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SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications, colours and prices without notice. The information in this brochure can therefore be given as guidance only. While SEAT makes every effort to ensure that the specifications are accurate at the time of publication (01.11.2003), you should always check with your authorised SEAT Partner for the latest information. Due to limitations of the printing process the colours reproduced in this brochure may vary slightly from the actual paint colour and material.

navigation kit aerodynamic kit chromed decorative grille blue Xenon lamps subwoofer


all accessories have been rigorously tested. officially approved and are guaranteed by the exclusive Original Design seal. which always guarantees the highest quality. From alloy wheels and an aerodynamic kit to steering wheels and roof bars. Officially approved accessories by Original Design not only enhance the sporting aspects of the vehicle but also comply with all safety standards required by SEAT. s e a t . Would you like a more complete Ibiza? More sporting? More you? SEAT Accessories offers you a wide range of products designed to help you personalize your vehicle as you wish. The exclusive Original Design of all accessories is supervised by a team of experts and technicians who ensure perfect adaptation to each SEAT model.Turn your car into an elite sports man. SEAT Accessories has a research department equipped with the highest technology to develop products under Original Design. assuring you maximum quality at all times. c o m . always with the SEAT guarantee of quality and exclusivity.

6x15” BEDIA (6L0601025G). we select the finest materials and subject them to thorough quality and performance testing. All our alloy wheels offer the perfect combination of beauty and technology.5x16” SEAT Sport Speedline (6L0071490). . 7x17” SEAT Sport OZ (6L0071491). together with the best materials to provide you with optimum results. To build our alloy wheels. Your Ibiza will stand out for its irresistible beauty with any of our alloy wheels 6. anti-theft device for wheels (KS07250053) and the anti-theft wheel bolts (KS07215053). 6x14” DEVA (6L0601025F).Buy the latest sport shoes. Ensure greater security for your wheels with the Fit your Ibiza with the latest in alloy wheels and you’ll achieve a more spectacular and sportier look.

red 6L0052180R. Stand out from the crowd with the race style fuel filler cap trim (6L0064700). combining perfectly with the body colour. the colour-coded headlamps have been developed with the same colour processes used in the body paint finish. or metallic silver 6L0052180G) . The chromed decorative grille. headlamps increase the sporting appeal of your car. an unmistakeable sign of a sporty character (6L0052531). its sporting nature and especially for its unmistakeable style. To achieve a perfect match. You can also add the chromed decorative grille and at once your Ibiza will stand out for its beauty. yellow or silver? The colour-coded Choose the way it looks.Red. Achieve the perfect look with the colour-coded headlamp kit (in yellow 6L0052180A.

your driving pleasure. Sports suspension kit (TDi engines 6L0071690. . Rubber sports pedals for a more dynamic driving experience (000071700). petrol 6L5071620) and the rear suspension spring kit (TDi engines. Achieve greater sporting performance with the front suspension spring kit (TDi engines 6L5071610. petrol 6L5071630). petrol 6L0071691).

and temperature and viability tests. you can lower the ride height and increase safety while improving ride quality and braking. Spectacular sporty exhaust pipe in stainless steel with an oval tailpipe (6L1072002). exclusive SEAT design (6L0071670). s e a t . dynamic handling. design and development to achieve the best aerodynamic coefficients. rear wing and side skirt kit. the new kit makes your Ibiza much more competitive to drive. durability and resistance testing. which has successfully passed all quality. together with the spectacular structure of the kit. rear skirt. rear wing and side skirt kit. research. Add the new sport exhaust pipe in stainless steel with oval tailpipe. Increase the stability and strengthen the suspension with the strut brace (6L0071710). c o m . With the sport springs and sport suspension kit from SEAT Accessories. equipped As a result of wind tunnel testing.The new Ibiza aerodynamic kit has been developed after a thorough process of The aerodynamic kit is an original design. and enjoy an exclusive pleasure reserved for very few: pure admiration. Multiply the admiration. Aerodynamic kit including front skirt. with front and rear skirt. developed with the latest advances in automotive engineering R&D by SEAT.

has an audio system that raises and lowers the volume as the SEAT Ibiza increases or reduces its speed. The subwoofer. . which provides you with a strong and balanced sound. Your favourite music always at hand with the CD box (6L0061131) and the cassette box (6L0061130). 0 to 300 watts in 4 seconds. Now you can enjoy high-powered audio in your Ibiza without losing a single note of quality. Change tunes conveniently with the CD changer (1J6035111). Enhance the sound quality of your vehicle with the rear speakers kit (2 doors 6L0051608. with an output capacity of 4 x 20 w and 30 pre-set positions. Enjoy your music with the full-feature radio-cassette Lena (6L0035152) and the CD-radio Alana (6L0035156). and 30-3000 Hz. The CD-radio Alana. specifically designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies. This gives a response frequency of 5-100 Hz. is equipped with an amplifier and a 300 w cone speaker.The subwoofer brings out the best qualities of your sound system (6L1051700). Its small size and simple installation allows you to perfectly adapt the boot of your Ibiza without reducing its capacity. 4 doors 6L0051609).

The R&D department has developed a range of colour-coded. There are many colours. leather covered steering wheels that retains the original airbag. Different leather-covered steering wheels enhance grip and handling to improve the driving sensation. black. yellow. What colour is adrenaline? Red. Enjoy the feel of the sports leather carbon steering wheel (6L0064240C) and the stylish air vent trims (aluminium finishing 6L0072300A). but few can reflect what you feel when you’re behind the wheel of your SEAT Ibiza.. Choose a colour for your steering wheel that matches the air vent trim and each time you steer into a turn you´ll feel the adrenaline rush through your body.. . Choose a sports leather steering wheel in the colour that best suits your style (6L0064240A/R/N/B).

Beauty comes from within. Decorate your Ibiza interior with the dashboard trim kit. The custom aluminium accents kit. (check references). c o m .Door-lock buttons kit with aluminium finish (4 doors 1M0099002. sport upholstery. s e a t . The centre console cover is designed to adapt perfectly to the console depending on the inclusion of climatronic or air conditioning. 2 doors 6L0099003). The sports SEAT upholstery stands out for its unique beauty (check references). and instrument panel mask create a unique interior. you can also show off its attractive interior. Illuminated instrument panel mask in white (check references). In addition to standing out for the spectacular exterior design of your SEAT Ibiza.

your driving will become an impressive demonstration of beauty and control. aluminium finishing 6L0072400A and primed for painting 6L0072401). sports gear knob (red 6L0064320). Colour-coded gear lever surround (chromed 6L0072400.Hand brake cover (6L0064310R/A/N/AZ/AL) and colour-coded gear lever gaiter (6L0064301R/A). Choose from a choice of gear knobs: spherical gear knob finished in aluminium and black leather (6L0064325A). SEAT Accessories gear knobs are ergonomic. These sport gear knobs. Allen bolt gear knob with aluminium and leather finishing (5 speed 6L0064335). All the power in the palm of your hand. and designed with aluminium and leather finishes. perfectly fitting to the palm of your hand so you can easily control and feel all the power of your SEAT Ibiza. for an extra stylish drive. have been manufactured to provide a more vigorous drive. . developed by a team of technicians and experts. With their bold colours and sporting designs.

or service schedules. 6L0051700A or L. Telephone bracket especially adapted to the instrument-holding panel to allow the installation of any hands-free kit (6L0051600). Such as the hands-free kit with SDB (Short The emergency centre is a telephone service to request roadside assistance. and safely talk on your mobile phone while driving? Then you need to surround yourself with intelligent assistants. These are only a few of the services available by simply pressing the “i” button. technical enquiries regarding the vehicle. Surround yourself with intelligent assistants. every time. It also gives you the total duration of the trip while informing the driver of traffic congestion via TMC messages and reprogramming driving routes.D. 365 days per year. while informing you at all times of the ambient conditions both within the cabin and outside the vehicle. any day of the week. The hands-free kit.D.The information centre is a telephone service that operates 24 hours per day.H. c o m . with SDB system equipped with two buttons for speed dialling: One offers helpful information (information center) and the other offers countless practical services (for example. which automatically controls the temperature. the emergency center).H. s e a t . or the navigator system. equipped with an advanced intelligent microprocessor. 6L0051700). Or the climatronic air conditioning. It provides access to many different services that might be extremely helpful: information about any SEAT services. Dial Buttons) system. Enjoy perfect temperature with the air conditioning climatronic kit (reference according to engine specifications). satellites to plot the optimal driving route to follow. never get hot or cold. Let the intelligent navigation kit guide you (R. which employs graphic and voice signals together with GPS data transmitted by 24 Do you want to arrive on time. 24 hours per day.

and roof bars are made of anodized aluminium with a locking anti-theft mechanism.Area reserved for sportsmen. Roof bars’ mounting mechanism is made of galvanized steel to ensure maximum strength and durability. Increase your options by installing a tow bar and roof bars. the ski rack (4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards 3B0071129B. 4 doors 6L6071126). Increase the carrying capacity of your Ibiza with roof bars (2 doors 6L0071126. Discover the towing strength of the Ibiza with the towbar (6L0803890). allows you to feel safe and secure while enjoying your favourite outdoor hobbies. . which Keep everything under control with the fastening strap kit (000017770) and the Ratchet fastening strap (000017771). 6 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards 3B0071129C). The tow bar includes a bumper cover and safety lock. and the bicycle rack (6L0071128) for joint use with roof bars. Enjoy land and water sports with the surfboard rack (445071127).

there’s even a thermal box. Protect yourself from the sun with the sun roller-blind (6L0064100). Now you can start to enjoy perfect travel. Keep everything in place with the spectacles case (KE00005553) and the cup holder (KE00005653). You can now travel with everything neatly stowed in the boot and important accessories such as an emergency triangle. and if you want to keep food and beverages fresh.With SEAT Accessories you’ll start enjoying organized travel. The thermal box features a thermal container with temperature gauge and control system to avoid depleting the battery when the car is not running. at the perfect temperature with the thermal box (000065200). Enjoy your food and drinks Organize your trip with the additional boot tray (6L1061200). You can also reach your sunglasses at any time by keeping them protected in the spectacles case. first aid kit and spare bulbs always handy in the storage tray. .

D.9 TDi ƒ 74 kw/100 hp 14” 15” 16” 1. Ensure trouble-free driving through fog with fog lights kit (R. . but is also more energy efficient.4 16V 74 kw/100 hp 14” 15” 16” 205/45 R16 KS32200053 1. KS32100053 (check references).H. 1.H. Nothing on the road will take you by surprise again thanks to SEAT Accessories. 6L0052160A or L.4 TDi ƒ 55 kw/75 hp 14” 15” 16” 1.9 TDi ƒ 96 kw/130 hp 15” 16” 185/60 R14 KS32100053 195/55 R15 KS32200053 195/55 R15 KS32200053 205/45 R16 KS32200053 Increase your night vision with the blue Xenon lamps.4 16V 55 kw/75 hp 14” 15” 16” 1. 6L0052160).2 47 kw/64 hp Alloy wheels Tyres Spikes Spyder 14” 15” 1. Predict the unpredictable. The Spikes Spyder snow chains.9 SDi 47 kw /64 hp 14” 15” 185/60 R14 1. longer-lasting and is less straining on your eyes during long trips.Ensure perfect lighting with the bulb kits for single H4 bulbs (000052004) and H3+H7 The blue Xenon lamps produce much brighter light that not only gives you unbeatable night time vision. Snow will never be an unpleasant surprise with the Spikes Spyder snow chains (KS34101753). designed and manufactured with traction features and high-strength materials. are ready for use in a few seconds. You’ll always be prepared for the unexpected with the first-aid kit (6L0093000) and the warning triangle (000093057S).4 16V Auto 55 kw/75 hp 14” 15” 1. thanks to their advanced fitting system. developed from a complex computer program which employs halogen bulbs and smooth glass lenses to provide the driver with a more precise light distribution and a considerable increase in night time visibility.D. Or the fog lights kit. dual bulbs (000052037).

neck protection roll (000019953). The Peke G1 seat featuring the Isofix system. Footrest (000019951). where two mechanical latches directly to the car chassis. This represents a maximum safety mechanism incorporating some of the strongest and most durable mounting materials on the market. PEKE G3 3 to 12 years 15 to 36 kg. YES If airbag included this should be disconnected. lateral seats with Isofix. successfully passing the most demanding tests for anchorage and impact. YES With 3 points safety-belt. headrest (000019952). The safest and most comfortable sports accessories for child seats. That’s why SEAT Accessories offers you various child seat models equipped with the latest in safety features. comfort set of cushions (000019955) and comfort pach (000019956). belt cushion (000019954). Maximum sporting appeal for your child with the Sport/Recaro safety racing seat for children (000019950). CHILD SEATS HOMOLOGATED BY SEAT LOCATION SEAT MODEL AGES (approx. Only towards front . greater safety. Peke line G3 seat (000019222) and Peke line G0 seat (000019220). Only towards back PEKE G1 Isofix 8 months to 4 years 9 to 18 kg.Small passengers. YES With 3 points safety-belt. Only towards front The SEAT Peke child seats have been developed in compliance with the strictest safety and comfort regulations required in the manufacture of child car seats. YES With 3 points safety belt. Safety seats.) WEIGHT Co-pilot seat Back seat ORIENTATION IN VEHICLE PEKE G0 up to 15 months up to 13 kg. Smaller and more fragile passengers need greater protection. YES Move seat back as far as possible. YES Move seat back as far as possible. ensuring total security. Peke line G1 ISOFIX seat (000019221).

2 doors 6L1071511) and mudflaps (front 6L0075111. and touch-up pencils. Original car care products. Keep the touch-up pencils handy to quickly fix of possible blemishes in the paint. shine and durability of the vehicle’s original paint finish. ecological carpet mats made of recyclable material and carpet mats with heel pads (check references). (check references). Achieve the maximum comfort and convenience in the interior of your Ibiza with Sport mats. Designed especially Protect your Ibiza with the elastic cover (6L1061701). (check references). developed by the technical centre. Introducing cosmetics for cars. . From the front and rear mud flaps to original maintenance products. allow quick repair of small blemishes in the paint. Personalised sill guards (4 doors 6L1071500. 2 doors 6L1071501). everything is perfectly designed to keep your SEAT Ibiza looking as young and fresh as it was when you first bought it. car covers.Now there are also cosmetics for cars. rear 6L0075101). SEAT Sport personalised sill guards (4 doors 6L1071510. The touch-up pencils. ensuring the exact shade. for the care and preservation of your vehicle.

seat-sport. . designed with all the sporting spirit. knits and caps in the R line… each time you take to the road in your SEAT Ibiza you’re ready to experience new sensations.The best complements for your sporting spirit. polar blankets. style and quality of SEAT. we recommend outfitting with accessories from the SEAT Sport collection. See details on all complements by visiting http://boutique. For your maximum enjoyment. gloves.com. Storm resistant steel watches.

7 pin electrical connection for detachable towbar. plus any parts-related coverage. 4 protection covers for bolt heads. comes with all the necessary elements for assembly. light aluminium bars. pollen filter. For single bulb lamps. random playback facility. requires roof bars (not included). Power 4x20W. Allows the transformation of the air conditioning to climatronic.5 x 16”. indicator or brake light 21w. 2 security keys and 2 extractors for the covers and a security code card for the replacement key. anti-theft locking device with key. Thermoformed plastic frame. right hand drive. Specially adapted to the dashboard. For 2 door car models. 5 x 100 PCD fitment. metallic silver colour. high resistance ABS chrome. A perfect tool to take care of your clothes during the journey. Dashboard bracket. TMC channel for traffic messages. includes bumper cover. Intelligent navigation system guides by graphic and voice signals. Set of 4 units. it includes 4 safety bolts. adjusts to any container to prevent spillage. 4 piece carpet mat set (2 front mats and 2 back mats). detachable security panel. Increased safety to see and be seen better. includes hubcap cover with SEAT logo. they protect the doorframe from scratches and impacts and reinforce the vehicle's sporty style. caps and covers in treated plastic. right hand drive. Connection flex. Textile footrest anthracite colour. ET43.. incorporates radio and CD. practical and easy to handle. 4 piece carpet mat set (2 front mats. detachable security panel. Assembly requirements for models with standard PT1 pre-installation: Interface. Aerial adaptator. left hand drive. 10 spokes. telephone sound through driver’s speaker. position W5w. emergency warning triangles. 205/40 R17 84 w. 5 spokes. silver metallic colour. 12 for RDS. auto-store. 5 spokes. Bulb kit containing bulbs: headlamp halogen H4. 30 mA. Brushed aluminium. optimises the air-conditioning and increases the system life-span. For dual bulb lamps. with Dunlop tyre SP 9000. Two piece kit. 13 pin electrical connection for detachable towbar. fuse 10 mA. Air vent trims primed for painting. H3 lamp set. Telephone bracket SDB. works with car´s cigarette lighter. Rechargeable electric air-freshener. galvanised steel fastening mechanism. Ski rack for 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. For 4 door car models. H4 lamp set. indicator PY 21 w. Allows effortless lifting of one bicycle onto the roof of the car. CD changer control. Air vent trims in brushed aluminium ABS. fast forward and rewind speed. Roof bars for 4 door models. tools. ET43. H7 lamp set. to be fitted in the parcel shelf. cassette auto-reverse mechanism. Four piece kit to reinforce the sporty style and personalise the vehicle’s interior Air vent trims in chromed ABS. CD-radio ALANA. Kit of loudspeakers to improve the sound quality in the car. Assembly requirements for models without standard PT1 pre-installation: Interface.5 x 16”. Slow release cover. steel and aluminium pieces coated with black polyester paint. no installation required. manufactured in aluminium and personalised with the SEAT logo. Chromed. easy to install and comes with original spares cover and assistance at all SEAT centres. includes all fixings for installation. 5 x 100 PCD fitment. song search. See references depending on the engine. produced in stainless steel. LHD only. position and brake P21/5W. Thermal box with temperature indication and control system to avoid discharging the vehicle battery. Connection flex + micro. LHD only. requires roof bars (not included). 5x100 PCD fitment. 30 mA. For single bulb lamps. Right hand drive. Anti-theft protection for alloy or aluminium wheels. includes the necessary components for fitting. humidity and airflow inside the car. humidity and airflow inside the car. BEDIA design. Additional CD magazine with room for up to 6 CDs. Automatically regulates the temperature. Decorative kit consisting of centre console and lower tray trims. with a bluish light that is more comfortable for the driver. LOW dynamic navigation system. Alloy wheel 6. LHD only. anti-theft security code. H7 lamp set. Antrhacite. Includes all the components required for fitting. 6Jx15’’. indicator PY 21 w. speed-dependent volume control. metallic silver colour. For dual bulb lamps. 12 for RDS). ET43. With 50% more light intensity. 5 spokes. 15 mA. DEVA design. power 35W. requires fixing kit (6L0051324). LHD only. 6 for MW). Left hand drive. Connection flex. ET43. telephone sound through driver’s speaker. position and brake P21/5W. regional RDS and speed-dependent volume control. 2 special keys and one torque-indicating allen key. Alloy wheel 6. Left hand drive. RDS-FM. ideal for preventing dazzling night lights. 1J6035111 in front glove compartment. number-plate light L 12v 5 w. heats or cools. its innovative system utilises the original wheelbolts of the car. H4 lamp set. White coloured lamp set with orange light when illuminated. Capacity for 4 cassettes. automatically regulates the temperature. Grey. telephone muting. suitable to the CD changer ref. Sill guards for 2 doors. Roof bars for 2 door models. requires roof bars (not included).. Aluminium finish for models with climatronic. number-plate light R5w. calculation of new available roads free of traffic incidents. Aluminium finish for models with air-conditioning. MW in 2 preset groups. Specially designed for arrangement of small objects requiring rapid access (spare bulb kit. Dashboard bracket. 5 spokes. Check applications. Bulb kit containing bulbs: headlamp halogen H3. number-plate light L 12v 5 w. 2 back mats). easy transportation thanks to handlebar and saddle bindings. radio mode with RDS: FM in 2 preset groups. warranty and assistance within the entire SEAT commercial network. pollen filter. 15 mA. 20 mA. Available with 4 interchangeable fragances. Grey. alternative frequency. protects from the sun rays. features vehicle´s name. 4 rigid rubber supports adapted perfectly to the board’s surface. 1J6035111. easy to install and comes with original spares cover and assistance at all SEAT centres. it enables the installation of any hands-free kit. Made in anodised aluminium with rubber-coated supports and anti-theft locking device with key. Sill guards for 4 doors. optimises the air-conditioning and increases the system life-span. fuse 10 mA. Radio-cassette LENA. radio scan to capture channels. incorporates fixing supports for emergency triangles and umbrellas and movable dividers to adapt the spaces to the objects transported. includes 4 security bolts. non-slip rubber backed. position 5w. made of a new ecological recyclable material. Antrhacite. Protective case for the detachable panel for radio-cassette LENA or CD-radio ALANA. manufactured in high resistance ABS. 5x100 PCD fitment. Ski rack for 6 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. polyamide straps for holding and transporting 1 or 2 surf or windsurf boards with masts. RDS-FM-MW. 20 mA. 205/45 R16 83 w. silver metallic colour. All systems featuring ecological refrigerant 34. CD changer control. TA for traffic information. left hand drive. Alloy wheel 7 x 17”. speed-dependent volume control. song search. metallic silver colour. 205/45 R16 83 w. REFERENCE Nº EXTERIOR WHEEL AND TYRE AUDIO 1M0035505D 1M0035723 000051661 000051660 000051450 ANTI-THEFT DEVICE FOR WHEELS ANTI-THEFT WHEEL BOLTS VALVE CAPS CHROMED DECORATIVE GRILLE SIDE SKIRT KIT ROOF BARS SURFBOARD RACK SKI RACK BICYCLE RACK BICYCLE HOIST DETACHABLE TOWBAR WITH BUMPER COVER ELECTRIC KIT FOR TOWBAR WHITE-LOOK INDICATOR LAMPS BULB KIT H4 BULB KIT H3 & H7 SILL GUARDS HANDS-FREE KIT NAVIGATION KIT 6L0051700A 6L0051700 INTERIOR 3B0071129B 3B0071129C 6L0071128 4D0071128D 6L0803890 6L0055203 6L0055204 6L0052010 000052004 000052037 6L1071501 6L1071500 6L0035152 6L0035156 6L0035630 6L0035630A 6L0051637 6L0061130 6L0061131 1J6035111 6L0051324 3B0051179 6L0051608 6L0051609 6L0051600 AIR VENT TRIM KIT 6L0072300 6L0072300A 6L0072301 6L0072400 6L0072400A 6L0072401 6L0064703 6L0064703A 6L5061000 COLOUR-CODED GEAR LEVER SURROUND DASHBOARD TRIM KIT CENTRAL ARMREST CLIMATRONIC AIR CONDITIONING TO CLIMATRONIC TRANSFORMER KIT AIR CONDITIONING–DEALER-FIT CUP HOLDER SPECTACLES CASE JACKET HANGER SUN ROLLER-BLIND ADDITIONAL BOOT TRAY PORTABLE THERMAL BOX ELECTRIC AIR-FRESHENER CARPET MAT SET 6L0065950 RADIO-CASSETTE LENA AUDIO CD-RADIO ALANA DETACHABLE FRONT PANEL DETACHABLE PANEL CASE CASSETTE BOX CD BOX CD CHANGER FIXING KIT FOR CD CHANGER ADDITIONAL CD MAGAZINE REAR SPEAKERS TELEPHONE BRACKET HANDS-FREE KIT SDB KE00005653 KE00005553 000099172 6L0064100 6L1061200 000065200 000091500 6L1061225A 041 6L1061225 041 6L1061225A 528 6L1061225 528 6L0061226 041 6L1061227 041 CARPET MAT SET 000051651 SDB 1M0051651 SDB 6L0051600 3B0035711A B41 000051661 000051651 SDB 000051650 SDB 6L0971172 6L0051600 FOG LIGHTS KIT SAFETY 6L0052160A 6L0052160 6L0052003 6L0052004 6L0052007 6L0052004A 6L0052007A BLUE XENON LAMPS . made in polypropylene velour 100%. converter D/A MASH 1 bit. Maximum security for alloy or aluminium wheels. Made in anodised aluminium with an aerodynamic profile. anti-theft security code. Check applications REFERENCE Nº 6L0601025F 6L0601025G 6L0071001 6L0071001A 6L0071002 6L0071002A KS07250053 KS07215053 KE00009053 6L0052531 6L0071610 6L0071126 6L6071126 445071127 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS Two options for the aerial: Aerial option 1: Dual ceiling aerial (radio+telephone) Extension cable for dual aerial. Sun roller-blind to be fitted in the rear window’s interior.EQUIPMENT ALLOY WHEELS SPECIFICATIONS 6Jx14’’. For dual bulbs. Aerial option 2: Flat aerial (hidden under scuttle panel) Universal hands-free kit. 5x100 PCD fitment. automatic cassette ejection system. playback range: 5-20. with Pirelli tyre PZERO NERO. can be taken out of the car. includes all the elements for correct assembly. maintaning visibility through the rear window. Detachable automatic coupling head with locking device. Includes all necessary parts to set up the CD changer ref. can be easily fitted in any part of the vehicle. 10 spokes. special legs. anti-theft locking device with key. short introduction of tracks (SCAN) and random playback of songs (MIX). 30 pre-set positions (12 for FM. quick and easy to extract glasses. Capacity for 4 CDs. Aerial adaptator. requires roof bars (not included). with Dunlop tyre SP 9000. Plastic footrest black. fast forward and rewind speed. Service and with the emergency centre SEAT Assistance. ET43. Made of laser-engraved stainless steel. requires electric kit (not included).000 Hz (+/-1dB). Power 2x20W. With 50% more light intensity. automatic CD ejection system. Provides the vehicle with a sportier look. 5x100 PCD fitment. Microphone. halogen H7. ET43. The SDB system includes (for compatible telephones only) 2 direct dialing buttons with the information centre SEAT Answer 24 h. metallic silver colour. Alloy wheel 7 x 17”. Black leather armrest fitted with a useful and practical storage compartment. includes 2 treble and 2 bass speakers. LHD only. empty/occupied indicator. See references depending on the engine. includes hubcap cover with SEAT logo. thermoshaped to tray shape. indicator or brake light P21w. auto-store. Right hand drive. complies with EU regulations ECE-37. 24 pre-set positions (12 for FM. Primed for painting in the bodywork colour. includes all original components to ensure quick and easy installation. 205/40 R17 80 w. Includes 3 pieces to be mounted on front grille. CD-ROM mode: song search. Can be easily used with one hand. with Pirelli tyre PZERO BLACK . empty/occupied indicator. number-plate light R5w. telephone muting. interior lined with felt. Telephone bracket SDB. GPS signal with TMC messages to warn of incidents arising on the route initially chosen. Changer with capacity for up to 6 CDs.).

Neck protection roll. Stainless steel exhaust with oval tailpipe personalized by SEAT Sport. To match metallic silver bodywork. Rear suspension spring kit for TDi and petrol engines. 300W amplifier (RMS 140W) and response frequency 5-100 Hz. Upholstery for the back seats. REFERENCE Nº KS32100053 KS32200053 000093057S 6L0093000 000019220 000019221 000019222 6L1061700 6L1061701 KPB9A00001 KPS1H00001 KPP3G00001 KPS5T00M01 KPS5S00M01 KPS7N00M01 KPS6N00M01 KPS3P00M01 KPS6M00M01 KPS5G00001 KPS7U00M01 KPC9Z00M01 6L0071490 6L0071491 6L0052180A 6L0052181A 6L0052180R 6L0052181R 6L0052180G 6L0052181G 6L0064700 6L0071710 6L0071690 6L0071691 6L5071610 6L5071620 6L5071630 000071700 SPORT SPORTY EXHAUST PIPE DOOR-LOCK BUTTONS COLOUR-CODED STANDARD GEAR KNOB 6L0064301R 6L0064301A 6L1072002 6L0099003 1M0099002 6L0064300R 6L0064306R 6L0064300A 6L0064306A 6L0064325A 6L0064326A 6L0064325AR 6L0064326AR 6L0064335 6L0064336 6L0064320 6L0064321 6L0064322 6L0064323 000017770 000017771 6L0072310A 6L0072310B 6L0072310C 6L0072310D 6L0061600 6L0061601 6L0061602 6L0061603 6L0061604 6L0061600A 6L0061601A 6L0061602A 6L0061603A 6L0061604A 000019950 000019951 000019952 000019953 000019954 000019955 000019956 6L1071510 6L1071511 6L0075101 6L0075111 6L0061500A 6L0061500 6L0061510A 6L0061510 MAINTENANCE CANVAS COVER ELASTIC COVER TOUCH-UP PENCILS SPHERICAL GEAR KNOB ALLEN BOLT GEAR KNOB MOMO SPORTS GEAR KNOB ORIGINAL CAR CARE PRODUCTS SPORT ALLOY WHEELS ALLOY WHEELS COLOUR-CODED DUAL BULB HEADLAMP KIT FASTENING STRAP KIT RATCHET FASTENING STRAP SPORTS DIAL SPORTS SEAT UPHOLSTERY RACE-STYLE FUEL FILLER CAP TRIM STRUT BRACE SPORTS SUSPENSION KIT SUSPENSION SPRING KIT ALLOY-RUBBER SPORTS PEDALS AERODYNAMIC KIT SAFETY RACING SEAT FOR CHILDREN SPORT ACCESSORIES FOR SEAT SPORT/RECARO CHILD SEAT 6L0071670 6L1051700 6L0064240A 6L0064240R 6L0064240N 6L0064240B 6L0064240C 6L0064310R 6L0064310A 6L0064310N 6L0064310AZ 6L0064310AL SEAT SPORT SILL GUARD KIT MUDFLAPS SPORT MAT SET SUBWOOFER SPORTS LEATHER STEERING WHEEL SPORTS LEATHER CARBON STEERING WHEEL HAND BRAKE COVER . For 5-speed gearbox. A range of products specially designed for the cleaning and care of your vehicle. includes 2 wide and 2 narrow straps with tensioning mechanism to fix objects onto roof bars or inside the boot. Red.2 40-47 kw engines. Black. ET 43. Front suspension spring kit for TDi engines. black colour. Conforms and adjusts to the vehicle’s shape. red stripes. For light load transportation. made of laser-engraved stainless steel. perfectly fits the vehicle´s shape. For 6-speed gearbox. aluminium finish. Upholstery for front right-hand seat. right hand drive. reduces the height of the vehicle. Merlin green. For 5-speed gearbox. Kit for 4 doors. Artico grey. For securing heavy loads. Blue. Upholstery for front left-hand seat. aluminium and leather finish. gives a sportier look to the pedals and improves the sports feel. For 1. Front suspension spring kit for petrol engines. For 5-speed gearbox. Polar blue. requires screws and spacers set (KS34101753). enhances the suspension. exact shades of colour to guarantee the shine and resistance of the original paint. Gear knob in combination with the steering wheel and hand brake colour range. Textile footrest. aluminium and red leather finish. For 6-speed gearbox. seat and back ventilation. ET43. gives a sporty look to the car’s interior.5Jx16’’. only for the Ibiza Sport version. Rear wing: essential aerodynamic component for the correct aerodynamic performance of the kit. Child seat Peke G0. right hand drive. SEAT Sport Speedline. Aluminium footrest. complements the colour-coded interior accessories range. SEAT Sport exclusive design. For 6-speed gearbox. Belt cushion. Yellow. Blue finish. Aniversario blue. yellow stripes. To match yellow bodywork. REFERENCE Nº EQUIPMENT COLOUR-CODED GEAR LEVER GAITER SPECIFICATIONS Gear knob cover in combination with the coloured steering wheel and hand brake’s colour range. For 1. yellow stripes. Upholstery set for the front and back seats. reinforces the vehicle’s safety by optimising steering and increasing braking stability. left hand drive. rear skirt. Washable cover in red with the SEAT logo on the bonnet. right hand drive. Personalised with the SEAT Sport logo. manufactured in chromed ABS to avoid any fading caused by sunlight maintaining its original look. 6. yellow stripes. left hand drive. aluminium chassis. SEAT Sport exclusive design. highlighted in white. For petrol engines. aluminium and black leather finish. Sports leather steering wheel. includes a hook and a tensioning mechanism to fix securely and effortlessly. enhances the sporty look of the vehicle’s interior. includes a bag for transportation. it boosts the sporty looks of the upper side of the vehicle. Comfort pack. personalised with the SEAT Sport logo. complies with the regulations E127R03566. improves the aerodynamic performance of the car.) Washable cover in red with the SEAT logo on the bonnet. personalised SEAT Sport/RECARO. Spring kit developed by SEAT Sport. reinforces the sporty personality of the vehicle. For TDi 96 kw engines. Front mudflaps.9 TDi (74-96 kw) and 1. 5 x 100 PCD fitment. Yellow finish. Sill guards for 4 doors. Side skirts: includes all pieces for correct assembly. yellow stripes. Hand brake cover with leather and decoration to match the coloured steering wheel and gear knob ranges. Fitted with tyres 185/60 R14. 5 spokes. Red finish.) Child seat Peke G1 ISOFIX. Upholstery set for the front seats. silver metallic colour. suitable for 1. includes storage box. Textile footrest. red stripes. Manufactured in aluminium. right hand drive. 200 mm back conical loudspeaker with a maximum output power of 300W (RMS 120W) and response frequency 30-3000 Hz. Agua green. Brushed aluminium finish. to maintain the aerodynamic performance of the aerodynamic kit. Presented in a flexible bag shaped to fit into the appropriate corner of the boot. including anchoring system. includes hubcap cover with SEAT logo. Magico black. Black finish. 2 rear mats) in black. Reinforces the vehicle’s sporty character. For 6-speed gearbox. Yellow finish. red stripes. Upholstery for front left-hand seat. For 6-speed gearbox. Instrument face that improves your car´s sporty character. greater stability provided by large supporting legs. it is essential to mount the rear wing together with the front and rear skirts.4 74 kw engines. features SEAT Sport logo. yellow finish. Rear mudflaps. Swing blue. Sill guards for 2 doors. Race-look cover for the fuel filler cap. Red finish.) Child seat Peke G3. yellow finish. Reinforces the chassis. red finish. red stripes. easy to fit. red finish. available in all the SEAT Ibiza colours. reinforcing its sports performance. Metric speedometers only. air inlets covered with honeycomb-type metal grid. 4 piece carpet mat set (2 front mats. For 5-speed gearbox. silver metallic colour. SEAT Sport ergonomic design. Perfect to complement the sound system of your car. To match yellow bodywork. Fully adjustable seat for children between 9 months and 12 years. Black coloured upholstery with the SEAT Sport logo with stripes available in red or yellow. See references. Suspension settings developed by SEAT Sport. Upholstery for front right-hand seat. only for the Ibiza Stella version. includes hubcap cover with SEAT logo. Volcan red. left hand drive. Candy white. Between 8 months and 4 years (9 to 18 Kg. SEAT Sport OZ. 5 x 100 PCD fitment. yellow stripes. Comfort set of cushions. Between 3 and 12 years (15 to 36 Kg. Yellow. enhances the sporty look of the vehicle’s interior. collapsible. original SEAT design to reinforce the sporty line of the vehicle. Flash red.9 SDi (47 kw) Aluminium-look door-lock buttons. Blue. Headrest. it must be mounted onto the original bumper. aluminium and leather finish. utilises the original airbag. Upholstery for the back seats. for sporty and competition use. Sombra grey. right hand drive.EQUIPMENT SAFETY SPIKES SPYDER SNOW CHAINS WARNING TRIANGLE FIRST-AID KIT SAFETY SEATS FOR CHILDREN SPECIFICATIONS A system designed to have the chains installed in seconds and with the minimum of effort. aluminium and red leather finish. includes a bag for transportation. the third section of the exhaust pipe comes with a silencer. For 5-speed gearbox. 7Jx17’’. fits original handle. Upholstery set for the front seats. specially designed to fit within the Ibiza boot. utilises the original airbag. aluminium and black leather finish. Upholstery set for the front and back seats. SEAT Sport logo. To repair small scratches. Fitted with tyres 195/55 R15 and 205/45 R16. includes third brake light. For SDi 47 kw/TDi 55-74 kw engines. Made of plastic reflective material. To match red bodywork. Black. red stripes. maximum security and easy to fit. Aluminium footrest. rear wing and side skirt kit. To match metallic silver bodywork. left hand drive. To match red bodywork. perfectly fits the vehicle´s shape. 10 spokes. Ovni yellow. contains all the required first-aid components and complies with EU regulations DIN 13164. For TDi engines. enhances the sporty look of the vehicle’s interior. only for the Ibiza Stella version. Red. SEAT Sport logo. complies with environmental protection regulations. protects the doorframe from scratches and impacts and reinforces the vehicle´s sporty style. Aged up to 15 months (up to 13 Kg. Sports leather-carbon finish steering wheel. left hand drive. Kit for 2 doors. Footrest. Complete kit consisting of front skirt.

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