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Journal Notes for Practicum 3b.

Week Five

Write your journal in paragraph form. It should be a minimum of 100 words and clearly
illustrated with photographs. Remember, it is your personal account of your thoughts, feelings
and reactions during your time in the preschool. Consequently, you may choose to focus not only
on the discussion points raised in each observation and/or use one, all or none of the following
focus points in your journal.

You can use this table to make notes / jot down ideas during TP. It would also be helpful to
consistently compare this practicum with previous TP experience and reflect on your
professional development with reference to the TP Competencies.

What is your general feeling about TP at the end of the day?

- In the last week. I felt sad because I left my MST the children and these five weeks were so
nice and useful to me. I earned many things from MST and she was friendly and helpful with

Reflect on the duties / activities did you carry out during the preschool today. How do you feel
about your efforts? Was there anything you could have done to improve the quality of the
learning experience for the children?

- My activities were hand on and helpful for children to learn the lesson. Also. I gave children
different games that help them to play and learn more vocabulary words. I felt that works
because most of the children learned.

What was the most interesting activity or strategy you saw your MST use? Why did you think it
was interesting and worth noting/remembering? Compare this with previous TP experience.

- my teacher had wonderful activities in a week and the activities depend on childrens level.
Also, she took children outside to have art activities.

What progress have you made in terms of your own personal targets for TP this semester?
Which TP competencies do you feel you achieved and which do you think that you need to focus
on next time? Discuss ways in which you could do this.

- In the last week, I think that I achieved all my goals that I planned to achieve it in this
What evidence of learning did you identify/document today? Relate this to the UK EYFS early
learning goals.

- I taught children several lessons and they learned from them. In the
last week, I taught children Science lesson specifically five senses.
Also, I made a connection with the sun and shadow lesson because
one group need more practice in that lesson.

What was the most important thing you learnt about the role of the teacher in managing all
aspects of the school day? Compare this with previous TP experience and where possible make
links with college based learning.

- In this week, I leaned many different things from the role of the teacher. For example who to be
professional in teaching the lesson and managing the time.