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Audit Protocol

How to gain certification

Review any appropriate guidelines
For training requirements contact Cert ID

Self-assessment of compliance to the Standard

Audit/Selection Define scope of the audit
Preparation Determine if a pre-audit is required or, if you are confident that you
conform to the clauses of Standard, select
Announced/Unannounced Audit

Provide information to Cert ID for audit preparation

Audit Ensure information and appropriate personnel are available for
Planning the audit even in the event of an unannounced audit
Define audit date once Cert ID have verified the audit duration

Opening meeting
Facility inspection
Document review
Traceability exercise
On-site Audit Review of facility inspection
Final review of findings by auditor
Closing meeting review audit findings and confirm any non-

Corrective action provided for any non-conformities identified

Non-conformities within 28 days (unless otherwise stated) or revisit depending on
and corrective number and nature
Certification body reviews evidence in 14 days
action If corrective action deemed satisfactory, certificate, audit report
and corresponding grade issued

Ongoing maintenance of the Standard and continual

Obtain login details for BRC Global Standards Directory and share
Post Audit audit report with any required customers
Use of BRC logos (restrictions may apply)
Ongoing communication with Cert ID
Schedule re-audit in advance of your re-audit window