The traditional methods in education such as single discipline research, has encountered a bottle neck and made it difficult

for students to succeed in many academic and technical programmes. Therefore, to overcome this problem and to achieve a breakthrough, there is a need for research involving more than one discipline. In order to reconstruct the education process to promote equality and cultural pluralism, a universally accepted approach, interdisciplinary projects have been introduced as a potential tool for promoting learning and fostering positive interpersonal relationships among diverse group of students. And this interdisciplinary project initiative is termed as My India. My India, the initiative taken by Aurora’s Degree and PG College is to sensitize the students for the protection of our environment and society. This initiative is being derived from three main principles that are followed by the college. Concentrate, Collaborate and Contribute. Objectives • To promote collaborative work amongst students and emphasize the importance of cooperation and social skills • • To develop attitudes and skills related to cooperation in a solution oriented team To give an opportunity to the students, a greater degree of responsibility for own development and learning • To develop among the students “the Approach” to be taken for solving the problem in a team, where the team members have different background and various angles or ideas for understanding the problem • To enhance their creative flair through interpretation and presentation

As part of this initiative the college concentrates on four burning issues. • • • • Global Warming Afforestation Anti-Plastic Drive Potable drinking water

This project will be done by the students in groups. A group would consist of four members from different streams (B.Sc and B.Com). The project groups can collaborate with Government Organizations, NGOs, International organizations and corporate foundations to take up the projects.

cloth bags. Projects under the above mentioned four issues: • Global warming – Under this issue the project can concentrate on energy conservation. meet and interact with people working in the four focused areas. save water campaign. And this is termed as Experience India . promotion of biodegradable plastic technologies etc Potable drinking water. This can be a tour for their My India project. Afforestation – Planting of trees.This contributes to the environment. educating carcinogenic effects of drinking water. • • • Every student would have to experience either a rural part of the country or the slum area in the city to experience the problem or find solutions. Anti-Plastic Drive – Distribution of jute bags. and the society implementing the best green practices and initiatives where we leverage/influence the environmental bent of mind of our students. less paper usage campaign can be some of the projects under this issue.Provision of clean and protected community water units. reduction in fuel usage. turning off electrical appliances when not in use and green environmental issues etc. educating dangers of plastic consumption.

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