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Stage 1 Desired Results


-Recognize how literacy is learned Students will be able to independently use their learning to
by students from teacher Recognize how much their own language has an effect on students literacy.
interactions Meaning
the language they use with Students will understand that How does language and word choice affect literacy?
student Their word choice and language can positively or
-Learn new ways to support negatively influence students level of literacy.
students with language Acquisition
Students will know Students will be skilled at
How to better support students through their language. Supporting students verbally.

Stage 2 - Evidence
Evaluative Criteria Assessment Evidence
Board interaction PERFORMANCE TASK(S):
Pair share -students will make a chart on the board of subtleties they know about themselves based on what
Group share people have said about them I was told this means I am..
Exit card -students will pair share about reflection piece children grow into the intellectual life around them
-students will group share about pair sharing
-exit card about 3 main takeaways
<type here> OTHER EVIDENCE:
<type here>

Stage 3 Learning Plan

Summary of Key Learning Events and Instruction
-watch video about word impact (2 min)
-journal write about video (2 min)
-quick group share (2 min)
-PowerPoint (5 min)
-connection to interpreting/literacy (article) (4 min)
-examples from schools weve visited/ conversation of approaches what have they heard? (2 min)
-ways to encourage ourselves as educators to use good language (5 min)
-exit card (2 min)