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Rocket Shoes:
Use an emergency tank on a pair of shoes.
You must have robot parts in order to do this. Add a wire and power
cell to your robot chest. Add brain to body. Add your robot arms, legs, head, &
chest to your robot frame. After all pieces are in place wrench the frame and
activate the cyborg. To get a brain, see --WEIRD SHIT-- category.
Electric Chair:
Add an electropack to a security helmet then attach to chair.
Add a timer/igniter assembly to a metal casing. Add a container with
chemicals and/or any other biotic material necessary to the unsecured grenade. Use
a screwdriver on to finish the grenade. (Can only get casings from traitor
Empty a Medpack. Add a robot arm to the Medpack. Add a health analyzer
to the unfinished product. Add a proximity sensor to finish your Medibot. You can
now add containers to the Medibot to make it inject the chemicals in said
Insert a beaker containing chemicals into the Chem-Master 3000. Click
on the Chem-Master 3000 with nothing in hand. Select the create pill option. Name
the pill. The chemicals that were in the beaker are now in a pill.
Robot Parts:
With metal in main hand, click a robotic fabricator several times until
you have added enough metal to the fabricator to make robot part. Click on the
robotic fabricator with nothing in hand, choose a robot part. Wait until you
receive the robot part.
Use a screwdriver on a remote signalling device. Attach the remote
signalling device to a helmet. Weld a hole in the helmet and signaller assembly.
Add a proximity sensor to the helmet and signaller assembly. Add a robot arm to the
assembly. Add a stun baton to finish the Securibot.
Use a robot arm on a butt.
Super flashes:
Screwdriver a flash then put a power cell in.


You might need magnetic boots or some shit for step 8 to work, I'm still working
this out. To fix this you need wires, a crowbar, a wrench, a screwdriver, and 4
paint cans filled with paint which you can order for 1000 credits from the
Step 1. Screwdriver the maintenance panel open.
Step 2. Use a crowbar to pry the maintenance panel off. Keep the panel for
Step 3. use a wrench to remove the service module bolts.
Step 4. Use wires to replace the burnt out wires.
Step 5. Use all 5 units of each paint can you got from the crate you
hopefully ordered and received from QM.
Step 6. Wrench the bolts again.
Step 7. Add the now removed maintenance panel back.
Step 8. Resecure the panel with the screwdriver.
Step 9. Paint everything pink and curse angriestibm. Note:
I am not sure this can actually be fixed.

To ride a Mulebot, drag your character on to it. Use a screwdriver on a
Method 1:
Cut wires with wire cutter. Cut wires until you find the one that
allows you to ride the Mulebot. Mend wires that do not allow you to ride it.
Method 2:
Use a multi-tool to pulse wires until you find the one that allows you
to ride the Mulebot. Cut that wire.
Use a Screwdriver on airlock.
Method 1:
Find a random airlock that you do not need. Cut wires until you find
the one that drops the door bolts. Memorize the wire that drops the door bolts. Go
to a useful airlock. Cut every wire except the one that drops the door bolts. Use a
crowbar on the door.
Method 2:
Use a multi-tool to pulse wires until you find the one that drops the
door bolts. Cut every wire except the one that drops the door bolts. Use a crowbar
on the door.

Acetone(Used in a lot of reactions):
Welding Fuel + Oil + Oxygen Ammonia (a fertilizer):
Hydrogen + Nitrogen.
Bromine + diethylamine + Ethanol
Antihol (cancels drunkenness):
Charcoal + Ethanol
Atrazine (Weedkiller):
Chlorine + Nitrogen + Hydrogen Ash(Used in other recipes):
Oil + Heat
Atropine (Excellent Cardiac stimulant, high doses may kill and cause
Acetone + Sulfuric acid + Diethyline + Ethanol
Bath Salts (Makes you virtually immune to stunning, hallucinations, horror,
tramp beard, and the urge to eat someone's face! Also breaks down into various
chemicals in blood including jagged crystals which can cause direct damage and
other nasties.):
???? + Monosodium Glutamate + Plant nutrients + Mercury + Space Cleaner
+ Mugwort + Denatured Enzyme All of these can be found in spooky dans soups. You
need to heat it.
Bilk (milk and beer mixed):
Milk + Beer.
Booster Enzymes(Decays into 2 of one good chem in your blood stream):
A chem that should not be told
Calomel (removes all non-organic compounds from body, but does extreme toxic
Chlorine + Mercury + heat
Capulletium(makes alive things appear dead):
Neurotoxin + Chlorine + Hydrogen
Capulletium plus(Paralyzes, prevents talking, instant. Basically is sleep
toxin with no downsides. I guarantee you this recipe will change almost immediately
after me posting this recipe):
Cappuletium + Ephedrine + Methamphetamine
Carpet (creates a dirty carpet on the floor):
Space Fungus + Blood (Causes you to meow, hiss, and hallucinate.):
Ammonia + Welding fuel + Catonium(extracted from catnip which you can
get seeds for from hacking the botany seed dispensers)+ Psilocybin(mutated
mushrooms or spooky dans)
Charcoal(treats toxin damage):
Ash + Salt + heat Chlorine
Trifluoride (burns pretty hot):
Chlorine + Fluorine + Heat to 300 degrees. Will always burst into
Cola (It is cola):
Sugar + Water + Carbon + Oxygen
Corn Syrup(it makes things sugary):
Corn starch + Sulfuric acid + heat
Crank (You're making meth! While it's heating get as close to the machine as
to get the most realistic experience possible! Makes you speedy and hot. Can kill
in higher dosages.):
Ammonia + Antihistamine + Lithium + Sulphuric Acid + Welding Fuel then
Cryoxadone (Speeds cryogenic healing):
Unstable Mutagen + Plasma + Acetone HEATING: changes into
tricordrazine, heat fast
Cryostylane (Freeze):
Plasma + Water + Nitrogen
Cyanide(heavy toxin damage):
Oxygen + Ammonia + Oil
Diethylamine (a better fertilizer):
Ammonia + Ethanol + Heat
Ephedrine(Decreases the time you are stunned for):
Oil + Sugar + Diethylamine + Hydrogen
Fire Fighting Foam(Extinguishes fire tiles. Explodes when mixed with Clfl3):
Carbon + Sulfur + Chlorine
Flash Powder now updated! (used in a flashbang):
Chlorine + Potassium + Sulfur.
Fluorosulfuric Acid (Like sulfuric acid but will melt peoples faces and do a
lot of brute when splashed on them):
Sulphuric Acid + Fluorine + Potassium + Chlorine + heat
Fluorosurfactant (Can be used to make foam with sulfuric acid):
Fluorine + Carbon + Sulfuric Acid
Foam (causes people to slip unless they're walking):
Carbon + Fluorine + Sulphuric Acid. The more Fluorine the better. NOTE:
For this to work in a grenade, you must put in the container containing these
ingredients and a reagent glass of water. DO NOT PUT WATER IN THE container OR RISK
Formaldehyde(embalming fluid):
Silver + Oxygen + Ethanol + Heat
Grog(Like suicider but with more alcohol. When consumed gives you an eyepatch
and renames you with Captain title.):
haha no
Gro-Boost Fertilizer:
Syptic Powder + Saltpeter + Salbutamol
Haloperidol (Cures a bunch of diseases like berzerker and space madness. Also
impedes movement and may KO someone in higher doses):
Oil + Aluminium + Chlorine + Fluorine + Idodine + Potassium
Hairgronium(Grow great hair):
Carpet + Synthflesh + Ephedrine
High Fructose Corn Syrup:
Corn syrup + Denatured enzymes
Holy Water(Will cause severe pain to vampires):
Wine + Mercury + Water
Hootingnium(Flashbang-like effect):
Phosphorus + Oxygen + Ethanol
Cool down water!
Initropodril(Causes a heart attack):
haha hell no
Itching powder(Causes damage in high dosages):
Space Fungus + Ammonia + Welding Fuel
Jenkem (sewage drugs):
Compost + Urine.
Silver Sulfadiazine (treats burn damage):
Silver + Sulfur + Oxygen + Chlorine + Ammonia + Oil
Krokodil (Cools you down, makes you itchy, and when in high doses will cause
a one time skin melting that will deal about half someone's total health in damage
and also knocks people unconsious. This is probably the most dangerous drug.):
Anti-histamine + Space cleaner + Potassium + Phosphorus +(I am not sure
either sulfanol or Haloperidol) + Welding Fuel + Heat
Lexorin (prevents suffocation but does brute dmg):
Life (Live out your dreams and play god.):
synthflesh + blood + strange regeant + heat
Lipolicide (Makes you skinny if fat, but causes toxic damage if you are not):
Ephedrine + Diethylamine + heat
LSD (makes you see trippy things):
Space Fungus + Diethylamine
Mannitol (cures brain damage!):
Sugar + Water + Hydrogen
Methamphetamine(makes you run much faster):
Hydrogen + Iodine + Phosphorus + Epinephrine
Montaguone(makes things dead appear unconcious on the ground):
tricordazine + dexalin + bicardine
Montaguone Extra(makes things dead appear alive and moving):
Montaguone + Kelotane + Anti-toxin
Mutadone(Cures genetic defects):
Acetone + unstable mutagen + bromine
Mutriant Plant Formula(Randomly changes plant plant stats):
Potassium iodine + Radium + Saltpeter
Napalm(it's a flammable gel):
Ethanol+ Sugar + Welding Fuel
Neurotoxin (causes brain damage, impairs movement, and gradual toxic damage):
Heat up Space Drugs
Nicotine(makes you cough a lot and stammer):
Smoke cigarette and draw blood from yourself.
Oculine (heals blindness / eye dmg):
Atropine + Saline + Spacecillin
Oil(Speeds up robots when splashed and used in other chems):
Carbon + Hydrogen + Welding fuel
Omega Mutagen(May not exist probably just cogwerks fucking with me):
Omnizine(heals superbly):
Only available via life weed or propuff cigarettes
Sulphuric Acid + Phenol + Carbon + Oxygen + Sodium + Oxygen
Pentetic Acid(like calomel but with less toxin damage):
Welding fuel + Chlorine + Ammonia + Formaldehyde + Sodium + Cyanide
Perfluorodecalin(Allows you to breath without o2, heals some brute, and
prevents you from speaking):
)Oil + Hydrogen + Fluorine
Phlogiston (liquid fire):
Plasma + Sulphuric Acid + Phosphorus.
Phenol (Used in other recipes):
Oil + Chlorine + Water
Potassium Iodide (treats radiation poisoning):
Potassium + Iodine.
Power Plant Fertilizer(boosts plants traits):
Saltpeter + Silver Sulfadiazine + Methamphetamine
Pyrosium (It heats up on its own):
Phosphorus + Radium + Plasma
Salbutamol (treats oxygen deprivation):
Painkiller + Lithium + Ammonia + Aluminium + Bromine
Saline (Live your goon dreams never eat!):
Salt + Water + Sugar
Salt(It's salt):
Sodium + Water + Chlorine
Saltepeter (WIP):
Silicate (Reinforces Windows):
Silicon + Oxygen + Aluminium.
Simethicone(prevents use of the *fart emote):
Silicon + Chlorine + Hydrogen + Oxygen
Steam (Superheated water):
Water + Heat Use in spraybottle to kill people silently!
Smoke Powder (used in a smoke grenade):
Potassium + Sugar + Phosphorous.
Spaceacillin (heals clown disease):
Space fungus + Ethanol
Space Cleaner (cleans things):
Ammonia + Water
Space Drugs (drugs... in space):
Mercury + Sugar + Lithium.
Space Lube (causes people to slip even if they're walking):
Silicon + Oxygen + Water.
Stabilizing Agent:
Iron + Oxygen + Hydrogen (keeps stable mutagen stable(note you will
require a lot of stable mutagen, stabilizing agent, and blood due to the code
taking forever for a full transformation), allows for the creation of smoke powder
without it flashing you, allows for liquid fire to be made without burning
everything, and finally the creation of firefighting foam when mixed with water and
Stable Mutagen(can be used with blood to transform people into genetic copy
of the blood's owner):
Acetone + Unstable + bromine + lithium
Strange Reagent (used to revive the dead):
Holy Water + Unstable Mutagen + Tricordrazine
Sulfuric Acid(Used in a bunch of other recipes, melts objects when smoked or
Sulfur + Hydrogen + Oxygen
Super Hairgronium(Grow tremendous hair):
Probably will be changed/I shouldn't tell you
Synthflesh (Fake flesh heals brute and burn when splashed):
Blood, Syptic Powder, Carbon
Syptic powder(heals brute):
Aluminium + Oxygen + Hydrogen + Sulfuric Acid
Teporone(Prevents you from getting cold):
Silicon + Plasma + Acetone
Thermite (can be applied to things like walls and then used with a welding
tool to melt them):
Oxygen + Iron + Aluminium.
Unstable Mutagen (gives random genetic mutations):
Radium + Chlorine + Plasma
Werewolf serum(turns you into a werewolf):
Dylovene = Anti-Toxins You can mix any of these recipes, but I cannot
guarantee it will be useful, nor will I guarantee it will not explode in your face.

--SMOKE-- It'll use whatever is left after the reaction Beaker 1 - Potassium,
phosphorus Beaker 2 - Sugar, . Voila, smoke.

--COOKING-- http:
Apple on a stick:
apple + rods
Raw bacon, dough. 7 seconds, high
Bacon on toast:
Raw bacon, bread. 6 seconds, high
Bacon Cake:
3 raw bacon, cake batter. 7 seconds, high (lethal amounts of
Candy apples:
apple on a stick, sugar. 3 seconds, high
Chili Con Carne:
Meat + Chili cook:
6 seconds high
Chili con flagaration:
Meat + Chili + Hot sauce + Hot sauce cook:
6 seconds high
Chili con queso:
chili pepper, cheese. 7 seconds, high
Droopy Cake:
Brain + cakebatter 7 seconds, high (Gives Type-D Owns Syndrome)
El Diablo (sets people who eat it on fire!):
Chili con Carne + Chili con Flagaration + Hot Sauce + Chili cook:
10 seconds high
Elvis Bread:
Dough + banana + peanut butter(causes you to talk like elvis. Funky.)
Gruel - 3 ??????s:
Time doesn't matter.
Hound dog:
Hotdog + elvis bread
Moon pie:
x2 of one of the following:
sugar, oatmeal, chocochip or iron cookies; + cream. 2 seconds low
Swedish Meatballs (makes consumer talk with swedish accent) :
Meatball + Meatball + Flour + Egg cook:
six seconds high
Whoopie pie:
chocolate chip cookie + chocolate chip cookie + chocolate bar + cream.
2 seconds, low
To hide something in a cake:
Make a creamy sponge cake(Not sure if it works for other cake.) then
put it back into the oven along with the item you want to be in the cake:
one second low.

--GENETICS-- Good news this is much easier than before:

bad news you now need to get more than one person to genetics since
injectors are gone and you can't get every super power anymore!
Each person has a potential set of mutations.
To activate these blocks you must stabilize the mutation block by
completing its genetic sequence.
Each person has multiple mutation blocks, you need research them by
going to the potential section clicking on the block and hitting research.
Research uses Resource Points.
Research Points:
You now have a currency in genetics they are called research points,
these can be either bought(1 point for every 50 dollars via the research budget) or
gained through changing a sub block in a potential mutation.
Mutation Blocks:
Mutation blocks contain a mutation.
They are sequences that can contain multiple blocks each containing
four sub blocks.
Sub blocks have pairs. These pairs can either be C-G or A-T
That means if you have a partial pair in a block you can find the
corresponding letter.
If the box has T then the other part of the pair(the other box) must be
A; If C then the other box is G, etc.
List of powers(I have to list them out like this because the way SA handles
Horns on your head, self-immolation, fire resistance, making other
people cold, x-ray vision, cold resistance, hulk, telepathy, various accents and
talking defects, invisibility when standing still, general invisibility, the
ability to transform into other people, the ability to leap far distances, the
ability to melt into a lifeless skeleton, toxic farts, being a walking nuclear
reactor, be a walking battery, the glorious return of super farts, and so much
more(that aren't very interesting)!

--TELEPORTER-- Here is an excel sheet that will basically do telescience for you!
Made by goon Razage.
This guide is for understanding how the teleporter works. If you want you can just
use that spreadsheet above and skip this provided you understand what it is talking
The z/random number will now change during the round every so often.
Formula = f(x)=x/y + z "x" in this case is the real coordinate(GPS Coordinate). "y"
is a random divider either 1,2, or 4. "z" is a random number added on(this now will
change every so often).
f(x) is the coordinate you put in the computer. Some basic algebra can solve this.
Cow's "Method" (this is me trying to explain basically y=mx+b if you don't want to
use algebra just use that excel sheet above)
This is an example for only the X coordinate, however; finding the Y
coordinate formula is the exact same method.
I always try to find 1,1 through this method so I can
1. First find valid x/y/z levels.
2. Once you have found a valid set of coordinates, put a space gps on
the pad(the next part will be easier if you set it's distress signal) and grab a
gps for yourself.
3. Now use the teleporter to send the gps on the pad to it's location.
4. Using the second gps in your hand find where the teleporter actually
sent the other gps.
5. Record the Computer X/Y and the Actual X/Y coordinates.
6. Receive the gps back. Now increase the computer coordinates by one.
Send the gps again.
7. Record the actual x/y coordinates and the Computer x/y coordinates.
Notice the change in real coordinates.
8. If it increases by 4, the y in the formula is 4, 2 y is 2, etc.
Finding the z in the formula is just basic algebra at this point.
Here is an example for the algebra illiterate. (160= 50/2 +z)-
So now for your equation you know that 135 is added on to your
real x/2 coordinate.
Using this we can simply substitute real coordinates for item
locations(a whole bunch below).
You will have to add on the equivalent of 1 x/y coordinate unit
after this equation is done since you cannot get 0 as an x/y coordinate in byond.
If you have noticed, yes, this formula does mean that you can get
fractions as your input coordinates.
This is more often seen with a divider of 4 and 2.
Fun Locations!(in x,y)
Station Z level:
Vintage 2010:
(53,70 OR(not sure which quite yet)52,70)
Mailmen Outfit:
Apprentice's Cap:
Mining Station Z level:
Abandoned crates:
Listening Post:
Tactical turtle neck:
Red space suit locker:
Various computer modules:
On the restricted z level only these points will allow you to send and
recieve. Restricted Z level:
Martian Ship:
Ice Planet:
Hemera VII Z level:
Hemera VII Telecrystal:
(two here:
96,62)(96,63 is a good place to teleport to for the hept
Obsidian crown:
Goodybag(this is theoretical atm try it!):
Recorder with story:
Taser tool module:
Computer(turn off guardbuddies here):
Middle of diner:
52 39
Wreckage Field:
Twin Phaser Array:
Crate with miracle matter and ectosensor:
Stinkeye's Special Reserve:
Radical Jumpsuit+cerekinite power core:

--ARTIFACTS-- Here is matty's new and updated artifact guide. I can not put the
whole thing in my post because I a currently at 48k characters out of 50k! Cut
certain parts to make room for rest of guide. Getting started:
This guide will run through the shit you need to do from working the
dos computer all the way down to activating an artifact. 1-9 run through how to
work machines/the os. In this case it is an xray but with the information I
provided you can infer how to work other machines. I go into detail about the
various machines below the quick machine guide. 1. Place an artifact into the x-ray
scanner. You can do this by clicking on it with an artifact in your hand or
clicking and dragging an artifact into it. 2. Insert your card into the computer
and type term_login. 3. Type cd /mnt/artlab. This will put you in the artlab
program. 4. Your commands in artlab must begin with gptio. Type that in now. You
will see a list of commands come up to be used with gptio. 5. For now type in gptio
list. This will show you the list of machines that you can use to test/activate
artifacts. The numbers in brackets you see correspond with the the code you will
need to type in to use one of these machines. See 6. 6. Now that you know the code
to the xray machine type in:
gptio info code(in my case it is 02000c6d which I will use throughout
this guide). Here you will see if it is active, if it is the sensor/enactor or both
and at the bottom a configurable option. You can see what the variable set for the
configurable is by typing in gptio peek 02000c64 RADSTRENGTH. To change the value
type in gptio poke 02000c6d RADSTRENGTH #. If the device responds to radiation but
is not activated by it you can increase the radstrength value to activate it.
Careful changing this value on any machine as it could destroy your artifact! 7.
What you need to do now is make the machine actually start sensing the object. THIS
This makes the machine sense the object inside of it for an upcoming activation.
Activate the xray machine by typing in gptio activate 02000c6d . 8. After a short
while the machine will beep and you can now read the data. In order to do so type
gptio read 02000c64. You will see information pertaining to object's
features and whether it responded to the xray machine or can be activated by it.
There is one more thing:
you can type in gptio deactivate code to deactivate the machine.
Congrats you now know how to work artlab fairly competently. 9. See various
activation methods in Matty's now heavily edited due to character restriction guide
below. X-ray Machine:
Place the artifact in the xray machine. Make the machine sense and then
activate the machine. After it is done working read the results. If it is affected
by radiation but not yet activated, increase the Radstrength configurable. Heater:
For the heater place the artifact on the pad, then make the machine
sense and activate it. Read the data while it is active. If it is activated by
heat, but not yet working increase the temptarget configurable. To control how
quickly the machine reaches its temptarget change the temperature configurable.
(this may or may not be wrong still working this out sorta) Elec_Box(this machine
kinda mystifies me may or may not be accurate) Place the artifact in the box. Make
the machine sense, then activate. While it is activated read the data. This one
doesn't seem to mark whether or not a device can be activated by it. Pretty sure it
will pass current through it though if it does. Raise the current if the current
does actually pass through (interference not 100%). Need an object first to work
out what to do with voltage and wattage. Still working this one out here folks.
This machine throws objects at the impact pad. It has a power
configurable that goes up to 100. It is used to test impact against an artifact.
Use a wrench or something Impact pad:
The impact pad is where you need to sense impact from the pitcher. It
has a stand configurable that I believe needs to be at 1 for smaller objects to be
hit by the pitcher. Still testing this one as it does not inform you if the
artifact is affected by anything. Quick guide now heavy edited originally by Matty
The following things can activate an artifact:
(list may be incomplete) Radiation:
Use the x-ray scanner. Start low as not to destroy the artifact. The
scan from the x-ray will report whether artifact is affected by radiation.
Use welder or hot/cold plate in lab. Fire itself will also activate.
Heaters may be bugged at the moment and not report whether artifact is activated by
temperature. Electricity:
Run current through artifact with electric box. Too high of a setting
may result in destruction of artifact. Touch:
Click on the artifact with an open hand. Impact:
May require use of pitcher in lab. Sometimes toolbox will suffice.
Activated by hitting another mob with artifact. Water:
Splash water Hydrogen:
Splash with hydrogen Liquid Plasma:
Splash with Plasma Oxygen:
Splash with oxygen. Acid:
Splash with sulphuric acid. Energy weapons:
Activated by stun baton or taser. Artifact:
Activated by universal activator artifact. Artifact types Healing
Large Radiate healing wave on activation. Large Artifact Gun:
Fires randomly generated projectile. Rarely need to be activated. Can
have up to infinite shots. Handheld. Artifact Melee Weapon:
can stun all the way to instantly gib. Handheld Shield gun:
fires a weak sparkly blue shield. handheld Explosive:
Massive explosion. Large Container:
Acts like beaker with massive storage capacity. Handheld Force wall:
Creates several walls. Large Gravity:
May be single use? Pulls everything in towards them similar to
singularity. Large Repulsion:
Repulses objects. Large Cyborger:
On touch will flay person and turn them into a cyborg. Large Insta-
killer Instantly kills your or gibs you when you touch it. How rude! Annoyer Makes
a constant, never changing sound, which ranges from a mild buzzing to ear-splitting
bangs or piercing chimes. Always large Alien power cell:
Acts like a massive power cell Alien seeds:
Creates artifact plant. Handheld Universal activator:
Will activate almost any artifact you hit with it. handheld Universal
Deactivates artifacts. Handheld

--ENGINE-- This is the picture of the current combustion engine. Engine Guide Note:
This is going to be a basic engine guide. This is not for maximum power
purposes but to help those who are stuck in the engineer job and have no idea how
1.The first thing you should do is grab a toolbox. Then proceed to the
cold loop room. Place a plasma tank on one of the pads and wrench them it. Then
open the valves. You can get the tanks from the north area of the cold loop room.
2. Head towards the main engine and open the inlet and outlet valves for the cold
loop. Go ahead and put in char into the furnaces and light them up while your at
it. 3. Go back to the cold loop room and pull out a plasma tank and oxygen tank,
head to the hotloop room and wrench them onto the combustion pads at the top. Open
the valves to these for about two seconds and then close them. You can now hit the
If you really want to be spiffy, go to the pump control computer set
the combustion supply inlets to 1 and place the plasma and oxygen tank from the pod
hangar on the pads and leave the valves open for the rest of the round) 4. Unwrench
the plasma tank at the top then drag it down to the hotloop supply pads below and
wrench them into place. In this room you want to open everything except the bypass
valve along the wall. Ignore the combustion chamber unless it runs out of plasma or
oxygen. 5. Head to the engine and open all the valves there. You can go ahead and
head down to the pump controller computer and set everything to 5(Unless you are
spiffy see step 3) If the engine starts going critical(flashing red) you can go
ahead and lower the options incrementally until the engine stabilizes. Note:
This really should not be a problem as the only thing you need to worry
about is pressure breaking pipes which has no correlation to the engine screen. 6.
By now the engine should be at least in yellow if not green or higher. Go ahead and
set the SMES input to 200k and the output to 100k. These next two step is perfectly
optional if you did everything correctly and are used to get some more mileage out
of the engine. 7. This step is a little risky, but will assuredly give the engine a
lot of power. Check the pressure(hit the pipe with an analyzer of the heatloop
pipe, if it is low(100-300ish or so. Basically if you did everything right and the
engine is still yellow.) go ahead and head back to the hotloop room and place the
o2 tank from the combustion pad and place it on a hotloop supply pad. Open the
valve then immediately close it. This will start a fire in the pipes and increase
the pressure and temperature of the hotloop air. 8. Remember if you do step 9 you
can use the pressure release valves above the engine to vent extra pressure and use
the computer to lower the amount of gas going through the pipes. Additional things:
you can get more o2/plasma tanks from the Pod Construction
Bay(southwest side of the map) as well as toxins. If a pipe ruptures(the sprite
looks like it is missing half) use a lit welder on it. There are fire suits and
fire fighting grenades in the room just south of the cool loop room that you can
put on in case of emergency ruptures. When to panic:
If you see pipes get ~16k kpu pressure, start opening the release
valves. I may substitute this guide with a picture guide or video guide at a later
date with a more in-depth explanation of how this works. Unfortunately I cannot
promise any of this because I would have to record a round where shit doesn't go
wrong and edit it.


Put your subject on the operating table. Aiming at groin area, use a
scalpel, saw, scalpel, and saw in that exact order. You can wear an ass on your
Put your subject on the operating table. Aiming at the head area, use a
scalpel, saw, scalpel, and saw in that exact order. These are used for cyborgs. See
--CREATIONS-- for cyborg making.
Fill your stomach with water. Use the "*piss" emote without quotes.
Yellow Vomit:
Get the flu or witness someone scooping up green vomit. If used with
milk makes regular cheese.
Green Vomit:
Thrown up from slurrypod burst or ingestion. Can be scooped in a beaker
to make others vomit. If used with milk makes weird cheese.
meatball + orange George Melon:
meatball + melon

3 metal sheets Fluid container Welder Screwdriver Wires Igniter Timer
(Get from vending machine, see Hacking)
1. With 3 metal sheets, make a pipe frame.
2. Weld the pipe frame to hollow it out.
3. Fill a beaker or other reagent container with welding fuel and pour
it into the hollow frame (I like to hack a vending machine for free space cola,
drink it, then use that).
4. Attach some wires to the filled pipe frame.
5. Use screwdriver on igniter.
6. Use timer on igniter.
7. Use Timer/Igniter assembly on pipe bomb frame.
8. Left click to start 3 second timer; then throw/drop!

--HACKING-- This is now incomplete will update at later date. Vendor in tech
storage to get the Prize vending module Cigarette vendor for igniter Drink machines
for space cola Robotics manufacturers for flashes General manufacturers for
vuvuzelas/bike horns/harmonicas VendTech (found in Tool storage and Janitorial room
beside electronics) for Timers/Flashlights Seed dispenser for Cannabis/Space
Grass/Bad weeds SecTec for Helmet Mining fabricators for Rapid Construction Devices
and Compressed Matter Cartridges Monkey Vendor for bananas.


--SECRET ITEMS-- Station Z level:

Moon Shoes + brick:
Hidden in bush in the top right section of the escape hallway. Vintage
Just south of telescience in a pocket of space. Custodian Helmet:
In the 9x9 box of reinforced left of the interrogation room. Stinkeye's
Special Reserve:
In the captain's bonsai tree. Barkley's Basketball:
Right click the Barkley's Balling gym sign right outside the gym. WORK
IN PROGRESS See teleport locations for a few coordinates

--TRADERS-- Obviously very work in progress right now Right now I dont have the
names or item lists off the top of my head but I have locations. Will update with
names eventually. Locations:
Robotic Traders:
1. Eastern part of wreckage field.
2. In the center of the diner.
3.In the bathroom in the eastern part of the diner.
Martian Traders:
1.In the martian ship in the southwestern part of the ship.
Carry's the same as the other martian trader.
2. North of the space diner.
In the listening post in the southwestern part of the Mining Z

--MISC REAGENTS-- Noodles taken from goon Airconswitch Discount Dan's Quik-Noodles
- Macaroni and Imitation Processed Cheese Product Flavor 10 units of Chicken Soup
11 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 2
units of Cheese Substitute 2 units of Thalmerite Rabatt Dan's Snabb-Nudlar - Inkokt
Lax Smrgsbord Smak 10 units of Chicken Soup 3 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9
units of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 2 units of Space cleaner 2 units
of Mercury 6 units of Swedium 2 units of Thalmerite Discount Dan's Quik-Noodles -
Gamer Grubs Flavor 10 units of Chicken Soup 3 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of
Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 10 units of ???? 2 units of Thalmerite
Morning Dan's Quik-Noodles - Mechanically Reclaimed Sausage Biscuit Flavor (NOTE:
44 units) 10 units of Chicken Soup 3 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units
of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 2 units of Ammonia 4 units of Gravy 3
units of Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil 3 units of Coffee 2 units of
Thalmerite Descuento Danito's Quik-Noodles - Tuna Melt Taco Fiesta Flavor 10 units
of Chicken Soup 3 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8
units of Nicotine 3 units of Cheese Substitute 3 units of Mercury 4 units of
Capsaicin 2 units of Thalmerite Sconto Danilo's Quik-Noodles - Italian Strozzapreti
Lunare Flavor 10 units of Chicken Soup 3 units of Partially Hydrogenated Space-
Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 4 units of Tomato
Juice 2 units of Wine 2 units of Water 2 units of Venom 2 units of Thalmerite
Comrade Dan's Quik-Noodles - Beef Perestroikanoff Flavor 10 units of Chicken Soup 3
units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 3
units of Milk 7 units of Denatured Enzyme 2 units of Thalmerite Frycook Dan's Quik-
Noodles - Curly Fry Ketchup Hoedown Flavor 10 units of Chicken Soup 3 units of
Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 4 units of
Tomato Juice 3 units of Mugwort 3 units of Capsaicin 2 units of Thalmerite Discount
Deng's Quik-Noodles - Sweet and Sour Lo Mein Flavor 10 units of Chicken Soup 3
units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8 units of Nicotine 3
units of Sulphuric acid 7 units of Very-High-Fructose Corn Syrup 2 units of
Thalmerite Pirate Dan's Quik-Noodles - Spicy Imitation Crab Meat Paste Flavor 10
units of Chicken Soup 3 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate
8 units of Nicotine 3 units of Synthetic Flesh 3 units of Saltpeter 14 units of
Capsaicin Frycook Dan's Quik-Noodles - Mushroom-Swiss Burger-Bake Flavor 10 units
of Chicken Soup 3 units of Space-Soybean Oil 9 units of Monosodium Glutamate 8
units of Nicotine 2 units of ???? 2 units of Weird Cheese 6 units of Psilocybin 2
units of Thalmerite Burritos:
Descuento Danito's Burritos - Strawberrito Churro Flavor! Space-Soybean
Oil - 3 Monosodium Glutamate - 9 Very-High-Fructose Corn Syrup - 8 Motor Oil 2
Danito's Burritos - Pancake Sausage Brunch Flavor! Space-Soybean Oil - 3 Monosodium
Glutamate - 9 Porktonium - 4 Very-High-Fructose Corn Syrup - 2 Coffee 4 Sconto
Danilo's Burritos - 50% Real Mozzarella Pepperoni Pizza Party Flavor! Space-Soybean
Oil - 3 Monosodium Glutamate - 9 Cheese Substitute - 3 Cheese - 3 Pepperoni 3
Descuento Danito's Burritos - Spicy Beans and Wieners Ole! Flavor! Partially
Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil - 3 Monosodium Glutamate - 9 Lithium - 4 Capsaicin
6 Descuento Danito's Burritos - Beff and Bean Flavor! Space-Soybean Oil - 3
Monosodium Glutamate - 9 Uranium - 2 Beff - 4 Cheese Substitute 4 Spooky Dan's
BOO-ritos - Nightmare on Elm Meat Flavor! Space-Soybean Oil - 3 Monosodium
Glutamate - 9 Beff - 3 Synthetic Flesh - 2 Tongue of Dog - 5 Descuento Danito's
Burritos - Homestyle Comfort Flavor! Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil - 3
Monosodium Glutamate - 9 Mashed Potatoes - 5 Gravy - 3 Diethylamine - 2 Spooky
Dan's BOO-ritos - Texas Toast Chainsaw Space-Soybean Oil - 3 Monosodium Glutamate -
9 Cheese Substitute - 3 Space drugs - 3 Sodas:
I totally forget which goon I took these from otherwise I would credit
you with them. Grife-O:
Radium 2, Cola 28 (Can hurt you slightly, but due to the low dose
usually does nothing) Spooky Dan's:
Chlorine 5, Phosphorus 5, Mercury 5, Cola 25 Orange Aid:
Imidazoline 20, Orange Juice 20 (use to cure eye damage) Robust-Eez:
Hyperzine 2, Cola 28 Lime-Aid:
Antihol 20, Lime Juice 20 Dr. Pubber:
Impedrezene 2, Cola 28 Grones Anti-Bacterial Air Freshener:
Spaceacillin 10, Cola 20 Grones Awesome Asbestos Candy Apple:
Lithium 10, Cola 20 Grones Ballin' Banana Testicular Torsion:
Urine 10, Cola 20 Grones Chunky Infected Laceration Soda:
Dylovene 10, Cola 20 Grones Cool Keratin Rush:
Hairgrownium 10, Cola 20 Grones High Fructose Traumatic Stress
Cryptobiolin 10, Cola 20 (Forcefeed this to people and become the
Changeling you always wanted to be) Grones Icy Fresh Social Incompetence:
Tetrahydrocannabinol 10, Cola 20 (For all those guys who can't get a
fix from the Botanist, this bottle offers THC distilled for your drinking pleasure)
Grones Manic Depressive Multivitamin Dewberry:
Hyperzine 10, Cola 20 (Makes you run fast.) Grones Minty Restraining
Order Pepper Spray:
Capsaicin 10, Cola 20 (Heats you up) Grones Radical Roadkill Rampage:
Blood 10, Cola 20 Grones Salt-Free Senile Dementia:
Mercury 10, Cola 20 Grones Sweet Cherry Brain Hemorrhage:
Cola 30 Grones Tangy Dismembered Orphan Tears:
Inaprovaline 10, Cola 20 Grones Wicked Sick Pumpkin Prolapse:
Diarrhea 10, Cola 20 (Causes food poisoning) Alcohol:
Beepsky's Brew(Drive a pod or segway for something special):
Nanites into the beer keg.
BOOrbon(spooky messages):
Ectoplasm+ bourbon Thanks Daeren!
Spaced Rum:
Rum 30, Yobihodazine 30 (Lets you walk around in space and gets you
drunk to boot)
Miscellaneous Drinks
Weight Loss Shake:
Lipolicide 30, Chocolate 5 (Drink just one, Lipolicide does nasty
things to you if it's in your system too long) Robust Coffee:
Coffee 30 (Raises body temperature) Chicken Soup:
Chicken Soup 30 (Can heal the common cold) Happy Elf Hot Chocolate:
Chocolate 45 (Can be made into chocolate bars, raises your body
temperature)Drinking too much will put you into hyperglycemic shock. Poisons
Changeling Neurotoxin:
A potent mix of 30 units of Cryptobiolin and 15 units of Impedrezine.
Take a benzocytazine pill. Synaptizine will also help. Space Bee Sting:
Neurotoxin Miscellaneous Reagents Eye of Newt:
Unknown. Lipolicide:
A compound found in many seedy dollar stores in the form of a weight-
loss tonic. (Makes you lose weight. If this stuff is in your system while you're
not fat, it will constantly cause toxin damage until you either die or it wears
off. You can easily counter the toxin damage by popping an anti-toxin pill)(is this
still in the game?) Porktonium:
Decays into 1 unit of radium and cyanide when fat. It can kill in high
doses. Sedative:
Sleep toxin. (This is the shit inside the sleepypen and in sleep toxin
bottles.) Suicider:
Second alcoholic content in the game way easier to make than higher
alcohol content grog. (A drink that is mixed by an experienced Barman, this
substance gets you fucked up faster than you ever though possible.) Toe of Frog:
Unknown Tongue of Dog:
Unknown Venom:
Does toxin damage. Gibs you when you get 50 units of it in you.
Obtained from discount dans or space arachnid bites. Wool of Bat:
Unknown Yobihodazine:
Prevents vaccuum damage and suffocation damage. Found in Spaced Rum. It
also causes brain damage.

Welding Fuel + Inaprovaline + Vodka + Cider Triple
Orange Juice + Lemon Juice + Lime Juice
Bloody Mary:
Vodka + Tomato juice
Orange juice + Vodka
Sugar, Iron, Wine, Vodka

--MAKING BOMBS-- WARNING UNFORMATTED Taken fromDauntasa Due to this pushing 10k
onto the 50k letter limit, I am just going to link this post from now on. Here is
Dauntasa's wordy and unformatted, but very good bomb making guide.

--PIPES-- Note:
I didn't make this, I would love to credit whoever did, however, It was
made in the old ss13 thread and I don't have archives. I also can't really update
it either considering I didn't make this nor do I have much idea how pipes work. As
far as I know this still is accurate. f