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Location: - District Mardan

Sponsoring: - Govt: of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Estimated Cost: - Rs. 381.88 (Million)

Brief Description:-

The estimate has been framed to cover the probable cost of

Rs:381.88 (M) in respect of the above mentioned work.

The provincial Irrigation & Drainage Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa looks after a good
number of canals & Drain from Chitral to D.I Khan throughout the province. This canal
irrigates about 2.25 Million acres of agriculture land including land irrigated by civil
canals, which is the back bone of the economy of the province. In Mardan, Peshawar,
Charsadda, Swabi, Hazara there is a well defined network of main canals, distributaries
and minors since colonial era. All the canals & minors are provided with canal patrol
roads which are used for patrolling by the irrigation staff.

Due to non availability of arterial roads connecting various villages to the cities, the
canal patrol road plays the role of arterial roads for the inhabitant of the area. In some
areas they serve the purpose of district roads while in other area as the canal patrol
roads are passing out in most its length out of the urban area which is being used as by
pass roads, besides it also provides an easy access for farmers to the market.

Irrigation Department has got a diverse system of canals throughout the province, these
canal systems are accompanied with ample land area near by these canals. Some of
these lands are surplus and can be utilized at its best by bringing it to public use.

Bypasses are often built to relieve traffic congestion, and in this respect they are usually
quite successful. Takht Bhai bypass is planned to be constructed through Town of Takht
Bhai along Disty 9 RD: 2+080 to 13+090 (Lower Swat Canal System) both sides and
Drain RD: 2+080 to 21+600 to join back the Main Malakand road, with a total length of
6.90Km, with 20ft dual carriage way along Disty 9 and 20ft single carriage way long
drain accompanied by Street lights, tuff tiles for pedestrians, drains are also proposed
on both sides of Main canal to avoid the road from possible damage due to improper
drainage. The land along Disty 9 and Drain will also get secured from possible
encroachment near in future after construction of Takht Bhai Bypass.

Highway improvements such as bypass construction typically are motivated by a desire

to improve the flow, reducing traffic congestion, saving travel time and safety of travel.
But, given the importance of travel, transportation improvement projects often can affect
the local economy and quality of life .

Takht bypass will provides an alternative route for vehicles traveling through a city/Town
of Takht Bhai besides traveling through the downtown area. Bypass will reduce traffic
within the city/town, including in the downtown area, while also providing through-
travelers a faster route. At the same time, the bypass will increase the aggregate level
of economic activity within a community, which includes any net increase in
manufacturing activity along with any net growth in commercial activities such as retail
or service business. The bypass itself will become a prime business location site. As
such, the bypass could draw some existing downtown businesses from Takar, Garo
Shah, Narai, Fazal Abad, Jalala etc to locate on the bypass. A bypass, on the other
hand, will also open up additional land for commercial development, which could
encourage economic growth in the local economy. Improved transportation throughout
the community also could encourage residential development in surrounding areas.

One of the prime benefits of the Takht Bhai bypass is the significant reductions in traffic
congestion and especially the reductions in truck-traffic through main city of takht Bhai,
which is mainly caused by inadequate roadway widths, slow construction work on Takht
Bhai Fly over. The number of accidents will also get reduced due to reduction in traffic
congestion. The construction of Takht Bhai Bypass will improve the nearby
infrastructure i.e. road, drainage, sewerage etc which will have pleasant effect on

High average daily traffic (ADT) and truck traffic may inhibit the beauty of the area.
However, the construction of bypasses will remove trucks and excess traffic, which will
increases the attractiveness of communities as for social and economic development.
Relieving extreme congestion, lessening fast moving through widened traffic lanes, and
reducing the number of trucks tends to enhance local traffic safety and ameliorate air
pollution. This will also increase the attractiveness of area for residents. The adequacy
of downtown parking and access to towns after bypass often indicate how well
communities can compete with lands made accessible by bypass.

In order to solve the issue related to the traffic congestion Improvement Of Canal
Patrol Road Along Disty No. 9 And Drain (Takhtbai Bypass), District Mardan has been
proposed in the ADP 2014-2015 under ADP Serial # 1222/140557.

The estimate has therefore been framed for an amount of Rs: 381.88 Millions and
submitted herewith for favor of necessary actions please.