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The entire Congress, half of the Supreme Court and the "Deep State" (the gigantic bureaucracy

constitutionally the responsibility of the Executive branch of the Federal government) should
and must be "refreshed" if the desire is to save the Constitutional Republic [with some needed
changes such as TERM LIMITS for Congress, bringing back a strongly written Hatch Act,
elimination of the unnecessary Federal Reserve banking cartel, maybe age limitation of
government office holders<...and the repeal of the 16th & 17th Amendments.] Wall Street is
increasingly corrupting the people holding high level government office (as well as the US
Military through the use of thousands of lobbyists that are bringing about the moral and
economic destruction of the country. It is time the citizens awakened, and not only clean up the
'government', but reform the economic system that has long been developing into a rigged
game for the wealthiest and corrupted...but, it is also on the very edge of totally destroying the
racial and cultural identity of the very nation itself. Indeed the much mentioned New World
Order (which is a return to the two class society of the OLD order) is destroying many countries
of their true racial, cultural and even religious 'natural' and ancient lands and traditions. If
Humanity will survive in peace and proper prosperity and love of life... great change must now
begin to occur. There is more than one reason Humanity will not continue to survive on Earth if
the necessary change is not accomplished!!!

Be careful about expecting to profit and retire with the 401K Wall Street program, which is
controlled by the Federal Reserve policies. Beware of a corrupted Congress colluding with Wall
Street. Old fashioned meaningful work and savings with a growing Middle Class and savings with
a sound form of currency is the only secure future!!!

The United States long acting like the 'bully' of the world may backfire very seriously. Time to
reign in the Banksters, Military Industrial complex and Wall Street before they bring about the
destruction of the US.

FOX News

FOX ran with this main headline: Ex-general pleads guilty to lying to FBI, says member of Trump
transition team ordered Moscow contact

But like Breitbarts readers, FOX seemed to focus on Flynns own misdeeds rather than link his
cooperation too emphatically with possible fallout for President Trump. However, FOX did quote
unnamed sources placing some culpability with the then-president-elect:

While it is unclear who Flynn himself is prepared to name, Fox News has been told by a former
senior intelligence officer with knowledge of Trump transition activities that then-President-Elect
Trump directed Flynn during that period to contact the Russians while also directing him and
his team to contact 12 other countries. The transition team felt that the Obama White House
had completely abandoned any coherent foreign policy and had to fill the vacuum, the former
official told Fox News. The purpose of the calls, according to the source, was to assure the other
nations that the incoming administration would soon be in place and not to overreact to last-
minute actions taken by the Obama team.


Is not foreign policy and dialog with foreign countries the responsibility of the President??? It
would be remiss if the President elect was not preparing a dipomatic opening for open dialog
between proper channels of communication with foreign governments regarding foreign policy.
Perhaps the angst and diplomatic disagreement over reason for Russian sanctions could become
a serious problem and threat to peace between Russia and the United States. Are certain
entities attempting to blame President Trump for problems between Russia and the United
States , which are actually the problem of the last Administration??