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Fly-rock optimization

DNA Blast software is

able to predict the
balistic curve and
impact points for the
whole blast

This module brings an

contribution to the
management of you
risk assesment policy.
Fly-rock control

For the past two decades,

most explosives-related injuries and fatalities in surface mines

occurred when workers were struck by rock,

either because they were too close to the blast

or rock was thrown much farther than expected.

Verakis & Lobb, 2003

Fly-rock simulation & optimization
DNA Blast Balistic gene is
predicting each deck top and
bottom points trajectography.
Stemming and cratering
ejection are also modeled.

Reverse engineering allows

the gene to calculate the
optimum burden to maintain
fly-rocks below a certain
Fly-rock control
Case Study Ferro quarry (RSA)