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Company Proposal Plan


Engineering Technology
For Tomorrows Businesses

Oscorp Industries
1313 Very Lucky Avenue
Industry of Technical Development
New York, NY 10012
Engineering Technology
For Tomorrows Businesses

Project Summary

Oscorp Industries is the worlds leading genetic engineering company but that is not our

only specialty. With contracts from multiple governments spanning the globe, we are one of the

worlds largest weapons manufacturers. Today we are here to introduce one of our products that

has been in the limelight recently, The Glider.

The Glider was an Oscorp product that was made popular by our previous CEO and

Founder, Norman Osborn. When he used the product for his villainous deeds, it was done so

without approval from the company and its board of trustees. The product was stolen while it

was still not fully functional and operating as intended. But we are here today to introduce to

you the product in all of its glory and purpose.

Table of Contents
1) Introduction 4

2) Rationale & Significance 4

3) Plan 5

a) Scope

b) Methods

4) Task. 6

5) Problem Analysis 7

6) Personnel (RFQ)/BioSketch.... 8

7) Budget/Cost Proposal.. 9

8) Conclusion... 10

9) Reference/Appendices. 11

The Glider
We here at Oscorps weapons lab have developed a new weapon for the military to use in

strategic ways. The glider we have invented can be used in stealth operations, such as search and

destroy, rescue missions, take downs, and anything in between. The glider can be used as a drone

also so it can gain surveillance at an incredible speed without having to send in any troops.We

have one big safety feature we to improve the glider even further, to prevent the glider being able

to be stolen or used by the enemy, we have programmed a select few people's DNA into the

glider so that only those selected can use the glider. If the user were to die in combat the glider is

set to self destruct preventing any information leaks. One big issue the glider is having at the

current moment is, the glider itself likes to do nothing for the first 10 minutes of swapping

modes. we are currently in the final stages of the project working out all the kinks with its AI

code, when it is in drone mode the code wont work for the first 10 minutes after switching

modes from there the drone works perfectly normal with no issues. The future for the military is

now and the glider is the step in the right direction.

The Glider is equipped with the newest state of the art technology that would be

beneficial to the military in many ways. Our Glider is equipped with microprocessors which

contain all of the same functions as a central processing unit of a computer. The

microprocessors will aid in navigation as well as contain data that will be needed by the pilot,

such as his/her location, the mission summary, their tasks, and the enemy description and

biography. Not only will the Glider be able to provide this vital information to the pilot, the pilot

will also be able to ask anything he/she needs to know, and will get an accurate response. The
pilot of the Glider is attached due to electromagnetic clasps which are located on the wings of the

Glider. The electromagnetic clasps allow the pilot to step on the Glider without having to

physically strap themselves in. This will allow the pilots to escape danger quickly and efficiently

as well as keep them secure when flying at such high speeds and upside down. The Glider is

controlled by simply leaning in the direction you would like for it to go. A slight subtle lean is

all the Glider needs to move due to its great maneuverability. Although the glider is steered by

leaning, there are also some controls located behind the head of the Glider which allow it to be

controlled manually. Lastly, we equipped the Glider with guns, bombs, and ammo which allow

the pilot to attack using the Glider as well as any other armaments he/she might have on them.

The Glider travels at a maximum speed of 200 mph and can hold about 500 lbs. Overall the

Glider is new, efficient, and innovative technology of the future. The advance technology within

the Glider will allow us to stay one step ahead of our enemies always giving us the upper hand.

Basic Plan
For this project, Oscorp Industries has set up a very specific plan in regards to actually building

our project. In the large scope, we hope to introduce the military to hundreds of these newly

manufactured Gliders in just a few years. Then, as production begins to grow, profits come in,

and demand for these high tech machines begins to become more prominent, Oscorp will be able

to begin mass production of the weapons. By 2040, it is estimated that there could be as many as

one million units sold into the military. This will inevitably put Americas military at the top of

the technology tree when compared to other counties in the world.

Also, the copyright of The Gliders name has to be legally documented so as to secure its good

name for only our use. Specifically, we must assign a team to try and acquire the name in a good

amount of time in order to secure the rights to it. This will ensure that no other companies can

compete with our products or steal the incredibly original name that we came up with.

In order to accomplish this task, we must advertise our campaign to the public as a necessary and

charitable project. Oscorp Industries needs all of the funds that it can get as this will prove to be

a very expensive endeavor. If there are no funds, we will not be able to continue with the plan.

Also, the technology for the batteries has not been perfected yet and they are still not capable of

using the solar rays as a reliable energy source. Thus, the gliders are proving to be unable to fly

for longer periods of time. If all of these issues could be addressed, the gliders will be shipped

out in a limited amount of time.

Task Breakdown
This project is going to take two years to construct. The majority of the research needed

for this project has already been collected. We will break the project up into four phases, which

will last six months each. Oscorp will spend the first six months of the project finishing the

research and putting together the method that we are going to use in building the Glider.

Phase 1: During this phase we will finish the research and put together a method in constructing

our product. We will hold a staff meeting to insure that all of our team members are on the same

page as far as building the project and what we are looking for.
Phase 2: This phase will consist of the actual start of construction of the Glider. During this

phase we will split our team up into two groups. Half of our team will spend the next six months

on the construction of the motherboard and all electrical features for the Glider. While the other

half will be working on the skeleton of the Glider.

Phase 3: During this phase the electrical wiring will be installed into the skeleton of the Glider.

The painting and exterior work will be finished during this phase. Once the parts have been

installed, our team will work on the outer part of the Glider giving it a sleek stylish appearance.

Phase 4: During this last and final phase is where all of the testing will be done. We will put the

Glider through an extensive amount of tests before we will make it available to you. The Glider

will have to pass a series of technical test and procedures to ensure the safety of the pilot and

others working with it.

Problem Analysis
Although our new and improved production of the Glider is very reliable, some problems

could occur. The old model faced a big problem when it was stolen. We have now renewed and

improved the Glider with different and more high-tech programming designed to make sure only

the personalized rider can use the machinery. If someone with very intelligente hacking skills

tried to get into our programming, there is a slim chance they could highjack a specific Glider

and be able to access it. This is a slim to none chance. If this was to happen, a lot of information

could be discovered and used by the wrong person. Another problem that could occur would be

the glider losing power in mid-flight. Even though the new model has a better and more efficient

battery, there is always a chance it could die in mid air. Hopefully, the rider will be completely

aware when the program warns them about low battery usage. This has never happened, but it
could occur if the rider does not keep aware of the system radars. We hope that the final product

of the Glider will be as close to perfection as we can make it. We do not see any problems or

issues occurring in the future.

Personnel (RFQ)
Amanda Definitely Not a Villain Karlsson

Research Assistant

California Institute of Technology graduate of 21

Developed cure for all cancer

Classified as best soccer player in the world before suffering career ending injury.

Edwin Definitely Not Evil Ogachi

Oxford University - Class of 22 Doctorate in AI and Human Interactions

Worked at Stark Industries for 10 years as Head of Artificial Intelligence

Oscorp Industries Current Head of Technology

Adam Just an Average Guy Wannabit

Research Assistant,

Harvard graduate of 2022,

Worked on the whole lab fiasco of 2023,

Lead developer of lab safety technology,

Perfected the antiserum in 2024

John Foreman

Graduate of Harvard University, Class 2022, with High Honors,

Worked in the military as a lead research doctor,

Produced the first genetically modified chicken,

Researching ways to bring back the dinosaurs

Oriana Oriana

Research Assistant

Yale graduate of 22

Researching genetic mutations

Lead researcher of the cloned sheep project

Cloned humans in 2024

The budget for this project is split into two parts: Development phase and Post-Development.

Development Phase

Due to the mass amount of materials that will be required for the production of each

glider, it will cost an estimated one billion dollars to cover this cost.

The technology will also need to be researched which will require many new scientists to

be hired as well as new research materials will need to be acquired for their disposal. This

will cost around three hundred million dollars annually.

The staff required for the project will cost around five hundred million dollars annually.

All of the demos and accidents will require around three hundred million to cover that


Around 20 million dollars for advertising the product.

The cost for production of the glider can be offset by the revenue from buyers.

20 million for lobbying government to give a military contract.

3 million for expanding into the international market

The conclusion we can give to you is that the glider is a well rounded military advantage

that we can use during anytime. Its undetectable stealth allows it slip past any enemy radar. This

is the future we need for our military advantage, with this proposal we at Oscorp hope that the

military can help us with this funding to make several of these for their use and making us the

undisputed power in the world. These will help end wars much faster and they are safer than

using normal troops. With this in mind saving troops is something everyone wants and what we

need to strive to do. Everyone wants to go home and see their loved ones and these Gliders

would help us achieve that. The drone ability allows it to scout and find weaknesses and the fire

power packed into one of these is stronger than a fighter jet. Thank you for the consideration.

1. General major- Chris brown

2. Oscorp CEO - Norman Osborn

3. Dr. Nels Van Adder

4. Dr. Stromm