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One group of students will select the proper ball to represent the appropriate planet
based on its size. The other group of students will select the right sized paper plate
then color those plates to represent the physical appearance of the selected planet.
Students will be graded on how well they work together as a group as well as their

3 2 1
The student put The student The student put
Participation forth full effort somewhat put little effort
towards the forth effort towards the
groups progress. towards the groups progress.
groups progress.
The student The student The student did
Accuracy selected the proper selected the proper not select the
size ball/plate and size ball/plate but proper size
assisted in did not place them ball/plate. The
properly placing in the proper student did not
the ball in the order. (or vice illustrate the
correct order. versa) The student proper physical
(only for plate) The somewhat appearance of the
student properly illustrated the planet.
illustrated the physical
physical appearance of the
appearance of the planet properly.
The student spoke The student spoke The student did
Presentation clear and proved somewhat clear not speak clear and
understanding of and provided some provided little
the order and sizes understanding of understanding of
of the planets. the order and sizes the order and sizes
of the planets. of the planets.
The student The student The student did
Teamwork worked well with worked somewhat not display values
their group well with their of teamwork or did
members. group members. not participate in
group work.

Accommodations: Students will have the assistance of the members in their group. If
a student cannot decide on the proper size for a planet, they will tell the teacher
whether they believe the planet is big or small. The teacher break down information
for them to assist in their decision between appropriate sizes.