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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: Consolidation activity / Evidencia: Actividad de consolidacin

Stage 2: My checklist / Etapa 2: Mi lista de chequeo

Fuente: SENA

Fuente: SENA

Hey! My name is Mary. Im an enthusiast about animals. Im planning a trip to

Kenya (Africa) for a Safari experience. Have a look to the checklist for my trip!
Checklist: African safari / Lista de chequeo: Safari africano

Vaccination and Immunization

Visit the doctor to check my vaccines.
Plan my vaccination schedule - At least three month prior to my trip.
Get a vaccine certificate.
Arrange a meet-and-great service Location: The Jomo Kenyatta
International Airport.
Get tennis shoes.
Get light clothes like, shorts and T-shirts.
Get a mosquito net.
Money and payment
Authorize credit cards for international use.
Exchange money I need Dollars or Euros.
Get familiar with the Kenyan currency.
Animal behavior
Do not interfere with animal behaviour.
Do not get out of the vehicle without consulting a guide.

Now, it is time to write your own checklist. It will help you to record your audio. /
Ahora es momento de escribir su propia lista de chequeo. Esta le ayudar en el
momento de grabar su audio.
Script / Guin
Hello, there! Im going to Africa soon! Let me describe my African safari
checklist to you.

My checklist includes five important aspects. The first, and most important
one, is Vaccination and immunization. The Kenyan Government says I cant
enter the country without proof that I got a vaccine against the yellow fever. I
also need to check that I have all the common vaccines (the ones you
usually get as a child). For that reason, I have to visit the doctor to check my
record and plan a vaccination schedule (in case I need it) at least three
months before my departure.

The second point on my list is the arrival. The hotel is not close to the airport
so I need to arrange a meet-and-greet service. The people from the hotel
can pick me up at The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. I have
to speak with them soon to let them know about my time of arrival and flight

In addition, I need to make sure I have the appropriate clothing for Africa.
Kenya is a tropical country so days are hot and there is a lot of humidity. For
that reason, I need to buy several T-shirts and shorts for the hot weather.
There are quite a lot of mosquitos in Kenya too. I need to get a mosquito net
and an insect repellent to take with me at all times.

The fourth point on my list is money. The official currency in Kenya is the
Kenya Shilling. Although there are several ATMs in the country now, I need
to make sure I have enough cash with me in case I dont find one. To
exchange money, it is good to have dollars or euros so I need to buy some
before my trip. I can pay for the hotel and buy souvenirs with a credit card so
I have to call my bank to authorize the use of my credits cards in Kenya. An
extra task is to find out about the Shilling: its coin and bill denominations and
to familiarize with them.

Finally, there is one important thing to consider. That is the contact with
animals during the Safari. I cannot interfere with their natural behavior. It can
be very dangerous. Also, I have to consult my guide before getting out of the
vehicles. There are usually lots of wild animals around and it is better to
prevent attacks.

Thats all friends. See you in Africa!

Criterios de evaluacin
Describe la existencia y ubicacin de algo o alguien con la estructura y el
vocabulario requeridos.

Describe los preparativos para un viaje teniendo en cuenta la estructura, el

vocabulario y contexto requeridos.

Expresa deberes y obligaciones, teniendo en cuenta la estructura gramatical,

vocabulario y contexto requeridos.

Describe experiencias de vacaciones haciendo uso de la estructura

gramatical, vocabulario y contexto requeridos.

Describe lugares, ciudades y personas con la estructura gramatical,

vocabulario y contexto requeridos.