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1.3.0 (22.07.

ADD: A new scores analysis plug-in: udtParserPlugInScores
ADD: New API functions: udtGetIdMagicNumber, udtGetUDTMagicNumber,
CHG: Allocators and arrays are now lazy-initialized, which can save some memory
adress space in a few scenarios
FIX: Player (dis)connection detection in udtParserPlugInGameState
FIX: udtCustomParsingPlugIn was using a pointer to an out-of-scope snapshot
FIX: A long-standing memory leak in DestroyContextGroup
FIX: The network fields idPlayerStateBase::stats are now read as signed numbers
REM: Got rid of a snapshot instance that wasn't strictly needed, therefore removing
a needless memcpy
FIX: udtCuSnapshotMessage::ChangedEntities/EntityCount would get out of sync when
an event duplicate was removed
FIX: All but the first demo in time-shift batches were broken because the write
buffer wasn't cleared

1.2.1 (01.05.2016)
FIX: Divide by 0 exception when no memory was committed or the total job duration
is less than 1 ms

1.2.0 (30.04.2016)
ADD: Searching for patterns with udtFindPatternsInDemoFiles
ADD: Custom parsing API to help develop other analysis tools (or a 2D viewer?)
ADD: PGO-enabled builds for Visual C++ (PGO: Profile-Guided Optimizations)
CHG: Many performance and memory usage improvements, parsing is now roughly 2x
CHG: The flag captures analyzer now obtains its data in much more reliable ways
(supporting QL, CPMA and OSP)
CHG: The cut/search by pattern functions can now have several rules for selecting
the player index by name
CHG: The cut/search by pattern player tracking based on names is more robust
(doesn't give up the search after a gamestate, handles disconnects)
CHG: UDT_captures: will output the same JSON data no matter the number of threads
CHG: UDT_captures: -b=N now keeps the captures of the top N times, not the top N
CHG: The default thread count is now 1 in all command-line tools because we can't
rely on all users having SSDs
FIX: Not reserving enough memory address space is no longer going to trigger a
fatal error anywhere
FIX: Flick rail false positives when teleporting before a rail frag
FIX: Fixed a few errors in the way performance stats were collected and merged
FIX: Unsuccessful calls to malloc will now invoke the fatal error handler instead
of having the library crash later
FIX: Can now build the command-line tools with MingW GCC (wmain entry point
FIX: The udtMergeDemoFiles function was returning incorrect error codes
FIX: All sorts of bugs and vulnerabilities

1.1.0b (23.11.2015)
FIX: Reserving more address space for the raw commands' array allocator

1.1.0a (13.11.2015)
FIX: Cut by Time performance was bad due to excessive progress callback invocations

1.1.0 (10.11.2015)
ADD: UDT_converter command-line tool to convert demos to different protocol
ADD: dm_73 to dm_91 and dm_90 to dm_91 demo converters
REM: dm_90 to dm_68 and dm_73 to dm_90 demo converters

1.0.1 (01.11.2015)
FIX: Multiple parsing errors occurring with dm_90 and dm_91 demos because of
previous overflow handling changes
FIX: When a job was large enough to get split into multiple batches, some demos
ended up not being processed
FIX: Forfeits being wrongly detected in dm_91 demos when the config string for the
2nd place player's name was cleared at match start

1.0.0 (24.10.2015)
ADD: Options to allow/disallow base/non-base flag pickups in the Flag Captures cut
ADD: The flag captures plug-in udtParserPlugInCaptures
ADD: A new command-line tool called UDT_captures to build a single-file JSON
"database" of demo-taker captures
ADD: UDT_cutter now supports "Cut by Matches"
ADD: Windows builds of the command-line tools can display their progress in the
command prompt's title bar: can see the progress when the console is minimized
CHG: All command-line tools will now split big jobs into smaller batches to
maintain low memory usage
CHG: Unified the interface of command-line tools for: arguments, help text,
stdout/stderr selection, return values (0 is success, 1 is error, 666 is fatal
CHG: Now printing the linear allocator's name whenever there is a fatal error in
CHG: One unified C89-compatible header file for library users: uberdemotools.h
CHG: Improved error handling for demo message I/O (overflows and others)
CHG: Demo message I/O errors can no longer be fatal (there were 10 instances of
that), they will cancel parsing of the current demo instead
CHG: Demo message I/O errors now always print the file's name
FIX: Recursive file search in all command-line tools
FIX: Making sure UDT_json never outputs anything else to stdout that the JSON data
when -c is active
FIX: Cut by Flag: Checking if a flag is taken in the playerstate by testing the end
time against 0 instead of INT_MAX
FIX: Cut by Flag: Got rid of false positives where pickups and captures get
detected during the very first snapshot

0.9.2 (01.10.2015)
ADD: The "Matches" cut filter
ADD: Stats analyzer: time/score/frag/capture/round limit, game state index
ADD: Stats analyzer: server times for match start and end, count-down start and
intermission end
ADD: The option to print the JSON data to stdout in UDT_json
CHG: Improved match duration output
FIX: The time-out server time ranges of CPMA demos were broken

0.9.1 (21.09.2015)
ADD: dm3 to dm_68 and dm_48 to dm_68 demo converters
ADD: Tracking match start dates in QL demos
FIX: Config string commands that are too large get written as split bcs0/bcs1/bcs2

0.9.0 (17.09.2015)
ADD: UDT_json command-line tool to export analysis data to JSON files
ADD: New stats parser plug-in: udtParserPlugInStats
ADD: The parser now reads "big config string" commands ("bcs0", "bcs1" and "bcs2")
ADD: The chat analyzer now stores team chat messages as well
ADD: New raw commands parser plug-in: udtParserPlugInRawCommands
ADD: "Cut by Chat" can now search team chat messages
ADD: Unicode file and directory paths support for the library and all the command-
line tools on Windows
ADD: New raw config strings parser plug-in: udtParserPlugInRawConfigStrings
CHG: Performance stats are returned through the API and the library no longer
invokes the user-supplied Log function to print them
FIX: "Cut by Chat" now searches the messages themselves, not the raw commands
FIX: Potential crash in multi-threaded batch jobs
FIX: Player names extraction from Quake 3 chat messages
FIX: Incorrect pointer arithmetic when iterating the thread's allocators

0.8.0a (30.07.2015)
FIX: Cut by Flag Captures now works with dm_91 demos

0.8.0 (30.07.2015)
ADD: Full parse/write support of demo protocols 66, 67 (Quake 3) and 91 (Quake
ADD: Full parse support of demo protocols 3 and 48 (Quake 3)
FIX: Potential crash in the game state analyzer when a player index is out of
FIX: Now cleaning up the long OSP color codes (^X followed by 6 hex chars, case

0.7.0 (19.07.2015)
FIX: The command-line cutter would crash if one of the demo return codes was not
ADD: Demo time shifting (a sort of anti-lag so you can see something similar to
what the player saw)
ADD: Demo merging (creating an augmented demo from multiple input demos of the same
ADD: UDT_timeshifter: A command-line tool for time shifting demos
ADD: UDT_merger: A command-line tool for merging demos

0.6.3 (19.06.2015)
ADD: Added an option to enable or disable the merging of overlapping cut sections
matched by different pattern types
FIX: The cut section merging code was using the same (temp) allocator for 2
different arrays leading to less events being cut in many cases

0.6.2a (23.04.2015)
FIX: The "Flick Rails" cut filter would find invalid matches if the snapshot count
was 4

0.6.2 (17.04.2015)
ADD: Added the "Flick Rails" cut filter

0.6.1 (23.02.2015)
FIX: 73 to 90 converter: the pm_flags player state field is now kept instead of
being zeroed
FIX: 90 to 68 converter: keeping the LG fire events that won't repeat in q3mme
FIX: 90 to 68 converter: no longer breaking player state angles by shifting them as
if they were positions
FIX: 90 to 68 converter: now converting the mean of death id in obituary events

0.6.0 (12.02.2015)
ADD: New protocol conversion system, 68 to 90 conversion support (refer to
ConversionRules90to68.xml for known issues)
CHG: String and path manipulation code overhaul (udtString, udtPath)
FIX: ParseConfigStringValueString was failing when the variable looked for was the
last one in the list
FIX: udtProtocolConverter73to90::ConvertConfigString: the "protocol" value in
config string 0 is now set to "90" instead of keeping "73"
FIX: Parsing a demo with plug-ins twice with the same context would crash (the
plug-in pointer array was not cleared in udtParserContext::ResetForNextDemo)

0.5.1a (23.01.2015)
FIX: Demo analysis will no longer crash trying to convert the demo(s)
(debug/testing code that was supposed to be removed)

0.5.1 (22.01.2015)
ADD: New in the analyzer plug-in: generic info extraction, player tracking, demo
taker name and index
ADD: An API function to batch convert QL *.dm_73 demos to QL *.dm_90 demos
CHG: Slightly bumped up the amount of memory reserved for string data in the chat
FIX: Now using the peak used byte count instead of the currently used byte count in
memory allocatotion stats

0.5.0 (17.01.2015)
CHG: New memory allocation strategy
ADD: Memory allocators tracking
CHG: The most frequent parsing errors cancel the operation for the current file
instead of calling the crash handler
CHG: Most parsing errors will now print the file name
FIX: Cut merging in the Cut by Pattern plug-in wasn't setting the
udtCutSection::VeryShortDesc member, resulting in a crash
REM: Removed the "Processing demo for pattern analysis" message as it cluttered the
log with useless data

0.4.1 (08.01.2015)
CHG: Replaced id's Huffman codec by my own to improve performance

0.4.0 (03.01.2015)
ADD: Added a new unified "Cut by Pattern" system with gloabl player
selection/tracking settings; see the udtCutDemoFileByPattern and
udtCutDemoFilesByPattern API functions
ADD: Added the "Mid-Air Frags" cut filter
ADD: Added the "Multi-Frag Rails" cut filter
ADD: Now adding a very small file name suffix specifying the type of pattern that
was matched for the cut (if sections get merged, the first match's description is
FIX: The obituaries analyzer will now find some events that it didn't before; this
change affects the frag sequence cut analyzer too
REM: Removed "Cut by Awards"

0.3.4a (22.12.2014)
CHG: Bumped up the maximum thread count in batch processing jobs to 8
FIX: Cut by Frag was ignoring the "Time Between Frags" filter!
FIX: The award analyzer will only accept the persistent counter going up as an
event (as opposed to just changing)

0.3.4 (21.12.2014)
ADD: Cut by Awards (udtCutDemoFile(s)ByAward API functions)
CHG: Improved API functions argument checking
FIX: Cut by Frag was merging cut sections based on a cut "half-duration" instead of
the entire duration
FIX: Some API functions were returning OperationFailed even when successful

0.3.3 (15.12.2014)
ADD: udtGetStringArray
FIX: udtObituariesAnalyzer now tracks player teams
CHG: udtObituariesAnalyzer: simpler way of detecting the player index of the
recording player
FIX: ParseConfigStringValueInt and ParseConfigStringValueString would match
variable names at invalid spots
FIX: The input server time wasn't reset, leading to invalid output cut ranges
FIX: Avoiding entity event doubling by tracking the last event time for each entity
ADD: Cut by Frag: allow self-kills/team-kills/any death options
ADD: Cut by Frag: automatic or manual player index selection
ADD: Cut by Frag: Means of Death filters

0.3.2 (11.12.2014)
ADD: Obituaries analyzer and plug-in
ADD: Cut by Frag API functions: udtCutDemoFileByFrag and udtCutDemoFilesByFrag
ADD: UDT_cutter will now output error strings for any operation that fails
FIX: udtContext::LogErrorAndCrash now invokes FatalError instead of the local (and
uninitialized) crash handler
FIX: Removed redundant calls to udtGetProtocolByFilePath
FIX: Always closing open output file handles when done with cutting jobs
FIX: UDT_cutter now supplies the output error codes, like it was supposed to

0.3.1 (09.12.2014)
FIX: If the VM linear allocator's reserve size isn't a multiple of the commit
granularity (which itself is a page size multiple), it's made to become one
FIX: Reserving enough address space for config string descriptors
FIX: Reserving enough address space for file descriptors in the batch process
thread function
CHG: Reserving a lot more address space for server command descriptors
FIX: When the input demo is truncated, parsing doesn't fail anymore
CHG: A warning message is sent when a demo file is truncated
CHG: In batch operations, you must now supply an array of error codes
CHG: If operations on one or more demos fail in a batch process, it won't
stop/invalidate everything
CHG: In udtParseDemoFiles, if some demos can't be parsed, you can still access all
the data for those where it succeeded
CHG: Drop a fatal error when reserving address space from the linear allocator
isn't possible (might happen easily in the x86 build)

0.3.0 (05.12.2014)
CHG: New codebase!
ADD: Support for demo protocol 90
FIX: Cut demos having weird grenade trails and bounce issues, elevator and door
animations, etc
FIX: Operation canceling
ADD: Support for multi-threaded batch processing
ADD: Context re-use, custom fatal error handler, demo splitting, ...
ADD: A parser plug-in system for configurable analysis and data extraction tasks

0.2.1 (06.12.2012)
FIX: The message sequence numbers of output demos were wrong, creating super weird
'bugs' when playing them back in Q3/QL

0.2.0m (04.07.2012)
FIX: Parsing strings for variables would find non-variables and return the default

0.2.0f (10.02.2012)
FIX: The names of players connecting after the demo record start time are now

0.2.0e (10.02.2012)
FIX: Memory leak in udtDestroy
CHG: Changed the obitaries' analysis system and re-enabled it for QL

0.2.0d (09.02.2012)
ADD: Quake Live support!

0.1.9m (04.02.2012)
FIX: All config string changes sent via server commands are now applied!

0.1.9l (03.02.2012)
FIX: The demo starts with the correct scores

0.1.9k (03.02.2012)
FIX: Power-up runs durations
FIX: Power-up runs PU detection

0.1.9h (02.02.2012)
ADD: Power-up runs

0.1.9g (01.02.2012)
ADD: Obituary events
FIX: API argument check could crash

0.1.9f (29.01.2012)
CHG: Changed the way tw and ts (config string 672) are read and modified

0.1.9e (27.01.2012)
FIX: 'delta frame invalid' is no longer a fatal error
FIX: 'delta frame too old' is no longer a fatal error
FIX: 'delta parseEntitiesNum too old' is no longer a fatal error

0.1.9d (27.01.2012)
FIX: Buffer overflow risks

0.1.9c (27.01.2012)
1st: First 'good enough for the public' release