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Carolina Gonzalez

English 5M
Literacy Narrative Brainstorming

I grew up being taught Spanish as my first language

My dad sometimes spoke to me in English, but my mother always stopped him and said
Speak to her in Spanish, she will learn English in school.
I have always identified myself as Mexican American
Growing up with a fair amount of literacy sponsors
My sponsors of literacy came from school and from home
Sponsors I received from english were the alphabet, books, speaking to classmates and
teachers, etc.
Sponsors I received from Spanish were speaking to family, catechism, church, books, etc.
I am proud to be bilingual, it has opened up many opportunities for me
Identifying myself was not much of a huge problem, but there was a time when I was confused
I would say that my sponsors were enough to be educated and educate myself, I wouldn't ask
for more
My family was a great and helpful contribution to my education, sponsors, and self-