georges,
Religious Liberty, and Publishing Ministries, Kabwe Secretary; K. B. Kayimbe, Bazeyi Kiabala, K. Luvuezo, D.
Mayi Nkongolo. Mabatanga, M. Maleshale, Mambembe Mambwiy, M.
Childrens Ministries, and Education, Masengu Kabuika. Matuba, Mbaya Mbaya, Lydie Mbengi, Mpinganyayi, J.
Family Ministries, Kabeya Ngandu. Mugiraneza, S. Mukinayi, Kabeya Nsabanga, J. Osias.
Ministerial Association, Kasanji Mfunyi; Shepherdess Departments:
International, Ntumba Mfunyi. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Family Ministries,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Stewardship, Kayembe Kashiya Biombe.
Ntumba Bialufu. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Lydie
Womens Ministries, Tshiamala Kaja. Mbengi.
Youth Ministries, Ilunga Nzeba Tshibumba. Communication, and Youth Ministries, Mbaya Mbaya.
Agency: Health Ministries, J. Mugiraneza.
ADRA, Kabwe Mayi Nkongolo. Ministerial Association, Mulumba Munyoka; Evangelism,
Ministerial Credential: Mbaya Mbaya.
Nansha Nkale Bampende, Ntumba Bialufu, Katunga Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Joel Osias.
Kasonga, Besambi Kimbulu, Louvundja Loola, Kasanji Publishing Ministries, Mpinganyayi.
Mfunyi, Diyeba Miteu, Djasa Mpemba, Djasa Mpembe, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Bazeyi Kiabala.
Ololo Mulunda, Sendeka Mutombo, Kasanji Nfunyi, K K Stewardship, Kabeya Nsabanga.
Nkongolo, Katekele Tshibumba, Odia Tshikomba, Ministries and Services:
Kanumbi Tshimanga. Global Mission, Kinkela Landu.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Spirit of Prophecy, Ngandu Kamunga, S. Mukinayi.
Kashiyi Biombe Kayembe, Mbayabo Kenga, Kabwe Mayi Trust Services, J. Osias.
Nkongolo. Voice of Prophecy, Bazeyi Kiabala.
Missionary Credential: Ministerial Credential:
L Kindimbu, Ngoy Malenga, Baseka Mujangi. Nsaka Kabeya, Ngandu Kamunga, Tshimanga Kanumbi,
Ponde Lunganga, K Luvuezo, Tshaba Mbuyi, Mulumba
LOWER CONGO FIELD Munyoka, Mayelanu Ndongala, Mata Nzombi, San Me
Organized 1997 Tatipanga.
Commissioned Minister Credential:
Territory: Lower Congo Province. M S Dukuna, Bazeyi Kiabala, Mbaya Mbaya.
Statistics: Churches, 2; membership, 1,315; population, Missionary Credential:
6,972,229. Kinkela Landu, C Mukwenga.
Telecommunications: WEST KASAI FIELD
Telephone: 243-98-526-352. Organized 1981; reorganized 1993
Address: Territory: Kasai District and Kazumba Territory (Tshitadi and
Street: Shaba, No. 34; Matadi; Democratic Republic of the Kafuba collectivities - Sectors).
Congo. Statistics: Churches, 168; membership, 128,172; population,
Mailing: P.O. Box 423, Matadi; Democratic Republic of 4,142,451.
the Congo. Telephone: 243-81-659-1549.
Administration: Address: c/o Boite Postale 1359; Kananga, Kasai Occidental;
President, Lunganga Muzola. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Secretary-Treasurer, Amosi Ken Mafinga.
Executive Committee: President, Kalala Lubombo.
Lunganga Muzola, Chair; Amosi Ken Mafinga, Secretary; Secretary, D. V. Kakabudia.
Mete Banzomina, Paul Digata, Kusenviko Elysee, Nzombi Treasurer, Ngoy Malenga.
Gabriel, Kitenge Kabuka, Georges Kitenge, Kababa
Executive Committee:
Marcel, Jean Masala, Ndongala Mayelanu, Nsasa Omer.
Kalala Lubombo, Chair; D. V. Kakabudia, Secretary;
Departments: Kabongo Kabasu, Mukeke Lengulula, Ngoy Malenga,
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Family Ministries, and Mbuangu Mufufu, Ntumba Mulumba, Munanga Mundele,
Ministerial Association, Lunganga Muzola. Kayeye Ndjoku, Marie-Jeane Ngongo, Munyoka
Childrens Ministries, Kusenviko Elysee. Nkelende, Mutudile Nkuna, Lobo Tshimanga, Ntumba
Communication, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Tshisuabantu.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Kababa Marcel. Departments:
Education, Mete Banzomina. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Marie-
Publishing Ministries, Lubanzadio Diwantesa. Jeanne Ngongo.
Youth Ministries, Georges Kitenge. Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Women Ministries, Biamba Ntungu. Mbuangu Mufufu.
Ministerial Credential: Education, Muakuilayi Kabeya.
Lunganga Muzola. Family Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Ntumba
WEST CONGO FIELD Health Ministries, Lobo Tshimanga.
Organized 1956; reorganized 1962 Ministerial Association, Ntumba Tshisuabantu.
Publishing Ministries, Kabongo Kabasu.
Territory: Provinces of Bandundu, and Kinshasa. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Mutudila Nkuna
Statistics: Churches, 25; membership, 14,321; population, Nkongolo.
11,878,660. Stewardship, Munanga Mundele.
Telephone: 243-81-516-1784; 243-81-516-1765. Ministries and Services:
Address: Voice of Prophecy, Ntumba Tshisuabantu.
Street: 29 Matondo, IPN, Commune Selembao; Kinshasa; Ministerial Credential:
Democratic Republic of the Congo. B Ashamba, Bonkutu Bakutu, Mutungilai Buakalua, Basa
Mailing: Boite Postale 4004; Kinshasa II; Democratic Djonga, Buse Kabundi, Mukamina Kadwa, Mpolesha
Republic of the Congo. Kalala, Masapi Kalunga, Bopey Kandanda, Ntumba
Administration: Kanyunyu, Lungenyi Kasonga, T Katshiona, Ndjoko
President, Mulumba Munyoka. Kayeye, Kalala Lubombo, Kasuika Lukadi, Luyamby Bitoy
Secretary, Munkuenga Georges. Makind, Masala Mbombo, Kayembe Mpandanjila, Kalala
Treasurer, Mambembe Mambwiy. Muamba, Muamba Mudiayi, Lengulula Mukeke, Munanga

Mundele, Tshitenge Mutela, K Muwala, Ntumba Mupoyi, M Mutodi, N K Ngalamulume, C Nkuku, K

Ngalamulume, M Ngandu, Katalayi Ntambwe, Tshiona Tshienda.
Ntumba, L Bidimba A Shamba, Bokele Tsasi, M Tshilenge,
Ntumba Tshisuabantu, Mwamba Tshitadi, Mulumba Missionary Credential:
Tshitala, Tshimpanga Tuebeji. Ngolomianji Bopey, M M Kasende, E Kudikolesa, G Kutshe
Commissioned Minister Credential:
K Bamanayi, M Debilayi, Mutapikai Ilunga, Ntumba Eseselo, Kakabudia Mukengeshay, C M Nani, Mbiye
Ilunga, K Kapajika, C Kazumba Kapata, N Mbayi Wa, K Ngalula.

Executive Committee:
Solomon Wolde-Endreas, Chair; Petros Alazar, Secretary;
Established 1907
Nezehty Abay, Minase Abraham, Teckie Gebreamlak,
Territory: The state of Eritrea. Berhe Goitom, Zecharias Meressa, Kessete Yohannes,
Statistics: Churches, 3; membership, 516; population, Samuel Zekarias.
4,851,000. Ministerial Credential:
Telecommunications: Solomon Wolde-Endreas.
Telephone: 291 (1) 123-870, 124-742, 114-745, 114-742. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Fax: 291 (1) 122-146. Akberet Abrhaley, Hagos Almaz, Simon Betiel,
E-mail: Habtemicael Elias, Weldemicael Hiwet, Eden Temesgen,
Address: Halefom Tesfalem, Tirhas Tesfay, Birhane Woldegabir,
Street: 171-10 House No. 14; Asmara, Eritrea. Semere Yodit, Estifanos Zemenfes.
Mailing: P.O. Box 210; Asmara; Eritrea. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Administration: Zekarias Meressa, Samuel Zekarias.
President, Solomon Wolde-Endreas. Missionary Credential:
Secretary-Treasurer, Petros Alazar. Petros Alazar, Abeba Mehary.

NOTE: The following units are in various stages of transition and, for the time being, are classified as units attached to the

Organized 1931; reorganized 1960, 1964, 1984

Territory: Burundi; comprising the East Burundi, North Family Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal
Burundi, and West Burundi Fields. Ministries, Benjamin Bidandaza.
Statistics: Churches, 213; membership, 100,464; population, Health Ministries, Evariste Sindayigaya.
8,508,000. Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
Telecommunications: Liberty, Jethron Nsabiyaremye.
Telephone: 257-22-31-30. Publishing Ministries, Samuel Ngendahimana.
Fax: 257-22-31-55. Trust Services, Marc Niyikiza.
E-mail: Agency:
Cable: Adventiste, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa. ADRA/Burundi. Telephone: 257-21-21-46. Fax: 257-21-
Address: 46-22.
Street: Chaussee Prince Louis Rwagasore, No. 126; Kiriri, Ministries and Services:
Bujumbura; Burundi. Global Mission, Samuel Ndikumana.
Mailing: Boite Postale 1710; Bujumbura; Burundi. Legal, Pascal Nakumuryango.
Administration: Radio-Production, Samuel Ndikumana.
President, Jethron Nsabiyaremye. Spirit of Prophecy, Jethron Nsabiyaremye.
Secretary, Pascal Nakumuryango. Voice of Prophecy, Benjamin Bidandaza.
Treasurer, Dan Harelimana. Ministerial Credential:
Executive Committee: Simeon Bakame, Uzziel Habingabwa, Samuel
Jethron Nsabiyaremye, Chair; Pascal Nakumuryango, Hategekimana, Hezekia Nahokamye, Samuel
Secretary; Uzziel Baranyizigiye, Patrice Baranzika, Lamec Ngendahimana, Jethron Nsabiyaremye, Japhet Yongo.
Barishinga, Ezechiel Bukuru, Claudine Habonimana, Dan Missionary Credential:
Harelimana, Jean Claude Manishimwe, Samuel Knundumzpe Albert Bangaye, Lamec Barakamfiye, Lamec
Ndikumana, Eliazar Ngiriyumunyurwa, Edouard Barishinga, Daniel Bavugubusa, Anastasie Bigirindavyi,
Nijimbere, Faustine Niyongabire, Evariste Nsabimana, Jacqueline Bivakumana, Max Church, Jerome Cishahayo,
Martin Nsengiyumva, Elam Senkomo, Evariste Pierre Girukwishaka, Jean Habumuremyi, Eustache
Sindayigaya, Theodore Twemera. Hakizimana, Dan Harelimana, Amon Harushimana,
Departments: Jeanine Igirubuntu, Aline Manariyo, Jean Claude
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth Manirakiza, Samuel Mpitabakana, Claudine Mugisha,
Ministries, Lamec Barishinga. Pascal Nakumuryango, Elie Ndabaniwe, Michel
Childrens Ministries, Publishing Ministries, and Womens Ndagijimana, Marguerite Ndayzeye, Candide Ndikumana,
Ministries, Faustine Niyongabire. Wilson Nimubona, Josue Niragira, Marc Niyikiza, Festus
Communication, and Stewardship, Samuel Ndikumana. Niyobuhungiro, J Claude Niyobuhungiro, Marie Claudine

Niyonizeye, David Nsengiyumva, Janvier Ntakirutimana, Nimpagaritse, Desire Nkwirikiye, Liberate Ntakirutimana,
Jean Bosco Ntakirutimana, Joseph Ntakirutimana, Samuel Jerome Nziguheba, Samuel Senkomo.
Nteziryayo, Lambert Ntiguma, Joel Ntirihera, Sophonie
Nzikobanyanka, Therence Rwasa, Elam Senkomo, Elie NORTH BURUNDI FIELD
Sibomana, Esther Sifa, Joseph Siyonibo. Organized 2002
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Territory: Karusi, Kayanza, Kirundo, Muyinga, and Ngozi
Education Statistics: Churches, 56; membership, 21,758; population,
Lycee Delhove de Buganda. Boite Postale 6; Cibitoke; 3,173,484.
Burundi. Telecommunications:
Lycee Maranatha de Kivoga. Boite Postale 1800; Telephone: 257-93-48-10 and 257-95-66-98 (cell
Bujumbura; Burundi. phones); 257-30-25-77; 257-30-25-78.
Cable: Adventist Ngozi, Burundi.
Clinics and Dispensaries: Street: RN No. 6, Quartier Kanyami; Ngozi; Burundi.
ADRA Health Center (ASSABU, Association des Services Mailing: Boite Postale 124; Ngozi; Burundi.
de Sante Adventistes au Burundi). Boite Postale 1710; Administration:
Bujumbura; Burundi. President, Eliazar Ngiriyumunyurwa.
Buganda Dispensary. Boite Postale 1710; Bujumbura; Secretary-Treasurer, Marc Niyikiza.
Burundi. Executive Committee:
Marembo Health Center. Boite Postale 1710; Bujumbura; Eliazar Ngiriyumunyurwa, Chair; Marc Niyikiza,
Burundi. Secretary; Helmenegild Bahati, Anastasie Barimba,
Ndora Dispensary. Boite Postale 1710; Bujumbura; Pascasie Bucumi, Leonie Kankindi, Isaac Nayubusa,
Nyanza-Lac Health Center. Boite Postale 1710; Joseph Ndikubwayo, Come Niyibigira, Johas
Bujumbura; Burundi. Nkundwanabake, Viateur Ntirushwa, Joseph Nyabajana,
Nyarunazi Health Center. Boite Postale 1710; Bujumbura; Louise Nzeyimana, Dedan Sakubu, Eugenie
Burundi. Sinzobakwira.
Rutsindu Health Center. Boite Postale 1710; Bujumbura; Departments:
Burundi. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, Stewardship,
and Youth Ministries, Joseph Ndikubwayo.
EAST BURUNDI FIELD Childrens Ministries, Louise Nzeyimana.
Organized 2002 Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Joseph
Territory: Cankuzo, Gitega, Makamba, Mwaro, Rutana, and Family Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal
Ruyigi provinces. Ministries, Dedan Sakubu.
Statistics: Churches, 37; membership, 10,573; population, Health Ministries, Anastasie Barimba.
2,543,892. Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
Telecommunications: Liberty, Eliazar Ngiriyumunyurwa.
Telephone: 257-40-30-08. Womens Ministries, Eugenie Sinzobakwira.
Cable: Adventist Gitega, Burundi, Africa. Ministries and Services:
Address: Evangelism, Jerome Bukuru.
Street: RN No. 2, Quartier Magarama; Gitega; Burundi. Legal Services, Eliab Havyarimana.
Mailing: Boite Postale 119; Gitega; Burundi. Voice of Prophecy, Joseph Ntabajana.
Administration: Ministerial Credential:
President, Patrice Baranzika. Zacharie Barankeba, Ezechiel Baryana, Eliazar
Secretary-Treasurer, Eliab Havyarimana. Ngiriyumunyurwa, Augustin Ntagwirumugara, Naason
Executive Committee: Nyabenda, Dedan Sakubu.
Patrice Baranzika, Chair; Eliab Havyarimana, Secretary; Missionary Credential:
Simon Bicuro, Dieudonne Cishaka, Venant Kanse, Evador Jerome Bukuru, Judith Namakuyano, Isaac Nayubusa,
Manyonyo, Phanuel Matata, Ismaael Mbazumutima, Joseph Ndikubwayo, Joseph Ntabajana.
Samson Ndabadugitse, Elie Ndabaniwe, Isaie
Ndabitanzentryo, Simon Ndayizeye, Liberate WEST BURUNDI FIELD
Ndikumwami, Epimaque Noyonizigiye, Juvenal Organized 2002
Ntakirutimana, Antoinette Ntihanabayo,
Departments: Territory: Bujumbura City, Bujumbura Rural, Bubanza,
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Communication, Bururi, Cibitoke, and Muramvya Provinces..
Education, and Youth Ministries, Epimaque Statistics: Churches, 120; membership, 68,133; population,
Noyonizigiye. 2,790,624.
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Antoinette
Family Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal Telephone: 257-97-40-26 (cellular).
Ministries, Dieudonne Cishaka. Cable: Adventist Cibitoke, Burundi.
Health Ministries, Publishing Ministries, and Stewardship, Address:
Phanuel Matata. Street: RN No. 5, 2eme Avenue Buganda; Cibitoke;
Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious Burundi.
Liberty, Patrice Baranzika. Mailing: Boite Postal 6; Cibitoke; Burundi.
Ministries and Services: Administration:
Legal Services, Eliab Havyarimana. President, Uzziel Baranyizigiye.
Global Mission, Dieudonne Cishaka. Secretary, Martin Nsengiyumva.
Spirit of Prophecy, and Voice of Prophecy, Phanuel Matata. Treasurer, David Barute.
Ministerial Credential: Executive Committee:
Patrice Baranzika, Samuel Gahinga, Eliab Havyarimana, Uzziel Baranyizigiye, Chair; Martin Nsengiyumva,
Phanuel Matata, Ismael Mbazumutima, Andre Secretary; Usias Barake, David Barute, Jerome Bukuru,
Ndereyimana. Paul Irakoze, Andre Koku, Jonathan Marerero, Beatrice
Missionary Credential: Mpozenzi, Andre Ndereyimana, Jesue Niragira, David
Dieudonne Cishaka, Emery Igiraneza, Carine Mafeferi, Nsengiyumva, Adelphine Nsubije, Josephine Ntabaza, Elie
Evador Manyonga, Sylvestre Nduwamahoro, Bonaventure Nyandwi, Jerome Nziguheba.

Departments: Spirit of Prophecy, Andre Ndereyimana.

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Education, and Youth Trust Services, David Barute.
Ministries, Elie Nyandwi. Voice of Prophecy, Abel Ntanyungu.
Childrens Ministries, Communication, Family Ministries, Ministerial Credential:
and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Abel Elias Bampige, Uzziel Baranyizigiye, David Barute, Laban
Birikunzira, Enias Gashiboza, Aaron Mutagayana, Ephraim
Family Ministries, Publishing Ministries, and Stewardship,
Elias Bampige. Ndabikweru, Ezechiel Ndategetse, Deo Ngiririntore,
Ministerial Association and Public Affairs and Religious Elimelec Nsabiwenamagara, Abel Ntanyungu, Uzia
Liberty, Uzziel Baranyizigiye. Nzigirabaca, Elias Sindihokubwabo.
Womens Ministries, Josephine Ntabaza. Missionary Credential:
Ministries and Services: Seth Bukuru, Phanuel Irambona, Assiel Ncutikuneza,
Evangelism, Global Mission, and Legal, Martin Benjamin Ndabategereza, Jean Nigaba, Martin
Nsengiyumva. Nsengiyumva, Remy Nsengiyumva.


Organized 2003

Territory: The northeastern portion of the Democratic INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Republic of the Congo; comprising the Central Kivu and
North Kivu Associations, and the South Kivu and Upper Education
Congo Fields. Lukanga Adventist Institute (Institut Adventiste de
Statistics: Churches, 843; membership, 144,655; population, Lukanga). Boite Postale 180; Butembo, Nord-Kivu;
17,951,477. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Telecommunications: Rwamiko Institute (Institut de Rwamiko). Boite Postale
Telephone: 243-85-81-931; 243-86-53-631. 246; Goma, Kivu; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
E-mail:; Healthcare
Street: Quartier Himbi, Avenue Alindi No. 253; Goma; Clinics and Dispensaries:
Beni Dispensary. Boite Postale 45; Butembo, Kivu;
Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Mailing: P.O. Box 116; Goma; Democratic Republic of the Buramba Dispensary. Boite Postale 109; Goma, Kivu;
Congo or P.O. Box 195; Gisenyi; Democratic Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo.
of the Congo. Bushonga Dispensary. P.O. Box 2511; Bukavu, Kivu;
Administration: Democratic Republic of the Congo.
President, Musasya Makulambizia. Kanyabayongo Dispensary. Boite Postale 45; Butembo,
Secretary, M. S. Mugarukira. Nord-Kivu; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Treasurer, Adoniah Manyama. Kanyatsi Dispensary. Boite Postale 109; Goma, Kivu;
Executive Committee: Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Musasya Makulambizia, Chair; M. S. Mugarukira, Kaslala/Lubero Health Center. Boite Postale 109; Goma,
Secretary; Mutabazi Bangamwabo, Vyambwera Isse- Kivu; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Muvunga, Masika Katsyoto, Mutuza Kyaga, Adoniah Kayna Dispensary. Boite Postale 45; Butembo, Nord-Kivu;
Manyama, Nzyabake S. Murungi. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Kirundu Dispensary. Boite Postale 1051; Kisangani;
Departments: Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries, and Lukanga Dispensary. Boite Postale 180; Butembo, Nord-
Education, Vyambwera Isse-Muvunga. Kivu; Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Communication, and Publishing Ministries, Mutuza Nebasa Dispensary. Boite Postale 1051; Kisangani;
Kyaga. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Health Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Masika Rwese Dispensary. Boite Postale 45; Butembo, Nord-Kivu;
Katsyoto. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Ministerial Association, M. S. Mugarukira; Shepherdess Shanje Dispensary. Boite Postale 2511; Bukavu, Kivu;
International, Annie Makulambizia. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Stewardship, and
Youth Ministries, Nzyabake S. Murungi. Other Entities
Trust Services, Mutabazi Bangamwabo. Literature Ministry Seminary:
Ministries and Services: Goma Literature Ministry Seminary. Boite Postal 797;
Adventist Volunteer Service, Vyambwere Isse-Muvunga. Goma, Kivu; Democratic Republic of the Congo. Office
Global Mission and Sow One Billion, Mutuza Kyaga. Address: 6225 Avenue du Lac; Goma; Democratic
Spirit of Prophecy, Mutabazi Bangamwabo. Republic of the Congo.
Legal Services, Mutuza Kyaga.
Legal Association: Organized 1955; reorganized 1960
Eglise Evangelique des Adventistes due Septieme Jour.
East Congo Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. Territory: Goma, Masisi, Rutshuru, moitie de Walikale.
Ministerial Credential: Statistics: Churches, 340; membership, 60,229; population,
Musasya Makulambizia, M S Mugarukira, Nzyabake S 1,712,571.
Murungi. Telecommunications:
Honorary/Emeritus: Mafuku Hamisi, Muhemi Kangisti, Telephone: 243-08-0842-3573.
Luhemba Kasai, Milambo Makisia, Mumbere Mbanoya, E-mail:
Sihingirwa Mbugha, Tegera Mugabushaka, B Mutabazi, Address: P.O. Box 109; Goma; Democratic Republic of the
Kabaya Ndeze, Kambale Wangalima. Congo.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Administration:
Honorary/Emeritus: Basikonge Hamisi. President, Mvukiyehe Munyakaragwe.
Missionary Credential: Secretary, Gasore Bazungu.
Mutuza Kyaga, Adoniah Manyama. Treasurer, Kasereka Syakola.

Executive Committee: Ministerial Credential:

Mvukiyehe Munyakaragwe, Chair; Gasore Bazungu, Musatsu Bakulu, K Bulighe, M Kagheni, Sibyaleghana
Secretary; Rukarata Bidahunga, Muhawenimana Kahindo, Kiyonga Kakule, Basindi Kambere, Kisunzu
Bigirimana, Sebuharara Kanyarushoke, Ngendahimana Kasereka, Kombi Kasereka, Mowabingi Kasereka,
Mapendano, Mushali Mugoyi, Mukashema Mushali, Mwirawabangi Katsongo, Baluku Kisunzu, K Lwatumba,
Ndabagerageje Ndahiriwe, Kanzuranyo Ngirarubanda, Kahindo Mbwete, Dheba Ngona, Musumba Ngowira,
Singuranayo Ntegerejimana, Bashwira Rubavu, Kasereka Mbakwirabyo Sibihwa, Mwandu Sibihwa, Muvatsi Tsongo,
Syakola. D Udaga.
Departments: Missionary Credential:
Childrens Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal Kisomo Mbakulirahi, Muhesi Mbamba, M Mweyo, Jatho
Ministries, Mushali Mugoyi. Umia, Nzanzu Yalala.
Education, Rukarata Bidahunga.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Mvukiyehe
Organized 1988
Trust Services, Singuranayo Ntegerejimana. Territory: South Kivu Province.
Womens Ministries, Mukashema Mushalui.
Statistics: Churches, 149; membership, 20,867; population,
Ministries and Services: 3,983,433.
Auditing, Community Development, and Legal Services,
Singuranayo Ntegerejimana. Address: P.O. Box 2511; Bukavu, South Kivu; Democratic
Republic of the Congo.
Global Mission and Spirit of Prophecy, Bashwira Rubavu.
Ministerial Credential: President, Nyambwire Kazase.
Mfitumukiza Barasebya, Nzamuye Baziruwiha, Gasore Secretary-Treasurer, Muhemi Katembo.
Bazungu, Ngirarubanda Kanzuranyo, Ndungutse Karekezi,
Zikama Mugabukuze, Mushali Mugoyi, Mvukiyehe Executive Committee:
Munyakaragwe, Ndahiriwe Ndabagerageje, Ruharaza Nyambwire Kazase, Chair; Muhemi Katembo, Secretary;
Nerejimana, Mapendano Ngendahimana, Nshinganyi Rivuz Umami Kanagarho, Alembelembe Katoto,
Nzamuye, Nsengiyumva Ruzagiriza, Kanyarushoke Nsekanabanga Kazase, M. Mukina, Lubango Nsenga,
Kalimwabene Sezibera.
Sebuharara, Mugabo Singayinka.
Missionary Credential: Childrens Ministries, and Education, Marc Twagirayesu.
Bibutsa Amini, Kagara Bangamwabo, Kiwera Barigora, Communication, Publishing Ministries, and Trust Services,
Bahire Basebya, Ndayambaje Bavugirije, Sentama Ngolikwenda Swedi.
Bifungo, Baraza Bitereye, Mhirwa Btibiringirwa, Nsakiye Family Ministries, and Health Ministries, Bimpa Muyololo
Gasigwa, Munubi Habineza, Ngayaboshya Habiyambere, Mwami.
Kashingane Kabiona, Kagongo Kampayana, Mbusa Ministerial Association, Nyambwire Kazase; Shepherdess
Katungu, Safi Masereli, Rudatinya Mhiranya, International, T. Katoto.
Bangamwabo Molima, Bigirimana Muhawe, Mbizi Womens Ministries, Idumbo Nyalumangu Godelive.
Niyonsenga, Twahirwa Nsengihumva, Nyobera Ntaganda,
Biziyaremye Ntamugabumwe, Bisengimana Ntamuhanga, ADRA, Bimpa Muyololo Mwami.
Singuranayo Ntegerejimana, Nkezabo Ntezayabagabo,
Rwarahoze Ntibanoga, Ndihe Ntirushize, Nkezabo Ministries and Services:
Nzabandora, Bashwira Rubavu, Mugoyi Sebatware, Auditing, Ngolikwenda Swedi.
Bansoba Sinzabakwira, Sibomana Subwanone, Kasereka Legal Services, Nyambwire Kazase.
Syakola, Mizerero Uwahawumugisha, Ntaho Uwemeye. Ministerial Credential:
Sindano Bakano, Mungwase Bashonga, Safari Bisika,
NORTH KIVU ASSOCIATION Bihanda Bushubweka, Bitegeka Kamali, Kabano
Organized 1956 Karutubusa, Muhemi Katembo, Alembelembe Katoto,
Nsekanabanga Kazase, Nyambwire Kazase, M Mafundu,
Territory: Beni and Lubero Territories in North Kivu Province, Mafundi Mahorero, Ntiriserukwa Mboneza, Rukoroka
and Kibali-Ituri District in Upper Congo Province. Mpozembizi, Rutigunga Mpunikira, Muhara Muhigirwa,
Statistics: Churches, 266; membership, 50,598; population, Muzalia Mukina, Bashonga Mungwase, Bariyanga
2,470,123. Muyoboke, Munkina Muzalia, Bibutsa Ndahoze, Minega
E-mail: Ndamyumugabe, Sinigenga Ndangamyambi, Lubango
Nsenga, Karenzi Ntahobari, Kanagarho Rivuzumwami,
Address: P.O. Box 45; Butembo, Nord-Kivu; Democratic Nkingi Ruvuduka, Kagimba Safu, Bekano Sindano,
Republic of the Congo. Wiyajik Uyergiu.
Administration: Missionary Credential:
President, Baluku Kisunzu. Chamulenda Ciza, Nyalumango Idumbo, Byazimbwa
Secretary, Kahindo Mbwete. Kyende, Ikungilo Lusamaki, Karoronge Mateso, Ngwasi
Treasurer, Nzanzu Yalala. Mateso, Kamundu Meshe, Mahugo Mudinga, M
Executive Committee: Mukanirwa, Chaka Mutimanwa, Nshimba Mwana Banza,
Baluku Kisunzu, Chair; Kahindo Mbwete, Secretary; K. Katamburu Mwendakese, Nsabiyera Ndamiye, B Banza
Kais, Kyambale Kamate, Muhemi Kangisti, K. Madeleine, Nshimba, Y Nyirakaderi, Chan Unen, Musaseca Yangya.
Muhesi Mbamba, K. Nzalita, Mutaliriri Tshongo, D.
Udaga, Nzanzu Yalala. UPPER CONGO FIELD
Departments: Organized 1974; reorganized 2003
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Communication, and
Education, Muhesi Mbamba. Territory: Oriental and North Maniema Provinces.
Childrens Ministries, Thasi. Statistics: Churches, 88; membership, 12,961; population,
Health Ministries, and Youth Ministries, D. Nzondero. 9,785,350.
Publishing Ministries, Baluku Kisunzu. E-mail:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, K. Nzalita. Address: P.O. Box 1051; Kisangani; Democratic Republic of
Stewardship, Mbakwiravyo Sibihwa. the Congo.
Womens Ministries, K. Musilongo. Administration:
Ministries and Services: President, Udongo Jauca.
Community Development, Baluku Kisunzu. Secretary-Treasurer, Katembo Muhemi.
Global Mission and Spirit of Prophecy, Mbakwiravyo Executive Committee:
Sibihwa. Udongo Jauca; Chair; Katembo Muhemi, Secretary;
Legal Services, D. Nzondero. Igwandey Busemea, M. Fungula, Ombeaka Kabikanye,

Igulu Kyalala, I. Magombe, S. Malunza, K. Mbugha, Ministerial Credential:

Angwe Some, A. Sumaili. Muluo Aluta, T Baluku, Musasa Baumbikina, Igwandey
Busemea, M Fungula, Magombe Igwakobo, Masili
Departments: Ihyhombo, Mbugha Kavusa, Milambo Keese, Kasereka
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Childrens Ministries, and Kikama, Kamwika Kumyaga, K Kungi, I Magombe,
Education, Angwe Some. Makulambizia Masasia, L Mofilita, S Serwili, Kasereka
Sikiminywa, S Songa, Baluku Takwa.
Communication, and Stewardship, Igulu Kyalala.
Missionary Credential:
Publishing Ministries, Ombeaka Kabikanye. O Adjue, S Aniga, Badeleko, Bamungakua, I Basabwa, M
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Youth Bumba, M Ekubi, Fungula, T Gbasabi, N Imamume, M
Ministries, Malunza Monga Simba. Isialabo, S Kasereka, K Katembo, Igulu Kyalala, M Masili,
Y Masumbu, N Matukano, K Musumbe, L Opapi, Aita
Ministries and Services: Osekola, M Paul, I Shindano, Angwe Some, B Tokandeko,
Accounting, and Voice of Prophecy, Ombeaka Kabikanye. K Umba, M Yombane.


Unions Churches Membership Population

Austrian 49 3,802 8,315,000
BE Bonn


Bulgarian 117 7,646 7,660,000

Czecho-Slovakian 183 9,712 15,701,000 LU UNION CONFERENCE
Paris XE
Franco-Belgian 138 13,548 72,835,000 OU
Italian 104 8,135 59,776,000 Bratislava
North German 357 20,565 48,161,773
Portuguese 96 9,103 Bern
10,667,000 North
Romanian 1,085 69,282 21,550,000 Atlantic SWITZERLAND CONFERENCE
South German 217 15,320 34,092,227 Ocean
Spanish 99 13,468 45,442,000
UNION OF Bucharest
Swiss 49 4,350 7,567,000 UNION ITALY BULGARIAN UNION
Trans-Mediterranean Ter. 7 226 259,745,000 CONFERNCE CHURCHES
Totals June 30, 2007 2,501 175,157 591,512,000 MONACO BULGARIA

Madrid Rome

(Portuguese Union) SPANISH UNION




Sevilla BAL
Algiers Tunis



Mediterranean JO
Sea AN


M Tripoli
Organized 1928 as Central European and Southern European Divisions;
reorganized and renamed 1971; reorganized 1981, 1985, 1995, 2002

Territory: Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Austria, ADRA Foundation (ADRA-Stiftung fur

Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und humanitare
Gibraltar, Holy See, Iran, Italy, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Hilfe). Robert-Bosch-Strasse 4; 64331 Weiterstadt;
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Morocco, Germany. Telephone: 49 (6151) 81-150. Fax: 49
Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, (6151) 811-512. E-mail:
Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and Western Sahara; ADRA European Union Office (Bi-division liaison
comprising the Czecho-Slovakian, Franco-Belgian, office in cooperation with ADRA International serv-
North German, Romanian, South German, and Swiss ing the countries of the European Union). Rue Ernest
Union Conferences, the Austrian, Bulgarian, Italian, Allard 11; B-1000 Brussels; Belgium. Telephone: 32
Portuguese, and Spanish Union of Churches, and the (2) 514-7564. Fax: 32 (2) 512-5276. Director, Mario
Trans-Mediterranean Territories. Oliveira.
Statistics: Churches, 2,501; membership, 175,157; pop- Ministries and Services:
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Gabriel E. Maurer;
ulation, 591,512,000. Assistant, Heike Moor.
Telecommunications: Auditing: See listing under General Conference
Telephone: 41 (31) 359-1515. Services.
Fax: 41 (31) 359-1566. International Health Food Association, Peter R. Kunze.
E-mail: Leadership, Ulrich Frikart, Gabriel E. Maurer, Peter R.
Website: Kunze.
Address: Schosshaldenstrasse 17; 3006 Berne; Spirit of Prophecy, Gabriel E. Maurer; Associate, Jean-
Switzerland. Luc Rolland.
Administration: Legal Associations, Germany:
President, Ulrich W. Frikart. Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in
Secretary, Gabriel E. Maurer. Deutschland, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen
Treasurer, Peter R. Kunze; Associates, Daniello Barelli, Rechts (a corporation under public law).
Markus Czettl. Heidelberger Landstrasse 24; 64297 Darmstadt;
Assistant to the President, Cristian Modan. Germany.
Hamburger Verein der S.T.A., R.V., Hamburg
Executive Committee: (Hamburg Adventist Association). Grindelberg 13;
Ulrich W. Frikart, Chair; Gabriel E. Maurer, Secretary; 20144 Hamburg; Germany.
Roberto Badenas, Daniello Barelli, Daniele Benini,
Legal Association, Switzerland:
Laurent Bertrand, Eckhard Boettge, Mario Brito, Societe Philanthropique de La Ligniere. La Ligniere
Herbert Brugger, Corrado Cozzi, Elsa Cozzi, Markus 5; 1196 Gland; Switzerland. Berne Office:
Czettl, Eli Diez-Prida, Joerg Fehr, Viriato Ferreira, Rene Schosshaldenstrasse 17; 3006 Berne; Switzerland.
Garcia, Johann Gerhardt, Didier Gilson, Paulo Grilo Telephone: 41 (31) 359-1515.
Dias, Alberto F. Guaita, Teodor Hutanu, Peter R. Ministerial Credential:
Kunze, Richard Lehmann, Nikola Levterov, Guenther Roberto Badenas, Daniello Barelli, Andreas
Machel, Michael Makowski, Maeve Maurer, Cristian Bochmann, Mario Brito, Corrado Cozzi, Eli Diez-
Modan, Matthias Mueller, Gioele Murittu, Claude- Prida, Reiner Duersch, Gerd Eiteneier, Ulrich W
Alain Nacht, Ivan M. Nikolov, Karel Nowak, Ernst Pala, Frikart, Johann Gerhardt, Rainer Geschke, Johannes
Javier Palos, Denis P. Rosat, Edwin Scharfschwerdt, Hartlapp, Daniel Heinz, Stefan Hoeschele, Friedhelm
Carmen Schulz, Pavel Simek, Gunter Stange, Marius Klingeberg, Peter R Kunze, Erich Lischek, Edgar
Sturz, Eduardo Teixeira, Jacques Trujillo, Klaus-Juergen Machel, Gabriel E Maurer, Roland Meyer, Cristian
van Treeck, Bruno Vertallier, Christiane Vertallier, Modan, Matthias Mueller, Roland Nickel, Karel
Gerhard Wagner, Udo Worschech, Doris Zwahlen. Nowak, Bernhard Oestreich, Werner Renz, Jean-Luc
Departments: Rolland, Andre J Thaeder, Enrique Treiyer, Bruno
Childrens Ministries, Elsa Cozzi. Vertallier, Claude Villeneuve, Thomas Walter, Siegfried
Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Wittwer, Hartmut Wolf, Udo Worschech.
Liberty, Karel Nowak. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Education, and Family Ministries, Roberto Badenas. Laurent Bertrand, Eckhard Boettge, Elsa Cozzi, Doris
Health Ministries, Viriato Ferreira. Czettl, Markus Czettl, Margit Delfs, Lothar Erbenich,
Ministerial Association, Bruno Vertallier; Shepherdess Joerg Fehr, Gabriele Gerold, Siegbert Heck,
International, Maeve Maurer. Heidemarie Klingeberg, Marit Krejcek, Werner E
Publishing Ministries, Gabriel E. Maurer. Lange, Claudette Luthringer, Michael Makowski,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Stewardship, Susanne Mirea, Claude-Alain Nacht, Jan Peters, Peter
and Trust Services, Mario Brito. Pudersack, Horst Rolly, Edwin Scharfschwerdt,
Womens Ministries, Christiane Vertallier. Wolfgang Schoenherr, Wolfgang Stammler, Gunter-
Youth Ministries, Corrado Cozzi. Klaus Stange, Gabriele Stangl, Achim Ulrich,
Christiane Vertallier, Stefan Wilhelm, Karin Zywek.
Agencies: Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
ADRA/Euro-Africa. Schosshaldenstrasse 17; 3006 Walter Bromba, Manuela Casti, Pierre De Luca, Sevda
Berne; Switzerland. Telephone: 41 (31) 359-1549. Dogan, Margit Fuhrmann, Bernd Gaiser, Ursula
Fax: 44 (31) 359-1566. E-mail: info@adra. Hergert, Rainer Isecke, Reiner Junek, Marcel Ladislas, Website: Rudi Merckx, Petra Moormann-Bromba, Detlef
Director, Joerg Fehr. Mueller, Karen Nattrodt, Friedbert Ninow, Edelgard
ADRA/Germany (Adventistische Entwicklungs - und Ninow-Woysch, Christian Noack, Stefanie Noack-
Katastrophenhilfe e.V.). Robert-Bosch-Strasse 4; Buerger, Roland Paeske, Elfi Pallaschke, Rainer Patjens,
64331 Weiterstadt; Germany. Telephone: 49 (6151) Wernfried Rieckmann, Jary Saraswati, Jacques
81-150. Fax: 49 (6151) 811-512. E-mail: info@ Sauvagnat, Annette Schindler von Wallenstern, Website: Wolfgang Schwabe, Jutta Thiede-Gutknecht, Regine
Director, Erich Lischek. Ulrich, Karola Vierus, Burkhard Vogel, Walter Waniek,


Wilfried Warning, Hans-Georg Wehner, Kurt Weinreich, Lake Geneva Sanitarium (Clinique La Ligniere). La Ligniere
Manfred Woysch. 5; 1196 Gland; Switzerland.
Missionary Credential:
Gabriele Baur, Robert Bernard, Christiane Bonnet, Marie- Media
Ange Bouvier, Steffen Breitfeld, Ralf Brunotte, Gabrielle Media Centers:
Calderara, Myriam Chervaz, Regine Collin, Alberto Da Adventist Media Germany and International Institute for
Cruz, Wilfried Dahlke, Helmut Duersch, Corinne Egasse, Bible Studies (Stimme der Hoffnung und Internationales
Adaobi Ekwegba, Irmgard Erbenich, Maria Falgenhauer, Bibelstudien-Institut). Sandwiesenstrasse 35; 64665
Christine Feldmann, Rosa Fermin-Ccopa, Regine Alsbach-Haehnlein; Germany.
Fraunberger, Stefan Fraunberger, Christian Fresnay,
Matthias Gaffron, Monique Gallis, Lucien Gilliet, Maria Publishing
Goessler, Daniel Grin, Tatjana Guetler, Pierre Guy, Yvonne German Seventh-day Adventist Publishing House
Gvuzdova, Ellen Hawlitschek, Rosine Hinnen-Olivo, (Saatkorn-Verlag GmbH and Advent-Verlag
Georg Hofbauer, Brigitte Junek, Ursula Kaija, Christel Department). Luener Rennbahn 14; 21339 Lueneburg;
Kern, Gerald Kiehl, Waldtraut Kirchhuebel, Lothar Klepp, Germany.
Ralph Koehler, Jean-Jacques Lallemand, Francois Laurens, Life and Health Publishing House (France) (Editions Vie et
Anne-Marie Leduc, Ludivine Leduc, Joachim Lippert, Sante). B.P. 59; 77192 Dammarie-les-Lys Cedex; France.
Thomas Lobitz, Gabriella Martello, Muriel Menanteau-
Legueret, Iris-Deborah Mory Hernandez, Ekkehardt Other Entities
Nattrodt, Gerhard Ninow, Magda Ninow, Dietmar Archives and Institutes:
Paeschel, Oliver Perriard, Klaus Popa, Dominique Ellen G. White Research Center, Collonges. c/o Saleve
Prudhon, Barbara Reichl, Uwe Reichl, Sylvia Renz, Roland Adventist University; Boite Postale 74; 74165
Richter, Edith Roth, Therese Sanchez Duerrenmatt, Elisa Collonges-sous-Saleve Cedex; France. Director, Jean-
Sauvagnat, Manfred Scharnik, Wolfgang Schick, Annette Luc Rolland. E-mail:
Schiller, Ruediger Schroeter, Sascha Schuster, Raymond European Archives for Seventh-day Adventist History,
Schwald, Francine Schweitzer, Reinhard Siebeneicher, Collonges (Archives historiques de ladventisme en
Tanja Sobert, Ralph Spiegler, Aila Stammler, Karl Strassner, Europe). c/o Saleve Adventist University; Boite Postale
Beate Strobel, Stephanie Terenzi, Christiane Tuor, Lilli 74; 33 chemin du Perouzet; 74165 Collonges-sous-
Unrau, Joel Viller, Hanna Wagner, Ruth Walz, Christoph Saleve Cedex; France. Director, Guido Delameillieure.
Wendler, Gabriele Ziegler, Christian Zipper, Uwe Zoellner. E-mail:
European Archives for Seventh-day Adventist History,
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Friedensau (Historisches Archiv der Siebenten-Tags
Education Adventisten in Europa, Sitz Friedensau). c/o Friedensau
Adventist University; An der Ihle 16; 39291 Friedensau;
Friedensau Adventist University (Theologische Hochschule Germany. Director, Daniel Heinz. E-mail: daniel.
Friedensau). An der Ihle 19; 39291 Friedensau;
Germany. Geoscience Research Institute, Collonges. c/o Saleve
Marienhoehe College (Schulzentrum Marienhoehe Adventist University; 33, Chemin du Perouzet; 74160
Gymnasium, Realschule, Kolleg, Internate). Auf der Collonges-sous-Saleve; France. Mailing: Boite Postale
Marienhoehe 32; 64297 Darmstadt; Germany. 74; 74165 Collonges-sous-Saleve Cedex; France.
Saleve Adventist University (Campus Adventiste du Director, Jacques Sauvagnat. E-mail: jsauvagnat@
Saleve). Boite Postale 74; 74165 Collonges-sous-Saleve
Cedex; France. Bible Correspondence Schools:
Food Industries Voice of Hope (La Voix de lEsperance, in Arabic and
French). P.O. Box 503; 1211 Geneva 12; Switzerland.
German Health Food Factory (DE-VAU-GE GESUND- Arabic Service: French Service: cbvely@
KOSTWERK GMBH). Luener Rennbahn 18; 21339
Lueneburg; Germany. Youth Centers:
Healthcare Jose Figols Youth Center. c/o Saleve Adventist University;
33, Chemin du Perouzet; 74160 Collonges-sous-Saleve;
Hospitals and Sanitariums: France. Mailing: Boite Postale 74; 74165 Collonges-
Berlin Hospital (Krankenhaus Waldfriede). Argentinische sous-Saleve Cedex; France. Director, Manuela Casti.
Allee 40; 14163 Berlin (Zehlendorf); Germany. E-mail:


Organized 1947; reorganized 1967

Territory: Austria. Sascha Mroczek, Elisabeth Oesterle, Julia Ponta, Horst

Statistics: Churches, 49; membership, 3,802; population, Schinagl, Winfried Vogel, Gerd-Laila Walter.
8,315,000. Departments:
Telecommunications: Communication, Christian Grassl.
Telephone: 43 (1) 3199-301. Education, Heinz Schaidinger.
Fax: 43 (1) 3199-301-23. Family Ministries, Raimund Fuchs.
E-mail: Health Ministries, and Stewardship, Oliver Fichtberger.
Website: Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
Liberty, Herbert Brugger; Assistant for PARL, Christian
Address: Nussdorfer Strasse 5; 1090 Vienna; Austria. Schindler.
Administration: Publishing Ministries, Raimund Fuchs, Franz Moessner;
President, Herbert Brugger. Assistants, Manfred Hierzer, Willi Meir-Huber.
Secretary, Christian Grassl. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Christian Grassl,
Treasurer, Christian Gerer. Oliver Fichtberger.
Executive Committee: Womens Ministries, Gerd-Laila Walter.
Herbert Brugger, Chair; Christian Grassl, Secretary; Walter Youth Ministries, Sascha Mroczek.
Breuer, Oliver Fichtberger, Raimund Fuchs, Christian Agency:
Gerer, Doris Gratz, Franz Krakolinig, Franz Moessner, ADRA, Robert Spannlang.

Ministries and Services: Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:

Adventist Book Center, Franz Moessner. Franz Nusime, Felix Waldecker.
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Sascha Mroczek. Honorary/Emeritus: Horst Herrnstein, Hans Matschek,
Auditing, Christian Gerer. Theodor Pfingstl, Manfred Pickhardt, Otto Riegler, Klaus
Legal Association: Zachhuber.
Pflegestaettenverein der Siebenten-Tags-(S.T.)
Adventisten, Alpenvereinigung-Donauvereinigung. INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
President, Herbert Brugger; Vice President, Christian
Grassl; Secretary, Eva-Maria Stadtmann; Treasurer, Education
Christian Gerer. Bogenhofen Seminary (Austrian-Swiss Senior College,
Ministerial Credential: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen). Bogenhofen 1; A-4963
Herbert Brugger, Oliver Fichtberger, Raimund Fuchs, St. Peter am Hart; Austria.
Christian Grassl, Thomas Gyuroka, Robert Han, Hans Bogenhofen Senior High School. Bogenhofen 1; 4963 St.
Hartig, Frank Hasel, Erich Hirschmann, Ewald Jurak, Peter am Hart; Austria.
Hubert Kazmierczak, Johannes Kovar, Franz Krakolinig,
Markus Krumpschmid, Guenther Maurer, Sascha Mroczek, Healthcare
Guenther Painsi, Kurt Piesslinger, Helmut Pischler, Martin Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers:
Proebstle, Martin Ryszewski, Heinz Schaidinger, Christian Haus Stefanie. Bahnhofplatz 4; 2680 Semmering; Austria.
Schindler, Michael Spaet, Doru Tarita, Csaba Toeroek,
Horst Tschinder, Winfried Vogel, Peter Walter, Dejan Publishing
Honorary/Emeritus: Dieter Baloun, Eugen Bostan, Austrian Publishing House (Toplife Wegweiser Verlag
Johann Fichtberger, Ernst Grassl, Johann Heinz, Alfred GmbH). Industriestrasse 10; 2104 Spillern; Austria.
Hruby, Alfred Jungwirth, Franz Koza, Otto Krumpschmid, Other Entities
Erich Riesenfellner, Helmut Scheifinger, Guenter Schleifer,
Walter Schultschik, Milorad Trujic, Friedrich Wagner, Bible Correspondence Schools:
Horst Zachhuber. Internationales Bibelstudieninstitut. Nussdorferstrasse 5;
Commissioned Minister Credential: A-1090 Vienna; Austria. Telephone: 43 (1) 319-9300.
Christian Gerer. Fax: 43 (1) 319-9300-15. E-mail:
Honorary/Emeritus: Otto Chrastek, Engelbert Hatzinger. Website:


Organized 1920

Territory: Bulgaria. Dimitrov, Vesselin Donchev, Emil Gadjalov, Hristo

Statistics: Churches, 117; membership, 7,646; population, Genchev, Spas Gendurov, Sergey Genov, Milen Georgiev,
7,660,000. Vassil Panayotov Georgiev, Krassimir Metodiev
Telecommunications: Gerasimov, Emil Grozdev, Bisser Ivanov, Plamen Ivanov,
Telephone: 359 (2) 813-3818, 813-3888. Emil Kanev, Pavel Kanev, Krassimir Karev, Dimiter
Fax: 359 (2) 813-3880.
E-mail: Kassabov, Sergey Kassabov, Georgi Kertikov, Nikolai
Website: Kolev, Simeon Kolev, Petar Kuzev, Nikola Levterov, Svilen
Address: 11, Tzvetan Minkov Str.; 1202 Sofia; Bulgaria. Nikolov Lolev, Metodi Marinov, Rumen Matrakchiyski,
Administration: Gancho Mavrodiev, Dimiter Mitev, Tzanko Mitev, Plamen
President, Nikola Levterov. Mladenov, Ivan Nikolov, Ventzislav Panayotov, Ivan
Secretary, Tzanko Mitev. Penev, Stoyan Petkov, Plamen Petrov, Plamen Petrov,
Treasurer, Shterion Apostolov Vlassakev. Stoyan Petrov, Ivan Popov, Russin Russinov, Vesselin
Executive Committee: Rumenov Sakaliev, Stoimen Sirakov, Apostol Stamatov,
Nikola Levterov, Chair; Tzanko Mitev, Secretary; Georgi
Chakarov, Nina Chilova, Valentin Jelev, Nikolay Kolev, Nikola Stanchev, Hristo Stanev, Vladimir Stanev, Ivaylo
Simeon Kolev, Gancho Mavrodiev, Ventzislav Panayotov, Stanoev, Stefan Stefanov, Atanas S Stoyanov, Apostol
Ana Radilova, Apostol Sotykov, Shterion Apostolov Stoykov, Stoyan T Todorov, Ivaylo Tomanov, Stefan
Vlassakev, Zlatyo Zlatev. Naydenov Trayanov, Trifon Trifonov, Raiko Tzekov, Vitan
Departments: Valev, Shterion Vlassakev, Yaroslav Yankov, Borislav
Childrens Ministries, Iskra Tomanova. Todorov Yordanov, Mihail Yorgov, Emil Danchov Yosifov,
Communication, Ivaylo Tomanov.
Zlatyo Zlatev.
Education, Ministerial Association, and Publishing
Ministries, Georgi Chakarov. Honorary/Emeritus: Ivan Demirev, Atanas Grozdev,
Family Ministries, Dobromira Vassileva. Michail Kerkenezov, Dimitar Kirov, Michail Kontarov, Kiril
Health Ministries, Gergana Geshanova. Kumanov, Alexander Marinov, Edmil Marinov, Petar
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Tzanko Mitev. Maximov, Stefan Maximov, Russi Russev, Agop
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Apostol Stoykov. Tachmissjan, Stojan Tomanov, Stoyan Tomanov, Vassil
Stewardship, Shterion Apostolov Vlassakev.
Womens Ministries, Emilia Stoykova. Tonchev, Belcho Totev, Rachko Yabandjiev.
Youth Ministries, Ventzislav Panayotov. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Agency: Marina Kontarova.
ADRA/Bulgaria, Sasha Velinova. Missionary Credential:
Ministries and Services: Slavcho Atanassov, Elka M Constantinova, Dimiter
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Tzanko Mitev. Andreev Dimitrov, Dimiter Marinov Dimitrov, Beihan
Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator, Nikola Levterov.
Hyussein, Ognjan Kolev, Rostislav Emilov Magerov,
Ministerial Credential:
Danail Antonov, Vesselin Antonov, Krassimir Benov, Rumen Harizanov Marinov, Borislav Dimitrov Mitov, Ivan
Alexander Bogdanov, Boni Bonev, Georgi Chakarov, Slavi Momchev, Milcho Naidenski, Tzanka Tomanova, Angel
Chirpanliev, Pencho Delinov, Dimiter Dimitrov, Mitko Mihaylov Tzekov.


Education Bible Correspondence Schools:
Bible Correspondence School (Biblejski Korespondenten
Bulgarian Theological Seminary (Theological College Kurs). P.O. Box 56; 9010 Varna; Bulgaria. Office
Stefan Konstantinov). 11, Tzvetan Minkov Str.; 1202 Address: Dubrovnik, Bl. 16, App. 30; 9000 Varna;
Sofia; Bulgaria. Bulgaria. Telephone: 359 (52) 824-660.
Publishing Radio Station and Production Centers:
Voice of Hope (Radio Glassat na Nadejdata). Antim I 22;
Bulgarian Adventist Publishing House (Nov Zhivot). 11, 4000 Plovdiv; Bulgaria. Telephone: 359 (32) 629-462.
Tzvetan Minkov Str.; 1202 Sofia; Bulgaria. Fax: 359 (32) 633-533.


Organized 1919; reorganized 1968

Territory: Czech Republic and Slovakia; comprising the Adolf Slosarek, Karel Spinar, Jaroslav Sroll, Karel Stanek,
Bohemian, Moravia-Silesian, and Slovakian Conferences. Ludvik Svihalek, Josef Trdla, Ludovit Turcer, Jiri Vesely.
Statistics: Churches, 183; membership, 9,712; population, Commissioned Minister Credential:
15,701,000. Jan Barta, Daniel Hrdinka, Milan Kaslik, Pavel Korensky,
Telecommunications: Jan Kubik, Daniel Marfoeldi, Jan Muntag, Bronislav Soos,
Telephone: 420 (241) 471-939, 471-945; 420-604-282- Radomir Steinert, Pavla Sustkova, Vitezslav Vurst.
351 (cell).
E-mail: Education
Address: Zalesi 50; 142 00 Praha 4-Lhotka; Czech Republic. Sazava Theological Seminary (Teologicky Seminar CASD).
Radvanice 29; 285 06 Sazava; Czech Republic.
President, Pavel Simek. Publishing
Vice President, Karol Badinsky.
Secretary, Josef Hrdinka. Czech Publishing House (Vydavatelstvi a Nakladatelstvi
Treasurer, Edvard Miskej. Advent-Orion, s.r.o.). Roztocka 5/44; 160 00 Praha 6-
Sedlec; Czech Republic.
Executive Committee:
Pavel Simek, Chair; Josef Hrdinka, Secretary; Petr Adame, Slovakian Publishing House (Vydavatelstvo a
Karol Badinsky, Stanislav Bielik, Peter Cizniar, Hynek Nakladatelstvo Advent-Orion, s.r.o.). Safarikova 9; 038
Dona, Jan Dymacek, Dobroslav Fucela, Petr Hrib, 61 Vrutky; Slovakia.
Vladimir Kaleta, Jan Libotovsky, Edvard Miskej, Jan Other Entities
Muntag, Petr Pimek, Stanislav Rusnak, Ondrej Saraka,
Karel Srch, Tomas Stas, Ludek Svrcek, Jiri Tomasek, Emilia Bible Correspondence Schools:
Trulikova, Pavel Zvolanek. Stredisko korespondencnych kurzov. Horny Sianec 17;
Departments: 911 01 Trencin; Slovakia. Telephone: 421 (32) 658-
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Bohuslav Zamecnik. 6063. E-mail: Website:
Communication, Bedrich Jetelina. Stredisko koresponencnich kurzu. Kopaniny 11; 709 42
Education, Ludek Svrcek. Ostrava-Marianske Hory; Czech Republic. Telephone:
Family Ministries, Peter Cizniar. 420 (596) 635-730; 420 (800) 110-077. Fax: 420 (596)
Health Ministries, Bohumil Kern. 711-606. E-mail: Website:
Ministerial Association, Josef Hrdinka; Evangelism, Petr Radio Station and Production Centers:
Pimek. Adventist World Radio-Czech Republic (AWR studio,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Karol Badinsky, s.r.o.). Peroutkova 57; 150 00 Praha 5-Smichov; Czech
Miroslav Zalud, Pavel Simek. Republic. Telephone and Fax: 420 (251) 562-435.
Publishing Ministries, Cestmir Stovicek. E-mail: Website:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Oldrich Svoboda, Adventist World Radio-Slovakia (Studio Nadej). Cablkova
Mikulas Pavlik, Karol Badinsky. 3; 821 04 Bratislava; Slovakia. Telephone: 421 (2) 4363-
Stewardship, Edvard Miskej. 3181. Fax: 421 (2) 4341-5503. E-mail: studionadej@
Womens Ministries, Pavla Sustkova. Website:
Youth Ministries, Alan Chlebek.
ADRA. Klikata 1238/90c; 158 00 Praha 5-Jinonice; Czech Organized 1919; reorganized 1968
Republic. Telephone: 420 (257) 090-641. Fax: 420 (257)
090-642. E-mail: Website: Territory: Bohemia.
Director, Jan Barta. Statistics: Churches, 70; membership, 3,036; population,
Ministries and Services: 6,315,935.
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Stanislav Bielik. Telecommunications:
Ministerial Credential: Telephone: 420 (224) 251-742, 517-473 (President).
Josef Hrdinka, Bedrich Jetelina, Edvard Miskej, Mikulas Fax: 420 (224) 251-742.
Pavlik, Pavel Simek, Ludek Svrcek, Bohuslav Zamecnik. E-mail:
Honorary/Emeritus: Vladimir Adame, Miloslav Blaha, Website:
Miroslav Cihak, Gustav Cincala, Radomir Drobny, Dezider Address:
Duda, Emanuel Duda, Rudolf Duda, Bohumil Dymacek, Street: Londynska 30; 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady; Czech
Jaroslav Gorny, Pavel Holos, Pavel Hornak, Michal Hreno, Republic.
Michal Hrobon, Karel Kantor, Vladimir Kohut, Vladimir Mailing: Peroutkova 57, 15000 Praha 5-Smichov; Czech
Korensky, Jan Kovarik, Frantisek Krajicek, Vladimir Kraus, Republic (temporary).
Juraj Krupa, Vladimir Krynsky, Pavel Kubecka, Leopold Administration:
Kvintus, Jan Loder, Jiri Loder, Teofil Nechuta, Vladimir President, Pavel Zvolanek.
Ohanka, Jozef Ondrusek, Benjamin Prazan, Daniel Secretary, Peter Cik.
Prazan, Vaclav Randysek, Bohuslav Sabela, Josef Simek, Treasurer, Zdenek Martasek.

Executive Committee: Stewardship, Jan Nowak.

Pavel Zvolanek, Chair; Peter Cik, Secretary; Vlastimil Youth Ministries, Alan Chlebek.
Bartosic, Miroslav Kysilko, Ladislav Landsfeld, Zdenek Ministerial Credential:
Martasek, Irena Papirnikova, Milos Parik, Astrid Jan Bucha, Alan Chlebek, Daniel Dobes, Jan Dymacek, Jan
Schnittnerova, Daniel Svoboda, David Stas, Vaclav Furst, Vlastimil Furst, Jiri Gomola, Vladimir Kaleta, Milan
Vondrasek. Kantor, Gustav Kloda, Karel Kloda, Radek Kocyan, Zdenek
Departments: Kogut, Pavel Krynsky, Josef Kubik, Jaromir Loder, Jaromir
Childrens Ministries, David Cancik. Ludvik, Roman Mach, Jan Majer, Jan Nowak, Petr Pimek,
Communication, Vladimir Krupa. Petr Podsednik, Libor Skrla, Jaroslav Slosarek, Karel Stanek
Family Ministries, Jan Ejem. Jr, Jaroslav Stejskal, Karel Strouhal, Karel Szkuta, Martin
Health Ministries, Marek Ondracek. Vesely, Ales Zastera, Lubomir Zizka, Martin Zurek.
Ministerial Association, Pavel Zvolanek; Evangelism, Vit
Publishing Ministries, Cestmir Stovicek. Organized 1919; reorganized 1968
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Michal Balcar, Jiri
Tomasek. Territory: Slovakia.
Stewardship, Zdenek Martasek. Statistics: Churches, 40; membership, 2,196; population,
Youth Ministries, Petr Adame. 5,396,000.
Ministerial Credential: Telecommunications:
Petr Adame, Jan Brodsky, David Cancik, Josef Cepl, Telephone: 421 (2) 4341-5502.
Jindrich Cernohorsky, Vitezslav Chan, Peter Cik, Jan Ejem, Fax: 421 (2) 4341-5503.
Petr Harastej, Radomir Jonczy, Vladimir Krupa, Petr
Krynsky, Miroslav Kysilko, Oleksander Lytovchenko, E-mail:
Zdenek Martasek, Ivan Michalec, Miroslav Stary, Petr Stas, Website:
Mikulas Stehlik, Pavel Tatar, Jiri Tomasek, Samuel Vanek, Address: Cablkova 3; 821 04 Bratislava 2; Slovakia.
Vaclav Vondrasek, Vit Vurst, Pavel Zvolanek. Administration:
President, Karol Badinsky.
MORAVIA-SILESIAN CONFERENCE Secretary, Stanislav Bielik.
Organized 1913; reorganized 1968 Treasurer, Samuel Ondrusek.
Executive Committee:
Territory: Moravia and Silesia.
Karol Badinsky, Chair; Stanislav Bielik, Secretary; Iveta
Statistics: Churches, 73; membership, 4,480; population, Brlazova, Stanislav Byrtus, Juraj Chovan, Miroslav Danihel,
3,989,065. Vitezslav Fischer, Jan Ilovicny, Eva Kovacova, Martin Majer,
Telecommunications: Marian Moskal, Samuel Ondrusek, Stanislav Slamka.
Telephone: 420 (596) 623-504, 617-321 (President). Departments:
Fax: 420 (596) 623-504.
E-mail: Communication, Bronislav Soos.
Website: Childrens Ministries and Youth Ministries, Daniel Komora,
Stanislav Bielik.
Address: Kopaniny 11; 709 42 Ostrava-Marianske Hory; Family Ministries, Peter Cizniar.
Czech Republic.
Health Ministries, Bohumil Kern.
Administration: Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
President, Jan Dymacek. Liberty, Karol Badinsky; Evangelism, Bohumil Kern.
Secretary, Karel Stanek Jr. Publishing Ministries, Daniel Marfoldi.
Treasurer, Jaroslav Stejskal.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Frantisek Kolesar,
Executive Committee: Bohumil Kern.
Jan Dymacek, Chair; Karel Stanek Jr., Secretary; Michal Stewardship, Samuel Ondrusek.
Blatak, Pavel Frehar, Jaromir Jurinek, Lydie Klodova, Josef Womens Ministries, Marta Gresova.
Kubik, Zdenek Martasek, Jan Nowak, Petr Pimek, Jan
Polasek, Zdenek Precechtel, Jiri Sochor, Jaroslav Stejskal, Agency:
Karel Strouhal, Bohuslav Vanek. ADRA. Rakytovska cesta 12; 974 05 Banska Bystrica;
Departments: Slovakia. Telephone: 421 (48) 410-2615. Fax: 421 (48)
Childrens Ministries, Daniel Dobes. 416-3150. E-mail: Website:
Communication, Karel Stanek Jr. Director, Pavel Cimerman.
Family Ministries, Ales Zastera. Ministerial Credential:
Health Ministries, Petr Pimek. Karol Badinsky, Stanislav Bielik, Stanislav Byrtus, Juraj
Ministerial Association, Jan Dymacek; Evangelism, Petr Chovan, Peter Cizniar, Jan Gres, Peter Joachym, Bohumil
Pimek. Kern, Frantisek Kolesar, Daniel Komora, Jozef Kopilec, Jan
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Publishing Muran, Samuel Ondrusek, Jozef Plachy, Stanislav Slamka,
Ministries, Jaromir Loder. Milan Uhrin, Ferdinand Varga.


Organized 1928; reorganized 1955

Territory: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Monaco; com- Mailing: Boite Postale 100; 77193 Dammarie-Les-Lys
prising the Belgian-Luxembourg, North France, and South Cedex; France.
France Conferences. Administration:
Statistics: Churches, 138; membership, 13,548; population, President, Jacques Trujillo.
72,835,000. Secretary, Jean-Paul Barquon.
Telecommunications: Treasurer, Michel Aimonetti.
Telephone: 33 (1) 6479-8700. Executive Committee:
Fax: 33 (1) 6479-8719. Jacques Trujillo, Chair; Jean-Paul Barquon, Secretary;
E-mail: Michel Aimonetti, Ginette Ballais, Johan Bernard, Karel
Website: Denteneer, Paul-Louis Ferrandez, Marceline Gelabale,
Address: Gilles Georges, Michel Guenin, NGoy Kyala, Richard
Street: 30, avenue Emile Zola; 77193 Dammarie-Les-Lys; Lehmann, Andre Phesor, Bernard Sauvagnat, Anna
France. Scarlino, Marc Serries.

Departments: Radio Station Production Centers:

Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Coordination des radios adventistes de France. Boite
Jean-Paul Barquon. Postale 100; 30 avenue Emile Zola; 77193 Dammarie-
Ministerial Association, Bernard Sauvagnat; Shepherdess les-Lys Cedex; France.
International, Francoise Trujillo.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Paul-Louis BELGIAN-LUXEMBOURG CONFERENCE
Ferrandez, Christiane Louis, Bernard Sauvagnat. Organized 1920
Stewardship, Michel Aimonetti.
Womens Ministries, Josiane Beauregard. Territory: Belgium and Luxembourg.
Youth Ministries, Paul-Louis Ferrandez, Gabriel Samperio. Statistics: Churches, 26; membership, 1,925; population,
Ministries and Services: 11,077,000.
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Paul-Louis Ferrandez. Telecommunications:
I.E.B.C., Bernard Sauvagnat. Telephone: 32 (2) 511-3680, 511-7055.
Life and Health Association, Patrick Guenin. Fax: 32 (2) 513-9918.
Ministerial Credential: E-mail:
Jean-Paul Barquon, Bernard Sauvagnat, Jacques Trujillo. Website:
Honorary/Emeritus: Jules Agasson, Philippe Augendre, Address: Rue Ernest Allard 11; 1000 Brussels; Belgium.
Francis Augsburger, Marcel Bornert, Roger Bouricard, Administration:
Maxime Bouvet, Malton Braff, Roland Buyck, Georges President, NGoy Kyala.
Cazaerck, Jacky Chevrier, Marc Cools, Jean-Paul Cosendai, Secretary, Danielle Boumann.
Jacques Cotleur, Elie Davy, Andre De Saulces, Andre Dufau, Treasurer, Christian Sabot.
Frederic Durbant, Robert Erdmann, Roland Esposito, Jean- Executive Committee:
Pierre Fasnacht, Elie Fayard, Gerard Fratianni, Gerard NGoy Kyala, Chair; Danielle Boumann, Secretary;
Fridlin, Jean Goetschalckx, Joseph Gondrand, Maurice Harrald Bobeck, Alberte Berny, Hubert Jeurissen,
Halna, Fernand Hernicot, Leon Hilaire, Francois Hugli, Alexandre Laurent, Anja Masia, Yves Pierre, Christian
Pierre Jaron, Sylvain Jerome, Henri Kempf, Jean Kempf, Sabot, Ana Scarlino, Vasile Smecias, Jeanine Vermeulen,
Adolf Kinder, Michel Lalu, Richard P Lehmann, Roger Pierre-Yves Zehnacker.
Lenoir, Leon Lienard, Andre Lutters, Francis MacDougall, Departments:
Jacques Marcille, Timoteo Marzocchini, Claude Massa, Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Andre Matton, Charles F Montille, Antoine Muller, Leon Michel Mayeur, Karel Denteneer.
Pollin, Michel Reignier, Lucien Ringoot, Louis Rossignol, Health Ministries, Kohlia Steveny.
Jean Rouillard, Yvan Roullet, Joseph Sanchez, Kurt Youth Ministries, Luc Delameillieure.
Scheidegger, Karl Stammbach, Jean Surel, Jean-Marie Van Agency:
Halst, Adelin Vermeulen, Roland Vertallier, Jean Yeretzian, ADRA, Jean Geeroms.
Maurice Zehnacker. Ministries and Services:
Commissioned Minister Credential: Institute of Bible Correspondence Courses, Francine
Michel Aimonetti. Pouchaut, Gisele Bouffa (Belgium).
Honorary/Emeritus: Alain Menis. Life and Health Association, Roger Lenoir.
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Legal Associations:
Priscille Bargibant, Alexandra Bauer, Annie Bouet, Josyane Federation Belgo-Luxembourgeoise des Eglises
Cazeaux, Rene Collin, Chantal Davy, Jacques Gallis, Adventistes du Septieme-Jour and Belgisch-
Francoise Henriot, Laurent Hernicot, Robert Hof, Jacques Luxemburgse Federatie van Adventkerken.
Imbert, Roseline Leclercq, Jean-Philippe Lehmann, Daniel Ministerial Credential:
Luthringer, Jean-Pierre Millot, Genevieve Montegut, Johan Delameillieure, Luc Delameillieure, Karel
Sephora Myers, Jacques Payet, Delia Perrois, Myriam Rase, Denteneer, Hubert Jeurissen, NGoy Kyala, Michel
Valerie Rolland, Sharon Romeo Fivel-Demoret, Davide Mayeur, Alain Meersseman, Jacques Rase, Christian
Sciarabba, Damien Wagnon. Steveny, Iosif Suciu, Jean Vandenberg, Pierre-Yves
Honorary/Emeritus: Jean-Jacques Henriot, Henri Zehnacker.
Rasolofomasoandro, Rene Villeneuve. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Missionary Credential: Danielle Boumann, Christian Sabot.
Laetitia Doom, Nicole Erdmann, Paul-Louis Ferrandez, Missionary Credential:
Solange Piat, Suzie Sauvagnat, Francoise Trujillo, Elisabeth Valerie Ballieux, Monique De Clercq.
Van Bignoot, Francoise Viry, Monique Vuilleumier,
Organized 1955; reorganized 1970
Territory: North France.
Education Statistics: Churches, 66; membership, 7,439; population,
Maurice Tieche Comprehensive School (lEnsemble sco- 41,150,021.
laire Maurice Tieche). Boite Postale 74; 74165 Telecommunications:
Collonges-sous-Saleve Cedex; France. Telephone: 33 (1) 4408-7790.
Fax: 33 (1) 4331-3888, 4331-2679.
Healthcare E-mail:
Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers: Website:
Maison de Retraite (Le Foyer du Romarin). 246 rue du Address: 130, Boulevard de lHopital; 75013 Paris; France.
Romarin; 34830 Clapiers; France. Administration:
President, Gilles Georges.
Other Entities Secretary, Jean-Jack Chafograck.
Bible Correspondence Schools: Treasurer, Paulo Mendes.
Bible Correspondence School (Institut dEtude de la Bible Executive Committee:
par Correspondance (I.E.B.C.). Boite Postale 100; 77193 Gilles Georges, Chair; Jean-Jack Chafograck, Secretary;
Dammarie-les-Lys Cedex; France. Telephone: 33 (1) Perpetuo de Andrade, Cecile Gargard, Patrick Lagarde,
6479-8709. Fax: 33 (1) 6479-8719. Olivier Lemaitre, Paulo Mendes, Jean-Claude Nocandy,
Bible Correspondence School (in Dutch). ESDA; 11 rue Andre Phesor, Harytiana Rajonah, Pascal Rodet, Samuel
Ernest Allard; 1000 Brussels; Belgium. Telephone: 32 Saint-Elie, Ralph Seechurn, Regine Vantrimpont.
(25) 11-36-80. Departments:
Bible Correspondence School (in French). I.E.B.C.; Gisele Childrens Ministries, Bertrand Clavier.
Bouffa; Allee des Couterelles 3; 1400 Nivelles; Belgium. Communication, Jean-Jack Chafograck.
Telephone: 32 (67) 21-15-43. Education, Colette Roumegous.

Family Ministries, Andre Phesor. Website:

Health Ministries, Andre Randriamiadana. Address: 305, Rue du Romarin; 34830 Clapiers; France.
Ministerial Association, and Stewardship, Ralph Seechurn; Administration:
Shepherdess International, Lisette Massa. President, Michel Guenin.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Regine Vautrimpont. Secretary, Philippe Aurouze.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Jean-Jack Treasurer, Daniel Michel.
Chafograck, Samuel Saint-Elie.
Stewardship, Patrick Lagarde. Executive Committee:
Womens Ministries, Josiane Beauregard. Michel Guenin, Chair; Philippe Aurouze, Secretary;
Youth Ministries, Pascal Rodet. Chantal Berthou, Helene Breuil, Robert Charvin, Gilles
Figuet, Frederic Fourgassie, Pierre Kempf, Daniel Michel,
Agency: Gabriel Samperio, Fanchon Setoain, Maurice Trouve,
ADRA, Perpetuo de Andrade. Marina Vuilleumier.
Ministries and Services: Departments:
Childrens Sabbath School, Bertrand Clavier. Childrens Ministries, Ana Aurouze.
Welfare, Perpetuo de Andrade. Communications, Philippe Aurouze.
Legal Association: Education, Louis Paita.
Federation des Eglises Adventistes du Septieme Jour du Family Ministries, Jean-Pierre Lachize.
Nord de la France. Health Ministries, Gentiane Frei.
Ministerial Credential: Ministerial Association, Claude Pellicer.
Philippe Baup, Trajan Bogdan, Dominique Boisfer, Daniel Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Muriel Cossigny.
Calleja, Jethro Camille, Eddy Carneva, Jean-Jack Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Doris Vargas-
Chafograck, Bertrand Clavier, Sean Dowding, Alain Hordorsch.
Dubois, Gilles Georges, Gabriel Golea, Robert Guiolet, Stewardship, Alwyn Chitty.
Daniel Jennah, Emil Lazar, Philippe Leduc, Jean-Marc Womens Ministries, Evelyne Andrade.
Lohr, Yohann Lupon, Olivier Maire, Jean-Baptiste Mikala, Youth Ministries, Gabriel Samperio.
Rickson Nobre, Jean-Claude Nocandy, Helder Pereira, Ministries and Services:
Andre Phesor, Jean-Guy Presles, Richard Presles, Pascal Sabbath School for Children, Ana Aurouze.
Quionquion, Elionay Rajaonah, Pascal Rodet, Samuel Welfare, Alain Lovera.
Saint-Elie, Aleksandar Santrac, Ralph Seechurn, Jacobin
Vahinison, Johan Van Bignoot, Claude-Philippe Veckringer, Legal Association:
Andre Viller, Jean-Paul Vuilleumier. Federation des Eglises adventistes du Septieme Jour du
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Sud de la France.
Martha Pierre, Marie-Helene Riviere. Ministerial Credential:
Missionary Credential: Philippe Anquetil, Philippe Aurouze, Yvon Bilisko, Pierre
Brigitte Le Magueresse, Annie Leduc, Maryse Loial, Katia Casquet, Alwyn Chitty, Manuel Do Nascimento, Francois
Long, Mikaele Pinel-Fereol, Francoise Toniolo, Sandrine Du Mesgnil dEngente, Francis Flick, Frederic Fourgassie,
Vincendon. Marcel Gerold, Michel Guenin, Fabrice Henriot, Paul
Henriot, Pierre Kempf, Jean-Pierre Lachize, Stephane Le
SOUTH FRANCE CONFERENCE Guicher, Emanuel Lopes, Daniel Monachini, Louis Paita,
Organized 1955; reorganized 1970 Claude Pellicer, Daniel Ranisavljevic, Philippe Reignier,
Olivier Rigaud, Eugenio Romano, Guy Roullet, Gabriel
Territory: Monaco and South France. Samperio, Joel Tintier, Jean-Christophe Trouillet, Henri
Statistics: Churches, 46; membership, 4,184; population, Van Der Veken.
20,607,979. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Telecommunications: Daniel Michel.
Telephone: 33 (4) 6759-2056. Missionary Credential:
Fax: 33 (4) 6759-4230. Veronique Arpon, Sylvie Berriat, Valerie Lefebvre, Joelle
E-mail: Rossetti, Tamara Zeljkovic.


Organized 1928; reorganized 1972, 1982

Territory: Holy See, Italy, Malta, and San Marino. Education, Roberto Ianno.
Statistics: Churches, 104; membership, 8,135; population, Family Ministries, Lucio Altin.
59,776,000. Health Ministries, Ennio Battista.
Telecommunications: Ministerial Association, Vincenzo Mazza; Shepherdess
Telephone: 39 (06) 3609-591. International, Gioia Specchio.
Fax: 39 (06) 3609-5952. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Dora Bognandi.
E-mail:; Publishing Ministries, Sandro Mantovani.
Website: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Paolo Benini,
Gioacchino Caruso.
Address: Lungotevere Michelangelo 7; 00192 Rome; Italy. Stewardship, Calogero Furnari.
Administration: Womens Ministries, Franca Zucca.
President, Daniele Benini. Youth Ministries, Stefano Paris; Associate, Daniele Cala.
Secretary, Roberto Ianno. Field Directors:
Treasurer, Gaetano Pispisa. Central Field, Vincenzo Mazza.
Executive Committee: North Field, Paolo Benini.
Daniele Benini, Chair; Roberto Ianno, Secretary; Santa Sicilian Field, Calogero Furnari.
Abiusi, Filippo Alma, Paolo Benini, Dora Bognandi, South Field, Gioacchino Caruso.
Gioacchino Caruso, Francesca Consani, Giuseppe Agency:
Cupertino, Richard J. Ehoussou, Calogero Furnari, ADRA. Lungotevere Michelangelo 7; 00192 Rome; Italy.
Giovanni Lombardo, Sandro Mantovani, Vincenzo Mazza, Telephone: 39 (06) 3210-757. Fax: 39 (06) 3609-5944.
Samuel Negrea, Stefano Paris, Gaetano Pispisa, Claudio E-mail: Director, Franca Zucca.
Schino, Marco Suess. Ministries and Services:
Departments: Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Roberto Ianno.
Communication, Vincenzo Annunziata. AISA (Pathfinders), Daniele Cala.

Spirit of Prophecy, Roberto Ianno. Giovanna Casacci, Salvatore Cavalieri, Valeria Cesarale,
Legal Associations: Giuseppa Cianciuolo, Mariano Coni, M Beatrice Copiz,
Ente Patrimoniale dellUnione Italiana delle Chiese Liviana Costanzini, Lorenzo Cutrona, Janos Cziriak,
Cristiane Avventiste del 7 Giorno. Lungotevere Vincenza Di Liso, Elena Emelianenko, Lidia Evangelisti,
Michelangelo 7; 00192 Rome; Italy. Telephone: 39 (06) Antonio Ferrara, Salvatore Gelso, Rosa Greppo, Vincenza
3212-808 and 3220-237. Fax: 39 (06) 3609-5952. E-mail: Laterza, Laura Lautizi, Andreina Macaione, Mercedes Director, Angelo Orsucci. Maier, Annalisa Miglionico, Noemi Milesis Gladys, Luca
Lega Vita and Salute. Lungotevere Michelangelo 7; Musso, Stefano Pellegrini, Mercedes Pena, Settimia Presutto,
00192 Rome; Italy. Telephone 39 (06) 3609-591. Fax 39 Maria Grazia Ricciardo, Anna Maria Antonietta Riviello,
(06) 3609-5952. E-mail: Herminia Del Carmen Sanhueza, Gianluca Scimenes, Paola
Director, Daniele Benini. Siddi, Roberto Vacca, Samuele Vella, Davide Vitiello,
Ente ecclesiastico Fides. Lungotevere Michelangelo 7; Elisabetta Vitiello, Carmela Grazia Zammataro.
00192 Rome; Italy. Telephone 39 (06) 3609-591. Fax 39
(06) 3609-5952. E-mail: Director, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Daniele Benini. Education
Ente ecclesiastico Opera Sociale Avventista. Lungotevere
Michelangelo 7; 00192 Rome; Italy. Telephone 39 (06) Italian Adventist College Villa Aurora (Istituto Avventista di
3609-591. Fax 39 (06) 3609-5952. E-mail: uicca@ Cultura Biblica Villa Aurora). Via del Pergolino, 12; Director, Daniele Benini. 50139 Florence; Italy.
Ente ecclesiastico Voce della Speranza. Lungotevere Healthcare
Michelangelo 7; 00192 Rome; Italy. Telephone 39 (06)
3609-591. Fax 39 (06) 3609-5952. E-mail: uicca@ Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers: Director, Daniele Benini. Forli Old Peoples Home (Casa di Riposo Casa Mia). Via E.
Foundation: Curiel 53; 47100 Forli; Italy.
Fondazione Adventum - Fondo per la Solidarieta e Publishing
lAntiusura Onlus. Via Girolamo Savonarola 39, 00195
Rome, Italy. Telephone: 39 (06) 3972-5888. Fax: 39 (06) Italian Publishing House (Edizioni A.D.V. LAraldo della
3972-5795. E-mail: President, Verita). Via Chiantigiana per Ferrone 30, Falciani; 50023
Daniele Benini. Impruneta, Florence; Italy.
Ministerial Credential: Media
Michele Abiusi, Filippo Alma, Lucio Altin, Daniele Bastari,
Daniele Benini, Paolo Benini, Giuseppe Butera, Giovanni Radio and TV Stations:
Caccamo, Robert Caciula-Negrea, Daniele Cala, Patrizio Radio Bethel (Bethel Radio). Salita di Paola, 14; 92019
Calliari, Vincenzo Paolo Caputo, Gaetano Caricati, Sciacca (AG); Italy.
Gioacchino Caruso, Giuseppe Castro, Vincenzo Castro, Radio KJOI Voce della Speranza, Rome (King Jesus Our
Gabriele Ciantia, Franco di Guerrino Evangelisti, Franco di InspirationVoice of Hope Radio). Lungotevere
Ivo Evangelisti, Giovanni Fantoni, Vittorio Emanuele Michelangelo 7; 00192 Rome; Italy.
Fantoni, David Ferraro, Rodolfo Ferraro, Calogero Furnari, Radio Voce della Speranza, Bologna (Voice of Hope
Michele Gaudio, Hanz Gutierrez Salazar, Miguel Gutierrez Radio). Via della Selva Pescarola; 40131 Bologna; Italy.
Salazar, Roberto Ianno, Giovanni Irrera, Giuseppe Radio Voce della Speranza, Catania (Voice of Hope
Laguardia, Giovanni Leonardi, Corneliu Lupu Benone, Radio). Via Francicanava, 16; 95030 S. Agata Li Battiati
Giuseppe Marrazzo, Vincenzo Mazza, Francesco Mosca, (CT); Italy.
Davide Mozzato, Samuel Negrea, Riccardo Orsucci, Albert Radio Voce della Speranza, Conegliano (Voice of Hope
Owusu, Frank Owusu-Sekyere, Stefano Paris, Adelio Radio). c/o Chiesa Avventista; Via V. Veneto, 22; 31015
Giuseppe Pellegrini, Gaetano Pispisa, Rolando Rizzo, Conegliano V. (TV); Italy.
Giuseppe Scarcella, Zhan-Paulo D Stangelini, Paolo Radio Voce della Speranza, Florence (Voice of Hope
Todaro, David Orlando Verastegui, Francesco Zenzale. Radio). Via del Pergolino, 1; 50139 Florence;Italy.
Honorary/Emeritus: Luis Eduardo Barbosa, Angelo Radio Voce della Speranza, Forli (Voice of Hope Radio).
Battista, Luciano Benini, Michele Buonfiglio, Antonio Via Curiel, 53; 47100 Forli; Italy.
Caracciolo, Giuseppe Catalano, Armistizio Cavalieri, Radio Voce della Speranza, Gaeta (Voice of Hope Radio).
Eliseo Cupertino, Giuliano Di Bartolo, Salvatore Giuga, Via dei Frassini snc; 04024 Gaeta (LT); Italy.
Giovanni La Marca, Daniele Licheri, Enrico Filippo Long, Radio Voce della Speranza, Palermo (Voice of Hope
Mario Maggiolini, Filippo Rivoli, Giuseppe Stragapede, Radio). Via G. Di Marzo, 27; 90144 Palermo; Italy.
Francesco Paolo Tramuto, Fulvio Udovicich, Raffaele
Ventola, Domenico Visigalli. Other Entities
Commissioned Minister Credential: Bible Correspondence Schools:
Ennio Battista, Dora Bognandi, Giuseppe Cupertino, Voice of Hope (La Voce della Speranza). Via Chiantigiana
Sandro Mantovani, Stefania Tramutola De Cristofaro, Silvia per Ferrone 30, Falciani; 50023 Impruneta, Florence;
Vadi, Franca Zucca. Italy. Director, Giovanni Fantoni. E-mail: info@
Honorary/Emeritus: Giuseppe Buonocore, Salvatore
Dalfino, Bartolo Liali, Enzo Negrini. Radio Stations and Production Centers:
Missionary Credential: Centro Produzione Radio. Viuzzo del Pergolino 2; 50139
Mario Arena, Calogero Barbuscia, Orazio Berretta, Daniela Florence; Italy.
Brighina, Mario Calvagno, Anna Lisa Campagni, Eliana Centro Produzione Radio. Lungotevere Michelangelo 7;
Canesi, Luigi Caratelli, Maria Isabel Carvalho Cavaca, 00192 Rome; Italy.


Organized 1909; reorganized 1992

Territory: the states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Statistics: Churches, 357; membership, 20,565; population,
Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, 48,161,773.
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Telecommunications:
Telephone: 49 (511) 971-77-100.
Schleswig-Holstein, and Thueringen; comprising the Fax: 49 (511) 971-77-199.
Berlin-Central German, Hansa, Lower Saxonian, and E-mail:
Northern Rhenish-Westfalian Conferences. Website:

Address: Hildesheimer Strasse 426; 30519 Hannover; Rudolf Schneider, Johannes Scholz, Gustav Schopf, Egon
Germany. Schramm, Waldemar Schraps, Helmut Schroeer, Guenter
Administration: Schubert, Kurt Schubert, Hans Schuett, Ernst August Schulz,
President, Klaus-Juergen van Treeck. Arno Schulze, Eberhardt Schulze, Alfred Schwarz, Richard
Secretary, Friedbert Hartmann. Schwarz, Kurt Selchow, Helmut Sensenschmidt, Heinz
Treasurer, Christian Goltz. Starke, Edwin Steinhardt, Wilfried Stille, Helfried Strobel,
Executive Committee: Gerd Struebe, Guenther Taraba, Klaus Tilgner, Johannes
Klaus-Juergen van Treeck, Chair; Friedbert Hartmann, Tonhaeuser, Manfred Uhlmann, Guenther Varnholt, Alfred
Secretary; Bernard Bleil, Johannes Boettcher, Thomas Vierus, Heinz Vogel, Gerhard Vorsatz, Reinhold Wagner,
Bohlmann, Karin Bonnet, Bernd Czukta, Detlef Dobinsky, Friedrich-Wilhelm Warning, Harald Weigt, Guenter Werner,
Susann Fabich, Roland Fischer, Irmtraut Froese-Schreer, Hans-Klaus Wertenauer, Heinz Weyland, Johannes
Heinz-Ewald Gattmann, Christian Goltz, Torsten Wilczynski, Lothar Wilhelm, Rolf Winkler, Siegfried
Heidenblut, Angelika Hoffmann, Martin Knoll, Matthias Wixwat, Gerhard Wunderlich, Horst Zschunke.
Kramer, Ralf Lindener, Johannes Naether, Ellen Otto, Rita Commissioned Minister Credential:
Puetz, Thomas Roestel, Johannes Scheel, Mark Seefeldt, Thomas Roestel, Karl-Heinz Walter.
Frank Waldschmidt, Karl-Heinz Walter, Lars Wertenauer. Honorary/Emeritus: Harald Eiler, Burchard Eskes,
Departments: Marianne Fritzsching, Udo Grebe, Wolfgang Gunka, Ilse
Communication, Karl-Heinz Walter. Joch, Erhard Knirr, Edith Leiska, Erhard Neike, Edeltraud
Education, Stefan Adam, Martin Knoll. Schuette, Gertraud Stichtenoth, Inge Voigt, Marianne
Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious Wagner, Otto Wagner.
Liberty, Friedbert Hartmann. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Frank Honorary/Emeritus: Karin Straube.
Waldschmidt. Missionary Credential:
Stewardship, Christian Goltz. Christina Bogumil, Juergen Bogumil, Marvin Bremkamp,
Womens Ministries, Rita Puetz. Brunhild Dorn, Karl-Heinz Frenger, Eva Fuchs, Reinhardt
Youth Ministries, Martin Knoll. Fuchs, Martin Imhof, Sabine Knoll, Walter Kopmann, Gert
Ministries and Services: Krueger, Christoph Maass, Waltraud Meier, Lydia Nuss-
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, ___. Lukic, Andrea Ressoer, Kathrin Roesler, Birgit Schneider,
Auditing, Christian Goltz. Wolfgang Schneider, Karin Schulte, Sigrid Schulz,
Interunion Service for the North and South German Union Guenther Vorsatz, Gabi Waldschmidt, Martha Wiebe.
Health Center DVG, Director, Gerlinde Alscher; INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Business Manager, Bernd Woehner. Healthcare
Ministerial Education, Roland E. Fischer.
Press and Media Center, Holger Teubert. Clinics and Dispensaries:
Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk e.V., Bundesstelle. Business Haus Niedersachsen gGmbH (Fachkrankenhaus fuer
Manager, Rainer Winkelhoch. Abhaengigkeitskranke) (Clinic for Alcohol Abuse and
Music, Friedbert Hartmann. Drug Addiction). Feldstrasse 5; 29386 Dedelstorf;
Legal Associations: Germany.
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten, Norddeutscher Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers:
Verband, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a cor- Berlin-Steglitz Old Peoples Home. Grunewaldstrasse 39;
poration under public law). 12165 Berlin; Germany.
Grundstuecksverwaltung der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten Friedensau Old Peoples Home (Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk,
im Norddeutschen Verband GmbH, Hannover (build- Seniorenwohnheim Friedensau e.V.). Ahornstrasse 1;
ing association). 39291 Friedensau; Germany.
Ministerial Credential: Neandertal Old Peoples Home (Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk,
Roland Fischer, Christian Goltz, Friedbert Hartmann, Martin Norddeutscher Verband e.V.). Talstrasse 189,
Knoll, Klaus-Juergen van Treeck, Frank Waldschmidt. Neandertal; 40822 Mettmann/Rhld.; Germany.
Honorary/Emeritus: Reinhard Adler, Manfred Anders, Old Peoples Welfare Home (Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk
Johannes Arnold, Erich Bartels, Hermann Beier, Wilfried Altenhilfe e.V.). Hildesheimerstrasse 426; 30519
Beier, Heinz Beierlein, Helmut Binanzer, Manfred Binanzer, Hannover; Germany.
Heinrich Bittsching, Ernst Bleil, Waldemar Blume, Manfred Uelzen Old Peoples Home (Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk,
Boettcher, Gerhard Brand, Wolfgang Brunotte, Hans Norddeutscher Verband e.V.). Waldstrasse 2; 29525
Clemens, Walter Cremer, Willi Cziborra, Uwe Deertz, Uelzen; Germany.
Friedhelm Dillmann, Gerd Dreiling, Friedhelm Eberhardt, Other Entities
Konrad Edel, Reinhard Engel, Erhard Erben, Guenter Fraatz,
Heinz Frese, Alfred Friedrich, Manfred Fuchs, Willfried Internet Media:
Gaebel, Berthold Gauger, Manfred Gelke, Winfried Genzel, Staonline e. V. P.O. Box 100403; 51404 Bergisch
Rudi Goetz, Jochen Graupner, Erich Gutsche, Johannes Gladbach; Germany. Business Manager, Martin Haase;
Haase, Rudolph Hacke, Werner Haeusler, Guenther Board Members, Stephan Brass, Detlef Eschen, Dietrich
Hampel, Wolfgang Hartlapp, Fritz Hartmann, Friedrich Mueller, Lothar Scheel, Karl-Heinz Walter. Website:
Heiderstaedt, Klaus Heilmann, Egon Hennig, Heinz
Henning, Fritz Henninger, Martin Herziger, Karl Hinz, Retreats:
Gerhard Hiob, Claus Hoelzel, Eberhard Hoffmann, Hugo Bergheim Muehlenrahmede. Kalkofenweg 32; 58750
Huebscher, Hugo Imhof, Alfred Jahn, Heinz Janus, Egon Altena; Germany. Business Manager, Reinhard Fuchs.
Jastrow, Herbert Kaetzner, Hans Klein, Helmut Knoll, Website:
Eberhard Koehler, Hennry Koehler, Heinz Kubis, Siegfried Friedensau Retreat (Erholungsheim Friedensau). 39291
Kuesel, Albrecht Kulessa, Willi Lang, Hans-Juergen Friedensau; Germany. Business Manager, Ruth Walz.
Lantellme, Peter Laskowski, Winfried Laue, Guenter E-mail: gaestehaus@thh-friedensau,de.
Lentzsch, Dieter Leutert, Heinz Liedtke, Burkhard Loechel,
Hartwig Luepke, Erwin Meier, Wilfried Meier, Lothar Meyer, BERLIN-CENTRAL GERMAN CONFERENCE
Klaus Mueller, Wilfried Ninow, Winfried Noack, Ronald K Organized 1919; reorganized 1971, 1990, 1999, 2007
Noltze, Juergen Oerterer, Anton Olma, Heinz Ottschoffsky,
Hans-Joachim Paeschel, Friedhold Paetow, Wilfried Paetow, Territory: The states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen,
Wilhelm Pape, Karl-Heinz Passchier, Arno Patzke, Reinhold Sachsen-Anhalt, and Thueringen.
Paul, Franz Piehler, Wolfgang Piorr, Edgar Pusch, Lothar Statistics: Churches, 163; membership, 7,679; population,
Reiche, Christian Reichel, Helmut Reinhardt, Winfried 15,162,620.
Reinicke, Friedhelm Remmert, Gerhard Rempel, Lothar Telecommunications:
Remtisch, Georg Richter, Paul Roestel, Roland Rudolph, Telephone: 49 (351) 447-550.
Reinhardt Rupp, Wolfgang Scheel, Johannes Schmieder, Fax: 49 (351) 447-5514.

E-mail: Address: Grindelberg 15 a; 20144 Hamburg; Germany.

Website: Administration:
Address: Poststrasse 13; 01159 Dresden-Loebtau; Germany. President, Heinz-Ewald Gattmann.
Berlin Branch Office: Koblenzerstrasse 3; 10715 Berlin; Secretary, Thilo Foth.
Germany. Telephone: 49 (3) 857-9010. Fax: 49 (30) Treasurer, Guenter Brecht.
8579-0144. E-mail: Website: Executive Committee: Heinz-Ewald Gattmann, Chair; Thilo Foth, Secretary;
Administration: Guenter Brecht, Michael Brunotte, Ralf Gelke, Baerbel
President, Johannes Scheel. Heger, Seho Henemi, Volker Jasper, Rudolf Kruck, Joachim
Secretary, Simon Krautschick. Lang, Hermann Lingel, Gerhard Menn, Jan Ritter,
Treasurer, Carsten Koehler. Wolfgang Schreer, Wilfried Schulz, Gerlinde Streudel,
Vice Presidents, Reinhard Jurke, Lothar Scheel. Thomas Wagenknecht, Anita Zuecker.
Executive Committee: Departments:
Johannes Scheel, Chair; Simon Krautschick, Secretary; Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Wilfried Schulz.
Christiane Baberowski, Reiner Bonnet, Matthias Botzet, Stewardship, Thilo Foth.
Silke Donat, Gerd Eiteneier, Jens Fabich, Norbert Gelke, Youth Ministries, Michael Brunotte.
Christina Janus, Manuela Jersch, Reinhard Jurke, Clemens Legal Associations:
Kahle, Rainer Knoll, Carsten Koehler, Lothar Nieschalk, Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in
Michaela Rein, Kai Ritter, Dieter Rockstroh, Julia Romana, Hamburg, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a
Lothar Scheel, Klaus Schmitz, Sonja Sperlich, Anette corporation under public law for the district of
Steinert, Jurgen Wedekind, Michael Weiss. Hamburg).
Departments: Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Reinhard Jurke. Schleswig-Holstein, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen
Youth Ministries, Alexander Schulze. Rechts (a corporation under public law for the district
Legal Associations: of Schleswig-Holstein).
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Berlin, Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in
Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a corporation Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Koerperschaft des oef-
under public law). fentlichen Rechts (a corporation under public law for
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten im Land the district of Mecklenburg-Porpommern).
Brandenburg, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a Ministerial Credential:
corporation under public law). Torsten Bretschneider, Michael Brunotte, Thilo Foth,
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Sachsen, Heinz-Ewald Gattmann, Gunther Gauger, Ralf Gelke,
Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts, (a corporation Juergen Klein, Joachim Lang, Dennis Meier, Gerhard
under public law for the district of Sachsen). Menn, Elijah Nyamaah, Andreas Schmidt, Wilfried Schulz,
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Sachsen- Horst Sebastian, Klaus Tiebel, Hugo Tornow, Markus Voss,
Anhalt, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts, (a cor- Joergen Zschunke, Erwin Zuecker.
poration under public law for the district of Sachsen- Commissioned Minister Credential:
Anhalt). Guenter Brecht, Anja Englert, Rudolf Rau.
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Thueringen, Missionary Credential:
Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts, (a corporation Gisela Streit, Branislava Sturbek.
under public law for the district of Thueringen).
Rene Cornelius, Horst Dienelt, Marc-Gunnar Dillner, Organized 1902; reorganized 1934, 1999
Norbert Ehmler, Andreas Erben, Jens Fabich, Stefan Filter,
Harald Gaebel, Frank Gelke, Norbert Gelke, Stefan Gelke, Territory: Bremen and the state of Niedersachsen.
Adelbert Genzel, Michael Goetz, Piotr Gradzikiewicz, Statistics: Churches, 64; membership, 3,753; population,
Thomas Gross, Wilfried Hoehne, Detlef Hummel, Gerald 8,768,441.
Hummel, Joachim Hummel, Emmanuel B Imbrah, Vojislav Telecommunications:
Jelic, Reinhard Jurke, Klaus Kaestner, Christian Knoll, Telephone: 49 (511) 3539-777-70.
Walfried Knoll, Carsten Koehler, Friedbert Kosche, Helmut Fax: 49 (511) 3539-777-77.
Krause, Wilfried Krause, Simon Krautschick, Johannes E-mail:
Langer, Sigurd Mager, Thomas Marschner, Andreas Pape, Website:
Gerhard Peters, Hans-Otto Reling, Armin Richter, Michael Address: Fischerstrasse 19; 30167 Hannover; Germany.
Rossmann, Johannes Scheel, Lothar Scheel, Andreas Administration:
Schmidtke, Klaus Schmitz, Gunnar Scholz, Michael President, Johannes Naether.
Schramm, Ralf Schulz, Alexander Schulze, Michael Secretary, Detlef Bendig.
Schwindt, Mark Seefeldt, Joerg Sterrmann, Olaf Vogt, Treasurer, Steffen Entrich.
Guenter Wagner, Joerg Wietrichowski, Joerg Zacharias. Executive Committee:
Commissioned Minister Credential: Johannes Naether, Chair; Detlef Bendig, Secretary; Steffen
Heidi Eschen, Hannelore Jahn, Martin Kendzia, Dietmar Entrich, Karl Gerstner, Timo Grebe, Regina Hannemann,
Kessler, Cornelia Witte. Brigitte Heibutzki, Reinhard Heibutzki, Susanne
Missionary Credential: Heidenblut, Torsten Heidenblut, Walter Kopmann,
Didzis Blume, Heike Bock, Sigrun Donat, Birgit Goetz, Matthias Kramer, Rolf Mueller-Blom, Regina Nagel, Ralf
Juergen Hartmann, Ingrid Hartweg, Steffi Hauptvogel, Nier, Astrid Petersohn, Gersom Roesler, Bert Seefeldt, Jutta
Uwe Loeffler, Michael Plietz, Andreas Reich, Wilfried Seefeldt, Lorethy Starck, Christopher Wilde, Astrid Zinner.
Scheel, Claudia Seefeld, Ursula Ullmann. Departments:
Communication, Detlef Bendig.
HANSA CONFERENCE Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Christopher
Organized 1900; reorganized 1948, 1992 Wilde.
Stewardship, Steffen Entrich.
Territory: The states of Hamburg, Mecklenburg- Youth Ministries, Bert Seefeldt.
Vorpommern, and Schleswig-Holstein. Legal Associations:
Statistics: Churches, 47; membership, 2,799; population, Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten im Land
6,295,310. Bremen, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a cor-
Telecommunications: poration under public law for the district of Bremen).
Telephone: 49 (40) 414-682-0. Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in
Fax: 49 (40) 414-682-28. Niedersachsen, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts
E-mail: (a corporation under public law for the district of Lower
Website: Saxony).

Ministerial Credential: Puetz, Paul Retzmanik, Ulrike Riedl, Ewald Rottmann,

Detlef Bendig, Joerg Boehrnsen, Dittmar Dost, Ralf Ruthild Schaffer, Marc Trautvetter, Monika Varnholt,
Eigenbrodt, Bernhard Lindsay Elias, Matthias Gansewendt, Alexander Wagner, Steffi Wiessner.
Juri Gaus, Timo Grebe, Joachim Kaufmann, Michael Departments:
Kolwe, Dragutin Lipohar, Johannes Naether, Reiner Puetz, Communication and Education, Stefan Adam.
Bernd Rahner, Ulf Roeder, Gersom Roesler, Bert Seefeldt, Ministerial Association, Bernhard Bleil.
Karsten Stank, Lorethy Starck, Andreas Tonhaeuser, Health Ministries, Pavlo I. Khiminets.
Wolfgang Trautmann, Ottmar Wander, Christopher Wilde. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Gerd Dreiling.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Bernhard Bleil,
Steffen Entrich, Tobias Friedel, Joachim Gruenig, Alexander Pavlo I. Khiminets.
Vilem, Andreas Wagner. Stewardship, Steffi Wiessner.
Missionary Credential: Youth Ministries, Ruediger Langhof.
Heidi Franz, Jutta Popp, Bianca Tikomailepanoni. Legal Association:
NORTHERN RHENISH-WESTFALIAN CONFERENCE Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Nordrhein-
Organized 1989 Westfalen, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a
corporation under public law for Nordrhein-Westfalen).
Territory: The state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Ministerial Credential:
Statistics: Churches, 83; membership, 6,334; population, Stefan Adam, Manuel Bendig, Juergen Binneboessel,
17,935,402. Bernhard Bleil, Armin Danz, Isaac Donkor, Vlatko Gagic,
Telecommunications: Robert G Geibel, Reinhard Grohmann, Carsten
Telephone: 49 (2104) 139-00. Hagemann, Bernd Heibutzki, Horst Hirt, Ljubomir Jelic,
Fax: 49 (2104) 139-010. Werner Jelinek, Pavlo I Khiminets, Roman Kulicki, Gunter
E-mail: Lange, Ruediger Langhof, Alberto Francisco Mambranca,
Website: Hans-Eckard Nagel, Peter Nagel, Dario Paeper, Martin
Address: Diepensiepen 18; 40822 Mettmann; Germany. Peters, Ewald Rottmann, Ralf Schaeffer, Friedbert
Administration: Schramm, Dietmar Steinchen, Holger Straeter, Ben
President, Bernhard Bleil. Teggemann, Marc Trautvetter, Alexander R Wagner, Otto
Secretary, Stefan Adam. Wendel, Gerhard Wildemann, Hans-Hagen Zwick.
Treasurer, Steffi Wiessner. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Executive Committee: Christian Badorrek, Dimitri Husarov, Alexander
Bernhard Bleil, Chair; Stefan Adam, Secretary; Marwin Kampmann, Viktor Kunz, Carsten Piorr, Andreas Tiessen.
Bremkamp, Alexander Dietrich, Harald Doliwa, Wolfgang Missionary Credential:
Gunka, Uwe Herfurth, Pavlo I. Khiminets, Waltraud Koch, Ruth Dillmann, Bianka Kreis, Romy Laub, Annerose
Ruediger Langhof, Guenter Paeper, Martin Peters, Rita Weise, Michael Weise, Steffi Wiessner.


Organized 1904; reorganized 1972, 1982

Territory: Azores Islands, Madeira Islands, and Portugal. Ministries and Services:
Statistics: Churches, 96; membership, 9,103; population, Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Jose Eduardo Teixeira.
10,667,000. Ministerial Credential:
Telecommunications: Ruben Abreu, Antonio Amorim, Daniel Bastos, Rui Bastos,
Telephone: 351 (21) 3510-918. Antonio Carvalho, Ilidio Carvalho, Joaquim Casaquinha,
Fax: 351 (21) 3510-029. Carlos Cordeiro, Manuel Cordeiro, Jose Carlos Costa, Jorge
E-mail:; secretaria@; Duarte, Antonio Gameiro, Manuel Garrido, Paulo
Website: Garrochinho, Justino Gloria, Edgar Justino, Jose Lagoa,
Address: Rua Acacio Paiva, 35; 1700-004 Lisboa; Portugal. Artur Machado, Jorge Machado, Daniel Martins, Emanuel
Administration: Paulo Mendes, Joaquim Nogueira, Enoque Nunes,
President, Jose Eduardo Teixeira. Ezequiel Quintino, Antonio Rodrigues, Luis Rosa, Julio
Secretary, Ruben Abreu. Carlos Santos, Mario Santos, Jose Eduardo Teixeira, Daniel
Treasurer, Daniel Vicente. Vicente, Jose Vieira.
Executive Committee: Honorary/Emeritus: Orlando Albuquerque, Francisco
Jose Eduardo Teixeira, Chair; Ruben Abreu, Secretary; Caetano, Joaquim Dias, Abilio Echevarria, Carlos Esteves,
Jorge Duarte, David Esteves, Ana Flora, Paulo Ernesto Ferreira, Eduardo Graca, Manuel Laranjeira,
Garrochinho, Jose Lagoa, Sidonio Lanca, Ruben Lima, Amilcar Lopes, Coquenao Lopes, Arnaldo Macedo,
Anne Nunes, Jose Ramos, Daniel Vicente. Manuel Marinheiro, Jose Matos, Antonio Mauricio,
Departments: Fernando Mendes, Joao Mendonca, Alberto Nunes,
Childrens Ministries, Amelia Nobrega.
Manuel Oliveira, Samuel Reis, Pedro Ribeiro, Americo
Communication, Artur Machado.
Education, Maria Rosa Nunes. Rodrigues, Jose de Sa.
Family Ministries, Hortelina Gal. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Ministerial Association, Jose Eduardo Teixeira; Evangelism, Eunice Alves, Victor Alves, Leonilde Dias, Helder Gomes,
Julio Carlos Santos. Fernanda Amelia Santos.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Paulo Sergio Macedo. Honorary/Emeritus: Dalia Mateus, Celeste Matos.
Publishing Ministries, Fernando Ferreira. Missionary Credential:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Paulo
Garrochinho. Susana Bessa, Maria do Carmo Brito, Maria Teresa Brito,
Stewardship, Emanuel Paulo Mendes. Maria Sales Cardoso, Lina Costa, Freixo Domingos, Ana
Womens Ministries, Guida Esteves. Paula Duarte, Daniel Esteves, Maria da Graca Esteves,
Youth Ministries, Ruben Abreu. Manuel Ferro, Isabel Miranda, Vitalina Pereira, Alcino
Agency: Pinto, Maria Helena Robalo, Manuela Santos, Maria
ADRA, Joao Martins. Antonia Santos, Lourdes Cidra Silva.


Education Portuguese Publishing House (Publicadora Servir, S.A.).
Oliveira do Douro Secondary School (Colegio Adventista Rua da Serra, 1; Sabugo; 2715-398 Almargem do Bispo;
de Oliveira do Douro). Rua do Jorgim 166; 4430-436 Portugal.
Vila Nova Gaia; Portugal.
Healthcare Other Entities
Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers: Bible Correspondence Schools:
Lapi-Avintes (Lar Adventista Para Pessoas Idosas-Avintes). Voice of Hope. Rua Acacio Paiva, 35; 1700-004 Lisboa;
Apartado 3025; 4031-801 Villa Nova de Gaia; Portugal.
Lapi-Funchal (Lar Adventista Para Pessoas Idosas-Funchal). Portugal.
Rua Caminho de Santana, 27B; S. Roque; 9020-120 Youth Camps:
Funchal; Portugal. Parque de Campismo J.A. Costa de Lavos; 3080-458
Lapi-Salvaterra (Lar Adventista Para Pessoas Idosas-
Salvaterra). Vale Queimado; 2120-114 Salvaterra de Figueira da Foz; Portugal. Telephone: 351 (233) 946-
Magos; Portugal. 373.


Organized 1919

Territory: Romania; comprising the Banat, Moldavia, Health, Education, and Family Association (Asociatia pen-
Muntenia, North Transylvania, Oltenia, and South tru Sanatate, Educatie si Familie). Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae
Transylvania Conferences. 38-38A; OP Pipera; 077190 (Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov);
Statistics: Churches, 1,085; membership, 69,282; popula- Romania. Telephone: 40 (21) 269-0338. Fax: 40 (21)
tion, 21,550,000. 269-0340. Director, Lazar Forray.
Telecommunications: Retirement Home (Casa de Pensii si Ajutoare). Str. Erou
Iancu Nicolae 38-38A; OP Pipera; 077190 (Com.
Telephone: 40 (21) 269-0338, 269-0339.
Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Romania. Telephone: 40 (21) 269-
Fax: 40 (21) 269-0340. 0338. Fax: 40 (21) 269-0340. Director, Gheorghe
E-mail:; Panait.
Website: The Listeners of Voice of Hope Radio Association
Address: Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 38-38A; OP Pipera; 077190 (Asociatia ascultatorilor postului de Radio Vocea
(Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Romania. Sperantei). Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 38-38A; OP Pipera;
Administration: 077190 (Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Romania.
President, Teodor Hutanu. Telephone: 40 (21) 269-0338. Fax: 40 (21) 269-0340.
Secretary, Emilian Niculescu. E-mail:
Treasurer, Ioan Campian-Tatar. Youth Center: Pathfinders Association (Asociatia
Executive Committee: Exploratori pentru Viitor). Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 38-
Teodor Hutanu, Chair; Emilian Niculescu, Secretary; 38A; OP Pipera; 077190 (Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov);
Remus Benta, Nelu Burcea, Ioan Campian-Tatar, Alin Romania. Telephone: 40 (21) 269-0338. Fax: 40 (21) 269-
Catruna, Vasile Cotaru, Lucian Cristescu, Gyula-Laszlo 0340. Director, Cristian Modan. E-mail: cristian
Csabai, Daniel Delcea, Viorel Dima, Cristian Duica, Barna
Magyarosi, Mihai Maur, Cristian Modan, Marius Ministerial Credential:
Munteanu, Gheorghe Panait, Teofil Petre, Valeriu Petrescu, Gabriel Ban, Nelu Burcea, Ioan Campian-Tatar, Lucian
Iacob Pop, Cornel Roman, Virgil Sandu, karoly Soos, Cristescu, Viorel Dima, Gabriel Dinca, Liviu Dumitrascu,
Marius Sturz, Ernest Szasz, Mihaela Tintesan, George Uba, Claudiu Goran, Teodor Hutanu, Barna Magyarosi,
Gheorghe Modoran, Daniel Nae, Emilian Niculescu,
Cristian Voicu.
Valeriu Petrescu, Iacob Pop, Cornel Roman, George Uba.
Departments: Honorary/Emeritus: Petru Arcus, Pintilie Baciu,
Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Constantin Balan, Nicolae Balan, Victor Balutoiu, Ioan
Viorel Dima. Ban, Ioan Baston, Nicolae Bastoreala, Ioan Bidiuc,
Education, Valeriu Petrescu. Adalbert Blenessy, Ioan Bodnariuc, Dumitru Bogdan,
Family Ministries, Emilian Niculescu. Grigore Boia, Apostol Chelbegean, Emil Chetan, Marin
Health Ministries, Teodora Goran. Chitu, Iosif Ciorba, Ioan Ciuca, Vasile Cojea, Vasile
Ministerial Association, Lucian Cristescu. Coltuneac, Ioan Craciunescu, Cornel Croitoru, Gligor
Publishing Ministries, Iacob Pop. Deac, Ion Dragan, Dumitru Dumitrascu, Eugeniu
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, George Uba. Dumitrescu, Nelu Dumitrescu, Lucian Enache, Dezideriu
Stewardship, Ioan Campian-Tatar. Faluvegi, Lazar Forray, Teofil Gatan, Ion Geanta, Iosif
Womens Ministries, Silvia Dima. Gyeresi, Stefan Ionescu, Dimitrie Jigau, Iosafat Liga, Petre
Agency: Marinica, Traian Maur, Samuel Micu, Titu Mihalache, Ionel
ADRA. Bd. Pache Protopopescu 85, sector 2; Bucuresti Mirea, Mihai Mohanu, Petre Moisan, Aron Moldovan,
021408; Romania. Telephone and Fax: 40 (21) 252- Teodor Niculescu, Manuel Nitu, Arpad Oesz, Baziliu
8690. E-mail: Director, Cornel Pacurariu, Ion Patrancus, Ilie Penca, Constantin Petcu,
Roman. Nicolae Petre, Gheorghe Piturlea, Dumitru Popa, Nicolae
Popescu, Aurel Radoias, Ion Radu, Ion Rainer, Gheorghe
Ministries and Services: Restesan, Dumitru Rosca, Emanoil Rosca, Viorel Rosca,
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Emilian Niculescu. Gheorghe Rusu, Constantin Samota, Petre Sibianu, Ilie
Auditing, Constantin Aruxandei. Smarandache, Ion Soare, Misu Sofronie, Karoly Soos,
Legal Associations: Teodor Stan, Dumitru Stanculescu, Gheorghe Steblea,
Health and Temperance Association (Asociatia Sanatate si Dinu Stochici, Dumitru Stoica, Gheorghe Strimbu, Ioan
Temperanta). Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 38-38A; OP Tajti, Nicolae Tanase, B Alexandru Timis, Corneliu Toma,
Pipera; 077190 (Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Romania. Teodor Trif, Pavel Turturica, Marin Uba, Tudor Uta,
Telephone: 40 (21) 269-0338. Fax: 40 (21) 269-0340. Constantin Vasile, Gabriel Vasilescu, Aurel Vrinceanu, Ion
Director, Teodora Goran. Zabava, Damian Zanfir, Victor Zgunea.

Commissioned Minister Credential: Executive Committee:

Constantin Aruxandei, Paul Bistriceanu. Mihai Maur, Chair; Narcis Ardelean, Secretary; Teofil
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Brinzan, Gabriel Dragos, Abel Istoc, Dragos Musat, Liviu
Florin Laiu. Roman, Ionel Soponariu, Beniamin Zeiler.
Missionary Credential: Departments:
Ana Brad, Cezar Iliescu, Nicoleta Lazaroaia, Nadia- Communication, Narcis Ardelean.
Gabriela Safta, Paula Scripariu, Stoian Scripariu, Augustin Education, Mihai Maur.
Vasilescu. Family Ministries, Teofil Branzan.
Health Ministries, Dan Mihaicuta.
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Ministerial Association, Liviu Roman.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Abel Istoc.
Education Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Gabriel Dragos.
Romanian Adventist School of Nursing (Scoala Postliceala Stewardship, Ionel Soponariu.
Teologico-Sanitara Adventista de Ziua a Saptea Dr. Womens Ministries, Simona Dragos.
Luca). B-dul Independentei 238; Braila 810047, judetul Youth Ministries, Beniamin Zeiler.
Braila; Romania. Ministerial Credential:
Romanian Adventist Theological Institute (Institutul Narcis Ardelean, Marcel Asanache, Emil Banga, Teofil
Teologic Adventist). Sos. Decebal 11-13; 077035 Branzan, Gabriel Brezoi, Cornel Darvasan, Sorin Demian,
Cernica, judetul Ilfov; Romania. Gabriel Dragos, Emil Dulgheru, Mihai Ghisoiu, Petru
Hardalau, Abel Istoc, Emil Jigau, Mihai Maur, Pavel
Media Memete, Marius Morar, Dragos Musat, Gyula Nagy-Kasza,
Danut Obageanu, Ion Pop, Liviu Roman, Ionel Soponariu,
Media Centers: Ioan Stinghe, Lucian Suciu, Marcel Tarmure, Ioan Tolan,
Romanian Adventist Media Center (Centrul Media Claudiu Toma, Laszlo Verebi, Beniamin Zeiler.
Adventist). Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 38-38A; OP Pipera; Commissioned Minister Credential:
077190 (Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Romania. Adela Csergezan.
Radio and TV Stations: Missionary Credential:
Radio Vocea Sperantei (Voice of Hope Radio). Str. Erou Paul Bucur, Cornelia Ionas, Cecilia Plesa, Roxana Szekely,
Iancu Nicolae, 38-38A; OP Pipera; 077190 (Com. Vasile Varcus.
Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Romania.
Publishing Organized 1928; reorganized 1961
Romanian Adventist Publishing House (Editura Viata si
Sanatate). Str. Valeriu Braniste 29, sector 3; Bucuresti Territory: Bacau, Botosani, Galati, Iasi, Neamt, Suceava,
030715; Romania. Vaslui, and Vrancea.
Statistics: Churches, 229; membership, 13,520; population,
Other Entities 4,622,474.
Bible Correspondence Schools: Telecommunications:
The National Institute for Bible Correspondence Studies Telephone: 40 (234) 510-778, 510-774.
Sola Scriptura (Institutul National de Studii Biblice Fax: 40 (234) 515-398.
prin Corespondenta Sola Scriptura). Str. Erou Iancu E-mail:;
Nicolae 38-38A; OP PIPERA; 077190; Romania. Address: Strada Oituz 53; Bacau 600251, judetul Bacau;
Telephone: 40 (21) 269-0338. Fax: 40 (21) 269-0340. Romania.
Director, George Uba. E-mail: Administration:
Miscellaneous: President, Marius Munteanu.
Humanitarium Service for Prisons (Serviciul Umanitar Secretary, Paul-Florin Pauliuc.
pentru Penitenciare). Bd Pache Protopopescu nr. 85, Treasurer, Stefan Ropotica.
sector 2; Bucuresti; Romania. Telephone: 40 (21) 269- Executive Committee:
0338. Fax: 40 (21) 269-0340. Director, George Uba. Marius Munteanu, Chair; Paul-Florin Pauliuc, Secretary;
E-mail: Dan Apostol, Daniel Chirileanu, Aurica Crisan, Nicusor
Resources and Documentation Adventist Center (Centrul Curteanu, Viorel Dascalu, Alin-Ciprian Iorgulescu,
Adventist de Resurse si Documentare CARD). Str. Constantin Iosub, Florin Istrate, Ionel Mardare, Brindusa
Decebal nr. 9; 077035 Cernica, judetul Ilfov; Romania. Popescu, Stefan Ropotica, Ionel Tacu.
Telephone: 40 (21) 255-5609. E-mail: cardeditura@ Departments: Communication, and Education, Paul-Florin Pauliuc.
TV Stations: Family Ministries, Florin Istrate.
Health Ministries, Constantin Iosub.
Speranta TV (Hope TV). Str. Erau Iancu Nicolae 38-38A;
Ministerial Association, Ionel Mardare.
OP Pipera; 077190 (Com. Voluntari, Jud Ilfov); Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Sabbath School
Romania. and Personal Ministries, Alin-Ciprian Iorgulescu.
BANAT CONFERENCE Stewardship, Stefan Ropotica.
Organized 1961; reorganized 1992 Womens Ministries, Raluca Ropotica.
Youth Ministries, Daniel Chirileanu.
Territory: Arad, Bihor, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara, and Timis. Ministries and Services:
Statistics: Churches, 114; membership, 6,900; population, Spirit of Prophecy, Ionel Mardare.
2,542,900. Ministerial Credential:
Telecommunications: Gabriel Alban, Beniamin Apostol, Liviu Avramiea, Daniel
Telephone: 40 (257) 278-240. Beres, Ovidiu Burbulea, Pavel Burlacu, Onisim Butuc, Iosif
Fax: 40 (257) 278-290. Chidovet, Licinius-Cristian Chiriac, Daniel Chirileanu,
Costel Chirilianu, Eugen Chirilianu, Constantin Ciobanu,
E-mail:; narcisardelean@gmail.
Vasile Ciobanu, Viorel Dascalu, Enoh Felea, Ionel
com. Gavrilita, Valentin-Laurentiu Gherghe, Stelian Iacob, Alin-
Website: Ciprian Iorgulescu, Constantin Iosub, Florin Istrate, Savel
Address: Strada Stefan Cel Mare 3; Arad 310237, judetul Lupu, Sergiu-Daniel Macovei, Ionel Mardare, Dragos
Arad; Romania. Mateciuc, Ticu-Ion Mohorea, Dumitru Morhan, Marius
Administration: Munteanu, Dorel Neacsu, Ilie Panaite, Paul-Florin Pauliuc,
President, Mihai Maur. Petru Pislaru, Tache Pohrib, Eugen Profir, Stefan Ropotica,
Secretary, Narcis Ardelean. Adin-Emanuel Salagean, Virgil Sandu, Iuliu Varadi,
Treasurer, Ionel Soponariu. Dumitru-Gheorghe Vararu.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Rubin Atomei, Danut Sova. Organized 1911; reorganized 1961, 1992
Missionary Credential:
Iulia-Gabriela Alexandru, Nicolae Alexandru, Viorica Territory: Alba, Bistrita Nasaud, Cluj, Maramures, Salaj, and
Avramiea, Benoni Catana, Alina-Iulia Chirileanu, Traian Satu-Mare.
Danila, Valeria Danila, Laurentiu Dobanda, Veronica Statistics: Churches, 124; membership, 7,793; population,
Dobanda, Dumitru Lupu. 2,443,770.
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Telephone: 40 (264) 430-040, 430-039.
Other Entities Fax: 40 (264) 591-685.
Humanitarian Establishment Dr. Luca (Fundatia Umanitara Website:
Dr. Luca). Strada Oituz 53; Bacau 600251, judetul Address: Str. Gh. Bilascu, nr. 101; Cluj Napoca 400489,
Bacau; Romania. Telephone: 40 (234) 199-059. Fax: 40 judetul Cluj; Romania.
(234) 515-398. E-mail: Administration:
MUNTENIA CONFERENCE President, Ernest Szasz.
Secretary, Romeo Asanache.
Organized 1928; reorganized 1961, 1992 Treasurer, Janos Bela Ilyes.
Territory: Braila, Bucuresti, Buzau, Calarasi, Constanta, Executive Committee:
Ernest Szasz, Chair; Romeo Asanache, Secretary;
Dimbovita, Giurgiu, Ialomita, Ilfov, Prahova, and Tulcea. Beniamin Anca, Emanuel C. Ban, Claudia Bubau, Bernard
Statistics: Churches, 259; membership, 19,539; population, Csergezan, Janos Bela Ilyes, Ioan Oncea, Ioan Orban,
6,322,770. Lidia Poll, Ioan Rotaru, Vilmos Szekely, Gheorghe Urdas.
Telecommunications: Departments:
Telephone: 40 (21) 312-1905, 312-0684. Communication, and Youth Ministries, Emanuel C. Ban.
Fax: 40 (21) 312-5053. Education, Romeo Asanache.
E-mail: Family Ministries, Bernard Csergezan
Website: Ministerial Association, Beniamin Anca.
Address: Str. Negustori, nr. 15; Bucuresti 023952; Romania. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Gheorghe Urdas.
Stewardship, Janos Bela Ilyes.
Administration: Womens Ministries, Lidia Poll.
President, Teofil Petre.
Ministries and Services:
Secretary, Georgel Pirlitu. Childrens Ministries, and Spirit of Prophecy, Gheorghe
Treasurer, Eduard Calugaru. Urdas.
Executive Committee: Publications, Ernest Szasz.
Teofil Petre, Chair; Georgel Pirlitu, Secretary; Catalin Ministerial Credential:
Barbulescu, Eduard Calugaru, Lucian Floricel, Roland Beniamin Anca, Romeo Asanache, Gabriel Blotor, Toader
Paraschiv, Daniel Popa, Pavel Popa, Viorel Prioteasa, Brandzanic, Iosif Ciurila, Bernard Csergezan, Daniel
Constantin Radoi, Romica Sirbu, Cezar Spatarelu, Eliza Demeter, Daniel Dumitrache, Gabriel Hategan, Janos Bela
Stroe, Vadic Tanase, Ion Vlad. Ilyes, Arpad Kovacs, Zsolt Aron Mago, Antal Ferencz
Departments: Orban, Ioan Orban, Doru Vasile Parascinet, Ioan Parcalab,
Communication, Roland Paraschiv. Iosif Pasca, Carol Potocian-Bandean, Ioan Rotaru, Ernest
Education, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Szasz, Tiberiu Szasz, Stefan Tomoioaga, Gheorghe Urdas.
Romica Sirbu. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Family Ministries, Andrei Marius. Emanuel C Ban.
Health Ministries, Anca Enache. Missionary Credential:
Ministerial Association, Lucian Floricel. Camelia Aruxandei, Gyongyi Halmi Szabo, Francisc
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vadic Tanase. Tiberiu Kovacs-Biro, Renate Mathilde Kovacs-Biro, Ana
Stewardship, Eduard Calugaru. Sos, Judith Krizstina Tapu.
Youth Ministries, Catalin Barbulescu.
Ministerial Credential: Education
Laurentiu Albu, Catalin Barbulescu, Dan Barbuta, Adrian Maranatha Adventist High School (Liceul Teologic
Bocaneanu, Ion Buciuman, Ionel Calota, Eduard Calugaru, Adventist Maranatha). Str. Campului Micro II/2; Cluj-
Beniamin Ciurea, Mugurel Craciun, Corneliu Cristea, Iosif Napoca 400664, judetul Cluj; Romania.
Dan, Liviu David, Daniel Dinca, Cornel Dobre, Nelu OLTENIA CONFERENCE
Dobrica, Emil Eremie, Lucian Floricel, Titu Ghejan, Organized 1992
Leonida Ghioalda, Nicolae Ionescu, Viorel Ionescu, Danut
Jercan, Gabriel Kadar-Matei, Erwin Kestner, Allen Micu, Territory: Arges, Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt, Teleorman, and
Paulin Micu, Marian Mihai, Adrian Mihalcea, Ion Padure, Valcea.
Roland Paraschiv, Virgiliu Peicu, Teofil Petre, Georgel Statistics: Churches, 211; membership, 12,389; population,
Pirlitu, Titi Pirvan, Cornel Popa, Daniel Popa, Ion Preda, 3,491,100.
Constantin Radoi, Romica Sarbu, Dorin Sisu, Cezar Telecommunications:
Spatarelu, Marius Stancu, Vadic Tanase, Costel Tianu, Liviu Telephone: 40 (251) 533-393, 310-295.
Vaduva, Cristian Voicu. Fax: 40 (251) 310-097.
Missionary Credential: E-mail:
Adrian Dragnea, Emilia Dragnea, Romelia Firu, Adalbert Website:
Ghejan, Mihaela Lascu, Camelia Manea, Livia Manea, Address: Strada Mitropolit Firmilian, nr. 18; Craiova 200381,
Cristina Zabava. judetul Dolj; Romania.
Secretary-Treasurer, Viorel Raducan.
Executive Committee:
Stefan Demetrescu Adventist High School (Liceul Teologic Daniel Delcea, Chair; Viorel Raducan, Secretary; Daniel
Adventist Stefan Demetrescu). Vitan Barzesti 11; sector Andrei, Adrian Butuc, Ciprian Craciun, Corneliu Dafina,
4, 042122 Bucharest; Romania. Daniel Luta, Aurel Neatu, Costel Poenariu, Constantin

Popescu, Cristinel Preda, Gheorghe Schiopu-Constantin, Fax: 40 (265) 307-161.

Paul Serban-Pascu, Nicolae Sora. E-mail:
Departments: Address: Str. Predeal, nr. 120; Targu-Mures 540494, judetul
Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Mures; Romania.
Aurel Neatu. Administration:
Education, Constantin Popescu. President, Gyula-Laszlo Csabai.
Family Ministries, Ministerial Association, and Secretary, Karoly Tamasi.
Stewardship, Ciprian Craciun. Treasurer, Marius Cojocaru.
Health Ministries, Cristian Purnea.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Daniel Andrei. Executive Committee:
Womens Ministries, Gratiela Schiopu-Constantin. Gyula-Laszlo Csabai, Chair; Karoly Tamasi, Secretary;
Youth Ministries, Gheorghe Schiopu-Constantin. Marius Cojocaru, Gyorgy Csergedi, Valentin Cucu, Joszef-
Attila Ferencz-Zorgel, Magdalena Ganea, Costel Mitran,
Ministerial Credential:
Daniel Andrei, Stelian Badea, Nicolae Buica, Adrian Iacob Nadasan, Daniel Niculescu, Zoltan Portik, Ioan
Butuc, Florian Carnu, Alin Catruna, Iosif Chircan, Silvestru Rusneac, Geza Cserei Szasz.
Ciornei, Gabriel-Teodoru Ciupag, Ciprian Craciun, Departments:
Corneliu Dafina, Daniel Delcea, Daniel Geanta, Julien Communication, Karoly Tamasi.
Gheorghe, Florian Mot, Aurel Neatu, Petre Daniel Nita, Education, and Ministerial Association, Valentin Cucu.
Valentin Petreaca, Constantin Popescu, Cornel Popescu, Family Ministries, Jozsef Szabo.
Fidel-Beni Predi, Corneliu Predie, Viorel Raducan, Stelian Health Ministries, Lazar Onisai, Valentin Nadasan.
Raicu, Florian Ristea, George Sbirnea, Gheorghe Schiopu- Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Costel Mitran.
Constantin, Paul Serban-Pascu, Eugen Soare, Viorel-Adrian Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Herbert Zoltan
Tucmeanu, Ionel Untesu. Portik.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Stewardship, Marius Cojocaru.
Daniel Stanciu. Youth Ministries, Daniel Niculescu.
Missionary Credential: Legal Association:
Augustin Angheluta, Florentina Dencu, Octavian Marica, Omega Foundation (Fundatia Omega). Str. Transilvania,
Stefan Marica, Pompilius Paun, Timi Predi, Daniela Tacu, nr. 25; Targu Mures, judetul Mures; Romania.
Elena Georgeta Turcu. Telephone: 40 (265) 255-391. Fax: 40 (265) 216-332.
Education Balint Sandor Barabas, Andras Biro, Marius Cojocaru,
Eduard Cristea, Gyula-Laszlo Csabai, Gyorgy Csergedi-
Adventist Theological High School of Craiova (Liceul Nagy, Valentin Cucu, Jozsef Attila Ferencz, Nicusor
Teologic Adventist Onisim - Craiova). Str. Pascani 28; Gheorghita, Ioan Grama, Zoltan Jozsa, Antal Kardos, Toma
200151 Craiova, jud. Dolj; Romania. Miron, Costel Mitran, Elisei Iacob Nadasan, Herbert
SOUTH TRANSYLVANIA CONFERENCE Zoltan Portik, Otto Viorel Stanoiu, Jozsef Szabo, Geza
Organized 1989; reorganized 1992 Szasz-Cserei, Horea Tamasan, Karoly Tamasi, Iuliu Topor,
Florin Tudose.
Territory: Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, Mures, and Sibiu. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Statistics: Churches, 148; membership, 9,141; population, Silviu Stefureac.
2,126,986. Missionary Credential:
Telecommunications: Jozsa Gretta Buta, Remus Ciutan, Izabella Ibolya Ferencz,
Telephone: 40 (265) 266-715, 266-549. Istvan Imre Nagy.


Organized 1912

Territory: The states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Departments:

Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland; comprising Childrens Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Jochen Streit.
the Baden-Wuerttemberg, Central Rhenish, North Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Bavarian, and South Bavarian Conferences. Dietrich Mueller.
Statistics: Churches, 217; membership, 15,320; population, Education, Family Ministries, and Ministerial Association,
34,092,227. Norbert Dorotik.
Telecommunications: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Womens
Telephone: 49 (711) 448-190. Ministries, Bojan Godina.
Fax: 49 (711) 448-1960. Stewardship, Werner Dullinger.
E-mail: Womens Ministries, Reinhard Gelbrich.
Website: Ministries and Services:
Address: Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Jochen Streit.
Street: Senefelderstrasse 15; 73760 Ostfildern; Germany. Auditing, Guenter Drexler.
Mailing: Postfach 4260; 73745 Ostfildern; Germany. Common Financial Administration, Volker Artmann,
Administration: Guenter Drexler, Wolfgang Mueller.
President, Guenther Machel. Interunion Service for the North and South German Union
Secretary, Dietrich Mueller. Conferences:
Treasurer, Werner Dullinger.
Health Center, Business Manager, Bernd Woehner.
Executive Committee: Ministerial Education, Roland Fischer.
Guenther Machel, Chair; Dietrich Mueller, Secretary;
Elisabeth Behling-Knobloch, Erhard Biro, Heike Damm, Press and Media Center, Holger Teubert.
Norbert Dorotik, Werner Dullinger, Roswitha Frommann, Sueddeutscher Bauverein (Building Association):
Bojan Godina, Nadine Gomola, Markus Gothe, Sonja Architect, Steffen Tuchtenhagen.
Greger, Reiner Gross, Tobias Koch, Detlef Latuski, Ingrid Legal Associations:
Naumann, Horst-Georg Reinhold, Wolfgang Roenisch, Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten, Sued-deutsch-
Detlef Schleiferboeck, Frieder Schmid, Fritz Vogel, Rainer er Verband, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a
Wanitschek, Katrin Weigert, Andre Zoebisch. corporation under public law).

Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk e.V. (Seventh-day Adventist Youth Centers:

Community Services, Interunion); Hildesheimer Str. Freizeitheim Diepoldsburg. 73266 Bissingen/Teck;
426; 30519 Hannover; Germany. Manager, Rainer Germany. Telephone: 49 (7023) 3375. Fax: 49 (7023)
Winkelhoch. 728-71.
Deutsche Vereinigung fuer Religionsfreiheit e.V.
(Religious Liberty Association). BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG CONFERENCE
Deutscher Verein fuer Gesundheitspflege, e.V., Sitz Organized 1912; reorganized 1970
Deutscher Verein fuer Gesundheitspflege, e.V., Sitz Bad Territory: The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Aibling. Statistics: Churches, 82; membership, 6,210; population,
Sueddeutscher Bauverein der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten 10,683,447.
e.V., Sitz Stuttgart. Telecommunications:
Ministerial Credential: Telephone: 49 (711) 162-900.
Norbert Dorotik, Werner Dullinger, Guenther Machel, Fax: 49 (711) 162-9060.
Dietrich Mueller, Andreas Noack, Jochen Streit, Holger E-mail:
Teubert. Website:
Honorary/Emeritus: Peter Berndt, Hartmut von Bezold, Address: Firnhaberstrasse 7; 70174 Stuttgart; Germany.
David Bibulovic, Helmut Binus, Josef Butscher, Artur Dej, Administration:
Martin Dietz, Franz Ebner, Ferdinand Fechter, Johannes President, Erhard Biro.
Fiedler, Hans Fleschutz, Adolf Fraunberger, Helmuth Secretary-Treasurer, Michael Walter.
Gaffron, Martin Gloeckner, Rudolf Goessler, David Gomer, Executive Committee:
Hans Grajer, Heinz Grigat, Mato Haluzan, Kurt Hasel, Erhard Biro, Chair; Michael Walter, Secretary; Christoph
Helmut Haubeil, Wilhelm Hehn, Joachim Hildebrandt, Berger, David Buro, Andreas Eschen, Claudia Fischer, Ralf
Albrecht Hoeschele, Ernst Hofmann, Friedrich Holl, Heinz Henschke, Edeltraut Krebelder Arseni, Ulrich Ottschofski,
Hopf, Hans-Otto Jasef, Wolfgang Kabus, Siegfried Kaun, Hans Juergen Rinner, Olaf Schroeer, Bernd Sengewald,
Erwin Kilian, Otto Klauss, Berthold Knoblauch, Ferdinand Anita Simm, Martin Wagner, Cornelia Witzig.
Knobloch, Oskar Kolletzki, Helmut Kraus, Horst Kraus, Departments:
Martin Kraus, Hans Krause, Erwin Lawaty, Wilhelm Linsig, Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Bruno Liske, Johannes Mager, Samuel Martasek, Johann Michael Walter.
Maurer, Helmut Mayer, Walter Mertinat, Horst Meyer, Health Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal
Lothar Mueller, Gerhard Mulitze, Siegbert Ninow, Josef- Ministries, Bernd Sengewald.
Gottfried Noesner, Joan-Johann Orban-Dengel, Karl Ott, Youth Ministries, Christoph Berger.
Eduard Ottschoffsky, Hellmuth Paeske, Aurel Palasan, Legal Association:
Henryk Patryarcha, Dan Paul, Otto Peter, Manfred Peters, Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Baden-
Baldur Pfeiffer, Hans Pfeuffer, Lothar Philippin, Erwin Wuerttemberg, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts
Pieszka, Dietrich Pratz, Peter Queisser, Alfred Richter, (a corporation under public law for the district of Baden-
Johannes Richter, Siegfried Rohleder, Alexander Schiffmann, Wuerttemberg).
Willi Schmid, Guenter Schmidl, Guenther Schmidt, Felix Ministerial Credential:
Schoenfeld, Edgar Schuchert, Daniel Schuettler, Klaus Sott, Robert Albig, Charles Bediako, Hartmut Behnke, Christoph
Adolf Stegmiller, Helmut Stoehr, Ronald Strasdowsky, Victor Berger, Erhard Biro, Reinhold Biro, Dragan Brozovic,
Szabo, Lothar E Traeder, Heinz Tuchtenhagen, Kurt Uhlig, German Contreras-Urzua, Jakob Fries, Reinhard Gelbrich,
Bruno Ulrich, Adam Wagner, Kurt Wagner, Karl-Heinz Stephan Igler, Jovan Jovanovic, Reinhard Kopp, Ralf
Walter, Johann Wanitschek, Helmut Weber, Siegfried Lachmann, Roland Lachmann, Georg Muller, Ulrich
Wewerke, Reinhold Weyl, Kurt Winterer, Gerhard Zahalka, Ottschofski, Daniel Pazanin, Carsten Reinhold, Bernhard
Reiner Zimmermann, Karlheinz Zoellner. Reischach, Werner Schlude, Olaf Schroeer, Jens
Commissioned Minister Credential: Schwenger, Bernd Sengewald, Nicola Taubert, Arthur
Ingrid Naumann, Bernd Woehner. Wagner, Michael Walter, Mato Werner, Hartmut Wischnat,
Honorary/Emeritus: Horst Arnhold, Helmut Franke, Harald Woehner, Slavici Zgherea.
Edith Harnack, Hans-Jochen Huebner, Dieter Kalweit, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Klaus Nau, Kurt Obermueller, Klaus Techentin, Winnefried Edeltraut Krebelder Arseni, Guenter Preuss.
Vogel, Hannelore Witzig. Missionary Credential:
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Steffen Eichwald, Irmgard Lichtenfels, Nicole Schuller, Grit
Honorary/Emeritus: Dieter Brockmann, Friedrich Ewert, Sommer.
Josef Foschum, David Johnson, Wilfried Rinner.
Wolfgang Broscheid, Ingeborg Kandella, Klaus Koslowski, Organized 1920; reorganized 1970
Wolfgang Mueller, Dragica Peric, Gerda Polchlopek-
Pelczar, Juergen Schammer, Heiko Siegmann, Marianne Territory: The states of Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and
Walter, Edeltraud Wieland. Saarland.
Statistics: Churches, 63; membership, 4,477; population,
Healthcare Telecommunications:
Telephone: 49 (6151) 5-11-12.
Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers: Fax: 49 (6151) 53-76-39.
Haus Odenwald Home for Disabled. Lise-Meitner-Strasse E-mail:
12; 64823 Gross-Umstadt; Germany. Website:
Haus Wittelsbach Old Peoples Home. Rosenheimer Address: Heidelberger Landstrasse 24; 64297 Darmstadt;
Strasse 49; 83043 Bad Aibling; Oberbayern; Germany. Germany.
Other Entities Administration:
President, Frieder Schmid.
Retreats: Secretary, Christian Molke.
Haus Schwarzwaldsonne Freudenstadt. Herrenfelder- Treasurer, Thomas Pohl.
strasse 13; 72250 Freudenstadt; Germany. Executive Committee:
Telephone/Fax: 49 (7441) 95090-0. Frieder Schmid, Chair; Christian Molke, Secretary; Kurt
Servicemens Centers: Breitenbach, Heike Damm, Pascal Decker, Christel Ewald,
Seventh-day Adventist Servicemens Center (Germany). Birgid Faber, Roland Fraatz, Tobias Gessler, Markus Gothe,
Johann-Klotz-Strasse 13; 60528 Frankfurt/Main; Helmut Hahn, Katrin Hertz, Gerhard Hofbauer, Tobias
Germany. Telephone: 49 (69) 67-38-87. Director, Koch, Ute Kuehne, Helga Kuerbiss, Detlef Latuski,
Gordon D. Weidemann. Alexander Miller, Thomas Pohl, Olga Scharf, Hartmut

Schleif, Ralf Schoenfeld, Marc-Oliver Schulz, Alexander Ministries and Services:

Swoboda, Ralf Vielweber, Henryk Vorast. Community Services, Thomas Knirr.
Departments: Legal Association:
Communication, Ministerial Association, and Public Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Bayern,
Affairs and Religious Liberty, Frieder Schmid. Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (Nordbayerische
Education, Stewardship, and Youth Ministries, Thomas Vereinigung) (a corporation under public law for the
Pohl. northern district).
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Christian Molke. Ministerial Credential:
Legal Associations: Guenther Czernotzki, Joachim Glanz, Matthias
Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Hessen, Griesshammer, Reiner Gross, Jochen Haerdter, Liviu Isaila,
Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a corporation Hans Klos, Thomas Knirr, Raimund Kundt, Torsten Riedel,
under public law). Erhard Sens, Martin Wanitschek.
Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Commissioned Minister Credential:
Rheinland-Pfalz, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Marc Engelmann, Rolf Kraus.
Rechts (a corporation under public law). Missionary Credential:
Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten im Sibylle Jedamski, Angelika Uhlmann.
Saarland, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (a
corporation under public law). SOUTH BAVARIAN CONFERENCE
Ministerial Credential: Organized 1902; reorganized 1919
Olaf Dammann, Erhardt Dan, Rene Dlouhy, Gerhard
Engelmann, Alexander Fellinger, Robert Hering, Jochen Territory: Lower and Upper Bavaria, and Swabia (including
Klauss, Soo Lim Koh, Stefan Loebermann, Michael Regensburg).
Mainka, Radovan Marjanov, Dragan Mirkovic, Christian Statistics: Churches, 37; membership, 2,626; population,
Molke, Hans-Juergen Nensel, Gerhard Paul, Thomas Pohl, 7,170,618.
Hardy Quedzuweit, Ulrich Ruthenberg, Hans-Joachim Telecommunications:
Scheithauer, Frieder Schmid, Ralf Schoenfeld, Marc Oliver Telephone: 49 (89) 159-134-0.
Schulz, Guido Sell, Alexander Swoboda, Gerhard Wagner, Fax: 49 (89) 159-134-17.
Helmut Wagner. E-mail:
Commissioned Minister Credential: Website:
Valentin Danov, Ruben Grieco, Ilian Kelm, Daniel Address: Tizianstrasse 18; 80638 Munich; Germany.
Lymarev, Simret Mahary, Mircea Riesz. Administration:
Missionary Credential: President, Rainer Wanitschek.
Katrin Hertz, Susanne Molke, Lisette Steuernagel. Secretary, Wolfgang Dorn.
Executive Committee:
NORTH BAVARIAN CONFERENCE Rainer Wanitschek, Chair; Wolfgang Dorn, Secretary; Jan
Organized 1934 Benda, Franz-Josef Eiteneier, Ilse Fink, Marion Graser,
Hans-Peter Landerer, Wolfgang Roenisch, Holger
Territory: Upper, Central, and Lower Franconia, and Upper Schneider, Lorenz Schropp, Sieglinde Simon, Bernhard
Palatinate. Stroh, Friedrich Zimmer.
Statistics: Churches, 35; membership, 2,007; population, Departments:
5,167,700. Communication, Health Ministries, Public Affairs and
Telecommunications: Religious Liberty, Sabbath School and Personal
Telephone: 49 (911) 628-08-0. Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Wolfgang Dorn.
Fax: 49 (911) 628-08-28. Stewardship, Rainer Wanitschek.
E-mail: Legal Association:
Website: Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Bayern,
Address: Kaiserslauterer Strasse 11; 90441 Nuermberg; Suedbayerische Vereinigung, Koerperschaft des oef-
Germany. fentlichen Rechts (a corporation under public law for
Administration: the southern district).
President, Reiner Gross. Ministerial Credential:
Secretary, Thomas Knirr. Stephan G Brass, Wolfgang Dorn, Franz-Josef Eiteneier,
Executive Committee: Siegfried Fleischmann, Miodrag Jovanovic, Tillmann
Reiner Gross, Chair; Thomas Knirr, Secretary; Peter Krautschick, Zoran Lukic, Gerhard Oertel, Albert
Dahmen, Verena Glanzleben, Siegfried Gutknecht, Georg Przykopanski, Stefan Rebensburg, Bernhard Schuele, Hans
Hartung, Heike Kraus, Wolfgang Nehls, Andreas Pfeifer, Seltenheim, Gunter Stahlberger, Franz Toth, Rainer
David Quass, Harald Schreiber, Friedrich Vogel, Rainer Wanitschek.
Wildenblanck. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Departments: William Albrecht, Eric Hensel, Carola Krautschick, Vera
Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal Syring.
Ministries, Reiner Gross. Missionary Credential:
Youth Ministries, Thomas Knirr. Manuela Boehme, Birgit Schweigert.


Organized 1903; reorganized 1958, 1972, 1982

Territory: Andorra, Gibraltar, and Spain. Administration:

Statistics: Churches, 99; membership, 13,468; population, President, Jesus Calvo Manso.
45,442,000. Secretary, Julian Rumayor.
Treasurer, Juan Andres Prieto.
Executive Committee:
Telephone: 34 (91) 571-6934.
Jesus Calvo Manso, Chair; Julian Rumayor, Secretary;
Fax: 34 (91) 571-6938. Oscar Bel, Raquel Boix, Antonio Cremades, Daniel Ene,
E-mail: Alberto Fernandez, Maria Gascon, Sergiu Gavril, Alberto
Website: Guaita, Maria Angeles Gutierrez, Oscar Lopez, Antonio
Address: Calle Alenza 6; 28003 Madrid; Spain. Martinez, Alberto Martorell, Cesar Maya, Eduard Nistor,

Liviu Olteanu, Juan Andres Prieto, Daniel Salvador, Eliasib Jose Martinez, Dolores Nogueras, Antonio Polo,
Sanchez, Marta Tejel, Gabriel Valverde, Ricardo Vargas, Magdalena Portero, Juan Carlos Pulleiro.
Gigel Vate, Lorena Voinea. Honorary/Emeritus: Violeta Balue, Fernando Lopez,
Departments: Avelino Saez.
Communication, Rafael Calonge. Missionary Credential:
Education, Antonio Cremades. Elisa Acero, Ma Carmen Acero, Tomas Alamo, Jean Pierre
Family Ministries, Antonio Martinez. Ambrosino, Jorge Amer, Maria Dolores Bardes, Estela
Health Ministries, Sandra Patrone. Bosich, Jose del Bosque, Olga Calonge, Manuel Campos,
Ministerial Association, Alberto Fernandez. Angeles Cardenas, Conchi Carrasco, Carmen Carvajal,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Marta Tejel, Isaac Chia, Hilario Chine, Camelia Cristea, Beltran Escorza
Eliasib Sanchez. Lizonta, Esteban Estalayo, Eduardo Fortea, Fernando
Stewardship, Julian Rumayor. Gomez, Antonio Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez, Martin
Womens Ministries, Maria Angeles Gutierrez. Gonzalez, Ignacio Goya, Sixto Guachalla Surco, Jose
Youth Ministries, Oscar Lopez. Fernando Infantes, Maria Jose Jimeno, Esther Lopez,
Agency: Antonia Martinez, Isabel Molina, Rafael Munoz, Maria
ADRA. Director, Alberto Guaita. E-mail: Angeles Ortiz, Antonio Pena de la Jose, Maria del Carmen
Ministries and Services: Perona, Maria del Carmen Perona, Roberto Profeta, Jose
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Julian Rumayor. Luis Ramos, Amalia Reta, Juan Jose Reta, Guillermo Rivas,
Global Mission, Eliasib Sanchez. Serafin Rodriguez, Maritza Romero, Paulino Ros, Elisabeth
Spirit of Prophecy, Jose Antonio Ortiz. Sanguesa, Maria Teresa Sierra, Edwin Jorge Surco, Maria
Victoria Torrealva, Samuel Urbano, Jose Valles, Nora
Ministerial Credential: Verastegui, Jose Maria Weindl, Antonio Yera.
Pablo Armero, Gabriel Birsan, Moises Bolano, Jose Luis
Borrego, Fernando Bosqued, Juan Carretero, Carlos INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Catalan, Vicente Chafer, Mircea Constantinescu, Gabriel
Diaz, Luis A Fernandez, Teofilo V Ferreira, Antonio Education
Fuentes, Julian Garcia, Manuel Garcia-Caceres, Sergiu Sagunto Adventist Secondary School (Colegio Adventista
Gavril, Titi Gidea, Alberto F Guaita, Jose Luis Lasso, Oscar de Sagunto - CAS). Apartado 52; 46500 Sagunto
Lopez, Jesus Calvo Manso, Jose Tomas Marquez, Rafael (Valencia); Spain.
Marti, Antonio Martinez, Alberto Martorell, Cesar Maya, Spanish Adventist Seminary (Seminario Adventista
Javier Moliner, Liviu Romel Olteanu, Jose Antonio Ortiz, Espanol). Apartado 52; 46500 Sagunto (Valencia);
Roberto Ouro, Jose Peiro, Emilio Perez, Daniel A Posse, Spain.
Miguel Angel Roig, Julian Rumayor, Nelson Salgado,
Daniel Salvador, Eliasib Sanchez, Andres Serrano, Ivan Food Industries
Sierra, Remus Soare, Antonio Ubieto, Francisco Urbina, Spanish Food Factory (GRANOVITA). Poligono Industrial
Manuel Vega, Pedro Villa, Alfredo Villanueva. Belcaire, Parcela 608; 12600 Vall dUixo (Castellon);
Honorary/Emeritus: Daniel Basterra, Antonio Bueno, Spain.
Rafael Calonge, Alfredo Cardona, Enrique Codejon,
Giovanni Cupertino, Jose Garzon, Antonio Gascon, Healthcare
Francisco Gavin, Mariano Gomez, Vicente Gomez, Juan
Gonzalez, Jesus Herrero, Rafael Hidalgo, Jose Lopez, Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers:
Alvaro Martin, Manuel Martorell, Celestino Munoz, Juan Maranatha Spanish Old Peoples Home (Residencia de
Navarro, Felix Pages, Jose M Priego, Eugenio Rodriguez, Ancianos Maranatha). Apartado de Correos 297; 08440
Jose Rodriguez, Efraim Saguar, Jose Antonio Santafe, Cardedeu (Barcelona); Spain.
Andres Tejel. Media
Commissioned Minister Credential:
Silvia Aguasca, Jose Antonio Alvarez, Oscar Bel, Lidia Media Centers:
Calonge, Jose Luis De la Fuente, Ana Isabel Fernandez, Multimedia Center. Apartado 52; 46500 Sagunto
Loida Gimeno, Ignacio Gonzalo, Maria Angeles Gutierrez, (Valencia); Spain.
Sonja Landsgesell, Joan Llorca, Maria Jose Lopez, Ester Radio and TV Stations:
Lorente, Sergio Mato, Rafael Minguez, Nicolas Montoya, Radio La Voz de la Esperanza (Voice of Hope Radio).
Elvira Palomares, Jorge D Pamplona Roger, Adriana Perera, Apartado de Correos 179; 46500 Sagunto (Valencia);
Juan Andres Prieto, Dario Sanguesa, Marta Tejel. Spain.
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Publishing
Luis Amoros, Jose Aniorte, Ma Angeles Armenteros,
Francisco Burgos, Alvaro Calvo, Elena Carrera, Enrique Safeliz Publishing House (Editorial Safeliz, S.L.). Pradillo 6;
Cremades, Irene Cremades, Manuela Domenech, Victor Poligono Industrial La Mina; 28770 Colmenar Viejo
Dominguez, M Paz Estables, Ana Fernandez, Miguel Angel (Madrid); Spain.
Frances, Julia Garcia, Ana Gomez, Mariano Gomez, Other Entities
Mariano Gomez Seco, Rosa Iserte, Manuel Lopez Ariza,
Jose Lopez de la Torre, Juan Antonio Lopez de la Torre, Ana Bible Correspondence Schools:
Maria Lugo, Edurne Malaxetxebarria, Jose Alvaro Martin, Voice of Hope. Apartado 3201; 28080 Madrid; Spain.


Organized 1928

Territory: Liechtenstein and Switzerland; comprising the Address:

French-Italian Swiss and German Swiss Conferences. Street: Gubelstrasse 23; 8050 Zurich; Switzerland.
Statistics: Churches, 49; membership, 4,350; population,
Mailing: P.O. Box 5126; 8050 Zurich; Switzerland.
Telecommunications: Administration:
Telephone: 41 (44) 315-6500. President, Peter H. Joseit.
Fax: 41 (44) 315-6519.
E-mail: Secretary, David N. Jennah.
Website: Treasurer, Andre Rueegg.

Executive Committee: Ministries and Services:

Peter H. Joseit, Chair; David N. Jennah, Secretary; Patrik Adventist Book Center, Esther Munoz Latorre. E-mail:
Aeschbacher, Dagmar Dorn, Reto Mayer, Andre Rueegg,
Jean-Pierre Zanolari. Bible Correspondence School (IEBC), Yolande Grezet.
Departments: E-mail:
Communication, Peter H. Joseit. Health Association (Ligue Vie et Sante, branche latine),
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Pierre Hess. Dominik Frikart. E-mail:
Agency: Youth Centre Les Bosquets. 1865 Les Diablerets;
ADRA/Switzerland. La Briqueterie 201; 1745 Lentigny; Switzerland. Director, Jean-Marc Kummer. E-mail:
Switzerland. Telephone: 41 (26) 4770-045. Fax: 41 (26)
4770-048. E-mail: Director, Alexandre Legal Association:
Gasser. Federation des Eglises Adventistes du Septieme Jour de la
Ministries and Services: Suisse Romande et du Tessin.
Adventist Press Service (APD). Director and Editor, Ministerial Credential:
Christian B. Schaeffler. Pierre Bulliard, Miguel Cordas, Julio Cesar Ferreira,
Legal Associations: Dominik Frikart, Gilbert Grezet, Thierry Lenoir, Patrick
ADRA, Adventistische Entwicklungs-und Maeder, Reto Mayer, Denis P Rosat, Sergi Tejel, Giampiero
Katastrophenhilfe. Vassallo, Ralf Wegener.
Internationale Vereinigung fuer die Verteidigung der Missionary Credential:
Religionsfreiheit, Sektion Schweiz. Odette Cordas, Esther Hanselmann, Jean-Marc Kummer.
Liga Leben und Gesundheit, Sektion Schweiz.
Ministerial Credential:
David N Jennah, Peter H Joseit. Healthcare
Honorary/Emeritus: Erich Amelung, Rene Augsburger,
Hansjoerg Bauder, Leon Belloy, Felix Berger, Werner Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers:
Bodenmann, Nino Bulzis, Michel Burnier, Lothar Butscher, Etablissement Medico-Social Le Flon. Rte du Flon 19;
Giuseppe Carbone, Aime Cavin, Daniel Cordas, Gilbert 1610 Oron-la-Ville; Switzerland.
Dewinter, Kurt Ehrismann, Jacques Frei, Albert Gafner, GERMAN SWISS CONFERENCE
Ettore Galli, Rudolf Gehrig, Michel Grisier, Harald Knott, Organized 1901
Hans Kuebler, Johann Laich, Siegfried Lauterer, Sylvain
Meyer, Willi Morosoli, Johann Niedermaier, Siegfried Territory: Liechtenstein and German and Romansh speaking
Riemarzik, Gianfranco Rossi, Hans Selinger, Gottfried Switzerland.
Spitzlei, Urs Tanner, Otto Uebersax, Maurice Verfaillie, Statistics: Churches, 28; membership, 2,374; population,
Heinz Vogel, Karl Waber, Fred Waelti, Heinrich Walder, 5,458,040.
Pierre Winandy, Emanuel Zolliker.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Telephone: 41 (44) 315-6500.
Andre Rueegg. Fax: 41 (44) 315-6519.
Honorary/Emeritus: Marcel Ackermann, Alfred E-mail:
Burkhard, Maria-Therese David, Maurice Guy, Jochen Website:
Hawlitschek, Peter Lackner, Claude Masson, Remy Mayer,
Pierre Nacht, Hans Senk. Address:
Street: Gubelstrasse 23; 8050 Zurich; Switzerland.
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Mailing: P.O. Box 5126; 8050 Zurich; Switzerland.
Honorary/Emeritus: Josef Agustoni, Pietro Copiz.
Missionary Credential: President, Peter H. Joseit.
Joakim Cotting, Alexandre Gasser, Christian B Schaeffler. Secretary, Michael Urbatzka.
Organized 1884 Executive Committee:
Peter H. Joseit, Chair; Michael Urbatzka, Secretary;
Territory: French and Italian speaking Switzerland. Christian Alt, Elsbeth Brodbeck, Guillaume Couvreur,
Statistics: Churches, 21; membership, 1,976; population, Laszlo Erdoesi, Marianne Knoepfel, Martin Kral, Thomas
2,108,960. Nyffeler, Andre Rueegg, Stephan Sigg, Monika Stirnimann.
Telecommunications: Departments:
Telephone: 41 (21) 6325-020. Health Ministries, Rudolf Brodbeck.
Fax: 41 (21) 6325-021. Ministerial Association, Peter H. Joseit.
E-mail: Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Pierre Hess.
Website: Publishing Ministries, Richard Altorfer.
Address: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Thomas Domanyi,
Street: 19, Chemin des Pepinieres; 1020 Renens; Michael Urbatzka.
Switzerland. Stewardship, Johann Niedermaier.
Mailing: Case Postale 453; 1020 Renens; Switzerland. Youth Ministries, Guillaume Couvreur.
Administration: Ministries and Services:
President, David N. Jennah. Voice of Hope, Rita Roelli.
Secretary-Treasurer, Reto Mayer. Legal Association:
Executive Committee: Bauverein der Deutschschweizerischen Vereinigung der
David N. Jennah, Chair; Reto Mayer, Secretary; Denise Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten.
Bouvier, Catherine Constantin, Miguel Cordas, Dominik Ministerial Credential:
Frikart, Jose Furtado, Colette Hanni Martasek, Patrick Ricardo Abos-Padilla, Christian Alt, Herbert Bodenmann,
Maeder, Giampero Vassallo, Gerard Vernez. Guillaume Couvreur, Thomas Domanyi, Jean Fiscalini,
Departments: Gunther Klenk, Wolfgang Lepke, Stephan Sigg, Michael
Childrens Ministries, Christine Frikart. Urbatzka, Ralph Waespi, Paul Wright, Arnold Zwahlen.
Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Dominik Frikart, Denis P. Rosat. Beatrice Fagioli, Stephan Freiburghaus, Pierre Hess, Rita
Education, and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Roelli.
Giuseppe Carbone. Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Family Ministries, Gilbert Grezet. Urs Eggler, Renate Emmenegger, Ivan Fagioli.
Ministerial Association, Patrick Maeder; Evangelism, David Missionary Credential:
N. Jennah. Kaethi Ackermann, Mario Ackermann, Rudolf Brodbeck,
Youth Ministries, Miguel Cordas. Carmen Eggmann, Marcel Eggmann, Hanspeter Grossen,

Markus Hochstrasser, Shaip Kurtishaj, Danilo Mihaljcic, Healthcare

Edith Nigg, Esther Rudin, Ines Walther, Silvia Weiss, Lucia
Zuercher. Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers:
Nursing, Old Peoples, and Retreat (Oertlimatt).
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Leissigenstrasse 30; 3704 Krattigen; Switzerland.
Education Publishing
Adventist Private School (Privatschule A bis Z). Advent Publishers (Switzerland) (Advent-Verlag).
Cramerstrasse 11; 8004 Zurich; Switzerland. Leissigenstrasse 17; 3704 Krattigen; Switzerland.


Organized 1995

Territory: Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and Western Sahara; comprising Reynolds Agathe, Fady Ghafary, Michel Lavanchy.
the Iran, Maghreb, and Turkey Fields. Honorary/Emeritus: Delice Ohanis.
Statistics: Churches, 7; membership, 226; population, Missionary Credential:
259,745,000. Volkan Ataalp, Dorothy Fernandez, Liliane Milhorat, Reza
Telecommunications: Yousefi.
Telephone: 33 (450) 820-808. INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Fax: 33 (450) 820-812.
E-mail: Other Entities
Bible Correspondence Schools:
Address: France: Arabic service, E-mail: save@voixdelesperance.
Street: Residence Beau Site; 108, route de la Croisette; com. French service, E-mail:
74160 Collonges-sous-Saleve; France. Voice of Hope correspondence courses. P.O. Box 503;
Mailing: Boite Postale 24; 74165 Collonges-sous-Saleve 1211 Geneva; Switzerland.
Cedex; France. Voice of Hope in Farsi. P.O. Box 503; 1211 Geneva 12;
Administration: Switzerland. E-mail:
President, Ernst Pala. Voice of Hope in Turkish: The Open Door; P.O. Box 517;
Secretary, Reynolds Agathe. 9701 Shumen; Bulgaria.
Treasurer, Daniello Barelli. Multilingual website:; www.
Executive Committee:
Ernst Pala, Chair; Reynolds Agathe, Secretary; Erkin Documentation Service:
Altinkaynak, Daniello Barelli, Ulrich W. Frikart, Peter R. E-mail:
Kunze, Gabriel E. Maurer. Media Center:
Departments: Voice of Hope/Studio. E-mails: contact@voixdelesperance.
Health Ministries, Reynolds Agathe. com; Internet websites,
Ministerial Association, Sabbath School and Personal Radio podcasting: (Arabic,
Ministries, and Stewardship, Ernst Pala. French); (English); www.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Reynolds Agathe, Ernst (Persian);
Pala. (Turkish).
Agencies: IRAN FIELD
ADRA/Afghanistan. Schosshaldenstrasse 17; 3006 Berne; Organized 1911
Switzerland. Telephone: 41 (31) 359-1549. Fax: 41 (31)
359-1566. Territory: Iran and Afghanistan.
ADRA/Iran. Schosshaldenstrasse 17; 3006 Berne; Statistics: Churches, 1; membership, 25; population,
Switzerland. Telephone: 41 (31) 359-1549. Fax: 41 (31) 103,098,000.
359-1566. Telecommunications:
ADRA/Morocco. Residence Abdelkrim El Khayttabi; Telephone: 98 (21) 640-4525, 222-04471.
Immeuble 2; Apartement 9; 12000 Temara; Morocco. Fax: 98 (21) 223-4762.
Director, Michael Reich. E-mail: E-mail:
ADRA/Tunisia. 12, Rue Hassan Ibn Annoman; 1002 Tunis; Address: 501 Vali-e-Asr Avenue; Tehran 15917; Iran.
Tunisia. Telephone: 216 (7) 1802-634. Fax: 216 (7)
1802-081. Director, Evelyne Nielsen. E-mail: adratun. Administration: President, George Shamon Yousif.
Secretary, J. Keshishadeh.
ADRA/Turkey. Bozkir Sok. Park Apt. 5-6; Selamicesme; Treasurer, Daniello Barelli.
81030 Kadikoy; Istanbul; Turkey. Telephone: 90 (216)
411-42-46. Fax: 90 (216) 411-12-77. Director, Legal Association:
Alexandru Balint. E-mail: Association of Adventist Church in Iran.
Ministries and Services: MAGHREB FIELD
CIPADED/ICPA. President, Reynolds Agathe; Vice Organized 2001
President, Peter Brussee; Secretary, Michel Lavanchy.
Telephone: 33 (450) 821-088. Fax: 33 (450) 820-812. Territory: Algeria, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, Tunisia,
E-mail: Western Sahara.
Ministerial Credential: Statistics: Churches, 3; membership, 134; population,
Burhan Alioglu, Ernst Pala, Pierre Pechoux. 82,680,000.
Honorary/Emeritus: Marcel Fernandez, Johnny Telecommunications:
Keshiszadeh. Telephone: 33 (450) 820-808.

Fax: 33 (450) 820-812. Legal Association:

E-mail: Mission Chretienne Algerienne des Adventistes du 7e
Address: Jour.
Street: Residence Beau Site; 108, route de la Croisette; Commissioned Minister Credential:
74160 Collonges-sous-Saleve; France. Evelyne Nielsen.
Mailing: Boite Postale 24; 74165 Collonges-sous-Saleve TURKEY FIELD
Cedex; France. Organized 1998; reorganized 2001
President, ___. Territory: Turkey.
Secretary, Pierre Pechoux. Statistics: Churches, 3; membership, 67; population,
Treasurer, Daniello Barelli. 73,967,000.
Algeria Section: Telecommunications:
Street: 3 rue du Sacre Coeur; 16500 Algiers; Algeria. Telephone: 90 (212) 252-6218.
Mailing: P.O. Box 245 Boussaad-Ferhat; 16400 Algiers; Fax: 90 (212) 252-8976.
Algeria. E-mail:; ibfinc@superonline.
E-mail: com.
Tunisia Section: Address: 14 Saray Arkasi; Ayazpasi 80090; Istanbul; Turkey.
Street: 3 rue El Ahwach; La Marsa, Tunis; Tunisia. Administration:
Cell: 216 (21) 143-955 (Tunisia); 218 (925) 373-692 Coordinator, Erkin Altinkaynak.
(Libya). Commissioned Minister Credential:
E-mail: Erkin Altinkaynak.

Norwegian Sea

Bering Sea

UNION Murmansk
Baltic Sea



St. Petersburg Arkhangelsk

Black Sea Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
CAUCASUS Khabarovsk
UNION Orenburg Omsk
MISSION Novosibirsk




ARMENIA Sea of Japan
Caspian Unions Churches Membership Population KOREA


Caucasus 160 9,913 34,140,823

East Russian 100 6,303 22,243,917



Moldova 153 11,438 3,991,000 KOREA

KYRGYZSTAN Southern 100 6,445 59,743,000


TA Ukrainian 908 61,241 46,505,000
IRAN IST West Russian 433 34,856 93,481,124
AN Belarus Conference 76 5,055 9,696,000
ARABIA Far Eastern Mission 63 3,366 7,934,136
Totals June 30, 2007 1,993 138,617 277,735,000
Organized 1990; reorganized 1994

Territory: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia (includ- Information Technology, Alexander V. Leukhin.
ing Abkhazia), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Institute of Missiology, Galina I. Stele.
Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Spirit of Prophecy, Yakov P. Kylakov.
Ukraine, and Uzbekistan; comprising the Moldova,
Southern, Ukrainian, and West Russian Union Ministerial Credential:
Conferences, the Caucasus and East Russian Union Victor V Alekseenko, Vsevolod V Andrusiak, Andrew K
Missions, and the Belarus Conference and Far Eastern Arfanidi, Dmitry V Bezpalko, Guillermo E Biaggi, Lev
Mission. I Bondarchuk, Ivan G Chorney, Yury N Drumi, Leontiy
Statistics: Churches, 1,993; membership, 138,617; pop- P Gunko, Valery I Ivanov, Michael F Kaminsky, Sergey
ulation, 277,735,000. A Kuzmin, Ilia S Leahu, Alexandr A Lisichniy, Oleg P
Telecommunications: Lungu, Branislav Mirilov, Ivan I Ostrovsky, Daniel D
Telephone: 49 (6151) 850-9857.
Website: Reband, Alexander I Rebein, Peter F Sirotkin, Artur A
Address: AM Elfengrund 66; 64297 Darmstadt; Stele, Vladimir I Tkachuk, Ivan I Vartsaba, Victor V
Germany. Vitko, Eugene V Zaytsev.
Administration: Honorary/Emeritus: Alexander V Kazakov, Vassili M
President, Artur A. Stele. Lozhechnik, Vassili I Nichik, Jakov V Patsukevich, Iliya
Secretary, Michael F. Kaminsky. I Veligosha.
Treasurer, Guillermo E. Biaggi; Associate, Edwin S. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Administrative Assistant to the President, Ivan I. Aleksey M Dedov, Victor A Katsal, Ivan V Lobanov,
Ostrovsky. Andrey N Sevryukov, Anatoliy A Simushov, Oleg V
Field Secretary for Trans-Caucasus Area, Pavel I. Voronyuk, Vitalie I Zgherea, Sergey I Zhadan.
Liberanskiy. Honorary/Emeritus: Vitaly G Efimenko.
Executive Committee: Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Artur A. Stele, Chair; Michael F. Kaminsky, Secretary; Helen I Godunova, Natalia V Lozovskaya, Sergey G
Victor V. Alekseenko, Vsevolod V. Andrusiak, Andrew
K. Arfanidi, Guillermo E. Biaggi, Lev I. Bondarchuk, Polyakov, Sergey P Postnyh, Helen L Rudoy, Ivan I
Sergey M. Chanov, Igor V. Cherepin, Vladimir N. Ryapolov, Natalia I Scheglova, Catherine V Senina,
Eliseev, Roman G. Ershov, Anar R. Guliev, Vyacheslav Andrey F Shevchenko, Tatiana L Trubchenko.
N. Kara, Ivan S. Kerdevare, Anna U. Kirillova, Victor A. Missionary Credential:
Kozakov, Vladimir A. Krupskyi, Yakov P. Kulakov, Larisa V Abdul-Cherekx, Alla P Alekseenko, Larisa A
Sergey A. Kuzmin, Ilia S. Leahu, Maria N. Leahu, Pavel
I. Liberanskiy, Alyona S. Lobanova, Victor A. Lotka, Andrusiak, Larisa A Arfanidi, Olga V Artisheva, Igor I
Oleg P. Lungu, Yaroslav L. Motok, Georgy A. Melnikov, Baranov, Sybel Biaggi, Svetlana V Bondarchuk,
Branislav Mirilov, Andrew I. Nyagu, Raisa A. Oksana A Cherekh, Alexsey G Chizhov, Maria G
Ostrovskaya, Ivan I. Ostrovsky, Moses I. Ostrovsky, Chizhova, Veronika A Dedova, Valery G Demidov,
Rubin R. Ott, Aleksandr A. Pankov, Daniel D. Reband, Demid P Epifantsev, Natalia M Fomina, Svetlana A
Liliya A. Severenyuk, Peter F. Sirotkin, Svetlana A. Fursova, Rose A Gavrilova, Nadezhda Gladkova,
Sirotkina, Galina I. Stele, Vasiliy D. Stolyar, Edwin S.
Tigley, Vladimir I. Tkachuk, Ludmila N. Tsanova, Ivan Valery V Gogoy, Marina Y Goncharova, Elena E
I. Vartsaba, Victor V. Vitko, Eugene V. Zaitsev, Ivan I. Grischuk, Vera I Gunko, Liliya V Ivanova, Vladimir V
Zgherea, Vitalie I. Zgherea. Iyevenko, Zhanna A Kaminskaya, Vyacheslav N Kara,
Departments: Nadezhda V Kasyanchuk, Dmitry S Khomenko, Elena
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Public Affairs N Khristyuk, Sergey M Khristyuk, Eugene L Krestinsky,
and Religious Liberty, Victor V. Vitko. Andrew A Krivoy, Vitalia P Ksenofontova, Oksana B
Childrens Ministries, Svetlana A. Sirotkina. Kucheruk, Galina D Kuzhel, Svetlana A Kuzmina,
Communication, Ivan I. Ostrovsky.
Education, Branislav Mirilov. Galina B Labut, Maria N Leahu, Tatiana V Lebedeva,
Ministerial Association, Ilia S. Leahu; Shepherdess Andrew P Lestev, Alexander V Leukhin, Elena L
International, Maria N. Leahu. Leukhina, Julia A Lisovaya, Angela I Lungu, Victor
Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Raisa A. Lyakhu, Tihon B Makyshev, Nikolay N Metlov, Marica
Ostrovskaya. Mirilov, Zinaida V Nosova, Vladimir V Novosad, Raisa
Health Ministries, Ivan I. Vartsaba. A Ostrovskaya, Galina V Pantusheva, Raisa V
Publishing Ministries, Stewardship, and Trust Services,
Andrew K. Arfanidi. Prokhorova, Ludmila N Reband, Irina V Romashkina,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Victor V. Natalia V Rutova, Alena N Sadovaya, Alla V Salnikova,
Alekseenko. Maria A Salnikova, Natalia V Scherbakova, Elena E
Youth Ministries, Peter F. Sirotkin. Sergeecheva, Svetlana A Sirotkina, Galina I Stele,
Agency: Ekaterina Y Svistunova, Nataliya M Sysoeva, Nelya F
ADRA. Vitalie I. Zgherea, Director. Taushanzhi, Edwin S Tigley, Tessie D Tigley, Stefaniya
Ministries and Services: D Tkachuk, Nina P Vartsaba, Sergey P Zabrodin, Irina
Adventist Mission, Branislav Mirilov.
P Zabrodina, Tatiana B Zalevskaya, Sergey V Zalevsky,
Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Michael F. Kaminsky.
ASI, Valery I. Ivanov. Dmitry V Zaytsev, Valentina A Zaytseva, Ramona
Auditing, See listing under General Conference Zgherea, Elena T Zhadan, Michail S Zimakov,
Services. Valentina N Zimakova.



Telecommunications: Media
Telephone: 7 (495) 786-8150. Media Centers:
Fax: 7 (495) 786-8155. Voice of Hope Media Center (Radioteletsentr Golos
E-mail:; presidential@ead- Nadezhdy). P.O. Box 170; 300000 Tula; Russian
Federation.; (English Secretariat); (Russian Secretariat); treasury@ Publishing (Treasury). Source of Life Publishing House (Izdatelstvo Istochnik
Zhizni). Vostochnaya Street 9; 301000 Zaoksky, Tula
Website: Region; Russian Federation.
Address: Krasnoyarskaya Street 3; 107589 Moscow; Russian
Other Entities
English Language Schools:
Administration: English Language Center. Krasnoyarskaya Street 3; 107589
Chair, Michael F. Kaminsky. Moscow; Russian Federation. Telephone: 7 (495) 786-
Assistant Chair, Ivan I. Ostrovsky. 8162. Fax: 7 (495) 786-8155. E-mail: education@ Director, Sergey I. Zhadan.
Secretary, Victor V. Vitko.
Research Centers:
Financial Director, Vyacheslav N. Kara. Ellen G. White Research Center. Rudneva Street 43-A;
301000 Zaoksky, Tula Region; Russian Federation.
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Telephone: 7 (48734) 2-04-10. Fax: 7 (48734) 2-04-11.
E-mail: Director, Vsevolod V. Andrusiak.
Education Translation Institutes:
Zaoksky Adventist University (Zaokskiy Adventistskiy Bible Translation Institute. Rudneva Street 43-A; 301000
Zaoksky, Tula Region; Russian Federation. Telephone: 7
Universitet). Rudneva Street 43-A; 301000 Zaoksky, Tula (48734) 2-01-18. E-mail: Director,
Region; Russian Federation. M. P. Kulakov. Coordinator, Ivan Lobanov.


Organized 2001

Territory: The Adygeya, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetiya, Family Ministries, Peter P. Lagutov.
Kalmykia, Krasnodar, North Osetiya, and Rostov regions of Health Ministries, Andrei V. Prokopiev.
Russia; comprising the Kubano-Chernomorskaya and Ministerial Association, Peter P. Lagutov; Shepherdess
Rosto-Kalmykia Conferences, and the North Caucasus International, Aksenia V. Liberanskaya.
Mission; as well as the Armenian, Azerbaijan, and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vladimir I.
Georgian Missions which are currently being cared for by Plugataryov.
the Euro-Asia Division. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Pavel I. Liberanskiy.
Statistics: Churches, 160; membership, 9,913; population, Publishing Ministries, Alexey A. Kropinov.
34,140,823. Stewardship, Valery I. Burak.
Telecommunications: Youth Ministries, Alexander V. Mariutichev.
Telephone: 7 (863) 220-3767, 220-3780, 220-3750. Agencies:
Fax: 7 (863) 232-2656. ADRA/Armenia.
E-mail: ADRA/Azerbaijan.
Website: ADRA/Georgia.
Address: ADRA/Southern part of Russia, Andrei V. Prokopiev.
Street: Vozrozhdeniya Street 19; 344013 Rostov-on-Don; Ministries and Services:
Russian Federation. Adventist Mission, Vladimir I. Plugataryov.
Mailing: P.O. Box 675; 344013 Rostov-on Don; Russian AWR, Alexander V Mariutichev.
Federation. Music Ministries, Georgei P. Titkov.
Administration: Spirit of Prophecy, Alexey A. Kropinov.
President, Pavel I. Liberanskiy. Ministerial Credential:
Secretary, Georgei P. Titkov. Valery I Burak, Peter P Lagutov, Pavel I Liberanskiy,
Treasurer, Valery I. Burak. Vladimir I Plugataryov, Georgei P Titkov.
Executive Committee: Honorary/Emeritus: Albert M Khachikyan, Ivan N
Pavel I. Liberanskiy, Chair; Georgei P. Titkov, Secretary; Kuchurivsky, Paul I Lagutov, Paul G Panchenko, Vitaly V
Vladislav A. Arhipov, Alexander G. Asmak, Garik Shkabrov, Ivan I Uklein, Leonid V Zaitsev.
Badalyan, Valery I. Burak, Nicolay S. Chekelek, Valentin I. Missionary Credential:
Grubii, Vigen V. Khachatryan, V. Krasnokvtskiy, Alexey A. Vladislav A Arhipov, Alexey A Kropinov, Nelli I Kropinova,
Kropinov, Nelli I. Kropinova, Peter P. Lagutov, Aksenia V. Aksenia V Liberanskaya, Alexander V Marutichev, Andrei V
Liberanskaya, Alexander V. Mariutichev, Pavel M. Prokopiev.
Nikulshin, Michael G. Oleynik, Vladimir I. Plugataryov,
Andrei V. Prokopiev, Edward A. Siminyuk, Ivan P. KUBANO-CHERNOMORSKAYA CONFERENCE
Zavrichko. Organized 2002
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Nelli I. Territory: Krasnodarskiy Kray and Republic of Adygeya in the
Kropinova. Russian Federation.
Communication, Vladislav A. Arhipov. Statistics: Churches, 54; membership, 3,154; population,
Education, Georgei P. Titkov. 5,539,909.

Telecommunications: Health Ministries, Aleksandr Zelenskiy.

Telephone: 7 (861) 235-2299. Ministerial Association, Pavel Brokin; Shepherdess
Fax: 7 (861) 235-2299. International, Anna I. Chekelek.
E-mail: Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Alexey L. Plahota.
Website: Publishing Ministries, Aslan Ozrokov.
Address: Kim Street 176; 350000 Krasnodar; Russian Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Pyotr M. Rybkin.
Federation. Stewardship, Mircha V. Fishtriga.
Administration: Womens Ministries, Inna A. Rakulova.
President, Pavel M. Nikulshin. Youth Ministries, Vladimir Verevka.
Secretary, Pavel A. Zubkov. Agency:
Treasurer, Grigoriy A. Ragulchik. ADRA, Tatiana L. O. Daniliuc.
Executive Committee: Ministries and Services:
Pavel M. Nikulshin, Chair; Pavel A. Zubkov, Secretary; Adventist Mission, Valery A. Yaganov.
Andrei V. Bikov, Anastasiya V. Bikova, Fyodor F. Dan, Ministerial Credential:
Valentina A. Karpinskaya, Fyodor A. Koltuk, Nikolay G. Jacob P Balan, Pavel V Brokin, Nikolay S Chekelek, Mircha
Kuchurivskiy, Grigoriy A. Ragulchik, Vladimir U. V Fishtriga, Timothy A Gorbatyuk, Dmitry F Kapsamun,
Shalakhov, Sergey G. Stragh, Ludmila F. Verlan, Vassili D. Dmitry A Lugansky, Ilia I Mikhalash, Alexey L Plahota,
Yunak. Vitaly N Rakulov, Alexander I Vodnic, Valery A Yaganov.
Departments: Commissioned Minister Credential:
Childrens Ministries, Anastasiya V. Bikova. Vladimir N Balan, Dmitriy B Baronin, Jan V Daniliuc,
Communication, Olga A. Popova. Vladimir H Dolov, Arcady A Gabeev, Yuriy A Jemukhov,
Education, and Publishing Ministries, Vassili D. Yunak. Nicolay I Kobzev, Vladimir I Naydyonov, Aslan B Ozrokov,
Family Ministries, Nikulshina U. Alla. Yuriy N Ponamariov, Pyotr M Rybkin, Roman V Savenko,
Health Ministries, Valentina A. Karpinskaya. Alexander T Shelest, Sergey V Venevcev, Vladimir S
Ministerial Association, Fyodor A. Koltuk; Shepherdess Veryovka, Kemil K Yalishev, Igor A Zaluzhny, Valery I
International, Nikulshina U. Alla. Zaytsev.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Fyodor F. Dan.
Stewardship, Grigoriy A. Ragulchik. ROSTOV-KALMYKIA CONFERENCE
Womens Ministries, Ludmila F. Verlan. Organized 2001
Youth Ministries, Andrei V. Bikov.
Agency: Territory: Kalmykia and Rostov Region in the Russian
ADRA, Sergey V. Dukhovnikov. Federation.
Ministries and Services: Statistics: Churches, 42; membership, 2,870; population,
Adventist Mission, Vladimir U. Shalakhov. 4,788,398.
Ministerial Credential: Telecommunications:
Michael A Bakukhin, Pavel M Bondarev, Fyodor F Dan, Telephone: 7 (863) 251-2731, 251-2483.
Sergey M Deryabkin, Konstantin V Iskrin, Alexsandr M Fax: 7 (863) 251-2731.
Kasap, Fyodor A Koltuk, Vladimir N Musikhin, Valentin P E-mail:
Nikolenko, Pavel M Nikulshin, Andrew I Nyagu, V Y Website:
Shalakhov, Edward A Siminyuk, Pavel A Zubkov. Address:
Commissioned Minister Credential: Street: 10 Liniya Street 77; 344019 Rostov-on-Don;
Konstantin N Belyakov, Andrei V Bikov, Vladislav Y Russian Federation.
Derevskii, Alexander V Doncov, Andrei V Gilmidinov, Mailing: P.O. Box 5674; 344019 Rostov-on-Don; Russian
Vitalii V Grushko, Nikilai L Gyivan, Nikolai Y Ivashenko, Federation.
Nikolai F Kapsamun, Dmitrii S Kerdivara, Maxsim A Administration:
Kondratov, Daniel P Lagutov, Dmitrii M Lazirin, Vladislav President, Michael G. Oleynik.
G Likhnikevich, Grigorii N Loshak, Oleg L Maklakov, Secretary, Aleksandr V. Stepanov.
Genadii V Novikov, Grigoriy A Ragulchik, Sergei G Strazh. Treasurer, Igor V. Gospodarets.
Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential: Executive Committee:
Vassili D Yunak. Michael G. Oleynik, Chair; Aleksandr V. Stepanov,
Secretary; Lyubov V. Babkina, Yuriy A. Bondarenko,
NORTH CAUCASUS MISSION Andrew A. Chernyshev, Victor I. Dmitrienko, Dmitriy I.
Organized 2002 Dmitrienko, Igor V. Gospodarets, Nina I. Ivashkevich,
Andrew A. Kachalaba, Aleksandr I. Kondratov, Viktor N.
Territory: Stavropolsky kray, and the republics of Chechnya, Lazar, Igor Y. Olennikov.
Dagestan, Ingushetiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, Karachaevo- Departments:
Cherkessiya, and North Osetiya. Childrens Ministries, Nina I. Ivashkevich.
Statistics: Churches, 32; membership, 1,889; population, Communication, Andrew A. Chernyshev.
7,693,516. Education, and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries,
Telecommunications: Igor Y. Olennikov.
Telephone: 7 (8722) 6-88-91. Family Ministries, Irina M. Gospodarets.
Fax: 7 (8722) 6-33-21. Health Ministries, Yuriy A. Bondarenko.
E-mail: Ministerial Association, Dmitriy I. Dmitrienko;
Website: Shepherdess International, Lidiya I. Oleynik.
Address: Svobody Street 95; 357310 Mineral-nie-Vody; Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Michael G. Oleynik.
Stavropolsky kray; Russian Federation. Publishing Ministries, Victor I. Dmitrienko.
Administration: Stewardship, Igor V. Gospodarets.
President, Nikolay S. Chekelek. Womens Ministries, Iybov V. Babkina.
Secretary, Valery A. Yaganov. Youth Ministries, Andrew A. Kachalaba.
Treasurer, Mircha V. Fishtriga. Agency:
Executive Committee: ADRA, Igor V. Gospodarets.
Nikolay S. Chekelek, Chair; Valery A. Yaganov, Secretary; Ministries and Services:
Mircha V. Fishtriga, Alexey L. Plahota, Inna A. Rakulova, Adventist Mission, Aleksandr V. Stepanov.
Pyotr M. Rybkin, V. Verevka, Alexsandr Vodnik, Elena Ministerial Credential:
Vodnik. Dmitry I Dmitrienko, Igor V Gospodarets, Andrew A
Departments: Kachalaba, Fiodor P Khadzhi, Alexandr I Kondratov,
Childrens Ministries, Inna Verevka. Nicholas N Krasyukov, Alexandr I Krivoy, Victor N Lazar,
Communication, Elena Vodnik. Anatoly I Marinin, Grigory I Nyagu, Michael G Oleynik,
Family Ministries, Elena Vodnik. Michael V Oliynik.

Commissioned Minister Credential: Missionary Credential:

Yury N Bevza, Paul M Buchnev, Sergei V Burkov, Sergey N
Victor I Dmitrienko, Alexey I Gulyansky, Nina I
Fartushnyi, Michael V Lazar, Sergey A Matuhnenko,
Nicholas G Terzi, Vitaly V Tihomirov, Paul V Zadokhin. Ivashkevich, S A Matukhnenko.

Note: The Armenian, Azerbaijan, and Georgian Missions are temporarily being cared for by the Euro-Asia Division.

Organized 2001 Childrens Ministries, Natasha Kerimova.
Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Lyubov A.
Territory: Armenia. Ukleina.
Statistics: Churches, 18; membership, 909; population, Health Ministries, Elshan Samedov.
3,014,000. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Ivan P. Zavrichko.
Publishing Ministries, Ilgar Jabbarov.
Telephone: 7 (3741) 77-48-12. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Youth
Fax: 7 (3741) 77-48-12. Ministries, Rustam G. Akhmedov.
E-mail:;; albert58 Agency: ADRA/Azerbaijan. P.O. Box 79; 370009 Baku;
Address: Sebastya Street 105; 375032 Yerevan; Armenia. Azerbaijan. Office: Viladi Street 68; 370009 Baku;
Administration: Azerbaijan.
President, Vigen V. Khachatryan. Ministries and Services:
Secretary, Artur S. Galstyan. Adventist Mission, Ivan P. Zavrichko.
Treasurer, Albert S. Avetiqyan. Shepherdess International, Lyubov A. Ukleina.
Executive Committee: Ministerial Credential:
Vigen V. Khachatryan, Chair; Artur S. Galstyan, Secretary; Ivan P Zavrichko.
Albert S. Avetiqyan, Edgar Castillo, Irina Gabrielyan, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Arsrun Grigoryan, Daniel Kaffenberger, Armen Rustam G Akhmedov, Rasim G Bakhshiev, Elshan
Matevosyan. Jabbarov, Saleh T Kerimov, Elshan Samedov, Shamil A
Departments: Shikhaliev, George S Sobor.
Childrens Ministries, Mildred Castillo.
Communication, Novik Mchitaryan. GEORGIAN MISSION
Education, Artur S. Galstyan. Organized 2001
Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Hasmik
Matevosyan. Territory: Georgia, including Abkhazia.
Health Ministries, Mary Ann Kaffenberger. Statistics: Churches, 8; membership, 387; population,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Vigen V. Khachatryan. 4,524,000.
Publishing Ministries, Daniel Kaffenberger. Telecommunications:
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Paul S. Sarkisyan. Telephone: 995 (32) 77-1231.
Stewardship, Albert S. Avetiqyan.
Youth Ministries, Armen Matevosyan. Fax: 995 (32) 77-5083.
Agency: Website:
ADRA/Armenia. Noyi District 48, Shaumian; 375065
Yerevan; Armenia. Telephone: 7 (3741) 74-31-06, 74- Address:
38-42. Fax: 7 (3741) 74-31-06. E-mail: adraarmenia@ Street: Tsutshvati Street 3a; 0144 Tbilisi; Georgia. Satellite line: 7 (3741) 0945-1630. E-mail: Mailing: P.O. Box 32; 0108 Tbilisi; Georgia. Director, Edgar Castillo. Administration:
Ministries and Services: President, Valentin I. Grubii.
Adventist Mission, Daniel Kaffenberger. Secretary, Artur R. Shatverov.
Shepherdess International, Inga Martirosyan. Treasurer, Tengiz G. Iremashvili.
Ministerial Credential: Executive Committee:
Vigen V Khachatryan, Paul S Sarkisyan. Valentin I. Grubii, Chair; Artur R. Shatverov, Secretary;
Commissioned Minister Credential: Ivan M. Babich, Boris M. Charaia, Karina E. Dalakova,
Albert S Avetiqyan, Garik Badalyan, Artur S Galstyan, Khvicha A. Datunashvili, Tengiz G. Iremashvili.
Vahagn Gasparyan, Tirgran Grigoryan, Soghomon Departments:
Hasmatyan, Armen Matevosyan. Childrens Ministries, Natela V. Bolotaeva.
AZERBAIJAN MISSION Communication, Tea G. Dekanoidze.
Organized 2001 Education, and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries,
Boris M. Charaia.
Territory: Azerbaijan. Family Ministries, Dodo O. Namoradze.
Statistics: Churches, 6; membership, 704; population, Health Ministries, Nana I. Metreveli.
8,581,000. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Sergo S. Namoradze.
Telecommunications: Publishing Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Khvicha A.
Telephone: 994 (12) 564-6514. Datunashvili.
Fax: 994 (12) 465-0253. Stewardship, Tengiz G. Iremashvili.
E-mail: Womens Ministries, Tsira G. Tsotadze.
Address: Yashar Huseynov Street 27; AZ 1069 Baku; Agency:
Azerbaijan. ADRA/Georgia. Tsutskhvati Street 3; 0144 Tbilisi;
Administration: Georgia. Mailing: P.O. Box 64; 0102 Tbilisi; Georgia.
President, Ivan P. Zavrichko. Telephone: 995 (32) 77-3812 and 77-3814. Fax: 995
Secretary, Rustam G. Akhmedov. (32) 77-5083. E-mail: Director,
Treasurer, ___. Edgar Castillo.
Executive Committee: Ministries and Services:
Ivan P. Zavrichko, Chair; Rustam G. Akhmedov, Secretary; Adventist Mission, Valentin I. Grubii
Leyla S. Akhmedova, Elshan Kerimov, Elshan Samedov, Adventist World Radio Coordinator, Emzar V. Chrikishvili.
George S. Sobor, Ivan I. Uklein. Ellen G. White Estate, Artur R. Shatverov.

Music Ministries, Dodo O. Namoradze. Commissioned Minister Credential:

Shepherdess International, Larisa I. Grubaia. Boris M Charaya, Khvicha A Datunashvili, Bagrat I
Ministerial Credential:
Valentin I Grubii, Alexandr V Stepanov, Grigol G Gogiashvili, Tengiz G Iremashvili, Avtandil V Matiashvili,
Tsamalashvili. Sergo S Namoradze, Artur R Shatverov.


Organized 1994

Territory: The central areas of the Russian Federation east of Secretary, Andrew V. Kalachin.
the Ural Mountains; comprising the Central Siberian, East Treasurer, Andrey A. Novoselzev.
Siberian, and West Siberian Missions. Executive Committee:
Statistics: Churches, 100; membership, 6,303; population, Jan P. Taranjuk, Chair; Andrew V. Kalachin, Secretary;
22,243,917. George I. Arabaji, Rodion A. Demko, Alexandr P. Ivanov,
Telecommunications: Anatoly V. Lazarev, Kirill A. Movilian, Andrey A.
Telephone: 7 (383) 294-0018. Novoselzev, Vasiliy P. Stefaniev, Nikolay A. Strelnikov.
Fax: 7 (383) 294-0018. Departments:
E-mail: Childrens Ministries, Tatyana Hlyustina.
Address: Lesnaya Polyana Street, 46; 630534 Novosibirsk; Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Inna J.
Russian Federation. Strelnikova.
Administration: Health Ministries, Lyudmila L. Arabaji.
President, Victor A. Kozakov. Ministerial Association, Alexandr P. Ivanov; Shepherdess
Secretary, Boris G. Protasevich. International, Janna N. Taranjuk.
Treasurer, Anatoly A. Frolov. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Jan P. Taranjuk.
Executive Committee: Publishing Ministries, Vacheslav A. Shafranov.
Victor A. Kozakov, Chair; Boris G. Protasevich, Secretary; Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vasiliy P.
Aleksander B. Bondarenko, Timothy V. Chipchar, Mila V. Stefaniev.
Chirikova, Anatoly A. Frolov, Nicolay P. Grebenyuk, Stewardship, Andrey A. Novoselzev.
Nikolay N. Kisly, Alexander F. Schwartz, Ivan S. Soklakov, Youth Ministries, Nikolay A. Strelnikov.
Jan P. Taranjuk, Ilya V. Zakolodkin. Ministries and Services:
Departments: Adventist Mission, Kirill A. Movilian.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Public Affairs and Ministerial Credential:
Religious Liberty, Boris G. Protasevich. George I Arabaji, Rodion A Demko, Vladimir A Demko,
Childrens Ministries, Natalia N. Frolova. Alexandr P Ivanov, Andrew V Kalachin, Kirill A Movilian,
Communication, Nicolay P. Grebenyuk. Andrey A Novoselzev, Vasiliy P Stefaniev, Jan P Taranyuk.
Education, Victor A. Kozakov. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Irina V. Yury V Khlyustin, Andrey N Lut, Nikolay A Strelnikov.
Protasevich. Missionary Credential:
Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal Vadim P Frizen, Oleg N Kolchagov, Vladimir L Kryukov,
Ministries, Alexander F. Schwartz; Shepherdess Nikolay K Lungu, Alexandr Ostankin, Vladimir N
International, Natalia A. Kozakova. Ponomarev, Vacheslav A Shafranov, Alexandr Vitruk.
Publishing Ministries, Aleksander B. Bondarenko.
Stewardship, Anatoly A. Frolov. EAST SIBERIAN MISSION
Youth Ministries, Ivan S. Soklakov. Organized 2005
ADRA/East Russia. Lesnaya Polyana Street, 46; 630534 Territory: Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republics of Buryatia,
Novosibirsk; Russian Federation. Telephone and Fax: Hakassiya, and Tuva, and Chita and Irkutsk Regions.
7 (383) 294-0018. Director, Nicolay P. Grebenyuk. Statistics: Churches, 45; membership, 3,106; population,
Ministries and Services: 7,963,322.
Adventist Mission, Victor A. Kozakov. Telecommunications:
Ministerial Credential: Telephone: 7 (9012) 41-98-66, 69-30-05.
Anatoly A Frolov, Victor A Kozakov, Boris G Protasevich, Fax: 7 (3912) 69-66-91.
Alexander F Schwartz. E-mail:;
Honorary/Emeritus: Eugene T Scheglov. Address: Volgogradskaya Street 25, Apt. 26; 660037
Commissioned Minister Credential: Krasnoyarsk; Russian Federation.
Nicholas S Davidoglu, Vladimir N Kit. Administration:
Missionary Credential: President, Nikolay N. Kisly.
Nicolay P Grebenyuk. Secretary, Dmitry A. Zaitsev.
Treasurer, Roman O. Latyk.
Organized 2002 Nikolay N. Kisly, Chair; Dmitry A. Zaitsev, Secretary;
Eugene A. Bozhinsky, Constantin B. Civilev, Roman G.
Territory: Altaysky Kray (including Gorno-Altaysky District) Ershov, Polina I. Kaluzhnikova, Roman O. Latyk, Vladimir
and the regions of Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, and Tomsk. V. Medvid, Sergey A. Pimenov, Eugene N. Shlyakhov, Ilia
Statistics: Churches, 35; membership, 2,022; population, V. Zakolodkin.
10,276,690. Departments:
Telecommunications: Childrens Ministries, Natalia Zaitseva.
Telephone: 7 (3832) 64-3473. Family Ministries, Valentina A. Kislaya.
Fax: 7 (3832) 64-3473. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Nikolay N. Kisly.
E-mail: Publishing Ministries, Alexander V. Polyakov.
Website: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Ilia V. Zakolodkin.
Address: Leningradskaya Street 47; 630008 Novosibirsk; Youth Ministries, Eugene A. Bozhinsky.
Russian Federation. Ministries and Services:
Administration: Adventist Mission, Nikolay N. Kisly.
President, Jan P. Taranjuk. Shepherdess International, Valentina A. Kislaya.

Ministerial Credential: Treasurer, Alexey A. Novosiolov.

Eugene A Bozhinsky, Roman G Ershov, Nikolay N Kisly, Executive Committee:
Roman O Latyk, Vladimir V Medvid, Alexander V Timothy V. Chipchar, Chair; Roman V. Hablov, Secretary;
Polyakov, Dmitry A Zaitsev. Vitaliy A. Anisenkov, Vadim A. Kleynos, Vassili V. Medvid,
Commissioned Minister Credential: Alexey A. Novosiolov, Michael N. Tolstobokov.
Mikhail L Andrianov, Konstantin B Civilev, Sergey V Departments:
Kalachin, Anton V Krugovov, Victor P Mamykin, Sergey Childrens Ministries, and Communication, Elena
Pimenov, Eugene N Shlyakhov, Aleksey Y Stepanov, Ilia V Novosiolova.
Zakolodkin. Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Elena N.
Missionary Credential: Medvid.
Nikolay V Pokrov, Sergey L Romanov. Health Ministries, Irina G. Nosova.
WEST SIBERIAN MISSION Ministerial Association, Vassili V. Medvid; Shepherdess
Organized 1993; reorganized 2002 International, Tatyana V. Chipchar.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Alexey A.
Territory: Tyumen (including Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo- Novosiolov.
Nenetsky Districts) and Omsk Regions. Youth Ministries, Vadim A. Kleynos.
Statistics: Churches, 20; membership, 1,175; population, Ministries and Services:
4,003,905. Adventist Mission, Timothy V. Chipchar.
Telecommunications: Ministerial Credential:
Telephone: 7 (3812) 41-1372. Timothy V Chipchar, Roman V Hablov, Vadim A Kleynos,
Fax: 7 (3812) 41-1372. Nikolay V Levin, Vassili V Medvid, Alexey A Novosiolov.
E-mail: Commissioned Minister Credential:
Address: 2nd Krasnoarmeyskaya Street 18; 644014 Omsk; Vitaliy A Anisenkov, Leonid L Lukoshko, Vladimir M
Russian Federation. Nosov, Evgeniy N Pavlov, Evgeniy L Poprugniy, Anatoliy M
Administration: Velihzansky.
President, Timothy V. Chipchar. Missionary Credential:
Secretary, Roman V. Hablov. Leonid F Talmazan.


Organized 1989

Territory: Republic of Moldova; comprising the Northern Ministerial Credential:

Moldova and Southern Moldova Conferences. Nicolai Z Gudumak, Andrew F Kaminsky, Victor A Lotka,
Statistics: Churches, 153; membership, 11,438; population, Andrew M Moldovanu, Leonid V Panchuk, Alexander A
3,991,000. Sirbu, Georgy I Zamostian.
Telecommunications: Honorary/Emeritus: Vasiliy I Andrusiak, Arseny I
Telephone: 373-22-72-8473; 373-22-72-1655; 373-22- Arabadjy, Michael P Balan, Petru G Bondarchuk, Vassili E
28-7709. Gorbul, Ivan A Gumenyuk, Gregory I Lotka, Stephen I
Fax: 373-22-72-3170. Lungu, Vasiliy L Mamaliga, Ivan N Osadchuk, Petru V
E-mail: Osadchuk, Nikolay A Sadovoy, Vassili D Tomin.
Website: Commissioned Minister Credential:
Address: Yaloveni Street 1/1; 2070 Kishiniov; Moldova. Honorary/Emeritus: Vassili V Balkan, Ivan M Gruby,
Administration: Nicholas I Plaksivy, Anatoly S Tkachuk, Semion V
President, Victor A. Lotka. Verenciuc, Konstantin P Yazlovitsky.
Secretary, Leonid V. Panchuk.
Executive Committee: Other Entities
Victor A. Lotka, Chair; Leonid V. Panchuk, Secretary;
Nicolai Z. Gudumak, Andrew F. Kaminsky, Victor D. Training Institutes:
Kostash, Zaharia I. Orak, Gregory V. Pirojok, Leonid A. Missionary School. Yaloveni Street, 1/1; 2070 Kishiniov;
Rusnak, Peter A. Syrbu, Alexander A. Sirbu, Biser Yordanov, Moldova. Telephone: 373-22-72-3807; 373-22-72-
Georgy I. Zamostian. 1426. Director, Gregory V. Pirojok; Associate; Andrew
Departments: M. Moldovanu.
Childrens Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Andrew F. NORTHERN MOLDOVA CONFERENCE
Kaminsky. Organized 1989
Communication, Serghei Miron.
Education, Andrew M. Moldovanu. Territory: Northern portion of the Republic of Moldova
Family Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, Georgy I. Beltsy, Bricheny, Dondusheny, Drokia, Edinetsy, Floreshty,
Zamostian. Oknitsa, Sholdaneshty, Singerey, Soroca, Teleneshty,
Health Ministries, Valentina Ciobanu. Transnistrian (Kamenka, Ribnitsa), and Ungheny Regions.
Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal
Ministries, Alexander A. Sirbu; Shepherdess Statistics: Churches, 57; membership, 3,504; population,
International, Svetlana S. Lotka. 1,396,850.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Leonid V. Panchuk. Telecommunications:
Stewardship, Nicolai Z. Gudumak. Telephone: 373-231-311-99; 373-231-303-79; 373-671-
Womens Ministries, Lubov Pirojok. 235-10; 373-671-25-380; 373-671-81-401.
Agency: Fax: 373-231-311-99.
ADRA/Moldova. Yaloveni Street 1/1; 2070 Kishiniov; E-mail:
Moldova. Telephone: 373-22-28-7289. E-mail: director@ Address: Burebista Street 5; 3100 Beltsy; Moldova. Director, Andrei P. Girleanu. Administration:
Ministries and Services: President, Victor D. Kostash.
Adventist Mission, Victor A. Lotka. Secretary, Alexey A. Dyrkach.
Spirit of Prophecy, Leonid V. Panchuk. Treasurer, Alexandru M. Moldovanu.

Executive Committee: Administration:

Victor D. Kostash, Chair; Alexey A. Dyrkach, Secretary; President, Peter A. Syrbu.
Edward P. Baibarak, Michael M. Didik, Vasiliy N. Secretary, Nicolai A. Koltuk.
Garashuk, Valery V. Grib, Andrey F. Katerenchyuk, Treasurer, Alexander V. Maruschiak.
Alexandru M. Moldovanu, Dorina D. Pirojok, Eugen B. Executive Committee:
Rudak, Tudor I. Zamosteanu. Peter A. Syrbu, Chair; Nicolai A. Koltuk, Secretary; Dmitrii
Departments: Belii, Ion P. Croitor, Alexander V. Maruschiak, Simion I.
Childrens Ministries, Valentina A. Zamostyanu. Sprinceana, Anatoly V. Tanase, Constantin I. Uzun, Yurii D.
Communication, Dorina D. Pirojok. Yunac, Vasilii E. Gorbul.
Education, Zaharia I. Orak. Departments:
Family Ministries, and Stewardship, Victor D. Kostash. Childrens Ministries, Nina A. Maruschiak.
Health Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, Eugen B. Communication, Ghenadie A. Danilescu.
Rudak. Family Ministries, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Alexey A. Dyrkach. Nicolai A. Koltuk.
Womens Ministries, Tamara M. Moldovanu. Health Ministries, Lilia G. Tanase.
Youth Ministries, Vasiliy N. Garashuk. Ministerial Association, Alexander A. Sirbu; Shepherdess
Ministries and Services: International, Claudia M. Syrbu.
Adventist Mission, Victor D. Kostash. Publishing Ministries, Andrei I. Panea.
Shepherdess International, Liliya G. Kostash. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Simion I.
Ministerial Credential: Sprinceana.
Vassili I Dobrenko, Alexey A Dyrkach, Vasiliy N Garashuk, Stewardship, Alexander V. Marushchiak.
Valery V Grib, Leonid D Kostash, Victor D Kostash, Iov D Womens Ministries, Claudia M. Syrbu.
Kulko, Anatoly V Maruschak, Alexandru M Moldovanu, Youth Ministries, Anatoly V. Tanase.
Zakhary I Orak, Michael V Pirozhok, Leonty S Rybachek, Ministries and Services:
Fyodor I Zamostyan. Global Mission, Peter A. Syrbu.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Ministerial Credential:
Edward P Baibarak, Ghenadie Chebanitsa, Sergey Donici, Dmitry F Bely, George A Chebotar, Paul I Gyrlyanu, Vassili
Paul P Gubceac, Nikolay M Gutsu, Vadim I Harcenco, K Karayan, Nicolai A Koltuk, Ion P Kroitor, Ion M
Roman A Hristiuc, Vassili P Kozlenko, Anatoly A Mamaliga, Alexander V Maruschiak, Nicolae N Neagu,
Moldovanu, Alexandr B Shokin. Gregory V Pirojok, Nikolas I Radov, Simion I Sprinceana,
Peter A Syrbu, Nicholas I Vylku, Yurii D Yunac, Ion I
Organized 1989 Commissioned Minister Credential:
Ruslan F Balkan, Vitalii Banul, Stanislav Becciu, Ruslan
Territory: Southern portion of the Republic of Moldova. Bulgak, Constantin Burac, Roman Chisacov, Ion Cretsu,
Statistics: Churches, 96; membership, 7,934; population, Ruslan Drumi, Yuriy Duka, Mihail Gavrilitsa, Igor Gurin,
2,594,150. Sergei Gyska, Dmitry Juravliov, Robert Leahu, Ruslan
Telecommunications: Lotca, Yury A Lotka, Anatoly G Makar, Michael Musat,
Telephone: 373-2246-7950; 373-2246-7951; 373-2246- Tudor Nicolai Neagu, Iurie Pasat, Oleg Perciun, Iulian
7952. Romashku, Teodor Sagin, Tudor Scurtu, Ion Sobor, Ion
Fax: 373-2246-7953. Syrbu, Anatoly V Tanase, Sergiu Tarlev, Iliya I Vylku.
E-mail:; Missionary Credential:
Address: Putnei Street 66A; 2059 Kishiniov; Moldova. Ion Arabadji.


Organized 1990; reorganized 1994

Territory: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal
and Uzbekistan; comprising the Kyrgyzstan, Northern Ministries, Vladimir A. Kotov; Shepherdess International,
Kazakhstan, and Southern Kazakhstan Conferences, and Marina Y. Ott.
the Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Missions, and the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Rubin R. Ott.
Turkmenistan Field. Publishing Ministries, Daniel V. Lovska.
Statistics: Churches, 100; membership, 6,445; population, Womens Ministries, Larissa A. Kovalenko.
59,743,000. Youth Ministries, Alexander N. Kutenko.
Telecommunications: Ministries and Services:
Telephone: 7 (327) 290-8205, 290-8117. Adventist Mission, Alexander R. Ott.
Fax: 7 (327) 290-8003. Adventist Muslim Relationships, Vasili V. Nikonorov.
E-mail: Ministerial Credential:
Address: Omskaya Street 83g; 050018 Almaty; Kazakhstan. Vladimir A Kotov, Alexander N Kutenko, Daniel V Lovska,
Administration: Alexandr R Ott, Rubin R Ott, Denis S Zavadyuk.
President, Rubin R. Ott. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Secretary, Denis S. Zavadyuk. Roman L Alekseikin, Sergey Y Epanchintsev, Sergey P Iovu.
Treasurer, Sergey P. Iovu. Missionary Credential:
Executive Committee: Elena U Devyatkina, Maria P Dill, Oleg S Fakhurtdinov,
Rubin R. Ott, Chair; Denis S. Zavadyuk, Secretary; Victor Y. Liliya K Iovu, Nadezhda A Ivanova, Olga N Kojukhova,
Dil, Pavel N. Fedotov, Sergey P. Iovu, Vladimir A. Kotov, Elena A Kotova, Olga I Lovska, Marina Y Ott, Larisa V
Oleg S. Kim, Alexander N. Kutenko, Daniel V. Lovska, Pankratova, Olga V Prokophieva.
Vladimir P. Michailov, Valery N. Nazimko, Larissa V.
Pankratova, Daniel D. Pavelko, Igor P. Vasilchenko, Andrey INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
T. Ten.
Childrens Ministries, Olga V. Prokophieva. Media Centers:
Communication, Larissa V. Pankratova. Voice of Hope Media Center (Southern Union Branch)
Education, Valery N. Nazimko. (Radioteletsentr Golos Nadezhdy). Salievoy Street 3;
Family Ministries, Marina Y. Ott. 720051 Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Youth

KYRGYZSTAN CONFERENCE Ministries, Dmitriy V. Minin.
Organized 2002
Womens Ministries, Natalia M. Rtischeva.
Territory: Kyrgyzstan. Ministries and Services:
Statistics: Churches, 19; membership, 1,193; population, Adventist Mission, Daniel D. Pavelko.
5,216,000. AMR, Uljan M. Omarbekova.
Telecommunications: Ministerial Credential:
Telephone: 996 (312) 28-4801, 27-0751. Andrei I Akava, Oleg A Bondarenko, Vladimir N Grab,
Fax: 996 (312) 66-1654. Sergey N Larionov, Sergey V Litvishkin, Andrei A Miller,
E-mail: Daniel D Pavelko, Peter S Rtischev, Ildar A Sultanov, Oleg
G Vlasenko.
Address: Magadanskaya Street 63; 720040 Bishkek;
Kyrgyzstan. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Ivan P Agashin, Valery V Andreyev, Malik N Azhgulov,
Alexander P Bondarchuk, Kurmat K Bulatchanov, Anatoliy
President, Vladimir P. Michailov.
Secretary, Valery N. Nazimko. A Chorich, Valeryi M Demke, Alexander V Kazayev,
Treasurer, Lyudmila D. Ligay. Dmitriy L Korlyakov, Eugeny A Kostukov, Victor A Kovalev,
Andrei G Kozlov, Vitaly V Malyarov, Dmitriy V Minin,
Executive Committee: Vladimir V Mulach, Vladimir I Petkin, Vladimir N Pilipuk,
Vladimir P. Michailov, Chair; Valery N. Nazimko, Eugeny M Sichov, Andrei V Teteruk, Yryi I Videnko,
Secretary; Roman L. Alekseykin, Ruslan T. Atamurzaev, Vyasheslav R Zyganshin.
Evgeny U. Devyatkin, Uriy V. Devyatkin, Elena V.
Dvoretskaya, Lyudmila D. Ligay, Alexandr R. Ott, Oleg P. Missionary Credential:
Prokophiev, Viktor N. Zotov. Vladimir E Gopp, Rumil R Karimov, Vladimir S Ledayev.
Childrens Ministries, Natalay V. Denisova. Organized 2000
Communication, Emmi V. Ott.
Education, and Family Ministries, Svetlana A. Michailova. Territory: Eastern and southern Kazakhstan regions of
Health Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Larisa A. Almaty, Kyzyl-Orda, and Zhambyl.
Kovalenko. Statistics: Churches, 21; membership, 1,415; population,
Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious 7,921,089.
Liberty, Valery N. Nazimko; Shepherdess International,
Svetlana A. Michailova.
Telephone: 7 (3272) 97-41-81.
Publishing Ministries, Elena V. Dvoretskaya.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Stewardship, E-mail:
Oleg P. Prokophiev. Address: Omskaya Street, 83a; 050018 Almaty; Kazakhstan.
Agencies: Administration:
ADRA/Kyrgyzstan. Uzenbayeva Street 167; 720000 President, Oleg S. Kim.
Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan. Telephone: 996 (312) 66-5319. Secretary, Victor V. Rabinovich.
Fax: 996 (312) 66-0125. E-mail: Treasurer, Oleg A. Shepelev.
Director, Victor N. Zotov. Executive Committee:
Ministries and Services: Oleg S. Kim, Chair; Victor V. Rabinovich, Secretary; Sergey
Adventist Mission, Vladimir P. Michailov. B. Kim, Alexander N. Orfonidi, Oleg A. Shepelev,
Ministerial Credential: Alexandr A. Sivokonev, Eugenia Y. Starostenko, Victor G.
Yury V Devyatkin, Victor Y Dil, Andrey M Galislamov, Yusov, Eugeney D. Zavadyuk.
Dmitriy F Kolesnikov, Vladimir P Michailov, Valery N Departments:
Nazimko, Vasili V Nikonorov, Oleg P Prokophiev. Education, Ministerial Association, and Stewardship, Oleg
Commissioned Minister Credential: A. Shepelev; Shepherdess International, Natalia V. Pak.
Ruslan Atamurzaev, Eugeny U Devyatkin. Family Ministries, Tatiana A. Sigayeva.
Missionary Credential: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Victor V.
Victor N Zotov. Rabinovich.
Publishing Ministries, Sergey B. Kim.
Organized 1979; reorganized 1994, 2000 Youth Ministries, Eugeney D. Zavadyuk.
Territory: Northern and western Kazakhstan regions of ADRA/Kazakhstan. Kurmangazy Street 100a, Suite 61;
Aktyubinsk, Astana, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kokchetav, 050022 Almaty; Kazakhstan. Telephone and Fax: 7
Kustanai, Pavlodar, Uralsk, and Zhezgazgan. (3272) 92-3525. E-mail: Director,
Statistics: Churches, 33; membership, 1,842; population, Nadejda A. Ivanova.
7,564,911. Ministries and Services:
Telecommunications: Adventist Mission, Oleg S. Kim.
Telephone: 7 (3172) 31-30-45. Prison Ministries, Oleg S. Fahurtdinov.
Fax: 7 (3172) 31-27-85. Ministerial Credential:
E-mail:; Oleg S Kim, Alexander N Orfonidy, Victor V Rabinovich,
Address: Ghertsena Street 113; 010004 Astana; Kazakhstan. Oleg A Shepelev, Alexander A Sivokonev.
Administration: Commissioned Minister Credential:
President, Daniel D. Pavelko. Alexander V Birulya, Andrew N Dubs, Sergey B Kim,
Secretary, Andrey A. Miller. Gennady P Klishen, Sergey A Poltavtsev, Pavel S Velichko,
Treasurer, Sergey N. Larionov. Edyard A Vygovsky, Victor G Yusov, Eugeney D Zavadyuk.
Executive Committee: Missionary Credential:
Daniel D. Pavelko, Chair; Andrey A. Miller, Secretary; Oleg Sergey V Bogdanov, Svetlana G Bogdanova.
A. Bondarenko, Vladimir N. Grab, Sergey N. Larionov,
Departments: Other Entities
Childrens Ministries, Natalia N. Dubowzowa.
Health Ministries, Svetlana V. Sultanova. English Language Schools:
Ministerial Association, Peter S. Rtischev; Shepherdess Almaty English Language Center. Minbayeva Street 47b,
International, Ljudmila T. Pavelko. Office 210; 050022 Almaty; Kazakhstan. E-mail:
Publishing Ministries, Rumil R. Karimov. Director, Elena V. Musikina.

Executive Committee:
Organized 2002 Pavel N. Fedotov, Chair.
Ministerial Credential:
Territory: Tajikistan. Pavel N Fedotov.
Statistics: Churches, 7; membership, 680; population, UZBEKISTAN MISSION
7,133,000. Organized 2002
Telephone: 992 (372) 31-8442; 31-0455. Territory: Uzbekistan.
Fax: 992 (372) 31-8442. Statistics: Churches, 19; membership, 1,234; population,
E-mail: 26,499,000.
Address: Borbad Street 117; 734032 Dushanbe; Tajikistan. Telecommunications:
Administration: Telephone: 998 (71) 369-57-27, 369-47-92.
President, Igor P. Vasilchenko. Fax: 998 (71) 369-57-27.
Secretary-Treasurer, Edward A. Dylev. E-mail:
Executive Committee: Address: Botkina Street 7A; 700048 Tashkent; Uzbekistan.
Igor P. Vasilchenko, Chair; Edward A. Dylev, Secretary;
Amanullo R. Kuvatov, Zafar U. Muratov, Bakhriddin B. Administration:
Sanginov, Saidahmad S. Sharifhojaev, Zukhra T. President, Andrey T. Ten.
Bagdasarova. Secretary, Yulian A. Ivaschenko.
Departments: Treasurer, Oleg V. Kirilov.
Childrens Ministries, Marina A. Kitova. Executive Committee:
Communication, and Youth Ministries, Anna J. Kirillova. Andrey T. Ten, Chair; Yulian A. Ivaschenko, Secretary; Jobir
Family Ministries, Oksana I. Vasilchenko. I. Iskhakov, Lyubov V. Kayumova, Oleg V. Kirilov, Yury I.
Health Ministries, Nigina A. Muratova. Rybalkin, Michael V. Ukhanov.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Saidahmad S. Departments:
Sharifhojaev. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Elena V.
Publishing Ministries, Sergew V. Gafurov. Kurgalina.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Edward A. Dylev. Communication, Evgeniy A. Avanesov.
Agency: Family Ministries, Anna V. Kirilova.
ADRA/Tajikistan. Sharopov Street 43; 734032 Dushanbe; Health Ministries, Svetlana D. Chikulaeva.
Tajikistan. Telephone: 992 (372) 34-6995. Tel/Fax: 992 Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious
(372) 34-1111. E-mail: Director, Liberty, Yulian A. Ivaschenko; Shepherdess International,
Zafar U. Muratov. Elena A. Dyu.
Ministries and Services: Stewardship, Oleg V. Kirilov.
Adventist Mission, Igor P. Vasilchenko. Publishing Ministries, Sergey A. Kochulaev.
AMR, Amanullo R. Kuvatov. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Andrey T. Ten.
AWR, Saidahmad S. Sharifhojaev. Youth Ministries, Aleksey S. Meshkov.
Shepherdess International, Oksana I. Vasilchenko Agency:
Ministerial Credential: ADRA/Uzbekistan. Khoshimova Street 15; 700077
Edward A Dylev, Igor P Vasilchenko. Tashkent; Uzbekistan. Telephone and Fax: 998 (71) 268-
Commissioned Minister Credential: 8854. E-mail: Director, Nodir I.
Nikolay A Petrov, Bakhriddin B Sanginov. Gafurov.
TURKMENISTAN FIELD Ministries and Services:
Organized 2002 Adventist Mission, Andrey T. Ten.
Adventist Muslim Relationships, Jobir I. Iskhakov.
Territory: Turkmenistan. Musical Department, Irina S. Iovu.
Statistics: Churches, 1; membership, 81; population, Pathfinders, Elena V. Kurgalina.
5,409,000. Ministerial Credential:
Telecommunications: Yulian A Ivaschenko, Yury I Rybalkin, Andrey T Ten,
Telephone: 993 (12) 42-92-04. Michael V Ukhanov.
Fax: 993 (12) 42-92-04. Commissioned Minister Credential:
E-mail: Vladimir V Alles, Jobir I Iskhakov, Valeriy S Kim, Oleg V
Address: 4 Mikrorayon, 2oy Poezd Sawrasova, 2/2, Apt. 8; Kirilov, Rudolf V Shpanagel, Sergey V Tsiganov.
744004 Ashgabad; Turkmenistan. Missionary Credential:
Administration: Alexandr V Maranin, Alexandr S Mun, Husan A Nabiev,
President, Pavel N. Fedotov. Stanislav N Poroshkin.


Organized 1977; reorganized 1987

Territory: Ukraine; comprising the Bukovinskaya, Dnieper, Mailing: P.O. Box 423/4; 04107 Kiev; Ukraine.
Eastern Dnieper, Eastern Ukrainian, Podolsk, Southern Administration:
Ukrainian, and Western Ukrainian Conferences, and the President, Vladimir A. Krupskyi.
Central Ukranian and Kiev Missions. Secretary, Leonid T. Voloschuk.
Statistics: Churches, 908; membership, 61,241; population, Treasurer, Dmitry I. Vertylo.
46,505,000. Executive Committee:
Telecommunications: Vladimir A. Krupskyi, Chair; Leonid T. Voloschuk, Secretary;
Telephone: 380 (44) 467-50-49. Viktor I. Antonuk, Anatoly I. Begas, Vasiliy G. Djulay, Peter
Fax: 380 (44) 467-50-64. V. Ganulich, Aleksey V. Isakov, Vladimir D. Kolbach, Boris K.
E-mail: Korzhos, Vasiliy Kostiuk, Vadim F. Kovtyuk, Yury G.
Website: Kuzmenko, Stanislav V. Nosov, Vladimir V. Prolinsky, Andrey
Address: A. Shamray, Vladimir S. Velechuk, Dmitry I. Vertylo, Anatoly
Street: Lukyanovskaya Street, 9/10A; 04107 Kiev; Ukraine. S. Zhalovaga, Ivan S. Zavadyuk.

Childrens Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Vladimir S. Organized 1978; reorganized 1994
Communication, Ivan P. Chernychko. Territory: Chernovtsy, Ivano-Frakovsk, and Ternopol Regions.
Family Ministries, Ludmila Ganulich.
Statistics: Churches, 132; membership, 7,410; population,
Health Ministries, Alexander A. Ruban. 3,364,823.
Ministerial Association, Peter V. Ganulich; Shepherdess
International, Lilia D. Krupskaya. Telecommunications:
Telephone: 380 (372) 54-99-35, 54-99-36.
Publishing Ministries, Vasiliy G. Djulay. Fax: 380 (372) 54-99-36.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, ___. E-mail:
Stewardship, Dmitry I. Vertylo.
Womens Ministries, Nadezhda F. Vertylo. Address: Korostyshevskaya Street, 6A; 58000 Chernovtsy;
Agency: Administration:
ADRA/Ukraine. Lukyanovskaya, 9/10A; 04107 Kiev; President, Ivan S. Zavadyuk.
Ukraine. Telephone: 380 (44) 467-50-48. Fax: 380 (44) Secretary, Ivan N. Zaveryukha.
425-13-47. E-mail: Director, Treasurer, Boris I. Maksimchuk.
Andrew Chuprikov. Executive Committee:
Ministries and Services: Ivan S. Zavadyuk, Chair; Ivan N. Zaveryukha, Secretary;
Adventist Mission, Yury G. Kuzmenko. Ivan M. Budivsky, Ivan G. Chernushka, Stepan D. Gaysan,
Literature Evangelism, Vladimir V. Gnylyuk. Alexander D. Glushkivsky, Georgyy V. Golovach, Vitaliy M.
Music, Lev P. Vertylo. Gunko, Paul I. Kirilyuk, Orest M. Kotyrlo, Boris I.
Ministerial Credential: Maksimchuk, Peter L. Popovich, Paul V. Protsyuk, Vasiliy P.
Alexander I Antonyuk, Ivan P Chernychko, Vasiliy G Djulay, Velichko.
Peter V Ganulich, Denis A Knish, Vyacheslav I Korchuk, Departments:
Vladimir A Krupskyi, Yury G Kuzmenko, Vladimir S Childrens Ministries, Alla E. Gaysan.
Velechuk, Dmitry I Vertylo, Leonid T Voloschuk, Anatoly S Communication, Boris I. Demchuk.
Zhalovaga. Education, Ivan G. Chernyshka.
Honorary/Emeritus: Vladimir V Alexeyenko, Dmitry K Family Ministries, and Stewardship, Paul I. Kirilyuk.
Antemjuk, Ivan M Babich, Daniel R Buz, George G Galan, Health Ministries, Sergei K. Lutsky.
Ivan N Gandabura, Alexey M Gorokhovsky, Dmitry D Ministerial Association, Georgy V. Golovach; Shepherdess
Grytsiuk, Alexey Z Kalashnik, Ivan F Khiminets, Phillip V International, Maria M. Zavadyuk.
Kovtyuk, Victor A Kozyarevsky, Paul P Krushenitsky, Vladimir Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Ivan S. Zavadyuk.
Ivanovich Kucheryavenko, Vladimir N Kuchurivsky, Anatoly Publishing Ministries, Yaroslav N. Opayets.
M Litvinyuk, Nicholas M Murga, Vladimir P Nakonechniy, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vitaliy M. Gunko.
Valentine N Nikityuk, Ivan A Pilipchuk, Vassily N Pilipchuk, Womens Ministries, Orysya I. Kirilyuk.
Iliya A Pirchak, Petro I Podolin, Anatoliy M Poltoratsky, Paul Youth Ministries, Stepan D. Gaysan.
T Reus, Nicholas I Scherba, Vassili S Semanivsky, Leonid M Ministries and Services:
Shatan, Fedor A Skahun, Bogdan D Stasyuk, Victor S Adventist Mission, Ivan D. Serna.
Stetsenko, Anatoly A Sytnik, Ivan A Vishnevsky, Alexey Z Ministerial Credential:
Vistratenko, Nikolay I Voroniuk, Ivan T Yakubchak, Vladimir Michail T Boyko, Ivan G Chernyshka, Michail N Demyan,
A Zhalkovsky, Nikolay A Zhukaliuk, Stephen L Zlotovetsky. Yaroslav I Elenuk, Vassili D Gavrilitsa, Alexander D
Glushkivsky, Georgy V Golovach, Iliya I Govaleshko, Vitaliy
Commissioned Minister Credential: M Gunko, Victor V Ilko, Paul I Kirilyuk, Miroslav V Kizema,
Vladimir V Gnylyuk. Andrei M Kostash, Orest M Kotyrlo, Alexander N Kuzmich,
Honorary/Emeritus: Fedor I Ardelyan, Fyodor D Ardelyan, Boris I Maksimchuk, Vasiliy G Oleinik, Yaroslav N Opayets,
Dmitry V Chikivshuk, Vasilin M Gen, Vassili A Grinenko, Oleg S Osadchuk, Nikolay V Palamarchuk, Stephen I
Dmitriy I Gutsul, Vilgem V Kampen, Irene V Karpa, Vladimir Perepelitsa, Valentin V Pilipchuk, Peter L Popovich, Paul V
A Karpenko, Stanislav G Khomenko, Vassili V Kosovan, Protsyuk, Anatoliy V Rynzhuk, Ivan D Serna, Michail G
Roman V Kravets, Stanislav M Kravets, V F Logvinenko, Skripkar, Vasiliy V Stefanchuk, Gregory V Tkach, Vasiliy P
Roman V Machikha, Vassili V Moskvichiov, Alexey O Velichko, Sergey T Voloschuk, Ivan S Zavadyuk, Ivan N
Novak, Nikolay P Osmachko, Dmitry S Petrashishen, Liya O Zaveryukha.
Polishchuk, B P Sapovich, Paul P Serebryanikov, Nicholas A Commissioned Minister Credential:
Shevchenko, Avdiy K Shevchuk, Volodymyr F Sklyar, Valentine N Boshtan, Paul V Bubryak, Vasiliy I Burak, Andrei
Nicholas I Smal, Vasiliy S Veklich, Anatoly I Velichko. S Burakovsky, Gregory D Chainyk, Boris I Demchuk,
Vladimir I Demchuk, Anatoliy V Ermolin, Stepan D Gaysan,
INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES Vladimir N Gerchuk, Ivan A Giritsun, Gabriel I Ichim,
Education Michail V Ivasjutyn, Andrei M Kalinchuk, Georgy P
Kalynchuk, Vasiliy G Kapitanchuk, Vasili Y Kryvenchuk,
Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences (Ukrainsky gumani- Alexander I Kushnir, Vladimir K Kutsiy, Vasiliy I Lavrenjuk,
tarny institut). Institutskaya 14; 08292 Bucha, Kiev Ivan V Luchak, Alexander K Lutski, Sergei K Lutsky,
Region; Ukraine. Alexander I Matsko, Orest D Melnichuk, Slava V Nistryan,
Ivan V Oliynik, Gregory N Paladiychuk, Miroslav M Pavlik,
Media Grigory N Petreiko, Valentine V Pidlisnyy, Valentyn V
Media Centers: Prysakar, Andrei A Rynzhuk, Vassili V Semenchuk, Viktor O
Voice of Hope Media Center (Ukrainian Branch) Smereka, Leonid Y Strilchuk, Viktor A Timko, Vasiliy N
(Radioteletsentr Golos Nadezhdy). Lukyanovskaya Tkachuk, Ivan M Trachuk, Roman D Vasilchak, Vasiliy R
Street 9/10-A; 04107 Kiev; Ukraine. Vovk, Vasiliy I Zholobchuk.


Organized 1978; reorganized 1987, 1996, 2002
Source of Life Publishing House (Ukraine) (Izdatelstvo
Istochnik Zhizni). Lukyanovskaya Street 9/10-A; 04107 Territory: Chernigov, Kiev, and Sumy Regions.
Kiev; Ukraine. Statistics: Churches, 83; membership, 5,555; population,
Other Entities
English Language Schools: Telephone: 380 (44) 542-3192, 542-3193.
Kiev English Language Center. Kutuzova Per; 01011 Kiev; Fax: 380 (44) 542-3192.
Ukraine. Telephone: 380 (44) 581-19-89, 461-41-70. E-mail:
E-mail: Director, Helen Petrenko. Address: Mykytenko Street 20A; 02139 Kiev, Ukraine.

Administration: Publishing Ministries, Vasiliy P. Kozhukh.

President, Vadim F. Kovtyuk. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Yury N. Irhan.
Secretary, ___. Stewardship, Konstantin V. Alikseyenko.
Treasurer, Michael G. Dzherdzh. Womens Ministries, Raisa I. Ishenko.
Executive Committee: Youth Ministries, Valery A. Pomeschik; Assistant, Vitaly P.
Vadim F. Kovtyuk, Chair; ___, Secretary; Pavel V. Buga, Ganulich.
Anatoliy P. Dihtarenko, Michael G. Dzherdzh, Konstantin Ministries and Services:
S. Kampen, Vitaliy V. Krivoy, Aleksandr N. Shnurenko, Adventist Mission, Anatoly V. Nikityuk.
Mihail A. Skripkar, Roman O. Tsiganuk, Igor V. Vovk, Music Ministries, Vasiliy L. Pashkov.
Dmitry V. Zubkov. Ministerial Credential:
Departments: Konstantin Alekseenko, Gennady N Beskrovny, Alexander
Childrens Ministries, Svetlana N. Shevchenko. D Didenko, Yury N Irhan, Anatoly V Nikityuk, Stanislav V
Education, and Family Ministries, Vasiliy V. Kostyuk. Nosov, Anatoliy N Novodvorskiy, Vasiliy L Pashkov, Jakob
Health Ministries, Larisa A. Sugay. G Povoroznyuk, Jakob P Roslyak, Vassili S Sulzhenko,
Ministerial Association, Igor V. Vovk; Shepherdess Konstantin P Tepfer, Anatoly V Tsiganuk, Nikolay V Tuk,
International, Valentina N. Kovtyuk. Oleg A Yakovenko.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Vadim F. Kovtyuk. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Publishing Ministries, Vitaliy V. Krivoy. Valeriy V Afanasiev, Ihor V Aliev, Konstantin V Alikseyenko,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Konstantin S. Vasiliy D Boichuk, Valentin O Bondar, Nikolay A Boyko,
Kampen. Ihor I Budnik, Alexander S Bykovets, Vasiliy A Bykovets,
Stewardship, Michael G. Dzherdzh. Anatoliy N Drobakha, Vitality P Ganulich, Anton N
Womens Ministries, Svetlana V. Kostyuk. Gontar, Andrey B Ischenko, Vjacheslav G Kazakov, Pavel I
Youth Ministries, Roman O. Tsiganuk. Khablo, Vladimir M Khrisak, Vihor V Korol, Vasiliy P
Ministries and Services: Kozhukh, Alexandr I Kraynik, Dmitriy B Levin, Vasiliy S
Adventist Mission, Dmitry V. Zubkov. Luga, Anatoliy N Maruschak, Andrey V Matsak, Vladimir P
Literature Evangelism, Vitaliy V. Krivoy. Matsuev, Nikolay V Natios, Nikolay I Naumenko, Aleksey
Music, Yulia D. Kampen. E Noskov, Andrey N Novosiolov, Alexandr V Pilipenko,
Ministerial Credential: Timofey I Pisanyuk, Valery A Pomeschik, Vladimir V
Vladimir I Borovoj, Pavel V Buga, Vladimir I Burachok, Portniahin, Anatoliy P Sidorochkin, Alexandr M Skibelsky,
Anatoly P Dikhtyarenko, Michael G Dzherdzh, Nicholas I Peter S Sorokin, Serhey N Suhak, Valentin N Suhak, Peter J
Gontaryuk, Alexander P Korunets, Vasiliy V Kostyuk, Svidenko, Nikolay I Vasilchenko, Paul P Vechirko, Paul V
Vasiliy N Kotlyarov, Vadim F Kovtyuk, Paul V Kozak, Naum Yeremenko, Evheniy P Zemskiy.
M Krivoy, Vitaly V Kucheryavenko, Ivan D Larion, Ivan B EASTERN DNIEPER CONFERENCE
Minenko, Vitalij I Moskaluk, Ivan Y Noshin, Valentine A Organized 1996
Pedchenko, Viktor V Samojlenko, Aleksandr N Shnurenko,
Michail A Skripkar, Roman O Tsiganuk, Ilija P Velichko, Territory: Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, and Zaporozhie
Igor V Vovk, Dmitry Y Voynov, Dmitry V Zubkov. Regions.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Statistics: Churches, 118; membership, 9,403; population,
Roman A Adamchyk, Vladimir B Bajdachniy, Igor V 8,061,595.
Churikov, Aleksandr M Fenjuk, Paul D Gajsan, Konstantin Telecommunications:
S Kampen, Oleg V Kostyuk, Roman V Kovtyuk, Aleksandr Telephone: 380 (562) 34-76-66.
P Kozlov, Vitaliy V Krivoy, Maxim V Krupsky, Vjacheslav I Fax: 380 (562) 34-76-66.
Kulaga, Oleg N Litvinenko, Vyacheslav V Myshynsky, E-mail:
Vitaly V Neroba, Vitaly A Osadchuk, Vladimir A Address: Narymskaya Street, 46; 49008 Dnepropetrovsk;
Samodenko, Evgeniy I Shelepov, Paul Y Shipko. Ukraine.
Missionary Credential: Administration:
Sergey V Dmitrenko, Maksim V Lazarev, Alezandr V President, Alexey V. Isakov.
Lesnyak, Vladimir V Naumov, Vladimir I Pop, Vladimir P Secretary, Stepan A. Kampen.
Stepanenko, Valeriy V Tutunnik, Andrey V Vinnichenko. Treasurer, Anatoliy A. Gospodarets.
DNIEPER CONFERENCE Executive Committee:
Organized 1996 Alexey V. Isakov, Chair; Stepan A. Kampen, Secretary;
Pavel A. Bayidala, Viktor I. Begas, Vladimir A. Bliznenko,
Territory: Cherkassy, Kirovohrad, and Poltava Regions. Stepan S. Drozd, Anatoliy A. Gospodarets, Inna V.
Statistics: Churches, 132; membership, 7,055; population, Kampen, Michael I. Kuznirskiy, Vadim A. Litvinyuk,
4,007,289. Alexander I. Pelakh, Roshel, Yiruy P. Shevtsov, Valery V.
Telephone: 380 (472) 32-1200, 32-1901. Departments:
Fax: 380 (472) 32-1901. Childrens Ministries, and Education, A. I. Krasilschik.
Communication, and Publishing Ministries, M.
Address: Pushkin Street, 90; 18023 Cherkassy; Ukraine. Family Ministries, Irina S. Isakova.
Administration: Education, Inna V. Kampen.
President, Stanislav V. Nosov. Health Ministries, I. A. Berezina.
Secretary, Konstantin P. Tepfer. Ministerial Association, Stepan S. Drozd; Shepherdess
Treasurer, Gennady N. Beskrovny. International, Irina S. Isakova.
Executive Committee: Public Affairs and Relgious Liberty, Stepan A. Kampen.
Stanislav V. Nosov, Chair; Konstantin P. Tepfer, Secretary; Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Roshel.
Konstantin V. Alikseyenko, Gennady N. Beskrovny, Stewardship, Michael I. Mikityk.
Alexander D. Didenko, Yury N. Irhan, Alexander I. Knysh, Womens Ministries, Lydmila P. Mikityk.
Vasiliy P. Kozhukh, Anatoly V. Nikityuk, Vasiliy L. Pashkov, Youth Ministries, Valery V. Vodopianov.
Valery A. Pomeschik, Yakov P. Roslyak, Anatoly V. Ministries and Services:
Tsiganuk. Adventist Mission, Viktor I. Begas.
Departments: Literature Evangelism, Vadim A. Litvinyuk.
Childrens Ministries, Marina L. Tepfer. Music, Alla N. Fisun.
Communication, and Education, Konstantin P. Tepfer. Ministerial Credential:
Family Ministries, Galina V. Irhan. Pavel A Bayidala, Valery I Begas, Viktor I Begas, Vladimir A
Health Ministries, Vera P. Cherevichna. Bliznenko, Stepan S Drozd, Vladimir V Fisun, Anatoliy A
Ministerial Association, Anatoly V. Tsiganuk. Gospodarets, Alexey V Isakov, Stepan A Kampen, Timothy
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Stanislav V. Nosov. S Kirdan, Vassili N Kisly, Yevgen M Kolesnik, Michael I

Mikityk, Sergey M Panin, Sergey A M Pichugin, Yury P

Shevtsov, Vladimir N Trusyuk, Oleg K Vasilenko, Valery V KIEV MISSION
Vodopianov, Vladimir I Voroniuk. Organized 2002
Commissioned Minister Credential: Territory: City of Kiev.
Denis Y Antonov, Vladimir Bekiroy, Sergey I Boiko, Bruno
Darani, Eugene S Diakonov, Valery N Galinsky, Vitaliy Statistics: Churches, 25; membership, 5,476; population,
Glavatskiy, Yuriy Gordyl, Valery I Gritsenko, Vassili N 2,660,784.
Ivashkiv, Inna V Kampen, Victor V Khlon, Victor V Telecommunications:
Khoroshko, Andrew P Kiyashko, Vadim N Korgos, Vladimir Telephone: 380 (44) 542-3194; 542-3195.
S Lisiy, Michael A Lutenko, Anatoly N Malikov, Vladislav I Fax: 380 (44) 542-3194.
Matyuhin, Alexey N Melnikov, Alexander N Mescheryakov, E-mail:
Oleg A Nazarov, Ernest S Negrich, Vitaly N Oleynik, Website:
Michael U Parovichniy, Alexander L Pelakh, Sergey L Address: I. Mykytenko Street, 20-A; 02139 Kiev; Ukraine.
Pleshakov, Piter V Popelishko, Roman V Romanyuk, Roshel, Administration:
Alexsandr I Ryabchuk, Konstantin G Sadovnik, Yury V President, Vladimir V. Prolinsky.
Schelkunov, Nikolay I Shevchenko, Ruslan L Simonenko, Secretary, Lev P. Vertylo.
Sergey Y Slobodchikov, Alexandr L Slysarskiy, Valentin N Treasurer, Vladimir P. Shulga.
Suhin, Alexander M Surov, Dmitry I Trebushov, Aleksandr A Executive Committee:
Tupin, Pavel A Vistratenko, Vladimir I Yarosh. Vladimir V. Prolinsky, Chair; Lev P. Vertylo, Secretary;
EASTERN CONFERENCE Anatoly A. Buturlin, Valentina Ischuk, Andrew D. Kolodiy,
Organized 1978; reorganized 1987, 1994, 1996 Alexandr A. Pedchenko, Felix K. Ponyatovsky, Vladimir P.
Shulga, Vasiliy G. Skripkar.
Territory: Donetsk and Lugansk Regions. Departments:
Statistics: Churches, 80; membership, 4,707; population, Childrens Ministries, Nataliya A. Gnilyuk.
7,018,023. Communication, Vladimir D. Kolbach.
Telecommunications: Education, Andrew D. Kolodiy.
Telephone: 380 (62) 381-2210, 381-2209. Family Ministries, Lidiya D. Neikurs.
Fax: 380 (62) 381-2209. Health Ministries, Galina I. Tyrina.
E-mail: Ministerial Association, and Sabbath School and Personal
Address: Baydukova Street, 89; 83048 Donetsk; Ukraine. Ministries, Anatoly A. Buturlin.
Administration: Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Vladimir V. Prolinsky.
President, Victor I. Antonyuk. Publishing Ministries, Paul P. Krushenitsky.
Secretary, Paul M. Manilich. Stewardship, Vladimir P. Shulga.
Treasurer, Alexander P. Luzhetskiy. Womens Ministries, Tamara S. Prolinskaya.
Executive Committee: Youth Ministries, Sergey V. Stepanyuk.
Victor I. Antonyuk, Chair; Paul M. Manilich, Secretary; Ministries and Services:
Valery A. Gen, Sergey G. Litovchenko, Paul P. Lugovoy, Adventist Mission, Lev P. Vertylo.
Alexander P. Luzhetskiy, Michael A. Prodanyuk, Michael Music, Konstantin T. Lysak.
G. Shevchenko, Alexander A. Trofimenko, Eugene I. Ministerial Credential:
Vaschinin, Vitaly V. Vypuschenko, Victor A. Zhalkovsky. Anatoly V Andronik, Anatoly I Antonyuk, Anatoly A
Departments: Buturlin, Igor I Koreschuk, Roman A Prodanyuk, Vladimir
Childrens Ministries, Tatiana V. Zakharova. V Prolinsky, Vladimir P Shulga, Vasiliy G Skripkar, Lev P
Communication, Svetlana I. Atamanova. Vertylo, Victor V Vyatocha.
Education, Paul P. Lugovoy. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Family Ministries, Lidiya A. Vypushchenko. Sergey I Butsenko, Vladimir V Gnilyuk, F N Goncharenko,
Health Ministries, Alexander S. Shumkov. Oleg V Kharlamov, Andrew D Kolodiy, Felix K
Ministerial Association, Victor A. Zalkovsky. Ponyatovsky, Sergey V Stepanyuk, L A Zelensky.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Victor I. Antonyuk. Missionary Credential:
Publishing Ministries, Michael A. Prodanyuk. Vitaliy V Eryomin, Victor A Vereschak.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Michael G.
Stewardship, Alexander A. Trofimenko. Organized 1981
Womens Ministries, Vera I. Manilich.
Youth Ministries, Eugene I. Vaschinin. Territory: Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, and Zhitomir Regions.
Ministries and Services: Statistics: Churches, 120; membership, 7,067; population,
Adventist Mission, Victor I. Antonyuk. 4,255,626.
Music, Sergey G. Litovchenko. Telecommunications:
Ministerial Credential: Telephone: 380 (432) 53-66-00, 53-66-01, 53-66-02.
Victor I Antonyuk, Sergey G Litovchenko, Alexander P Fax: 380 (432) 53-66-00.
Luzhetsky, Paul M Manilich, Michael G Shevchenko, E-mail:
Eugene I Vaschinin, Vitaly V Vypuschenko, Victor A Address: Keletska Street, 50-A; 21021 Vinnitsa; Ukraine.
Commissioned Minister Credential: President, Anatoly I. Begas.
Sergey A Babak, Nikolay D Bogatirchuk, Eugene A
Fedyakin, Ivan V Gaina, Oleg V Gnidenko, Sergey G Secretary, Alexander M. Ribachuk.
Golikov, Andrew L Ivankov, Sergey A Kobzar, Alexey A Treasurer, Michael S. Vilchinsky.
Korobka, Paul P Lugovoy, Andrew V Orlovsky, Gennady G Executive Committee:
Osipchuk, Michael A Prodanyuk, Nikolay Shmorgun, Anatoly I. Begas, Chair; Alexander M. Ribachuk,
Sergey Soya, Alexander A Topal, Alexander A Trofimenko, Secretary; Dmitry I. Chiorny, Ivan V. Gerasimchuk,
Vitaly I Vaschinin, Leonid A Zhalkovsky, Victor N Zinyuk. Nikolay D. Gych, Vladimir V. Katyushko, Mikhael S.
Missionary Credential: Kumchak, V. F. Makarov, Vassili F. Matsyuk, Dmitry P.
Eduard V Bulavchik, Grigory A Chernischuk, Sergey N Porkhun, Anatoly V. Protsyuk, Nikolay S. Shpilchuk,
Gavruk, Sergey A Goncharenko, Dmitry A Kobrincguk, Michael S. Vilchinsky.
Oleg V Larionov, Alexander P Lebedinsky, V V Departments:
Martynenko, Igor A Merkulov, Igor A Mezenchev, Childrens Ministries, Ludmila S. Shpilchuk.
Alexander V Prolinsky, Ruslan A Sedletsky, Dmitry Communication, ___.
Tishchenko, Alexander A Tkachenko, Mihael P Tsvid, Education, Anatoly V. Protsyuk.
Victor I Tudan, Victor S Vertilo, Valentin A Zagreba, Family Ministries, Elena V. Katyushko.
Vladimir A Zamorsky. Health Ministries, ___.

Ministerial Association, Mikhael S. Kumchak; Youth Ministries, Dmitry N. Popravkin.

Shepherdess International, Tatyana A. Begas. Ministries and Services:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Anatoly I. Begas. Adventist Mission, Andrew A. Shamray.
Publishing Ministries, Yury M. Yakobchuk. Music, Inna P. Tityanechko.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vladimir V. Ministerial Credential:
Katyushko. Victor V Chipchar, Yury I Denisenko, Yury K Dudenko,
Stewardship, Michael S. Vilchinsky. Vasily D Gilensky, Timothy A Gladkov, Anatoly D
Womens Ministries, Galina I. Protsyuk. Gurduala, Alexey V Karpenko, Vassili N Kashtalyan,
Youth Ministries, Nikolay S. Shpilchuk. Vladimir Y Kozak, Vassily U Krestinich, Alexander K
Ministries and Services: Kripakov, Vladislav Vladimirovich Kucheryavenko,
Adventist Mission, Mikhael S. Kumchak. Yaroslav L Motok, Anatoly V Nalchaji, Victor S
Music, Svitlana Chorna. Onufriychuk, Nicholas I Pavlioglu, Dmitry Popravkin,
Ministerial Credential: Anatoly D Purkach, Valery N Ryaboy, Andrew A Shamray,
Anatoly I Begas, Joseph P Borakovsky, Dmitry I Chiorny, Igor V Shevchenko, Alexander D Shevchuk, Eugene A
Ivan V Gerasimchuk, Nikolay D Gych, Vassili V Tkachishin, Vassili A Zhalba.
Katyushko, Vladimir V Katyushko, Nikolay N Khalimon, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Vasiliy D Kostyuk, Victor I Krasnyansky, Mikhael S Nikolay P Arsonov, Valery M Azarov, Sergey I Balaban,
Kumchak, Peter S Kumchak, Vladimir V Kumchak, Michael G Beliy, Alexandr V Biliy, Anatoly E Bogachuk,
Lubomir I Masyuk, Vassili F Matsyuk, Stanislav G Noshin, Evgen Y Budza, Sergey V Chalov, Gennady V Cheban,
Paul I Opalnik, Dmitry P Porkhun, Anatoly V Protsyuk, Ruslan L Cheban, Victor P Davidiuk, Vassily A Didkovskiy,
Vassili M Ravlyuk, Alexander M Ribachuk, Ivan S Ruslan F Fasleev, Sergey P Golubenets, Nikolay S Gomon,
Rybachek, Valery Y Sugonyako, Ivan K Uzun, Yury V Vladimir V Grinchenko, Igor V Kalamursa, Alexandr V
Vataman, Sergey E Vershylo, Michael S Vilchinsky. Karpluk, Sergey N Khakuta, Konstantin V Kondratenko,
Commissioned Minister Credential: Ivan D Kostash, Viktor I Krivoy, Alexandr A Kvasnitskiy,
Alexandr M Artemchuk, Jery P Artemchuk, Vladimir P Vladimir G Lukin, Evgen E Malevskiy, Andrew A
Dyzchok, Roman V Gayduchyk, Aleksey M Gnatenko, Malinovskiy, Alexandr V Maximov, Sergey P Maydanyuk,
Andrey M Gnatyuk, Alexander A Gorokhovsky, Viktor A Nikolay V Naumenko, Sergey I Olishevskiy, Anatoliy A
Goryanskiy, Vladimir V Gumeniuk, Danilo V Katyushko, Pavlenko, Igor A Pechibortsev, Paul I Pundikov, Paul S
Sergio V Kostuk, Aleksandr P Kovalchuk, Stanislav A Rybachek, Vadim N Shnurenko, Alexander P Shubin,
Kravtsov, Nikolay N Krizhanovsky, Yuriy I Krizhanovsky, Leonid N Surov, Alexey A Tityanechko, Oleg S Ursol,
Anatoliy I Kumchak, Oleg Y Kurashkevich, Vladimir P Vladimir N Zalevsky.
Kushneruk, Nikolay V Matsyuk, Sergey V Mazko,
Oleksandr V Melnik, Vyacheslav A Mishak, Yuriy G WESTERN CONFERENCE
Nesteruk, Vasiliy P Nikitin, Sergey V Omelchyk, Venjamin Organized 1978; reorganized 1991
V Opanasiuk, Viktor V Prokopchuk, Ivan A Russu, Roman
S Sargsyan, Oleksandr Y Shirokov, Vladimir D Shkurenko, Territory: Lvov, Rovno, Volyn, and Zakarpatsky Regions.
Nikolay S Shpilchuk, Nikolay V Skalikov, Sergey V Statistics: Churches, 108; membership, 6,807; population,
Soldatov, Zhan Z Stangelini, Peter L Stasyuk, Valentyn L 5,882,883.
Stasyuk, Vitaliy V Sych, Vladimir A Taran, Nikolay E Telecommunications:
Tyurin, Viktor A Voytko, Yury M Yakobchuk, Alesander A Telephone: 380 (322) 76-84-08.
Zaytsev. Fax: 380 (322) 76-84-09.
Organized 1967; reorganized 1987 Street: Korolenko Street 1; 79008 Lvov; Ukraine.
Mailing: P.O. Box 8004; 79008 Lvov; Ukraine.
Territory: Crimea, Kherson, Nikolaev, and Odessa Regions. Administration:
Statistics: Churches, 110; membership, 7,761; population, President, Boris K. Korzhos.
6,955,148. Secretary, Vladimir I. Skiba.
Telecommunications: Treasurer, Nicholas M. Mikhaylovsky.
Telephone: 380 (512) 24-61-65, 55-65-65. Executive Committee:
Fax: 380 (512) 55-65-65. Boris K. Korzhos, Chair; Vladimir I. Skiba, Secretary; Oleg
E-mail: V. Alekseev, Viktor P. Grabovyy, Leonid A. Kulinich, Ivan
Address: V. Krichfalushy, Nicholas M. Mikhaylovsky, Vase F.
Street: 5th Ingulskaya Street 19-A; 54024 Nikolaev; Molalign, Alexander G. Moskovchuk, Vasyl M.
Ukraine. Salivonchyk, Valentin A. Shevchuk, Vitaly A. Shevchuk,
Mailing: P.O. Box 45; 54024 Nikolaev; Ukraine. Vitaliy N. Zarun.
Administration: Departments:
President, Andrew A. Shamray. Childrens Ministries, Olga P. Alekseeva.
Secretary, Igor V. Shevchenko. Communication, Grigoriy Nesteruk.
Treasurer, Anatoly V. Nalchaji. Education, ___; Associate, Oleksandr P. Kobernyk.
Executive Committee: Family Ministries, Maria M. Shevchuk.
Andrew A. Shamray, Chair; Igor V. Shevchenko, Secretary; Health Ministries, Ivan G. Levchenko.
Sergey S. Bichkov, Yury K. Dudenko, Vasily D. Gilensky, Ministerial Association, Alexander G. Moskovchuk;
Anatoly D. Gurduyala, Vassili N. Kashtalyan, Sergey P. Shepherdess International, Valentina S. Korzhos.
Maydanyuk, Anatoly V. Nalchaji, Dmitry N. Popravkin, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Boris K. Korzhos.
Valery N. Ryaboy, Vladimir N. Zalevsky. Publishing Ministries, Vitaliy A. Shevchuk.
Departments: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Valentin A.
Childrens Ministries, S. Popravkina. Shevchuk.
Communication, and Ministerial Association, Yury K. Stewardship, Nicholas M. Mikhaylovsky.
Dudenko; Shepherdess International, Ludmila I. Womens Ministries, Irina F. Skiba.
Shamray. Youth Ministries, Oleg V. Alekseev.
Education, Alexandr V. Karpluk. Ministries and Services:
Family Ministries, and Publishing Ministries, Anatolij V. Adventist Mission, Valentin A. Shevchuk.
Nalchaji. Music, Vitaliy N. Zarun.
Health Ministries, Lydmila A. Barabash. Ministerial Credential:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Igor V. Shevchenko. Leonid G Fedoruk, Ivan P Filip, Peter S Gorbachevsky,
Publishing Ministries, Vasily D. Gilensky. Michael M Gornichar, Paul B Gorvat, Boris K Korzhos,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Stewardship, Leonid A Kulinich, Yurij V Matvijchuk, Michael F
Vladimir N. Zalevsky. Matviychuk, Eugene M Mikhailovsky, Nicholas M
Womens Ministries, Ludmila P. Kashtalyan. Mikhaylovsky, Alexander G Moskovchuk, Michael M

Opiar, Valentin A Shevchuk, Vitaliy A Shevchuk, Igor N Oleksandr F Liulich, Volodymyr O Melys, Peter P Mis,
Skachkov, Vladimir I Skiba, Michael I Spasyuk, Miron V Nikolas O Novak, Vladimir Y Ovcharenko, Anatoliy V
Vovk, Vitaly N Zharun. Polishchuk, Igor L Rubin, Volodymyr B Sadovyy, Vasyly V
Commissioned Minister Credential: Salivonchyk, Oleksandr Savchuk, Andrew V Savin,
Oleg V Alekseev, Ruslan P Babiy, Semyon S Bilak, Bogdan Oleksandr O Slupko, Andrew V Stadnik, Yaroslav L
Y Bondar, Igor M Borukh, Sergiy M Chinko, Vasiliy U Stasyuk, Anatoliy I Tershak, Igor J Topolevsky, Oleksandr
Chopyk, N V Demchina, Alexander E Filipchuk, Voloshyn, Anatoliy E Yarchak, Alexander S Ziborov,
Alexander M Gritsak, Vasyl V Ilnytskiy, Oleksandr P Valentin S Ziborov.
Kobernyk, Andrey N Kolaets, Ivan M Krichfalushy, Missionary Credential:
Volodymyr V Kubit, Valeriy I Levitskiy, Yuriy V Lishchuk, Olga G Khabina.


Organized 1994

Territory: Portions of the Russian Federation west of the Ural INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Mountains; comprising the Central, Moscow,
Northwestern, Priokskaya, Southern, Ural, Volga, and Other Entities
Volgo-Vyatskaya Conferences. English Language Schools:
Statistics: Churches, 433; membership, 34,856; population, Kaliningrad English Language Center. School No. 40; D.
93,481,124. Donskogo Street 7; 236016 Kaliningrad; Russian
Telecommunications: Federation. Telephone: 7 (4112) 55-6854. E-mail:
Telephone: 7 (495) 996-78-41, 996-78-42, 996-56-92. Director, N. Volkova.
Fax: 7 (4967) 61-48-91. Moscow English Language Center. 3rd Floor,
E-mail: Nagatinskaya Street; 4a, 115230 Moscow; Russian
Website: Federation. Telephone: 7 (495) 782-7489. E-mail: Director, Helen Kuzhnenkova.
Nizhniy Novgorod English Language Center. Telephone:
Street: Sergeevka 1; 142180 Podolsk Area; Moscow 7 (8312) 35-0126. Director, N. Yashkina.
Region; Russian Federation.
Mailing: P.O. Box 51; 142180 Klimovsk; Moscow Region; CENTRAL CONFERENCE
Russian Federation. Organized 1994
President, Vasiliy D. Stolyar. Territory: The Republic of Komi and the Regions of Ivanovo,
Secretary, Igor V. Krasilnikov. Kaliningrad, Kostroma, Smolensk, Vladimir, and Yaroslavl.
Treasurer, Vladimir E. Snytko. Statistics: Churches, 70; membership, 3,944; population,
Executive Committee: 14,369,451.
Vasiliy D. Stolyar, Chair; Igor V. Krasilnikov, Secretary; Telecommunications:
Vladimir I. Aksenov, Vadim S. Boutov, Gregory I. Telephone: 7 (4967) 35-29-41, 35-26-79.
Golovach, Oleg Y. Goncharov, Vladimir K. Grents, Fax: 7 (4967) 35-26-79.
Gennady G. Kasap, Michael V. Lymarev, Ivan V. Manilich, E-mail:
Vasiliy V. Murga, Valery A. Nikitiuk, Ivan N. Ostrovsky, Address: Sitzenabivnaya Street 12; 142211 Serpukhov;
Vladimir E. Snytko, Ulia E. Utkina, Ivan I. Velgosha, Moscow Region; Russian Federation.
Alexander V. Zhukov. Administration:
Departments: President, Valery A. Nikitiuk.
Childrens Ministries, Raisa K. Krasilnikova. Secretary, Vladimir V. Matryashin.
Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Treasurer, Vassili P. Nechiporuk.
Oleg Y. Goncharov. Executive Committee:
Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Lidia D. Valery A. Nikitiuk, Chair; Vladimir V. Matryashin,
Neikurs. Secretary; Vadim N. Kochkarev, Alena S. Lobanova, Olga
Health Ministries, Yulia A. Scheglova. S. Lyamina, Vassili P. Nechiporuk, Dmitry V. Nikolenko,
Ministerial Association, Igor V. Krasilnikov; Shepherdess Sergei P. Sergeev, Anatoly I. Izun, Nikolas V. Vendin.
International, Lidia S. Stoliar. Departments:
Publishing Ministries, and Sabbath School and Personal Childrens Ministries, Olga V. Vorobeva.
Ministries, Vasiliy V. Murga. Family Ministries, Lubov A. Nechiporuk.
Stewardship, Georgi D. Stolyar. Health Ministries, S. Shemet.
Youth Ministries, Gennady G. Kasap. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, S. Talaev.
Ministries and Services: Publishing Ministries, Sergey P. Sergeev.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, and Stewardship,
Adventist Mission, Gennady G. Kasap.
Vladimir V. Matryashin.
Spirit of Prophecy, Vasiliy D. Stolyar. Womens Ministries, Lubov A. Nechiporuk.
Ministerial Credential: Youth Ministries, Dmitry V. Nikolenko.
Oleg Y Goncharov, Gennady G Kasap, Igor V Krasilnikov, Ministries and Services:
Vasiliy V Murga, Vladimir E Snytko, Georgi D Stolyar, Global Mission, Vadim N. Kochkarev.
Vasiliy D Stolyar. Shepherdess International, Tatyana V. Nikitiuk.
Honorary/Emeritus: Oleg N Arefiev, Nicholas M Ministerial Credential:
Ignatov, Michael A Kozyarovsky, Benjamin I Victor I Albul, Eduard M Egizaryan, Michael Y Ezhelya,
Kucheryavenko, Ivan F Paraschuk, Leonard D Reband, Genrikh D Gomer, Vadim N Kochkarev, Peter I Lang,
Michael S Zozulin. Valeriy V Lazarev, Vassili I Lovska, Vladimir V Matryashin,
Commissioned Minister Credential: Vladimir I Mescheryakov, Vassili P Nechiporuk, Valery A
Honorary/Emeritus: Michael S Begas, Michael D Nikitiuk, Paul F Pavelko, Nicholas Y Shevtsov, Anatoly I
Bondarev, Vassili I Romanov. Uzun, Nikolay V Volkov.
Missionary Credential: Commissioned Minister Credential:
Olga P Doronina, Olga V Grushko, Ludmila G Kachmar, Andrei A Antyaskin, Vladimir V Auzyak, Sergey V Blednov,
Helen V Kopylova, Raisa K Krasilnikova, Irina V Kucheruk, Ivan I Gornichar, Valery P Grigorev, Dmitry V Nikolenko,
Yakov S Neikurs, Lidia S Stoliar, Dmitry V Stolyar. Alexey A Parkhomenkov, Dmitry Y Popkov, Nikolai V

Rumyanczev, Sergey P Sergeev, Alexey B Sergeyev, Igor A Fax: 7 (812) 293-9433.

Shemet, Sergey A Talalaev, Vyacheslav N Timofeev, Sergey E-mail:
A Uvarov, Vladimir A Vakhotin, Igor A Vorobev, Igor A Address:
Zaytsev. Street: Prospect Morisa Toreza 85; 194214 Saint
Missionary Credential: Petersburg; Russian Federation.
Yury V Popkov, Lidia G Popkova, Lyubov N Sergeyeva. Mailing: P.O. Box 85; 194214 Saint Petersburg; Russian
Organized 2003; reorganized 2007 President, Ivan I. Velgosha.
Secretary, Veniamin I. Nichik.
Territory: Moscow and the Moscow regions of
Balashihinskiy, Krasnogorskiy, Leninskiy, Luberetskiy, Treasurer, Victor T. Manilich.
Mitistchenskiy, Podolskiy, Odintsovskiy, Solnechnogorskiy, Executive Committee:
and Himkinskiy. Ivan I. Velgosha, Chair; Veniamin I. Nichik, Secretary;
Statistics: Churches, 28; membership, 3,507; population, Valery M. Bogdanov, Oleg S. Drozd, Michael V. Konev,
13,046,506. Victor T. Manilich, Sergey V. Nikulin, Vasiliy I. Pavlishche,
Nicolay S. Smagin, Nadezhda A. Tarasyuk, Alexander M.
Telecommunications: Turetckiy.
Telephone: 7 (495) 468-5489; 7 (499) 724-5406.
Fax: 7 (495) 468-5489; 7 (499) 725-5406. Departments:
E-mail: Childrens Ministries, Victoria V. Nichik.
Website: Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Nadezhda A.
Address: Nagatinskaya Street 9/3; Moscow; Russian Ministerial Association, Veniamin I. Nichik; Shepherdess
Federation. International, Svetlana A. Velgosha.
Administration: Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Sabbath School
President, Alexander V. Zhukov. and Personal Ministries, Nicolay S. Smagin.
Secretary, Svyatoslav M. Muzichko. Publishing Ministries, Valery M. Bogdanov.
Treasurer, Andrey Y. Scheglov. Stewardship, Victor T. Manilich.
Executive Committee: Youth Ministries, Alexander M. Turetckiy.
Alexander V. Zhukov, Chair; Svyatoslav M. Muzichko, Ministries and Services:
Secretary; Stella S. Barhudaryan, Pavel V. Gonchar, Adventist Mission, Ivan I. Velgosha.
Vladimir P. Kulakov, Anatoly F. Kulko, Taras L. Masiuk,
Yaroslav I. Paliy, Nikolay B. Semin, Andrey Y. Scheglov, Ministerial Credential:
Anatoliy V. Zubach. Arkadiy F Balkan, Stanislav P Bazilo, Konstantine G
Bobrik, Valery M Bogdanov, Vitaliy S Drozd, Samvel O
Departments: Grigoryan, Michael V Konev, L Korolevsky, Alexander P
Childrens Ministries, Irina A. Zagladkina; Associate, Kruzhkov, Victor T Manilich, Veniamin I Nichik, Sergey V
Natalia J. Donskogo. Nikulin, Vasiliy I Pavlische, Nicolay S Smagin, Anatoly D
Communication, Vladimir I. Aksenow. Tarasyuk, Vladimir M Vachev, Ivan I Velgosha.
Education, and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries,
Svyatoslav M. Muzichko. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Family Ministries, Yakov P. Kulakov. Vitaly V Alexeyev, Dmitry V Balabanov, Roman S Bazilo,
Health Ministries, Yulia A. Scheglova. Anatolii M Bogdanov, Ruslan T Buga, Oleg S Drozd, Yuriy
Ministerial Association, Vladimir P. Kulakov; Shepherdess V Golovyashkin, Alexandr S Kampen, Oleg G Kirovich,
International, Olga A. Zhukova. Vyacheslav A Kotov, Sergey Y Negusev, Andrei A Palehin,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Paul V. Gonchar. Svyatoslav I Politchuk, Evgeniy L Rannev, Sergey V
Publishing Ministries, Taras L. Masiuk. Ryaguzov, Alexander M Turetckiy, Alexander P Vakaruk.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Svyatoslav M. Missionary Credential:
Muzichko. Andrei A Dyachenko, Anatolii A Eremeev, Vyacheslav V
Stewardship, Andrey Y. Scheglov. Glebushko, Elena V Ignateva, Svetlana A Kleeva, Anna D
Womens Ministries, Maria F. Kulakova. Kushnaruk, Igor G Rybachuk, Nadezhda N Serebryakova,
Youth Ministries, Anatoliy V. Zubach. Lyubov Y Smagina, Raisa M Vetrova.
Ministries and Services: PRIOKSKAYA CONFERENCE
Adventist Mission, Anatoly F. Kulko. Organized 2003; reorganized 2007
Ministerial Credential:
Vladimir I Aksenow, Peter A Arbuzov, Sergey N Aristov, Territory: The regions of Tula, Ryazan, and Kaluga.
Paul V Gonchar, Vladimir P Kulakov, Yakov P Kulakov, Statistics: Churches, 33; membership, 3,228; population,
Anatoly F Kulko, Svyatoslav M Muzichko, Viktor 4,345,937.
Osadchuk, Yaroslav I Paliy, Andrey Y Scheglov, Alexander
V Zhukov, Anatoliy V Zubach. Telecommunications:
Telephone: 7 (4872) 24-55-26, 24-55-27, 24-69-82.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Fax: 7 (4872) 24-77-06.
Andrey V Grechishnikov, Vadim A Grinenko, Sergey V E-mail:
Komarnitsky, Valentin V Kosmin, Valeriy N Kvashnin, Taras
L Masiuk, Evgeniy S Petkevitch, Oleg V Rizhkov, Nikolay B Address: Moskovskaya, 32-a; 300013 Tula; Russian
Semin, Sergey V Semin, Vladimir S Styopochkin, Vladimir Federation.
A Voloh. Administration:
Missionary Credential: President. Michael V. Lymarev.
Nisso K Aristova, Natalia J Donskogo, Alina L Gonchar, Secretary, Alexander A. Gladkov.
Olga A Jukova, Mary F Kulakova, Elena Y Matriashina, Alla Treasurer, Veniamin A. Frolov.
G Muzichko, Yulia A Scheglova, Irina A Zagladkina, Executive Committee:
Natalya L Zubatch. Michael V. Lymarev, Chair; Alexander A. Gladkov,
Secretary; Vladimir I. Faktorovich, Veniamin A. Frolov.
Organized 1994 Childrens Ministries, Nadeshda P. Gladkova.
Communication, and Youth Ministries, Michael O.
Territory: Karelia Republic and the regions of Arkhangelsk Grigorian.
(including Nenetsky District), Murmansk, Novgorod, Education, Igor N. Melnik.
Pskov, Saint Petersburg, Tver, and Vologda. Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, ___.
Statistics: Churches, 60; membership, 3,846; population, Health Ministries, Irina A. Kudriashova.
12,135,813. Ministerial Association, Sabbath School and Personal
Telecommunications: Ministries, and Stewardship, Vladislav V. Frolov;
Telephone: 7 (812) 293-2932. Shepherdess International, Vera D. Lymareva.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Alexander A. Gladkov.

Publishing Ministries, Igor V. Hudov. URAL CONFERENCE
Organized 1994
Ministries and Services:
Global Mission, Michael V. Lymarev. Territory: The republics of Bashkortostan and Udmurtia, and
Literature Evangelism, Igor V. Hudov. the regions of Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Kurgan, Orenburg,
Spirit of Prophecy, Igor N. Melnik. and Perm (including Komi-Permyatski District).
Ministerial Credential: Statistics: Churches, 68; membership, 5,207; population,
Andrey G Dementev, Veniamin A Frolov, Vladislav V Frolov, 18,455,138.
Alexander A Gladkov, Viktor A Kravchuk, Michael V Telecommunications:
Lymarev, Igor N Melnik, Ivan F Tomaily. Telephone: 7 (343) 243-34-67.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Fax: 7 (343) 243-34-67.
Alexander N Appak, Vladimir I Faktorovich, Vitaly V Frolov, E-mail:
Andrey A Glotov, Michael O Grigorian, Sergey A Plakhuta, Address: Deputatskaya Street 35; 620146 Ekaterinburg;
Vladimir V Ponkrashkin, Sergey A Torskoy, Ivan K Russian Federation.
Yazlovitsky. Administration:
SOUTHERN CONFERENCE President, Gregory I. Golovach.
Organized 1994 Secretary, Vassily I. Nichik.
Treasurer, Paul L. Mormin.
Territory: The regions of Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, Lipetsk, Executive Committee:
Oryol, Tambov, and Voronezh. Gregory I. Golovach, Chair; Vassily I. Nichik, Secretary;
Statistics: Churches, 60; membership, 5,369; population, Albert R. Badykshanov, Roman A. Beresnev, Victor V.
8,191,751. Ezhkov, Yury E. Fedorov, Paul O. Korneev, Michael L.
Melenko, Paul L. Mormin, Eugene A. Shimanovsky, Irina Y.
Telecommunications: Vorobiova.
Telephone: 7 (4722) 34-59-96. Departments:
Fax: 7 (4722) 34-59-96. Childrens Ministries, Tatiana E. Shimanovskaya.
E-mail: Communication, Dmitry V. Parshin.
Address: Education, and Youth Ministries, Irina Y. Vorobiova.
Street: 2nd Shoseyna, 29; 308010 Belgorod; Russian Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Uliana N.
Federation. Fedorova.
Mailing: P.O. Box 15; 380010 Belgorod; Russian Federation. Health Ministries, Lubov A. Zyrianova.
Administration: Ministerial Association, Michael L. Melenko; Shepherdess
President, Ivan N. Ostrovsky. International, Galina E. Golovach.
Secretary, Alexandr N. Rozhupkin. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Vassily I. Nichik.
Treasurer, Alexandr S. Nasonov. Publishing Ministries, Yury E. Fedorov.
Executive Committee: Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Victor V. Ezhkov.
Ivan N. Ostrovsky, Chair; Alexandr N. Rozhupkin, Secretary; Stewardship, Paul L. Mormin.
Vladimir V. Gonchar, Sergey N. Kovtun, Alexandr P. Ministries and Services:
Kozhoka, Aleksey A. Lukyanov, Vachik P. Mnatsakanyan, Adventist Mission, Roman A. Beresnev.
Alexandr S. Nasonov, Nicolay N. Ostrovsky, Nicholas V. Literature Evangelism, Yury E. Fedorov.
Romanov, Maxim L. Verenchuk. Ministerial Credential:
Departments: Albert R Badykshanov, Anatoly P Berbeka, Andrew G
Childrens Ministries, Larisa M. Rozhupkina. Chesnokov, Victor V Ezhkov, Sergey V Gertsog, Gregory I
Communication, Sergey V. Gruzdev. Golovach, Michael L Melenko, Vassily I Nichik, Andrey G
Education, Sergey N. Kovtun. Sirotkin, Fedor L Tukalo, Boris O Virsta.
Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Zoya L. Commissioned Minister Credential:
Nasonova. Roman A Beresnev, Michael Y Dolzhenko, Eugene A
Health Ministries, ___. Ekimov, Ivan A Emchegeshev, Victor I Kickuk, Dmitry O
Ministerial Association, Nicolay N. Ostrovsky. Klimov, Sergey A Miheev, Paul L Mormin, Anatoly V Murga,
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vladimir V. Vadim E Osmolovsky, Sergey V Parakhin, Michael N
Gonchar; Shepherdess International, Larisa A. Petreiko, Sergey N Prokudin, Eugene A Shimanovsky,
Ostrovskaya. Eugene V Shumov, Oleg V Soloviov, Oleg S Sverdlov,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Sergey I. Kemyashov. Anatoly V Tarasov, Irina Y Vorobiova, Andrey A Vorontsov.
Publishing Ministries, Ludmila F. Drozdova. Missionary Credential:
Stewardship, Daniil P. Pilipenko. Igor Arzamastsev, Lidia M Chesnokova, Yury E Fedorov,
Youth Ministries, Alexandr P. Kozhoka. Uliana N Fedorova, Galina E Golovach, Leonid B Istomin,
Ministries and Services: Alexey E Nechayev, Dmitry V Parshin, Dmitry V Pologov,
Spirit of Prophecy, Michael V. Cherkasov. Elena D Shelyagina, Tatiana E Shimanovskaya, Tatiana L
Vaidukova, Lubov A Zyrianova.
Ministerial Credential:
Michael V Cherkasov, Paul Y Dmitriyenko, Vladimir V VOLGA CONFERENCE
Gonchar, Sergey V Gruzdev, Sergey I Kemyashov, Sergey N Organized 1994
Kovtun, Alexandr P Kozhoka, Vachik P Mnatsakanyan,
Alexandr S Nasonov, Ivan N Ostrovsky, Nicolay N Territory: The regions of Astrakhan, Penza, Samara, Saratov,
Ostrovsky, Daniil P Pilipenko, Nicholas V Romanov, Ulyanovsk, and Volgograd.
Alexandr N Rozhupkin, Vasily I Rubanov, Vladimir A Statistics: Churches, 50; membership, 3,930; population,
Yurasov. 11,706,641.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Telecommunications:
Yriy V Burdygov, Michael A Chulkov, Sergey A Demidov, Telephone: 7 (8452) 56-13-25.
Alexey Y Geraskin, Sergey V Gladkiy, Sergey V Gurya, Fax: 7 (8452) 56-13-25.
Mihail N Ignatev, Victor V Karmazenuk, Roman N Kiselev, E-mail:
Oleg A Korban, Alexander V Lemeshev, Igor A Marchukov, Website:
Alexander N Nuzhnov, Alexsandr L Panov, Valery V Address:
Pereverzin, Anton I Shtefura, Yevgeniy V Sidorov, Valentin M Street: Murmanskaya 20; Saratov; Russian Federation.
Teslin, Maxim L Verenchuk, Alexsandr M Volodichev, Mailing: P.O. Box 1129; 410009 Saratov; Russian
Michael V Voronin, Paul V Vysotsky, Vladimir V Zagumonov, Federation.
Gennady A Zaytsev, Vladmir A Zinin, Vladimir I Zubarev. Administration:
Missionary Credential: President, Vadim S. Boutov.
Zoya L Nasonova, Larisa A Ostrovskaya. Secretary, Boris P. Kucheruk.

Treasurer, Mihail V. Zaitsev. Address: Komsomolskaya Highway 7; 603028 Nizhniy

Executive Committee: Novgorod; Russian Federation.
Vadim S. Boutov, Chair; Boris P. Kucheruk, Secretary; Administration:
Ekaterina K. Arngold, Andrew M. Kovalyov, Vadim S. President, Ivan V. Manilich.
Kuznetsiyan, Eugene P. Marian, Ivan G. Oliynik, Vasily N. Secretary, Aleksey N. Lvov.
Polovinko, Vladimir P. Popovichev, Alexander A. Salov, Treasurer, Andrey A. Kosterin.
Mihail V. Zaitsev. Executive Committee:
Departments: Ivan V. Manilich, Chair; Aleksey N. Lvov, Secretary; Vitaly S.
Childrens Ministries, Family Ministries, and Womens Bakhtin, Dmitry N. Bulatov, Marina V. Bulatova, Andrew N.
Ministries, Lilia L. Deryabkina. Isakov, Andrey A. Kosterin, Rustem I. Mukhametvaleyev,
Communication, Alexander P. Katsel. Yury I. Nerovnya, Evgeny S. Sedov, Aleksandr N. Sergeev.
Health Ministries, Veniamin V. Dashkevich. Departments:
Ministerial Association, Ivan G. Oliynik; Shepherdess Childrens Ministries, Marina V. Bulatova.
International, Elena M. Boutova. Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Alexander A. Salov. Vitaly S. Bakhtin.
Publishing Ministries, Andrew P. Garbarchuk. Education, Aleksey N. Lvov.
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Eugene P. Marian. Family Ministries, Yulia V. Lvova.
Stewardship, Eduard N. Tunik. Ministerial Association, Yury I. Nerovnya; Shepherdess
Youth Ministries, Vasily N. Polovinko. International, Orisa N. Manilich.
Ministries and Services: Publishing Ministries, Andrey N. Isakov.
Adventist Mission, Andrew M. Kovalyov. Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Rustem I.
Spirit of Prophecy, Vitaly E. Snytko. Mukhametvaleyev.
Womens Ministries, Galina V. Kosterina.
Ministerial Credential: Youth Ministries, Dmitry N. Bulatov.
Vadim S Boutov, Nicholas M Deryabkin, George M Kasap, Ministries and Services:
Paul A Katsel, Andrew M Kovalyov, Andrew N Kozev, Boris Adventist Mission, Vitaly S. Bakhtin.
P Kucheruk, Eugene P Marian, Ivan G Oliynik, Anatoly P Literature Evangelism, Andrey N. Isakov.
Panchenko, Vladimir P Popovichev, Alexander A Salov, Music Ministries, Andrey R. Kykynov.
Vitaly E Snytko, Ivan I Tsolov, Eduard N Tunik, Mihail V
Ministerial Credential:
Zaitsev. Eugeny A Anisimov, Vitaly S Bakhtin, Andrey A Kosterin,
Commissioned Minister Credential: Anatoliy E Kulchitsky, Aleksey N Lvov, Ivan V Manilich, Yury
Oleg A Bahmutskov, Boris H Borisov, Veniamin V I Nerovnya, Sergey N Patsukevich, Dmitry T Petryaev,
Dashkevich, Sergey N Fomin, Anatoly E Grigorev, Alexey V Aleksandr N Sergeev, Sergey P Titovsky, Alexander M
Gusev, Oleg Harlamov, Artashes M Jivanyan, Sergey V Trusyuk, Andrey N Vasenev, Nikolay I Vlasik.
Karachimov, Alexander P Katsel, Maxim V Kudashov, Vadim Commissioned Minister Credential:
S Kuznetsiyan, Vasily N Polovinko, Ivan A Ryauzov, Sergey Vladislav A Abdullin, Aleksey A Andruhin, Alexander V
O Sokolov, Ivan I Songurov, Andrew M Stolyarov, Gennady Artyushenko, Dmitry N Bulatov, Marat V Davletshin, Sergey
P Tomaily, Mihail V Volkov, Yaroslav S Zbarazhsky. V Dolmatov, Sergey A Egorov, Anvar G Gindullin, Genady V
Missionary Credential: Glazkov, David O Grigoryan, Maksim M Kaminsky, Evgeny
Lilia L Deryabkina, Valentina V Katyrau, Anjela V Kucheruk, V Kaphtanov, Vitaly V Kisser, Aleksander V Kokin, Igor P
Andrey M Stolyarov. Kurakin, Evgeny V Mantay, Rustem I Mukhametvaleyev,
Aleksey U Pavlov, Egveny A Pavlov, Sergey A Pavlyuk,
VOLGO-VYATSKAYA CONFERENCE Vladimir V Pehterev, Aleksey N Petrov, Filaret I Pirozhok,
Organized 1994 Genady I Pirozhok, Vitaly K Pogozhev, Evgeny S Sedov,
Aleksander V Sinitsin, Aleksander V Sinyavin, Igor V
Territory: The republics of Chuvashia, Mary El, Mordovia, and Synzhov, Andrey G Verbovoy, Sergey N Vorobyov.
Tatarstan and the regions of Kirov and Nizhney Novgorod. Missionary Credential:
Statistics: Churches, 64; membership, 5,825; population, Nicolay V Arzamasov, Lubov V Bakhtina, Valery K Bikov,
11,229,887. Marina V Bulatova, Igor P Golubin, Andrey N Isakov,
Telecommunications: Galina V Kosterina, Andrey R Kykynov, Natalia V
Telephone: 7 (831) 279-95-98. Lapshina, Yulia V Lvova, Oris N Manilich, Yury M Maslov,
Fax: 7 (831) 279-95-18. Tatiana N Parusheva, Oleg A pugachev, Anna F
E-mail: Tihomirova, Elena N Tysnina.

Gavrilyuk, Eugeniy A. Gerasimov, Larisa N. Gunko,
Organized 1978; reorganized 1990, 1993 Nikolay A. Gunko, Ruslan P. Gunko, Andrew V. Kacal,
Vyacheslav V. Korney, Edward N. Lebedev, Vassili M.
Territory: Belarus. Lozhecknik, Georgiy G. Melnikov, Vassili I. Nichik,
Statistics: Churches, 76; membership, 5,055; population, Genadij V. Patsukevich, Nicolay N. Patsukevich, Vitaly S.
9,696,000. Patsukevich, Anton A. Petrischev, Konstantin V. Yuferov.
Telecommunications: Departments:
Telephone: 375 (17) 299-54-48, 299-96-77. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Andrew V. Katsal.
Fax: 375 (17) 235-5772. Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Zhanna F.
E-mail: Patsukevich.
Website: Communication, Oksana V. Derkach.
Address: Annayeva 28a; 220037 Minsk; Belarus. Education, Vyacheslav V. Buchnev.
Administration: Family Ministries, and Stewardship, Nikolay N.
President, Moses I. Ostrovsky. Patsukevich.
Secretary, Vyacheslav V. Buchnev. Health Ministries, Konstantin V. Yuferov.
Treasurer, Nikolay N. Patsukevich. Ministerial Association, Vitaly S. Patsukevich; Shepherdess
Executive Committee: International, Nina P. Ostrovskaya.
Moses I. Ostrovsky, Chair; Vyacheslav V. Buchnev, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Moses I. Ostrovsky.
Secretary; Vitaly V. Dokyka, Andrew V. Dovgel, Michail N. Publishing Ministries, Nikolay A. Gunko.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Edward N. Telecommunications:

Lebedev. Telephone: 7 (4212) 46-66-61, 34-95-70, 50-81-28, 35-
Youth Ministries, Michail N. Gavrilyuk. 81-55.
Agency: Fax: 7 (4212) 46-66-62.
ADRA/Belarus. Annayeva Street 28a; 220037 Minsk, E-mail:
Belarus. Telephone: 375 (17) 299-54-48, 299-96-77. Address: Shelesta Street, 39; 680042 Khabarovsk; Russian
Fax: 375 (17) 235-5772. E-mail: Director, Federation.
Andrew V. Dovgel. Administration:
Ministries and Services: President, Vladimir N. Eliseev.
Adventist Mission, Moses I. Ostrovsky. Secretary, Victor S. Kapustin.
Music Ministries, Michail N. Gavrilyuk. Treasurer, Vladimir P. Romanov.
Spirit of Prophecy, Vassili M. Lozhecknik. Executive Committee:
Teens Camp Ministries, Boris S. Kirnogo. Vladimir N. Eliseev, Chair; Victor S. Kapustin, Secretary;
Ministerial Credential: Mikhail V. Avramenko, Larisa F. Karavay, Sergey A.
Vyacheslav V Buchnev, Eugeni A Gerasimov, Nikolay A Lozovskiy, Vladimir S. Marko, Ivan V. Medvid, Vladimir P.
Gunko, Edward N Lebedev, Moses I Ostrovsky, Nikolay N Romanov, Anatoly S. Severenuk, Vladimir N. Sokurenko,
Patsukevich, Vitaly S Patsukevich, Anton A Petrischev. Mikhail E. Tretyak, Vladimir I. Volovod, Ivan L. Zakhariya.
Commissioned Minister Credential: Departments:
Vladimir N Bayanov, Alexandr S Belyakovich, Alexander S Childrens Ministries, Olga V. Lozovsky.
Bogdanenkov, Dmitri A Bondarchyk, Alexandr N Chereh, Communication, Galina I. Sokolova.
Vitalij V Dakuko, Pavel V Davidovish, Ryslan E Daviduk, Education, Vladimir A. Fedorov.
Miki D Derkach, Vadim D Derkach, Andrew V Dovgel, Family Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Valentina V.
Oleg V Gabrusevich, Michail N Gavrilyuk, Vlad G Lozovsky.
Golovach, Alexander V Gorodnichiy, Nikolay N Gunko, Health Ministries, Alla G. Sokurenko.
Ruslan P Gunko, Aleksandr V Hanchevskiy, Vadim S Ministerial Association, Ivan V. Medvid; Shepherdess
Ilzilyanov, Anatoly A Kapitonov, Andrew V Katsal, Boris S International, Lyubov F. Eliseeva.
Kirnoha, Vyacheslav V Kornev, Bogdan L Krukov, Victor Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Roman P. Geyker.
Kudelich, Konstantin G Kuziyev, Vladimir M Kuzmich, Publishing Ministries, Larisa F. Karavay.
Vitaly I Lapitsky, Sergey V Markov, Vladimir N Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Victor S. Kapustin.
Nikolayenko, Gennadiy V Patsukevich, Valentin V Stewardship, Vladimir N. Sokurenko.
Patsukevich, Vasiliy V Patsukevich, Andrew P Pavluychik, Youth Ministries, Sergey A. Lozovsky.
Yury A Piminov, Michael V Poltavets, Oleg D Pushney, Ministries and Services:
Alexander V Semenchuk, Oleg I Shasha, Aleksandr P Adventist Mission, Vladimir N. Eliseev.
Sherba, Antoni S Smirnov, Oleg E Sosnovsky, Sergey A Literature Evangelism, Larisa F. Karavay.
Sputay, Andrew V Volokhov, Victor V Yarovoy, Konstantin V Ministerial Credential:
Yuferov, Vladimir A Zabolotsky. Konstantin A Burba, Ivan I Davidov, Igor V Dvornik,
Missionary Credential: Vladimir N Eliseev, Vladimir A Fiodorov, Roman P Geyker,
Alexandr I Kaminsky, Leonid S Korytko, Valentina V Victor S Kapustin, Dzhe Men Lim, Anatoly P Lozovsky,
Korytko, Irina V Ladvig, Segey S Ladvig, Nina P Valdeman S Marko, Ivan V Medvid, Vladimir P Romanov,
Ostrovskaya, Zhanna F Patsukevich, Yuriy A Prihodko, Vladimir N Sokurenko, Michael E Tretiak, Vladimir I
Nikolay N Sychov, Vladimir P Voytekhovich. Volovod, Ivan L Zachariya.
Commissioned Minister Credential:
FAR EASTERN MISSION Michael V Avramenko, Rustam O Guseiynov, Sergey V
Organized 1992; reorganized 1996, 2002, 2005 Kivirigia, Sergey A Lozovsky, Evgeniy V Maltsev, Nikolai
Mogilnikov, Ury V Permakov, Ruslan D Peshkov, Andrew A
Territory: The far eastern portion of the Russian Federation Rudakov, Konstantin P Sergin, Eugeny G Siver, Aleksei E
including the Khabarovsk and Primorsk Regions, Amur, Stepanyuk, Dimitri A Topolev, Alexey V Vaganov, Dmitry A
Kamchatka, Magadan, and Sakhalin areas, and Yakutia. Vinnikov.
Statistics: Churches, 63; membership, 3,366; population, Missionary Credential:
7,934,136. Alexander K Moroz, Vladimir V Petuhov.



Hermosillo WEST INDIES

fo fluG
La Paz

Guadalajara CONFERENCE Guantanamo

e Town Santo San ANTIGUA
Georg n
INTER-OCEANIC Kingston Dom ingo Jua UNION
Veracruz Guadeloupe
Belize City JAMAICA

Isal de la Bahia

GUA aeS naebbiraC
Guatemala Tegucigalpa MISSION GRENADA
San Salvador Aruba Curacao TRINIDAD AND
Por t-of-Spain

Unions Churches Membership Population RI
lanaC amanaP


Division 1 108 PANAMA

Caribbean 570 202,206 3,704,996 AMERICAN Santiago UNION MISSION



Colombian 972 247,078 46,156,000 UNION GUYANA


Cuban 272 27,525 11,248,000 SOUTH CENTRAL VENEZUELA

Dominican 605 238,390 9,366,000 COLOMBIAN UNION
French Antilles-Guiana 127 28,930 1,079,000
Haitian 424 312,963 8,967,000 CONFERENCE
Inter-Oceanic Mexican 921 168,301 30,403,491 COLOMBIA
Mid-Central American 929 335,394 13,983,000 FRENCH
North Central American 698 224,437 13,665,000 GUIANA
North Mexican 557 163,673 66,593,644 BRAZIL (FRANCE)
Puerto Rican 288 35,698 3,947,000
South Central American 575 227,370 13,437,000
South Mexican 897 264,974 9,537,865
Venezuela-Antilles 718 179,829 27,740,004
West Indies 670 248,543 3,096,000
Totals June 30, 2007 9,224 2,905,419 262,924,000

Organized 1922

Territory: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Communication, Leon B. Wellington; Associate, Jose
Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Romero.
Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Education, Moises Velazquez.
Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, French Family Ministries, Jansen E. Trotman.
Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Health Ministries, Elie S. Honore.
Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Ministerial Association, Hector Sanchez; Associate,
Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Balvin B. Braham; Shepherdess International, Gloria
Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Trotman.
Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Roberto Herrera.
Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United States Virgin Publishing Ministries, Mirto Presentacion.
Islands, and Venezuela; comprising the Caribbean, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Carlyle M.
Colombian, Cuban, North Mexican, Puerto Rican, Bayne; Associate, Gloria Trotman.
South Central American, South Mexican, and West Stewardship, Mario Nino; Associate, Roberto Herrera.
Indies Union Conferences and the Dominican, French Trust Services, Balvin B. Braham.
Antilles-Guiana, Haitian, Inter-Oceanic, Mid-Central Agency:
American, North Central American, and Venezuela- ADRA. Wallace L. Amundson, Director.
Antilles Union Missions. Ministries and Services:
Statistics: Churches, 9,224; membership, 2,905,419; pop- Adventist Volunteer Coordinator, Faye A. Reid.
ulation, 262,924,000. Auditing: See listing under General Conference
Telecommunications: Services.
Telephone: 1 (305) 403-4700. Data Processing Service, Jose Romero; Assistant,
Fax: 1 (305) 403-4600. Othman Gonzalez.
E-mail: Data Processing Service for Treasury, Antonio de la
Website: Mota.
Cable: Adventist, Miami, Florida, USA. General Services, Antonio Fong.
Human Resources, Elie Henry.
Global Mission, Mario Nino.
Street: 8100 S.W. 117th Avenue; Miami, Florida 33183- Spirit of Prophecy, Leon B. Wellington.
4827. Transportation, Hugo Almeda.
Mailing: P.O. Box 830518; Miami, FL 33283-0518.
Ministerial Credential:
Administration: Wallace L Amundson, Agustin Andrade, Sergio E Balboa
President, Israel Leito. Sanchez, J A Barrett, Carlyle M Bayne, Balvin B Braham,
Vice Presidents, Sergio E. Balboa Sanchez, Elie Henry, Ismael Castillo, Jaime Castrejon, Sergio Collins, Hadid
Leon B. Wellington. Cortez, Jorge Dzul Trejo, Jose Mercedes Espinosa,
Secretary, Juan O. Perla; Associate, Faye A. Reid. Melchor A Ferreyra, Victor Fernando Figueroa, Elie
Treasurer, Filiberto M. Verduzco; Associates, Sonja Henry, Roberto Herrera, Elie Honore, Israel Leito,
Carnegie, Guillermo Gonzalez; Assistants, Elizabeth Abimael Lozano, Alejandro Medina, Abraham Murillo,
Angulo, Antonio de la Mota. Mario Nino, Juan O Perla, Pablo Perla, Yves Pierre,
Field Secretaries, Wallace L. Amundson, Melchor A. Mirto Presentacion, Bernardo Rodriguez, Hector
Ferreyra, Jansen E. Trotman. Sanchez, Tomas Torres de Dios, Jansen E Trotman, Omar
Assistant to the President, Balvin B. Braham. Velazquez, Filiberto M Verduzco, Isai Villarreal, Mario
Executive Committee: Villarreal, L Eloy Wade, Leon B Wellington, Fernando
Israel Leito, Chair; Juan O. Perla, Secretary; Cesario Zabala.
Acevedo, Patrick L. Allen, Wallace L. Amundson, Jose Honorary/Emeritus: Eugene A Blackman, George W
Alfredo Argueta, Sergio E. Balboa Sanchez, Carlyle M. Brown, Jose Carpintero, Gabriel Castro, C Dionisio
Bayne, Derek A. Bignall, Sylvan Blaise, Balvin B. Christian, Felix Cortes, Juan C De Armas, Jose H
Braham, Eliseo Bustamante, Mario Augusto Calderon, Figueroa Jr, L Herbert Fletcher, Guillermo Krieghoff, Luis
Sonja Carnegie, Ismael Castillo, Jaime Castrejon, C Larrazabal, G O Martinborough, Leslie V McMillan,
Claudel Dolce, Eugene F. Daniel, Abner De los Santos, Eliezer Melendez, Sergio Moctezuma, Ivan Omana,
David Diaz, Melchor A. Ferreyra, Carmelita E. Findlay, Ricardo A Rodriguez, Loron T Wade.
Daniel Fontaine, Nevlyn D. Fridie, Cesar Gomez, Commissioned Minister Credential:
Guillermo Gonzalez, Silvestre Gonzalez, Elie Henry, Sonja Carnegie, Guillermo Gonzalez, Daniel Medina,
Roberto Herrera, Elie S. Honore, Cyril E. Horrell, Pedro Faye A Reid, Moises Velazquez, Joel Zukovski.
Iglesias, Moise Javier, Joel Gerard Kichenama, Luis Honorary/Emeritus: Carlos Archbold, Waveney
Arturo King Garcia, Max-Rene Laurent, Pedro Leon, Martinborough, Beulah Peterson.
Silas Martinez, Franck Miandy, Marlon C. Moodie, Juan Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:
Jose Moran, Mario Nino, Saul Ortiz, Efren Pagan Felipe Abimael Flores, Ruben Tenorio.
Irizarry, Julio A. Palacio, Aldo Joel Perez, Angel Ruben Missionary Credential:
Perez, David Javier Perez, Pablo Perla, David Poloche, Maria Elena Acosta, Modesta Acosta, Jose Acosta
Mirto Presentacion, Faye A. Reid, Bernardo Rodriguez, Bustillo, Maria Felix Adame Briones, Ana Maria
Jose Alberto Rodriguez, Josney Rodriguez, Jose Romero, Aguilar, David Aguilar, Eunice Aguilar, Lider Aguilar,
Wilfredo Ruiz, Arturo Salazar, Fernando Salazar, Hector Lidia Aguilar, Maelvi Aguilar, Jose Maria Alejo, Miguel
Sanchez, Dennis Slusher, Theart St. Pierre, Gloria Angel Alemany, Hugo Almeda, Jesus Alvarado, Juan
Trotman, Jansen E. Trotman, Filiberto M. Verduzco, Leon Alvarado, Edersein Alvarez, Christine Amundson, Jose
B. Wellington, Villaney Vazquez, Moises Velazquez, Anguiano, Norma Anguiano, Elizabeth Angulo,
Mario Villarreal, Reynol Zebadua, Jairo Zavala Arias, Daniel Aragon, Jason Aragon, Socorro Aragon, Jose O
Joel Zukovski. Aranda, Adalgiza Archbold, Belkis Archbold, Esther
Departments: Ascencio, Marlene Ascencio, Beatriz Aviles, Gener
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Aviles, Joaquin Balboa, Rosa Maria Baltazar, Jainie
Bernardo Rodriguez; Associate, Balvin B. Braham. Baltodano, Roberto Amos Banos, Daniel Baro,
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Gloria Aracely Bartolo, Carmen Bastar, Ariel Basto, Maria de
Trotman; Assistant, Dinorah Rivera. la Luz Basurto, David Batz, Rosa Beletzuy Xurue,


Robert Bennett, Obelia Berros, Jaime Blanco, Richard Elizabeth Montejo, Ma Luisa Mora, Leonardo Moreno,
Blanco, Tricia Blanco, Ana Bertha Ble, Aida Briones, Magdalena Moreno, Roxana Moreno, Clara Munoz,
Hector Briones, Adrien Brutus, Herlinda Brutus, Elisa Manuel Munoz, Elsada Murdock, Greisy Murillo, Sara
Caamal, Guadalupe Caceres, Tomas Cahuich, Nancy Laura Murillo, Soledad Murillo, Ana Laura Namorado,
Calambaz, Jerson Calderon, Nidia Calderon, Dayna Esthela Nanguse, Matheus Nascimento, Ma de Jesus
Camacho, D Walter Campuzano, Jesus Cardenas, Marisa Navarrete, David Navarro, Doris Navarro, Rebeca
Cariolan, Abel Carpintero, Cristina Carpintero, Rocio Negrete, Orfa Neri, Heber Nolasco, Jose Nunez, Arodi
Carpintero, Maria C Carpintero Castillo, Saul Carvajal Olivas, Carlos Olivas, Martha Olivas, Patricia Olivas, Rosa
Coto, Consuelo Castellanos, Dalila Castellanos, Eliezer Olivas, Jose L Olmedo, Eleazar Olmedo Carrillo, Flor de
Castellanos, Margarita Castellanos, Margot Castellanos, C Ontiveros Ramirez, Sandra Oropeza, Elisa Ortiz, Martin
Roberto Castellanos, Adriana Castillo, Gina Castillo,
Norka Castillo, Gloria Castrejon, Joel Castro, Mateo Ortiz, Santiago Ortiz, Raul Pairo, Miguel Angel Panti,
Catzim, Herbert Roel Cea, Ismael Chable, Zeno Charles- Nieves Parada, Ma Jesus Pedroza, Antonia Pena, Velia
Marcel, Daniel Chavez, Nancy Chavez, Arlene Chay, Pena, Mario Pereyra, Alicia Perez, David Perez, Dina
Benjamin Chay, Elizabeth Christian, Juliana Chunisingh, Eulalia Perez, Gregorio Perez, Juan Perez, Ricardo Perez
Alba Collins, Ekel Collins, Kelda Collins, Leticia Lucina Jr, Victor Perez, Daniel Perez de la Fuente, Martha Perla,
Conde, Teresa Conde, Enedelia Cordova, Adela Maria Efrain Piedra, Nancy Pina, Ruben Pinales, Saul Pitty, Jose
Cortes, Aracely Cortes, Guadalupe Cortes, Zandra Pizarro, Daira Planes, Ruben Ponce, Elizabeth Porras,
Covarrubias, Cecilia Cruz, Celedonio Cruz, David Cruz, Francisco Porras, Cesar A Puesan Jr, Alirio Quintero, Ariel
Emiliano Cruz, Ignacio Cruz, Rosario Cruz, Samuel Cruz, Quinteros, Ursula Quinteros, Ismael Quiroz Balcazar,
Violeta Cruz, Claudia Cuellar, Filiberto Cuervo, Manuel Esteban Quiyono, Carmen Ramirez, Denis Ramirez, Juan
De Antes Delgado, Jose A De la Cruz, Tony de la Mota, Ramirez, Luis Ramirez, Aracely Ramon, Julio Ramon, Luis
Reyna de Santiago, Jair Del Valle, Irma Delgadillo, Arturo Ramon, Raul Randeles, Karla Rangel, Edward W
Claudia Delgado, Andres Diaz, Magaly Diaz, Esteban Reid, Juana Rendon, Consuelo Reyes, Nadya Reyes,
Dominguez, Silvia Dominguez, Kelly Dulac, Luis Antonio Leticia M Reyes Perez, Aida Reyna, David Reyna, Moises
Dulac, Rudy Dzul, Elizabeth Dzul Ramirez, Mar Reyna, Febe Rico, Vianey Rios, Adaias Rivas, Dinorah
Elizondo, German Encinas, Maribel Escobar, Aureliano Rivera, Alicia Rodriguez, Ana L Rodriguez, Beatriz
Escobedo, Israel Escobedo, Miriam Escobedo, Mirtha Rodriguez, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez,
Escobedo, Braulio Eslava, Maria del Carmen Eslava, Herlinda Rodriguez, Jaime Rodriguez, Joaquina
Rodolfo Espereta de la Torre, Alberto Espinoza, Dulia
Espinoza, Miriam Espinoza, Magdalena Esquer, Carlota Rodriguez, Magdalena Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Raul
Estrada, Federico Estrella, Oscar Everardo, Sandra Rodriguez, Marco T Rojas Chacon, Jose Isidro Romero,
Figueroa, Olive Fletcher, Arcadio Flores, Elizabeth Flores, Maria Iselda Rosado, Hector Rosas, Manuel Rubio
Hector Francisco Flores, Juliaemy Flores, Magdalena Aguilar, Ada Ruiz, Francisco Ruiz, Adolfo Ruiz Salazar,
Flores, Claudia Florez, Arsenio Fong, Sara Fragoso, Juan Ana Lucrecia Salazar, Jorge Salazar, Ruth Salazar, Martin
Garces Aguayo, Aaron Garcia, Alejandro Garcia, Salcedo, Faustina Sanchez, Jairo Sanchez, Leodegaria
Benjamin Garcia, Darney Garcia, Elva Garcia, Eunice Sanchez, Midguet Sanchez, Pedro Laurencio Sanchez,
Garcia, Fanny Garcia, Francisco Garcia, Haydee Garcia, Primitivo Sanchez, Salomon Sanchez, Susana Sanchez,
Martha Garcia, Nahum Garcia, Samuel Garcia, Yolanda Lydis Sanchez Rovira, Pamela Scott, Arturo Sebastian,
Garcia, Samuel Garcia Garcia, Carlos Gastelum, Ezequiel Sebastian, Joel Sebastian, Enriqueta Sebastian
Francisco Gelabert, Alejandro Gil, Deisy Gil, Jose Luis Escudero, Pavel Semanivsky, Valdemar Serrano, Saul
Girarte, Isabel Gomez, Javier Gomez, Jose Gomez, Pedro Sierra, Saul Sierra Salcedo, Ma Lourdes Solano, Maria C
Gomez, Amparo Gonzalez, Dina Gonzalez, Edelina Solis, Primitivo Solis, Victor Solis, Cecilia Solorzano,
Gonzalez, Luciano Gonzalez, Ruth Gonzalez, Francisco J Columba Solorzano, Danelia Sosa, Sergio Sosa,
Grijalva, Huguette Grunder, Javier Guevara, Daniel Melquiades Sosa Herrera, Maria C Sosa Rodriguez, Jamin
Gutierrez, Joel Guzman, Ana Harper, Therlow Harper, Soto, Omar O Soto Romero, Libna Stevens, Francisco
Therlow Harper Castillo, Esteraman Heilbron, Elia Henao, Stout, Ines Maria Stout, Adan Suriano, Dinah Suriano,
Ketlie Henry, Carlos Hernandez, Esau Hernandez, Eunice Eney Taracena, Ruth Tass, Telisma Telerome, Ana Tello,
Hernandez, Graciela Hernandez, Jesus Hernandez, Ma
Magdalena Hernandez, Natividad Hernandez, Ruth Lorenzo Tello, Martha Tirado, Onelia Toledo Gomez,
Hernandez, Saulo Hernandez, Violeta Hernandez, Hector Maria Tolentino, Ever Torres, Josefina Torres, Juan Torres,
Hernandez Navarro, Joel A Hernandez Rios, Magbys Miriam Torres, Narciso Torres, Noel Rene Torres, Obdelio
Hernandez Rios, Ivelisse Herrera, Javier Hidalgo, Ramiro Torres, Patricia Torres, Rebeca Torres, Valdemar Torres,
Ibarra, Neptali Jacobo, Ruth Jacobo, Gaspar Jarquin Jose E Torres Escobedo, Moises Torres Neri, Florencio
Lopez, Nelson Jerez, Alma Jimenez, Cenia Jimenez, Trevino, Jesus Trevino Blanco, Metabel Trujillo, Marisa
Raquel Korniecjczuk, Victor Korniecjczuk, Plinio Lastra, Tumino, Roberto Valencia, Juan Valera, Catalina Valles de
Benjamin Lazaro, Olga Lazaro, Patricia Leal, Ramon Leal, Cortes, Francisco Varela, Amado Vazquez, Guillermo
Carlos Leaslilas, Ludmila M Leito, Jose Leor, Oksana Vazquez, Mauro Vazquez, Jorge Vazquez Garcia, Oved
Lesyshyn, Hector Leyva, Alfredo Licon, Elma Licon, Velazquez, Rocio Velazquez, Pedro Velueta, Elizabeth
Almeda Liedke, Martha Elena Loera, Enrique Loera Venancio, Tatiana Venegas, Alma Verduzco, Liliana
Aguilar, Adalis Lopez, Alfredo Lopez, Antonia Lopez, Villamizar, Julio Cesar Villegas, Gloria Vilorio, Gustavo
Asbel Lopez, Elvia Lopez, Felipe Lopez, Francisco Lopez, Vilorio, Ruth Ann Wade, Shirnet Wellington, Esther
Jaime Lopez, Salathiel Lopez, Susana Lopez, Victor Zabala, Enrique Zardoni, Vianey Zeledon, Rosi Zukovski.
Lopez, Rubi Lopez Aguirre, Rosa Ofelia Lozano, Evelyn
Luciano de Velazquez, Raquel Luna, Rodelina Magana, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Jose Alverto Maldonado, Jorge Luis Manrique, Abel
Marquez, Magda Marquez, Enrique Marshall, Juan Martin Education
Meza, Delia Martinez, Diana Martinez, Ezequiel Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary (Seminario
Martinez, Fernando Martinez, Fidel Martinez, Francisco Teologico Adventista Interamericano). P.O. Box 830518;
Martinez, Guillermo Martinez, Irene Martinez, Jaime Miami, FL 33283-0518.
Martinez, Martha Martinez, Mercedes Martinez, Panfilo Montemorelos University (Universidad de Montemorelos).
Martinez, Hilda Matar-Montero, Seiji Matsumoto, Maria Mexico: Apartado 16; Montemorelos, N.L. 67500;
Eugenia Maury, Leopoldo Mayo, Loretta Mayo, Olive
McCartney, Thelma Melo, Walter Melo, Adela Mendez, Mexico. United States: 1001 S. 10th Street, Suite G, PMB
Leticia Mendez, Roberto Mendez, Aurora Mendoza, 552; McAllen, Texas 78501.
David Mendoza, Alvaro Merchan Chacon, Francisco Montemorelos University Secondary School. Apartado 16;
Merino, Alicia Meza, Alonso Meza, Juana Meza, Ramon Montemorelos, N.L. 67500; Mexico.
Meza, Ruben Meza, Alf Mohansingh, Patricia Monarrez, Food Industries
Victor Monarrez, Alberto Moncada, Lourdes Moncada,
Julia Mondragon, Miguel Mondragon, Isaac Inter-American Health Food Company. P.O. Box 830518;
Monhammed, Yolanda Montalvo, Carlos Montejo, Miami, FL 33283.

Healthcare Publishing
Hospitals and Sanitariums: Inter-American Division Publishing Association. P.O. Box
520627; Miami, FL 33152-0627.
Montemorelos University Hospital (Hospital Universitario Mexican Adventist Editorial Group (GEMA Editores). Uxmal
de Montemorelos). Apartado 51; Montemorelos, N.L. 431, Col. Narvarte; Del. Benito Juarez; Mexico, D.F.
67500; Mexico. 03020; Mexico.


Organized 1926; reorganized 1945, 1966, 1975, 1983, 1986, 1991

Territory: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, British Ministries and Services:
Virgin Islands, Carriacou, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Community Services, Samuel Telemaque.
Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Revolving Fund, Livingstone Aaron.
Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Spirit of Prophecy, Cyril E. Horrell.
Tobago, United States Virgin Islands, and the islands of Ministerial Credential:
Petit Martinique Saba, Saint Eustatius, and Saint Maarten in Livingstone Aaron, Keith Chin Aleong, Eugene F Daniel,
Netherlands Antilles; comprising the East Caribbean, James F Daniel, Ronald Daniel, Roosevelt Daniels, Clive P
Grenada, Guyana, North Caribbean, and South Caribbean Dottin, Andrew Farrel, Anthony Hall, Cyril E Horrell,
Conferences, and the Saint Lucia, Suriname, and Tobago Fazaddudin Hosein, Theodore Jaria, Samuel Lowe, Cyril
Missions. Marshall, Malvern Mentore, Errol Mitchell, Winston Peters,
Statistics: Churches, 570; membership, 202,206; population, Henry Snagg, Carl Spencer, Samuel Telemaque.
3,704,996. Honorary/Emeritus: Samuel Allen, I I Berkel, Oscar
Telecommunications: Bovell, Joseph Burton, Gershom Byass, Lloyd Cadogan,
Telephone: 1 (868) 622-2514, 622-2543, 622-7934. Caleb Edwards, K Eugene Forde, Everette W Howell,
Fax: 1 (868) 622-8463. Grimshaw Joseph, Maurice A Joseph, Samuel Joseph,
E-mail: Belgrove N Josiah, Lloyd Le Gendre, Alfred Lewis,
Website: Gusman Malcolm, Earl Malone, Roy I McGarrell,
Cable: Caribunion, Port of Spain, Trinidad; Trinidad and Laurence Modeste, Samuel Moore, Fred Morales, Eric John
Tobago. Murray, Leon Phillips, Cleophas J Quashie, David
Address: Rambharose, Paul Rambharose, Johannes C Roseval, John
Street: 7 Rookery Nook; Maraval, Trinidad; Trinidad and M Scott, Joseph C Shillingford, Charles Williams, Lynford
Tobago. Williams.
Mailing: P.O. Box 221; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Trinidad Missionary Credential:
and Tobago. Cynthia Aaron, Monica Alexander, Jennifer Allen, Lennox
Administration: Allicock, Claudette Andrews, Phyllis Andrews, Vernon E
President, Eugene F. Daniel. Andrews, Jean Antoine, Dawne Arthur, Camile Baldeo,
Vice President, Vernon E. Andrews. Franklyn Baldeo, Yolande Balfour, Nigel Banfield, David
Secretary, Cyril E. Horrell. Baynes, Lois Baynes, Cloda Bellamy, Clinton Benjamin,
Treasurer, Nevlyn D. Fridie; Associate, Rolph Cedeno. Helen Benjamin, Anthony Brunble, Gloria Buffong,
Executive Committee: Annette Campbell, Judith Cassidy, Olive Cole, Paul Parris
Eugene F. Daniel, Chair; Cyril E. Horrell, Secretary; Cole, Rubia Coppin, Cynthia Cudjoe, Carol Cuffy, Elsa
Livingstone Aaron, Stanton Adams, Eddison Alexander, Cupid, Ameena DeFreitas, Adrian Dennis, Carlton
Claudette Andrews, Vernon E. Andrews, Dermoth Baptiste, Drepaul, Nedra Edwards, Fazela Emamdee, Genevieve
David Beckles, Hannah Bharat-Poonwassie, Edward Farrell, Debra Felix, Thomas L Ferdinand, Fazina Fleming,
Blackman, Silton Browne, Rolph Cedeno, Leslyn Charles, Nevlyn D Fridie, Renis Gabriel, Margaret Gairy-Doxilly,
Trevor G Gardner, Galbert George, Sheerlin George,
Sylgene Clarke, Marcia Dalrymple, James Daniel,
Ermine Graham, Larry Greaves, Matthew Greaves, Norma
Roosevelt Daniels, Clive P. Dottin, Carl Dyal, Chamberlain
Greaves, Joan Griffith, Hajara Hamid-Lendor, Ava
Emmanuel, Guno Emmanuelson, Andrew Farrel, Johnson
Hannibal-Noel, Colleen Hardy, Leola Haynes, Bertie D
Frederick, Nevlyn D. Fridie, Trevor G. Gardner, Hilton
Henry, Kathleen James, Emily Johnson, Jerome Joseph,
Garnett, Mineva Glasgow, Matthew Greaves, Carson
Carol Joshua, Frank King, Mandy La Fleur, Angela Lares-
Greene, Lyndon Gudge, Ivy Harris, Bertie Henry, Reynold
Gomes, Grace Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence, Marie
Henry, Sabine Hofwijks, Desmond James, Theodore Jaria, Lawrence, Patricia Le Gall, Vernice Lessey, Olive Lewis,
Shirma Kirk, Leslie Koorndijk, Malcolm La Fleur, Clinton Theresa Marcano, Carol Martinez-Daniel, Mary McCoy,
Lewis, Clyde Lewis, Robert Liverpool, Donald Modeste, Shirley McGarrell, Charmaine McKenna, Glenda McLeod,
Steve ONeil, Roger Ramkissoon, Margaret Ramsarran, Judeth McLeod-James, Elizabeth Mendez-Corbin, Eleanor
Marcellinus Regis, Wayne Sampson, Rachel Sealy, Eulalie Mercer, Meredith Montrichard, Rowena Moore-McNichol,
Semper, Sheila Sinclair-Howell, Judith Smith, Richard Annella Morris, Alvin Mottley, Lois Mottley, Sahoda
Spann, Samuel Telemaque, Clyde Thomas, Kern Tobias, Nandlal, Rita Neaves, Judy ONeil, Jennifer Paul, Del
Charles Walcott, Christopher Williams. Phillips-Charles, Petronetta Pierre-Robertson, Clifton
Departments: Pryce, Stephanie Quintero, Elliot Robinson, Gillian
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Theodore Jaria. Sanderson, Andrea Scobie, Ruth Semper-John, David
Childrens Ministries, and Womens Ministries, Claudette Siguelnitzky, Phyllis Simon, Hugh Small, Richard Spann,
Andrews. Hilman St Brice, John St Brice, Marlene Sukhdeo, Elvetha
Communication, and Stewardship, James F. Daniel. Telemaque, Leyland Thompson, Hamil Tobias, Gloria
Education, Vernon E. Andrews. Trotman, Loretta Vigilance, Manukonda Rao
Family Ministries, and Ministerial Association, Andrew Vishwanadham, Ann Walker, Rachael Wallace-Sealy,
Farrel. Cynthia Ward, Reuel A Ward, Roselyn Ward, Edmund
Health Ministries, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Williams, Ellis Williams, Terrence Williams.
Youth Ministries, Clive P. Dottin.
Publishing Ministries, Judith Smith. INSTITUTIONS AND/OR OTHER ENTITIES
Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Samuel
Telemaque. Education
Trust Services, Livingstone Aaron. University of the Southern Caribbean (formerly Caribbean
Agency: Union College). P.O. Box 175; Port of Spain, Trinidad;
ADRA, Theodore Jaria. Trinidad and Tobago.

Healthcare Ministerial Association, and Public Affairs and Religious

Liberty, Orville Sutton.
Hospitals and Sanitariums: Publishing Ministries, Andrew Charles.
Community Hospital of Seventh-day Adventists. P.O. Box Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Colin Thorne.
767; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Trinidad and Tobago.