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Department of Teacher Education & Learning Sciences

Elementary Education Program

Pre-Observation Form

Directions: This form is to be completed prior to every lesson that will be observed by the mentor
teacher or university supervisor. It is to be submitted no later than 3 business days prior to the actual
observation along with your lesson plans.

Name: Delaina Hawkins Date: Sept 26 2017

1. What is the topic of your lesson?

My lesson is focused on budgeting and the importance of saving money.

2. Why are you teaching this lesson? What is your rationale for teaching it?
I am teaching these standards as it was assigned to me by my mentor teacher. I
believe that budgeting and understanding expenses of living at a young age is
very important and can help them save now and in the future. It can also give
them an understanding of what their parents have to pay for.

3. What is your Teaching Behavior Focus? Why did you choose this?
My teaching behavior focus is wait time. I often want to keep moving on to
ensure that I get through all of the lesson but it is important that I give students
the appropriate amount of time so that they are able to complete and understand
the task given a reasonable amount of time.

4. Why did you design your instruction in this lesson the way that you did? Why did
you choose this way of teaching the lesson (e.g., Was the idea from a methods
course? From your mentor teacher? Another source?)
I looked at several resources such a CMAPP, ideas from Dr. Koch, and pinterest
and brought several pieces together to create a lesson that I feel to be very
engaging and memorable to help students learn the importance of a budget in a
natural way; a scenario.

5. As you are thinking through this lesson, what do you believe will be the most
challenging part of this lesson for you when you teach it? Why?
I believe that the most challenging part is keeping all of the students on track and
computing correctly throughout this lesson as it is mainly whole group. I hope to
be specific enough in my instruction that there will not be confusion and that they
are independent enough to be able to follow along.

6. How will you know if your learning outcomes for the students are met
I believe I will be able to gage if the learning outcomes are met through student
responses at the end of the lesson, both shared aloud with the class and written
in their reflection piece.
7. How will your classroom management support the learning outcomes?
My classroom management will keep all student focused and on task and the
learning environment conducive to all students being able to participate.

8. List 1-3 areas which you would like for your observer to pay particular attention.
Why do you want your observer to focus on these areas?
I would like for my observer to pay particular attention to student engagement
and if their are student behaviors that are inappropriate that I am not
seeing/hearing. I would also like for my observer to pay attention to how clear my
instructions are throughout the lesson as it is imperative for that to happen for
this lesson to go well.

9. Is there anything else you would like your observer to know before the
I am excited about this lesson as I created it pretty much all on my own, including
the materials. I am also very nervous for this same reason and hope that the
learning outcomes are met through this lesson and that it is engaging for all