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I. Identify the following. Write the name of the following Artist.

1. Oblation

2. Detail of Crucifixion, Station of the Cross

3. Spolarium

4. Bonifacio Monument

5. Filipino Struggles through History

II. Fill in the blanks. Complete the sentences. Write the correct answer.

Narrative Practical arts Musical arts Environmental arts Pictorial works

Film maker Dancer Photographer Musician Print maker

Painter Medium Sculptor Architect Theater artist

1. _____ is defined as the material or the substances out of which a work is made.

2. The ____ uses metal, wood, stone, clay and glass.

3. The __ uses wood, bamboo, bricks, stone, concrete and various building materials.

4. The ___ uses pigments (e.g watercolor, textile paint etc.) on a usually flat ground (Wood, canvas,etc)

5. The __ uses ink printed or transferred on a surface (wood, metal plates or silk screen) that is in
keeping with a duplicating or reproducing process.

6. The ___ uses sound and instruments (including the human voice).

7. The ___ uses the body and its movements.

8. The ___ integrates all the arts and uses the stage, production design, performances elements etc.

9. The __ filmmaker use the camera to record the outside world.

10. The ___ uses the cinematographic camera to record and put together production design, sound,
engineering, performance and screenplay.
11. The___ include music, poetry (those that have perceptible rhythm and can be sung or danced that is
accompanied by music.

12. The __ have immediate use for everyday and business life such as design, architecture and furniture.

13. ____ occupy space and change in its meaning and function depending on their categories including
architecture, sculpture and site specific works such as installations and public art.

14. ____ include painting, drawing, graphics and stage and production design.

15. The art forms are classified as ___ and they include drama, novel, fiction, nonfiction, music and

III. Complete the table. GAMABA AWARDEES

Form Manlilikha ng Year of Ethnicity/Location Expertise

Bayan Conferment
Weaving Lang Dulay 1. ______ Mindanao 2. _______
3. ______ Haja Amina 4. _______ Tawi-tawi 5. _____
6. ______ Masino Intaray 1993 7. ____ 8.
Literature and 9. ______ 10. ___ Kalinga Northern 11.
Performing Arts Luzon
12. ____ 13. ____ 14. _____ Ilocano/ San 15.
Quintin, Abra
Northern uzon

IV. Give the following.

a. 1-7 Elements of arts

b. 8-15 (8 examples) Nature of art

V. Answer the following question.

1. What is Technique?>

2. What do we mean by Support System of the Arts?

3. What is Medium?