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Post-Critical Reflection

1. Our groups inquiry question was present when we were planning and choosing how to
divide who was going to cover the three separate relationships. We split these up into
student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-school to help incorporate all that we
wanted to say regarding the positive and negative implications of social media within the
school climate.

2. We ensured all the teaching and learning activities were aligned by having our main
question as the second slide to guide the rest of the presentation. We then made sure our
activity allowed our students to reflect on this question through the different perspectives
(student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-school) via our role-playing game used at
the end of our presentation.

3. The students were most engaged when discussing what they would do with our Instagram
photo example. During the discussion portion the students showed that they were
engaged within their group via conversation and then they shared what their group had
discussed with the class which showed their involvement, participation and
understanding for the lesson they had just learned.

4. The students were least engaged after they had been listening to us as the presenters for
10 minutes, right before our practice question. I would say they were least engaged
because they had information presented to them for a while and needed a bit of a break
(which was given via the discussion).

5. The multiculturalism visual representation of a melting pot with card colours

demonstrated to me how mixed the races within public schools are. This was useful for
my learning as it was a visual representation of how schools can become melting pots
and how teachers must accommodate for students who may or may not know English
well. Another lesson that got engaged me as a learner was the cheating presentation when
the group put discussion questions throughout their presentation. These questions kept me
involved and listening versus just putting out the information and then asking questions.

6. This project has showed me how much time it takes to plan a lesson before you deliver it
as a teacher. Another insight this lesson gave me was that it showed me how prevalent
social media is becoming within the classroom and that teachers must be prepared to have
a public and private social media profile while remaining professional with relationships
such as teacher-student(s) and teacher-school.