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1532 Cap Ridge Peak, New Braunfels, TX 78130 210-848-4426 OWNER: Shannon McMillian


name: Phone/email:

Address: Claim#:

Insurance Company: Project Mgr:

1The under-signed does give Shannon McMillian or his authorized agent Barbara Clanton permission to
comunicate with the insurance company above concerning this claim as the prefrred contractor and owner of
Shannon McMillian Holdings L,L.C. dba Paragon Custom Restoration aka Paragon Rooffng and no othder agents
thereof shall possess this power with the expressed written consengt of SM.

If is agreed upon this contract is contigent on an appoved claim. Paragon agrees to accept the insurance
company's "scope of loss" figure listed as the Replacement Cost Value plus any supplements agreed to by
Insurance. Homeowner is responsible for any monies or exchange greater than the deductible unless additinal
work beyond the scope is expressly ordered by homeowner. Homeowner has a 3 day right of recision and will
be refunded their entire deposit with no hassle what so ever.

Depris Removal Y/N State/City code plus other supplements


Installation of: Metal /Shingle/Tile


Shingle_Tear Off Y/N Storm Date: Claim Date:

Dumpster Rental: Y/N Claim Type: Hail____


Dimensional_X ____ 3 Tab____________


ColoTypeDimnesion : S-panel___ R-panel___Standing Seam___



Valley Metal Y/N Drip Edghe Color_____init._____

Ridge Vent5 Y/N Turbine Removal/Decking6

ACV: _____________________

Recoverable Depreciation: ____________

Contract Sub-Toatal:_________________

Supplements Billed________________ Supplements Received_______________Shortage:________

1) Paragon Custom Restoration is trademarked subsidirary of SHANNON MCMILLIAN HOLDINGS, LLC All rights reseved by Shannon McMillian. 2) Company providing proceeds which are the property of PARAGON in
their entirety. 3) Claim number listed allows Par This contract binds both parties to certain condition. It is subject to insurance approval and includes scope of loss RCV plus supplements. State and Federal Law
prohibt defrauding home owners and contractors from witholding both thedeductible in its entirety and/or pocketing any portion of the proceeds for work completed by contractor. Law requires contractor to
keep records and homeowner to privide proof of paynent in any audit, Paragon Restoraion reserves the right to audit the books and bank accounts of indemnified clients and any subcontractor used on
trabsactions pertainng to this contract for one year from completion upon request,

agon to collect, communicate, and bill without homeowners permission or impedemen,t and all procedes that are mailed to homeowner, including deductible, as they are the property of PCR without exception
and are due immediatly upon reception payable via cash, credit card. debit card, or personal check. 4) once initialed, unless otherwise noted may be substituted in another brand as close as posibble by PCR and
be chabged after PCR purchase. Ridge Vent Free up to 40 LF if deductibe paid in full upfront at signing and 5) Ridge vent is $10 per foot without coupon 6) homeowner agree to pay $50 per sheet which includes
labor, for all decking, without exception.

HOMEOWNER_________________ DATE_____ AGENT FOR


SPOUSE_____________________ PROJECT MGR______________