Career Mapping is a process of searching for a career development process that help people manage their careers actively
Career Mapping is a comprehensive process and system that brings into focus personally meaningful criteria for making career decisions. Forward thinking organizations are serious about providing their people with career development tools that enable active career management. The tool provides support through three components: Map: Charting the course for satisfying careers Help individuals identify their current career positions and desired destinations. Evaluate past career positions and what individuals liked and disliked about them. The Map helps people set goals for their careers and six other aspects of life. Compass: Marshalling resources • Support individuals identify resources that will help them reach their career destinations. • Help employees identify their social, practical, information and creative abilities and increase their awareness of their personal style and how it influences their careers. • This component helps individuals examine their values. Navigating: Moving forward • Help your people compare their career options and formulate a concrete action plan founded on their unique resources and aspirations.

Develop stronger employee commitment through useful career development strategies

Career mapping process is based on the fundamental principle that individuals actively construct their own reality. We recognize the individual to be the best expert for his or her own life. Each person’s unique skills and resources can successfully be applied to many different roles. Assessments help people clarify how they can thoughtfully shape successful careers actively. Benefits of the process of active self-reflection Career Mapping is a 21st century solution that will inspire individuals to actively navigate their careers in the changing conditions of the global market place. It provides: • • • • • Insight and critical thinking Systematic process for exploring inward Appreciative approach that focuses attention on strengths Foundation for a dialogue with clients about personal meaning Practical career skills for life-long career development


style. leisure. your career and life. information and  Describe your  Define your goals interests that you would Compare – Evaluate your career options creative.Career Mapping Navigator Empowering dialogues about career and life Current Position . current career and life for eight areas of life: enjoy focusing on in  Enter and rank up to four career options based on your personal preferences: values. your life. values and evaluate that list to describe worker. student). volunteer use goals in priority order. effective when you making. qualities goal and arrange your your most important you appreciate and parent.Where are you starting from? Desired Destination Where might you be going? Interests (Where) Skills (What)  Identify four types of  Create a transferable skills: social. how they are realized in yourself. Values (Why) spiritual growth. . your results can be used to compare the career options you selected to for relationships. provide a context  If you have completed these career tools in the Map & Compass. circumstances to career. learning. skills and goals. home.  Compare is mostfinancial goals and know what your potential career options are. weigh. comprehensive list of practical. your career decisionbody & health.  Review Style (How) your Estimated time: 15-60 min Evaluate “career” history  including non-paid importance and ease of  Make such as list positions a unique achievement foraeachof  Generate list of personality full time (unemployed.

ENABLING TOOLS ENABLING TOOLS SELF & OTHERS PEAK PERFORMANCE EMBED A PERFORMANCE SELF & ORGANISATION CULTURE Strategic workforce& Line of sight to own business business planning performance plan Performance Understanding own resilience strategies – activation control e. shadowing . meeting Recruitment Management with manager. TMI. listen . Services performance agreement Human resource maturity Agreed activities & strategies assessments & reviews Observing self Coaching & mentoring self Facilitation Services Reporting back & measuring & others Establish goals & objectives progress Career planning using SMART & GROW Capability Profiling & work Customised leadership & Positive habits for keen level standards Career Storm Navigator development programs Managing upwards mind & body Reviewing CV & selection effectively Customised Human Resource criteria solutions Working to own integrity& values . HBDI or DiSC OF SELF Qualified coaches adhering Self awareness tools to code of ethics .career development development program Human capability BuildingResource of others development Performance consulting CLIENT Self awareness & EI focus Team effectiveness tools UNDERSTANDING BUILD CAPABILITY MBTI. knowing o public sector 360 & Leadership Establish rapport . hear & development Coaching & mentoring self understand Executive coaching Reflection through intake & mentoring form & discussion 180 or 360 process.

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