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Peace Corps Uganda

PO Box 7007, Plot 53 Prince Charles Drive, Kololo, Kampala, Uganda

Telephone: 256.417.111200; Fax 256.417.111.299

September 21, 2015

To Whom it May Concern,

It is my honor to recommend Matthew Killham as a candidate for your employment. Since November
2013, it has been my pleasure to supervise Matthew Killham during his service as a Peace Corps
Volunteer in Uganda. During his service, which he is anticipated to close in December 2015, Matthew
consistently met, and often exceeded, performance expectations for outcomes and impact within the
Education sector at our post. Matthews primary role was to serve as a Literacy Specialist within the
Primary Literacy Project. During his time in Uganda, Matthew successfully implemented all of his pre-
service training to take on this role in a number of ways, and, through his work, made major contributions
towards reaching targets and achieving the project goals and objectives.

As an individual, Matthew passionately demonstrated his call to service within Kabulasoke

Demonstration School, his community, and the youth of Uganda. He integrated into his school
community and consistently showed diligence and patience in meeting the needs of his community.
During his service, after a thorough needs assessment, Matthew wrote, managed, and implemented a grant
worth $5000 with his community to build a playground at his primary school.

In addition to teaching literacy to students and teachers at his primary school and successfully completing
his grant project, Matthew collaborated with Volunteers, school and community leaders, and Peace Corps
staff to successfully lead the fundraising, procurement, and delivery of a shipment of 20,000 books from
Books for Africa. This shipment went to support 18 school and community libraries, including one at his
own school. This was an extensively complex undertaking that took consistent communication,
considerable coordination skills, and determination.

In addition to his solid grip on project design and management, Matthew is also an enthusiastic learner.
He routinely sought feedback from both his supervisors and his peers, and applies that feedback for the
improvement of the work at hand. Matthew is extremely reliable and consistently met expectations for
quarterly and annual reporting with the relevant details and a balanced approach to qualitative and
quantitative data collectionimportant for me as a supervisor, as this data helps inform programmatic
decisions from local to congressional levels.

Matthew is focused, observant, and both detail and action orientedstrengths he used to address all of his
work in Uganda. He has significant interpersonal skills, displays consistent leadership, and works well
with people from all walks of life.

I highly recommend Matthew Killham. He is passionate about his work, and has grounded his passion in
real life experience that has yielded great results through his reflective approach to his work. I have no
doubt that Matthew will make excellent contributions to any field.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email
at,, or by phone at +256-772139651

Lantana Hoke
Literacy Coordinator/Peace Corps Uganda