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Novel morel cultivation method Numero di

CN102823429 A
CN 102823429 A pubblicazione
Tipo di pubblicazione Richiesta
Numero domanda CN 201210339140
ESTRATTO Data di pubblicazione 19 dic 2012
Data di registrazione 3 set 2012
The invention relates to a novel morel cultivation method. The wild morel is
Data di priorit 3 set 2012
subjected to tissue isolation and other methods to obtain strains, and then the
Inventori ,
stains are made into parent species, original species, cultivars and other
strains, so that the morel is successfully cultivated by a series of innovation Candidato ,
inventions. A morel strain raw material and formula and a production method, a Esporta citazione BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan
cultivation process and a novel cultivation method are invented in cultivation. Citazioni di brevetti (2), Citazioni diverse da brevetti (8),
The cultivation environmental condition control requirements are met, the Con riferimenti in (10), Classificazioni (1), Eventi legali (3)
artificially purified strains development of morel is invented, and the temperature
Link esterni: SIPO, Espacenet
control, humidity control and light control and other methods are innovated and
invented to cultivate the morel. A morel growth substrate organic matter is
invented, auxiliary nutrients are added, and clay is added to form a synthetic culture substrate, and the pure stains are inoculated into the morel under sterile
conditions. By a special sowing method, the morel is cultivated by technical management. The method is unique, is an unused advanced method in peers at home
and abroad, and fully achieves the purpose of the invention.

DESCRIZIONE tradotto da: Cinese RIVENDICAZIONI (7) tradotto da: Cinese

A new method for morel cultivation 1. A method of separating the new species morels; characterized in that the
method of the invention it is fresh morel fruiting bodies, under sterile conditions
[0001] I, Technical Field: This invention belongs to the field of biotechnology
to organize separation method, cut tissue 2-3mm in diameter placed on a
techniques, the present invention relates to a new method for morel cultivation
dedicated PDA medium under specific environmental conditions through culture
of new technologies, through special technology bacteria, scientific formula and
propagation of bacteria can be obtained.
advanced cultivation techniques, in Field sown with morels pure strains
cultivation, by temperature control, humidity, light and other methods to control 2. kinds of media to create a new method Morel; I according to the
cultivation of the morel. method as claimed in claim, characterized in that the invention is a
method of making EVAL Arts and morel mycelium growth and
[0002] is a very rare and valuable morel mushroom, which grows mainly in
development of PDA medium environmental conditions, the
mountainous forest, long only once a year, due to the restrictions by local
temperature in the range of 5-20 C, the base moisture content
conditions and resources, low production, the acquisition is very difficult.
60-65%, morel fruiting bodies grow certain circumstances, the
1800~2000 current market price per kilogram, products are mainly exported
temperature is within the range of 5-20 C, relative humidity is 80-95%
Western European countries, require a lot of sources.
under conditions to grow.
Effect [0003] morels: Morel is the world's very rare fungus, is a senior nutritional
3. Create a new method for the parent species types morel ; The
supplements, rich in proteins, polysaccharides, carbohydrates, vitamins and 20
method according to claim 2, wherein, characterized in that the method
kinds of amino acids and trace elements. With kidney, impotence, brain,
of the invention of PDA mother morel recipes and production methods,
refreshing function. Loss of kidney essence, impotence impotence, sexual
and media formulations are; oak sawdust 200g ( broth), glucose 20g,
dysfunction, sexual apathy have a significant role. Long-term consumption can
agar 20g, KH2P040. 5g, MgS040. 5g, water 1000ml, PH value of 7.0,
prevent cancer, inhibit tumor, prevent colds, enhance immunity effect, in the
by high temperature melting, tubing, high temperature sterilization,
medical and health care has an important value for development.
inoculation, culture obtained parent species.
[0004] Morel nutrients: fresh and dried morels are edible, unique flavor,
4. Create a new method for the original species species morel ; The
delicious, tender and crisp and delicious, extremely rich in nutrients. It has been
method according to claim 3, wherein, characterized in that the method
determined: morel contains 22 percent protein, crude fat 3.82%, up more than
of the invention of the original species of morel media formulations;
20 kinds of amino acids, containing 47.47%, especially for eight kinds of
50-60% of wheat, wheat bran 10-15 %, 20-25% of fine soil particles,
essential amino acid content is high, accounting for the total of 44 amino acids.
gypsum 1-2%, 1-2% superphosphate, 60-65% moisture content,
14%, vitamins and mineral elements content is also very rich, as the food of the
bottling, sealing ro, sterilization. Temperature of 100-120 C, to
maintain 3-8 hours. After cooling inoculated under sterile conditions
[0005] The morel is both a feast on the treasures, but also the prestigious available stock.
medicine medicine, Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica" records Morel used to
5. The method of making new cultivars morel species; The method
treat various stomach problems. People used to Morel presented the emperor
according to claim 4, wherein, characterized in that the method of the
as a tribute tonic, has become Western Europe's exports of high-grade food, is
invention of morel cultivation culture media formulations; 70-80%
a kind of does not contain any hormones, no side effects of natural health
organic plants, wheat bran or rice bran 10-15%, 1% gypsum, lime I%,
products, is the best health and longevity of human food.
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Brevetto CN102823429A - Novel morel cultivation method - Goog...

[0006] 2. Background of the Invention: Morel cultivated research as early as sterilization. Atmospheric pressure above 100 C for 8 hours, high
1883, Britain, the United States, France and other countries have begun to pressure I. 5 for 90 minutes, cooled and inoculated with cultured
study the cultivation, when more than 100 have not been successful for many cultivars available 20-30 days at 5-20 C environment.
years, until April 1986, a University of the United States Professor Rom Ower
6. kind morel cultivation bags to create a new method; characterized in that
first declare the United States cultivated morels patents, the technology was
the method of the invention using a 6-pin shade net greenhouse barricaded,
shocked the world, unfortunately, he has not enacted until a few weeks before
size (length X width X height) 10-30mX4-8mX1.6-2 2m arch. shaped or
the patent, he was murdered in San Francisco, from the patent cut off
flat-shaped shade net greenhouse shading reaches 80-90%, through a
implemented. Two years later, in June 1988, another professor at the University
combination of other management until fruiting harvest.
of San Ronaid (who worked with Professor Rom Ower assistant), also declared
the United States cultivated morels patent, but the patent expired 10 years, still 7. The method of cultivation planting new species of morel ; The
not achieved commercial cultivation morels. method according to claim 5, characterized in that the method of the
invention of sowing cultivation methods Morel; the use of paddy or
[0007] In our country, we have a research and morel unit first cultivated over
hillside, sowing cultivation by farming, then on soil temperature
more than I square, people have seen the high price of morels and market
sterilization, disinfection. Morel cultivation of bacteria per square meter
prospects are very attractive to study at all costs. But there are many mysteries
500 g, I. 2-1. 5 every car to open a small ditch, covered with
morels grow, not as ordinary edible mushrooms cultivated so simple, there are
plastic film insulation, moisture. Build a shade outside with straw
many units are in failure.
blackout curtain or shade net 70-90% to fruiting harvest management
[0008] China's famous mushroom expert, Sichuan Mianyang Professor Zhu through specific environmental conditions.
Douxi Institute of edible, is also the first study Morel, he began to study from
1985 morel, 1992 for the first time in the wild use of pure strains Cultivation is
successful, try planting in 2000 have been successful in the field, and won the
national invention patent (patent number: ZL 00112812.4). But this approach also there is a high investment, the process
is complicated, unstable yield factor, it also can not be achieved in the field of wild morels for commercial cultivation.

[0009] In the past 20 years, Professor Zhu Douxi focus on species research and management morel cultivation
techniques, with the aim to further reduce production costs, improve productivity and quality morels. In his study of the
kind of unwavering faith, we get a lot of money to help our friends, before and after the study period of 25 years and finally
make this amazing morel can be cultivated successfully in the field, becoming the first to break abroad Wild Morel can
Daejeon commercial cultivation of success, which is both a good news, but also has great prospects for development of
the cause of his commercial cultivation Morel field success, to fill

term gaps in the world.

Cultivated [0010] Morel's hard-won success, is the result of 25 years of research, 1,000 acres of failure, more than 500
million of losses in return. Until today to commercial cultivation Morel, there some scientists do not believe that they
have been considered "cultivated morels is a restricted area, it is impossible cultivation success."

[0011] However, our famous mushroom expert, Sichuan Mianyang Edible Institute, a senior engineer Professor Zhu Douxi,
with strong grades and perseverance Yi, from 1985 began to study morels, he is Our first study of people morel success.
Obtain municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, the support of the National Innovation Fund projects, get
support national high-tech development, "863" project. It is not only sophisticated side term technology, but also the
only home and abroad for commercial cultivation technology of wood in the field.

[0012] Since the rare wild morels, large cultivated mushroom difficulty, morel market system for the price from 6 yuan per
kilogram in 1985 rose to 1800 yuan per kilogram in 2009, Morel Boutique price per kilogram up 3000~ 4000 yuan, 25
years morel 300 times the price doubled, and products are also increasingly short supply, demand continued enlargement
of the big Western European countries. But the total acquisition of Wild morels every less than 300 tons, of which 80% of
the products are sold in France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA and other European countries. Rarely see the domestic market,
only a few luxury hotels and restaurants with a small amount of morels.

[0013] Thus, wild morels alone can not meet the demand, and wild resources have gradually depleted, the world only a
few countries have a small amount of wild, yield less and less, and the growing market demand, every Wild Morels are out
buying after World War II, the product is very tight. The current carried Morel cultivated is the only way to solve the morel

[0014] nearly 30 years, many well-known domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises have joined the morel
research and development, but not a common morel mushrooms, especially fruiting difficult to cultivate, there is a lot of
mystery and difficult to decipher Foreign scientists took 100 years of research, investment funds of up to billions of dollars,
the result was not the presence of a very small amount of fruiting or fruiting, although there are indoor cultivation success
stories, but fruiting is very unstable and can not put into mass EVAL factory production. However, many Western European
countries still have not given up on the cultivation of morels, which is their desire for a long time, because people are very
fond of Western European countries morel, especially in the French-based consumer market morels, great prospects. So
they continued to study at all costs.

[0015] Zhu tin experts after 25 years of fighting thousands of morel cultivation method is trial and error tests, through
distant hybridization, tissue isolation and breeding of fine strains Morel, the use of biotechnology and scientific formula to
solve a series of key technologies morel genetic and physiological variation in terms of taking physical stimulation and

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Brevetto CN102823429A - Novel morel cultivation method - Goog...

with a total investment more than 580 million yuan, the commercial cultivation of morels field of new technologies, to fill the
gaps in the world term.

[0016] wild morels and morel cultivated exactly auspicious, there is no essential difference, through the wild gene isolation,
domesticated, originally retained its fungal growth and breeding characteristics, give it to create a favorable growing
conditions, expanding the scope of mycelial growth, higher yields. Ministry of Agriculture, Food Testing Center laboratory,
artificial and wild morel morels nutrients are identical, and artificial Morel looks good compared to the wild morels, size
symmetry, therefore, the price is also higher than wild morels.

[0017] After a successful domestic and foreign experts also said: "The commercial cultivation Morel field success, not only
created a miracle in China, also miracle of the world which is the world's only commercial cultivation morel success!
The technology of wood "and also the advanced level in the world! Many domestic and foreign businesses require
technology transfer or technical cooperation.

[0018] Patent morel cultivation techniques Zhu wooden bucket tin invention, from a human can not cultivate to success,
from the yield of a few pounds up to several hundred pounds, is a low investment, high yield, big income-generating
projects, which he a lifetime of hard work and sweat, CCTV and CCTV two sets of seven respectively in April 19 2012 and
May 2012 29 30 interviewed, reported that for the first time also the history of the morel reports.

[0019] 2009, Professor Philippe and France France Morilles SAS CEO Mr. Christophe Perchat French Academy of
Agricultural Sciences to China Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, visited the scene is a very happy Yan morel, they said
France and other European countries for sheep belly bacteria studied for hundreds of years without success, this time to
see Chinese people morel mushroom cultivation business scene was shocked, they say this is the only in the world, is the
world's most advanced cultivation techniques morel They require the purchase of the technology.

[0020] In 2010, France France Morilles SAS CEO Mr. Christophe Perchat invested 3.8 million yuan to buy a morel latest
cultivation techniques, and signed the "Sino-French morel deeper research and industrial innovation and cooperation"
make full use of "Made in China" and China's "morel cultivation of new technologies," and with good climatic conditions in
France, as well as France and Western Europe great morel sales market, the morel cultivated project bigger and stronger,
achieve greater economic and social benefits.

[0021] 3. Summary: A new method for morel cultivation, including:

[0022] , Morel's new organizational separation method;

[0023] , growing conditions Morel requirements Control Method;

[0024] , parent species Morel, the original recipes and new production methods;

[0025] , the original recipe Morel kinds of raw materials and new production methods;

[0026] , cultivated raw morel recipes and new production methods;

[0027] , the cultivation of raw materials and formulations technology and new methods of morels;

[0028] , morel cultivation shed material requirements and specifications and photometric requirements for management
of the new methods.

[0029] The method of the invention by the patent search, is unprecedented, but also domestic and international original
method of past cultivation method completely different from other similar. This method solves the morel past can not be in
the field for commercial cultivation in the world of technical problems, which is a major technological breakthrough in the
artificial cultivation of morels, is a low cost, abundant source of raw materials, more stable fruiting high yield, good quality
new cultivation methods.

[0030] The present applicant after years of experimental research and innovation, invented a new method suitable for field
morels, which includes a full artificial cultivation of new technologies morels, production and adaptation of bacteria isolated
environment control culture conditions and growth conditions, media materials and scientific formula, cultivation methods,
management techniques and a series of innovative technologies.

[0031] 4. DETAILED DESCRIPTION: This method is in the field by planting native species, moisture and other measures
to complete blackout, temperature controlled in the range of 10~20 C, relative air humidity of 90~95%, light in 150~500
lux, media formulations plant organic powder 50 ~ 60%, adding 15 ~ 20% of the carbon source of organic matter, then add
20 to 30% of the earth to become the growth of synthetic medium. Growth matrix method of operation is the synthetic
medium into the melting device by autoclaving 100~120 C, and after cooling, under sterile conditions after Morel
bacteria, cultured bacteria grow to maturity access , during field seeding cultivation until harvest fruiting.

[0032] The step details are as follows:

[0033] (I), morel species separation, using local varieties of wild morels, select is at the apex of delicious morel morels or
strong variety of age, in a bottle, take advantage of the fresh timely separated under sterile conditions.

[0034] The medium formulation: oak sawdust 200g (broth), glucose 20g, agar 20g, KH2P040 5g, MgS040 5g, water
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1000ml, PH value of 7 0. [0035] The method of operation: oak sawdust 200g, join IOOOml water, boil about IOmin,
filtered through two layers of gauze, juice; adding agar-agar and heating was continued until all dissolved; adding creeping
glucose, KH2P04, MgS04, and evaporated Water made up to 1000ml, adjust PH value of 7.0, while hot into a test tube.
Each tube into the 1/5 medium, stuffed tampons, after dressing, into autoclaves for sterilization.

[0036] sterilization method: Pressure ka pointer O. 05 pounds up to the discharge air conditioning, the pointer back to O.
00 lb in, continue to heat up to

0.15 pounds while maintaining I. 5h, allowed to cool after hot tubes were removed, placed beveled so that medium length
accounts for two-thirds of the tube length is appropriate, then allowed media under natural conditions After more than a dry
surface water use.

[0037] Strains separation method: Morel by tissue separation, the tubes or flasks containing medium, as well as fresh
morels and EVAL appliances together into inoculation box be sterilized. Operation: Stipe cut separation medium on the
tube, placed under the culture conditions 15~18 C.

[0038] (2), morel production of Mother

[0039] medium formula: bean sprouts 500g (broth), sugar 20g, agar 20g, KH2PO4O 5g, MgSO4O 5g, VB1O 5g, water
1000ml, PH were natural...

[0040] Procedure: A method according to parent species were isolated operation, after the medium well, respectively, into
18 X 180mm or 20 X 220mm test tube 1/5, stuffed tampons for sterilization, sterilization time I. 5 grades maintain under

1. 5h, put beveled spare.

[0041] The inoculation: inoculation box at the time of inoculation requires sterilized by drugs, from the first generation of
pure parent species in the size of soybeans picked a medium with mycelia, into the blank slant medium. Gatling parent
species only once, no more access or spread, otherwise it will affect the growth of fruiting bodies.

[0042] Training: after inoculation in culture under conditions 15~18 C for 1-2 weeks after use.

[0043] (3), the original species of morel production medium formula:

[0044] 75% of oak sawdust, rice bran or wheat bran 20%, sugar 1%, gypsum 1%, superphosphate 1%, 2% moisture
content of 65%, PH nature;

During operation [0045]: The above formulation after mixing, add water, so to bottling water content of 65%. Bottling
uniform requirement elastic, not too tight, fitted to the bottle shoulder is straight, then flatten the surface, inside and outside
the contaminated medium wash bottle wall, then stuffed with cotton plugs or plastic film ro.

[0046] Sterilization: Autoclave at I. 5 grades under pressure to maintain 2h, atmospheric sterilization at 100 C to
maintain 6~8h,

[0047] Inoculation and culture: inoculation in inoculation box, after disinfection, each parent species may take five bottles
of the original species. After inoculation on the culture conditions under 15~18 C, about 15d hyphae covered bottle aside.

[0048] (4), Morel cultivar production

[0049] 75% of oak sawdust, rice bran or wheat bran 20%, sugar 1%, gypsum 1%, superphosphate 1%, 2% moisture
content of 65%;

[0050] After mixing the recipe to a moisture content of 65% after bottling, sterilization. If the atmospheric pressure to
maintain 6~811 sterilization until the temperature rises to 100 .

[0051] inoculation: inoculation box cultivar not vaccinated, vaccination room available with steam sterilization method after
inoculation through culture 15~20d placed around 18 C, the mycelium covered the bottom, you can directly use in
cultivated or made cultivation bags.

[0052] (5), morel cultivation bags production

[0053] The medium formula: oak sawdust 75%, 20% rice bran or wheat bran, sugar 1%, gypsum 1%, superphosphate 1%,
2% moisture content of 65%; [0054] The marinated material Load ethylene transparent film bags, thickness is generally
about O. 03~O. 05cm, 22cm in diameter is appropriate, length 45cm, bag, elastic appropriate requirements, can not be
installed too tightly, tightly packed material mycelial growth will slow or not long. Installed, put the bag two or a hard plastic
collar, the plastic film turned out mouth stuffed with sponge tampons or lid sealing ring will also be opening sealed kraft
paper, and then elastic fastened to a high temperature sterilization.

[0055] The sterilization method: general use homemade sterilization or autoclaving methods. Steam sterilization of
indigenous stove must be sealed tight to minimize steaming, until the temperature rises to 100 c remain more than 8h,
were inoculated after cooling. The use of high-pressure steam sterilization, the need to maintain 2h at I. 5 pound force.

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Brevetto CN102823429A - Novel morel cultivation method - Goog...

vaccination room air disinfection chamber. Sterilization available inoculation box formaldehyde potassium permanganate,
potassium according to aldehyde per cubic meter of space 10ml, IOg mixing high potassium permanganate, resulting in
gas sterilization. After disinfection 30min initial vaccination, inoculation first cultivated surface is removed, then the bacteria
hook loose, evenly placed on two medium bags, bottle cultivar can be accessed cultivation bags 20 to 30 bags.

[0057] The inoculated bags can overlap emissions, and can overlap 6~7 layers. Can determine the distance between each
row depends on the temperature, to prevent over-dense hot.

[0058] After inoculation, the best hair bacterial culture in low-light conditions, in the training process to avoid turning the
bag to reduce the bacteria from entering the pocket. After about 20~30d growth, hyphae covered the whole bag, timely
sowing covered with bags after use.

[0059] (6), morel cultivation sowing methods

[0060] will be selected after a tractor plowing the field, the first in the field with a rope stretched sprinkled gray line, the line
width of I. 2m, length is not limited, it can be determined according to the terrain. Left sidewalk between each row 30cm,
with a hoe and then shovel in the seeding row lateral groove, the lateral grooves depth of about 5cm, width of about 10cm.
After a good shovel ditch, with the master seed quantity per square meter in a bag (about Ikg) can, mulch immediately
after planting. The best way is to shovel side ditch, while sowing, so as to maintain the humidity of bacteria. Shovel second
groove is generally used to cover the soil compartment between the front of a ditch about 5cm bacteria, the grooves
around. Requirements Gaiyan soil cover formation, mulch thickness generally about 5~8cm, and mulch after the car in a
ditch it sorted out, planting row became fruiting envelope, Ditch became the sidewalk, height ditch and the car is generally
after 10~15cm, good car, covered by plastic film in time to keep the soil humidity.

[0061] (7), Morel Management Technology

[0062] After the morel planting, management techniques is related to the success or failure of key Morel, especially
temperature and humidity management is of crucial importance, is related to that received no income, high yield and
low-yield important factor.

[0063] Management Morel after sowing, mainly for temperature, humidity, light, air, pests and other five factors external
conditions for scientific management, specific technical requirements are as follows:

[0064] Temperature Requirements: morel mycelium can grow at 3~22 C, but preferably grown at a low temperature, the
temperature is best controlled at 22 C or less, the most suitable temperature for the mycelial growth 12~18 C,

[0065] humidity requirements: field cultivation Morel soil humidity control is very important in the process of moisture
management, it has been to maintain the planting soil moisture and bacteria themselves own moisture, keep humidity and
culture medium soil moisture due to external climate is dry and loss of water, if found white topsoil dries, it can take, such
as maintaining topsoil spray or sprinkler wetting requirements between 85~95% relative humidity.

[0066] Light requirements: morel suitable in a cool, dark light, leeward environmental growth. Mycelium growth stage of
illumination strict, contrary dark environment conducive to growth. Fruiting body growth requires a certain light, suitable for
the growth in the third of seven yin yang environment, lighting control 300~500 lux.

[0067] air requirements: Cultivated morel First, choose fresh air, clean space environment, to avoid dust, pesticides,
radioactive gas, odor venue. Morels a fruiting body growth and other edible fungi Cheung, you need sufficient fresh air,
CO2 concentration control to O. 3%.

[0068] pH requirements: morel cultivation medium and PH casing should be mastered within 5. O~8 5 range. Whether you
choose planting site soil environment, or overburden soil and medium formulations, must be controlled to within the range.

[0069] The method is cultivated in the field in addition to the field, and also in the earth, forest floor, cultivation of fruit trees
or artificial shade. Feature of the invention lies in its rich source of raw materials, low production cost, EVAL order simple,
high yield and good quality, according to this method can cultivate the morels, and has reached the object of the invention.


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