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Argumentative Writing Rubric

Score 4 3 2 1
Highly Proficient Proficient Close to Proficient Developing Proficiency

Format I consistently follow MLA format. I follow MLA format with few I attempt to follow MLA MLA format is not followed.
RL.10.1 My paper contains proper in text errors. format.
citations with a works cited page. My paper contains proper in
text citations with a works cited

Introductory I independently formulate an My introduction has a hook, Introduction has basic I do not articulate a position or
Paragraph introduction that has an effective background information, and background information but defend a thesis statement/claim
W.10.1 hook, background information, and an arguable thesis statement. may contain unnecessary in my introduction, or my thesis
arguable thesis statement with I articulate a strong and relevant summary. statement is not an argument.
exceptional depth and insight. argument. My claim is unclear, lacks
I independently articulate a precise, depth, or is more accepted fact
insightful, and nuanced argument. than argument.
Argument may be cliche or lack
depth or clarity.

Supporting I cite relevant, accurate, and thorough I cite mostly relevant, accurate, I cite minimal evidence to I cite minimal evidence to
Body evidence from at least four sources to and fairly thorough evidence to support my thesis, and it may support my thesis, and it may
Paragraphs support my thesis. support my thesis. not be relevant or accurate, or it not be relevant or accurate, or it
W.10.1 I clearly and thoroughly explain how I clearly explain how the may lack detail. may lack detail.
RL.10.1 the evidence supports my claim. evidence supports my claim. I attempt to explain how the If I attempt to explain how the
I develop claims and counterclaim(s) I develop claims and evidence supports my claim, but evidence supports my claim, my
in depth, providing evidence for each counterclaim(s), providing connections fall short or lack arguments are underdeveloped,
and evaluating the strengths and evidence for each. I do some depth. fall short, or lack depth.
limitations of the evidence. evaluation of the strengths and Some of my claims and/or I do not effectively evaluate
limitations of the evidence. counterclaim(s) lack evidence for strengths and
development. limitations.
I do not effectively evaluate My argument is missing
evidence for strengths and essential components.
Conclusion I develop a strong conclusion that I develop a conclusion that I develop a conclusion that My conclusion is missing or
W 10.1 echoes my thesis statement without echoes my thesis statement echoes my thesis statement but significantly underdeveloped.
restating the same words and makes without restating in the same may lack depth and does not
clear why my argument is important words, and explains why my emphasize the importance of the
or relevant. argument is important. argument.

Conventions I demonstrate a mastery of the I demonstrate command of the I demonstrate some command I am not yet able to demonstrate
L.10.1 conventions of standard English in conventions of standard English of the conventions of standard command of the conventions of
capitalization, punctuation, and in capitalization, punctuation, English capitalization, standard English in
spelling. and spelling, with few errors punctuation, and spelling, with capitalization, punctuation,and
Few to no errors. that do not impede readability errors that may begin to impede spelling. My writing has
of essay. readability of essay. numerous errors.
Very minimal errors do not Errors begin to impede Errors impede readability.
impede readability. readability.

Word Choice Throughout my essay, I use engaging Throughout my essay, I use My essay contains some My essay does not apply
W.10.1 and precise word choice, as well as an precise word choice, as well as colloquial or informal language. academic or professional tone.
appropriate academic and professional an appropriate academic and
tone for formal argumentative writing. professional tone.


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