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MP report of MCB


(A) History
MCB was founded by isphahami and Adamjee families in Calcutta in
1947. innutrition of MCB was done by. Quaide azam an a private
bank. It started with a share capital of Rs 3 crore which is divided into
3 million ordinary shares of Rs 100 each. Its registered head office
was transferred to Dhaka after Independence Day on 17 august,
1948. subsequently its registered head office was moved from Dhaka
to Karachi on 23 august 1957. when Pakistan came into being, more
branches were decided to be located in means where jute was
cultivated. So MCB had to borne a great loss at the time of position of
Pakistan in 1971. Then MCB was nationalized in 1974 when Bhutto
govt decided to nationalized of 218 years, the performance of MCB
was badly affected by bureaucratic controls and excessive
unionization. During that time MCB was deprived of the chance of
becoming a uibrants financial institution most of the loans were
advanced on political basis and consequently it led to increase bidets
and write off. In 1992 it was privatized and govt of Pakistan and
transferred the mgt of bank to nishat group (a group of hading
industrialists) by selling 26% shanes. Then in 1996 some more on a
result 49% shanes had sold in total. After that Mr. Mian M. mansha
was having highest number of shomes.

MP report of MCB

Mission Statement
To become the preferred provider of quality financial services in the
country profitability and responsibility and to be the best place to

Monogram and slogan

MCB has also changed its monogram and slogan after privatization.
So the current monogram and slogan truly reflected and expense its
mission vision and philosophy.
Its current slogan is good banking getting even better.
While its monogram defects 3 things
1) Green colour of the monogram shows character of economy
that is the growing ad flourishing day by day.
2) Are of monogram shows Islamic style and approach.
3) Free shape of monogram is the symbol for safety and

(D) popular and scornful services and

products of MCB.
1) MCB ATM 24-hour cash card
i) MCB ATM regular card it allows withdrawal up to Rs. 10,000
per day per card.
ii) MCB ATM gold card
This card allows withdrawal up to 25,000 per day and a maximum of
6 withdrawals per day per card.

MP report of MCB

MCB rupee travelers cheques

MCB introduced rupee travelers cheques (RTCs) in 1993 and since
then has enjoyed the largest market share with sales reaching Rs
100 billon on 1999. It has achieved this leadership position through a
commitment to provide superior quality products backed by MCB.
Today RTC are preferred over cash and are card in all kinds of
business and trade transactions, retail purchases as well as traveling.

MCB mobile banking service

Provides Every and quick access to accounts at all times including
MCB gift cheques
MCB capital growth scheme
MCB prime currency scheme
MCB monthly income scheme
Target market
MCB has no sihqe target market in the whole country. Its target
market varies in different cities in large cities like Karachi, Lahore,
and Faisalabad where there is more corporate dients. And in small
cities where corporate boniness in less then target is milividnal
consumes. But in general MCB putting a great emphasis on customer
satisfaction never refuses or overlook any of its emphasis.

MP report of MCB

Market share
MCB has achieved the market share of 15-18% among 35 national
banks and is contumacy improving it.

Major competitors
MCB is leading all the national banks. Habib Bank and Allied Bank
are its compatriots which are still many steps behind MCB. They are
contumely trying to grasp the position of MCB but MCB has been
successful every time in proving it self best bank.

MP report of MCB

Branch network
Commercial-South 428 Number of branches
Karachi East 67
1) Karachi City 20
2) Karachi East 24
3) Karachi North 23
Karachi West 42
4) Karachi West 20
5) Karachi south 22
Hyderabad 87
6)Hyderabad 32
7)Nawabpur 29
8)Mirpur khas 26
Sukkur 48
9) Sukkur 30
10) Larkana 18
Quetta 37
11) Quetta 37
Rahim Yar Khan 64
12) Rahim Yar Khan
13) Bahawalpur 31
Multan 83
14) Multan 310
15) D.G Khan 28
16) Vehari 24
Commercial North 740

MP report of MCB

Lahore East 83
1) Lahore East 31
2) sahiwal 27
3) okara 25
Lahore West 71
4) Lahore city 19
5) Lahore West 27
6) Sheikhupura 25
Faisalabad 75
7)Faisalabad central 36
8)Faisalabad city 39
Gujranwala 99
9)Gujranwala 34
10)Gujrat 32
11)Sialkot 33
Islamabad 43
12)Islamabad 18
13) Rawalpindi
Chakwal 78
14) Chakwal 24
15) Jhelum 23
16) Attock 31
Sargodha 92
17) Sargodha 32
18) Jhang 34
19) Mianwali 26
Peshawar 112
20) Peshawar 32
21) Mardan 31
22) Kohat 24
23) Swat 25
Muzaffarabad A.K 87
24) Muzaffarabad 29
25) Mirpur A.K 27
26) Abbottabad 31
Priority 12 Corporate 23
1) Karachi South 10
2) Islamabad north 04

MP report of MCB

3) Lahore central 09
Sector No of Brs.
Commercial-South 428
Commercial-North 740
Priority 12
Corporate 23
Total 1,203
Province No of Brs.
Balochistan 38
NWFP & AJK 196
Punjab 709
Sindh 260
Domestic 1,203
Foreign branches 6
Total 1,210

Cultural Changes Process In MCB

a) Major areas of cultural change after
privatization .
In the following section we will describe that how MCB has changed
its culture. MCB has brought changes after its privatization in the
following areas.
Compensation system

Appraisal system

Technological changes

Better products and services

MP report of MCB

Training program

Motivation of employees

Benefits for employees

1. Vision of change
The path to success is a long and winding one. And it is on that road
that the true test of a successful banks lies. The journey becomes
important the pinnacle does not .
By the year 2001, MCB will have a highly motivated professional
team who will provide Quality Customer Service, Expand and
Penetrate the customers Base, in order to improve profitability so
that we can Pay Regular Dividend and increase our Share value.
The relationship between the banker and his customer is an extra
ordinary one. Keeping the balance between the personal and the
professional is essential and a good measure of success.

2- Staffing
After privatization, the main goal for the top was to achieve
international standard of banking with repute of preferred bank for
customer, highly technological oriented, prestigious interior.
Customer oriented and advanced technological oriented bank that
can cop with internal standard of banking.
The quotient problem was to manage this change. The previous
people were unable to run with the pace of this age. To run with this
age of competition MCB needed new people with new and

MP report of MCB

international trends. On the other hand had to call off the incapable

Golden Hand Shake

MCB didnt deal a single employee with iron hand in order to
achieve their mission of preferred provider of quality financial services
with international standards. Rather they deal with employees with
the scheme of Golden Hand Scheme who were unable to absorb new
changes and showed their own willingness to avoid the opportunity
but the management didnt force them to leave their jobs.

In order to introduce and inject desired changes in bank most of the
recruitments were made of external sources.
For executives and higher level posts, 90% of recruitments were
made from leadings and foreign banks and the other lower levels
posts were filled with professionally Qualified candidates i.e. MBAs ,
M. Coms, Computer Programming etc from well recognized National
and international universities. So now these new injections made it
possible to get access to new approach and new trends in banking.

According to previous culture of MCB, there was lack of transparency
in the process of selection. Also the references have great role in
selection. But according to new culture, there is a very transparent
and objective procedure for selection i.e. advertisement is given in

MP report of MCB

newspaper, having proper specifications for the employees needed.

After test was conducted and ultimately employees are selected on
open merit basis.

MP report of MCB

3) Increased Employees Benefits

MCB has decided to offer wide range of benefits for its employees to
engage them. So that they feel themselves an important part of
organization. The purpose of top management was to give them
such environment where they feel that top management is so caring
for their employees. To satisfy their employees management should
be aware of their needs. The benefits they are offering one covering
all needs of any employees.

For the employees who want loan

House building loan

Medical facility

Education allowance

Conveyance loans

Computer loan facility

House Building Loan

Of the employees who dont have reasonable accommodation, MCB
offers a very suitable house building loan.
Contain share of the credit is free certain portion is on low mark up
base. Any employee can get 80 times loan of its basic salary. For
example if an employ can get loan of two lac, and forty thousands.

MP report of MCB

Conveyance Loan
MCB is giving medical facility for their employees. For that every
good hospitals one in its panel officers are offered this facility for
them, their spouse and children. For None of them officers, parents
are also included for medical facility.

Education Allowance
MCB is also giving education allowance for the children of
employees. Education allowance is for None of them officers only.
Officers already have reasonable salaries, which covers all of their

Computer Loan Facility

They want to train their employees according to the requirements of
the current age. For their financial support in this area, they are
offering computer loan facility. So that they buy their own computers
and make themselves an expert in it.

4) Improved compensation system

after privatization, the salary scale are revised one reviewed upward.
In 1997, they have given 35% increments of their basic salary. Since
its privatization employees have got increments in salary twice. Third
time the increments are done.

MP report of MCB

5) performance appraisals
MCB have a very regular and transparent appraisal system. The
basic requirement for the consideration to be promoted is three years
period. A performance is used for appraisal which has different
ratings. According to these ratings employees are given different
ranks and starting from A to E. rank E is the worst. Employees
performance position is communicated him to writing so that he can
improved. Benefit of transparent appraisal is that employee can
himself work out his performance on criteria.

The promotion criteria was previously on subjective done. Now they
have changed their criteria. Now promotions are done on totally
objective basis. This change has decreased the confusions in the
mind of employees. Annually the promotion meetings are held.
Executives and officers are promoted on alternate years.

6) Training programs
Training programs are offered for their existing and even employees.
These programs are according to realistic, theoretical and practical
approaches and expanding needs of the business. They have staff
colleges at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

MP report of MCB

7) Improved Working Condition

Working environment is very comfortable, suitable working condition
for the employees so that they can commercially work in the offices.
By keeping in mind the sensitivity of the weather both services are
given. In the summer all the offices of different cities provides central
air conditioning, and in the winter heater facility is provided. Moreover
each year furniture is renovated. They have improved their interior
decor of their buildings.

8) change in employee attitude toward

Because of objectivity of performance appraisal now the employee of
MCB have become more professional.

9) Better communication network

Now MCB has an improved and advanced net work in order to
communicate with customers and employees. So that they can get
information about the need and desired of their customers and
employees. This improved communication network is the major
source of increased profitability and improved performance of MCB.
Because effective communication and appropriate response by top
management of MCB have resulted in customer satisfaction as well
as employee satisfaction. Different way for communication adopted

MP report of MCB

by to communicate with their employees MCB are formal and informal

of staff members.
Also the monthly circular published by MCB MCB World is a great
source for employee to get aware with the social activities of
employees and the bank and also with the new projects and products
of the bank.
Inorder to have effective communication with employees and
customers, GM has to take visit within every six months and a
regional manager has to take visits after two months. These are the
mandatory by GM and PM. They also contact and communicate
directly with their valuable existing and prospects customers only at
head office level.

10) Advancement in technology

MCB branch are 100% computerized in districts and are more than
50% computerized in tehseeles. More than 60 million locations are
linked on line world wide.
19 cities in Pakistan are connected with on line service. Two
remarkable advancements in technology of MCB are the
introductions of MCB mobile banking and MCT ATM 24-hour cash
MCB mobile banking providing the convenience of accessing account
balance information and mini statements whenever wants or may
need them, with comfort and peace of mind.
MCB Mobile Banking Services is available to MCB ATM card holders,
24 hours 365 days. MCB with over 80 ATMs in 12 cities has the large

MP report of MCB

ATM network in Pakistan. The success of our ATM network can be

gauged from the fact that we have over 150000 MCB ATM card
holders enjoying 24-hours withdrawal facilities. MCB has now gone a
step further and extended its ATM network to other banks via its
recently introduced switch, MNET. Thus leadership in information
technology will also follow suit with the bank already being a leader in
the Rupee Traveler Cheque Business.
MNET is basically a platform for enhanced network accessibility and
secure on line financial transactions.
Member banks signing in will not only expand their online network but
would also be able to use each others ATM machines. At present, six
international banks have already signed in including Faysal Bank,
Standard Chartered, Grindlays, Citi Bank, American Express, Credit
Agricole and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. They were customers of
members banks are expected to have access to the largest combined
network of over 110 ATMs in 13 cities conveniently located across the
country. This combined network is expected to grow to more than 150
ATMs in 16 across the country by year end 2001.

11) Structural Change

in 1999 MCB changed its structured by dividing its business into
three major segments on the base of credit portfolio. These are the
three major segments.



MP report of MCB

Corporate segments include the credit of above 20 million and below

comes under consumer segments include the credit of within the
range of 2 million to 20 million.
Credit of 2 million and below comes under consumer segments. For
one years these segments worked. Then in the June 2000, MCB was
restructured again and merged consumer segment into commercial
segment. As a result, now there are three segments, corporate
commercials and priority banking.

b) Banking
for brining the changes in the above written areas MCB had to face
many problems. No change process is problemless. Likewise MCB
faced problems in these areas.
Resistance for new approaches form existing employees was not
ready to accept the change. Because they are working in the
routinely fashion. They wanted to work on the previous set working
methods. But management decided to change that old culture
because they were not leading the bank towards a progressive

b) Resistance From Unions

Previously, the union had a very strong role in the management
decisions. They had always interfered with the management
concerns by force and used their power for destructive purpose only.
So management have totally dismantled the unions. Now the
registered unions are only in books and have no practical work.

MP report of MCB

c) Unawareness Of The Worth Of Training

management was willing to train the previous as well as new
employees. The problem they were facing was that people were not
ready to learn new trends. Previous employees were not aware of the
benefits of training

d) Difficulty In Technological Adaptability

MCB was focusing on the technology side. So employees, had a fear
in mind that they would be unable to operate the machines.
Employees thought that machines can work more fastely and more
employees will be laid off with more technology. They were sacred of
being misfit in the new culture.
There was a in the minds of employees. They had developed a very
strong attitude, which a very difficulty to change. Attitudes of high
intensity become beliefs. To lead the bank towards their mission,
management needed the co-operation of their employees. For their
co-operation attitudes one needed to be changed. Changing attitude
was the biggest problem. They had lack of professionally in their

C) Copying strategies
Management adopted the following strategies to handle all mental

MP report of MCB

d) Golden Hand Shake Scheme

After privatization management brought a lot of changes in the culture
of the organization but some people were reluctant to adopt those
changes. So by keeping in mind those people who unable creating
difficulties in achieving the new set goals, to follow the new trends,
management introduced the scheme of Golden Hand Shake Scheme
for the employees. In this way management gave the opportunity to
their employees to find new way for them. This strategy worked very
well especially for new coming the resistance from the employees.
The main strength of this strategy was that management did not
impose their decision on the employees for the following strategy
rather people who were creating difficulties for the unwillingly followed
this strategy.

Correcting The Role Of Unions

Before privatization unions had a very strong role. The role unions
were playing was very self occupied. The role of union has changed
and it has brought now within them rights. So MCB strategy was to
certain limits. Several other banks also proposed SBP that in order to
regulate the operations of bank, it is inevitable to put a check on the
interference of unions in management decisions. This matter was
done unless the notice of SBP, Ministry of finance and ministry of
labour. Amendment was done in law by addition of clause 27-B. so
according to existing culture of MCB, unions were doing their
appropriate and constructive job of collective becoming agent.

MP report of MCB

Convincing Employees For The Worth Of

Employees existing employees there reluctant to adopt new changes,
to run units the pace of modern time, they were not ready to accept
all these new changes, so that they can learn about new technology,
new changes. Management informed them that the organization will
train them in order to learn about here new changed areas,
management tried to motivate them that all these changes are fro the
benefit and for the progress of the bank.

5) Intrinsic Motivation By Objectivity

Transparency And Better Working Condition
MCB is using both intrinstic and extrinsic motivation for posting up
the morale employees. But major part of motivation is intrinsic. MCB
has changed subjectivity to objectivity, confusing and vague to clear
and transparent culture and undesirable to desirable working culture.
Employees have not confusions in their minds about their
performances approval or promotion criteria. Now they know that
their promotions and appraisal in strictly on the base of performance
and nothing else.

MP report of MCB

6) Extriusic Motivation By Benefits And Services

a good motivation plan is that which first identifies and then efficiently
fulfils the needs of employees MCB has a very nice system of
benefits and services which covers every need of employees.

MP report of MCB

SWOT Analysis
Internal Environment

1) Long Establishment
Is one of the strength of MCB over private banks .Due to this, it earns
a name in the market .

2) The biggest infrastructure

MCB has the biggest infrastructure among all the privates bank. So it
is making business from one corner of the country to another corner
of the country.

The sponsors of MCB are the business instantiations. They develop
the strategic policies for the org because they have a broad vision
that is why MCB progress day offer day.

Conservative in loaning
MCB provides loans to comer trade and industry on marit basis. MCB
has developed its loaning policy which based only on realization of
facts and figures of the borrowers. If the borrower meets thee

MP report of MCB

requirement and standards then the banks feels no hesitation for

advancing loans to party.
So advances are given only on merit that is why the banks has
no bad debt parts folio. This factor is alo the strength at MCB

Cost Conscious:
Cost conscious in this sense that the mgt. Of MCB always try to
reduce its extra expenses, that is why after the privatization of bank
the mgt decided to abolish some regional offices and provincial head

MP report of MCB

In the changing environment where MCB has some strength it has
some weakness also, some of the weak factors

None Professional Staf

MCB keeps non-professional staff even on higher posts who are
promoted from the typist and clerical area after a long time.

Nationalization Efect
When MCB was nationalization by Bhuttos Govts it was the gloomy
period for MCB. During that period, MCB suffered a lot.

Govt. Influence
Non-professional and bureaucratic people were placed at the top
level mgt who knows nothing about the banking and they damaged
the repute of the bank in the markets a well

Lack of Dynamism
When the person gets employment in the bank , he hardly leaves the
bank. He gets promotion to higher position and want to do some thing
for bank, it is to late because soon he ha to get retired. So lack at
dynamism comes to his personality. He is no further creative in his
life. So increasing age of staff is one of the weakness of the bank

MP report of MCB

because banks needs young and creative person who have the ability
to met the changing response of the environment .

Advances To Non Productive Units

During the nationalized period, a lot of amounts are forward to non
productive unit just on political basis. The political influence of the
Govt hundred the progress of MCB and most of thee advances are
still not recovered and none of them have been written off.

MP report of MCB

External Environment
Edge over other Commercial Bank
MCB has greater profits, greater growth rate and market share than
other commercial bank.

After privatization the banks deposits has accelerated with
tremendous speed because it gave the opportunity to get rid of critical
influence and to put the bank on professional roots

Private Banks
Like city bank, Grinblays, ABN amroete are entering in the market
with greater power and strength in terms of brand name

Govt. Policies
MCB faces a great threat from Govt policies like as finance the non-
productive units, housing etc. so the bank does not feel freedom in
operating on its own view points, that is a threat for the bank.
Because bank is purely commercial so it should have an autonomy to
make its own decisions.

MP report of MCB

Bank As Tax Collecting Egency

One of the major threat to banking industry as whole I wrong
perception of the Govt, about bankas tax collecting agents. So tax
collection on the behalf of the Govt is the way of hurdle in the
efficiency of bank.
Because it is evident that as the Govt, increases the tax on the rupee
traveler cheque.(RTC), the sale of cheques goes on decreasing. For
examples on the sale of RTC of RS-50000 bank charges only Rs. 20
a its commission and govt changesRs-100 as thence, we come to
conclusion that bank as tax collecting agency hinders the bank on
commercial working.

Best Analysis
Political factors have a great impact on financial institutions. Banking
business exposal in case of political stability. Like wise political in
stability and uncertainty can adversely affect banking business. For
example atomic bomb blast in 1999 resulted in heavily.
With drawl of foreign currency even in one of the branch of MCB.
Foreign reserves reduced from 1 billion to 300 million
Economic and political faders are costly co-related. But economic
factors are most of the times more important then political factors as
all type of activities are directly related with market condition. Boom in
market or economy will result in the expansion of banking business
and vice versa. Also the regions with more investment avenues, the

MP report of MCB

bank will extend more advances and the deposits will be in banner
amount. Whole the areas or regions of MCB where there are banner
invest ional amount of loans.
For example, the amount of deposit in the big city of tarsal abed is
banner than of small city of Chakwal. The reason for such as
difference is that Faisalabad have a great investment avenues in
textile industry and a lot of commercial activity. If we customers like to
invest the money in such type of investment events and get loan for
the expension of their business. But opposite is the case with small
city of CHAKWAL.
Social aspects have also a lunge impact on banking business and
ultimately on MCB also if in any society, people belonging to middle
class and appears class one high, banking business can finish. In
Pakistan, middle class is biggest. Middle class prefer to deposit then
saving in bank. Upper class which is small in size but big in financial
strength, deposit in bank and also have other investment
opportunities in Pakistan, the literacy note I also very low, so people
connect awaid opportunities of earning the average income level is
very les. So banks are not getting any significant profit from common
individual. Because they have to discretion my income.
In the area of advanced technology MCB is the leading bank of
Pakistan with the initiator of the user of highly advanced technology in
its operation I-e online banking, ATNA service, mobile banking etc
these type of technological advances have resulted in the competitive
edge of the bank in over all banking sector and also has created
value and satisfaction for the employs as well as for customer. But

MP report of MCB

MCB title have to achieve their target of paper less organization in

near future.

Future MCB
Future outlook
The year 2001 is expected to pose a tough market environment.
Shortage of rains can seriously impact overall GDP growth. The tight
monetary policy is impacting the credit appetite of the private sector.
Slowdown in the US economy will after the countrys exports with a
ripple effect on the manufacturing sector. The documentation drive,
which is good for the country over a longperiod of time, is being
expectantly viewed with concern by certain segments. The combined
impact of these factors may cause a slowdown of economic activity in
certain pockets of the economy.
On the positive side, the resolution of issues in the energy sector,
pragmatic handling of the documentation drive by the government
and continuous efforts to normalize international relations should
bring positive results.
MCS is well positioned and flexible enough to operate effectively in
the dchanging scenario. We will continure to broaden our customer
base, harnessing the growing strength of the MCH brand and expand
the IT platform to provide value based propositions to our customers.

MP report of MCB

MCB does not offer any chances of chances of social gathering for
staff. There should be some informal meeting arrangements to
restore the atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence and to give
them respect. Such type of gatherings are very important to develop
an attitude in mind of employees that mgt cane for them. So
employees work with more commitment.
MCB is not currently giving owner ship to employees. It should give
certain percentage of shares to employees to develop a feeling of
belonging in them. When employees own the on. They own its
strengths and weal nesses also. So they readily start working for its
In MCB, there is no culture of encouraging new ideas. Employees
should not be considered on Robots. They have brains of their own.
They should be thought to use the brains on well on hand. Because
they one the night people who are as possible for operations and
can give best suggestion.
MCB has uniqueness in their business. But their Differentiator should
be in all fields. Differentiation can be alone in location.
MCB has not built any connection with its customers. For knowing
their suggestions about you services . There should be a proper
channel for him. They can cord net move silvers and savvies and
their should have their separately for the suggestion at completes.

MP report of MCB

Outcomes of cultural change

Creating marketing value
Perpetuating enhanced level of value creation, for all stakeholders is
the basis of the long-term strategic focus of the Bank. This entails a
multi-pronged approach wherein a series of initiatives should ensure
sustained profitable growth via prudent risk management, introduction
of competitively priced new products and services for customers
retention and acquisition and reducing the Banks intermediation cost.

Increased financial strength

As the result of coping strategies MCB has now increased it market
share from 15% to 18% among 35 national and international banks.
This share was 12% just few years back. MCB has been able to
increase its share just because of its innovative and high quality
products and services.

Increased Financial strength

The results for the year 2000 are indicative of sustaining our growing
focus strategies in long-term plans.
Operating Profit (before provisions) has shown a health growth of 58
percent, from PKR 1.56 billion in 1999 to PKR 2.48 billion in 2000.
This was achieved via managing asset and liability growth at
improved margins and aggressively controlling administrative
expenses. Efforts continue to improve the cost to income ratio
enabling the Bank to further strengthen its financial position.

MP report of MCB

Profit after tax for the year ended December 2000 was PKR
735 million, an increase of 29 percent over 1999. This is
commendable in an environment characterized by fluctuating money
market rates, low commodity prices and subdued economic activity.
Deposits at December 31,2000 were PKR 136 billion increasing
from PKR 130 billion last year. Given the competitive environment,
low PLS rates on deposits due to limited opportunities to deploy funds
in the banking sector, and the drain of deposits in the second half of
the year resulting from the documentation drive of the government,
the growth in deposits were satisfactory.
Gross Advances as at December 31,2000 stood at PKR 90.9
billion an increase of PKR 19.5 billion or 27 percent. Our Bank
continues to follow a prudent, selective asset acquiring policy and
through focused efforts was able to capitalize on opportunities in a
timely manner.
The efforts on recovery were sustained and improved in the
year 2000 and the Bank managed to recover PKR 1.29 Billion
(1999-PKR1.29 billion). An aggressive policy on classification was
followed and MCB continues to identify problem loans up front and
take immediate remedial measures.

Competitive Edge
MCB is rightly refardeal as a trend setter bank as its is innovative for
most of its successful products and services and most of the other
bank have followed its scheme and copied its products I-e

MP report of MCB

Monthly deposit scheme was firstly introduced by MCB and then

followed by other banks. Same is the care with rupee travelers
cheques, MCB Mobile. Banking ,ATM service etc
Currently its most recent innovation is MCB gift cheques which way
be co sidereal as the form of RTC and has proved very Successful
and popular on the exert of Eid.
6.Customer Satisfaction
The world has entered a new era, so has banking. The modern
customer wants excellent service and newer lost effective products at
his finger tips. With a mission to meet customers expectations and a
vision to be the preferred provider of financial services, MCB has
come a long way. And, with the same enthusiasm keeps achieving
goal after goal, aim after aim.
So, MCB has made its customers satisfied by its continue red focus
on product improvement a innovation.

Employee Satisfaction
By appropriately utilizing the techniques of intrinsic a extrinsic
inactivation , MCB has become successful in achieving employees
satisfaction .They are more committed towards their institution a are
more involved towards their jobs. The major source of thedir
satisfaction is the equal opportunity they are having in order to fulfill

their career aspirations.

MP report of MCB

Enhanced image and recognitions by

foreign institutions
A bank which was priestly said to be Dak khana a very inferior
institution is now an awand winning bank of Pakistan.It has given
ceremony award twice. In 2000,euromoney awed was given for
benign No.1 in domestic Banks. In 2001, it has again won the award
of Best Bank in Pakistan in the over all banking Sector including
foreign Banks as well.