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Showering Massage

A warm shower during your labor

Massage can:
process, if your doctor permits, can:
Improve labor time Promote relaxation
Improve satisfaction Reduce tension and stress
Reduce anxiety, tension
How to use:
Aid in coping
Can be done by support person
or nurse
Can be whichever technique you
desire: deep tissue or effleurage
(deep massage or light massage)

Relaxation can:

Reduce pain
20-30 minute warm shower Improve labor time DURING
Decrease assisted deliveries
Direct water to lower back for 5 LABOR
minutes How to use:
For the remainder of time, Can be done by support person
directed the water toward any or nurse MEDICATION
area that feels best Use techniques the following
techniques: guided imagery,
Seated or standing
progressive muscle relaxation, Sydney Reed
Choose the position that feels best deep breathing, yoga, meditation
University of Arizona
Eliminating Pain Birthing Ball Hot & Cold packs
Vs. A birthing ball is a large inflatable Use of Cold Packs Only:
Working With Pain ball that can be used to: Instant cold packs (can be found
on labor unit)
Reduce pain in the lower
Eliminating Pain Reduces pain & labor length
back and abdomen
The desire to experience little to During 1st Phase of Labor: Place
Lower anxiety and tension
no pain during labor on perineum (area between the
vagina and anus) for 10 minutes
Medications, such as an epidural, in 30 minute intervals
is your best main pain control During 2nd Phase of Labor: Place
option on perineum for 5 minutes in 15
minute intervals
Non-medication techniques can
be a good supplement to relax
and cope especially in early

Working With Pain

Use of Warm & Cold Packs:
Desire to experience the
Instant cold & warm packs (can
natural pains of birth and use How to use:
be found on labor unit)
that pain as a motivating factor
The hospital will have Reduces pain & labor length
birthing balls available to you During 1st Phase of Labor:
Non-Medication techniques are
or you may bring your own 30 minutes: Warm pack on low
your best primary pain control
back & low abdomen
10 minutes: Cold pack on low
The nurse can assist you in
back & low abdomen
Medications can be used as a finding positions on the ball
During 2nd Phase of Labor: same
supplement to decrease that are best for your body procedure with halved times (15
& 5 minutes)