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White Paper

Written by Kelly Stratoti

November 19, 2017

This white paper was written as an assignment for Dr. Marshall Jones EDUC 651 class at
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC. All rights reserved to the author. Permission is granted to
use this white paper provided the user notifies the author in writing prior to use.

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How did it start?
Quizlet is an online instructional tool used
by teachers and students alike. It can be used
throughout various subjects and gives the
students the ability to access information they
are learning in the classroom anytime online, or
even through an app on smartphones. Quizlet
was created in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland and
is financially backed by Union Square Ventures,
Costanoa Ventures, Owl Ventures, and Altos

Where to find It
On the Computer
In order to use Quizlet, the user must have access to the internet. When on a
computer go to and that will bring you to the home page. When
playing Quizlet live, the teacher will go to and the students will go to

On the Phone
The user can access Quizlet via the internet explorer app on their phone and go
to However, apps are available on all smart phones by searching the
app store or Google Play and downloading it for free.

User Free Version Upgraded Version
Students Create study sets $19.99 a year
Search and use pre-made Everything from free version
study sets Ad free studying
Search and use pre-made Enhanced audio recording
diagrams your own voice
Share with classmates Create advanced diagrams
Basic use of all programs Organize classes
Teachers Create study sets $34.99 a year
Search and use pre-made Everything from free version
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study sets Enhanced audio- record your
Search and use pre-made own voice
diagrams Quizlet Live customization
Basic use of all programs create custom teams, use
diagrams, use audio, play
Advanced diagram creation
Remove ads
Organize classes
Track student progress
citations ?source=sp_qfs&showPlus =sp_qfs&showTeacher

If this is something you may be interested in as well as others, they do offer a
group discount of twenty percent off if two or more people sign up and twenty five
percent off if fifty or more people are willing to sign up.

How does it Work?

Quizlet is designed to fulfill their mission statement, To help students, and their
teachers, practice and master whatever they are learning. Quizlet provides engaging,
customizable activities with contributions from people everywhere.
( It fulfills these needs by using the programs/features that are
listed below.

Feature Description
Flashcards This creates online flashcards. One side has the term and the other has
the definition. The learner can choose to shuffle the cards or learn them
in the order they were added.
Write This allows the learner to work on spelling by giving them the term or
definition, their choice, and they must spell it out.
Spell This allows the learner to work on spelling with audio. Quizlet will say
the term, whether audio has been entered by the user or not, and they
will have to spell it correctly. The definition will be provided below it
as well.
Learn This is a new feature that is customizable to where if the learner
answers a question correctly, the following question will get harder, but
Kelly Stratoti 2017 3

if they get them wrong, the will get an easier question. The learner can
choose the type of question, whether to have audio.
Match/ This is a timed game that scatters the terms and definitions on the
Scatter screen. The learner must drag and drop one over the other to match
them. The faster the time, the better the score.
Gravity A learning game where asteroids are falling to the earths surface at
different speeds. Each asteroid has a different term or definition in it
and the students have to type the answer before it reaches the bottom
of the screen. They can choose the difficulty level or speed at which the
asteroid falls across the screen. They can choose the question type as
well, whether to be asked the term or the definition.
Test The student has the option of choosing whether to answer with the
term, definition, or both. They can also choose the type of question:
multiple choice, true and false, or matching. They can also choose how
many questions to be asked. Once they finish they will review what
they answered incorrectly.
Live A game that groups the students randomly, or you can create your own
groups in the upgraded version. Each person in the group is given
different terms, the definitions will be given at the top of the screen and
the students can work together finding the answer. The faster the
questions are answered is how the winner will be determined. If they
answer incorrectly, they must start over at the beginning and the
correct term and definition are given after an incorrect answer. You
can also choose how it will be played if they will be given the definition
or term. (Keep in mind the video says you need a minimum of 6
students to play however they have just updated to a minimum of 4)
Diagrams Diagrams use study sets and pictures from one overall picture. A
diagram can be used just for labeling or a definition/function can be
added with each term. Diagrams are only available with the upgraded
version of Quizlet.

Kelly Stratoti 2017 4

Tracking Progress
If the upgraded Quizlet Teacher is purchased, the teacher is able to track the
classs progress with each study set. The teacher can choose to show data for all
students who use that set or just one class. The teacher can also view their progress
week to week by looking either in the past years data, the past month, two weeks, past
week, or the past day. It will tell the teacher what terms are sometimes missed and the
percentage they are often missed at. It will give which terms are rarely missed and
their percentages, as well as the terms that are never missed. By tracking the data, the
students can see how their classmates do in the features like gravity and match, so
they are able to compete with each other. To look at individual student progress, the
instructor can click on the class progress icon at the top of the study set. This will
show them what features they have used and how they have progressed. So the
instructor can assign one activity a day and it will be highlighted with a check mark
upon completion. It will also report the students score on certain features like

test, match, and gravity. If they have not finished it, when placing the curser over the
feature, it will tell the instructor when they first started the program.

Tutorial Videos
How to use Quizlet
This is a quick 5 minutes tutorial on how to use Quizlet. It instructs the viewer
on how to create a study set. It then goes into detail on how to use the different
features like flashcards, write, spell, match, gravity, and test.

This site describes and instructs the reader on how to set up and use the new
diagrams section of Quizlet. It first discusses how you can create each diagram by
selecting how many hot spots you can assign for questions per diagram. The hot
spots are points on the diagram picture that are important for the learner to know for
later use. You can label the hot spot as well as giving it a description or definition.

Kelly Stratoti 2017 5

Finally, the tutorial then discusses how the user can copy and paste the URL to share it
anywhere. There are video clips to assist with the explanations.

This blog discusses the learn section on Quizlet and how it can benefit the
student by keeping track of their progress and being able to set up a schedule so they
can be ready for their exam. It does this by learning patterns in the students data
when studying. It can make questions easier or harder depending on how they have
answered the questions before. Meaning if the students answers a question
incorrectly, the questions after will give them questions they have answered correctly
at a higher percentage prior. If they answer the question correctly, Quizlet will ask
them a questions they have struggled with prior. It also includes a video on how Learn
was created and how it works.

This is a Youtube tutorial on how to use Quizlet live in the classroom. This feature has
been recently updated, so the only difference from this video is that you only need 4
students, not 6 to begin a game and the teacher can determine what the students are
asked, the definition or term. Depending on how many students play, the game can
automatically divide the players into equal numbered groups or the teacher can set up
the groups. Then they will determine if the students are given the definition and have
to match it to the term or if the students are given the term and they have to match it
to the definition. Each group is given 12 questions. The goal is to answer them as fast
as the group can and beat the other groups. When a question is answered incorrectly
it starts the group over from question 1 and gives the group the correct term and
definition to which they answered incorrectly.

Tracking Student Progress
This tutorial explains how the teacher can track each students progress in a
class. There are many ways to do so, whether it be looking at a student individually or
looking at the class collectively. This video discusses them all.

What do the Users Think?

Quizlet can be used across the board in every subject. It can be accessible and
more diversely used in some subjects more than others, however many teachers and
students are figuring out the different ways it can benefit them.

Kelly Stratoti 2017 6

This website discusses a first hand experience of a teacher using Quizlet and
how much it improved her students work. She discusses how much some students
improved more than others depending on how long they had a study set to use.
This blog discusses how a teacher used Quizlet and Quizlet Live in the classroom
to help her students improve their English. As an ESL teacher she tried to find ways to
assist with the repetitive nature of instruction so it would not be so monotonous.
Quizlet was her answer.

This video interviews students and teachers from different schools in different
countries. It discusses how they benefit from Quizlet. It also discusses how it has
changed the dynamic in the classroom and for learning with the students when using it
throughout the class.

How does it Look?

Once you log in, the home

screen will give you choices of
the classes or folders you have
created on your left and then
they will list all the possible
study sets the
teacher/student has created
on the main portion of the

Once a class is selected, it will show the user what terms are missed and the
percentage they are missed at.

Kelly Stratoti 2017 7

Quizlet in Education
Teaching is no longer what it used to be. Overhead projectors, notes on the
chalkboard, and teacher lectures have now been updated to smartboards and
interactive learning. However, while integrating more technology in the classroom,
trying to find ways to do it, while having the student be productive and stay on task is
always a challenge. Having to assess multiple standards and keeping track of who and
how many students have mastered those standards can be difficult if someone doesnt
have the tools to do so. Quizlet can do this by using repetition of terminology to
reinforce what they are learning. By having a technological application that the
students can access as long as they have a smartphone, they can study anywhere. They
can study on the bus to an athletic event, at the supermarket while their parent is
grocery shopping, or simply on the bus ride home. In doing this, the student can study
as much or as little as they need and they can choose the parameters of how they want
to study. Everything is on their terms. The new section of diagrams is especially useful
for programs like Health Science, Sports Medicine, Medical Terminology, as well as
other Career and Technology Classes. Giving the students access to pictures and
labeling is an extremely useful. As a more hands on instruction based class, I can make
diagrams of organs, body parts, or even a variety of steps that they need to follow
during certain procedures that they would need to put in order. When having to
Kelly Stratoti 2017 8

assess the students, the tests cannot just be multiple choice and true/false. The depth
of questioning is much more intense and the need for them to have to remember and
not have a choice of what should possibly be done is important. The students can have
the ability to graduate, sit for a certification exam, and work in the field directly after.
Assessing their knowledge and skills is imperative. This is why the Learn and Testing
section of Quizlet is beneficial as well. They can start with easier questioning and work
their way up to more difficult levels.

ISTE Standards
Standard Quizlet Applications
5A Educators use technology to create, The teachers can create their own study
adapt and personalize learning sets for what they want their students to
experiences that foster independent learn. Then the students are responsible
learning and accommodate learner for logging on and learning at their own
differences and needs pace.
5B Educators design authentic learning Once the teacher determines the terms to
activities that align with content area enter, they can also enhance the learning
standards and use digital tools and experience by adding pictures and audio.
resources to maximize active, deep
6A Educators foster a culture where The students take responsibility for their
students take ownership of their learning own learning independently and as a
goals and outcomes in both independent class. They get to see how their
and group settings classmates perform on certain exercises
to compete with each other independently
or together using Quizlet Live in class
7C Educators use assessment data to Teachers are able to receive feedback data
guide progress and communicate with on what activities the students have
students, parents and education completed as well as what terms the
stakeholders to build student self- students miss more than others.
Standard Quizlet Applications
1B Students build networks and Students can create their own study sets
customize their learning environments in and invite other students from their class.
ways that support the learning process They can also work together so that in
their group each student is responsible for
creating a different set.
1C Students use technology to seek The students can keep track of how well
Kelly Stratoti 2017 9

feedback that informs and improves their they do on the learning games like match
practice and to demonstrate their learning and gravity. They can also use learn and
in a variety of ways test to see how much content they actually
remember and understand
6D Students publish or present content The students can publish their own study
that customizes the message and medium sets with different diagrams, pictures, or
for their intended audiences audio as they would like

Environmental Factors
Since Quizlet is an online program, all students will need to have access to the
internet outside of the classroom or they need a smartphone. However, since some of
the programs only work with the computer application, if a teacher assigns the
students to complete certain programs, they will be unable to complete the spell and
gravity feature on their phone. Therefore, class time will need to be given in order for
the students to complete certain features. Headsets might also be needed when
completing the spelling if it is done in class, so all of the students laptops will not be
speaking over one another.

The biggest strength Quizlet has is that is has a free version. Therefore, any one
student or teacher can have access to, set up their own study sets, and search all
possible created sets.
One of the few drawbacks is that there is no way to create a study set and make
certain terms inactive. For example, in a foreign language class that can be taught in
different semesters. The teacher will most likely give them new terms everyday. The
students will only study the terms they learned that day on Quizlet. Everyday new
terms are added. When the semester is over and the instructor has new students, they
will want to start out with the first few terms for that unit and not the whole chapters
terms. The teacher will have to delete them and re-type them later. If it was possible
to deactivate and reactivate terms, the instructor would not have to keep deleting and
re-typing the same terms from semester to semester. The second drawback is that
math is a subject that cannot be easily utilized in Quizlet. The instructor can put terms
and definitions, or formulas for definitions however there is no feature yet where the
learner can physically work through a problem.

Quizlet is an online tool that has made learning easier and a lot more fun. Since
it is only just over a decade since its creation, new features and programs are being
Kelly Stratoti 2017 10

added all the time. Mainly due to feedback and suggestions from the users. In todays
education system where retained knowledge and progress is tracked so carefully, this
is just another tool to assist with the data. With over 20 million users in over 130
countries, this program is being utilized in a variety of settings

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