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Brief History: Chinese War(1937-45), the great leap forward(1958-61) (discussed

because of their economic importance)

Definition of development Amartya Sen's Capability Approach

Trend in Economic Growth; HDI 2012 medium range 0.699 -101 ranking

separate focus on health, education, and income the 3 components

overview of performance in meeting MDG goals

special focus on poverty (reduction in poverty levels by 50%)

population (China is the most populous nation, policies such as one child policy is


application of dev models where we have made an attempt to again see how China has

achived the miraculous growth it is so popular for

Analysis of Health and education sector, the policies, the problems are briefly discussed

Urbanization hoku system the problems associated with it, such as inequality and social


under trade we have looked at economic indicators before and after opening up of the


major exports and imports and propotion in world trade

through out and briefly in end we have discussed the policies and recommendation for

the challenges faced by China such as how can it ensure sustained economic growth and

deal with social issues


in 1912 Qing Dynasty came to an end and China was established as a republic

During Nanjing Decade China's economy transitioned from agrarian to industrial society

1) the Chinese War; war with Japan (The war was the result of a decades-long Japanese

imperialist policy aiming to dominate China politically and militarily and to secure its

vast raw material reserves and other economic resources, particularly food and labour. )

As a result china experienced massive economic decline. the japanese forces adopted

the policy of scortching earth and bombing cities..massive loss of lives and productive


the war was so detremental for the economy that during 1949-52, the govt had to focus

on restoring the economy and then was able to work towards the newly set goals. also,

China experienced high levels of inflation and reduction in food production by 30%

end of the war lead to a complete take over by communist party, China started on

planning to become economically independent and a future economic power

The great leap forward was an economic phenomenon. The reason for the great leap

forward was dissatisfaction with 1st 5 yearEarly 20th Century

Marked by the end of centuries old imperial system and political instability. However,

the last 3 decades show tremendous economic growth and development. Now China is

the world's largest exporter (share in world's export 11.1%), largest foreign exchange

holder (3.3 trillion)

Back to early 20th century in 1949 commuinist party took over from the Nationalist lead

to relatively stable eco plan.

Mao Zedong introduced a plan to set aside Soviet model of state ownership. However,

desired results were not achieved..sever budget deficits.

It was not untill 1979 that China finally reduced Govt control.