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When Napoleon read the Gospel of John near the end of his life, he reportedly said, Either Jesus is
the Son of God or the one who wrote this Gospel is! I know men, and no man could have made up a
story like this. It is true, there has never been a story written or dreamed of like this one. It is simply
beyond human genius to have conceived such a marvel and wonder as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
However, it is not a story . It is true, and it is actually the most verified account in history , with the
evidence of it continuing to permeate the entire earth. The Gospel is the account of the history of
the greatest miracle of allthe majesty , wonder, and glory of God becoming a man and living
among His own creation. God has done many great things throughout history to reveal Himself to
His beloved creation, with the purpose of leading mankind and the earth back to reconciliation with
Himself, but none can compare to the miracle of God coming and living among us. The very concept
that God Himself became a man and walked among us is so extraordinary and incredible that it is
understandable that no one can really grasp it unless God helps them to. Only the Holy Spirit can
open our eyes to the reality of this, regardless of the overwhelming evidence in history that this
actually took place. We, therefore, should not fault the skeptics, but pray for them to have eyes to
see. We need to also pray that those who have seen and who have believed would have their eyes
opened to see just how marvelous this miracle really is. How can anyone who has seen the love of
God, which is manifested through Jesus, not be in perpetual awe and wonder at this love? How
could anyone who really sees not constantly be on fire with a passion to make our glorious God
known? There is only one way . For some reason, we closed our eyes to this greatest of all truths and
started focusing more on this present world. This book is not written for skeptics, but for believers. It
is not written to convince you of the reality of this miracle, but to hopefully remind you of just what
a wonder and marvel it is and how wonderful our God is, which is forever proven by this greatest of
all historic events. He emptied Himself and became one of us so that we might ascend from the
depths of our depravity to become like Him . This is one of the ultimate questions: Are we still
ascending? The true Christian life is the greatest adventure and the highest quest that any human
being can experience. Are we living it? Or have we lost our way and sunk back down to the
temporary cares of the earthly? Even if you have lost your way and sunk back to the cares of the
earthly , you can rise again and soar into the heavenly realm that is your true home. As we proceed
toward the end of this age, this bridge between the heavenly and natural realms will be found by
more and more people, and the supernatural will become more and more natural to all who believe
in Him . However, our goal is not to just live in the supernatural, but to live in Him . This book is a
portrayal of what it was like to behold this greatest of miraclesGod becoming a man and walking
among menfrom both the human perspective and the angelic, which is the spiritual realm . This is
not to add or subtract one thing from the biblical narrative, but to help us grasp the spiritual,
supernatural perspective. This greatest of all miracles is the foundation of our faith, and it is
supernatural; the true Christian walk is supernatural. This book began when I was going through a
period of having extraordinary prophetic experiences almost every week. I was being caught up into
another realm at times and seeing things from the spiritual perspective, including the great spiritual
battles on earth. These experiences were very hard, often very frightening, but at the same time
wonderful beyond description. I was shown many things about the future, and this was very exciting,
but my greatest love has always been history , and the greatest history of all is the account of Jesus
walking the earth. In one experience, which I wrote about in The Final Quest, I saw the crucifixion. It
was almost more than I could take, and I was undone by this for weeks. I love the Gospels and read
them over and over, all of them at least once a year, but no amount of reading had ever impacted
me with the cross the way that experience did. I could not stop thinking of Mary , the mother of
Jesus, the other women who followed Him , John, His beloved disciple, and the incredible courage
they had to stand there and watch the One they loved be tortured. But even more than this what
was it like for the Father to watch this happen to His beloved Son? I only saw it in a vision, and I
could not endure ithow did they see the real crucifixion and endure it? It was because of love that
they all endured it. It was because of love that Jesus endured it. After my experience of beholding
the cross, I never wanted to see it again, and at the same time I wanted to see it again more than
anything. As I said, I love seeing things in the future, but