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The Holmes Treasury

Compiled by Delve

This material is an expansion for the John Eric Holmes D&D Basic Set to continue your adventures.
*Special thanks to those who contributed their game experience to put this material together*
Scroll Spells 100 gold pieces x spell level + spell level
*tables continued from page 6* x 1 week = the cost and time required to
learn the new spell (5th level spell would
Dexterity 9 or less fire any missile at -1 require 500 gold pieces and 5 weeks.)
Dexterity 13 -15 fire any missile at +1
Dexterity 16 -17 fire any missile at +2 Potion of Healing 250 gold pieces +1 week
Dexterity 18 fire any missile at +3
Potion of Giant Strength 1,000 gold pieces +4 weeks
Charisma 3-4 maximum # hirelings 1
loyalty base -2 Enchanting 20 Arrows 1,000 gold pieces +4 weeks
Charisma 5-6 maximum # hirelings 2
loyalty base -1 Enchanting Armor to +1 12,000 gold pieces +2 months
Charisma 7-12 maximum # hirelings 4
loyalty base Wand of Cold 10,000 gold pieces +6 months
Charisma 13 -15 maximum # hirelings 6
loyalty base +1 X-Ray Vision Ring 50,000 gold pieces +1 year
Charisma 16 -17 maximum # hirelings 9
loyalty base +2 Clerics When Clerics reach the 8th level (Patriarch) they
Charisma 18 maximum # hirelings 12 may opt to build their own stronghold. 2d10 loyal followers
loyalty base +3 will come to the castle and will serve at no cost. ** Note that
there is a sharp distinction between 7th level Clerics of Law
Intelligence 9 or less languages 1 or Chaos. If a Patriarch changes alignment, all the benefits
Intelligence 10-12 languages 3 and followers will immediately be removed! Clerics with
Intelligence 13-14 languages 5 castles of their own will have control of a territory similar to
Intelligence 15-16 languages 7 the Barony of Fighting Men, and they will receive tithes
Intelligence 17-18 languages 8 equal to 20 gold pieces/ inhabitant/year.

Constitution 3-6 resurrection survival 30% to 40% save Thieves At 4th level gain+4 bonus to striking silently from
vs. Paralzaytion turned to stone behind. Optional, double damage. At 10th level and above
Constitution 7-12 resurrection survival 41% to 55% save they are able to understand magical writings, so any scroll
vs. Paralzaytion turned to stone that falls into their hands can be used by them, excluding
Constitution 13-14 resurrection survival 56% to 90% spells which are clerical in nature. However, there is a 10%
save vs. Paralzaytion turned to stone +1 chance that the effect will be the reverse of that intended
Constitution 15-16 resurrection survival 91% to 95% (due to the fact that even Master Thieves do not fully
save vs. Paralzaytion turned to stone +2 comprehend such great magic). This reverse effect can be
Constitution 17-18 resurrection survival 96% to 98% known only after the spell is read.
save vs. Paralzaytion turned to stone +3
The ability to see into the infrared spectrum, thus heat
Fighting Men 9th level Fighting Men and above (Lords) radiation becomes visible and differences in temperature
who build castles are considered Barons, and as such they allow infrared sight. Warm things are bright, cool things
may invest in their holdings in order to increase their grey, very cold things are black. Unnatural things like the
income. Base income for a Baron is a tax rate of 10 gold Undead can be seen as an inanimate object in grey hues.
pieces/inhabitant/year. DMs may ask players to make a roll to see if they have
been detected. All infravision is spoiled if a light source is
Magic-Users At 10th Level they may manufacture for shedding illumination upon the creatures possessing the
their own use (or for sale) such items as potions, scrolls, and infrared sight capability.
just about anything else magical. Costs are equal to the
value of the item, as is the amount of game time required to
enchant it. Examples of costs are:

When hirelings are taken into service a loyalty check is 1d4 Dagger
made by rolling 3d6. Adjustments are made for charisma 1d6 Hand Axe, Morning Star, Mace, Arrow, Quarrels
and initial payments for service, and the loyalty of the 1d8 Flail, Sword, Battle Axe,
hireling(s) noted by the referee. (The player will not have 1d10 Halberd, Spear
any knowledge of what it is without some method of 1d12 Two Handed Sword, Pike, Pole Arms, Lance
reading minds.)
Loyalty Score Morale
3 or less Will desert at first opportunity Upon reaching the appropriate level player characters may
4-6 -2 on morale dice select a portion of land (or a city lot) upon which to build
7-8 -1 on morale dice their castle, tower, or whatever. The costs shown are for the
9-12 Average morale dice raw materials such as quarried stone, timber and labor. All
13-14 +1 on morale dice costs are stated in gold pieces. The DM should take into
15-18 +2 on morale dice consideration the amount of time it will take to build these
19+ Need never check morale constructs as well as any extra costs accumulated. An extra
set of plans should be drawn up for the Dungeon Master
Morale Checks use the hostile friendly reaction table who may be planning surprises, sieges and so on, which
from pg 11. Roll 2d6 + the morale adjustment. The can take place.
Dungeon Master is left to interpret the outcome.
Tower, Square/Round 2,000 gold pieces/floor
MONSTER MORALE (roll 2d6 + the monsters hit dice) + 300 gold pieces for Roofed Tower Cap
Great Keep, 2 floors with attic and cellar 2,500 gold pieces
5 or less Surrender Gate House, 2 floors with cellar 4,500 gold pieces
6-7 Continued Retreat Stone House, 1 floor with cellar 1,700 gold pieces
8-9 Retreat and Regroup Wood Cottage, 1 floor 1,000 gold pieces
10-11 Retreat, Contact Other Monsters Stable, 1 floor 500 gold pieces
12-13 Ranged Attacks
14+ Stand and Fight Tlan elven tree home, 1 floor 800 gold pieces
Smial halfling home, 1 underground level 900 gold pieces
Surrender monsters will cease all attacks and lay down Ditch/Moat 40 by 20 feet, 10 feet deep 1,000 gold pieces
their arms to negotiate, join your party or be captured. Stone Wall, 10 by 90 feet 2,000 gold pieces
Curtain Wall, 10 by 90 feet 3,500 gold pieces
Continued Retreat monsters retreat in an unorganized Bridge, Wood 200 gold pieces/20 feet
manner and lose their desire to attack. The Dungeon Master Bridge, Stone 400 gold pieces/20 feet
may choose to remove them from the game or have them
forced back into battle. Door, Wood, single 10 gold pieces, double 15 gold pieces
Door, Iron, single 50 gold pieces double 75 gold pieces
Retreat and Regroup monsters are forced back with backs Drawbridge/Portcullis, 2,000 gold pieces
to the enemy. An attempt will be made to regroup in
another location. Tunnels, Earth 10 gold pieces/20 feet
Retreat and Contact Other Monsters retreating monsters Tunnels, Stone Reinforced 40 gold pieces/20 feet
will attempt to gather or contact another group of monsters
to join in and attack the players. ** Note cost of strongholds will increase as the players
designs become more elaborate and larger than what is
Ranged Attacks monsters will not engage in close combat, listed above.
but attack from a distance with missile weapons. If the
melee gets too close, they will fall back and continue their Baronies An advantage to those who build their
ranged attack. strongholds in the wilderness is that they will gain control
over the surrounding countryside. Clearing the countryside
Stand and Fight monsters will hold their ground and of monsters is the first requirement. Territory up to 20 miles
continue fighting. distance from a stronghold may be kept clear of monsters
and once cleared, the inhabitation of the stronghold being Ladders ladders ranging in 10-15 feet in length used to
considered sufficient to maintain the monster-free status. scale high walls. Cost: 20 gold pieces
Within each territory there will be 2-8 villages of 100-400
inhabitants each. This populace will bring in annual tax Battering Rams made from heavy timbers, frequently cut
revenue equal to 10 gold pieces each. The referee may also from the largest tree available. The head is fitted with a
allow various investments in the territory, adjudicating metal knob or point. The timber hangs from large chains or
revenue according to investment and area potential. Some ropes anchored into the roof. The roof is made of wood,
possible investments are: Upkeep, Road Building, Armories covered with hides, called a penthouse, designed to protect
& Defense, Ship Building, Canals, Animal Breeding, Sea its users from arrows, stones and boiling oil. The hides can
Trade, Inns, Farming Land, Trade, Hunting, Fishing, be kept wet, lessening the chance of fire damage. Cost: 400
Trapping, Religion, Exploration and Tourism. gold pieces

Angry Villager Rule Anyone who has viewed a horror Siege Towers the siege tower is designed to provide
movie is aware how dangerous angry villagers maximum protection for its occupants until the moment of
are. Whenever the referee finds that some player has assault. It is always constructed to be higher than the walls
committed an unforgiveable outrage this rule can be being attacked, sometimes ranging three stories in height.
invoked to harass the offender into line. Within the realm of The lowest level harbor troops that push the huge, wheeled
angry villagers are thieves from the thieves' quarter, city tower into position. Assault troops wait in the second level
watches and militia, etc. Also possible is the insertion of for the lowering of the drawbridge. The top story holds
some character like Conan to bring matters into line. This archers, whose role is to sweep the defenders from the area
rule may also apply to Barons who overtax and mistreat the of the wall attacked. Cost: 1500 gold pieces
inhabitants in their Baronies. They may rise up and revolt or
abandon their lands seeking refuge elsewhere. DUNGEON DESIGN

SIEGE WEAPONRY Table I. Chambers & Rooms, Shape & Size

1-2 Square, 10 x 10 7-9 Rectangular, 20 x 30
Catapults the framework is built of heavy timber with a 3-4 Square, 20 x 20 10 Rectangular, 30 x 50
pivoting beam in the middle that has a spoon like cup at the 5 Square, 30 x 30 11 Rectangular, 40 x 60
end. That is attached to a crank which allows the operator
6 Square, 40 x 40 12 Unusual Shape
to change the distance the missile is to be fired. Catapults
are either set in place upon battlements defending the
stronghold or have wheels for hauling them long distances Table II. Unusual Shape
to battle. Missiles hurled from catapults range from heavy 1 Circular 3 Trapezoidal
rocks (3d6 damage) to whatever is within the area to be 2 Hexagonal 2 Octagonal
hurled at opponents.
Table III. Caves & Caverns
Light Catapult Range: 150-300 feet, Cost: 600 gold pieces 1 Cave about 30 x 50 4 Cavern about 95 x 125
Heavy Catapult Range: 240-480 feet, Cost: 900 gold pieces
2 Cave about 40 x 60 5 Cavern about 120 x 150
Ballistas resembles a giant crossbow placed upon a 3 Cave about 50 x 75 6 Cavern about 150 x 200
tripod which can fire spear like missiles at a great range.
Range: 150-300 feet, Damage: 2d6, Cost: 400 gold pieces Table IV. Doors
1 Door/Wooden 5 Entrance has no door
Boiled Oil large cauldrons of boiling oil are poured 2 Door/Iron 6 Secret Door/Stone
down upon invaders. The flaming oil will form a pool up to 3 Iron Gate 7 Secret Door/Illusion
20 feet in circumference. Anyone caught in the downpour 4 Archway no door 8 Entrance caved in
or in the flames will receive 2d8 damage. The fire will take
3 turns to burn out. Cost: 50 gold pieces Table V. Stairs (1d4) direction 1-2 up 3-4 down
1 Stairs/Stone 3 Stairs/Wood
2 Spiral/Stone 4 Spiral/Iron
Table VI. Light Source Table IX. Treasure Contained In
1 Hanging Oil Lamp 6 Magic Spell 1 Sacks 5 Metal Urns
2 Luminescent Lichen 7 Large Brazier 2 Small Coffers 6 Stone Containers
3 Torch 8 Clay Oil Lamp 3 Chests 7 Iron Trunks
4 Pottery Jars 8 Loose
4 Lantern 9 Floor Candle
5 Fireplace 10 No Light
Table X. Treasure Is Hidden By/In
1 Invisibility 4 Under Loose Stone on Floor
Table VII. Chamber or Room Contents 2 Illusion 5 Behind Loose Stone on Wall
01-02 Hanging Cage 57-58 Scroll/Spell 3 Secret Compartment 6 In Plain View
03-04 Altar 59-60 Scroll/Map
05-06 Stone Shelf 61-62 Wood Table and Chairs Table XI. Treasure is Guarded By
07-08 Chamber Toilet 63-64 Ornate Floor Rug 1 Poisoned Needles in Lock, 1d4 damage see pg19
09-10 Cauldron 65-66 Large Circular Fire Pit 2 Trapdoor, opening in front of container *table XIII
11-12 Cabinet 67-68 Iron Grate/Drain 3 Gas,*table XIV
13-14 Shackles 69-70 Ladder 4 Poisonous Insect/Reptile inside container
5 Wizard Lock, see spell for info pg 16
15-16 Treasure*table VIII 71-72 Coil of Rope 40
6 Explosive Rune, see spell for damage
17-18 Statue 73-74 Anvil, Smithy Tools
19-20 Fountain 75-76 Well Table XII. Tricks/Traps
21-22 Barrels 77-78 Rubbish 1 A 10 foot wall slides either in front or behind
23-24 Secret Door 79-80 Tricks/Traps*table XII blocking the passage for 2d10 turns
25-26 Bow 81-82 Water Covers Floor 2 Floor descends down 1d4 levels and will not return
27-28 Shield 83-84 Old Bones back up for 30 turns
3 Spear trap, 1-4 spears, 1 in 4 is poisoned
29-30 Sword 85-86 Mallet and Chisel
4 Arrow trap, 1-6 arrows, roll for each to see if they hit,
31-32 Straw on Floor 87-88 Wall Partially Caved in
1in 6 is poison.
33-34 Chest 89-90 Hole in Ceiling/Floor 5 Gas seeps out covering an area of 60 feet *table XIV,
35-36 Pillar 91-92 Tomb, Casket gas will disperse in 8 turns
37-38 Stairs*table V 93-94 Fungi Growth on Floor 6 Pit *table XIII
39-40 Magic Mouth 95-96 Shovel 7 Secret Panel, opens releasing monster, Dungeon
41-42 Keys 97-98 Jar of Herbs, Spice Master chooses.
43-44 Magic Item 99-00 Mining Picks 8 Fire Ball trap, see spell for damage
45-46 Mosaic, Wall Carving
47-48 Secret Compartment ** Note most traps are activated by stepping on a switch or
49-50 Food Storage, Jars, Sacks moving an item
51-52 Ornate Patterned Floor Tiles
53-54 Thick Layer of Dust Covers Floor Table XIII. Pits
55-56 Small Barrel with Arrows 01-50 Empty Pit, 10 feet, 1d6 damage
51-75 Monster Occupied Pit, Dungeon Master chooses
Table VIII. Treasure Without Monster 76-88 Iron Spikes, 1d8 damage
01-25 1,000 copper pieces x level of dungeon 89-00 Corpse, possibility of items, Dungeon Master chooses
26-50 1,000 silver pieces x level of dungeon
Table XIV. Gas
51-65 750 electrum pieces x level of dungeon 1 Only effect is to obscure vision when passing through.
66-80 250 gold pieces x level of dungeon 2 Blinds for 1d6 turns after passing through.
81-90 100 platinum pieces x level of dungeon 3 Sleep, party sound asleep for 1d10 turns
91-94 1-4 gems x leveI of dungeon 4 Poison, save vs. Poison 1d6 damage
95-00 1 piece of jewellery x level of dungeon
Experience Spells Usable by Level Experience Spells Usable by Level
Level Points Hit Dice 1 2 3 4 5 Level Points Hit Dice 1 2 3 4 5
1 0 1d6 0 1 0 1d6 1
2 1,500 2d6 1 2 4,500 2d6 2
3 3,000 3d6 2 3 9,000 3d6 2, 1
4 6,000 4d6 2, 1 4 18,000 4d6 3, 2
5 12,000 5d6 3, 2 5 36,000 5d6 4, 2, 1
6 24,000 6d6 3, 2, 1 6 72,000 6d6 4, 2, 2
7 48,000 7d6 3, 3, 1 7 144,000 7d6 4 3, 2, 1
8 96,000 8d6 3, 3, 2, 1 8 288,000 8d6 4, 3, 3, 2
9 192,000 9d6 3, 3, 3, 2 9 576,000 9d6 4, 3, 3, 2, 1
10 384,000 10d6 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 10 1,152,000 10d6 4, 4, 3, 2, 2
11 768,000 11d6 4, 4, 4, 3, 3
12 1,536,000 12d6 4, 4, 4, 4, 4


Experience Experience Spells Usable by Level
Level Points Hit Dice Level Points Hit Dice 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 0 1d8 1 0 1d4 1
2 2,000 2d8 2 2,500 2d4 2
3 4,000 3d8 3 5,000 3d4 2, 1
4 8,000 4d8 4 10,000 4d4 3, 2
5 16,000 5d8 5 20,000 5d4 4, 2, 1
6 32,000 6d8 6 40,000 6d4 4, 2, 2
7 64,000 7d8 7 80,000 7d4 4, 3, 2, 1
8 128,000 * 8d8 8 160,000 8d4 4, 3, 3, 2
9 256,000 9d8 9 320,000 9d4 4, 3, 3, 2, 1
10 512,000 ** 10d8 10 640,000 10d4 4, 4, 3, 2, 2
11 1,024,000 11d8 11 1,280,000 11d4 4, 4, 4, 3, 3
12 2,048,000 12d8 12 2,560,000 12d4 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 1
* Halflings level limit, ** Dwarves level limit

Experience open remove pick move climb sheer hide in
Level Points Hit Dice lock trap pocket silently surfaces shadows hear noise
1 0 1d4 A 15% 10% 20% 20% 87% 10% roll of 1-2
2 1,200 2d4 B 20% 15% 25% 25% 88% 15% roll of 1-2
3 2,400 3d4 C 25% 20% 30% 30% 89% 20% roll of 1-3
4 4,800 4d4 D 30% 25% 35% 35% 90% 25% roll of 1-3
5 9,600 5d4 E 35% 30% 40% 40% 91% 30% roll of 1-3
6 19,200 6d4 F 40% 35% 45% 45% 92% 35% roll of 1-3
7 38,400 7d4 G 45% 40% 50% 50% 93% 40% roll of 1-4
8 76,800 8d4 H 50% 45% 55% 55% 94% 45% roll of 1-4
9 153,600 9d4 I 55% 50% 60% 60% 95% 50% roll of 1-4
10 307,200 10d4 J 60% 55% 65% 65% 96% 55% roll of 1-4
11 614,400 11d4 K 65% 60% 70% 70% 97% 60% roll of 1-5
12 1,228,800 12d4 L 70% 65% 75% 75% 98% 65% roll of 1-5
(use 1d20)


Class 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
No Leather Leather Chain Chain Mail Plate Plate &
Armor Shield Armor & Shield Mail & Shield Mail Shield

Normal Man 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Level 1-3 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Level 4-6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Level 7-9 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Level 10-12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Class 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
No Leather Leather Chain Chain Mail Plate Plate &
Armor Shield Armor & Shield Mail & Shield Mail Shield

Level 1-4 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Level 5-8 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Level 9-12 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Class 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
No Leather Leather Chain Chain Mail Plate Plate &
Armor Shield Armor & Shield Mail & Shield Mail Shield

Level 1-5 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Level 6-10 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Level 11-12 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
SAVING THROW TABLE --- Levels 1 to 12
(Use a 20-sided die)

Spell of Paralyzation Death Ray Turned Dragon

Class Magic Staff Magic Wand or Poison to Stone Breath

Normal Human, Kobold 17 14 13 15 16

Goblin, etc.

Fighting Men & Thieves

1-3 16 13 12 14 15
4-6 14 11 10 12 13
7-9 12 9 8 10 10
10-12 10 7 6 8 8

Magic-Users & Elves

1-5 15 14 13 13 16
6-10 12 12 11 11 14
11-12 8 9 8 8 11

1-4 15 12 11 14 16
5-8 12 10 9 12 14
9-12 9 7 6 9 9

Dwarves & Halflings

1-3 14 11 10 12 14
4-6 12 9 8 10 10
7-9 10 7 6 8 8
10-12 8 3 4 6 6

Monster Saving Throws Most monsters use the same table as players, using whichever class
applies to them best. Count each Hit Dice as one level, further info on pg 14.


(use 2d6)
Level Skeleton Zombie Ghoul Wight Wraith Mummy Spectre Vampire
1 7 9 11 no effect no effect no effect no effect no effect
2 T 7 9 11 no effect no effect no effect no effect
3 T T 7 9 11 no effect no effect no effect
4 D T T 7 9 11 no effect no effect
5 D D T T 7 9 11 no effect
6 D D D T T 7 9 11
7 D D D D T T 7 9
8 D D D D D T T 7
9 D D D D D D T T
10 D D D D D D D T
11+ D D D D D D D D

T means the monsters are automatically turned away. D means the monsters are dispersed or dissolved
further info on pg 12.
MAGIC-USER SPELLS Clairvoyance Range: 60 feet; Duration: 12 turns
This spell allows the user to detect the thoughts (if any) of
Book of Third Level Spells: whatever lurks behind doors or in the darkness. It can penetrate
Clairaudience Invisibility, 10 Radius solid rock up to about 20 feet, but a thin coating of lead will
Clairvoyance Lightning Bolt prevent its penetration.
Dispel Magic Monster Summoning I
Dispel Magic Range: 120; Duration: 1turn
Explosive Runes Protection from Evil, 10 Radius
Unless countered, this spell will be effective in dispelling
Fire Ball Protection from Normal Missiles enchantments of most kinds (referee's option), except those on
Fly Rope Trick magical items and the like. This is modified by the following
Haste Spell Slow Spell formula. The success of a Dispel Magic spell is a ratio of the
Hold Person Suggestion dispeller over the original spell caster, so if a 5th level Magic-
Infravision Water Breathing User attempts to dispel the spell of a 10th level Magic-User
there is a 50% chance of success.

Book of Fourth Level Spells:

Explosive Runes These runes when placed upon a
Charm Monster Polymorph Others parchment (book, scroll, map, etc.) safeguard it from
Confusion Polymorph Self unauthorized reading. If the reader is not the person who
Dimension Door Massmorph placed the runes upon the parchment they explode, destroying
Extension I Monster Summoning II the parchment, and deal 4-24 points of damage to the reader
Fear Remove Curse (no saving throw). The runes may be removed by the Magic-
User whenever he desires, and a Magic-User of two or more
Growth of Plants Wall of Fire
levels above the one who placed the runes may attempt to
Ice Storm Wizard Eye
remove them (50% chance of detecting them, 75% chance of
successfully removing them).
Book of Fifth Level Spells:
Animate Dead Monster Summoning III Fire Ball Range: 240 feet; Duration: 1 turn
Cloudkill Pass-Wall A missile which springs from the finger of the Magic-User. It
Conjure Elemental Telekenesis explodes with a burst radius of 20 feet. In a confined space the
Extension II Teleport Fire Ball will generally conform to the shape of the space
(elongate or whatever). The damage caused by the missile will
Growth of Animals Transmute rock to Mud
be in proportion to the level of its user. A 6th level Magic-User
Hold Monster Wall of Iron rolls six 6-sided dice for damage. (Note that Fire Balls from
Feeblemind Wall of Stone Scrolls and Wands are 6-die missiles and those from Staves
Magic Jar are 8-die missiles.

Book of Sixth Level Spells: Fly The spell allows the user to fly at a speed of up to 120
Anti-Magic Shell Lower Water feet per turn. The spell lasts for the number of turns equal to the
Control Weather Monster Summoning IV level of the Magic-User plus one six sided die which is secretly
determined by the referee.
Death Spell Move Earth
Disintegrate Part Water
Haste Spell This is exactly the opposite of a Slow Spell in
Geas Projected Image effect, but otherwise like it. ** Note that it will counter its
Invisible Stalker Reincarnation opposite and vice-versa.
Legend Lore Repulsion
Hold Person Range: 120 feet; Duration: 6 turns + level of
A spell similar to a Charm Person but which is of both limited
duration and greater effect. It will affect from 1-4 persons. If it
Clairaudience Same as Clairvoyance except it allows
is cast at only a single person it has the effect of reducing the
hearing rather than visualization. This is one of the few spells
target's saving throw against magic by -2.
which can be cast through a Crystal Ball.
Infravision Range: 40-60 feet; Duration: 1 day
This spell allows the recipient to see infra-red light waves, thus
enabling him to see in total darkness.
Invisibility, 10 Radius An Invisibility spell with an probability. Suggestions must be simple and relatively short,
extended projection but otherwise no different from the former i.e. a sentence or two.
Water Breathing Range: 30 feet; Duration: 12 turns
Lightning Bolt Range: 240 feet; Duration: 1 turn A spell whereby it is possible to breathe under water without
Utterance of this spell generates a lightning bolt 60 foot long harm or difficulty.
and up to 40 feet wide. If the space is not long enough to allow
its full extension, the missile will double back to attain 60 feet, FOURTH LEVEL SPELLS
possibly striking its creator. It is otherwise similar to a Fire Ball
using 1d6 per level of Magic-User for damage. Charm Monster Range: 120 feet
The counterpart of a Charm Person spell which is employable
Monster Summoning I Range: 10 feet Duration: 6 turns against all creatures. If animals or creatures with three or fewer
This spell gives the Magic-User the ability to call a monster to hit dice are involved determine how many are affected by the
his aid from the table below, level 1, i.e. kobolds, goblins, spell by rolling three six-sided dice. It is otherwise identical to
skeletons, etc. If a relatively small monster is rolled then the the Charm Person spell. The number of hit dice possessed by
referee will determine how many appear by rolling a six-sided the charmed monster allows it a greater possibility of breaking
die. The monster or monsters summoned will faithfully serve the free of the spell. A check must be made weekly.
Magic-User until the spell ceases to function or they are killed.
Hit Dice Chance of Breaking Charm
01-15 Kobold 46-60 Skeleton 1 5%
2-4 10%
16-25 Goblin 61-75 Rat, giant
5-7 20%
26-45 Orc 76-00 Centipede, giant
8-10 40%
Protection from Evil, 10' Radius A Protection from Evil 11+ 80%
spell which extends to include a circle around the Magic-User
that lasts for 12 turns. Confusion Range: 120 feet; Duration: 12 turns
This spell will immediately affect creatures with two or fewer hit
Protection from Normal Missiles Range: 30 feet; dice. For creatures above two hit dice the following formula is
Duration: 12 turns used to determine when the spell takes effect: score of a twelve-
The recipient of this charm is impervious to non-magical sided die roll less the level of the Magic-User casting the spell =
missiles fired/thrown by those of 3rd level (Hit Dice) or less. delay in effect, i.e. a positive difference means a turn delay,
This spell does not provide protection against large missiles, while a zero or negative difference means immediate effect.
such as those hurled by giants, siege engines, etc. Creatures with four or more hit dice will have saving throws
against magic, and on those turns they make their saving throw
Rope Trick Duration: 6 turns + the level of the Magic-User they are not confused; but this check must be made each turn
employing it the spell lasts, and failure means they are confused. The spell
This spell enables the user to cause a length of rope (6-24 feet) will affect as many creatures as indicated by the score rolled on
to stand upright by itself, and when he (and up to three others) two six-sided dice with the addition of + 1 for each level above
climbs to its top, the climbers disappears into another the 8th that the Magic-User casting the spell has attained.
dimension. The rope is simply tossed into the air and climbed. If Confused creatures will attack the Magic-User's party (dice
undisturbed the rope remains in place for the duration of the score 2-5), stand around doing nothing (6-8), or attack each
spell, but it can be removed, and if it is the persons coming other (9-12). Roll each turn.
back from the other dimension will fall the distance they
climbed. Dimension Door Range: 10 feet
A limited Teleport spell allows the object to be instantaneously
Slow Spell Range: 240 feet; Duration: 3 turns transported up to 360 feet in any direction (including up or
A broad-area spell which affects up to 24 creatures in a down). There is no chance of misjudging when using a
maximum area of 60 x 120 feet. Dimension Door, so the user always arrives exactly where he
calls, i.e. 120 feet upwards, 320 feet east, etc.
Suggestion Duration: 1 game week Extension I A spell to increase the duration of 1st through
A spell which works on the principle of hypnosis. If the creature 3rd level spells by 50%. Range: as spell to
fails to make its saving throw vs. magic it will carry out the be extended.
suggestion, immediately or deferred according to the wish of
the Magic-User. Self-destruction is 99% unlikely, but carefully Fear Range: 240 feet; Duration: 6 turns (movement or melee
worded suggestions can, at the referee's option, alter this as applicable)
This spell operates as if the user were employing a Fear Wand. Remove Curse Range: Adjacent to the object
All those not saving vs. fear react as follows: They immediately A spell to remove any one curse or evil sending. ** Note that
attempt to flee, or get as far away from the user as possible, using this spell on a "cursed sword", for example, would make
with a 50% chance that they will drop any weapons they had in the weapon an ordinary sword, not some form of enchanted
hand when struck by the Fear spell. blade.

Growth of Plants Range: 120 feet; Duration: until the spell Wall of Fire Range: 60 feet
is negated by a Dispel Magic The spell will create a Wall of Fire which lasts until the Magic-
The spell causes normal brush or woods to become thickly User no longer concentrates to maintain it. The fire wall is
overgrown and entangled with creepers, vines, thorns, briars opaque. It prevents creatures with under four hit dice from
and so on, so as to make the area virtually impassable. It will entering/passing through. Undead will take two dice of
affect an area of up to 300 square feet, the dimensions damage (2-12) and other creatures one die (1-6) when
decided by the caster of the spell. breaking through the fire. The shape of the wall can be either a
straight wall of up to 60 feet width, 20 feet in height and 20
Ice Storm Range: 120 feet; Duration: 1 turn feet in length, or it can be cast in a circle of 30 feet diameter
When cast this spell creates a cubic storm area of 30 feet per and 20 feet in height.
side. Great hailstones descend causing 3-30 points of damage
to those within its confines (saving throws are Wall of Ice Range: 120 feet
not possible). A spell to create a wall of ice 6 inches thick, in dimensions like
that of a Wall of Fire. It negates the effects of creatures
Polymorph Others Range: 60 feet employing fire and/or fire spells. It may be broken through by
Unlike the spell to Polymorph Self, this spell lasts until it is creatures with four or more hit dice, with damage equal to one
dispelled. The spell gives all characteristics of the form die (1-6) for non-fire employing creatures and double that for
assumed, so a creature polymorphed into a dragon acquires fire-users.
all of the dragon's ability not necessarily mentality, however.
Likewise, a troll polymorphed into a snail would have innate Wizard Eye Duration: 6 turns
resistance to being stepped on and crushed by A spell that allows the user to send a visual sensor up to 240
a normal man. feet away in order to observe the scene without himself moving.
The eye is invisible. It moves 120 feet/turn.
Polymorph Self Duration: 6 turns + the level of the Magic-
User employing it FIFTH LEVEL SPELLS
This spell allows the user to take the shape of anything he
desires but he will not thereby acquire the combat abilities of Animate Dead The creation of animated skeletons or
the shape he has assumed. That is, while the user may turn zombies. It in no way brings a creature back to life. For the
himself into a dragon of some type, he will not gain the ability number of dead animated simply roll one die for every level
to fight and breathe, but he will be able to fly. above the 8th the Magic-User gets one die or from 1-6
animated dead. ** Note that the skeletons or dead bodies must
Massmorph Range: 240 feet be available in order to animate them. The spell lasts until
This spell is used to conceal up to 100 men (or creatures of dispelled or the animated dead are done away with.
near man size) as a woods or orchards. The concealed figures
may be moved through without being detected as anything Cloudkill Duration: 6 turns
other than trees, and it will not affect the spell. It will be This spell creates a moving, poisonous cloud of vapor
negated by a command from the caster or by means which is deadly to all creatures with less than five hit dice.
of a Dispel Magic spell. Movement: 60 feet/turn according to wind direction, or directly
away from the spell caster if there is no wind. Dimensions: 30
Monster Summoning II This spell is identical to Monster feet diameter and 10 feet in height. The cloud can be dispelled
Summoning I except that either 1 or 2 2nd level monsters will by unusually strong wind or trees.
appear. ** Note that the cloud is heavier than air, so it will sink to the
lowest possible level.
01-15 Centipede, giant 46-60 Stirge
16-25 Devil, Lemure 61-75 Toad, giant Conjure Elemental Range: 240 feet
26-45 Gnoll 76-00 Troglodyte A spell to conjure an Air, Water, Fire or Earth Elemental. Only
one of each type can be conjured by a Magic-User during any
one day. The Elemental will remain until dispelled, but the
Magic-User must concentrate on control
or the Elemental will turn upon its conjurer and attack him. Magic-User by 200 Gold Pieces weight. Thus, a 10th level
Conjured Elementals are the strongest, with 16 hit dice. Magic-User is able to move a weight equal to 2,000 Gold
Extension II Same as Extension I except it also applies to 4th
level spells. Teleport Instantaneous transportation from place to place,
regardless of the distance involved, provided the user knows
Growth of Animals Range 120 feet; Duration: 12 turns where he is going (the topography of the arrival area). Without
A spell which will cause 1-6 normal-sized animals (not merely certain knowledge of the destination teleportation is 75%
mammals) to grow to giant-size with proportionate attack uncertain, so a score of less than 75% of the percentile dice
capabilities. results in death. If the user is aware of the general topography
of his destination, but has not carefully studied it, there is an
Hold Monster Same as Hold Person but applicable uncertainty factor of 10% low and 10% high. A low score (1-
to Monsters. 10%) means death if solid material is contacted. A high score
(91-100%) indicates a fall of from 10 to 100 feet, also possibly
Feeblemind Range: 240 feet resulting in death. If a careful study of the destination has been
A spell usable only against Magic-Users, it causes the recipient previously made, then the Magic-User has only a 1% chance of
to become feeble-minded until the spell is countered with a teleporting low and a 4% chance of coming in high (10-40
Dispel Magic. Because of its specialized nature the Feeblemind feet).
spell has a 20% better chance of success, i.e. lowers the Magic-
Users saving throw against magic by 4, so that if normally a Transmute Rock to Mud Range: 120 feet
12 or better were required to save against magic, a 16 would The spell takes effect in one turn, turning earth, sand, and
be required againsta Feeblemind. of course, rock to mud. The area affected is up to 30 square
feet. Creatures moving into the mud will become mired,
Magic Jar This spell allows the Magic-User to house his life possibly sinking if heavy enough or losing 90% of movement
force in some inanimate object (even a rock) and attempt to otherwise, unless able to fly or levitate. The spell can only be
possess the body of any other creature within 120 feet of his countered by reversing the incantation (requiring a Transmute
Magic Jar. The container for his life force must be within 30 Rock to Mud spell) or by normal process of evaporation (3-18
feet of his body at the time the spell is pronounced. Possession days as determined by rolling three
of another body takes place when the creature in question fails six-sided dice).
to make its saving throw against magic. If the possessed body
is destroyed, the spirit of the Magic-User returns to the Magic Wall of Iron Range: 60 feet; Duration: 12 turns
Jar, and from thence it may attempt another possession or Like a Wall of Stone, but the wall is 3 feet thick and its
return to the Magic-Users body. The spirit of the Magic-User maximum length and height equaling 10 feet.
can return to the Magic Jar at any time he so desires. Note that
if the body of the Magic-User is destroyed the life force must Wall of Stone Range: 60 feet
remain in a possessed body or the Magic Jar. If the Magic-Jar The creation of a stone wall two feet thick with a maximum
is destroyed the Magic-User is totally annihilated. length and height equaling 10 feet. The wall will last until
dispelled, broken down or battered through.
Monster Summoning III Same as Monster Summoning II
except that 1 or 2, 3rd level monsters appear. SIXTH LEVEL SPELLS

01-07 Beetle, boring 48-57 Ochre jelly

Anti-Magic Shell Duration: 12 turns
08-17 Bugbear 58-67 Orge A field which surrounds the Magic-User and makes him totally
18-25 Gelatinous Cube 68-75 Spider, huge impervious to all spells. It also prevents any spells from being
26-32 Ghoul 76-85 Spider, large sent through the shell by the Magic-User who conjured it.
33-40 Lizard, giant 86-95 Tick, giant
41-47 Lycanthrope, Wererat 96-00 Weasel, giant Control Weather The Magic-User can perform any one of
the following weather control operations with this spell: Rain,
Pass-Wall Range: 30 feet; Duration: 3 turns Stop Rain, Cold Wave, Heat Wave, Tornado, Stop Tornado,
A spell which opens a hole in a solid rock wall, man-sized and Deep Clouds, Clear Sky.
up to 10 feet in length.
Death Spell Range: 240 feet
Telekenesis Range 120 feet; Duration: 6 turns An incantation which kills from 2-16 creatures with fewer than
The spells gives the ability to move objects by mental force. seven hit dice. The creatures must be within an area of 60 x 60
Weight limits are calculated by multiplying the level of the feet to come under the spell.
Disintegrate Range: 60 feet Part Water Range: 120 feet
This spell will cause material of any kind other than that of a A spell which will part water up to 10 feet deep for a maximum
magical nature to Disintegrate. It will blast a tree, dragon (if of six turns.
it fails to make its saving throw against magic), wall section, or
whatever. Projected Image Range: 240 feet; Duration: 6 turns
This spell gives the Magic-User the ability to project an image
Geas Range: 30 feet; Duration: until the task of himself up to 240 feet away, and all spells and the like used
is completed thereafter appear to originate from the Projected Image.
A spell which forces the recipient to perform some task (as
desired by the Magic-User casting the Geas). Any attempt to Reincarnation A spell to bring a dead character back to life
deviate from the performance of the task will result in in some other form. The form in which the character is
weakness, and ignoring the Geas entirely brings death. The reincarnated is dependent upon his former alignment (Law,
referee must carefully adjudicate the casting and subsequent Neutrality or Chaos) using the diagram on pg 8 as an
performance of the geased individual when this spell is used. example. Or the Dungeon Master may determine the outcome
by his own means. The reincarnated character must play as the
Invisible Stalker The conjuration of an extra-dimensional creature and its alignment. If he comes back as a man,
monster which can be controlled with merely a word from the determine which class, and roll a six-sided die to determine
Magic-User who conjured him. The Invisible Stalker will which level in that class and similarly check level for
continue on its mission until it is accomplished, regardless of reincarnation as an elf, dwarf or halfling.
time or distance. They cannot be dispelled once conjured,
except through attack. Repulsion Range: 120 feet; Duration: 6 turns
A spell which enables the user to cause objects or entities to
Move: 120 feet Hit Dice: 8 Armor Class: 3 move in a course opposite from their intended course towards
Damage: 6-16 Attacks: 1 Treasure Type: Nil him.

Legend Lore The spell gives the Magic-User the ability to Stone to Flesh Range: 120 feet
seek and gain knowledge of some legendary item, place or This spell turns stone to flesh, and it is reversible, so as to turn
person. (It is necessary for the referee to decide if the sought flesh to stone. It is particularly useful in reviving characters who
after thing is in fact legendary in the scope of his campaign.) have been stoned by some monster. It is permanent unless a
Such a spell requires great conjuration, so the time necessary reversed spell is used.
can range from days to weeks (roll percentile dice, 01 = 1 day
00 = 100 days). Often times the information gained through CLERICAL SPELLS
the spell will come in the form of a riddle or a poem.
Book of Third Level Spells:
Lower Water Range: 240 feet Continual Light Prayer
Utterance of this spell causes the water level in a river or similar Cure Disease Remove Curse
body of liquid to drop 50% of its depth for ten turns.
Locate Object Speak with Dead

Monster Summoning IV Same as Monster Summoning III

except that but a single monster of the 4th level appears. Book of Fourth Level Spells:
Create Water Protection from Evil, 10 Radius
01- 07 Ape, carnivorous 51-58 Lycanthrope, werewolf Cure Serious Wounds Speak with Plants
08-15 Gargoyle/ blink dog 59-67 Owlbear Neutralize Poison Turn Sticks to Snakes
16-25 Ghast 68-76 Shadow
26-35 Gray ooze 77-86 Snake, giant constrictor Book of Fifth Level Spells:
36-42 Hell hound 87-93 Toad, ice Commune Quest
43-50 Hydra, 5 heads 94-00 Toad, poison Create Food Raise Dead
Move Earth Range 240 feet; Duration: 6 turns Dispel Evil The Finger of Death
When above ground the Magic-User may utilize this spell to Insect Plague
move prominences such as hills or ridges. The spell takes one
turn to take effect. The terrain affected will move at a rate of 60 THIRD LEVEL CLERIC SPELLS
feet per turn.
Continual Light This spell is the same as that for Magic-
Users, except that the light shed is equal to full daylight.
Cure Disease A spell which cures any form of disease. The From 2-16 snakes can be conjured (roll two eight-sided dice).
spell is the only method to rid a character of a disease from a He can command these conjured snakes to perform
curse. as he orders.

Locate Object This spell is the same as that for Magic-Users, FIFTH LEVEL CLERIC SPELLS
except that the base range is 90 feet.
Commune A spell which puts the Cleric in touch with the
Prayer Range: 30 feet; Duration: 1 turn powers above and asks for help in the form of answers to three
This spell allows the Cleric lower the saving throws of his questions. Communing is allowed but once each week
opponents. The prayer affects an area of 20 square feet. It maximum; referee's option as to making less frequent. Veracity
lowers the saving throws of those within the area by 5% (1 and knowledge should be near total. Once per year a special
point) plus 5% for every ten levels the Cleric has gained, i.e. an communing should be allowed wherein the Cleric can ask
11th level Cleric lowers the saving throws by 10%. double the number of questions.

Remove Curse This spell is the same as that for Magic- Create Food A spell with which the Cleric creates sustenance
Users. sufficient for a party of a dozen for one game day. The
quantity doubles for every level above the 8th the Cleric has
Speak with Dead A spell which allows the user to converse attained.
with a dead body, the Cleric being able to ask three questions.
Note that the length of time the creature has been dead will be Dispel Evil Duration: 1 turn
a consideration. Up to 7th level Clerics can only converse with Similar to a Dispel Magic spell, this allows a Cleric to dispel
recent dead (within 1-4 days). Up to 12th level Clerics can any evil sending or spell within a 30 foot radius. It functions
converse with creatures dead (within 1month). The referee will immediately.
answer the three questions asked in any reasonable form he
desires, riddles being recommended! Insect Plague Range: 480 feet; Duration:1 game day
By means of this spell the Cleric calls to him a vast cloud of
FOURTH LEVEL CLERIC SPELLS insects and sends them where he will, within the spell range.
They will obscure vision and drive creatures with less than three
Create Water This spell gives the Cleric the ability to create hit dice off in rout. The dimensions of the Insect Plague are 36
a supply of drinkable water sufficient for a party of a dozen square feet. ** Note this spell is effective only above ground.
men and horses for one day. The quantity doubles for every
level above the 8th the Cleric has attained. Quest This is similar to the Geas, except that the character
sent upon a Quest by the Cleric is not killed by failure to carry
Cure Serious Wounds This spell is similar to the Cure Light out the service. However, the Cleric may curse him with
Wounds spell, but the effects are double, two dice are rolled whatever he desires for failure, and the referee should decide if
and one is added to each die; the result is the number of hit such a curse will take effect if the character ignores the Quest,
points restored. basing the effectiveness of the curse on the phrasing of it and
the alignment and actions of the character so cursed.
Neutralize Poison Duration: 1 turn
A spell to counter the harmful effects of poison. ** Note that it Raise Dead The Cleric simply points his finger, utters the
will not aid a character killed by poison, however. It will affect incantation, and the dead person is raised. This spell works
only one object. with men, elves, halflings and dwarves only. For each level the
Cleric has progressed beyond the 8th, the time limit for
Protection from Evil, 10' radius This spell is the same as resurrection extends another four days. Thus, an 8th level Cleric
that for Magic-Users. can raise a dead body up to four days, a 9th level Cleric can
raise a dead body up to eight days, and so on. Naturally, if the
Speak with Plants Range: 30 feet; Duration: 6 turns. character's Constitution was weak, the spell will not bring him
This spell allows the Cleric to speak with all forms of plant life, back to life.
understanding what they say in reply. Plants spoken to will
obey the Clerics commands such as Part! in order to allow The Finger of Death Range: 120 feet
passage through and so on. Instead of raising the dead, this spell creates a death ray which
will kill any creature unless a saving throw is made (where
Turn Sticks to Snakes Range 120 feet; Duration: 6 turns. applicable). (A Cleric-type may use this spell in a life-or-death
Anytime there are sticks nearby, a Cleric can turn them into situation, but misuse will immediately turn him into an Anti-
snakes, with a 50% chance that they will be poisonous. Cleric.)
MAGIC-USER SPELLS Book of Sixth Level Spells:
Anti-Magic Shell Lower Water
Book of First Level Spells: Control Weather Monster Summoning IV
Charm Person Protection from Evil Death Spell Move Earth
Dancing Lights Read Languages Disintegrate Part Water
Detect Magic Read Magic Geas Projected Image
Enlargements Shield Invisible Stalker Reincarnation
Hold Portal Sleep Legend Lore Repulsion
Light Tenser's Floating Disc
Magic Missile Ventriloquism Clerics of the first level cannot cast any spells. When they reach
the second level, however, they are capable of one spell per
Book of Second Level Spells:
game day. Since clerical spells are divinely given, they do not
Audible Glamer Locate Object
have to be studied to master them. A second level cleric can
Continual Light Magic Mouth
call on any first level spell he wants to use, thus the entire
Darkness Mirror Image
gamut of spells is available to him for selection prior to the
Detect Evil Phantasmal Forces
adventure. However, only that spell or spells selected can be
Detect Invisible Pyrotechnics
used during the course of the adventure.
ESP Ray of Enfeeblement
Invisibility Strength CLERICAL SPELLS
Knock Web
Levitate Wizard Lock Book of First Level Spells:
Cure Light Wounds Protection from Evil
Book of Third Level Spells: Detect Evil Purify Food and Water
Clairaudience Invisibility, 10 Radius Detect Magic Remove Fear
Clairvoyance Lightning Bolt Light Resist Cold
Dispel Magic Monster Summoning I
Explosive Runes Protection from Evil, 10 Radius Book of Second Level Spells:
Fire Ball Protection from Normal Missiles Bless Resist Fire
Fly Rope Trick Find Traps Silence: 15' Radius
Haste Spell Slow Spell Hold Person Snake Charm
Hold Person Suggestion Know Alignment Speak with Animals
Infravision Water Breathing
Book of Third Level Spells:
Book of Fourth Level Spells: Continual Light Prayer
Charm Monster Ice Storm Cure Disease Remove Curse
Confusion Polymorph Others Locate Object Speak with Dead
Dimension Door Polymorph Self
Massmorph Monster Summoning II Book of Fourth Level Spells:
Extension I Remove Curse Create Water Protection from Evil, 10 Radius
Fear Wall of Fire Cure Serious Wounds Speak with Plants
Growth of Plants Wizard Eye Neutralize Poison Turn Sticks to Snakes

Book of Fifth Level Spells:

Book of Fifth Level Spells: Commune Quest
Animate Dead Magic Jar Create Food Raise Dead
Cloudkill Monster Summoning III Dispel Evil The Finger of Death
Conjure Pass-Wall Insect Plague
Elemental Telekenesis
Extension II Teleport
Hold Monster Transmute Rock to Mud
Feeblemind Wall of Iron
Growth of Animals Wall of Stone REFERENCE TABLES
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