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the Future
From a modest beginning in 1987, Voltamp Group has
emerged as the shining example of Omans entrepreneurial
spirit and manufacturing prowess by becoming the leading
company in engineering design and manufacturing in
the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. The
multifaceted powerhouse has partnered with the best-
in-class global leaders to offer a wide range of effective
133 MVA 132 kV Class Power Transformer solutions to clients including Ministries & Government
bodies, private sector giants and multinational companies
across industries such as power & water (utility), oil & gas,
construction, manufacturing, tourism, health, education,
telecom, real estate, retail, etc.

Voltamp manufactures an extensive range of power and

distribution transformers, low voltage switchgears and
packaged sub-stations using state-of-the-art technology
at their manufacturing facilities in Sohar and Rusayl. With
a capacity of 10,000 MVA, Voltamp has one of the largest
facilities in the MENA region. The Group derives its
competitive edge over other manufacturers from a highly
VOLTAMP GROUP experienced in-house design team, modern technology
from global partners and a well recognised service
Voltamp Energy SAOG
capability for the products. Providing best products and
Trading Division
solutions to its clients in the most efficient manner is the
Voltamp Transformers Oman SAOC hallmark of Voltamps unmatched commitment towards
Engineering Services Division ensuring customer delight. Over 25,000 installations all
over the MENA region is a testimony to Voltamps strong
Voltamp Power LLC
credentials in the regional market. The Group exports 50
per cent of its products.



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The Group comprise of three distinctive
companies and one full-fledged independent
division. Voltamp Power LLC, the latest
addition to the Group with a world class
facility located at Sohar, manufactures power
transformers upto 500 MVA and 220 kV
voltage class in partnership with Tatung Co
of Taiwan. From its Rusyal plant, Voltamp
Transformers Oman SAOC manufactures
medium power transformers upto 10MVA
and 33 kV class, distribution transformers
upto 3000 KVA and 33 kV class, special
transformers for the oil & gas sector and other
special transformers including multi-tap &
Plate shift transformers Earthing transformers,
Hermetically sealed transformers and
packaged sub-stations. The core technology
was sourced from Babcock Transformers,
UK. Voltamp Energy SAOG is known for
manufacturing low voltage switchgear panels
in partnership with Schneider, France. In
addition, Voltamp Group has an Engineering
Services Division (ESD) capable of repairing
and maintaining transformers upto 500 MVA
and 220 kV class, supply spares and provide
erection testing, services.


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500 220 .

Inaugurated in 2011, Voltamp Powers world-class
manufacturing facility is one of its kinds in the region. It
manufactures Power Transformers upto 500 MVA 220kV
class. With the unique proposition of European quality
at local prices and local service backup, Voltamp has
reduced the reliance on imported transformers to a great
extent in the MENA region. Located at Sohar Industrial
Area, adjacent to Sohar Industrial Port, the plant offers
a quick connectivity to markets in the region to reduce
delivery cost and time for the clients. A dedicated team of
Voltamp engineers provides complete service during the
installation and commissioning.

The technology for the plant is being provided by

MAIN PRODUCTS well reputed Tatung, Taiwan. Tatung has been making
High Voltage Power Transformers upto 500 MVA, transformers since last 50 years and their manufacturing
220 kV Class range extends upto 800 MVA 345 kV class. The plants
Generator Transformers machinery and equipment have been sourced from globally
Furnace Transformers upto 24 MVA 33KV Class renowned companies such as HAEFELY, Switzerland;
Booster Transformers DELU, Germany; HIPOTRONICS, USA; SANMI Corporation,
Rectifier Transformers Japan and LOOTAH LEMMENS, Germany. The super flat
floor has been provided by Sika AG, Sweden.

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The plant has the capacity to produce total 6,500 MVA
per year. It is equipped to conduct routine, type and
special tests in accordance with IEC 60076/ANSI (C-57-
12-90) standards requirement. The power transformers
manufactured by Voltamp are made under stringent
quality control in compliance with ISO 9001: ISO 14001
and 18001 standards. The facility could be seamlessly
upgraded to 400kV class in future with minimal
investment, another path-breaking development in the
MENA region.

The company has installed powerful and highly

sophisticated software tools to design and develop the
power transformers. The deployment of these advanced
tools ensures optimum electrical & mechanical efficiency
besides determining eddy current losses and short circuit
forces accurately. The 3-D modeling software facilitates
the viewing of virtual prototypes of transformers including
active parts and electrical clearances.

Voltamp has already supplied more than 100 power

transformers of various rating ranging from 8MVA and
upto 125 MVA 132KV class for Oman utilities and Oil &
Gas sector.


(.)IEC 60076/ANSI C-57-12-90

: 9001
1400 18001 400



8 125 132

The companys world-class manufacturing facility at
Rusyal started commercial production in 1993 using the
core technology sourced from Babcock Transformers,
UK. It manufactures and markets a wide range of
power, distribution and specialty transformers. It offers
Distribution Transformers up to 3000KVA and 33 kV
class. It also manufactures Medium Power Transformers
up to 10 MVA 33 kV class. It has expertise in providing
special duty transformers such as Multi Tap and Phase
Shift Transformers for VFD Drives having application in
the oil & gas sector catering to reputed clients including
MAIN PRODUCTS & SERVICES PDO, KOC, JO and KNPC, etc. In addition, it provides
Distribution Transformers up to 3000KVA, Earthing Transformers for the substations, Hermetically
33 KV Voltage Class Sealed Transformers for desert applications and Motor
Power Transformers up to 10 MVA, 33 KV Duty, Step Up and Generator Duty Transformers.
Voltage Class The company offers its customers a complete package
Special Transformers for the Oil & Gas of services including erection, testing, commissioning,
Sector servicing, repairing, maintenance, overhauling of all types
Earthing Transformers and makes of transformers and associated equipment
Hermetically Sealed Transformers through its Engineering and Services Division.
Transformers on skid with/without Voltamp Transformers enjoys a high credibility in the
enclosure market with a strong track record in Product Performance,
Multi-tap Transformers for Variable Speed Reliability and Customer Satisfaction. The ISO 9001,
Drives, Phase Shift Transformers ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified company has been
Engineering services including Erection, progressively expanding its product portfolio as per the
Testing, Commissioning, Servicing, latest market trends. To maintain global standards, it
Repairing, Maintenance, Overhauling of periodically validates its design by getting its products
all types and makes of Transformers and Type Tested at leading international independent test
Associated Equipment/Supply of Spares laboratories such as KEMA (Netherlands), CESI (Italy)
and CPRI (India), etc.



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.Earthing Transformers

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9001:14001 18001



M.V. Switchgear (11KV) Voltamp Energy is a prominent player in the LV
L.V. Switchgear (415V) Distribution Systems market. With a manufacturing unit
Intelligent MCCs at Rusayl, the company has built an enviable trust in the
market for Design, Engineering, Assembly, Manufacture,
Motor Control Center (MCC)
Marketing and Servicing of LV Distribution Systems
Power Control Center (PCC)
and Industrial Automation Systems. To offer the best
MCCB/MCB Distribution Boards international quality, the company sources most of its
Control Panels Switchgear components from Schneider Electric. The
SCADA Control System enclosures and bus bar systems used are also type tested
Variable Speed Drive Panels by the Principals at leading independent test labs in the
world. The product range includes Intelligent MCCs,
Feeder Pillars
Distribution Boards, Custom Build Panels, Feeder Pillars,
Package Substations etc. apart from Packaged Sub-Stations.

To provide customized solutions to the clients, the

company has a full-fledged in house design and
Trading Division engineering team equipped with state of the art, Auto CAD
Distribution Boards Systems. It regularly upgrades its design capabilities to
Bus Duct keep in line with state of the art improvements in Low
Battery Chargers Voltage Switchgear Assemblies/ Products. The company
has excellent credentials in the market as its prestigious
Control & Relay Panels
clients from across the GCC region vouch for its quality
Earth Fault Resistor products and reliable after-sales service.
Dry Type Cast Resin Transformers (3150
KVA,33KV Class)


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( 415) .
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The breakdown of the transformer can result in an irreversible
monetary and time loss for any company. Voltamp understands
how critical is the smooth functioning of a transformer for any
business or utility. As a result, Voltamp has been running a
dedicated Engineering Services Division (ESD) to provide
seamless engineering solutions for transformer repairs and
maintenance. The ESD is equipped with the latest machinery
and professional team to undertake a wide array of maintenance
services at the site or inhouse workshop. With an extensive
experience as a solution provider of high-quality equipment and
systems for electrical substations, Voltamp is well-placed to
execute the project on a turnkey basis. Voltamp has supplied,
erected, installed and commissioned substations upto 33kV
class for many prestigious projects.

Factory services are available for any make of transformers up

to 500MVA/220kV class at Sohar and up to 10MVA/33kV at
our Muscat Facility which includes:
-- Transformers overhauling / Refurbishment
-- Repair and winding replacement
-- Life Increase through Drying out and Insulation change
-- Oil leak attending, cleaning and painting services
-- Testing and customer inspection
-- Up gradation / modification of transformers with change in
Voltage as per Client requirement
-- Modification of pole mounted - ground mounted, sealed
cover to conservator type transformer viz versa.

Supply of transformer spares and transformer oil site services

are available for any make of transformers for any range of
transformers which include:
-- Transformer Oil testing, Lube/fuel oil testing
-- Oil filling and filtration services under Vacuum
-- Site Repair and overhauling of transformers
-- Man power deputation and supervision of site works
-- Erection and installation of transformers at site
-- Testing (Routine and Special tests), precommissioning and
online assessment services
-- Annual maintenance contract for transformers
-- Other supporting services like RMU & Panels maintenance,
Cable Jointing & Terminations and Hipot testing of cables etc.




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Voltamp is a six time winner of Special award for most trusted Voltamp designs are approved by
His Majestys Cup for best factories electricals manufacturer independent test laboratories


3 times winner 2013 to 2015 20 MVA 33/11.5 KV


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