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Water bottle rocket is one of the science concept experiment that using pressure theory.

experiment was done showed to all the student in SK Gambang. The school field was chosen for doing
this experiment.

To build this rocket experiment, we were using the recycle material such as bottle, pipe, plastic
bag. But some of the material was bought for complete the experiment such as plastic tie, pipe joint,
rope, tire pump, tubeless valves stem, pipe glue, plasticine, cloth tape and plastic sheets.

Pipe joint

Pipe with 30cm

Pipe cap

valve stem
Figure 1

Plasticine in
the bottle Plastic bag as
cap parachute



Figure 2

Figure 1 and 2 shown how the rocket launcher and the rocket looks like. The way to build this
rocket and this rocket launcher is firstly, build the launcher as figure 1 by jointing the pipe. All the pipe
with length 30cm jointed by using the pipe glue with the pipe cap installed the tubeless valve stem.
To build the rocket, prepare the rocket as in figure 2 by using the bottle, plasticine, plastic sheet and
plastic bag as parachute. To make the parachute, cut two seams of the plastic garbage bag to open it
into a sheet. Cut a square of the plastic large enough on each side to include your parachute diameter.
Fold the plastic square in half. Fold the plastic again to form a square. One corner of the square is
the center of your plastic sheet. All subsequent folds should be at this corner, forming a wedge. Fold
the plastic 3 more times, each time dividing the angle in half. This should form a wedge of about 11-
12 degrees. Measure the parachute radius from the point of the wedge and cut the folded plastic to
form the circular outline of the parachute canopy. You may also cut off 1-1.5 inches of the point to
form a 2-3-inch hole in the center of the parachute canopy. A hole in the center stabilizes a parachute
so that it descends without wandering. Unfold the plastic onto a flat surface. Attach 8 shroud lines as
follows: Tie a knot ~1 inch from the end of the kite string. Use 2 inches of invisible tape to attach the
knotted end of the string to the plastic at 45-degree intervals around the edge. Use the fold lines, still
visible in the plastic, to guide placement of the string. Press the tape firmly onto the plastic. Cut the
shroud line length to match the diameter of the canopy. Gather together the ends of all 8 shroud lines.
Tie an over-hand knot about 3/4 inch from the end. Tie a slip-knot on one end of the heavier nylon
string or cord. Tighten this knot over the knotted end of the shroud lines. The parachute is now
completed. Test the parachute with a dummy weight tied to the cord. Then patch the parachute into
the bottle cap.

The experiment succeeded as the rocket and its launcher is working. The parachute system in
the bottle is also working.

A water bottle rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass. The water is
forced out by a pressurized gas, typically compressed air. Like all rocket engines, it operates on the
principle of Newton's third law of motion. Water bottle rocket hobbyists typically use one or more
plastic soft drink bottle as the rocket's pressure vessel. A variety of designs are possible including
multi-stage rockets.