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In identifying the positive results of carbohydrates using different sugars, eight various tests were
used. First is Molisch test. In Molischs test, the violet or purple ring indicates a positive result in the
junction of 2 layered solution. Second is the Seliwanoffs test. In that test, a red colored solution indicates
a positive result. Third is Iodine test. In iodine test the positive result produced a blue or purple solution.
Next test is Bials test, a bluish solution indicated that the sugar solution was positive. In Fehlings test, a
brick red solution is the indication of a positive result. In Fehlingss test, the formation of brick red solution
indicates a positive result. A dark red solution in the Barfoeds test indicates a positive result. The last test
was Tollens test. In Tollens test, the indication of a positive result is a silver mirror or black solution. The
purpose of this experiment for carbohydrates is to determine its reaction using different techniques or