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Why Choose

Dental Implant?

Dental Implantss are the following best thing to your healthy, regular teeth. Solid and stable, a
dental implant restores a lost tooth so it looks, feels, fits and capacities like a natural tooth when
implanted by an experienced implant dental specialist.

What is Dental Implant.?

01 A Dental Implant is one option for replacing a one or

many tooth.

What Are Implants Made From.?

02 An Implant is a metallic screw made of titanium which is

inserted into the jaw issue that remains to be worked
out the missing tooth.

03 Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal Dental Implant
Plate Form Implant
Subperiosteal Implant

Why Choose Implants

Implant looks like No restrictions on Can last a lifetime

natural teeth foods you can eat

Will not irritate gums Will not impact nearby

like dentures teeth like bridge

Facts About
Missing Teeth

In the U.S In the U.S

Of People Ages 35-44
69% Empty text

are missing at least

one tooth.

Million People Have

3 Dental Implants.

approximately 500,000 25% of People Ages 74

500000 more get them every and older are missing all
year. of their tooth.

Dental Implants are Successful andOne-Time Cost, Don't

depend on neighboring teeth for support,Dental Implants
reestablish biting quality and chewing solidness, Dental
Implants are a 'no regrets' strategy for tooth replacement.

Dr. Brijesh A. Patelis Specialist for Dental Implant,

Homeopath Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry at Vardan
Dental Clinic.

And done nearly 4000 Implant Procedure at his center. and done nearly 4000 Implant procedure at his centreand done nearly 4000 Implant procedure at his centre.and done nearly 4000 Implant procedure at his centre.and done nearly 4000 Implant procedure at his centre.A
Dr. Brijesh Patel:
B.D.S, Dental Implantologist
Director Of Vardan Dental Clinic & Insititute
Harward School of Dentistry (USA)
AIC (South Korea)
IAC (Boston, USA)
Software Guided Surgery (Las Vegas, USA)
Member of ISO, ICOI, IAOI
Member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)

Worked With: Dr. Heder(Israel)

Dr.Morgan(Bostan, USA)
Dr.Dong Seok Sohn(S.Korea)
Dr.Jeon & Dr.Choe(S.Korea)
Dr.Morencolla (Italy)
Dr.Ashok Patel (USA)
Dr.Shardi Daher(USA)
Vardan Dental Clinic
Established in 1997, our centre is
headed by Dr. Brijesh Anil Patel. Dr
Mili B Patel and team of specialists
dental surgeons is dedicated to
bringing personalized dental care
to every member of your family.