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4 December 2017

The Africa Group for Justice and Accountability (AGJA) extends a warm wel-
come to its newest member, Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura. In joining the Group,
Ms. Bangura becomes its thirteenth member.

We are excited and honoured to welcome Ms. Bangura to the Africa Group for Justice and
Accountability, declared AGJA chairperson Hassan Bubacar Jallow. Her proven track-rec-
ord, vision, and leadership on issues of justice and accountability, human rights, and sexual
and gender-based violence represent a tremendous addition to the Group as it continues to
advocate for accountability across the African continent. On behalf of the AGJA, I extend my
warmest welcome to Ms. Bangura and look forward to working with her on justice and account-
ability issues in Africa and beyond.

Bangura stated that she is looking forward to joining the AGJA and furthering its mandate of
advocating for justice and accountability in Africa, particularly in the realm of sexual and gen-
der based violence. I am very honored to be a part of the great work that is being done by
this distinguished group of people in my continent of Africa, said Bangura. I see my involve-
ment in the group as an opportunity to continue to work on issues that been the defining cause
of my career and my life the quest for gender justice, which is a tool for better and more
responsive governance. It is a force for peace and shared prosperity. I thank the entire AGJA
for the great job they have done and continue to do to support justice and accountability in

Zainab Bangura has a long and widely acclaimed track-record of speaking out against mass
atrocities, corruption, and sexual violence, for which she has been widely recognized and cel-
ebrated. From 2012 to 2017, Bangura was the United Nations Special Representative on Sex-
ual Violence in Conflict. Prior to her time at the UN, Bangura was the Minister of Health and
Sanitation (2010-2012) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007-2010) of Sierra Leone. Ban-
gura has been awarded numerous prizes for her efforts in the fields of justice, human rights,
and the prevention of sexual and gender based violence.
The Africa Group for Justice and Accountability was established to support efforts to strengthen
justice and accountability measures in Africa through domestic and regional capacity building,
advice and outreach, and enhancing co-operation between Africa and the International Crimi-
nal Court. It comprises senior African experts on international criminal law and human rights,
including political figures, members of international and domestic tribunals, and human rights

Dapo Akande (Nigeria), Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford

Zainab Bangura (Sierra Leone), Former United Nations Special Representative on Sex-
ual Violence in Conflict
Femi Falana (Nigeria), Human rights activist and lawyer
Hassan Bubacar Jallow (Gambia), Chief Justice of the Gambia, former Prosecutor at
the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and International Residual Mechanism for
Criminal Tribunals
Richard Goldstone (South Africa), Former Chief Prosecutor of the United Nations In-
ternational Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia
Tiyanjana Maluwa (Malawi), H. Laddie Montague Chair in Law, Pennsylvania State
University School of Law; Former Associate Dean for International Affairs, School of Law
& Director, School of International Affairs
Athaliah Molokomme (Botswana), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bot-
swana to Switzerland and the UN Office in Geneva, and former Attorney-General of Bot-
Betty Kaari Murungi (Kenya), Senior Advisor on Transitional Justice to the Joint Moni-
toring and evaluation commission (JMEC)
Mohamed Chande Othman (Tanzania), Former Chief Justice of Tanzania
Navi Pillay (South Africa), Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Catherine Samba-Panza (Central African Republic), Former Transitional President
of the Central African Republic
Fatiha Serour (Algeria), Director of Serour Associates for Inclusion and Equity
Abdul Tejan-Cole (Sierra Leone), Executive Director of the Open Society Initiative for
West Africa