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NAME:______________________ DATE:____________________



1. Complete the words for jobs with the missing letters.

E.G. This person types letters and answers the phone. a d m i n i s t r a t i v e


a) This person takes money in a store. C _ s h _ _ r

b) This person cuts your hair. H _ _ _ _ r _ s s _ r

c) This person drives a taxi. T _ _ _ d r _ _ _ r

d) This person answers the phone and makes appointments. R _ c _ p t _ _ n _ s t

e) This person fixes your teeth. D _ _ t _ _ t

f) This person is in the government. P _ l _ t _ c _ _ n

g) This person helps sick people. N _ _ _ e

2. Label the items and write the prices. Use the information below.

Watch= thirty five dollars battery= ninety-eight cents

Belt= six dollars and fifty cents bracelet= thirteen dollars and seventy-five cents

Radio= twenty-five dollars and fifty cents sunglasses= forty-nine dollars

Towel= nine dollars and ninety-nine cents

_________________ _________________

___________________ _________________ _________________


3. Write the names of each food item.

0 ____meat_____

1 _____________
2 ______________

3 ______________

4 ______________

5 ______________

6 ______________


4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in

a) I usually ____do_____ my homework on Saturday afternoons, but today I ___am
playing___ football with my brother. (do/play)
b) My mom usually ____________ me to school every day, but today she ___________
my brother to the dentist. (drive/take)
c) We usually __________ home from school at four oclock, but today we
____________ late to finish our English project. (get/stay)
d) Sally ___________ in an office every day, but today she _____________ her mom in
the restaurant. (work/help)
e) Lee and John ____________ toast and orange juice for breakfast today, but they
usually __________ cereal and coffee. (have/have)
5. Complete the questions and answers. Use the cues
a) Necklace Rita? / my
Q: Is this __Ritas___ necklace?
A: No, it isnt _hers__. Its _mine_.
b) Radio your brother? / my dad
Q: Is that ___________ radio?
A: No, it isnt _________. Its __________.
c) House your cousins? / my grandparents
Q: Is that ___________ house?
A: No, it isnt_________. Its _____________.
d) Bracelet my? / Maria
Q: Is this ____________ bracelet?
A: No, it isnt __________. Its ____________.
e) DVDs our? / Jack
Q: Are these ___________ DVDs?
A: No theyre not ___________. They are ____________.
a) There isnt any / some ketchup in that bottle.
b) Is / Are there any salt in the cabinet?
c) There are no / any peaches or melons.
d) There isnt / arent any beef.
e) There is any/ some cheese in the fridge.
f) There arent any / some tomatoes in this sandwich
g) Is / Are there any apples or pears?
h) There isnt / arent any ice cream for my strawberries!


0. Can I help you?
a) Its $4.99. b) Yes, please. c) Sorry, I cant
1. Is there any chicken in the refrigerator?
a) No, they arent. b) Yes, there are. c) No, there isnt.
2. Are these your sisters sunglasses?
a) No, its mine. b) No, theyre mine. c) Yes, its hers.
3. Who do you go to when you have a problem with your car?
a) A mechanic. b) A carpenter. c) A cashier.
4. Whose is this cell phone?
a) Its Davids. b) Its David. c) Its Davids.
5. How much are these goggles?
a) Its $7.99 b) No, thanks. c) Theyre $7.99.

Help expensive no how take much

certainly please have discount any

Store assistant: Hello, can I 0__help_ you?

Carlos: Yes, please. Can I 1_________ a chocolate cake, please?

Store Assistant: Yes, 2___________. Anything else?

Carlos: Yes. Do you have 3___________ peaches?

Store Assistant: No, Im sorry. There are 4___________ peaches or pears today.

Carlos: Ok. 5________ much is that?

Store Assistant: Thats $3.90, 6__________.

Sandra: Excuse me, how 7__________ are these sunglasses?

Store Assistant: Theyre $35.

Sandra: Thats a little 8___________.

Store Assistant: Wait. Theres a special 9___________ today. So theyre only $25.

Sandra: Ok. Ill 10__________ them!