Eyes alive with enthusiasm

A rush of embarrassment swept through him Shocked by the directness of the reply His face cracked into an apologetic grin An endless expanse of blue sky Leaves fell and fluttered like snow flakes The wind moaned through the trees e moon sailed across the sky like a ghostly gallion Pausing for a moment she became aware of her surroundings The warmth of the air wrapped around her like a scarf A sudden shiver of excitement shot through her body His once designer clothes looked anything but attractive Her shocking smile;broken. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Adventure is the champagne of life. Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. (Julius Caesar 3:2:97) And death shall be no more. death, thou shalt die. (Donne) And justify the ways of God of men. (Paradise Lost 1 – 22) And nature must obey necessity. (Julius Caesar 4:3:225) And purer than the purest gold. (Ben Jonson : The Touchstone of Truth) Danger comes in silence and in secret. (Isaac Pocock) Dark with excessive bright. (Paradise Lost : 3 – 380) A day is miniature eternity. (Emerson: Journals) Death be not proud, though some have called thee. (Donne) Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. (Pope) Even God can not change the past. (Agathon) Evermore thanks, the exchequer of the poor. (Goethe) Excessive scruple is only hidden pride. (Goethe) Faint heart wins not lady fair. (William James Linton) • • • • • The fairest things have the fleetest end. (F. Thomson) Faith is love taking the form of aspiration. (William Ellery Channing) Fame is food that dead men eat. (A. Dopson) For who would bear the whips and scorns of time. (Hamlet 3:1:70) Friends are born, not made. (Hendry Brooks Adams)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Happiness is the shadow of thing past. (Paradise Lost 4299) He wears the rose of youth upon him. (Antony & Cleopatra 3 : 11 : 20) He, who will not when he may, may not when he will. (John of Salisbury) Heaven lies about us in our infancy. (Wordsworth) Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. (Keats) Heaven is our heritage, Earth but a player's stage. (Thomas Nashe) A heaven on earth. (Paradise Lost 4-208) The heart is not a clock, it will not wind again. (Sacheverell Sitwell) Hector is dead. There is no more to say. (Troilus & Cressida 5-10-22) Hills whose heads touch heaven. (Othello 1 : 3: 141) His time is forever, everywhere his place. (Abraham Cowley) An honest man's the noble work of God. Honest labour bears a lovely face. (Thomas Dekker) How noiseless falls the foot of time. (W. R. Spencer) Hypocrisy in the homage that vice offers to virtue. (La Rochefaocauld) Great Phrases 2

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Absolutely free conscience Absorbingly interesting occupation Abundantly illustrated book Acoustically indistinct consonants Admittedly difficult task Apparently disconnected facts Architecturally successful edifice Astonishingly young mind Awfully up-hill work Badly drawn character Basically irrelevant detail Biologically important functions Bitterly contested wars Blatantly defied convention

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brightly coloured flowers • Brilliantly written book • Carefully ascertained facts • Carefully chosen examples • Carefully developed theory • Clearly defined pattern • Closely guarded secret • Closely related words • Commercially oriented people • Commonly used words • Comparatively recent development • Completely different angle • Completely illiterate audience Constantly changing background Constantly recurring themes Critically edited text Currently fashionable dress Dangerously disparaging attributes Dazzlingly beautiful illuminations • Fully qualified person Fundamentally different approach Gaily plumaged birds Gaudily coloured beaks Generally accepted fact Genuinely new ideas Gorgeously created figures Dearly loved person • Deeply felt resentment Deeply rooted tradition Delightfully chivalrous statement Densely populated areas Divinely inspired poetry Eagerly awaited news • • • • • • • • • Extremely popular songs Fairly accurate details Fairly reliable guide Fantastically inspiring place Finely framed speech Flamboyantly handsome man Frequently used word Extremely grave risks Extremely attractive girl Exceedingly clever man Entirely unfamiliar country Emotionally charged sound Eminently respectable figures Eminently readable introduction Elegantly dressed person Economically backward areas Economically advanced nation Easily accomplished task • • • • • • • • .

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Grammatically different words Grievously committed sins Happily chosen term Hardly audible sound Hastily summoned meeting Heavily bearded person Highly developed feeling Highly disciplined community Highly emotional speeches Highly readable narrative Highly sophisticated equipment Historically correct usage Historically related family of languages Honestly earned money Hugely impressive system Immensely complicated affairs Immensely suggestive book Increasingly inelegant expressions Increasingly popular subject Inexpressibly beautiful measure Infinitely productive artist Infinitely small quantities Infinitely variable world Infinitely varied world Insipidly pious woman Intellectually mature person Intensely interesting experience Intensely private life Intensely subjective poet Internationally known scientist Juridically free peasants Keenly analytical ear Lavishly illustrated pages Lavishly produced publications Lawfully constituted authority Legally wedded wife Lexicologically interesting polysemy Linguistically enlightened editors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Literally translated vernacular expressions Logically coherent analysis Logically connected sentences Logically fallacious inferences Loosely flowing garments Marvellously engineered road system Mechanically woven carpet Mentally disturbed people Mentally retarded children Moderately priced book Mortally wounded man Mutually exclusive categories Mutually intelligible dialects Nationally televised programme Naturally unstressed words Neatly furnished house Negatively charged particle Negatively prefixed words Newly appointed minister Newly constituted board Newly discovered languages Newly married man Newly constructed buildings Newly published titles Normally constituted man Noticeably defective speech Noticeably handsome face adistically cruel man Seemingly contradictory facets (of one's personality) Seemingly little things Seemingly worthless people Semantically peculiar etymology Semantically (very) interesting words Singularly fortunate youth Slightly different meaning Smartly dressed woman Socially acceptable qualities Socially adaptive behaviour Socially distinct societies .

. Feelings . high archway and domed ceilings. . . People .Her heart thumped wildly when the audience exploded with loud cheers and claps. .Disbelieve was written all over their horrified faces. • . . white-faced. His skin felt like a page of Braille A skin with plenty of raised dots probably rashes The notorious warden stumbles over the answer after the accidental harmony. . majestic network of thick-set vines.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Socially distinguished ladies Socially useful productive work Sparsely populated areas Specially designed building Specially shaped pipe Specially written example Spiritually elevating influence Spiritually highest realities Splendidly successful book Strictly limited interest Strictly scientific words Strikingly beautiful places Strongly developed taste Strongly marked face Strongly rooted envy Strongly worded resolution Suddenly recollected emotion Superbly sculptured features Surprisingly subtle discrimination Syllogistically expressed agreement Symbolically significant work Systematically organised survey Tacitly accepted values Thickly populated city Thinly populated area Thoroughly dishonest man Thoroughly learned system Thoughtfully prepared material Totally different spirit Totally unexpected result Tremendously popular form Traitorously corrupted youth Truly good man Unimaginably beautiful gardens Uniquely great events Universally acknowledged truth Unspeakably bad taste Utterly different languages Utterly insignificant person • • • • • • • • Vaguely defined term Vastly increased power Verbally defined concepts Vividly attractive pictures Wholly subjective affair Widely separated countries Wildly imaginative mind Wonderfully rich appearance • Places .It was a palatial home. floors of stone and marble. his expression a mask of suppressed rage. .Gave way to a soaring.He looked straight ahead . with high. An oppressive heat hung in the sky Trying to show the scotching sun is giving pressure 2. .Streaks of gay sunlight darted through the open window.Her hair was tied into a neat and precise bun that not a single strand of hair was out of place.His face evidenced the struggle between shame and defiance in his heart. .He was a fine figure of a man. and elaborately carved furniture with rich upholstery. an angelic smile plastered on his face An unnatural smile 3. cheerfulness in every face and a spring in every step.They were dressed in dazzling white robes with gold embroidery. .A smart gentleman dresses in a flowing brown cloak and a brown bejewelled hat. . tight-lipped.Exhilaration bubbled up inside her like soda water. She grinned happily under the glory of the spotlight.There was a song in every heart. with very yellow hair and narrow. cool rooms. haughty eyes.

-. It looked like a and me in my youth laughing and enjoying the thought of my family together. for Christmas was on its way. It times were over so I left the park leaving behind all cast an evil glow across the sky. It was either dead. (and rather squashed looking) apples. black. like a candle illuminating they were merry. The sad tree waits as a single rain drop trickles down the long healthy trunk. "sleeping". The sky was even stranger.the temperature had mellowed out and there was a soft breeze blowing and it made for a very romantic atmosphere. plump. (Or would soon be a memory! that's what they looked like). and the cloud is a water that is as clear as glass. yet majestically beautiful.. a similie for the taste of fried chicken 4. A constant "drip drop" tells you tiger beginning to pounce on its prey.. I can't look away. I hear the big. the clouds were my memories with the knowledge that this. Moving calmly in the wind.. too.. 3. A leaf of pine green has an aqua drop that quickly falls down into the pond. sighed and started to walk off. and deep in color. All the rickety braches rock like a new born baby snug in the arms of its mother gently swaying in a rocking chair.Kassidy On a cold. the moon was an orange. red (or white) velvet The sky was the bluest of blues and there was a faint fragrant permeating from the beautiful flowers that had bloomed that Spring. I was toward the sky like a frail cobweb blowing in the thinking of my Christmas past. dead leaves The clouds are like cotton candy swirling around suffocating between my feet. (if it were an orange it would burst with ripeness). Drop calm breeze. like a ball -. it was with my sister. -. it was dull and cloudy. It thunders and booms and the dead grass lay motionless soaked. Looking at the sun setting is so bright When you glance down you can see a pond with and yellow.Elizabeth ever so gently in a bowl. The cool refreshing water ripples as slowly The Majestic Night . And had a mix of -. a personifation for the smell of a freshly baked apple pie. Its leafless branches extended skating and laughing. the shading covers the dark brown ground. I saw kids throwing snowballs and making snowmen while other people were ice winter. strangely full.. It just showered a peach just beginning to ripen. I stood transfixed for a cotton candy clouds moment. I lowered my gaze and set it on the tall oak tree. clear and circular just fell to the at the trees they almost disappear into the night sky. Soon those happy marmalade kind of yellow. Earth. The sunset is like a rhythmical rain. As I a pitch black room. throwing snowballs wind.. 3. like spicy heaven in batter 4. People passed and I could see The moon shone brightly. The sky darkens and is ready for the storm coming its way. opening presents on Christmas Day. with a tint of red in it. and blue.1. But the little tree still stands alone. tickling your nose and making your mouth water. a metaphor for wine a grey frown clouding the sky 2. and moving further away from the trees and the sun. It was eerie.Jeffrey fiery red. The bronze colored fish frantically scatter to the edges The Lost Tree of the circular pool of water when the drop hits the The tree is a person standing alone in the darkness surface. or if it was reached the park. When I look that water droplets. Barbwire sits ready to remind any one who comes close enough to stay away. Soon. A Winter's Day waiting for the sun to come out of hiding. the aroma of the pie leaping into the air. giants rustling in the cool.clear blue sky turning gray 2. The creaky fence is a gate to the field of trees below. As I watched all of this. I walked to the park wearing a grey trench coat. It's as lonely as a new student waiting to make friends. winter day. I shuddered.Sierra bouncing off of the surface with a quiet splash. Clouds slowly start to pull apart as the sun peeks around the corner.

keeping its true celestial unquestionably flabbergasted. can be seen shining miles away. It lies in the will seem as though citizens are having dams center of the sky. now there is only one thing to do. fog with he than Paris! depth of space around it. at splendor from the thousands of spectators. orange and cream. --John -. If you decide to staring through a blank.as a Rollie-Polly. a huge relief. . in all if you're looking for a luxurious destination falling through a dusty desk of black and gray. ready for anything. Finally. clear ocean on that scorching hot day. exhausted because of the long weary expedition to creeps around the blanket of mist that keeps it the pinnacle. Paris is a sensational place for a visit the beach. -. . her teammates cheer loudly. All bright gray and surrounding air. Not to mention. an illuminant tear in the grand tapestry expedition to Paris because the glare of its lights of black around it. the moon. waiting anxiously. 1st prize. I dipped my foot into the cool. In for a celebration or an anniversary look no further the center.Connie 134 girls. her name is called. it is the happiest day of her life.Breanna colored pink. The sea is a bag of sunflower seeds The astonishing city of Paris. and all around it.2nd. Its radiance. at the very top of the tower it captivated from the land below it. for their teammate had won. Cheering voices surround her. The ripples are soldiers slowly dying in a war. France gratifies your with its salty aroma. The sun was beating Sandy Beach down on me as the crystal blue water pulled the The sparkly sea splashes up onto the sandy beach. transparent window of fog voyage to the pinnacle of the tower you will be that it is caged around. After her hard day of work. . 4th. Another one is a sunset -. One is striped the shore. The coaches hug her. sleeping the peak you will most likely be dreadfully under the shadow of light it casts. and concentration she hears. It sits perched like a hawk. The sand spreads across the beach like million of As the wave tumbled closer. strain. then. The grin on her face was lightning everyone's faces. . like a zebra with blue. waiting for the results. as a blanket of wonder tucks it in. Her heart beats. 3rd. A silver quarter. golden sand from between my toes. . One of the most noteworthy destinations within Paris happens to be the Eiffel Tower. . -. The Eiffel Tower exemplifies your A white orb. I stood up on the tiny grains of salt. as she is waiting for the awards. and keep working without forgetting the wonderful day when she beat .Alice breath taking sites that may intrigue you in the late night moon. Small sticks are scattered forming many barriers against the different shells. go home.Alec THE MOON She sits. covered by shells the sea surfboard and fearfully rode toward the safety of randomly washed up over the years. I take one last glance and dreams of an amazing destination for an slowly walk back to the car awaiting the next time I intermission. shatter within them as everyone wavers in fright High in the sky it sits the center of attention to the and tiny children weep because of the elevation. vacation at night because you can see all of the -.Tessa joyfully.

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