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Creating your own webpage
Share a Google Doc with Mr. Wiertel. Email him at Title of Doc Last Name iWeb


Question #1= Create a list of 20 items (related to your topic)
under $100 that you can sell. PRODUCTS
Question #2= Create a list of 10-15 expensive items (related to your topic) THE BEST OF THE
BEST... over $100
Question #3= Create a list of 5 companies that you respect (they do not have to
be related to your topic)
Question #4- Write a paragraph about what makes a your company successful.
How does your store treat customers, advertise products, display products
in stores, sell products? What makes people want to purchase your brand?
This paragraph will be used for your store homepage!

Step 1: Open up your Website Brainstorm Doc.
Step 2: View your answer to question number 3.
Step 3: Open up Safari
Step 4: Using separate tabs (File/ New Tab). Open up the official websites of
the companies you listed in brainstorm question 3 You should have 5 tabs
Step 5: Compare the websites
Step 6: On your website brainstorm doc answer the following prompts
(Question 5-9 on Brainstorm doc)
5. Which website is your favorite and why?
6. What similarities do you see on the different sites?
7. How are the site advertising products(celebs/product/image)?
8. What dont you like about the websites?
9. Does the website have any visuals that grab your attention? (Pictures)
Describe those visuals- What stands out?
Step 7: Time to create your own company! Using your brainstorm doc answer
the following questions. (Question 10-16 on Brainstorm doc)
10. What type of company will you be creating?
(Clothing, Cars, Restaurant, Tech, ????)
11. List the different items that will be sold in your store (minimum 10 items)
12.Where will your store be located? (Exact location needed)
13. Name your store/company Be creative
14. Create a logo (just describe what your logo will be)
15. About ME . Write a paragraph that you will use for your about me web
page. This paragraph should describe you! Interests, family life, schooling, ect.