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Jenna Kaatz

Post Event Report

College of Business Festival
HSMG 401
Table of Contents

Committee Contact Sheet
Client Information
Organization Information
Client Request
Event Information
Goals & Objectives
Task List
Risk Management
Marketing Initiatives
Vendor Contact Sheet
Site Plan
Event Production
Event Budget
Event Goals & Objectives Analysis
Staff Reflection??
Vendor Email Communication
Supplemental Supportive Materials
Committee Contact Sheet:
Client: College of Business

Christine Hilla
Office: BUS 212
Phone: 231-591-2494

Marketing Contact:
Jeff Ek
Office: BUS 212-H
Phone: 231-591-2442

Social Media Assistant COB:

Alysha West

College of Business mission:

We are committed to academic excellence, ethical conduct, and a learner-centered
environment characterized by quality teaching, outcomes assessment, and continuous
improvement. Our students can take pride in their developed competencies and the
distinctiveness of the Colleges programs. We shall be noted for being responsive to
changes in workforce needs; building/maintaining good relationships with employers
and community; preparing our students to excel in a global environment; and providing
high-quality interns and graduates who meet and exceed employer expectations, deal
effectively with change, and are committed to lifelong learning.

College of Business vision:

The COB will be distinctive for providing highly regarded career-oriented business
education, adding value to our students through innovative teaching and learning
processes, ensuring that they are well-prepared to make immediate contributions to
their employers and society upon graduation. Our graduates will be sought because
their competencies are of high quality and consistent with current and future workplace
College of Business values:
Learning: We value the development of competency through active learning. We
believe opportunity, relevance, and engagement are central to learning
Respect: We value others and endeavor to treat them with dignity, respect, and
equity, focusing on the development of constructive and collegial relationships.
Diversity: We value diversity and strive to realize its synergistic benefit.
Integrity: We value high standards of professional and ethical conduct. We will do
the right things, in the right ways, for the right reasons.
Excellence: We value excellence, expecting it of ourselves and of those with
whom we interact.
Change: We value change for the vitality it can yield, acknowledging its
inevitability and uncertainty.
Continuous Improvement: We value continuous quality improvement and the use
of systematic performance assessment in support of all that we do.

College of Business logo:

Client Request:

The College of Business which is made up many majors, hosts events to bring them all
together throughout the year. One of these events is the College of Business Festival, a
small celebration and awareness event in the College of Business for their current
students. This event is all for the students to see what the College of Business has to
offer. The hospitality program is included under the umbrella of programs in College of
Business. The College of Business approached the program with thoughts of students
planning the event for other students to help make it more relatable. With a senior level
event management class ready to do the work for this event, the hospitality program
and Professor Amy Dorey locked it in.
Event Information:
The event took place October 6th, 2017 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m in the IRC connector to
the Business building of Ferris State University.

Goals & Objectives:

1st goal: To promote the College of Business to students on campus during the current
school year.

2nd goal: To educate current students on what the College of Business has to offer
them at no cost.

1st objective: To host a College of Business event showcasing all the registered student
organizations, offices, and assistance available to the students.

2nd objective: To inform the current College of Business students on the College of
Business with fun, engaging activities and social media contests.
The College of Business Festival will start at 4:30 p.m.
Information tables for Registered Student Organizations, College of Business Offices,
and more will run from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.
Each of the tables will have a jar on the table for students to put a Bulldog Buck in with
their name on. Each jar will represent a different gift card that will be given away to one
lucky winner at the end of the event.
There is a money machine for the students to partake in to claim more money to put into
more jars. This money machine will run the whole course of the event, closing the last
30 minutes of the event.
The jars will be collected at 7:15 p.m. for the drawing of the gift card winners.
A taco bar, cookies, and drinks are provided free of charge to the students by Ferris
Catering that will run from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Also from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. students and faculty members can pay to put a faculty
member into Jail by donating a dollar! The Jailie may bail themselves out for $5 or stay
in jail for 5 minutes.

Throughout the course of the event there will be raffles and drawings for Ferris gear of
all kinds. All College of Business students who check-in at registration will automatically
be entered into win one of two scholarships presented by Ferris and/or a Ferris parking
pass for the 2018 school year.
Task List by Department

Decorations and Set-up committee task list:

Where are we specifically locting decorations
Price out decorations
Blow up Dice
Blow up balloon letters
GIant game pieces
Balloon arch
Rso game board restriction
Locating Jail
Volunteers for setup
Volunteers for tear down
Money Machine creation
Coordinating gifts for each table

Communications committee task list:

Reaching out to COB Departments
Advertising/ Integrated Marketing Communications
Business Administration
Business Data Analytics
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Technology
Graduate Programs
Graphic Communications
Graphic Design
Graphic Media Management
Health Care Marketing
Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management
Information Security and Intelligence
Legal Studies
Master of Business Administration
MS in Information Security and Intelligence
Music Industry Management
Operations and Supply Management
PGA Golf Management
Professional Tennis Management
Public Relations
Risk Management and Insurance
Potentially Restauraunts to donate things?
Faculty set up logistics of awarding scholarships (when/where)
Reach out to philanthropy?
After Finance finds out $(50/hr) for Brutus
(Alumni Association 231-591-3835 Handler- Breanna Frasher (advisor Kevin Bunce buncet@ferris.ed)
Blow up Brutus head (Justin will let us know after work)
Asking for donations?
Criminal justice (LAE fraternity) for pvc jail

Food & Beverage Committee task list:

Marketing & Social Media task list:

Figure out budget
Contact the COB and get proper log-ins for social media accounts/ Figure out what
social media accounts the COB has
Try to get graphics for the event up on TVs on campus, COB pages, etc.
Decide on the final headline for the event
Create a logo that follows that headline and the event
Create content calendars for each platform used
Create graphics and hashtags to be posted online
Create a Facebook event and share it!
FB video-- what are you looking forward to for COB Fest?
Create a Snapchat filter for day of event
Showcase prizes, promote prizes online
Jane Says -- charity fundraiser
Online fundraiser
Find a non-profit to potentially donate money through
Do we want any take away items? - t-shirts?
Poll for charities: To see what students care about and who they want to support
Risk Management Analysis

1. Photographers could cancel or not show up

a. Marginal
b. Mitigate - We had a scare with this. Luckily they got someone to make it.
Our backup plan was to have the marketing team walk around and take
pictures throughout the event on their phones.
2. Food Safety Concerns
a. Critical
b. Ferris Catering could have had their fridge or freezer go out. This may
have affected our food but at the end of the day it was a free event to
attend. We could have had catering bring over extra food that was being
served at The Rock or The Quad.
c. Purchase a generator for the equipment.
3. Equipment or Power Failure
a. Critical
b. Emergency wall closes. No power for money machine or DJ or food
service fridge and freezer.
c. Mitigate - see if you could move event to another location on campus, try
to get generators.
4. Severe weather or natural disasters
a. Critical/Catastrophic
b. Can we reschedule? How far out do we reschedule?
6. Location double booked
a. Critical
b. See if event can be moved to University Center.
Marketing Initiatives:

September 28th
- Includes graphic for Monopolize Your Degree.
- Released on September 28th on College of Business Facebook
- Target market: College of Business students

October 2nd
- Includes graphic for Habitat for Humanity
- Includes link to Experience COB event page
- Released on October 2nd on the College of Business Facebook
- Target market: College of Business students

October 4th
- Includes Boomerang Flippin over COB
- Includes link to Experience COB event page
- Released on October 4th on the College of Business Facebook
- Target market: College of Business students

October 5th
- Includes photo of Ferris gear and prizes to win
- Includes link to Experience COB event page
- Released on October 2nd on the College of Business Facebook
- Target market: College of Business students

October 5th
- Includes Boomerang of the jail at the COB fest
- Released on October 2nd on the College of Business Facebook
- Target market: College of Business students
** This post was posted during the event in hopes to attract those not already in
Collateral Marketing Materials
(Snapchat Filter)
Vendor Contact Sheet

Jeff Ek
Phone: 231-591-2442

Rachel Goldman
Phone: 231-591-2605

College of Business
Christine Hilla
Phone: 231-591-2494

This plan or layout is made to fit the area of the Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC)

The two goals that were set forth were:

1. To help promote the College of Business to students on campus leading up to
and during the event.
2. To educate current students on what the College of Business has to offer them at
no cost in a fun way.

Luckily, both of these goals were met with the planning and execution of the event. All
the way leading up to the event, posts were made about what COB fest was, what was
going to be offered and the fun games that would be offered. During the event, the
Facebook page had another post done that was an angle to try and get those who
werent currently in attendance at the event, to want to come. Finally, there were signs
posted all around campus on what the event was and where to find more information,
normally leading students to the College of Business Facebook page.

The goal being to educate the students on the College of Business was completed for
those who attended the event. This is the opportunity for these students to go to the
tables and try to talk to the registered student organization, the Deans office, The Office
of Multicultural Student Services, and more. On top of that, for registering, they have a
free taco bar, free giveaways, drawings for multiple gift cards, two scholarships and a
parking pass. There is a money machine and corn hole for the students to use and play,
a DJ, and balloons galore. This added to the overall fun way to showcase the College of
Business to the current students.

Being able to plan and be a part of the whole picture for an event in the college you are
a part of is a big reward. When the College of Business first reached out to Amy about
having hospitality students plan and execute the events for the COB, everyone was
ecstatic. This is real live work that is being done for and in front of our peers and
professors. All in all, I really loved planning and working this event. I almost wish it
would have been a little more in depth and longer range, but the experience was great. I
would say that I learned quite a lot about running and planning events.
Overall, this event was executed wonderfully and the students loved it.
(The following emails are communication for the DJ setup)

(These emails are the communication for social media and marketing)