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com Nakshatra Jyotish Ratna Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: 9827374626 , 9329265779 Promotion Om Gan Ganapataye Namah As an Astrologer I come across many cases where the outcome looks completely clear and no doubts arise in mind . KP Astrology is one such tool that Shri KS Krishnamurtiji has given to us to look at the future without any doubts and be prepared for it . I have earlier written two articles on promotion in job . Here again I present a new case. Query Horary No ( 1 –249) Date Time Place Ayanamsa : Promotion in Job : 146 : 21-03-2010 : 18:42:00 : Nakshatra Jyotish 77E27 , 23N07 ( Geocentric ) : KP Original 23:54:34

HINTS 1 Cuspal Sublord of 11th house must signify the houses 2, 6,10 and 11 for promotion in job . 2 Ruling Planets must also be considered to check the strength of significators. MOON & ASCENDANT SUBLORD Before proceeding to solve the query one must check out the position of Moon and Ascendant Sublord , So that the houses under consideration must be signifying the relevant houses related to the query. Moon is the cuspal sublord of the 10th house , it is placed in the 7th house the house of opponents and competitors. It seems that the client is a bit more concerned about his opponents . Moon is in the star of Moon itself. So the query is justified as Moon is cuspal Sublord of 10th house . Moon is also the Ascendant Sublord . CUSPAL ANALYSIS 2nd Cusp : Scorpio 29:29:48 – ( Mars – Mercury – Saturn ) Saturn is the cuspal sublord of the 2nd house , it is placed in the 11th house which is house of fulfillment of desires . Saturn is in the star of sun which is placed in the 10th house , So Saturn signifes both 10 and 11th houses very strongly and so it is favourable for promotion and increments. 6th Cusp : Aries 04:50:30 – ( Mars – Ketu - Mars ) Mars is placed in the 9th house , it is in the star of Saturn , which is placed in 11th house .So Mars is signifying 11th house strongly. Hence the cuspal sublord Mars is connected to the 11th house .

10th Cusp : Leo 03:49:52 – ( Sun – Ketu – Moon ) As discussed above Moon is placed in 7th house and is in the star of Moon itself. It is a weak significator of 9th house . So not signifying any houses related to query. 11th Cusp : Virgo 06:0:48 – ( Mercury – Sun – Mercury ) Mercury is the cuspal Sublord of the 11th house , it is placed in 5th house . It is in the star of Saturn which is placed in the 11th house ,so Mercury strongly signifying the 11th house which is house of fulfillment of desires. So it is favouring the concerned query. Ruling Planets Lagna Lord -- Mercury Lagna Star Lord – Moon Moon Sign Lord – Venus Moon Star -- Moon DayLord -- Sun As per the Ruling planets we see the strong significators Mercury and Sun among them . CONCLUSION Looking at the strength of Cuspal Sublords of the concerned houses which mostly signify the houses 2,6,10 and 11 . Also in RPs the significators which are good for the querist success are strong .Hence I concluded that the client will surely get the promotion . After about two months the client informed me about his promotion . I prayed to Lord Ganesha and Guruji .

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