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Letter G Lesson Reflection:

Today was my first lesson about G, I was confused little bit, so I think it's done t
works very well. The areas went well are, firstly, I believe that I provide excellent
activities that assist children to achieve the learning objective and build their own
competition by responding with materials. For example, in creating letter g by clay
activity children were learned who to write litter g by responding with clay to form letter
g, therefore, they have accomplished basic outcome which is write letter G capital and
small by using different equipment. According to Piaget theory of constructivism argues
that people produce knowledge and form meaning based on their experiences. ("Piaget's
Theory," n.d.).

Secondly, I felt the area worked success is I had the ability to manage children
behavior by applied Albert Bandura approach by model the child with desired behavior in
front of the children to learn from it. For example, when I asked children questions I
observed most of them shout, and others say the answer without raising their hand that
made the class noise but, I was dripline them by model Ahmed how raised his hand, and I
say, Look at Ahmed, he is excellent child because he raises his hand when he wants to
answer. Consequently, other kids were observed Ahmed behavior and when I ask
another question the children were retention the raising hand behavior than they
reproduction the positive behavior by raising their hand to answer (Shirley & Peter, 2011,
p. 53).

The aspects need awareness in next lesson is, show the children right direction of
the letter because my MST said that there are some children wrote letter g from down to
up instead to start it from up to down so, she recommends me to make sour that I show
the children right direction so, in next time if I saw child write letter in the wrong
direction I will say for them we write the letter from here and I will mode it so, he\ she
can see. Furthermore, I was talking quickly and dont speak in different voice level which
is bad because children cant understand and follow my instructions so, in next time I will
talk little bit slow. In addition, children are not responded to me when I asked them
questions I think because I still dont have strong relationship with them and maybe they
shy from my consequence, I was losing lesson time so, my MST advised me to motivate
children to answer so in next time, I will encourage children by saying Hows know the
answer? Or point out one child.


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