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Your washing You got a cavity and to Your locked your keys

machine broke. You go to the dentist to get in the car. You have to
have to pay $700 to it fixed. You have to pay someone $75 to
pay $1,000 come and get them out
replace it. for you.

Your car broke down. The AC in your house A nail gets stuck in your
You have to pay $300 went out. You have to tire. You have to pay
to get it towed. pay $2,000 for $20 to get a patch to fix
someone to come and the leak.
fix it.

The hot water heater You fall and break your You get a new pet. The
stops working. You arm. You have to pay vet bill is $200.
have to replace it for $500 for the emergency
$2,500. room visit and the x-

You have been working You are having people You did not pay your
really hard at your job over for dinner. You rent on time. You have
and your boss decides have to pay $50 extra to pay an extra $100 for
to give you a bonus. in groceries the fine.
You get $200 extra.